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For ninety years, the University of Oklahoma Press has published award-winning books about the American Indian and we are proud to bring to you our new American West catalog. For a complete list of titles available from OU Press, please visit our website at We hope you enjoy this catalog and appreciate your continued support of the University of Oklahoma Press. Price and availability subject to change without notice. On the cover: Oklahoma Land Run 1889 Monument, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Photographer, MARELBU. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons (used under cc by 3.0).

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Many Nations Under Many Gods Public Land Management and American Indian Sacred Sites By Todd Allin Morman A much-needed narrative, Many Nations under Many Gods brings to light the invisible histories of several Indian nations, as well as their struggles to protect the integrity of sacred and cultural sites located on federal public lands. NOVEMBER 2018 · 272 PAGES · 6 X 9 $39.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6172-3

A Bad Peace and a Good War Spain and the Mescalero Apache Uprising of 1795–1799 By Mark Santiago This book challenges long-accepted historical orthodoxy about relations between the Spanish and the Indians in the borderlands separating what are now Mexico and the United States. A Bad Peace and a Good War examines the antecedents, tactics, and consequences of the fighting. OCTOBER 2018 · 264 PAGES · 6 X 9 $32.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6155-6

A Whirlwind Passed through Our Country Lakota Voices of the Ghost Dance By Rani-Henrik Andersson By presenting accounts of divergent views among the Lakota people, A Whirlwind Passed through Our Country expands the narrative of the Ghost Dance, encouraging more nuanced interpretations of this significant moment in Lakota and American history. MAY 2018 · 432 PAGES · 6 X 9 $39.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6007-8

Converting the Rosebud Catholic Mission and the Lakotas, 1886–1916 By Harvey Markowitz Tracing the mission from its 1886 founding in present-day South Dakota to the 1916 fire that reduced it to ashes, Converting the Rosebud unveils the complex church-state network that guided conversion efforts on the Rosebud Reservation. MARCH 2018 · 320 PAGES · 6 X 9 $34.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5985-0 THE CIVILIZATION OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN SERIES

Cherokee Narratives A Linguistic Study By Durbin Feeling, William Pulte, and Gregory Pulte The stories of the Cherokee people presented here capture in written form tales of history, myth, and legend for readers, speakers, and scholars of the Cherokee language. Assembled by noted authorities on Cherokee, the volume marks an unparalleled contribution to the linguistic analysis, understanding, and preservation of Cherokee language and culture. JANUARY 2018 · 240 PAGES · 6.125 X 9.25 $29.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5986-7


American Indian

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American Indian Education, 2nd Edition A History By Jon Reyhner and Jeanne Eder The history of American Indian education from colonial times to the present relates how Euro-Americans disrupted and suppressed Native cultural practices, and Indians actively pursued and preserved them. American Indian Education recounts that history from early missionary and government schools to recent efforts to return school control to Indigenous peoples. NOVEMBER 2017 · 408 PAGES · 6.125 X 9.25 $29.95s PAPERBACK · 978-0-8061-5776-4

Both Sides of the Bullpen Navajo Trade and Posts By Robert S. McPherson Between 1880 and 1940, Navajo and Ute families and westward-trending Anglos met in “bullpens” of southwestern trading posts to barter for goods, and a wealth of cultural knowledge also changed hands. McPherson reveals how Navajo tradition defined trading practices in the Four Corners area of southeastern Utah and southwestern Colorado. “In Both Sides of the Bullpen, Robert S. McPherson artfully and convincingly portrays the trading post experience from the Navajo side of the counter, and enriches our understanding of the viewpoint from the Anglo side. This fascinating read is an important book, full of human interest, real encounters, and remembrance of things past.”—Howard M. Bahr, editor of The Navajo as Seen by the Franciscans, 1898–1921: A Sourcebook OCTOBER 2017 · 376 PAGES · 6 X 9 $34.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5745-0

“That’s What They Used to Say” Reflections on American Indian Oral Traditions By Donald L. Fixico Fixico invites readers to learn how storytelling, legends and prophecies, oral histories, and creation myths knit together and explain the Indian world. His stories conjure war heroes and ghosts, inspire fear and laughter, explain the past and foresee the future—and skillfully connect personal, familial, tribal, and Native history. “Once again, Donald L. Fixico has produced a provocative work. In 'That’s What They Used to Say,' he engages the reader in his examination of Indian oral tradition, interweaving his own autobiography throughout.” —Blue Clark, author of Indian Tribes of Oklahoma: A Guide OCTOBER 2017 · 272 PAGES · 6 X 9 $34.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5775-7

Lakota Performers in Europe Their Culture and the Artifacts They Left Behind By Steve Friesen In 1935 Belgium, fifteen Lakotas, wearing beaded moccasins and eagle-feather headdresses, set up tepees, danced, and demonstrated marksmanship and horse taming for twenty million visitors to the Brussels International Exposition, leaving behind 157 pieces of Lakota culture. Friesen tells the story of these forgotten artifacts, and the Lakota performers. JUNE 2017 · 304 PAGES · 8.5 X 11 $39.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5696-5 WILLIAM F. CODY SERIES ON THE HISTORY AND CULTURE OF THE AMERICAN WEST


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Webs of Kinship Family in Northern Cheyenne Nationhood By Christina Gish Hill Hill focuses on Cheyennes who lived alongside Dull Knife, Little Wolf, Little Chief, and Two Moons to reveal the role of kinship in the tribe’s navigation of U.S. colonial policy during removal and the early reservation period. Kinship safeguarded Cheyenne political autonomy in the face of U.S. encroachment, allowing them to shape their own story. APRIL 2017 · 400 PAGES · 6 X 9 $34.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-08061-5601-9 NEW DIRECTIONS IN NATIVE AMERICAN STUDIES SERIES

Eyewitness to the Fetterman Fight Indian Views Edited by John H. Monnett On December 21, 1866, a force of 1,500 to 2,000 Oglala, Lakota, Northern Cheyenne, and Arapaho warriors annihilated a detachment of 79 infantry and cavalry soldiers. With no U.S. military survivors, the only eyewitness accounts came from Lakotas and Cheyennes. Monnett presents these Native views and newly discovered interviews with Oglala and Cheyenne warriors and leaders. MARCH 2017 · 248 PAGES · 6 X 9 $29.95s HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5582-1

Crow Jesus Personal Stories of Native Religious Belonging Edited by Mark Clatterbuck Clatterbuck explores contemporary Native Christianity by listening as indigenous voices narrate their stories on their own terms. His collection reveals a tribe that has adopted Christian beliefs and practices in such a way that simple designations of religious belonging—whether “Christian,” “Sun Dancer,” or “Peyotist”—are seldom, if ever, adequate. FEBRUARY 2017 · 280 PAGES · 6 X 9 $29.95s · PAPERBACK · 978-0-8061-5587-6

Reservation Politics Historical Trauma, Economic Development, and Intratribal Conflict By Raymond I. Orr For American Indians, tribal politics are paramount, determining standards for tribal enrollment, guiding negotiations with outside governments, and helping set economic and cultural goals. Exploring how different tribes’ politics and internal conflicts have evolved, Reservation Politics offers insight into the role of historical experience in the political lives of American Indians. FEBRUARY 2017 · 256 PAGES · 6 X 9 $34.95s HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5391-9

The Erosion of Tribal Power The Supreme Court’s Silent Revolution By Dewi Ioan Ball The Erosion of Tribal Power shines much-needed light on crucial changes to federal Indian law between 1959 and 2001 and discusses how tribes have dealt with the political and economic consequences of the Court’s decisions. DECEMBER 2016 · 400 PAGES · 6 X 9 $39.95s · HARDCOVER ∙ 978-0-8061-5565-4


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Visions of the Tallgrass Prairie Photographs by Harvey Payne By James P. Rhonda Through interwoven images and words, Visions of the Tallgrass shows that our nation’s grasslands are sacred ground, a priceless piece of our American past—and future. SEPTEMBER 2018 · 180 PAGES · 8 X 10.875 $34.95 · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6028-3 THE CHARLES M. RUSSELL CENTER SERIES ON ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE AMERICAN WEST

Art of the West Selected Works from the Autry Museum By Amy Scott From its original focus on the history, art, and popular culture inspired by the West and its attendant myths, the Autry Museum has evolved to embrace a more inclusive, complex, and contemporary approach to the American West. With more than 150 color images & essays devoted to women’s art, Native American art, and Chicano photography, this volume challenges us to look beyond surface appearances, superficial caricatures, & cultural assumptions. AUGUST 2018 · 168 PAGES · 9 X 12 $49.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6031-3

Centering Modernism J. Jay McVicker and Postwar American Art By Louise Siddons Featuring nearly one hundred full-color reproductions of McVicker’s works, Centering Modernism showcases the extraordinary range of his artistry. As the first comprehensive survey of McVicker’s career and oeuvre, this volume is also the story of American Modernism in all its diversity. AUGUST 2018 · 328 PAGES · 8.5 X 11 $45.00s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6033-7 THE CHARLES M. RUSSELL CENTER SERIES ON ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE AMERICAN WEST

Painters of the Northwest Impressionism to Modernism, 1900–1930 By John Impert In this groundbreaking work, John Impert introduces readers to the rich and varied array of artists and works of art that defined the region’s artistic transition from a nature-bound impressionism to the arrival of modernism. AUGUST 2018 · 220 PAGES · 10.75 X 8.5 $45.00s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6034-4 THE CHARLES M. RUSSELL CENTER SERIES ON ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE AMERICAN WEST


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Plains Indian Buffalo Cultures Art from the Paul Dyck Collection By Emma I. Hansen From hide clothing, bear claw necklaces, and shields to buffalo robes, tipis, and decorative equipment made for prized horses, the artworks in the Paul Dyck Collection provide a firsthand glimpse into the traditions, adaptations, and innovations of Great Plains Indian cultures. MAY 2018 · 208 PAGES · 9 X 11 $50.00s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6011-5

Transnational Frontiers The American West in France By Emily C. Burns For French artists and enthusiasts, the West served as a fulcrum for the construction of an American cultural identity, offering a chance to debate ideas of primitivism and masculinity that bolstered their own colonialist discourses. By examining this process, Burns reveals the interconnections between American western art and FrancoAmerican artistic exchange between 1865 and 1915. MAY 2018 · 248 PAGES · 9 X 11 $45.00s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6003-0 THE CHARLES M. RUSSELL CENTER SERIES ON ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE AMERICAN WEST

Albert Bierstadt Witness to a Changing West Edited by Peter H. Hassrick Along with its rich sampling of Bierstadt’s diverse artwork, Albert Bierstadt: Witness to a Changing West features informative essays by noted curators, scholars of art history, and historians of the American West. MAY 2018 · 248 PAGES · 10 X 11 $60.00s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6004-7 THE CHARLES M. RUSSELL CENTER SERIES ON ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE AMERICAN WEST

Ray Stanford Strong West Coast Landscape Artist By Mark Humpal An accomplished painter who achieved national fame during the New Deal era, Strong is best known for his depiction of landscapes in California and Oregon, rendered in his signature plein air style. This beautiful volume, featuring more than 100 color and black-andwhite illustrations, is the first comprehensive exploration of Strong’s life and artistry. DECEMBER 2017 · 396 PAGES · 10 X 10 $45.00s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5770-2 THE CHARLES M. RUSSELL CENTER SERIES ON ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE AMERICAN WEST


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Paul Pletka Imagined Wests By Amy Scott In Paul Pletka: Imagined Wests, the first book on this major American artist in over thirty years, readers will encounter the full range of Pletka’s work through more than eighty color reproductions of his best-known and most influential works. SEPTEMBER 2017 · 248 PAGES · 12 X 13 $65.00s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5721-4

The Best of Proctor’s West An In-Depth Study of Eleven of Proctor’s Bronzes By Peter H. Hassrick The Best of Proctor’s West is an in-depth study of eleven of the artist’s most celebrated bronzes. Comprising a scholarly publication and a searchable online database, the project weds connoisseurship and science. JULY 2017 · 112 PAGES · 8.25 X 11 $25.00 · PAPERBACK · 978-0-9316-1871-0 DISTRIBUTED FOR BUFFALO BILL CENTER OF THE WEST

Walter Ufer Rise, Fall, Resurrection By Dean A. Porter Walter Ufer: Rise, Fall, Resurrection examines the life and artistic career of one of America’s most talented, but relatively unknown artists, outside a small circle of collectors and scholars. JULY 2017 · 112 PAGES · 8.5 X 11 $29.95s · PAPERBACK · 978-0-9321-5474-3 DISTRIBUTED FOR NATIONAL COWBOY & WESTERN HISTORY MUSEUM

Theodore Waddell My Montana—Paintings and Sculpture, 1959–2016 By Rick Newby With access to Waddell’s journals and letters and an extensive oral history recently completed, author Rick Newby offers unprecedented insight into Waddell’s first years as an avowed artist and his period of struggle and disciplined creativity. MARCH 2017 · 256 PAGES · 9 X 11 $29.95 · PAPERBACK · 978-0-9769-6847-4 DISTRIBUTED FOR DRUMLUMMON INSTITUTE

Frederick Weygold Artist and Ethnographer of North American Indians Edited by Christian F. Feest and C. Ronald Corum This book, based upon the voluminous body of his paintings, drawings, and papers held by the Speed Art Museum in Louisville, Kentucky, and upon research in American and European museums and archives, offers for the first time a comprehensive account of Weygold’s life and achievements as an artist, collector, educator, and social activist. JANUARY 2017 · 272 PAGES · 9 X 10.5 $29.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-3-9818-4120-6 DISTRIBUTED BY ZFK PUBLISHERS


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Smoke over Oklahoma The Railroad Photographs of Preston George By Augustus J. Veenendaal In this first book devoted solely to George’s work, his black-and-white photographs constitute a striking visual documentary of steam-driven railroading in its brief but glorious heyday in the American Southwest. “Smoke over Oklahoma showcases the creative genius of the late railroad photographer Preston George. Augustus J. Veenendaal has selected a wonderful, representative selection of George’s works, provides insightful captions, and offers a historical overview of railroads in the Sooner State.”—H. Roger Grant, author of Railroads and the American People JANUARY 2017 · 208 PAGES · 11 X 8 $29.95 · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5568-5

Picturing Indian Territory Portraits of the Land That Became Oklahoma, 1819–1907 Edited by Byron B. Price Beyond its borders, most Americans visualized the area through the pictures produced by non-Native travelers, artists, and reporters—all with differing degrees of accuracy, vision, and skill. The images in Picturing Indian Territory, and the eponymous exhibit it accompanies, conjure a wildly varied vision of Indian Territory’s past. OCTOBER 2016 · 160 PAGES · 9 X 11 $34.95 · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5577-7 THE CHARLES M. RUSSELL CENTER SERIES ON ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE AMERICAN WEST

Our Indian Summer in the Far West An Autumn Tour of Fifteen Thousand Miles in Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and the Indian Territory By Samuel Nugent Townshend Originally published as a photographic travelogue and guide to British investment in the American West, the account is both idiosyncratic and emblematic of its time. The recovery and republication of this extremely rare volume, an artifact of the Victorian American West, make available an important primary document of a brief but pivotal historical moment connecting the American West and the British Empire. SEPTEMBER 2016 · 200 PAGES · 11 X 11 $45.00s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-8702-0 THE CHARLES M. RUSSELL CENTER SERIES ON ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE AMERICAN WEST

Charles M. Russell The Women in His Life and Art Edited by Joan Carpenter Troccoli Lavishly illustrated with full-color illustrations, Charles M. Russell: The Women in His Life and Art presents groundbreaking essays essential to understanding the role of western women in Russell’s art. JULY 2018 · 192 PAGES · 9 X 10 $39.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6179-2 DISTRIBUTED FOR THE C. M. RUSSELL MUSEUM


B i o g r ap h y & M e m o i r

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Alfalfa Bill A Life in Politics By Robert Dorman Unlike earlier biographies of Murray, Alfalfa Bill brings issues of race, class, and gender to the forefront, often in surprising ways. On the surface, the Murray saga was an American success story, yet his rise came at a price for Murray himself, his family, and the people of the state he helped to create. OCTOBER 2018 · 432 PAGES · 6.125 X 9.25 $34.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6035-1

My Ranch, Too A Wyoming Memoir By Mary B. Flitner For many outsiders, the word “ranching” conjures romantic images of riding on horseback through rolling grasslands while living and working against a backdrop of breathtaking mountain vistas. In this absorbing memoir of life in the Wyoming high country, Mary Budd Flitner offers a more authentic glimpse into the daily realities of ranch life—and what it takes to survive in the ranching world. AUGUST 2018 · 232 PAGES · 5.5 X 8.5 $24.95 · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6058-0

Man-Hunters of the Old West, Volume 2 By Robert K. DeArment DeArment discusses constant threats to the man-hunters’ survival, the federal government’s undependable presence, and extralegal violence as major themes in western law enforcement. In recounting these adventures, this volume reveals the forces that made brutality seem commonplace. MARCH 2018 · 344 PAGES · 6 X 9 $29.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5911-9

Man-Hunters of the Old West By Robert K. DeArment Telling the true stories of famous men who risked their lives to bring western outlaws to justice, Man-Hunters of the Old West dispels long-held myths of their cold-blooded vigilantism and brings fresh nuance to the lives and legends that made the West wild. APRIL 2017 · 344 PAGES · 6 X 9 $29.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5585-2

Ned Christie The Creation of an Outlaw and Cherokee Hero By Devon A. Mihesuah Placing Christie’s story within the rich context of Cherokee governance and nineteenth-century American political and social conditions, Mihesuah draws on hundreds of newspaper accounts, oral histories, court documents, and family testimonies to assemble the most accurate portrayal of Christie’s life possible. MARCH 2018 · 272 PAGES · 6 X 9 $29.95 · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5910-2


B iography & M emoir


Presidents Who Shaped the American West By Glenda Riley and Richard W. Etulain Presidents Who Shaped the American West present startling analyses of chief executives and their policies, illuminating the long reach of presidential power. The book establishes the nature of the relationship between the White House and the West. FEBRUARY 2018 · 280 PAGES · 6 X 9 $24.95s · PAPERBACK · 978-0-8061-5907-2

The Commanders Civil War Generals Who Shaped the American West By Robert M. Utley Taking a novel approach to the military history of the post–Civil War West, distinguished historian Robert M. Utley examines the careers of seven military leaders who served as major generals for the Union in the Civil War, then as brigadier generals in command of the U.S. Army’s western departments. FEBRUARY 2018 · 256 PAGES · 6 X 9 $29.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5978-2

Off Trail Finding My Way Home in the Colorado Rockies By Jane Parnell In the tradition of Cheryl Strayed’s Wild and Tracy Ross’s The Source of All Things, Parnell’s mountaineering memoir shows us how, by pushing ourselves to the limits of our physical endurance and by confronting our deepest fears, we can become whole again. “A skillful weave of western history, high mountaineering, and the author's own harrowing personal tale, Off Trail is an intense read I won't soon forget.”—Ruth McLaughlin, author of Bound like Grass JANUARY 2018 · 144 PAGES · 5.5 X 8.5 $19.95 · PAPERBACK · 978-0-8061-5900-3

Portrait of a Prospector Edward Schieffelin’s Own Story Edited by R. Bruce Craig Collecting the words of an exceptional figure who embodied the western frontier, Craig offers readers insight into the mentality of prospector-adventurers during an age of discovery and of limitless potential. NOVEMBER 2017 · 136 PAGES · 6 X 9 $19.95s · PAPERBACK · 978-0-8061-5773-3

Woody Guthrie’s Modern World Blues By Will Kaufman Capturing the breathtaking social and technological changes that took place during his extraordinarily productive career, Woody Guthrie’s Modern World Blues offers a unique and much-needed new perspective on a musical icon. OCTOBER 2017 · 328 PAGES · 6 X 9 $32.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5761-0 AMERICAN POPULAR MUSIC SERIES


B i o g r ap h y & M e m o i r

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Orozco The Life and Death of a Mexican Revolutionary By Raymond Caballero A long-overdue biography of a significant but little-known and less understood figure of Mexican history, Orozco tells the full story of this revolutionary’s meteoric rise and ignominious descent, including the purposely obscured circumstances of his death at the hands of a lone, murderous lawman. SEPTEMBER 2017 · 352 PAGES · 6 X 9 $34.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5755-9

Ernest Haycox and the Western By Richard W. Etulain In this new book about Haycox’s literary career, Richard W. Etulain tells the engrossing story of his rise through the ranks of popular magazine and serial fiction to become one of the Western’s most successful creators. SEPTEMBER 2017 · 352 PAGES · 6 X 9 $29.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5730-6

Emory Upton Misunderstood Reformer By David J. Fitzpatrick In this first full biography in nearly half a century, Fitzpatrick, the leading authority on Upton, radically revises our view of this important figure in American military thought. JULY 2017 · 344 PAGES · 6 X 9 $39.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5720-7 CAMPAIGNS AND COMMANDERS SERIES

Most American Notes from a Wounded Place By Rilla Askew With a novelist’s gift for storytelling, Askew paints a compelling portrait of a place and its people: resilient and ruthless, decent but self-deceiving, generous yet filled with prejudice—both the best and the worst of what it means to be American. JUNE 2017 · 176 PAGES · 5.5 X 8.5 $19.95 · PAPERBACK · 978-0-8061-5717-7

Frank Little and the IWW The Blood That Stained an American Family By Jane Little Botkin Having scoured the West for firsthand sources in family, library, and museum collections, Botkin melds the personal narrative of an American family with the story of the labor movements that once shook the nation to its core. In doing so, she throws into sharp relief the lingering consequences of political repression. “This beautifully written account is also family history at its best. This book deserves to be read as much for its creative methodology as for its fascinating narrative. Insightful and highly recommended.”—Carlos A. Schwantes, author of Radical Heritage: Labor, Socialism and Reform MAY 2017 · 512 PAGES · 6 X 9 $34.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5500-5


B iography & M emoir


J. C. Penney The Man, the Store, and American Agriculture By David D. Kruger This book—at once a biography of Missouri farm boy–turned–business icon James Cash Penney and the story of the company he started in 1902—brings to light the little-known agrarian roots of an American department store chain. David Delbert Kruger explores how the company, its stores, and their famous founder shaped rural America throughout the twentieth century. MAY 2017 · 360 PAGES · 6 X 9 $29.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5716-0

A Surgeon with Custer at the Little Big Horn James DeWolf ’s Diary and Letters, 1876 Edited by Todd E. Harburn Now available in this accessible and fully annotated format, the diary, along with the DeWolf ’s personal correspondence, serves as a unique primary resource for information about the Little Big Horn campaign and medical practices on the Western frontier. MAY 2017 · 288 PAGES · 6 X 9 $29.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5694-1

John Joseph Mathews Life of an Osage Writer By Michael Snyder John Joseph Mathews is one of Oklahoma’s most revered twentieth-century authors. An Osage Indian, he was also one of the first Indigenous authors to gain national renown. Like many gifted artists, Mathews was not without flaws. And perhaps in the eyes of some critics, he occupies a nebulous space in literary history. Through insightful analysis of his major works, Snyder revises this impression and provides the first book-length account of this fascinating figure. MAY 2017 · 284 PAGES · 6 X 9 $21.95s · PAPERBACK · 978-0-8061-6052-8 AMERICAN INDIAN LITERATURE AND CRITICAL STUDIES SERIES

America’s Best Female Sharpshooter The Rise and Fall of Lillian Frances Smith By Julia Bricklin Drawing on family records, press accounts, interviews, and numerous other sources, historian Julia Bricklin peels away the myths that enshroud Smith’s fifty-year career. APRIL 2017 · 224 PAGES · 6 X 9 $24.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5633-0 WILLIAM F. CODY SERIES ON THE HISTORY AND CULTURE OF THE AMERICAN WEST

Soldiers in the Southwest Borderlands, 1848–1886 Edited by Janne Lahti Comprised of ten biographies, Soldiers in the Southwest Borderlands showcases the scholarship of experts who have mined military records, descendants’ recollections, genealogical sources, and even folklore to tell common soldiers’ stories. APRIL 2017 · 248 PAGES · 6 X 9 $29.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5702-3


B IOGR A P HY / F i c t i o n & L i t e r a t u r e

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Arredondo Last Spanish Ruler of Texas and Northeastern New Spain By Bradley Folsom In this biography of Joaquín de Arredondo, historian Bradley Folsom brings to life one of the most influential and ruthless leaders in North American history. Arredondo (1776–1837), a Bourbon loyalist who governed Texas and the other interior provinces of northeastern New Spain during the Mexican War of Independence. MARCH 2017 · 336 PAGES · 6 X 9 $29.95 · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5697-2

Sing Me Back Home Southern Roots and Country Music By Bill C. Malone For over fifty years, Bill C. Malone has researched and written about the history of country music. Today he is celebrated as the foremost authority on this distinctly American genre. This new collection brings together his significant article-length work from a variety of sources, including essays, book chapters, and record liner notes. FEBRUARY 2017 · 368 PAGES · 6 X 9 $29.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5586-9 AMERICAN POPULAR MUSIC SERIES

House Built on Ashes A Memoir By José Antonio Rodriguez Poignant and lyrical, House Built on Ashes contemplates the promises, limitations, and contradictions of the American Dream. Even as it tells a deeply personal story, it evokes larger political, cultural, and social realities. It speaks to what America is and what it is not. It speaks to a world of hunger, prejudice, and far too many boundaries. But it speaks, as well, to the redemptive power of beauty and its life-sustaining gift of hope. “José Antonio Rodríguez has written a classic. Gently poetic, utterly authentic, packed with rich scenes, House Built on Ashes invites us into the author’s worlds of growing up in a big family in the borderlands of Mexico and South Texas. Read this brilliant book by a true maestro—hold his many worlds with reverence and curiosity—you will never be the same.”—Naomi Shihab Nye, author of Transfer and You and Yours FEBRUARY 2017 · 208 PAGES · 5.5 X 8.5 $19.95 · PAPERBACK · 978-0-8061-5501-2 CHICANA AND CHICANO VISIONS OF THE AMÉRICAS SERIES


ChupaCabra Meets Billy the Kid By Rudolfo Anaya After years of working with at-risk youth, Chicana social worker Rosa Medina leaves Los Angeles’s gang-ridden barrios and street violence to settle in the New Mexican village of Puerto de Luna. Her goal: to write a novel about Bilito—Billy the Kid. In the finest tradition of magical realism and historical fiction, Anaya invites us to consider the ways that the supernatural reveals the realities of the past—and of our own times. OCTOBER 2018 · 184 PAGES · 6 X 9 $24.95 · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6072-6 CHICANA AND CHICANO VISIONS OF THE AMÉRICAS SERIES


F ictio n & L iterature


Plastic Indian A Collection of Stories and Other Writings By Robert J. Conley With Conley’s passing in 2014, Native American literature—and American literature in general—lost a major voice. Fortunately, this posthumous publication, edited by the author’s wife, Evelyn L. Conley, offers readers the opportunity to appreciate anew the blend of humor, candor, and creativity that makes his work so exceptional. AUGUST 2018 · 174 PAGES · 5.5 X 8.5 $19.95 · PAPERBACK · 978-0-8061-6151-8 AMERICAN INDIAN LITERATURE AND CRITICAL STUDIES SERIES

Live from Medicine Park By Constance Squires An ode to both southwestern Oklahoma and rock music, Live from Medicine Park is a bittersweet reflection on the search for identity and purpose amid tragedy. “Few people write about the seductive energy of rock music and the bewitching power of place with the grace and acuity of Constance Squires. With a quirky Oklahoma spa town as backdrop, Live from Medicine Park is a rollicking tale of bad love, good music, and unwavering ambition gone wrong—all set to lyrics so evocative, they’re bound to haunt you long after you close the book.”—Rilla Askew, author of Most American: Notes from a Wounded Place and Harpsong OCTOBER 2017 · 224 PAGES · 5.5 X 8.5 $19.95 · PAPERBACK · 978-0-8061-5733-7

The Book of Archives and Other Stories from the Mora Valley, New Mexico By A. Gabriel Meléndez Drawing on New Mexican storytelling tradition, Meléndez weaves a colorful dual-language representation of a place whose irresistible characters and unforgettable events, and the inescapable truths they embody, still resonate today. APRIL 2017 · 248 PAGES · 5.5 X 8.5 $19.95 · PAPERBACK · 978-0-8061-5584-5 CHICANA AND CHICANO VISIONS OF THE AMÉRICAS SERIES

Frank on the Prairie By Harry Castlemon Frank on the Prairie was only one of a handful of books to which Charles M. Russell added illustrations during his career. It is one of even fewer to contain watercolors. Showcasing Russell’s artistry and his perspective on the American West, the volume is, in Minckler’s words, “one of Russell’s most personalized works of art.” JANUARY 2017 · 280 PAGES · 4.75 X 7.25 $29.95 · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5743-6 DISTRIBUTED FOR THE C. M. RUSSELL MUSEUM

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All Because of a Mormon Cow Historical Accounts of the Grattan Massacre, 1854–1855 Edited by John D. McDermott, R. Eli Paul, and Sandra J. Lowry On August 19, 1854, U.S. Army lieutenant John L. Grattan led a detachment of twenty-nine soldiers and one civilian interpreter to a large Lakota encampment near Fort Laramie to arrest an Indian man accused of killing a Mormon emigrant’s cow. The terrible series of events that followed, which became known as the Grattan Massacre, unleashed the opening volley in the First Sioux War. “Of the three U.S. military disasters in the wars with the Lakota/Sioux (Grattan, Fetterman, Custer), the first is the least studied or understood, even though it set in motion the events that led to the following two. This marvelous sourcebook rectifies that historical fault with its exhaustive presentation of accounts and reports from all sides surrounding the August 1854 slaughter of Lt. John Grattan’s detachment near Fort Laramie. The editors provide informative annotations and context to create a treasure trove that will be mined by generations of readers and researchers.”—Paul Andrew Hutton, author of Phil Sheridan and His Army and The Apache Wars NOVEMBER 2018 · 248 PAGES · 6 X 9 $29.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6153-2

Lone Star Mind Reimagining Texas History By Ty Cashion Framing the search for a collective Texan identity in the context of a postChristian age and the end of Anglo-male hegemony, Lone Star Mind illuminates the many historiographical issues besetting the study of American history that will resonate with scholars in other fields as well. NOVEMBER 2018 · 296 PAGES · 6 X 9 $34.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6152-5

White Hat The Military Career of Captain William Philo Clark By Mark J. Nelson In telling Clark’s story, White Hat illuminates the history of the nineteenthcentury American military and the Great Plains, including the Grand Duke Alexis’s buffalo hunt, the Great Sioux War, and the careers of Crook and Sheridan. Clark’s early years in the army offer a rare look at the experiences of a staff officer stationed on the frontier and expands our view of the army, as well as the United States’ westward march. OCTOBER 2018 · 280 PAGES · 6 X 9 $29.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6122-8

Color Coded Party Politics in the American West, 1950–2016 By Walter Nugent A powerful, exhaustively researched study of modern political organization, party development, and shifting voter blocs in the West, Color Coded deftly charts, as well, the profound red-blue tensions that have defined modern America. OCTOBER 2018 · 384 PAGES · 6 X 9 $34.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6169-3


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Valley of the Guns The Pleasant Valley War and the Trauma of Violence By Eduardo Obregón Pagán In the late 1880s, Pleasant Valley, Arizona, descended into a nightmare of violence, murder, and mayhem. By the time the Pleasant Valley War was over, eighteen men were dead, four were wounded, and one was missing, never to be found. Valley of the Guns explores the reasons for the violence that engulfed the settlement, turning neighbors, families, and friends against one another. OCTOBER 2018 · 312 PAGES · 6 X 9 $29.95 · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6154-9

Wanderer on the American Frontier The Travels of John Maley, 1808–1813 Edited by F. Andrew Dowdy Wanderer on the American Frontier makes the complete journal available for the first time, allowing readers to follow a contemporary of Lewis and Clark on his journey through the Ohio, Mississippi, and Red River valleys, and to reassess the account’s authenticity. OCTOBER 2018 · 264 PAGES · 6 X 9 $45.00s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6039-9

The Chisholm Trail Joseph McCoy’s Great Gamble By James E. Sherow The Chisholm Trail follows McCoy’s vision and the effects of the Chisholm Trail from post–Civil War Texas and Kansas to the multimillion-dollar beef industry that remade the Great Plains, the American diet, and the national and international beef trade. “This engaging book, by a leading historian of America’s central plains, clearly and beautifully renders a sense of place and explains how the Texas cattle trade contributed to transforming wild prairie grasslands into today’s domesticated landscape.”—Jeffrey K. Stine Curator for Environmental History, Smithsonian Institution, and coeditor of Living in the Anthropocene: Earth in the Age of Humans SEPTEMBER 2018 · 360 PAGES · 6.125 X 9.25 $29.95 · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6053-5 PUBLIC LANDS HISTORY

Stigma Cities The Reputation and History of Birmingham, San Francisco, and Las Vegas By Jonathan Foster The first work to investigate the important effects of stigmatized identities on urban places, Foster’s innovative study suggests that reputation, no less than physical and economic forces, explains how cities develop and why. An absorbing work of history and urban sociology, the book illuminates the significance of ideas in shaping metropolitan history. SEPTEMBER 2018 · 288 PAGES · 6 X 9 $39.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6071-9



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1889 The Boomer Movement, the Land Run, and Early Oklahoma City By Michael J. Hightower The story of central Oklahoma is profoundly American, showing the region to have been a crucible for melding competing national interests and visions of the future. Boomers, businessmen, cattlemen, soldiers, politicians, pundits, and African and Native Americans squared off—sometimes peacefully, often not—in disagreements over public lands that would resonate in western history long after 1889. SEPTEMBER 2018 · 344 PAGES · 6 X 9 $24.95 · PAPERBACK · 978-0-8061-6070-2

Tombstone, Deadwood, and Dodge City Re-creating the Frontier West By Kevin Britz and Roger L. Nichols In Tombstone, Deadwood, and Dodge City, Kevin Britz and Roger L. Nichols conduct a tour of these iconic towns, revealing how over time they became repositories of western America’s defining myth. Beginning with the founding of the communities in the 1860s and 1870s, this book traces the circumstances, conversations, and clashes that shaped the settlements over the course of a century. AUGUST 2018 · 280 PAGES · 6 X 9 $32.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6029-0

Coast-to-Coast Empire Manifest Destiny and the New Mexico Borderlands By William S. Kiser By focusing on the activities of a standing army in a civilian setting, Kiser reshapes the history of the Southwest, underlining the role of the military not just in obtaining territory but in retaining it. AUGUST 2018 · 288 PAGES · 6 X 9 $32.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6026-9

Lest We Forget World War I and New Mexico By David Van Holtby Although New Mexicans’ wartime efforts were in some ways unique, their story ultimately provides a revealing glimpse of the experiences of all Americans during World War I. A timely reminder of the courage and tragedy that accompany full-scale modern warfare, Lest We Forget reminds us of the enduring legacy of a vast international conflict that had keenly felt and long-lasting repercussions back home. JULY 2018 · 368 PAGES · 6 X 9 $32.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6022-1

An Aide to Custer The Civil War Letters of Lt. Edward G. Granger Edited by Sandy Barnard Amply illustrated with maps and photographs, An Aide to Custer gives readers an unprecedented view of the Civil War and one of its most important commanders, and unusual insight into the experience of a staff officer who served alongside him. JUNE 2018 · 320 PAGES · 6 X 9 $39.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6018-4


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Pioneers of Promotion How Press Agents for Buffalo Bill, P. T. Barnum, and the World’s Columbian Exposition Created Modern Marketing By Joe Dobrow The sophisticated and persuasive marketing tactics that contemporary companies use may seem a recent phenomenon, but Pioneers of Promotion tells a different story. In this lively narrative, business history writer Joe Dobrow traces the origins of modern American marketing. JUNE 2018 · 408 PAGES · 6.125 X 9.25 $32.95 · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6010-8 WILLIAM F. CODY SERIES ON THE HISTORY AND CULTURE OF THE AMERICAN WEST

Reservations, Removal, and Reform The Mission Indian Agents of Southern California, 1878–1903 By Valerie Sherer Mathes and Phil Brigandi Providing a balanced, comprehensive view of the world these agents temporarily inhabited and the people they were called to serve, Reservations, Removal, and Reform deepens and broadens our understanding of the lives and history of the Indians of Southern California. JUNE 2018 · 304 PAGES · 6 X 9 $36.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5999-7

Arizona’s Deadliest Gunfight Draft Resistance and Tragedy at the Power Cabin, 1918 By Heidi J. Osselaer Weaving together a family-based local history with national themes of wartime social discord, rural poverty, and dissent, Arizona’s Deadliest Gunfight will be the authoritative account of the 1918 incident and the memorable events that unfolded in its wake. MAY 2018 · 312 PAGES · 6 X 9 $29.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6001-6

Born to Serve A History of Texas Southern University By Merline Pitre Born to Serve is the first book to tell the full history of TSU, from its founding, through the many varied and defining challenges it faced, to its emergence as a first-rate university that counts Barbara Jordon, Mickey Leland, and Michael Strahan among its graduates. APRIL 2018 · 288 PAGES · 6 X 9 $29.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6002-3 RACE AND CULTURE IN THE AMERICAN WEST SERIES

A Crooked River Rustlers, Rangers, and Regulars on the Lower Rio Grande, 1861–1877 By Michael L. Collins A balanced and thorough reevaluation, A Crooked River adds a new dimension to the history of the racial and cultural conflict that defined the border region and that still echoes today. APRIL 2018 · 360 PAGES · 6 X 9 $29.95 · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6008-5



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Freedom’s Racial Frontier African Americans in the Twentieth-Century West Edited by Herbert G. Ruffin, II and Dwayne A. Mack Between 1940 and 2010, the black population of the American West grew from 710,400 to 7 million. With that explosive growth has come a burgeoning interest in the history of the African American West—an interest reflected in the remarkable range and depth of the works collected in Freedom’s Racial Frontier. “A cutting-edge collection from a new generation of scholars of black western history. Its greatest strength is its fresh take on the efforts of black men and women to achieve their goals within the unique and diverse setting of the American West, including Hawaii. From the impressive introduction to the comprehensive bibliographic essay, this is a refreshingly creative and groundbreaking work that should appeal to a wide audience.”—Shirley Ann Wilson Moore, author of Sweet Freedom’s Plains: African Americans on the Overland Trails MARCH 2018 · 424 PAGES · 6 X 9 $34.95s · PAPERBACK · 978-0-8061-5976-8 RACE AND CULTURE IN THE AMERICAN WEST SERIES

Colonial Intimacies Interethnic Kinship, Sexuality, and Marriage in Southern California, 1769–1885 By Erika Pérez In Colonial Intimacies, Erika Pérez probes everyday relationships, encounters, and interactions to show how intimate choices about marriage, social networks, and godparentage were embedded in larger geopolitical concerns. JANUARY 2018 · 408 PAGES · 6.125 X 9.25 $45.00s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5904-1 BEFORE GOLD: CALIFORNIA UNDER SPAIN AND MEXICO SERIES

Prairie Power Student Activism, Counterculture, and Backlash in Oklahoma, 1962–1972 By Sarah Eppler Janda Drawing on underground newspapers and declassified FBI documents, as well as interviews the author conducted with former activists and government officials, Prairie Power will appeal to those interested in Oklahoma’s history and the counterculture and political dissent in the 1960s. JANUARY 2018 · 232 PAGES · 6 X 9 $29.95s · PAPERBACK · 978-0-8061-5794-8

The Popular Frontier Buffalo Bill’s Wild West and Transnational Mass Culture Edited by Frank Christianson An informative and thought-provoking examination of the Wild West’s foreign tours, The Popular Frontier offers new insight into late-nineteenthcentury gender politics and ethnicity, the development of American nationalism, and the simultaneous rise of a global mass culture. DECEMBER 2017 · 264 PAGES · 6 X 9 $32.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5894-5 WILLIAM F. CODY SERIES ON THE HISTORY AND CULTURE OF THE AMERICAN WEST


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Women of Empire Nineteenth-Century Army Officers’ Wives in India and the U.S. West By Verity McInnis Women of Empire adds a previously unexplored dimension to our understanding of the connections between gender and imperialism in the nineteenth century. McInnis examines the intersections of class, race, and gender to reveal social spaces where female identity and power were both contested and constructed. NOVEMBER 2017 · 304 PAGES · 6 X 9 $34.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5774-0

Dukes of Duval County The Parr Family and Texas Politics By Anthony R. Carrozza In this first comprehensive study of the Parr family’s political activities, Anthony R. Carrozza reveals the innermost workings of the Parr dynasty, a political machine that drove South Texas politics for more than seventy years and critically influenced the course of the nation. NOVEMBER 2017 · 440 PAGES · 6 X 9 $32.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5771-9

From Praha to Prague Czechs in an Oklahoma Farm Town By Philip D. Smith In From Praha to Prague, Philip D. Smith examines how the Czechs who founded and settled in Prague, Oklahoma, embraced the economic and cultural activities of their American hometown while maintaining their ethnic identity. “Philip D. Smith explores the economic, educational, and religious life of the Czechs in Prague, Oklahoma, from the town’s founding to the present. A model of ethnic history, From Praha to Prague is the most in-depth and insightful examination to date of the struggles, accomplishments, and pride of a group of immigrant settlers and the community they formed.” —Kenny L. Brown, author of The Italians in Oklahoma OCTOBER 2017 · 218 PAGES · 6 X 9 $21.95s · PAPERBACK · 978-0-8061-5746-7

Wars for Empire Apaches, the United States, and the Southwest Borderlands By Janne Lahti By comparing competing martial cultures and examining violence in the Southwest, Wars for Empire provides a new understanding of critical decades of American imperial expansion and a moment in the history of settler colonialism with worldwide significance. “The question Wars for Empire poses is why the United States engaged in a forty-year struggle to suppress fewer than 10,000 Apaches following the U.S.Mexican War. The answers Janne Lahti provides in this book are thoughtprovoking and a bit unsettling. Lahti argues that whereas Apaches fought for survival, the United States saw the Apache wars as an expression of national unity based on racial and cultural superiority. This well-written study probes motives at once deeply complex and nuanced.”—Kathleen P. Chamberlain, author of Victorio, Apache Warrior and Chief OCTOBER 2017 · 328 PAGES · 6 X 9 $34.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5742-9



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Writing Arizona, 1912–2012 A Cultural and Environmental Chronicle By Kim Engel-Pearson Examining the written record at twenty-five-year intervals, Writing Arizona, 1912–2012 shows us how the state was created through the writings of both its inhabitants and its visitors, from pioneer reminiscences of settling the desert to modern stories of homelessness, and from early-twentieth-century Native American “as-told-to” autobiographies to those written in Natives’ own words in the 1970s and 1980s. SEPTEMBER 2017 · 308 PAGES · 6 X 9 $24.95s · PAPERBACK · 978-0-8061-5738-2

The Great Medicine Road, Part 3 Narratives of the Oregon, California, and Mormon Trails, 1850–1855 Edited by Michael L. Tate The firsthand accounts of those who made the trip between 1850 and 1855 that are collected in this third volume in a four-part series speak of wonders and adventures, but also of disaster and deprivation. Traversing the ever-changing landscape, these pioneers braved flooded rivers, endured cholera and hunger, and had encounters with Indians that were often friendly and sometimes troubled. SEPTEMBER 2017 · 312 PAGES · 6.125 X 9.25 $45.00s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-87062-435-3 THE AMERICAN TRAILS SERIES

Depredation and Deceit The Making of the Jicarilla and Ute Wars in New Mexico By Gregory F. Michno The Trade and Intercourse Acts were manipulated by Anglo-Americans who ensured the continuation of the very conflicts that they claimed to abhor, and that the acts were designed to prevent. In bringing these machinations to light, Michno’s book deepens—and darkens—our understanding of the conquest of the American Southwest. SEPTEMBER 2017 · 336 PAGES · 6 X 9 $32.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5769-6

Out Where the West Begins Profiles, Visions, and Strategies of Early Western Business Leaders By Philip F. Anschutz Out Where the West Begins profiles some fifty bold innovators and entrepreneurs — individuals such as Cyrus McCormick, Brigham Young, Henry Wells and James Fargo, Fred Harvey, Levi Strauss, Adolph Coors, J. P. Morgan, and Buffalo Bill Cody—tracing the arcs of their lives, exploring their backgrounds and motivations, identifying their contributions, and analyzing the strategies they developed to succeed in their chosen fields. JANUARY 2015 · 392 PAGES · 6 X 9 $34.95 · HARDCOVER · 978-0-9905502-0-4



H istory


Out Where the West Begins, Volume 2 Creating and Civilizing the American West By Philip F. Anschutz Out Where the West Begins: Creating and Civilizing the American West, follows the saga of more than one hundred influential men and women—political and military leaders, religious thinkers, civil rights proponents, suffragettes, African American pioneers, writers and artists, explorers and surveyors, architects, inventors, innovators, medical professionals, and conservationists—who together wove the story of early western frontier America. The engaging account of their lives forms a unique tapestry of human experience.  SEPTEMBER 2017 · 392 PAGES · 6 X 9 $34.95 · HARDCOVER · 978-0-9905502-1-1


Utah and the American Civil War The Written Record Edited by Kenneth L. Alford Collected and published together for the first time, these records document the unique role Utah played in the Civil War and reveal the war’s influence, both subtle and overt, on the emerging state of Utah. JULY 2017 · 864 PAGES · 7 X 10 $60.00s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-87062-441-4

On the Way to Somewhere Else European Sojourners in the Mormon West, 1834–1930 Edited by Michael W. Homer Providing a counternarrative to typical accounts of encounters with Mormons in such sojourns, these collected tales include such colorful perspectives on the Mormons as those of an outraged Catholic priest, an intrigued German prince, a liberated French woman, an insightful Italian count, and an embittered Danish apostate. JULY 2017 · 452 PAGES · 6 X 9 $24.95s · PAPERBACK · 978-0-8061-4083-4

Mountain Meadows Massacre, Volume 1 Collected Legal Papers, Initial Investigations and Indictments Edited by Richard E. Turley Jr., Janiece L. Johnson, and LaJean Purcell Carruth This exhaustively researched compilation covers a nearly forty-year history of investigation and prosecution—from the first reports of the massacre to the dismissal of the last indictment in 1896. Volume 1 contains the first half of the story: the records of the official investigations into the massacre and transcriptions of all nine indictments. MAY 2017 · 560 PAGES · 7 X 10 $65.00s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5573-9




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Mountain Meadows Massacre, Volume 2 Collected Legal Papers, Selected Trial Records and Aftermath Edited by Richard E. Turley Jr., Janiece L. Johnson, and LaJean Purcell Carruth This exhaustively researched compilation covers a nearly forty-year history of investigation and prosecution—from the first reports of the massacre to the dismissal of the last indictment in 1896. Eight of those indictments never resulted in a trial conviction, but the one that did is documented extensively in Volume 2. MAY 2017 · 536 PAGES · 7 X 10 $65.00s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5722-1

Mountain Meadows Massacre Collected Legal Papers, Two-Volume Set Edited by Richard E. Turley Jr., Janiece L. Johnson, and LaJean Purcell Carruth Historians have long debated the circumstances surrounding the Mountain Meadows Massacre, one of the most disturbing and controversial events in American history, and painful questions linger to this day. This invaluable, exhaustively researched collection allows readers the opportunity to form their own conclusions about the forces behind this dark moment in western U.S. history. MAY 2017 · 1096 PAGES · 7 X 10 $130.00s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5723-8

Regular Army O! Soldiering on the Western Frontier, 1865–1891 By Douglas C. McChristian At once panoramic and intimate, Regular Army O! uses the testimony of enlisted soldiers—drawn from more than 350 diaries, letters, and memoirs—to create a vivid picture of life in an evolving army on the western frontier. “This monumental study is the most complete rendering of the topic I have ever seen. With superb scholarship, Douglas McChristian provides in-depth knowledge on virtually every page. As one of the finest narrative writers working today, he writes entertainingly with subtle wit that can be hilarious, yet he concludes with all appropriate gravity that soldiers of the period, a racially and ethnically diverse lot, were competent overall and performed their duties earnestly and faithfully. McChristian knows his subject like no one else.”— Jerome A. Greene, author of American Carnage: Wounded Knee, 1890 MAY 2017 · 784 PAGES · 6.125 X 9.25 $45.00s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5695-8

Jersey Gold The Newark Overland Company’s Trek to California, 1849 By Margaret Casterline Bowen and Gwendolyn Joslin Hiles When gold fever struck in 1849, John S. Darcy—prominent physician, general, and president of the New Jersey Railroad—assembled a company to travel overland to California. In Jersey Gold, Margaret Casterline Bowen and Gwendolyn Joslin Hiles tell the story of that colorful company of some thirty stalwarts and adventurers. APRIL 2017 · 384 PAGES · 6 X 9 $34.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5714-6


H istory


Talking Machine West A History and Catalogue of Tin Pan Alley’s Western Recordings, 1902–1918 By Michael A. Amundson Talking Machine West brings together for the first time the variety of cowboy, cowgirl, and Indian music recorded and sold for mass consumption between 1902 and 1918. Gorgeously illustrated throughout, this book is as entertaining as it is informative, offering the first comprehensive account of popular western recorded music in its earliest form. APRIL 2017 · 208 PAGES · 8.5 X 11 $34.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5604-0 AMERICAN POPULAR MUSIC SERIES

Mestizos Come Home! Making and Claiming Mexican American Identity By Robert Con Davis-Undiano A large-scale landmark account of Mexican American culture, Mestizos Come Home! shows mestizos to be an intrinsic part of U.S. national culture. As an argument for social justice and a renewal of America’s democratic ideals, this book marks a historical cultural homecoming. MARCH 2017 · 336 PAGES · 6 X 9 $29.95 · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5719-1 CHICANA AND CHICANO VISIONS OF THE AMÉRICAS SERIES

Travels in North America, 1832–1834 A Concise Edition of the Journals of Prince Maximilian of Wied Edited by Marsha V. Gallagher Featuring nearly fifty color and black-and-white illustrations—including several of Karl Bodmer’s best landscapes and portraits—this succinct record of their expedition invites new audiences to experience an enthralling journey across the early American West. FEBRUARY 2017 · 624 PAGES · 6.125 X 9.25 $34.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5579-1

Civil War in the Southwest Borderlands, 1861–1867 By Andrew E. Masich Based on previously overlooked Indian Depredation Claim records and a wealth of other sources, this book is both a close-up history of the Civil War in the region and an examination of the war-making traditions of its diverse peoples. “Sweeping in scale yet finely grained, the story Andrew Masich delivers here is a convincing new way of thinking about the ‘civil wars’ that devastated the Southwest Borderlands between 1861 and 1867. Indians, Hispanos, and Anglos waged war within and across ethnic divisions amid a swirl of strategies and tactics that produced a landscape of violence. Beyond re-creating the stench of sweat, the urgent song of swift arrows, and the concussion of field artillery, Masich underscores the bloody ironies of ‘pacification’ and political incorporation. A masterful storyteller, Masich has quickened a deserving story.”—James F. Brooks, author of Captives and Cousins: Slavery, Kinship, and Community in the Southwest Borderlands, and Mesa of Sorrows: A History of the Awat’ovi Massacre JANUARY 2017 · 464 PAGES · 6 X 9 $34.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-5572-2


Brigham Young and the Expansion of the Mormon Faith By Thomas G. Alexander

BR IGH A M YOUNG and the

E X PA N S I O N of the


Brigham Young and the Expansion of the Mormon Faith addresses such controversial issues as the practice of polygamy (Young himself had fifty-five wives), relations and conflicts between Mormons and Indians, and the circumstances and aftermath of the horrific events of Mountain Meadows in 1857. JUNE 2019 · 334 PAGES · 5.5 X 8.5 $29.95 · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6277-5 THE OKLAHOMA WESTERN BIOGRAPHIES

The Mormon Handcart Migration “Tounge nor pen can never tell the sorrow” By Candy Moulton Moulton documents the Mormon handcart migration to Utah from 1856-1860. A migration story that contains elements of faith, hope, and tragedy, and is reenacted each year by thousands of young people on the Wyoming trail. Offering a powerful adventure narrative set on the overland trails this book is the first historical narrative of the event since 1960. MAY 2019 · 312 PAGES · 6 X 9 $29.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6261-4

The Texas Rangers in Transition From Gunfighters to Criminal Investigators, 1921–1935 By Charles H. Harris III and Louis R. Sadler Harris and Sadler document the further and final change that followed when, in 1935, the Texas Rangers were moved from the governor’s control to the newly created Department of Public Safety. This proved a watershed in the Rangers’ history, marking their transformation into a modern law enforcement agency, the elite investigative force that they remain to this day. MAY 2019 · 560 PAGES · 6.125 X 9.25 $34.95 · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6260-7

R O S E B UD JUNE 17, 1876 Prelude to the

L IT TL E B I G H O R N Pa u l l . h e d r e n

Rosebud, June 17, 1876 Prelude to the Little Big Horn By Paul L. Hedren Rosebud was at once a battle won and a battle lost. With informed attention to the subtleties and significance of both outcomes, as well as to the fears and motivations on all sides, Hedren has given new meaning to this consequential fight, and new insight into its place in the larger story of the Great Sioux War. APRIL 2019 · 544 PAGES · 6.125 X 9.25 $34.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6232-4

Western Art, Western History Collected Essays By Ron Tyler WESTERN ART,

Western History


Beautifully illustrated with more than 150 images, Western Art, Western History tells the stories of key artists, both famous and obscure, whose provocative pictures document the people and places of the nineteenth-century American West. MARCH 2019 · 328 PAGES · 9.5 X 10.5 $65.00s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6180-8 THE CHARLES M. RUSSELL CENTER SERIES ON ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE AMERICAN WEST

Amon Carter A Lone Star Life By Brian A. Cervantez The first in-depth, scholarly biography of this outsize character and civic booster, Amon Carter: A Lone Star Life chronicles a remarkable life and places it in the larger context of state and nation. MARCH 2019 · 256 PAGES · 6 X 9


$29.95 · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6198-3


Coming Spring 2019

PA I N T I N G C U L T U R E, PA I N T I N G N AT U R E Stephen Mopope, Oscar Jacobson, and the Development of Indian Art in Oklahoma

Gunlög Fur

1 800 627 7377

Painting Culture, Painting Nature Stephen Mopope, Oscar Jacobson, and the Development of Indian Art in Oklahoma By Gunlog Fur Swedish art professor Oscar Jacobson and Kiowa artist Stephen Mopope were central to the development of American Indian art in Oklahoma, and shared friendship and artistic pursuits even as they faced different cultural expectations and power dynamics. Painting Culture, Painting Nature explores the Kiowa Five and their creation of a new American Indian artistic and cultural phase. JULY 2019 · 352 PAGES · 6 X 9 $34.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6287-4



Pioneer Mother Monuments Constructing Cultural Memory By Cynthia C. Prescott Blending western history, visual culture, and memory studies, Prescott’s pathbreaking analysis is enhanced by a rich selection of color and black-and-white photographs depicting the statues along with detailed maps that chronologically chart the emergence of pioneer monuments. APRIL 2019 · 392 PAGES · 6 X 9 $39.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6197-6

Eanger Irving Couse Couse E a nger I rv i ng

The Life and Times of an American Artist, 1866–1936 Virginia Couse Leavitt

The Life and Times of an American Artist, 1866–1936 By Virginia Couse Leavitt Drawing on extensive research, Virginia Couse Leavitt gives an intimate account of Couse’s experiences, including his early struggles as an art student in the United States and abroad, his study of Native Americans, his winter home and studio in New York, and his life in New Mexico after he relocated to Taos. JANUARY 2019 · 400 PAGES · 9 X 11 $59.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6102-0 THE CHARLES M. RUSSELL CENTER SERIES ON ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE AMERICAN WEST

Black Americans and the

Civil Rights Movement in the West

Black Americans and the Civil Rights Movement in the West Edited by Bruce A. Glasrud and Cary D. Wintz By considering social justice efforts in western cities and states, Black Americans and the Civil Rights Movement in the West convincingly integrates the West into the historical narrative of black Americans’ struggle for civil rights.

Edited by

Bruce A. Glasrud and Cary D. Wintz

APRIL 2019 · 296 PAGES · 6 X 9 Foreword by Quintard Taylor


Bluecoat and Pioneer The Recollections of John Benton Hart, 1864–1868 Edited by John Hart Bluecoat and Pioneer The Recollections of

John Benton Hart 1864–1868

Edited by John Hart

Framed and supplemented with the editor’s biographical, historical, and explanatory notes, Hart’s memoir offers a new perspective on events long fixed in the historical imagination. As history writ large or on a personal scale, Bluecoat and Pioneer tells a remarkable story. JANUARY 2019 · 240 PAGES · 6 X 9 $32.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6175-4


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Comanche Jack Stilwell 88888888888888

COMANCHE J A C K S T I LWE L L 88888888888888

A R MY S C O U T A ND PL A INSM A N 88888888888888 C L I N T E . C H A M B ER S · PAU L H . C A R L S O N

Army Scout and Plainsman By Clint E. Chambers and Paul H. Carlson Unfolding against the backdrop of the Civil War, cattle drives, the Indian Wars, the Oklahoma land rush, and the rough justice of the Wild West, Comanche Jack Stilwell takes a true American character out of the shadows of history and returns to the story of the West one of its defining figures. MAY 2019 · 320 PAGES · 6 X 9 $24.95 · PAPERBACK · 978-0-8061-6278-2

Copper Stain ASARCO’s Legacy in El Paso By Elaine Hampton and Cynthia C. Ontiveros


Drs. Elaine Hampton and Cynthia C. Ontiveros weave this eloquent testimony into a cautionary tale of toxic exposure, community activism, and a corporate employer’s dubious relationship with ethics—set against the political tug-of-war between industry’s demands and government’s obligation to protect the health of its people and the environment.


JANUARY 2019 · 208 PAGES · 6 X 9



Fighting Invisible Enemies Health and Medical Transitions among Southern California Indians By Clifford Earl Trafzer


Health and Medical Transitions among

Southern California Indians


The first study of its kind, Trafzer’s work fills gaps in Native American, medical, and Southern California history. It informs our understanding of the working relationship between indigenous and Western medical traditions and practices as it continues to develop today. JUNE 2019 · 368 PAGES · 6 X 9 $34.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6286-7

Hide, Wood, and Willow Cradles of the Great Plains Indians By Deanna Tidwell Broughton

HIDE WO OD and W I L L OW CR ADLES OF THE GR E AT P L A I N S INDIANS Deanna Tidwell Broughton

Despite decades of political and social upheaval among Plains tribes, the significance of the cradle endures. Today, a baby can still be found wrapped up and wide-eyed, supported by a baby board. With its blend of stunning full-color images and detailed information, this book is a fitting tribute to an important and ongoing tradition among indigenous cultures. JUNE 2019 · 224 PAGES · 7 X 10 $32.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6227-0 THE CIVILIZATION OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN SERIES

Mapping Woody Guthrie By Will Kaufman To map Guthrie’s movements across space and time, the author draws not only on the artist’s considerable recorded and published output but on a wealth of unpublished sources—including letters, essays, song lyrics, and notebooks—housed in the Woody Guthrie Archives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This trove of primary documents deepens Kaufman’s intriguing portrait of a unique American artist. JANUARY 2019 · 184 PAGES · 6 X 9 $26.95s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6178-5 AMERICAN POPULAR MUSIC SERIES


Coming Spring 2019

1 800 627 7377

Political Hell-Raiser The Life and Times of Senator Burton K. Wheeler of Montana By Marc C. Johnson Political Hell-Raiser is the first book to tell the full story of Wheeler, a genuine maverick whose successes and failures were woven into the political fabric of twentieth-century America. APRIL 2019 · 504 PAGES · 6.125 X 9.25 $34.95 · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-4085-8

Pueblo Sovereignty Indian Land and Water in New Mexico and Texas By Malcolm Ebright and Rick Hendricks

Pueblo Sovereignty Indian Land and Water in New Mexico and Texas Malcolm Ebright Rick Hendricks

Over five centuries of foreign rule—by Spain, Mexico, and the United States—Native American pueblos have confronted attacks on their sovereignty and encroachments on their land and water rights. How five New Mexico and Texas pueblos did this, in some cases multiple times, forms the history of cultural resilience and tenacity chronicled in Pueblo Sovereignty. APRIL 2019 · 280 PAGES · 6 X 9 $45.00s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6199-0

Speaking American Language Education and Citizenship in Twentieth-Century Los Angeles By Zevi Gutfreund Speaking American examines the comparative experiences of Mexican and Japanese Americans as they navigated debates over Americanization programs, intercultural education, school desegregation, and bilingual education. In studying English and their heritage languages simultaneously, Mexican and Japanese Angelinos learned to advocate for themselves as Americans and as children of immigrants. MARCH 2019 · 272 PAGES · 6 X 9 $45.00s · HARDCOVER · 978-0-8061-6186-0 RACE AND CULTURE IN THE AMERICAN WEST SERIES

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