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Project Introduction: In today's global society, cultural understanding and foreign languages mainly English have become of higher importance. Open to the world is a project of AIESEC University of Ouagadougou that aims at bringing interns from different parts of the world to share their culture through English language and fun activities with primary school children. The goal of this project is to open Burkinabe children to the world while learning English and other cultures. It’s also to change the attitude of the children by making them much more opened to foreigners, to bring internationalism to their life, to feel and get to know there are so many countries in the world, to make them more opened to the languages (change their attitude toward language learning), have an impact on their parents and everyone related as well. All these in a fun way  !

Job Description:  Interns will give English classes to primary school children (aged 5 – 12) through fun activities like songs, games, theaters. The children must not see English as something difficult but as something fun.  Interns will introduce their culture to the kids through playful activities, traditional clothes, food, and toys. Be creative!  Interns will organize a global village and each class will represent its intern in charge’s culture. Therefore interns will present his/her culture through the kids. Be creative!  Participate in the OC/LC meetings and activities.

Internship Period: 6 weeks Starting in May

Key learning points of the intern:         

The intern will develop leadership and team working skills The intern will learn how to work with children The interns will improve their facilitating and training skills The intern will develop professional and Personal skills The intern will learn how to work in a multicultural environment The intern will learn more about Burkina Faso culture Possibility to develop French language skills Challenge their global perspective by interacting with different cultures The intern will have fun  !!!

Details of the participants to the project:     

Participants to the project are aged from 6 – 12 They are in primary school They’ve never studied English They only know how to speak French They are just waiting to share their culture with you

Things the intern can brings from his country: Little gifts/things representative of his/her culture not only to reward the best students each week and to motivate the others but also for the global village.

Some past Intern’s Testimonial There are some days when we "just live" and the nights are just for sleep, but there are places where the days breathe and the nights are alive. The adventure begins when you look beyond yourself, when the circle of life turns and you open yourself to the experience of life. Burkina Faso is that place; where the art of life is born. Doing your internship in Burkina is one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have. ~ Juan Carlos (Mexico)

Thanks a lot to all people from AIESEC Burkina! And thanks for all the experiences I could have with you th is summer. Summer camp taught me a lot. Also if it wasn´t always easy for me to just jump in such a foreign culture, I learned so much ou t of it. Especially living with people from Burkina or Togo gave me a good insight what everyday life is like in Burkina or Togo. On top of that it was good to be there together with other people from foreign countries to share the struggles and joys you have normally when you are in a foreign culture. I also enjoyed the living situation in the middle of the village, so I could get to know the Burkinabe culture in the best way. In general I am happy that I had this experience this summer and so thanks again to all the AIESEC people who were so open and hospitable the whole time. ~ Teresa (Germany)

I think it’s a lot of things to talk about, we had great experience here, we did real friendships, we m ade contacts, we learned a lot and at the same time we did something in this community. We can say we put in something from each country of AIESEC present here. We can say we had an impact. We had wonderful moments and even bad moments. Moments working, moments having fun with each other and moments when you realize important things about yourself. To be honest I really had a great experience in Burkina Faso. ~ Evilasio (Brazil)

The good things about in Burkina Faso: Burkina Faso is such a beautiful country and we can’t wait to show you all the beauty of our country. Here’s a sneak pick of what’s waiting for you.   Burkina Faso is known for its hospitability towards foreigners. When you arrive in Ouagadougou AIESEC members will welcome you in a very special way and immediately you’ll feel at home.  In Burkina Faso we love to share our culture through our languages. Don’t be surprised to hear everyone that pass by you say “NI ZABRE”.  Burkina Faso has 5 different landscapes (oh yeah!!!). So you get to see the desert and ride on a camel, you get to sleep in the desert under the moon light, you get to go to Banfora and visit our beautiful waterfalls, you get to visit our national parks and many others …  Burkina the land of Djembe  you get to learn how to play Djembe, how to dance warba  You get to dress in beautiful African Prints  AESEC University of Ouagadougou offers a unique experience!

Banfora waterfalls

Ziniare Animal Parc

Arrival of some of our past interns

Past interns having fun

Beautiful African Prints



Accommodation, Food and transportation provided but the Intern will pay $100 for the duration of project


Nice huh? ď Š For more Information please contact: The LC EB TWINS Peace Vera Ahadji (VP Project) & Love Vanessa Ahadji (VP ICX)

Project booklet  

Open to the world AIESEC UO Booklet