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“transasian trip to the men’s room” by iwan


it’s time to fly around the world

it’s time to check out how heavy coffee drinkers those mapsmakers are

time to check out if the birds-eye view accords to their work

not that i would be competent to judge their work for some time already

as a matter of fact i have trouble understanding the actuality of their maps

and it seems to me that majority has the same problem

the more threedimensional map becomes when the plane is landing, the more WORRIED i get

not that someone like me have something to worry about

although i am a briefcase with ears

for some as a explosive luggage

i go through the gates of st. peter quite often the fact that i’ve got no trouble of getting through to the eden.. ..doesn’t make me less nervous

there’s always a chance to end up in hell

..what makes me think about my current situation

orgastic crowd in tokyo airport is more like the flames of hell than the front hall of paradise

of course it is the front hall of paradise only for me


Everything earthly i have is desperetly searhing exit

i greet the symbol of homo sapiens as never before

it’s time for the cabin fever


the things i defacate are more than rabbits are used with

this work has turned my anus into a pharmacist

some habits die hard my requierments to the toilet-paper subsumes two kind of paper - one of them with letters

fortunately i’m not the only one though business news from kanji is not my favourite reading

but it will do

at least as long as all the goods have made from my guts to my palm

i hope the goods are fine

i sure would notice if they weren’t believe me

it slips throught my mind ut i forget to spit over my left shoulder

it’s a mistake

just when i think of finishing.. hits me

the first idea, that makes no sense at all

at the next moment i’m on the ride at full speed

fuck! those capsules were made to last


too late now!

you are made of paper and there’s no way out

there’s nothing outside of this stupid business news

you’ve forgotten all about the restroom around you

it’s a tough luck if your ass becomes your pocket

that’s what being a transporter is about

it’s dangerous, for sure

but then you are willing to set youself on fire to get some excitement

your arse figures it out quickly

no shit is big enough to make you chance your mind

you keep bulking out and it ain’t all that bad..

‘cause every piece of information seems extremely interesting

you’re beginning to see through things behind everything you wouldn’t otherwise, is a myth

every detail of the world becomes very personal

and the world itself..

world itself becomes really simple and unterstandable in a way

at the same time you alienate from it as if you were watching it through a milkglass

whicth i wouldn’t say is worse than being reasonable

for some time ago i was pretty sociable myself

..if you can say so

‘cause i felt rejected even then

telling the truth, it was even worse then

terms with myself were as numb as it were with others

that’s why i didn’t expect my fresh chemical obsession as a hazzard

on the early days i saw it just as a mind-booster a device to cultivate hrilling experiences

so chemisty was a big victory

thanks to the knowledge i got i felt undefeatable

i imagined myself as a true scientist in a research of what the mind iss truly capable of

it got me into all kinds of different substanses

my mind was capable of frikin’ anything

in a good, but also in a bad sense

as time went by the bad trips began to dominate over the good ones

thou this is never enough to drop the shit

it has taken way too deep dimensions

it’s also possible i just am not anymore

it’s bossible i’m already written off from society thrown away

i feel i have seen way too deep inside a person to take ‘em seriously

..or to play house

i believe it’s a way bigger deal for me to drool on myself while playing bingo as an oldie than to handle my paranoias

am i free?

i would say free like an american

which means not really

most likely i’m turning myself into a piece of meat the same way as american democracy with their citizens from the cradle

i wouldn’t mind losing against drugs ibut i would mind losing against society

thus i avoid seeking anything except my trips

hell, even gender has become a product

and i can manage very well if you ask about that

and i wouldn’t change anything if i could start over

we are robots

my commands are drugs

i’m the same as you, with some sortage of specific natural body chemistry

..what you take for granted

i would like to consider myself as a shaman

i’m a particle slaking my thirst at the spring of life

in the time being i’ll keep myself on the road with my nuclear baggage

..and keep getting doses of universe which is as essential as a milk from a tit .. for not being sucked into a black hole of sanity

Trans-Asian Trip To the Men's Room  

A graphic novel made as an artist book in Estonian Academy of Arts by Ott Pilipenko in 2006. The original book was binded into glassbox and...

Trans-Asian Trip To the Men's Room  

A graphic novel made as an artist book in Estonian Academy of Arts by Ott Pilipenko in 2006. The original book was binded into glassbox and...