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Art Director, Liberty Theatre • Astoria, Oregon I came here first to work with the Astoria Music Festival and was just blown away by this town. I had never been to Astoria. I came from the Chicago area. I didn’t know anything about this part of the country and was just in shock at how beautiful it was. I read where someone once said that it’s a mixture of gritty and pretty and that’s what worked for me. That’s what I love about this area. You also feel like you can contribute to the community and see an immediate reaction to the work that you do. It’s not this massive place that I feel tiny in. A place like this, you really feel responsible for the people you live with. I want to be able to have an impact, and in this type of community I can do that.


Owner, Erickson Floral Co. • Astoria, Oregon My husband and I have been here since 1985. We came over to the coast and decided to get into the floral business. I don’t really know what else we would do at this point. We have seen a lot of changes in Astoria and especially in the downtown area. But we have longevity on our side. There’s always something going on here. We always try to welcome new visitors and introduce them to Astoria and tell people where to go and where to eat. There are a lot of people here who put a lot of energy into their products. There are so many choices here, so many opportunities. There are always possibilities around here. It just takes people with energy and good ideas. That’s why we love Astoria.


Proprietors, Peninsula Arts Center • Long Beach, Washington Sue: I think we always figured we’d end up at the coast. We took most of our vacations over here. We have a lot of history here. We found that there wasn’t much music here so we decided to start putting on some shows. People were so receptive to it. It was amazing how easy it was to build a community within a community, and we just fell in love with the people. Bill: When we got out here about eight years ago, there wasn’t much live music. For the first few years we rented the old train depot and within a couple years, we had outgrown it. Sue: It’s been fun. This is how we’ve met everyone out here. We came here without knowing anyone except our son and daughter-in-law. And it’s just so much better with a small community where you can get to know people.

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