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A stream above Hug Point adds to the natural beauty of the location.

hile perfectly suitable for a romantic destination, this beach five miles south of Cannon Beach was named when the beach was used a public highway. At low tide you can walk the original stagecoach road, where wheel ruts can still be seen in the rock. Travelers had to “hug� the point carefully to avoid getting swept off to sea, which is how Hug Point got its name. The area, tucked away in a nook between two bluffs, includes forested picnic areas, a restroom, and a short walkway to the beach.


Arcadia Beach lies just south of the city of Cannon Beach and offers visitors a long stretch of sand and surf.

flat, sandy expanse shaded by a lofty forest grove defines Arcadia Beach. The beach, which sits less than a mile south of Cannon Beach, stretches for more than a mile between two headlands. The area, like many along the North Coast, offers expansive views, and also features ample parking, public restrooms, and a picnic area for a quick road-trip pit stop. About half a mile north during low tide, ambitious beachgoers can walk to Silver Point, named for the color of the spruce trees on the sandstone bluffs.


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