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T THE STEEPLE NEWS – February 2013 “Knowing Knowing Jesus, we love and care for all, through the power of Christ”” First Evangelical Lutheran Church Mission Statement

Lent: A Forty Day Journey into Who Wholeness Wednesday, February 13, is Ash Wednesday. We gather for worship and the imposition of Ashes at 12 noon, and at 7:00 PM. With ashes on our brows, we begin the sseason eason of Lent. Lent is a forty-day forty process of transformation in Christ. The Sunday be before fore Ash Wednesday, in fact, is always "Transfiguration Sunday." Lent is a time of repentance, which literally means, "turning." It is a forty forty- day journey of turning, or returning, to God, so that, with God's help, we can also turn away from those thing things s in our lives which are not of God. As you know, I practice and teach yoga. In many differe different yoga studios, they ey are offering "40 Day programs of personal transformation." Every time I see this, I think to myself, "They are copying our Christian practice pract of Lent." Experts say that it takes over a month of continual practice to establish a new habit or practice in our lives. Lent's 40 day journey is biblically based. During the flood, it rained for forty days, bringing about a new beginning for the earth. arth. After escaping from slavery in Egypt, our Israelite forebears spent forty years in the desert. After his baptism, Jesus spent forty days in the desert wilderness preparing for the beginning of his ministry. What about you? What is God calling yyou ou to in your life's journey? What is it you need to leave behind? What habits or practices, what harmful ful or negative attitudes, what darkness needs to be placed before God's own brilliant Light? What brokenness, what hurts or wounds need to be touched by Christ's healing presence? I am very excited about our Lenten journey together. I believe God can bring all of us to a place of wholeness in our lives. The word for healing is the same word for wholeness. This Lent members of our Healing Prayer Ministry istry Team will be leading us through our Lenten journey. Each weekend, a member of our Healing Prayer Ministry Team will share a personal testimony with us during our time of worship. Following worship, we are invited to remain for a time of discussion, to apply their teaching to our own lives. In addition, during each of the five weeks of Lent, we will also gather mid mid-week week in people's homes, for a potluck meal, followed by a film, which goes along with our Lenten theme: Lent: A Forty Day Journey into Wholeness. In addition, our Oceans of Grace e Outreach Ministry has two new offerings for us, one to bring our bodies into wholeness, and one to bring our spirits into wholeness. But of course we realize that we are body, mind, and spirit, so all aspects of ourselves are interconnected. In addition ion to our Lenten yoga offerings, Joe Rochira begins a new ministry, Victor Fitness. Named after his father, Victor, who died at a young age of a heart attack, when Joe was only seventeen years old, our Victor Fitness program will help those of us who wan wantt to grow into greater physical health and wellness during this Lenten journey. We are also beginning a new Faith in the Arts program, led by Christine Kellerman, where we use art therapy to explore our inner terrain, and journey into wholeness. Join us in this Lenten Journey of Forty Days into Wholeness. In Christ, who makes us Whole, Pastor Linda

Steeple News – February 2013

Lenten Schedule – 2013 Ash Wednesday, February 13, 2013…………Worship services at Noon and 7 pm Weekends Lent 1, February 16 & 17…………………………………….…....Testimony by Matt Tierney Lent 2, February 23 & 24………………………………..…………Testimony by Kelly Powers Lent 3, March 2 & 3………………………………………….……..Testimony by Connie Slick Lent 4, March 9 & 10……………………………………….………Testimony by Deborah Faith Lent 5, March 16 & 17……………………………………….……..Testimony by Donna Horan Mid-week – “Dinner and a Movie” with Discussion Lent 1, Wednesday, 2/20……………………………………….at the home of Leif and Patti Reslow 20 Old Greenwich Dr. E. Greenwich Lent 2, Thursday, 2/28………………………………………… the home of Matt and Liz Tierney see page 4 for directions Lent 3, Thursday, 3/7…………………………………….………TBA Lent 4, Wednesday, 3/13 ……………………………………….TBA Lent 5, Wednesday, 3/20 ……………………………………….TBA

New Programs Oceans of Grace Outreach has 2 new program offerings during Lent – both will begin the week of February 11th. ART CLASSES STARTING ON MONDAYS IN FEBRUARY: Christine Kellerman will guide a series of 6 art classes (another series may be offered after Easter) both for children ages 6-14 and for adults ages 15+ starting Monday, February 11th - March 18th. Classes for children will run from 4-5:30 and adult classes will run from 7-8:30. This will be a different approach to 'typical' art classes that focus on emulating (copying) artists and/or techniques. These classes will focus more on the process of art and not the product as well as the spiritual/stress reduction part of different artistic processes from many cultures. Many forms of art will be discussed and explored as well as hopefully having special 'visitors' to share different forms of art with the classes. Fees can be paid at each class, up front, or there are scholarships available from Oceans of Grace as well; $10/class. For more information please call Christine at 401 738 4353. There is a maximum number of 8 per class, so sign up soon! If you or your children are interested, please look for the clipboard after services to sign up and to also add input on types of art that interest you or that you are interested in learning more about, and what arts you already have experience with. VICTOR FITNESS LED BY JOE ROCHIRA – “Physical fitness and making good healthy lifestyle choices have always been a huge part of my life since my early teens. Having lost my father at the early age of seventeen due to a massive heart attack, I’m well aware of how a life can be changed instantly… The benefits of fitness go way beyond losing weight and a number on a bathroom scale, Studies have shown that a regular fitness routine also improves a person’s overall happiness and success… For the past four years I’ve worked out in group fitness classes at the corporate gym with my co-workers. Not only have we built up strong friendships, which hadn’t existed outside of the office, we’ve learned to support and encourage each other in our fitness goals and I’ve seen dozens of success stories… My proposal is to create a similar environment and to encourage and engage anyone in the church and also in the local community who is looking to make changes in their lifestyle… My goal is to offer various types of classes ranging from beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness depending on the skill and overall condition of the members of the group. These classes are open to both men and women, but class size is limited, so please sign up early. Look for the clipboard after worship services. Classes will meet Tuesday and Thursday evenings (with the exception of Valentine’s Day) from 7 – 8 pm in the Oceans of Grace building. The cost is $10. per class. 2

Steeple News – February 2013

Youth News February 2013 Thank you to everyone who participated in the Homeless Awareness Event/Fundraiser! We raised over $1,000 for the RI Family Shelter, and Thrivent Financial Services will be matching some of our funds. Thankfully, the event was the weekend prior to the cold front, and we were able to enjoy the campfire! Confirmation Classes: Classes for February are on the 6th and 13th due to the winter recess. On the 13th, we will initially meet in the church for the Ash Wednesday service. As always, classes are at 7:00PM, but we have drop-in from 3:00 to 5:00, dinner prep at 5:00, and dinner at 6:00. We need more families to sign up for dinners this winter and spring, so I will be passing around the dinner sign-up at church services. In particular, we need someone to cook February 13th. Service: Our service project this month is childcare at the annual meeting. The meeting starts at 10:30 and usually ends between 12:00 and 1:00PM. We will bring the children to the Oceans of Grace building and make valentines and crafts. Fellowship: First, I want it to be known that youth are always welcome to bring their friends to any of our service projects or fellowship events. In fact, it is highly encouraged! I would like to have a movie night on February 8th from 6:00 to 9:00PM at the church. The TV problem from last month has been resolved (it was the fault of the DVD player) and Captain America has been suggested as the film of the evening. Remember to bring money for pizza! Also, I am trying to schedule a group class at Tangy’s Archery Range on February 16th. The class would probably start at 1:00, but I am awaiting a response from them regarding time and cost per person. Nine youth signed up at the last confirmation class, but please confirm with me if you are free to go that afternoon, as an accurate headcount may be necessary. I have the older/confirmed youth movie night scheduled for Wednesday, February 27th at my house at 39 Plymouth Street, East Greenwich. We will make food and eat at 6:00, and then start the movie at 7:00. We will watch Gran Torino, which we were supposed to watch last month. Again, youth may bring friends to this movie night, but because we are watching R rated movies, I would need to consult their parents beforehand. Confircamp at Calumet in March The Confircamp at Calumet retreat is scheduled for March 15th to 17th. The camp is mandatory for confirmation students, but is open to youth who were confirmed in previous years. If you haven’t been to Calumet (and I haven’t!) it is reportedly an amazing place in New Hampshire, and the schedule for the retreat includes loads of activities including hikes, games arts and crafts, campfires, and a lot of good food! The cost is $100 per person, but includes all the food. I will be passing out registration forms at the next confirmation classes, and please let me know if you aren’t in class this year but want to attend.

Keep the Peace! Carrie Koslofsky


Steeple News – February 2013 Altar Guild schedule for February 2013 is as follows:  February 2 & 3 Marie & John Knutsen  February 9 & 10 Joan and Lou Sansone  Ash Wednesday TBA  February 16 & 17 Barbara and Barry Irish  February 23 & 24 Ruth Murray Sunday School Schedule for February 2013 February 3 - class February 10 Annual Congregational Meeting * Snow date is February 24th. February 17 No Classes- Winter Break February 24 - class Panera Book Club will meet on Thursday, February 14th at noon. This month’s book is “Letters and Papers from Prison” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. This is a week later than usual because Pastor Linda will be at the Bishop’s Convocation on February 5, 6, & 7th. Property Committee will meet at 7:30 am on Friday, February 1st, 2013 @ 7:30 am. SOS Hello Sisters, We will be meeting at the home of Liz Tierney at 7 pm on Thursday, February 7th because the following Thursday is Valentine’s Day. We will begin our evening with a shared meal, so bring your favorite dish or dessert. We will follow with Bible study and fellowship at 8 pm until 9 pm. All women are welcome BRING A FRIEND! Children are also welcomed. Directions to Liz’s 229 John Potter Rd, West Greenwich, 402-385-9182 Take Rte. 95 south to exit 5B – Alton Jones sign; this is Route102 North. Follow for about 1½ miles. Turn left onto Raccoon Hill Rd. This feeds into John Potter. If you see Alton Jones sign, you have gone too far. Turn around. John Potter Rd. is the first right. Hope to see you there. Peace to all, Kathy SIS will meet on Friday, February 8th at noon in Fellowship Hall. This month we will be completing the Valentine gifts for our shut-ins. Please bring a bag lunch; coffee and dessert will be provided. All women are welcome; please bring a friend. Yoga classes take place on Wednesdays in the Oceans of Grace building.  Gentle, restorative yoga for beginners and seniors……………………………Wed. 9-10:15 am  Dynamic yoga ……………………………………………………………………..Wed. 5-6:15 pm A mixed-level yoga class is offered on Fridays from 9-10:15 am. Sign up is required. Pastor’s Bible Study meets on Wednesdays, from 10:30 -11:30 am in the Oceans of Grace building Church Council meeting will take place on Thursday, February 21st @ 7 pm. Men's Saturday Bible Fellowship meets on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month from 8:30 am until 10 am in the Oceans of Grace building. All men are welcome.


Steeple News – February 2013

February is Heart Health Month Among all U.S. women who die each year, one in four dies of heart disease. In 2004, nearly 60 percent more women died of cardiovascular disease (both heart disease and stroke) than from all cancers combined. While both men and women have heart attacks, more women who have heart attacks die from them because they attribute the symptoms they experience to other health problems, such as indigestion. When you think about heart disease, you probably think about chest pain. Women might not have chest pain. If they do, they might call it an achy, tight or "heavy" feeling instead of pain. The pain might even be in the back between the shoulder blades, instead of the chest. Women might think these signs are no big deal because they don't "sound" like a heart attack. Don't ignore these signs. Go to your doctor or clinic right away. For both women and men, the most common sign of a heart attack is:

Pain or discomfort in the center of the chest. The pain or discomfort can be mild or strong. It can last more than a few minutes, or it can go away and come back.

Women are more likely than men to have these other common signs of a heart attack:

Pain in the back, between the shoulders

Shortness of breath

Nausea or vomiting

Pain in the neck, or jaw


Loss of appetite

Feeling really tired--even if after enough sleep


Heart flutters

New or worse headaches

Pain in the belly, above the belly button

Sometimes the signs of a heart attack happen suddenly, but they can also develop slowly, over hours, days, and even weeks before a heart attack occurs. If you think you, or someone else, may be having a heart attack, wait no more than a few minutes—five at most—before calling 911. Article submitted by Donna Horan


Steeple News – February 2013


Steeple News – February 2013


Steeple News – February 2013

More details about the meeting in Pawtucket:

Doing What Matters Regional Gathering St. Matthew-Trinity Lutheran Church 690 Newport Ave. Pawtucket, RI 02861

Saturday, March 9th 2013 9:00am-2:30pm

Please Register by March 1st 2013 Registration fee is $15.00 and includes all materials and lunch Questions? Contact:

Check the Doing What Matters Event Blog for updates Quilts from the Heart meets Wednesdays from 1 – 3 pm in the Oceans of Grace building. The quilts are being made in remembrance of all who died in Newtown, CT and will be donated to Project Linus. Everyone is welcome. If you already know how to sew, great! If you’re a beginner, this is a wonderful way to learn. For more information, contact Diane Amaral at Kids’ Karate meets on Thursdays in the Oceans of Grace Building. The class for beginners is from 4 - 4:45 pm; the class for intermediate and advanced belts is from 4:45 – 5:30 pm. Soup: We have a new soup sign-up clipboard on the front pew. If you do not see it during service, please ask Pastor Linda and she will help direct you to it. We are in need of only the main ingredient (usually meat); Oceans of Grace provides the soup starter ingredients – vegetables, spices, broths, etc.... Soups must be prepared in our church kitchen per DOH regulations. If you would like to help, soup preparation begins at 9:30 on Tuesdays. If you can't help in person, donating the main ingredient/recipe of your family's favorite soup would be wonderful! We usually serve a medium-size stockpot/lobsterpot of soup every week, so recipes need to be doubled. Prayer + Knit three + Purl three = Prayer Shawl Ministry The Prayer Shawl Ministry meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at the home of Donna Horan. The next meeting will be February 19th. Symbolizing God’s care and comfort, the Prayer Shawl Ministry is a unique way of ministering to God’s people. Your hands are needed to accomplish God’s work. Shawls can be used for: Comfort - after a loss, in times of stress, grief; during an illness and recovery Celebration – bridal shower or wedding / commitment; birthing gifts Contact Donna for more information / instructions: 885-1474 or


Steeple News – February 2013

Christ Church Furniture Exchange – 1065 Main Street – is in desperate need of furniture. Call 884-8632 ext. 191 to set up deliveries and pick-up. Grief Recovery Grieving is a part of life. At some point each of us will face the challenge of not only saying goodbye, but will also learn how to go on. Recently I read the book, "To Heaven and Back" by Mary Neal MD and I felt like it really brought me peace, and things to consider, so I offer it as a suggestion for a good read. If you need help/support, please contact Connie Slick by phone at call 401-480-1738 or send an email to

Preview of Coming Attractions The Annual Feinstein Million Dollar Giveaway to Fight Hunger kicks off in March. It runs through the end of April, and Alan Shawn Feinstein matches $1 for $1/$1 per item that is donated in those two months. He divides up the matching donation proportionately among the participating organizations. Another E-Waste Recycling Drive is scheduled for Saturday, April 20th from 9AM ‘til Noon at the Texas Roadhouse in Warwick. Stay tuned for more details. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Sunday School Funnies At Sunday school, the children were learning how God created everything, including human beings. Johnny was especially intent when the teacher told him how Eve was created out of one of Adam's ribs. Later in the week on the day of his math test, his mother noticed him lying down on his side, moaning and groaning as if he were ill. “Johnny, what is the matter?" she asked. Johnny responded, "I have pain in my side. I think I'm going to have a wife." ***************************************************************************************


the lies they tell about me aren't true.” Yogi Berra


Steeple News – February 2013

Planning and values To help people understand the importance of values in planning for their future

Use your values to guide financial decisions Your values serve as an important foundation for how you manage your money. They’re the things that are most important to you—for for example, your faith, family, friends, health, education or giving back. These values give you a rock-solid solid sense of who you ar are e and what you believe in. Your values come from experiences in life. They also drive your decisions and actions. For example, if you value your health, you may exercise daily. If you value learning, you may continue your education by attending classes. Developing a clear and compelling list of your values makes it easier to choose how you want to use your time, talents and treasures. When it comes to your money, you have three choices: 1. Share 2. Save 3. Spend As a steward of your resources, having a guideli guideline ne for how you use your money can be helpful. What’s more, your values can be a clear, consistent guide to who you are and what you want to become. Investing time and energy to define your values and then aligning them with your actions is a powerful way to help you achieve your financial goals and live the life of your dreams. For more information on how your values can help you achieve your financial goals, contact Bryan J. Schmeling, FIC, Financial Associate at 4 402-647-0364 64 or bryan.schmeling@thrivent today, or visit Insurance products issued or offered by Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Appleton, WI. Not all products are available in all states. Securities and investment advisory services are offered through Thrivent Investment Management nagement Inc., 625 Fourth Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55416, 554 a FINRA and SIPC member and a wholly owned subsidiary of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. For additional important disclosure information, please visit 10

Steeple News – February 2013

East Greenwich Human Services Announces… Social Caseworker - @ 886-8638 Office Hours: Monday through Friday Call for an appointment! Food Pantry - St. Luke’s Church 99 Peirce Street Hours: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10:30 am – 09:00 pm Furniture Exchange - Christ Church 1065 Main Street Call 884-8632 ext. 161 to set up deliveries and pick-up. Clothing Thrift Shop - First Lutheran Church 118 Division Street / 884-5572 Hours: Tuesday, Friday & Saturday 9:00 am-09:00 pm *We welcome donations of good, quality clean clothing!

The Sharing Locker - Westminster Unitarian Church 116 Kenyon Avenue Hours: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm on the third Saturday of each month Bread Distribution Program Monday – Swift Community Center, 121 Peirce St. Tuesday – First Lutheran Church, 118 Division St. Wednesday – Swift Community Center, 121 Peirce St.

For more information, please call the Department of Human Services at 886-8638 or 886-8669.


Steeple News – February 2013

CHURCH DIRECTORY WORSHIP SCHEDULE Saturday – 5 PM Worship Sunday – 8 & 9 AM Worship with Choirs and Children’s Sermon All services with Holy Communion

SERVING Pastor: Rev. Dr. Linda R. Forsberg Secretary: Evelyn Athanas Minister of Music: Philip Martorella Choir Director: Brad Logan Youth Director: Carrie Koslofsky Office Assistant: Patricia Deschane Sunday School Superintendent: Claire Dolan Web Designer: Dan Kellerman CHURCH COUNCIL ( ) INDICATES LIAISON Church officers: President: Matthew Dolan Vice President: Dr. Joseph Rodgers Secretary: David Kulm Members at large Josh Hendrickson Nicole Ericson (Personnel) Jack Bullock Kathy Perkins Diane Amaral Patti Reslow Appointed by Council Treasurer: Paul Swanson Assistant Treasurer: Joe Rochira Financial Secretary: Nicole Ericson Assistant Financial Secretary: David Diepholz PERSONNEL COMMITTEE Nicole Ericson, Co-Chairperson, Council Liaison Russell Johnson Lou Sansone Maura McKone


Steeple News – February 2013

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Carlos, age 38, died unexpectedly leaving behind a 6-year-old son, Joseph. Please send prayers of comfort to Joseph. Barbara Irish whose sister, Frances Luther, passed away on January 29, 2013. Please send prayers of comfort and peace to Barbara and her family. Condolences can be sent to 59 Legion Way, Cranston, RI 02910. Safe Journey to Stephanie, Pali, Dylan and Malia Frazier safe as they journey cross country to their new home and jobs in Hawaii. Also, Bodi and Roxy the devoted dogs who are of course moving with them! Greg Pettis underwent knee surgery on February 1. Please pray for a speedy and complete recovery. Get-well wishes can be sent to 26 Hepburn St., West Warwick, RI 02893. Gail McGaffigan was rushed to RI Hosp with a bleeding brain aneurysm. Please pray that she is restored to good health, and send prayers of comfort and strength to her husband, Patrick, and her children, Gregory and Mary. Cards th and get-well wishes can be sent to Gail at Rm. 675, 6 Floor Neuro Intensive Care, Davol Bldg., RI Hospital, 593 Eddy St., Providence, RI 02903. th Don Wilkinson, on the loss of his brother, Bob, who passed away on Friday, January 18 . Please send prayers of comfort and peace to Don. His address is: 110 Larch Rd., EG, 02818. rd Jennifer Gorton, Don Wilkinson’s niece, passed away on January 23 . She leaves behind two young sons, Dylan age10 and Dominic age 7. Please send prayers of comfort and peace to the children. Kelly Powers, is suffering from MS, fibromyalgia, and other auto-immune disorders. Please pray for healing, strength, guidance, and comfort. Sherree, a friend of Kelly Powers, is suffering from MS. Please pray for healing, strength, and courage. Lynne Fiorito, Brad Sacha’s sister, passed away expectedly. She leaves behind four young adult children, Heather, Tirzah, Adriane, and Christopher. Please send prayers of comfort and peace to Brad, Tricia and Nicole. Brad’s address is 241 Red Chimney Dr., Warwick, RI 02818. Skip Gibson, Don Gibson’s father is suffering greatly from psoriatic arthritis. Please pray and send cards for healing and encouragement to 39 Mockingbird Dr. Exeter, RI 02822. Evelyn Sprague is being hospitalized for pneumonia and gallstones. Get-well wishes can be sent to Rm. 417, Kent Hospital, 455 Toll Gate Rd. Warwick, RI 02886. Brianna, age 6, will undergo surgery to replace trachea, digestive, and sinus tubes. Please pray for a successful outcome for this brave little girl. th Joe Rochira, on the loss of his mother, Eleanor, who passed away on December 23 . Please send prayers of comfort and peace to Joe and to his family. Joe’s address is 44 Sawyer Ave., Warwick, RI 02818. The Families of Newtown CT Please send prayers of comfort, strength, and peace. Frances Luther, sister of Barbara Irish, diagnosed with brain cancer. Please pray for comfort and strength. Timothy Miller and Ed Vadnais, Keri’s dad and uncle. Please pray for their healing. Diana, Kiran Kimbell’s 83-year-old mother, fell and broke her neck. Fortunately, there is no paralysis. Please pray for a speedy and complete recovery so that she may resume volunteering. Blessings to Meg Splaine Carnaroli and her husband, Michael, on the birth of their daughter, Natalie Sophia Carnaroli. Natalie is the first grandchild of Laura Carlson. Meg and Michael’s address is: 73 Windmill Hill Rd., Branford, CT. 03402. rd Courtney, John and Marie Knutsen’s granddaughter is struggling with lupus. On January 23 , she underwent surgery to remove her thyroid. Please pray for a successful outcome, along with strength, comfort and restored good health. Amy, John and Marie Knutsen’s daughter-in-law, recently learned that her father has Stage 4 cancer. Please send prayers of strength, comfort, and peace to Amy’s entire family. Amy’s home address is 33 Chesterfield Rd., Amston, CT 03231. Charlene Henderson and Family, on the loss of Charlene’s mother, Genevieve Greenwood, who passed away on th th November 24 and on the loss of Charlene’s father, Eugene Greenwood, who passed away on November 6 . Please send prayers of comfort and peace to Charlene and family. Charlene’s address is 17 Phillips Rd., EG 02818. Eugene and Genevieve Greenwood were the grandparents of Cameron St. Germain, whose parents are Virginia Greenwood and David St. Germain. Cameron’s address is 95 Paddock Dr. Warwick, 02886. Joe Adamsky, brother of a friend of Joan and Lou Sansone, is suffering from esophageal cancer. Please pray for comfort and successful treatment. Laura Costa, a student at the New England Synod School of Lay Ministry, is battling a brain tumor. Please send prayers of strength, healing and hope.


Steeple News – February 2013

Joe Adamsky, brother of a friend of Joan and Lou Sansone, is suffering from esophageal cancer. Please pray for comfort and successful treatment. Phill Gibbs and Family, on the loss of his mother, Barbara, who passed away on October 23, 1722. Phill’s father, Paul, died on July 16, 1722. Please send prayers of comfort and peace to Phill and his family. David Sansone, Jr. is recovering well from a recent surgery. He may be able to resume work. Please continue to pray for this determined and remarkable young man. Jim, Patti Otrando’s brother, is having significant medical issues. Please pray for strength, comfort and healing. Children within our congregation are living with domestic difficulties and uncertainties. Please pray for their safety and courage. Debbie Daley, an 80-year-old friend of Mary Scotti, suffered a stroke and is being hospitalized. Please pray for strength, comfort, and healing. E.F.M.G., a friend of the Hatch family. Please pray for healing. Bill Kimball’s sister was diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for comfort, strength, and healing. Claire Burke, please pray for strength, comfort and good health. Cards of cheer and get-well wishes can be mailed to Claire at: West Shore Health Center, 110 West Shore Rd., Warwick, RI 02889. Laurie, friend of Janet Bell, recently diagnosed with Stage II cancer. Please pray for strength, comfort and healing. Captain Bill Hall, friend of Theresa Sadowski, is battling cancer. Please pray for strength, comfort, and healing. Elaine Please pray for a speedy recovery. Carol Deignan is recovering from surgery. Cards of cheer and get-well wishes can be sent to Claire at: 37D Eagle’s Run, Warwick, 02886. Sue Brown was recently re-hospitalized and is now back home. Get-well wishes can be sent to Sue at: 355 Hardig Rd. Apt. B110, Warwick, RI 03886. Robert W., friend of the office staff, is awaiting a lung transplant. Please send prayers of strength and courage to him while he waits. Mary Ellen Malloy, a friend of the Amarals, is experiencing medical problems. Please pray for strength and healing. Mitra, a friend of Mary Scotti, on the recent loss of her father. Please pray for strength and comfort. Chris, friend of the Poulos family, was in a serious motorcycle accident. Please pray for Chris and his wife, Courtney and their 3 boys. Karen, Connie Slick’s foster mom, is recovering from two blood clots in her lung after flying home from Kenny’s wedding. Thanks be to God she survived and please pray for healing. th John and Irma Larsen, on the loss of their 10-year-old granddaughter, Taylor Manning, who passed away on May 16 . Please continue to pray. John and Irma’s address is: 6 Highbank Trail, Plymouth, MA 03360. Lee, Julie Donatelli’s cousin, recently diagnosed with cancer and beginning chemotherapy. Please pray for strength and healing. Rosalie Valenti, Paul’s mother, will undergo surgery, then a 1-month recovery. Please pray for strength, comfort and healing. Clarence and Sandra Amaral, John Amaral’s brother and sister-in-law; please pray for healing and strength. Karina Hammond is home. Please keep her in your prayers. The Family of Isabelle Wohlrab young child who lost her battle with cancer in March. She is survived by her parents, two brothers, and a sister. Please pray for strength and comfort for her family. Bil for strength and healing PAR prayers for healing Bonnie Anderson is recovering from knee surgery and still mourns the loss of her twin brother, John Anderson, on April 5, 2012. Please continue to send prayers of comfort to Bonnie. Meg, friend of the Gibbs family, has started her battle with nodular melanoma, stage 3. Prayers welcome for arresting the cancer’s growth Al LeBlanc, friend of Philip Martorella, struggling with cancer. Please pray for strength, comfort, and healing Joan Stevens Kidney, former member of First Lutheran, is in remission and doing great. Thanks for your prayers. Juliana, a 10-yr old girl from W. Warwick whose mother was killed last year; prayers for comfort and strength Janis, suffering from fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. Prayers for comfort and healing Judy prayers for healing Mike P. 17-yr-old friend of Patti Otrando; undergoing stem cell transplant surgery for lymphoma; prayers for comfort, strength, and continued healing Faye Masterson is undergoing testing. Amy Remillard, foster sister of Connie Slick, awaiting a kidney transplant; prayers for comfort and strength Danielle DeCesare, friend of Patti Otrando, is a young mother dealing with many medical issues. Please pray for strength and healing. Johnna and Claudia, both on dialysis and awaiting kidney transplants Cathi for strength and peace Debby


Steeple News – February 2013

New England Synod and our new bishop, Pastor Jim Hazelwood Our pastor, council president, church staff, church officers & leaders Our nation & our leaders and all those serving in the armed forces Our children & grandchildren Our confirmation youth & mentors ELCA Bishop, Rev. Mark Hanson OUR SENIOR AND SHUT-IN MEMBERS: PLEASE SEND CARDS OF CHEER OR TAKE TIME TO VISIT Ursula Mouradjian & Tony DeFraia 35 Elberta Street, Warwick RI 03889 Betty Chappelle West Bay Manor 2483 West Shore Rd. # 28 Warwick, RI 03889 Karina Hammond South County Hospital, 100 Kenyon Ave, Wakefield, RI 03879 Margaret Widyn Please send cards of cheer to: 9 Coleridge Place, Greenlawn, NY 11740. Alice Kettelle friend of Ernie Anderson, continuing health issues. Please pray for strength and healing. Jean Martorella Philip’s mom, at Harbor Hill Manor .


Steeple News – February 2013

SERVING GOD’S MINISTRY February 2013 Save this section for your information ALTAR GUILD 02/02 & 02/03 02/09 & 02/10 Ash Wednesday 02/16 & 02/17 02/23 & 02/24

READERS Marie and John Knutsen Joan and Lou Sansone To Be Announced Ruth Murray Barbara and Barry Irish

02/03 02/10 02/17 02/24

ASSISTING MINISTERS 02/02 02/03 02/09 02/10 02/16 02/17 02/23 02/24


Don Wright Deborah Faith Valerie Fisher Sophie Rodgers Kelly Powers Jon Daly Brad Sacha Ted Gibbons

02/03 02/10 02/17 02/24

COMMUNION ASSISTANTS 02/02 02/03 02/09 02/10 02/16 02/17 02/23 02/24


Brad Sacha, Patty McGrath Gus and Mary Pagel, Janet Bell, Deborah Faith Janet Joyce, Connie Slick Patti McGrath, Nikki Ericson Joan and Lou Sansone Leif and Patti Reslow Donna Horan, Ray Meyer, Bob Nelson, Ted Gibbons Cameron St. Germain, Don Wright Ann McQueeney, Jon Daly, Sophie Rodgers, David Kulm

USHERS/GREETERS – SATURDAYS 02/02 02/09 02/16 02/23

Lou Sansone Katarina Diepholz Marie Knutsen Bob Nelson

Kathy Perkins Patti Reslow, Jack Bullock David Kulm, Joe Rodgers Kathy Perkins, Jack Bullock


02/02 02/09 02/16 02/23 COFFEE HOUR 02/03 02/10 02/17 02/24

Brenda and Jayne Enos Closed TBA Closed

The Dolan Family Potluck Brunch No Coffee Hour Jack Bullock


Barbara and Barry Irish Tom and Janet Joyce John and Diane Amaral Barbara and Barry Irish

02/03 02/10 02/17 02/24


Art Murray, David Kulm Bob Nelson, Kathy Wilkinson Jim Bracey, Ann McQueeney Marie Knutsen, Nikki Ericson



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