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Classic Tales Bring the magic of traditional tales into your class. Retold by Sue Arengo 5 levels:

With listening, speaking, reading, writing, and drama activities, Classic Tales graded readers make it easy for teachers to create complete language lessons around a popular and engaging traditional tale.

This series of richly illustrated traditional stories for children will bring an extra dimension to English teaching with

28 titles

The stories are illustrated in full colour, bringing the text to life and making it easier for children to follow the storyline.

CEF A1-A2+

An illustrated glossary, together with puzzles and questions related to the story, act as a further aid to understanding.

Activity Books with a variety of reading, writing and speaking activities exploit the language presented in the stories.

Beginner 1 – Elementary 3

listening, speaking, reading, writing and drama activities.

Recordings of all the stories are available on the website to develop children’s listening and pronunciation skills, and can be used as an alternative to reading the story aloud.

Big Book editions are available for four Classic Tales from the beginner level. Big Books add a new dimension to classroom story time, making it easier for the whole class to share the reading experience.

Classic Tales are ideal both for extending and reviewing language, with vocabulary and structures closely linked to the Primary curriculum.

The perfect complement for any Oxford story-based course book.

Choose your Classic Tales Readers BEGINNER 1 100 headwords

Present simple tense Is, are, has, have

Simple question form Can, can’t

BEGINNER 2 150 headwords

Present continuous tense

Three Billy - Goats

The Magic Cooking Pot

The Enormous Turnip

The Shoemaker & the Elves

The Little Red Hen

Lownu Mends the Sky


The Princess & the Pea

Amrita & the Trees

The Gingerbread Man

Big Baby Finn

The Town Mouse & the Country Mouse

The Fisherman & His Wife The Ugly Duckling

Jack & the Beanstalk Thumbelina


The Little Mermaid

200 headwords

Simple past tense with core verbs: came, gave, made, ran, said, saw, went, etc

Questions with what, who, when, where, why

300 headwords

Simple past tense with additional verbs, including bought, fell, hid, slept, etc

Present continuous with future meaning

Going to (future)

Could / couldn’t

Must / mustn’t

Will (future)

Questions with how, how many/how much Time clauses with after, before and when Comparison of adjectives with –er and more



The Twelve Dancing Princesses The Goose Girl Cinderella The Sleeping Beauty

The Beauty & the Beast

400 headwords

Present perfect tense Have to/don’t have to

The Little Red Riding Hood

There is/are/was/were


Simple past tense with additional verbs, including blew, forgot, rode, tied, etc

Goldilocks & the Three Bears

Need to/don’t need to See/watch/hear + verb + ing First conditional

Simple relative clauses with who, which, that

Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

Possessive pronouns

The Magic Brocade

Comparison with as…as


Classic Tales Titles Chart 84  

The Gingerbread Man The Town Mouse & the Country Mouse Jack & the Beanstalk Thumbelina Readers The Magic Cooking Pot The Shoemaker &...

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