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Development Marc Dillon from Jolla. CEO Lauri Rosendahl from the Helsinki Stock Exchange gave a profound overview of the mechanisms of modern stock trade. Last but not least, we got to take a look at Helsinki’s skyline from the upper balcony of KONE’s main branch, which is one of the tallest buildings of Helsinki. The annual trip gives some fine examples of the broad possibilities Finnish business school graduates have in the job market. It is also the most popular working life-oriented activity Finanssi arranges, together with multiple visits to local companies every year.

MARTTI AHTISAARI INSTITUTE OF GLOBAL BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS Martti Ahtisaari Institute’s goal is to contribute to the Oulu Business School and the University of Oulu especially with regard to addressing developments in the global economy and international business, and helping companies to grasp the related opportunities. The Institute acts in many regards as a hub that brings different parties in local, domestic and international networks together. Its role as one of the centres of the Oulu Innovation Alliance, its involvement in several joint research and development projects, and its active participation in international associations illustrate this very well.

With regard to digital business, the Institute has played an impor tant role in planning and conducting joint research projects.

A central matter in this is initiation and development and new areas of interest, competences and activities. At present three specific focus areas are addressed by the Institute, Responsible Business, Energy Economy and Digital Business. Responsible Business is still in its early developing phase, but proceeding rapidly, in part based on collaboration with GRLI – the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative. As an example, GRLI’s General Assembly with several associated events was held in Oulu in 2014, and the

Annual Report 2014  
Annual Report 2014