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Reliable Plaza Green Features Include: • Solar photovoltaic array on the roof. • Solar water heating via rooftop panels. • Water collection cistern for irrigation. • Low-flow plumbing fixtures.


• Raised flooring for efficient heating and cooling. • High-efficiency, daylight-sensitive lighting.

When the land under OUC’s former parking garage was required for the

• VOC-free (Volatile Organic Compound) carpet and paint.

Department of Transportation’s expansion

Customer Features The first floor offered one-stop service to all OUC customers. An expanded

of State Road 408, OUC evaluated its

residential service center provided an

options and made the decision to build

improved customer experience with eight

a new 110,000-square-foot customer

teller stations, three drive-through lanes

service and administration center and

and more convenient parking.

set the standard for sustainable buildings in Orlando. While this new green home was a major milestone for OUC, it was also a first for the

Commercial and industrial customers had everything they needed in the new Commercial Service Center, and local developers, builders and contractors

Central Florida community. Designed to

enjoyed a single point of contact through

meet the requirements for Leadership in

the Development Services Center.

Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certification, Reliable Plaza earned

Reliable Plaza also featured an interactive conservation education center, located on

the title of “The Greenest Building in

the first floor near Customer Service. With

Downtown Orlando.” It was designed

a live link to the building’s conservation

to use about 28 percent less energy and

systems, the center’s touch screen gave

40 percent less water than similar buildings

customers real-time data on how Reliable

built to code. More than 12,000 customers visited

Plaza used — and saved — energy and water. The center also provided information

Reliable Plaza monthly to pay their utility

on green building ideas, conservation tips

bills, set up or change service, or learn more

and programs customers could employ

about energy and water conservation.

at home. On November 11, 2008, Reliable Plaza was dedicated in honor of Veteran’s Day and the men and women of OUC who served their country. The American flag was raised by a group of OUC Veterans.

A Florida Original: The mural at Reliable Plaza is based on a landscape by Highwaymen artist Harold Newton (1934-94). Historian Gary Monroe noted, “Newton stands alone having created the images of modern Florida that symbolized the state as the place to really be alive.” Page 58

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