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The University of Oulu is an internationally functioning science university. It creates knowledge for the future, well-being and education by means of research and training. Our six faculties and their departments together with many specialized research units build the foundation for multidisciplinary research, new innovations and diverse training of experts for the demanding tasks of the labour market. Researchers in the University of Oulu study people and culture in a changing environment. They research the opportunities that new technology provides for advancing the well-being of people and the environment. The University of Oulu is an expert in Northerness.

University of Oulu in brief Founded in 1958 Students, total new students Degrees, total Bachelor´s degrees Master´s degrees Doctoral degrees Other degrees

15 706 1 727 2 676 1 144 1 315 123 94

Publications, total 3 189 Scientific publications 2 387 Other publications 802 Exchange students Outgoing 460 Incoming 360

Foreign students Personnel (in person years performed) Professors

881 2 885 220

Researchers and teachers

1 411

Other personnel

1 254

Funding, total (M€)


Figures in 2012




Focus and development areas of the University of Oulu center on humans, technology and the environment and the complex interactions among them.


Environment, Natural Resources and Materials • Environmental issues, natural resources and energy economy • Materials science, properties and behaviour of matter, catalysts and material innovations • Modelling and computational science

Biosciences and Health • Cell-extracellular matrix research • Cardiovascular disease research • Enzyme structure and metabolic research • Genes and the environment

Information Technology • Machine vision and ubiquitous computing technologies • Wireless communications • High-speed electronics and photonics • Biomedical engineering • Information systems and software

Mining and Mineral Engineering Steel Research • Production of new steels, optimisation of properties

Cultural Identity and Interaction • Cultural Identity and Interaction • Language, education and interaction Business Administration and Economics • Business models, networks and relationships • Growth and corporate governance of the firm • Sustainable economic development Research-Based Teacher Training • Research on communication and interaction in learning and teaching • Globalisation and international teacher education





Research Centres Specialized Research Units

Innovation Centres

CASR, Centre for Advanced Steels Research

CEE, Centre for Environment and Energy

CERH, Center for Environmental and Respiratory Health Research

CEMIS, Centre for Measurement and Information Systems

CLRC, Child Language Research Center

CHT, Centre of Excellence in Health and Technology

CWC, Centre for Wireless Communications ECM, Centre of Excellence in Cell-Extracellular Matrix Research Giellagas Institute: education and research in Saami language and culture Oulu Mining School: education and research in the mining and mineral field Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory: measurements of the Earth’s magnetic field, cosmic radio noise, seismic activities, and cosmic rays

CIE, Center for Internet Excellence MAI, Martti Ahtisaari Institute of Global Business and Economics: education and research in global business and economy MRC, Medical Research Center PrintoCent, Printed Electronics and Optical Measurements Innovation Center

Multidisciplinary Research Centres Biocenter Oulu: doctoral programme and research in biotechnics and molecular medicine Eudaimonia: doctoral programme and research in human sciences Infotech Oulu: doctoral programme and research in electronics, wireless communications, information science and information technics Thule Institute: doctoral programme and research in northern and environmental issues

Degree Programmes and Subjects of the Faculties Faculty of Education (1727) • Early Childhood Education • Educational Sciences • Intercultural Teacher Education • Music Education • Primary Teacher Education • Creative Arts Oriented Primary Teacher Education • Technology Oriented Primary Teacher Education

Number of undergraduate students in 2012 in brackets.

Faculty of Humanities (1948) • Cultural Anthrolopogy and Archaeology • English Philology • Finnish Language • German Philology • History • History of Science and Ideas • Information Studies • Literature • Logopedics • Nordic Philology • Saami Culture • Saami Language

Faculty of Medicine (1481) • Dentistry • Medical and Wellness Technology • Medicine • Nursing Science • Health Management Science • Teacher Training in Health Sciences Faculty of Science (3302) • Biochemistry • Biology • Chemistry • Physics • Geography • Geosciences • Information Processing Science • Mathematical Sciences

Faculty of Technology (3257) • Architecture • Computer Science and Engineering • Electrical Engineering • Environmental Engineering • Industrial Engineering and Management • Mechanical Engineering • Process Engineering Oulu Business School (1648) • Accounting • Economics • Management and International Business • Marketing

International Master’s Degree Programmes • Architectural Design

• Health and Wellbeing in the Circumpolar Area

• Astronomy and Space Physics

• International Business Management

• Biomedical Engineering

• Learning, Education and Technology

• Computer Vision and Signal Processing

• Magnetic Resonance in Materials

• Ecology and Population Genetics

• Protein Science and Biotechnology

• Economic Geology

• Software, Systems and Services Development in Global Environment

• Education and Globalisation • Environmental Engineering

• Synchrotron Radiation Based Science and Accelerator Physics

• Finance

• Wireless Communications Engineering

• Financial and Management Accounting

University Communications 3/2013

For the visitors of Linnanmaa Campus Zoological Museum Open Mon–Fri 8:00–15:45 Botanical Gardens Greenhouses open Tue–Fri 8:00–15:00, Sun 12:00–15:00 Sat (from May to September) 12:00–15:00 The outdoor garden open from May to September every day 8:00–20:00

Pegasus and Tellus Libraries Mon–Thu 8:00–19:00 Fri 8:00–17:00 Sat 10:00–15:00

Photos: Kati Leinonen, O.W. Kinnunen / Studio P.S.V. , Suomen Ilmakuva Oy, Studio Ilpo Okkonen Oy

University of Oulu Linnanmaa PO BOX 8000 90014 UNIVERSITY OF OULU tel. +358 294 480 000

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