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We are extremely pleased with the line-up this year. Below are - chronologically ordered -

brief descriptions of the bands.

Queensday Festival 2010, here we go! The surprise of our last years edition! Thee Vicars is dancing stuff! Swinging 60s garage in the vein of the Sonics and Billy Childish. If you like Crypt Recordsʼ Back From The Grave Selection you know what we mean! OUTSIDE (14:00 - 14:30) The Kleins from Duisburg deliver Schwein Punkrock! Think of The Generators and some of Social Distortion combined. These Germans get the party started today!

INSIDE (14:30 -


From the contaminated harbors of Pernis (Rotterdam) these dirty surf dudes hail. Beyond Lickinʼ know how toxic their surf and garage. We like this filth! OUTSIDE (15:00 - 15:30) Once in a while a band surfaces that uses some seemingly worn out ingredients in a way that makes your veins tingle, that makes punkrock interesting, fresh and exiting: thatʼs Pour Habit. INSIDE (15:30 - 16:00)

Pour Habit

The Drip Dry Man sounds like he comes from the swamps in the south of the US rather than from Wales. He looks like he escaped with Tom Waits out of the Dawn By Law Prison and learned to play the blues on this same journey. UPSTAIRS (15:30 - 16:00 & 18:30 - 19:00) Mr Low, Mr Point and Mr Drains all like trash! Think about stuff from the amazing Rip Off Records such as the Mummies or Supercharger. If you like these bands you sure like the Low Point Drains as well! OUTSIDE (16:00 - 16:30) Screaming insults, breaking and cutting himself, jumping into the crowd. The Candy Snatchers make the crowd go crazy. Garage punk and biggest fans 69 Charger are in the band too! INSIDE (16:30 - 17:00)

This man from the other side of the world just released an amazing record on Voodoo Rhythm Records. Delaney Davidson plays roots music, authentic blues and folk. UPSTAIRS (16:30 - 17:00 & 19:45 - 20:15) Hailing from Stockholm the rockers from The Doits are back with another eminent piece of luscious power pop for the ages!

Delaney Davidson

We are happy to have them back on the festival. OUTSIDE (17:00 - 17:30)

The best Dutch equivalent to the Descendents are The Real Danger. Build a good reputation in Holland and abroad with various well received and successful tours. INSIDE (17:30 - 18:00) It's all about garage on the outside stage. We are extremely happy to have this guy back on our festival. The King is back, all the way out of the grave we like to present you Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave.

The Real Danger

OUTSIDE (18:00 - 18:30)

Probably most promising recent Fat Wreck Chords signing. Banner Pilot describe themselves: “Imagine if Jawbreaker, Lawrence Arms and Alkaline Trio got in a knife fight and Jawbreaker won, but just barely. That's what we sound like.”

INSIDE (18:30 - 19:15)

High speed rock ʻnʼ roll from the forests of Nottingham! Think about Zeke, the Devil Dogs and Puffball. If you want to know what sleazy means, you better watch The Hip Priests. OUTSIDE (19:15 - 20:00)

An incredible year and a half since their debut was released. This is the final date for the gigantic tour of almost two months through Europe for punkrockers Accelerators. For the occasion with three guitarists! INSIDE (20:00 - 20:45)


Influenced by The Clash, The Ramones and even The Boss himself, The Bamboo Kids, have been able to evolve even more on their new recordings. On stage guided by Dean Rispler (Murphy始s Law and producer). OUTSIDE (20:45 - 21:30)

According to their frontman, "The shared driving force is part of the mechanics that keeps the beast truckin' down the next highway. We were - and still are - a few passionate, rebellious, creative, idealistic, party loving punks looking for a good time, for something to believe in, and for something meaningful to live for." The Bouncing Souls hit the spot every damn Bouncing Souls

time! INSIDE (21:30 - 22:30)

After the Groovie Ghoulies split, Kepi Ghoulie couldn't stop touring. Armed with an acoustic guitar, this time, he comes over to Europe to sing his joyfull punk rock songs! UPSTAIRS (22:30 - 23:00) The sound is bewildering, poisonous and intimate at the same time. String orchestra meets mountain folk music, punk rock始 gothic and we invented a new style: blackgrass, the dark side of bluegrass. Cowshit on

Kepi Ghoulie

snakeskin boots... ... welcome the Dead Brothers. INSIDE (23:00 - 23:45) Shaking Godspeed arose from the ashes of The Bloody Honkies. Expect some dirty bluesrock like Jon Spencer Blues Explosion or the Soledad Brothers. INSIDE (00:15 01:00)

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