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Long Island City Edition



Volume 1 Issue 1 $ 3.99US/CAN

y BY cco D i TE dic A a E I a CR sa er i d l r na La An ha s ta Na


Otto Watch For a crime-free and secure community (Long Island City Edition)

Credits Production Photography - Annalisa Iadicicco Text – Natasha Lardera Logo – On The Rocks Promotions Layout - A.I. Production


Community watch security tips MAKE YOUR HOME LOOK OCCUPIED Leave some lights and a radio on when you’re out. LOCK YOUR DOORS Never leave your house open for “just a moment,” always lock your doors when you’re out. USE DEADBOLT LOCKS A deadbolt lock is a good deterrent to burglars. DON’T HIDE A KEY OUTSIDE Burglars know all the secret hiding places. DRILL AND PIN YOUR WINDOWS Window locks can be jimmied; pins cannot. INSTALL GOOD EXTERIOR LIGHTING Motion sensor lights and other good lights don’t let a burglar hide in the dark.

Burglar – M.K. Hair stylist – Leah Fruit stand attendant – The Greek Otto’s walking companion - Giulietta

KEEP BUSHES AND SHRUBS TRIMMED If bushes are too high, someone hiding near your windows and doors cannot be seen.


INSTALL AN ALARM SYSTEM Houses with alarms are avoided by burglars.

Otto watch, for a crime-free and secure community is a tale of action, prevention, collaboration and illumination... these are a lot of “tions,” we know, but we have to make a point.

GET A DOG Even a small dog can be a deterrent to a burglar.

Intelligent, wary and stubborn, Otto is a real dynamo. Please understand his general dislike of strangers and know that it is not personal, he simply was not properly socialized when he was little.

Text provided by the North Carolina Department of Crime Control and Public Safety and the Governor’s Crime Commission Crime Prevention Unit

Otto is a rat terrier and he is the (pointy) ears and (crooked) eyes of the community. Follow him on one of his many walks around his neighborhood and witness a hotshot at work. “You and your neighbors are the ones who really know what is going on in your community,” Otto says, “By cooperating with each other and the police, citizens can help fight crime in the most effective way – preventing the victimization of themselves.”

About Rat Terriers The Rat Terrier is a multipurpose companion dog that is capable of hunting rodents and vermin above and below ground as well as coursing small game. He is a sturdy, compact, small-to-medium sized parti-colored dog giving the appearance of elegance and athleticism. - American Kennel Club … He makes a good watchdog because he is very protective and quick to sound the alarm at the approach of an intruder. He will bark to alert you, but is not a yappy dog. He prefers to communicate with you by using his paws, or by making grumbling, mumbling, and growly sounds. He can be quite “talky” and demanding when he wants your attention! -

Go to to see how the adventures continue and become Otto’s friend on

Otto Watch For a crime-free and secure community (Long Island City Edition)

“The dog distinguishes the sight of a friend and foe simply by knowing one and not the other. And a creature that distinguishes between the familiar and the unfamiliar on the grounds of knowledge or ignorance must surely be gifted with a real love of knowledge.� -Plato, The Republic

Good morning sunshine!

It’s about time... can’t hold it much longer. No more drinking at night please, the more she drinks the later she wakes up... e che cazzo!*

*Damn it!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, never felt better. Never ever... ahhhhhhhhhhh

Enough! I’ve wasted enough time. I’m already behind on my daily schedule...

what??? Two killers still at large!

(Newspaper) Still looking for the two killers of Br...

What the... why is she so slow today?! Got plenty of work to do. Thank Pluto everybody’s still here!

The Vernon Blvd. Dog Run’s the perfect place for undercover meetings... looks like we’re just wagging our tails but the reality is...

Hey Gino, Gino!

Hey dude, I was getting concerned. Who’s calling my name?

Gino over here... it’s Otto!

It’s about time man.

Yap, yap, yap. What can I say? ‘Sta stronza* was late. I can’t blow my cover, gotta act like a regular dog. *Girl who is not so nice

Silvercup Stu dios. T hey ’re gon sho oting f na start o ur new s hows ther we gotta keep it all e... un der con trol.

Where to?

Sweet! Are there gonn ab

e celebritie


go! cares, just o h W ! t a h W

dude. have any fun e m t le er ev Umph, you n Sabo, your turn now.

fun, No time for “ ut me,” y is not abo it n u m m o s.” c remember it’s abo ut “u Waiting for instructions oh Captain my Captain.

Zorro, you got a special mission. Not to belittle the other guys, but yours is real special.

er r y. e new f he h t n o eye m t keep an me change fro ut... o t d e e lco We n way b it’s a we the sub f o e I know c n nie inconve Fools are


ever ywh

. my min d d a e r u Yo

Sir, yes sir.

to o ur new peo ple g in g in r b ts... el’s eless to uris lu The new hot c y ll ia c e esp y drift... ter ritor y... if yo u get m

And me, and me, and me!? Me. Me, me!

I got this.

Stay here a Do o dy calls! n d make su re yo u sco o We nee d to p up that c set a go o d rap! example, my dear Stanle y!

I’m off to the streets. Toughest mission of all.

Gotta report to my men first.

Together we are the eyes and ears of the community.

What up fellas?!

Otto, you’re late buddy.

Don’t even get me started. News? We’re looking for a man who robbed a cabbie after not paying his ride.

Bastardo*! Well, I’m off to the streets. *Bastard!

We are doing a bang up job out there, really answering the call.

Waste management’s improving... I know it doesn’t really look like it at the moment but it is...

… and it’s now possible to recycle new materials every day.

Recycling just one glass bottle saves enough energy to light a 100 watt bulb for four hours..

Why throw it on the street when there’s plenty of trash cans? Yum... looks tasty but way too greasy.

Everybody freeze! I think I hear something... Giulietta can’t cause her hearing is far inferior!

Gotta go Giulietta. If I don’t return in two minutes just call 911.

Otto! Otto! Get back here!

Do not fear, Danger’s my middle name!

I smell something bad... don’t think I like those feet... ah ah... little joke... don’t think I like that chain.

Don’t think I like that face either...

… really don’t like it. You think I’m scared of you?

Come closer... yeah, just a little bit closer...

Bauuuuuuuuu*!!! Otto Attack!!!



You’re dead meat!

You scumbag of all scumbags!

You’ve come to rob someone? Not on my watch!

You should not attack! What if he had a weapon!? He could have hurt you!

Hey fella over here! I prepped him good for you all.

Blah, blah, blah... it’s all good Giulietta. It’s my job. You need to be careful!

Come closer... yeah, just a little bit closer...


Now, that’s what I call... attractive!

And give those back right now!

Thought so... Ahhh, all this action got me thirsty.

Come them if you Comeget get them if dare. you dare.

Wait... what do I see? Milady standing at her door...

Otto! Hello cutie!

Hello sexy bomb, wanna pet me?

Awww, always so adorable... so sweet

Not that sweet, he just attacked some random guy.

Soooooo in love. Come closer... yeah, just a little bit closer...

Shush Giulietta... Leah pet me! Even a few minutes of petting a day lowers high blood pressure and reduces hyper tension... I’m healthy for you... and I’m in love...

Wait!!! Not fair... come on... I needed more cuddling...

All that’s left of our love... umph!

All this action got me thirsty... again!

On my way to pick up my real girlfriend now... wow, they’re constructing everywhere.

Hey little fella... where to?

The Long Island City Library... just got a report that they’re gonna have another protest rally.

Porcaccia*! My guys should have been on it... guess we can’t compete when the safety of the community is concerned and just collaborate with each other.

*Damn pork chop!

Yum! These look good and pretty cheap... gotta work my charm with Giulietta... Awww, look at these puppy eyes...

Works every time.

She’ll be out any minute now... how’s my breath?!?

Coraline, look at you! You look so pretty...

Wish I could say the same about you... you look battered. Keeping the community safe my dear...

… so safe that we can go to any dark alley and nothing’s gonna happen to us.

Let me show you... let’s go in there together... we need a minute alone... or four or five. I just want to go to the park.

Hey Phil! Fine, but I gotta report back to the fellas before we can truly enjoy the rest of our date.

Otto! We arrested the guy you caught on 47th Road. Good job buddy.

I do what I can, I do what I can.

Just a bit of news on the way to the park... what?! Where?! Chelsea???

Baby go home. I see danger ahead.

But Otto, baby... No buts, no baby... I gotta go...

‌ the city needs me!

(To be continued...)

Otto, careful watchdog and faithful friend, is the founder ottowatch, a community watch program. He lives in Queens.

o t t o w a t c h . b l o g s p o t . c o m

First Issue  

Ottowatch, for a crime-free and secure community is a tale of action, prevention, collaboration and illumination... these are a lot of “tion...

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