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Applying to colleges doesn’t have to be stressful College applications can be found on each university’s admissions website. You can also use platforms like the Common Application and Coalition Application to apply to multiple schools with one application. Learn about the application and admission process for each university you’re interested in. Every school does it a little differently.

There are two main types of admission that colleges use:

AUTOMATIC Guarantees admission to students with a certain GPA, test score, and/or class rank.

HOLISTIC Admits students based on a variety of factors, including student involvement, letters of recommendation, and more.

Some universities also conduct interviews for admission. OU does not, but we encourage you to use your application essay to let us learn more about who you are. [6]

Here are the most important application dates at OU:


DEC 15


OU application opens at apply.ou.edu

OU priority scholarship deadline

OU priority admission deadline

It will take 4 to 8 weeks from when we receive your complete application (including transcript and test score) to when we have an admission decision back to you. The closer to our deadlines that you apply, the longer the turnaround time, so don’t procrastinate!

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