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JUDD and AMY and Oscar Klement from Los Altos, California


e want to share our deepest gratitude for reading this letter. We believe that you are on a hero’s journey that requires amazing love, courage and wisdom. We would be honored to meet you and to join you on that journey in whatever way makes you feel most comfortable. Providing a nurturing and loving home for your child is our goal, and Judd’s career as a stay-at-home dad. Enabling a life-long relationship with you is not just our commitment but also our hope.

Judd, Amy and Oscar


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Call: 1‒ 855 ‒ Amy ‒ Judd (269-5833) Email: Visit:



lthough the two of us grew up outside of Philadelphia, we didn’t meet until we lived in San Francisco in 1999. It sounds trite, but we were inseparable when we first met, and have cherished one another ever since. Our shared sense of humor, values, and love of humanity is what brought us together and keeps us together. We got married in 2004 surrounded by family and dear friends. In 2008, Oscar came into our lives. While we always loved children, we had no idea how much we would love being parents. We can’t wait to expand our family to share our love even further.

Enjoying each other in Colorado

Oscar and daddy getting ready to play the world’s highest disc golf course

Oscar loves to camp



ur relationship is deeply rooted in our values and these values have been core to our philosophy of parenting. We believe in being generous with our spirit, our love, our energy, and all we have. This sense of generosity is particularly important when it comes to listening to one another. We also try to embrace each day as an opportunity to learn and to laugh. And, most importantly, we believe in the importance of open, honest communication, which we believe is key to an open adoption.


All the neighborhood kids love our 4 chickens. This is Oscar holding Checkers.

scar is a sweet, silly, and happy child. He loves music, animals, playing jokes, and making new friends. He has been practicing changing diapers on his stuffed animals in anticipation of his new baby brother or sister!

AMY (through Judd’s eyes)

Amy and our friend’s son, Tyler

“Lighting up a room” is what I think of when I think of Amy. Amy’s energy for life makes you want to be a better person. Her patience, energy, and momma love with our son, Oscar, make me feel so very lucky. After a very successful career at PayPal and eBay, Amy is now a partner at a philanthropic investment firm where she spends her time helping the poor in India, Africa and Latin America. When she travels, she always brings her experiences home to educate our family. Her job offers great flexibility to be home for family breakfast and dinner – as well as the important events like games and concerts. Amy told me that I remind her of home, but in reality she has taught me about everything I want for our home.

(a few of ) A hike in Hawaii - loving life


bWe put on a big, fun, and crazy Halloween party every year. bEvery year we write in a book about our favorite past memories and future goals. bWe go to the beach at least once a month. bSaying our gratitude each night at dinner.

Sometimes we join mommy on her work trips

bEvery spring the whole family gets the garden ready.

Judd is coach for t-ball. He’s practicing here with our neighbor, Austin.

bWe celebrate birthday WEEK (not day)!

JUDD (through AMY’s eyes) E

Judd the baby whisperer with our friend’s baby Aria

veryone, I mean, everyone I know loves Judd! All of the neighborhood kids love to go to “Judd’s house,” where he builds forts, throws dance parties, and inspires fun-loving craziness. The adults, too, love to go to “Judd’s house” because he is an amazing cook and is always playing fabulous music. I have never known anyone who has so much fun with love as Judd does. He’s the most open, generous, kind, creative, and hilarious person I’ve ever met. Being a stay-athome dad is incredibly meaningful to him and he often talks about making our children “his career”. Frankly, he’s great at it.

We spend most holidays with our family

Fun at Holi Festival

Amy’s parents frequently visit from the east coast



ecause much of our family is near Philadelphia, we are often taking trips to the east coast for long visits with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Our friends in California have become our west coast family. Summer BBQs at our house can include up to 60 or 70 people! Judd organizes the annual block party that gets all of the neighborhood kids out to play and the adults socializing. We can’t wait for our new child to experience these wonderful days. Judd

also loves Halloween and goes crazy decorating our house and scaring the kids. So, most people in the neighborhood know us well and will soon know our next baby, too! Our friends and family know how much we love children and are eager to help us welcome a new child into the family. If you were to ask them about us, I think you would hear that we are a joyfilled, compassionate, generous, and loving family who embrace life to it’s fullest. This is our “kids




ur home is always full of life! With 2 dogs, 4 chickens, art wall” - right as you walk into and many friends and family, it is rarely quiet. We’re very our house. welcoming and everyone knows they can always stop in for a visit. We live in Los Altos, a suburb 45 minutes south of San Francisco, where we enjoy beautiful northern California. On weekends, we often take a family hike, bike ride, or walk to the playground or library. There are tons of kids in our community, so our baby will have many friends! Whenever possible, we try to go to the beach to take in some inspiration and peace from the ocean. Those lazy days full of picnics and sand castles are Amy loves to read especially with our some of our favorites. nephews, Slade and Archer

e commit to raising our children with all the love in our hearts. We commit to complete honesty with you and hope that together we can build a relationship of kindness, integrity, and love. We can’t wait to learn about you and your dreams for the future. We hope you connect with us so that we can explore the journey together! With deep admiration and respect,

Judd, Amy and Oscar Family photo with our dogs We look forward to meeting

you! 6


Call: 1‒ 855 ‒ Amy ‒ Judd (269-5833) Email: Visit:

Judd and Amy  
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