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As 2018 kicks off, major changes are taking place for many hospitals and medical facilities across the country, often with an infusion of new technology and improved medical practices. This is true for the Lynchburg and Southside communities in Virginia, but two of their key focuses for 2018 will also be regional cooperation and the development of more and better medical facilities. Among the biggest developments for 2018 is the fact that it will be the first full year for Sovah Health, a new regional hospital system formed by the joining of two hospitals in Danville and Martinsville — the Danville Regional Medical Center and Memorial Hospital of Martinsville and Henry County. Meanwhile, in Lynchburg, an $8 million clinic opened on Fifth Street with an aim to increase healthcare access in the area, especially among patients who are uninsured and have low incomes. These moves are part of an effort to provide high-quality care to people in a slice of Virginia that’s largely rural and historically underserved.

SOVAH HEALTH HOPES TO IMPROVE HEALTH IN SOUTH CENTRAL VIRGINIA In June 2017, Danville Regional Medical Center and Memorial Hospital of Martinsville and Henry County announced that the two powerhouse medical institutions would expand what had already been years of collaboration by forming Sovah Health. This will be the first full year that the new regional medical system will operate under the single name. Leaders of the initiative hope that it will mean a more effective response to healthcare needs in the region with a focus on being proactive. “Danville Regional and Memorial Hospital have collaborated for many years to make communities across Southern Virginia healthier,” Sovah Health CEO Alan Larson said when announcing the collaboration. “Becoming Sovah Health allows us to build upon this partnership in exciting ways, expand our services to meet the changing needs of our communities, adapt in the changing healthcare environment and create exciting new opportunities for growth for our staff and providers,” Larson says.


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OurHealth Lynchburg & Southside Feb/Mar 2018  
OurHealth Lynchburg & Southside Feb/Mar 2018  

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