2017 Annual Meeting Report

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MISSION NIGHT OUT Olympia Union Gospel Mission 2017 Annual Meeting Lacey Community Center, Lacey WA Thursday, November 9, 6:30pm

Your steadfast love, O LORD, extends to the heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds. Psalms 36:5


he OUGM exists as an Evangelical Christian Rescue Mission, serving Thurston County, to share the good news of life in Jesus Christ by meeting the physical, mental and spiritual needs of individuals in crisis. The Olympia Union Gospel Mission began its work with the homeless and needy in 1995 through a street ministry outreach. Sandwiches and hot drinks were offered in an atmosphere of love and acceptance. Our goal was and still is to share God’s love in practical ways. OUGM EXECUTIVE BOARD ANDREW CHRISTENSEN, President ROBIN WADSWORTH, Vice President TIM LANGAN, Secretary JACK OLSON, Treasurer

OUGM STAFF Administration SKIP STEFFEN, Executive Director LENORE VINING, Office Manager VIOLET HOFMAN, Controller KRINA ALLISON, Marketing & Communications MINDY OWENS, Community Relations JERRY GATTON, Volunteer Coordinator Day Center CODY HOWARD, Street Ministries Director JONATHAN NALYWAIKO, Chaplain STEVEN SMITH, Center Staff GLENN RAMOS, Center Staff TOM MIHALYI, Center Staff MICHAEL JOHNSON, Center Staff CRAIG BUSICK, Joseph’s Coat BILLY SMITH, Kitchen Staff ELIDA FRYE, Kitchen Staff DAVID CHURCHES, Kitchen Staff MATT IHLER, Kitchen Staff TONI THOMPSON, Secturity LUCY TORRES, Custodian SHEILA JAMES, Custodian Life Transformation Program JERRY GATTON, Life Transformation Director & Men’s Program Manager JODI YARBROUGH, Women’s Program Manager LAURIE ANDERSON, Women’s Counselor MATT IHLER, Jeremiah House Supervisor Short Term Shelter BARB HUDSON-JUSTESEN, Women’s Counselor JACKIE HICKS, House leader Health Resources SHELLEY CASE , Dental Clinic Manager TRACY CRON, Dental Assistant JULIA QUINN, Dental Clinic Receptionist VIOLET HOFMAN, Vision Clinic Manager

MISSION NIGHT OUT 6:30 PM ROOT BEER FLOATS, APPETIZERS & SOCIALIZING 7 PM WELCOME & PRAYER Andrew Christensen, Board President INTRODUCTION OF BOARD & STAFF Andrew Christensen & Loren “Skip” Steffen, Executive Director YEAR IN REVIEW Andrew Christensen & Loren “Skip” Steffen TESTIMONY Tanya Towlerton, Program Graduate 2018 CLOSING COMMENTS Loren “Skip” Steffen & Andrew Christensen CLOSING PRAYER Jack Olson, Board Treasurer


Dining Hall Opens: As fiscal year 2016 through 2017 began on September 1 of 2016, the new dental and vision clinics had been completed and had been treating patients since March of 2016. The Mission’s Contractor and Board President, Andrew Christensen, was busy wrapping up final construction of the new buffet line serving area and dining hall in preparation for an opening before Thanksgiving. The first week of November the facilities opened with a prime rib dinner for those clients who had patiently endured months of cramped seating (40 to 50), dust and noise from the construction. Many stared in almost disbelief when ushered into the brand new 140 seat dining hall with buffet line service. It was a true time of celebration! Dental Benefit Show: In October, the Mission held its fourteenth annual benefit show for the dental clinic. The theme was Route 66 with songs from cities on the highway. For example “Sweet Home Chicago,” “Get your Kicks on Route 66,” etc. Over 700 seats were sold in the Washington Center but on show night the big “wind storm that wasn’t” was projected to hit SW Washington and over 200 people decided to stay home. Despite worrying about power outages and wind damage, the “show went on” and those attending were very entertained. The lights never even flickered. In addition, the Mission raised close to $20,000 that evening towards the cost of providing no-fee dental care.

Extreme Weather Shelter: The new dining hall proved to be a blessing for many clients in another way soon after its opening when freezing temperatures arrived and existing cold weather shelter resources were inadequate. Under the direction of Cody Howard, Mission staff and volunteers scrambled to purchase sleeping bags and foam mats to sleep on. The Day Center would close after dinner for cleaning and reopen a couple of hours later to admit up to 60 people to “camp out” on the floor overnight in a heated space. Mission staff and volunteers stepped up to take night shifts supervising the Day Center. It was a true team effort! The shelter was open any night that the temperature was predicted to drop below 38 degrees F. The Mission is planning to operate the shelter again this winter as part of a community-wide consortium addressing cold weather shelter for the vulnerable and street dependent population is this community. Growth in Homelessness: It is virtually impossible to turn on an evening news program without hearing about some issue involving homelessness. Away from the Mission, most of us experience the presence of homeless individuals on the street, panhandling at freeway off ramps, etc. Homelessness seems to have become part of our daily conversations and life. One prevailing question is why it has gotten so bad in the last few years. Jesus told us that the poor would always be with us so as the population grows it is natural to assume that the number of homeless will also grow. But it just seems like the problem is getting worse much more rapidly than just population growth. One reason is that wages at the lower end of the income scale have not increased significantly while rents have increased at market rates. Increasing rent has resulted in low income individuals getting “priced out” of housing. Studies have linked a 5% increase in rent with a 2 to 4% increase in the number of homeless individuals.

But there is another compounding factor that is not openly discussed. In both literature for Christian Rescue Missions and secular Shelter Providers there is data showing a linkage between the growth in homelessness and the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana. Washington and Colorado legalized marijuana us in 2012. Data shows that in 2013, 2014 and 2015 Washington State had the most rapid increase in homelessness of any state in the nation, followed closely by Colorado. VegOut Program: Throughout the fiscal year, low income children and seniors as well as children participating in the local Boys and Girls Club, Together and Mercy House programs were beneficiaries of the Mission’s produce ministry – “VegOut.” What was envisioned as a summer ministry to low income children when school was not in session grew in popularity to a year round ministry. VegOut simultaneously addresses the need of children and adults for access to nutritious food, and it saves parents and seniors money in budgets already burdened by the rising cost of housing, medical, and other expenses. In an average month, the Mission delivers 10,000 pounds of produce to 12 locations. The estimated cost in the store of the produce is $14,000 plus. Lives Returned To The Lord: In May of 2017 the Mission held its annual graduation ceremony for men and women from the Life Transformation – Addiction Recovery Program. Two women and one man walked the stage to receive their diplomas and share their story with the audience. Something new that was very well received was a panel discussion on homelessness and addiction. Men and women who had previously graduated responded to questions from the audience about their lives on the street, addiction and recovery. Showers, Laundry and Clothing Bank: In June of 2017, the construction project that just would not end, actually did end (for the most part). Four new showers, expanded laundry space to include a commercial washer and dryer and 1,000 square foot clothing bank were finally completed and opened to the clients. On a monthly basis, 400 individuals take showers, 240 residential sized loads of laundry are processed and 800 individuals receive 3,500 items of clothing. Linda Barrett, Dental Clinic Manager Retires: Linda started with the dental clinic in 2000 when it was hosted by a mobile van. In 2003 she was primarily responsible for bringing the Mission’s own two chair facility on line and became the clinic manager. She announced her desire to retire and spend more time with her family in May and stepped down at the end of June. Her longtime associate, Shelley Case, RDA, stepped up to assume responsibility for the clinic. Shelley is joined by a new staff member, Tracy Cron, RDA, in maintaining the daily operation of the clinic. Mission Chaplain: Board members and staff take our responsibility to proclaim the Gospel to Mission clients and guests very seriously. With the Day Center / Dining Hall expansion the need for a staff position dedicated to sharing the Word and providing discipleship became very evident. As usual, God was way ahead of us and began increasing the Mission’s financial capability through the latter part of this past fiscal year. In September, Jonathan Nalywaiko joined the staff as Mission Chaplain. Previous to joining OUGM, Jonathan had been responsible for “search and rescue” of homeless men and women in Tacoma for the Tacoma Rescue Mission. Way prior to that as a young boy, Jonathan was introduced to providing service to the homeless when his father would take him down to the streets of San Francisco to serve meals. Jonathan served as a Chaplain’s Assistant during six years of active duty in the US Army.

FUTURE Board Members and the Executive Director believe that God’s next big calling for the Mission is to expand its capability to, in separate facilities: (1) shelter 5 to 8 men and women that are either potential candidates for addiction recovery or life change if given a period of respite; (2) grow intensive addition recovery beds to accommodate 8 to 12 men and women / women with children; (3) provide post-graduation transitional living units to accommodate up to 10 men and ten women / women with children. This will be a long term project requiring a lot of prayer, seeking God’s will, careful Program development and facility design to support the Program elements.

FISCAL REVIEW OF 2016 – 2017 The attached Table shows the Cash Income and expenses for Fiscal Year 2016 – 2017 and the projected budget for fiscal year 2017 – 2018. As shown, 2016 – 2017 actual income vastly exceeded budget. The Mission was a recipient of $180,000 in donations from two estates, in addition to the fact that one long term Mission supporter was able to have donations matched two for one by their employer. Increasing the capacity of the Dining Hall / Day Center did add to the budget more than anticipated in the area of janitorial and security costs. In addition, paying a severance to Linda while hiring additional staff increased the operating costs of the Dental Clinic. However the cost increases were minor compared to “extra” income and the Mission ended the year with a very positive cash flow. The Executive Director and Board Members believe that the best use of a portion of the funds is to pay off the mortgage on the Men’s Recovery House, which interestingly is around $180,000. The budget for Fiscal Year 2017 – 2018 includes a 10 percent increase in donations to the general fund based on the Mission’s experience during the past fiscal year. Street Ministry expenses are budgeted to increase by 14% to recognize increased janitorial expenses and adding the Chaplain position. Inflation in operating costs is built into all areas of the budget.





$ Women and Family Programs $ Men's Program $ Street Ministry $ VEG OUT $

General Fund

1,026,034 65,685 11,890 61,032 5,350

$ $ $ $ $

1,349,259 56,847 10,590 57,904 16,063

32% -13% -11% -5% 200%

$ $ $ $ $

1,128,228 57,167 10,700 59,777 4,140

80,317 31,433 1,281,741

$ $ $

70,501 41,039 1,602,203

-12% 31% 25%

$ $ $

71,085 39,321 1,370,418

143,099 77,948 491,952 5,200 23,518 149,314 58,215 50,700 231,210 1,231,156 50,585

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

137,133 80,889 522,037 5,323 34,831 157,693 68,543 49,542 208,547 1,264,538 337,665

-4% 4% 6% 2% 48% 6% 18% -2% -10% 3% 568%

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

148,629 84,553 563,205 15,600 39,502 160,566 68,583 59,041 214,534 1,354,213 16,205


$ Medical / Vision $ GRAND TOTAL INCOME $

Dental Clinic


$ $ Street Ministry Expenses $ VEG OUT $ Annex $ Dental Clinic $ Medical / Vision $ Management, General $ Fundraising $ GRAND TOTAL EXPENSES $ GRAND NET CASH FLOW $

Women and Family Men's Program

Photo by Dan G.

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