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RESEARCH IN GLOBAL BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS Four research groups in global business and economics operate within at the Martti Ahtisaari Institute for the period 2013–2015.

OULU ADVANCED RESEARCH ON SOFTWARE AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS (OASIS) The Oulu Advanced Research on Software and Information Systems research group studies how software and information systems, in particular web-based services, can best serve people and organizations performing knowledge work and other similar activities. The research activities in the group will focus on four research areas: (1) service design, (2) customer engagement, (3) social web innovation, and (4) the next generation of the web. Thus, the research emphasizes user behaviours, in particular consumer behaviour in modern business contexts; technologically, the group emphasizes the role

of the social network. Professor Harri OinasKukkonen acts as Project Leader.

team as Abdul Kareem Mohamed Ashraf defended his thesis.


During 2014, the SHARP research group invested heavily in applying external funding to create research opportunities for the team members. For example, three Tekes-funded research projects were started. As a part of the Digital Health Revolution project, our research team is examining the value creation and market shaping future digital health services. Similarly, the ReDO (Redefining Digital Opportunities) project aims to grasp the future digital services and value creation around financial services. These two research projects strengthen the research team’s

The SHARP (Sensing and Shaping Service Business Relationships) research group aims to advance theoretical understanding and managerial knowledge of the area of business services.To contribute to the field of services business, in 2014 our researchers were involved in producing 12 accepted scientific Journal articles and numerous conference papers. We were also proud to witness the first PhD graduating under the supervision of our research

Annual Report 2014