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network, which means even more interesting exchange opportunities for faculty and students, as well as research cooperation. Furthermore, international cooperation within the GRLI, Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative brought an interesting event to Oulu in March 2014, when over 50 participants from all over the world took part in a series of seminars and workshops at the Martti Ahtisaari Institute and Oulu Business School. In addition to GRLI collaboration, Martti Ahtisaari Institute was involved in several joint projects and partnerships, including Oulu Innovation Alliance activities and Business Kitchen that ensured its position as an open arena for creating and developing new businesses stemming from research and innovation. Our Executive MBA programme is one of the oldest in Finland, and 2014 marked the 25th anniversary of the University of Oulu EMBA.The anniversary was celebrated in June at a festive alumni event, where Oulu Business School and EMBA alumni gathered together to reminisce and learn about Oulu Business School’s recent developments. Most importantly for executive education, the renewed EMBA OULU Programme was launched in fall 2014.


Furthermore, last year almost half of our Doctoral degrees were awarded to international Doctoral students, which is another sign that our internationalisation efforts are yielding results. Research in 2014 has seen positive development. A joint professorship in Energy Economy was established with SYKE, the Finnish Environment Institute. A European research consortium was established within the EU Horizon 2020 programme, and the project Peer to Peer Smart Energy Distribution Networks (P2P-SmartTest) was launched. To ensure our positive development in the long run, a new body was established: the Board of Oulu Business School started its work on strategic goals at the beginning of 2014. We appointed excellent representatives to the board. I would like to warmly thank all of the board members for their dedication and excellent input into developing our school: Oulu Business School representatives Professor Vesa Puhakka, EMBA Programme Director Antti Kauppila, student

representative Nico Numminen and external board members Senior Vice President Sari Heinonen, Senior Partner Antti Hietala and Professor ErnoTornikoski. Finally, I would like to thank all our staff and faculty, students, student organisation Finanssi and our international, national, and regional partners for their cooperation. Our success is greatly influenced by collaboration with partners such as the City of Oulu, the Oulu Chamber of Commerce, the Council of Oulu Region, as well as numerous individuals, companies and other organisations.

Petri SahlstrĂśm, Dean of Oulu Business School

Annual Report 2014  
Annual Report 2014