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A “Pastel Pretty” Autumn By: Amy Pierce

As fall approaches quickly, all fashionista’s are turning to designer collections for a sense of direction before combing through their closets. But you may be surprised to find what you’re looking for is a new age concept that has yet to be grasped. Of course, your black and cozy woolen coat will always suffice, but this year a new and commendable color palette has graced the catwalk. Suddenly, pastels are no longer meant for spring. Sounds crazy, right? Yet I absolutely applaud this fresh play on color. It gives off an innocence not typically associated with the harshness of an oncoming winter, but still captures the elegance of your grandmother’s mink coat. The soft shades project a very lady like feel, and can almost express the sentiment of a horse drawn carriage on a glistening winter’s day. Designers adore the softness this season.



I predict that those with a keen eye will be strolling the blanketed streets in pretty pinks and beiges that could turn even the most renegade personality into an Audrey Hepburn-like figure. This original spin on pastels is just what is needed to soften up even the roughest of seasons. -A.P. of EXPRESSIONS

A "Pastel Pretty  
A "Pastel Pretty  

Trend setting colors.