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biomimicry skyscraper design

project 01 critic - evelyn tickle


biometrics: toolkit

ma vie

hawksbill seaturtle relationship between geometric shapes larger outlines compared to smaller

biomimicry toolkit

design concepts through process

through a process of multiple concepts a design for a 1160 ft tall skyscraper was designed for downtown miami this design would make a difference to the immense hiv/ homeless issue that miami houses

high bridge_vecchio

co-habiting between the bronx and washington heights

project 02 critic - ronn daniel

drawing of relationships within the harlem river

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mineral wool non - corrosive insulation

concrete decking moisture barrier

aluminum wall panels

concrete slabs


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project 03 critic - ronn michael


materials study

project 04 critic - jori erdman

FVELA a favela, brazilian portuegese for slum, is a low income historiaclly informal urban area in brazil. the first favela, known as providencia in the center of rio de janeiro, appeared in the late 19th century. this favela was built by soldiers who had no where to live following the canudos war. some of the first settlements were called bairros africanos. over the years, many former enslaved africans moved in. those who have resigned to these slums must essentially live without infrastructure. most favelas lack effective sewage systems, access to potable water and waste management systems. the communities have become so densely built up, that modern roads and utilities are nearly impossible to install.


I chose the building matieral concrete for many reasons. being that i am focusing on a less fortunate area that cannot afford much, I wanted something that made life easier and was very accessible. with lack of government influence the favelas initially do not have any legal structure or piping system. day to day activities like showering or doing the dishes is much different then we experience. concrete is durable, affordable, fire resistant, and reinforces structural stability. not to mention low maintenance for the people occupying these spaces. most favelas that do not have running water recieve water disbursements that are kept in tanks and used whenever needed. my design proposes a core structure to newly built or renovated homes. the core is the center of the home and how it works. the core stores the water for the household. everything around this core is then naturally designed by the people.


landscape design

project 05 critic - jori erdman

Chicago my proposal for a landscape design offers a non traditional comodity to multiple new elevations to chicago. the city of chicago is known to be quite flat with little to no incline. this design allows cyclists, pedestrians, or any person who would like some altitude the option to have it in such a flat setting.

skid row

urban development

project 06 critic - jori erdman

skid row population : too many


SKID skid row is an area of downtown los angeles. as of the 2000 census, the population of the district was 17,740. Skid Row was defined in a decision in Jones v. city of los angeles as the area east of main street, south of third street, west of Alameda Street, and north of seventh street. skid row contains one of the largest stable populations (between 5,000 and 8,000) of homeless people in the united states.

prior to learning about skid row, i believed it to be just a couple of blocks that attracted homeless people. after much research i knew immediatley i wanted my urbanism proposal to be something that gave back and supported the people of skid row. the proposal consists ofpermanent and movable design features. the proposal includes a pop up pod system that supplies the people with barbers, hygeine products, snacks and or meals. the 50 block radius will also have new signage that keeps the people engaged with whats showing up that day on their block. some examples of permenant features will be water fountains, public restrooms that

little tokyo

toy district central east city

churchs restaurants grocery markets coffee shops shelters



hygiene pod


today on my block


the experience of a phenomenon

project 07 critic - jori erdman

oumaima azzat - fall 2018 - erdman ENHANCEMENT OF EXPERIENCE THROUGH SENSES

question(s) - can you make architecture that makes the experience better than if there was no architecture? what does it take to fully feel emerged in it (the phenomenon)? who - tourists of abisko, sweden what - for this final project I will dive deep into the making and overall experience of the northern lights in abisko, sweden. the aurora happens through collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere. the lights are seen above the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres. why - to go forward with this, it would be compelling to combine program and human (x) to design a structure that allows the mind and body full interaction with the sky. visitors of high-altitude regions like such are drawn in by the beauty the northern lights provide. however, are they really getting the full experience? Is it cold? Is it comfortable staring up into the sky while standing? this design will be an enjoyable space that allows a visitor the full potential of the experience they came for. how - research is a major component to this project. I will be fully submerged into this phenomenon and the science behind it. The beginning will be studying the events that happen in the sky in my day to day life such as sunrises, rainbows, and sunsets. how does climate change impact the lights? documenting what I see with the intention being how things such as color and lighting are impacted. how do I observe the sky? what am I sitting on? do I block out other variables? the verbal scientific studies will aid in the design of the observatory. aurora borealis, abisko sweden


abisko national park in swedish lapland offers perhaps some of the best conditions in the world for northern Lights. the surrounding mountains keep the skies almost clear and the light pollution is next to nothing. ff you stay in abisko for three days, you have an 88 percent chance of seeing the lights – as long as the sky is clear. and it usually is


tadao andos // church on the water. fall 2017. materials and methods


MIAMI, USA // 03.18

MIAMI, USA // 03.18

MIAMI, USA // 03.18

MIAMI, USA // 03.18






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