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Education 03.2012-11.2013

Cracow University of Technology/Poland -Master of architecture

Accreditation of Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) 10.2008-02.2012

Cracow University of Technology/Poland -Bachelor Degree in Architecture (Engineer of Architecture)


Cracow University of Technology/Poland -Polish Lenguage Diploma

Work experience 03.2013-07.2013

Wojciech Kozioł Architecture Office -my own project of one-family house / Cracow


Conekt SN sp. z o.o -bartender / Cracow


Ingarden & Ewy Architects -architectural practice / Cracow


Freelancer -architecture desing / interior design / renders


Real Construction Company -contruction practice / Cracow

Otto Bitka ul. Styki 6/1 31-303 Cracow / Poland +48 883 262 872 date of birth: 17 october 1989 nationality: Polish & Ecuadorian


Interest and Hobbies

Spanish Polish English

Sports interests: tennis, basketball, soccer Others interests: cooking, music, traveling

native lenguage fluent intermediate level

Technical skills

Social skills

Autodesk autocad / 3ds max Archicad / Artlantis Adobe photoshop / Adobe ilustrator

Honest and punctual Good communication skills Organized

Contents Prof. dr hab. inż. arch. Jacek Gyurkovich

Revitalization concept of the district El labrador in Quito / Ecuador. (thesis)


Prof. dr hab. inż. arch. Jacek Gyurkovich

Mixed use building in Quito / Ecuador


Art Museum Concept in Cracow / Poland (diploma) Wisła Hotel **** in Cracow / Polamd


Sport Hall in Zakopane / Poland


Huose State in Mogilany / Poland


dr hab. inż. arch. Marek Nowicki Prof. PK

Multigenarational-Country House in Giebółtów / Poland (bachelor 3 year)


Prof. dr hab. inż. arch. Wacław Seruga

Sailor Huose in Boca del Toro / Panama (bachelor 2 year)



Prof. dr hab. inż. arch. Jacek Gyurkovich Prof. dr hab. inż. arch. Piotr Gajewski

(bachelor 4 year)

Prof. dr hab. inż. arch. Krzysztow Lenartowicz

(master 1 year)

Prof. dr hab. inż. arch. Wacław Seruga

(bachelor 2 year)


El labrador district revitalization urban composition scheme

location The subject of my master's work is the concept of revitalization district of El labrador in Quito / Ecuador. The city is located on the horizontal strip between the beautiful mountains. The natural splendor of the city, in conjunction with its attractive squares, parks and monuments, as well as the warmth of its people, makes Quito is a unique and unforgettable place.

concept Complementary and development of the existing building, creating new green areas is to create a "city within a city"-individuals acting at the same time place of work, leisure,education, integration, et

program Mixing function areas, setting up of new sub centers in the city, clear division of functions and the border area, Efficient public transport, relatively high intensity of the buildings

El labrador district revitalization / mixed use building location The building was designed as a twenty seven-storey building. Twenty-three floors of aboveground part and fivein the underground. In the building we can found commercial spaces for rent, office spaces with green terraces, a bar -cafe with a huge green terrace and departments with interesting view ofthe city.

concept The building will be of reinforced concrete, slab - pole wall. Throughout the building are vertical elements supporting columns and reinforced concrete walls pouredmonolithically. Loads of floor slabs are passed directly tothe pillars and walls.

double skin Designed outer walls are designed with a double panel walls 125 cm of the distance between them with a transparent glass, such arrangement allows us to use the air in between them for the purpose of ventilating the building.

Art museum public building project idea

location The idea for the theme and location of the diploma work was born during mi holidays in Cracow. It was not accidental. Short distance from my place of residence to the beautiful neighborhoods of Kazimierz created an excuse for frequent visits and gave occasion for many hours exploring unusual corners of this unique place.

concept The main objetive of the project is to create an object integrated to the environment, as well as the structure of the medieval city. The solid line of the building with the existing context form a single organism. The challenge is also an extensive museum of modern fuctional program. which must be accomplished on a relatively small plot of specific shape and conditions.

inspiration The shape is his business card, in a sense reflects the nature of collections and exhibition contained therein. The inspiration for the body of the building has become the art of origami, its aesthetic character and method of formation

****Wisła hotel location Location of the plot is located in an attractive area of Krakow. It combines the modern and the historical part of Krakow. For the modern architecture may include buildings located on the other side of the Vistula River: modern housing estates such as Vistula Terraces and the whole premise of Galeria Kazimierz.

concept Hotel is an important and integral a place in public space each city. it is important that each user, which exceeds the threshold of a hotel he felt comfortable and without a problem could benefit from any proposals offered by the facility. the most important is the functionality of the all the solutions. the proposed building is intended to meet the multifunctional role of space and meet the expectations of its users.

inspiration The form of the building is inspired by the beautiful landsof the Vistula, and most of all ships which sail as small utensils in the great ocean.

Ice hall sport roof construction detail

location The plot is located in Zakopane, Bronislaw Czech Street, adjacent to the southern side of the ski jump.

concept The main idea is to focus on the correct and legible solution features a high degree of complexity and large size of the spatial object and interesting form of architectural design that catches attention and encourage them to enter into the

form Form object has a streamlined shape owing to a huge steel dome covering the entire hall. The illusion of endless space creates a structure which find support on the outside of the building, which creates the impression that you do not know where it ends. The object, which forms the inspiration for the proposed ice hall is the national stadium being built in Singapore

Mogilany housing state urban composition scheme

idea Development of urban planning and architectural design of any single-family residential development in the Municipality Mogilany, with particular emphasis on issues shaping the architectural form in the context of the landscape.

program Some draft will be a two-storey building, a basement parking with space for 2 cars, gazebos dumpsters, driveway, landscaping and creating connections: sanitary sewer, electricity. Planned-roads and exit to the main road.

Country house multigenerational house idea of the project

location Giebułtów is a village located in the Malopolska province, in the district of Krakow, in the municipality of Great Village. In the years 1975-1998 the town adminitratively belonged to the province of Krakow. Giebułtów is located approximately 2 km west of Krakow. Covers an area of 448.1 hectares and has about 1,086 resident.

concept It habitable one-family building was projected was from two above - ground storeys: the storey of ground floor as well as the storey of usable loft. The building on throw of rectangle, the relation of sides: 1- 1,83. The roof about executioner of inclination 45 °, covered in red colour with ceramic flat tile - the tile the Holstein Friesian cow flat E58 the Ergoldsbacher. External polished walls perpendicular deskowaniem (waterproofed larch). The pedestal of building - the thin-layer plaster in colour of concrete. Simplified - the present form of building is to traditional country buildings the connexion the stepping out on terrains of village Giebułtów.

Sailor house one-family house diagrama

location Home sailor will be located on the bay of Boca del Toro in panama, the location is on the south Panama. You can get to the house only by sea in boat because the housse is for Holidays only

program The program function had developed for single-family residential property. Conditions necessary for the disabled - not applicable

diagrama of logging energy

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