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Kacey Conard Fall Trends 7-11-12

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Fashion trends are forever changing and for the fall 2012 season one new trend is capes. At the fall 2012 season fashion shows capes were a standout trend. Capes are meant to be theatrical however also be comfortable and cozy at the same time. The theatrical aspect of capes is meant to give a new edge to your everyday style. Capes on the runaway came in colors, neutrals, plaids

and leather. The cape design is expected to give comfort and have silhouette that can show off your shape. One designer Erdem designed a hand-embroidered cape that was made to show that capes can be decorative just as well as practical. Capes are a popular trend on the rise because of their practically with the transition between summer and fall and also the transition between fall and winter. Fall is the seasons were some days are warm, but you still can feel that cold wind gust. On warmer fall days you can were the cape over a short sleeved shirt and when the weather becomes colder throw a sweater under your cape. In either look you can still look chic, stylish, and theatrical, but still have comfort and warmth.

Fall Fashion Trend Capes  

fall fashion trend of capes seen in fashion week

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