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BIG WINNER Crystal Bay students will see a new playground next fall thanks to the Aviva Community Fund 4

February 3, 2011 | 20 Pages

Residents pledge to fight zoning application JENNIFER MCINTOSH

OUZO POWER Nepean musician to hit stage at National Arts Centre to promote new CD. 9

STUDENTS ON ICE Nepean resident Jeremy Powell is all set to visit Antartica with Carleton’s Student’s on Ice course. 12

A proposed condo complex on Greenbank Road at Craig Henry Drive has hit a roadblock with residents. William Buchanan, a manager of planning for Phoenix Homes, was on hand to answer questions for residents about the development. Phoenix purchased the three lots from 149 to 153 Greenbank Road in March and is asking for an exception to the height rule under the current zoning. There are single-family homes on the lots right now. “Basically the current height limit is 10 metres and we are asking for 20,” Buchanan said, adding that the medical office and other buildings across the street have heights of 18 metres. The condo complex would be 72 units with mixed one and two-bedroom apartments. The total footprint of the complex, according to the diagrams at the open house would be 1,170 square metres with an underground parking garage for 66 spaces and an additional 13 spaces at street level. The building would be set back from the street by three metres and as much as 7.5 metres from the properties that currently sit on Wade Court. An aggressive stance was taken with the first question when Richard McCarthy asked Buchanan if he would want a highrise in his backyard. “I don’t think I would have a problem with it,” Buchanan said. Wes Friedrich, another Wade Court resident, said that he could kiss his view and sunlight goodbye thanks to the six-storey building that would be right in front of his house. “I know my property value is going to go down,” he said.

Ottawa City Councillor — Bay Ward

See ‘Phoenix’ on page 5.

Photo by Daniel Nugent-Bowman

HITTING THE ICE Lauren Nethercott, 2, gets help from her dad, John, as she tries out her skates at the Crystal Beach-Lakeview Community Association’s annual winter carnival at Maki Park on Jan. 29.






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Ottawa This Week - Nepean - FEBRUARY 03, 2011


3 Ottawa This Week - Nepean - FEBRUARY 03, 2011


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File photo

Principal Peter Veurtjes said Crystal Bay Centre for Special Education students will have a new playground next fall thanks to a win from the Aviva Community Fund competition.


After months of promotion and hard work, Crystal Bay Centre for Special Education won a $94,000 prize from the Aviva Community Fund competition. Principal Peter Veurtjes said that money, coupled with the $46,000 the school has already raised should be close to the $140150,000 anticipated cost of the structure. “We are just thrilled,” Veurtjes said. “I imagine the students faces will be glued to the windows watching the construction when it starts in the spring.” The competition — which gave $1 million to 10 different project nationwide — saw nearly 2,000 submission and 2 million votes this year. It was created by Aviva Canada, a property and casualty insurance company. “The Aviva Community Fund winners celebrate Canada’s regional diversity—this years winners come from as far north as Yellowknife, NWT and coast to coast from Vancouver, BC to Rexton, NB,” Paul Fletcher, senior vice-president with Aviva Canada, said in a press release. Crystal Bay’s structure won’t be just any playground. It will have wheelchair ramps and activity centres with tactile and sensory elements for the special needs of the students. The school serves a population of 88

high needs kids from everywhere west of Bank Street and stretching as far as Stittsville, Carp, Barrhaven, Kanata and Kemptville. While it’s quite obvious the enthusiasm and care the students get from listening to Veurtjes, there’s an obvious hole in the school’s yard, with no play structure or activities for the kids. “It’s sad, there’s just nothing out there,” he said. “And because our territory is so big, we don’t really have a specific community we can call on to fundraise, besides it’s not like our kids can go door to door selling chocolates.” It was an educational assistant who approached Veurtjes with the idea of using the Aviva Community Fund contest to get the money needed to build a wheelchair-accessible play structure. The Aviva Community Fund is an annual contest that has the public vote on ideas ranging in cost from under $25,000 to $500,000. “We are so grateful to Aviva and their judges. Having the opportunity to display our school, dedicated staff and wonderful students,” Veurtjes said. Staff and members of the community went to work in the fall, sometimes voting several times a day to make sure that project was picked. “The play yard is more than just equipment,” Veurtjes said. “It will allow our students to interact socially and positively towards their peers and staff.”

E: Y Z I PR TAWA D N E GRAEND G for EK rizes tion E W P cipa ti par


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Crystal Bay wins money for playground

4 Ottawa This Week - Nepean - FEBRUARY 03, 2011


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Stolen van recovered in parking lot Charity back in full swing JENNIFER MCINTOSH

It may not be a fairy tale ending, but volunteers at STRIDE are happy to see their van back in one piece. The van — which STRIDE uses to deliver and pick up medical aid equipment, such as: hospital beds, wheelchairs and commodes — was stolen out of the Grenfell Crescent parking lot sometime between Jan. 7 and 13. “We only use it on Thursdays to deliver equipment, so we didn’t notice it was missing at first,” volunteer Catherine Gardner said. “But when we reported it on Jan. 13 several people said that they didn’t remember seeing the van at all that week.” STRIDE, a volunteer organization that refurbishes donated wheelchairs and other medical equipment for reuse, purchased the vehicle with the help of a $15,000 government grant. “When we don’t have the van going out and making deliveries, we aren’t bringing in any money and then we can’t pay our bills, so it really has a ripple effect,” Gardner said. The charity didn’t waste any time and spent the week getting the word out to the community to be on the lookout for the 2007 GMC Savanna. Gardner said she thought the speedy recovery was thanks to the “V-eleven” logo on the driver’s side door. “We were told by police that they found the van on a routine check of a parking lot on Cyrville Road,” Gardner said, adding that the license plates had been put on another stolen vehicle and were later recovered. Gardner said that during the

CATHERINE GARDNER van’s absence the support from the community was amazing, with an offer of a cube truck and use of some commercial vehicles to do deliveries. “We are really thankful to the community for their support,” Gardner said. Gardner said the van was currently in the shop and she wasn’t sure how much of the damage would be covered by insurance. “There were some scratches on the side and the masonite flooring was removed,” she said. “Also our portable wheelchair ramps were gone and the ignition was broken, along with the lock on the driver’s side door. It’s really a shame.” Despite the bangs and scratches, Gardner said the van would be up and running by the end of the week. “We need to make up for the lost time,” she said.

photo courtesy of

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Bay Ward meetings to go bimonthly

Laura Mueller photo

Mark Taylor speaks to the crowd during his first ward council meeting as the new councillor for Bay Ward. Taylor will continue the previous councillor, Alex Cullen’s tradition of meeting with the community, but with some changes. Several people at the meeting echoed Jack Keating’s suggestion that more people would attend the meetings if they were held at different locations across the ward. “This way, you’re introducing the other communities,” said Keating, who lives at Regina Towers and works with the Britannia community gardens. While most of the people who attended the Jan. 28 meeting supported the idea of limiting meetings to community association presidents, Keating said there are

Phoenix could take chances with OMB if turned down From ‘Phoenix’ on page 1.

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Buchanan said that while he sympathized with the residents concerns, the only way for the developer to make money on the property is to have at least 70 units. “And we are in it to make money,” he said, adding that if the developer is turned down at planning committee they will take their case to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). Dr. Ian Carpenter, a Trend-Arlington resident, said he doubted Phoenix’s assertion that they couldn’t make money off of a three-storey complex. “I think the reason we are seeing six storeys is because of a four-letter word: greed,” he said. Knoxdale-Merivale Coun. Keith Egli, who urged the developer to have the meeting, said he wouldn’t be supporting the project once it made its way to planning committee in April. “I live in the neighbourhood and I simply can’t support a six-storey development,” he said. “But I would suggest that you all write to the councillors on the committee so they can hear your views directly.” Buchanan said because the city is unwilling to stretch the urban boundary, Phoenix has been forced into building

apartment complexes and townhomes. “There are limited land parcels available, so we must start building up if we can’t build out,” he said. Aside from the concerns about loss of sunlight and changes to the character of the neighbourhood, more than one resident voiced doubt that there would be enough room on Craig Henry Drive to accommodate the cars that would be coming out of the complex. Judy Marshall, who lives on Elvaston Ave, said the current homes have exits onto Greenbank Road. “There are school buses and kids on Craig Henry Drive, I don’t think it can handle all those cars,” she said. Buchanan said Phoenix commissioned a traffic study that said the current roadways would be able to handle the increase in traffic. The complex would exit onto Craig Henry with a right-hand turn so drivers could only go west. “I know some of you are skeptical, but we have had traffic experts look at the roadways and they say it can handle the increased traffic,” Buchanan said. The re-zoning application’s public consultation is a 98-day process. It is expected that it will make it to planning committee in April. Buchanan said if the developer is forced to go to the OMB, they could potentially have to wait until November or December to break ground.

some areas in the ward that are not represented by a community association. Those residents could come to the town hall meetings or speak to the councillor’s office directly, Taylor said. Overall, Keating and other people at the meeting said they supported the change to the meetings because it would allow them to get more done. “It’s going to be more positive, so we can solve things and not just have information sessions,” Keating said. “I want to work with you to check 447679-05-11

Bay Ward Coun. Mark Taylor hopes his public consultations will become a model for the rest of the city. The new councillor will keep up the ward’s tradition of holding regular meetings with residents and community associations, but the meetings will have a twist. Instead of open monthly meetings, the group of approximately 40 people who gathered at Kristy’s Restaurant on Richmond Road on Jan. 28 decided to limit the meetings to every other month. Those meetings will be a chance for community association presidents and other community stakeholders (such as representatives from local malls and agencies) to discuss local issues. Other members of the public will be welcome to share their thoughts at two or three “town hall” style sessions Taylor plans to hold throughout the year. The issue of localized decision making and the possibility of a citywide “borough” system likely won’t be addressed by the city for a few years, Taylor said, but he hopes the Bay Ward meetings could serve as a model for local consultation. “If we get something that really works here in the west end, perhaps it could be a model,” Taylor said. A possible borough system will be discussed by the city’s governance renewal committee, which hasn’t met yet. It’s one of dozens of ideas for tweaking how the city government runs.

these issues off your lists,” Taylor told the group. He said he wouldn’t promise any miracles solutions or quick fixes, but promised that progress would be made. “I’m talking about moving the bar incrementally so it’s better than it was,” Taylor said before quote former Ontario premier Bob Rae: “Don’t compare me to the almighty, compare me to the alternative.” Steve Hopwood from Woodpark said the city is “dropping the ball” on partnering with malls in the community. “We’re missing a golden opportunity,” he said – and representatives from Carlingwood and the Bayshore shopping centres agreed. They said they would like to work with the community to partner on more events. Taylor said a series of recent consultations on garbage collection that were held in malls show the city is willing to work with commercial buildings. “We’re starting to follow the model that the rest of the business world follows – to go where the people are,” Taylor said. Taylor said he was also looking into the possibility of streaming live video of the meetings online.

444052 first_memorial_spec


Ottawa This Week - Nepean - FEBRUARY 03, 2011


Ottawa This Week - Nepean - FEBRUARY 03, 2011



Commuters must grin and bus it Mayor Jim Watson has obviously learned a few tricks about passing city budgets after watching the struggles of his predecessor, Larry O’Brien. First, don’t make promises you can’t keep – “zero means zero” ultimately was the political epitath to O’Brien’s battles at the budget table. Second, avoid conflict. Case in point: the suggested transit cuts for the 2011 draft budget. The draft budget suggests the city will seek $22 million in cuts this year and next, not to mention a 2.5 per cent hike in bus fares. Which routes are going to be cut? We don’t know. How many routes will be cut? We don’t know. The city will hash out the messy details in March – after the budget has been passed. It’s a great way to smooth the way for the approval of the budget – no one can raise a stink during public consultation, because no one has any idea what the cuts are. These tactics are shifty at best. But smart as well. It allows the public to focus on the bells and whistles included in the budget, such as $20

million in new spending, money offset by the $25 million for social services uploaded by the provincial government. There’s $10 million for housing and poverty reduction; $2 million for economic development; half a million for environmental initiatives. The carrot of new spending is in sight while the stick is locked safely away until after the budget passes. In all fairness, Watson is tackling a difficult problem – the ballooning costs of transit in the City of Ottawa. Cuts to public transit have never been a popular subject come budget time. Commuters will have to accept the reality that it looks like the city is finally going to clamp down on transit costs. That will mean higher bus fares, reduced service and probably a lot more crowded buses – a reality that will continue until the city welcomes light rail improvements. Eventually, some commuters – those who can afford it – will consider the option of travelling to work by car. Those who can’t will just have to grin and bus it.


Wayne Gretzky is 50 and how old do you feel? The signposts of ageing are many and they get more comical as you go along. You remember becoming a teenager, bidding farewell to all that childish behaviour, and welcoming new varieties of even more childish behaviour. You remember being old enough to drink legally, old enough to leave home for work or university, an adult. This is perhaps the first feeling of being old. Then your baby sister goes off to university. Then you become one of those older people you used to smirk at as a teenager – a married person, with a mortgage and a job, who stays in on weeknights. Where does the time go, you ask. But the process has barely begun. You have children of your own and that’s around the same time that you notice that the police officers are no longer older than you. The children become teenagers and you begin sounding like your parents. I’m old, you think. And it’s all downhill from there. Soon, you are older than the police officers, older than the minister at the church, older than the dentist. Your children grow up, turn 30. You become a grandparent. You take naps. Surely it can’t get older than this. But it can. Last week you open up the newspaper and it says Wayne Gretzky

CHARLES GORDON Funny Town has turned 50. So there you are. You, as a grown-up, watched Gretzky as a kid. Now Gretzky feels old. How does that make you feel? Perhaps it is not as shocking to you as all that. In this Facebook era, people are reconnecting with old friends, going to high school reunions, where they are surrounded by old people. Somehow they sense that they are not kids anymore. And neither is Wayne Gretzky. He is older than the sportswriters now, older than his dentist. But there is a reassuring point in all this. Wayne Gretzky is 50 but he is not irrelevant. Almost all of the dozens of records he set still stand. Someone broke one the other day but it was an obscure thing – most career overtime goals, or something like that. For the rest of it, he


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is still the guy. But so are you, when you think about it. Your old records still stand. Sure, they are different kinds of records. But no one flips pancakes the way you do, or finds a parking space, or empties the dishwasher. You can climb ladders like nobody’s business and you never run out of windshield washer fluid. Just because Gretzky is 50 doesn’t mean he’s finished either. He can look forward to future accomplishments, such as the kind of stuff you’ve been doing. You hold the record for reading the most consecutive Dr. Seuss stories aloud. You could be the best at remembering the names of bit players in western movies. You can identify any car made in the last 50 years. You scored six goals that time, when you were older than Gretzky, at the neighbourhood rink. You saved a cat. No one tells a joke like you do. And you just get better the older you are. You can make a soufflé. You can play Beatles songs on the recorder. You can watch four games on TV simultaneously. You can figure out what’s wrong with the computer. And you know how all those sports columnists have been writing about what a considerate guy Gretzky is?

Associate Editor Laurie Matheson• 613-221-6235 Reporter Jennifer McIntosh • 613-221-6237 Flyer Sales Bob Burgess • 613.221.6227

Well, you’re pretty considerate too. You hold the record, shared with a number of others, for never forgetting an anniversary. You are absolutely terrific at putting things into alphabetical order. The Sudoku is child’s play to you, mostly. You make great things out of leftovers. No one is better than you at finding the bright side of things. No one can find a lost ball the way you can. Maybe when Wayne Gretzky gets to be old he’ll have stuff like this to brag about too.

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Bail or jail fundraiser surpasses goal Nepean This Week reporter Jennifer McIntosh cools her heels in the slammer JENNIFER MCINTOSH

Photo by Jennifer McIntosh

College Coun. Rick Chiarelli and his assistant Nancy Cairns busily raise money to bail themselves out. Jennifer McIntosh raised $200 after being jailed for “playing hookey.” “It was a lot of fun, I would do it again,” she said. Gerry Lepage from the Bank Street Business Improvement Area (BIA), Ottawa Police Chief Vern White and Dep-

uty Fire Chief Allen Karkkainen were some of the other participants that helped organizers to smash their fundraising goal of $10,000. The total for the day was $14,350, marking a good start to 2011 fund-


Some of Ottawa’s best and brightest were thrown into a makeshift slammer at Billings Bridge Shopping Centre on Jan. 27 to raise money for National Capital Area Crime Stoppers. Ottawa West-Nepean MP and NepeanCarleton MPP Lisa MacLeod cooled their heels in a 1964 Nepean Township police cruiser while waiting for their hearing with “judge” Max Keeping. Councillors Katherine Hobbs, Rick Chiarelli, Keith Egli and Eli El-Chantiry were thrown into jail as well to raise money for Crime Stoppers. Knoxdale-Merivale Coun. Keith Egli raised $200 for the charity. “It’s a really great event,” he said. Lyall Steele, an executive at Nepeanbased Graydex, said he was on the phone in a panic the morning before the event, but managed to raise approximately $2,000. Ken Ross, owner of Barrhaven’s Ross’ Your Independent Grocer, raised $500 to get himself sprung from the slammer. Ottawa This Week, Nepean reporter

raising activities. “We saw the community come together in a new way today,” Alex Lewis, fundraising chair for Crime Stoppers and executive director of the Bells Corners BIA, said. The Bail or Jail event is one of the charity’s biggest annual fundraisers and has been used every year since the inception of the National Capital Area Crime Stoppers more than 25 years ago. “It’s a big event for us and we are thrilled it went so well,” Lewis said, adding that the fun attitude of the Bail or Jail event will be continued with the March 31 “Crushing Crime with Comedy” event to be held at Absolute Comedy. According to the website, an average of 240 arrests are made each year thanks to tips from Crime Stoppers and approximately $700,000 in cash is paid out annually.

Audio to be added to monitor police Permanent staff sergeant to oversee cellblock at Elgin Street Station The public will now be able to listen to police interact with prisoners in Ottawa cellblocks. Following allegations of police abuse, audio recordings will be added to video surveillance of the central Ottawa Police Service cellblock starting in February, said Superintendant Mike Flanagan. But the sound recording will have to be turned on manually – something that raised the concern of Mayor Jim Watson. “I don’t fully understand why people would expect something else,” police Chief Vern White told media after the police services board meeting on Monday, Jan. 24. The system isn’t meant to keep tabs on police officers during every moment of their workday, White said. “This is about monitoring actions involving citizens in our care,” White said. “It’s not about monitoring people who are working.” Ideally the Ottawa Police Service would prefer to have a recording device that turns on automatically when it needs to, White said, but that technology is not available. As for how the public can be certain the audio will be recorded when it should be, White said the public needs to put its trust in the police force. “I guess you just have to have some level of trust,” White said. “I’m not suggesting mistakes won’t happen,” he said, adding that he doesn’t believe

any officers will intentionally neglect to turn on the audio to avoid being recorded. A supervising sergeant will be in charge of flicking the audio recording device on. Another change is the addition of a permanent staff sergeant to oversee the cellblock at the central Elgin Street station. Previously, the sergeant split time between the cellblock and the Elgin Street courthouse.

The SIU is still investigating alleged cellblock abuse in the Stacy Bonds case.

Kanata Montessori School’s North Campus

1030 Riddell Drive

ALLEGED CELLBLOCK ABUSE There are currently six Ottawa police cellblock incidents being investigated by the OPP, who will look into both the police procedures and a possible criminal aspects of the allegations, White said. Ontario’s police watchdog is no longer probing one of the alleged cases of cellblock abuse. The province’s special investigations unit (SIU) handed the Terry Delay case back to the Ottawa police with no charges, and that investigation has been passed on to the OPP, White said. “They haven’t told us that they would lay charges. There is no criminality. They haven’t really given us anything else,” White said.


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Ottawa This Week - Nepean - FEBRUARY 03, 2011



Walmart joins community with donations to local charities The new Laurentian Place Walmart opened its doors to the community on Jan. 28 JENNIFER MCINTOSH

The Laurentian Place Walmart officially opened its doors on Jan. 28 — a little more than three years after Smart Centres purchased the site of the former high school. “We named the site after the high school, which served the community on that site for 45 years,” Dennis Eberhard,

Smart Centres’ vice-president of development, said. Despite traffic and environmental concerns expressed by the community during the site plan process, consumers were lined up at the door waiting to see the new store. “I would like to thank Smart Centres for listening to the concerns of the community,” River Coun. Maria McRae said. “And Walmart listened as well. You will

notice there are no tire-changing or oilchanging services — something the community felt would be better for the environment.” Eberhard thanked IBI Group for their work on the traffic consulting. “Their design for the road work — especially during the last five months of construction was really wonderful,” he said. The store takes up 9,290 of the total 27,871-sqaure metre site and is complimented by two, multi-tenant buildings and about 7,432 square metres of office space. There are three access points to the site — a right-in only access off Baseline Road and a right-in only and right-out only off Clyde Avenue. There is also a pedestrian path to allow for cycling and walking. Mayor Jim Watson congratulated the store for their hard work and thanked them for investing in Ottawa. “This store represents economic growth and 330 new jobs from the area,” he said. CHARITIES Aside from greeting its new neighbours with 37 cent-a-pound bananas, Walmart started off by donating thousands of dollars to local charities.

Vito Molfetta, the new manager at Laurentian Place Walmart said that the company always tries to give back to the community. He thanked associate Vi Golden for her work with the store’s new charity committee. “Walmart Canada gives $20 million each year to 1,000 different charities across the country,” Molfetta said. The Canadian Cancer Society received a $1,000 cheque from the new store. “Walmart Canada operates globally and donates locally,” Stephen Whitehead with the Canadian Cancer Society said. “Much like the work we do is local. Thank you very much.” Also receiving $1,000 cheques were the Ottawa Humane Society, the Ottawa Food Bank, Ottawa Fire Services and St. Elizabeth Catholic Elementary School in Nepean — whose choir sang the National Anthem to celebrate the opening. The Canadian Red Cross, Breakfast Clubs of Canada and the CHEO Foundation were given $4,000. Norma Lamont with the CHEO Foundation said $3 million has come to the foundation since Walmart came to Ottawa. “We are very appreciative of their support to our community’s sick children,” she said.

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Nepean man showcases multi-cultural talent at NAC

“I love to perform, I take all my passion and give it to my audience,” Sapounidis said, adding that he learned Mandarin from a girlfriend. “Languages are just like bubble gum on the bottom of my shoe. I can’t get them off,” he said. But back home in Canada, Sapounidis said he likes to showcase his Greek music and heritage. The band will hit the National Arts Centre’s fourth stage on Feb. 5 to promote


Submitted photo

George Sapounidis and his band, Ouzo Power, will be rocking the house at the National Arts Centre on Feb. 5. his band to play at international arts, rock and folk festivals across Canada and China. His efforts culminated in a documentary called “Chairman George” which aired on CTV and the BBC.

Suzart heading for busy musical theatre season JENNIFER MCINTOSH

Suzart, a Nepean-based musical theatre company, is having one of its busiest seasons ever, according to publicity director Alison Manning. Suzart, in its eighth season, will kick things off with a Romance Cabaret and spaghetti dinner on Feb. 12 at the Woodroffe United Church banquet hall. “The dinner theatre is something we do fairly often,” Manning said. “But the Valentines theme is new. The audience will be entertained with love songs while they eat. We think it’s going to be a big hit.” Tickets for the Feb. 12 show will be $25 for singles and $45 for couples. Rehearsals for Anything Goes, a story of the madcap antics aboard an ocean liner bound from New York to London, start in February. The Cole Porter classic will be performed at St. Paul Catholic High School auditorium from May 27 to 29. Elaine McClausland, one of the founders of Suzart, will be directing the 60 singing and tap-dancing cast for this show. Ticket prices are anticipated to be $22 for adults, $18 for seniors and students and $13 for children under 12. A cabaret variety show will take the stage at Woodroffe United Church again on April 9 and April 16, members of Suzart will take part in Showtune Show-

down. The annual event is hosted by Tone Cluster Choir and is a Broadway-Musical themed concert and competition. The competition will feature foursinger teams from three musical theatre groups. Representing Suzart will be Kraig-Paul Proulx, Kathleen Arbour, Randy Coles and Jennifer Fontaine. Suzart won the competition in 2008. Hats! — a new musical about a 49.999year-old woman who reluctantly faces turning 50 — will hit the stage at Ashbury College in Rockliffe on June 24, 25 and 26. Sue Dacey, the “Sue” in Suzart will be directing that show and rehearsals are set to start in March. From Aug. 4 to 6, the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop will be hitting the stage of Woodroffe United Church. In a story about a diner in trouble, God sends the Rat Pack back down for one more show to help out. Sure to be a hit with selections like “High Hopes,” “I’m Gonna Live ‘Til I Die,” and “Young at Heart,” Ellen Seguin will be directing. “It’s going to be an amazing season,” Manning said. All tickets are available at the website, or you can call the box office at 613-828-3500.


George Sapounidis is a man with many elements. The rock, bouzouki-playing Greek Canadian is a statistician by day and a lover of multi-cultural folk songs by night. He can sing folks songs in 10 different languages and was called a version of Elvis to Chinese people by a CBC documentarian who followed his Mandarin folk performances. His early performances in Canada in 1977 George went on to take China by storm, going on tour, first solo, then with

Ouzo Power’s Greatest Hits Vol. 1 CD. It is the third CD he has put together with what he calls Canada’s top backup musicians. Stuart Watkins, Fred Guignion and Ross Murrary. The style of the music is Greek Rebetika — a subversive music of protest and of raw human emotion infused with blues and rock. “It has never been performed this way,” Sapounidis said. “I am very excited to perform this weekend.”


Ottawa This Week - Nepean - FEBRUARY 03, 2011

Ouzo Power hits the stage

Ottawa This Week - Nepean - FEBRUARY 03, 2011


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Singing the national anthem was the student choir of St. Elizabeth Catholic Elementary School in Nepean — one of the recipients of Walmarts generosity, accept ing a donation of $1,000 for the school. /Merivale d at the corner of Clyde ate loc , art lm Wa st we nitaries. a’s ne January 29th, to Ottaw both customers and dig on by d ed de en en op att lly ll cia we s offi wa Doors lfetta and remony ned manager Vito Mo . The ribbon cutting ce joi an e pe Ra Ne Mc in ria e lin Ma se or Ba and n, Councill MP, Mayor Jim Watso Seen above John Baird g. the ribbon cuttin associate Vi Golden in

enges she Rae explains the chall Councillor Maria Mc a reality. on ati y of making this loc endured in the journe

The turnout was fantastic, many customers and reside nts came out to take part in the opening of this long anticipated loc ation.

Giving back to the community, Walmart started their commitment off with donations to the following groups and charities: $1,000 to St. Elizabeth Catholic Elementary School $1,000 to Ottawa Humane Society $1,000 to Canadian Cancer Society $1,000 to Ottawa Fire Services $1,000 to Ottawa Food Bank $4,000 to Breakfast Clubs of Canada $4,000 to the Canadian Red Cross $4,000 to the CHEO Foundation The total amount of donations is $17,000

Canadian Cancer Society we re another grateful group, accepting the generosity Walmart Ne pean. 447703


Carleton students head to the south pole JENNIFER MCINTOSH


Ice, which organizes trips to the Arctic and Antarctica, will run the trip. Led by Canadian adventurer, environmentalist and educator Geoff Green, Seven Carleton University students the program provides participants with will brave the unknown and head out a unique educational opportunity that to Antarctica for a field study course on allows them to visit some of the world’s Feb. 12. most wild and awe-inspiring ecosystems An organization called Students on in order to experience a transformative connection with nature – a connection that changes the way they understand and act in the world. Green has already travelled to Antarctica 80 times. ST. RICHARD’S The group will fly to Ushuaia, ANGLICAN CHURCH a picturesque community at the Worship Services southern tip of Argentina, and Sunday 8am & 10am - 9am Bible Study then board MV Ushuaia, a 3,00010am Supervised Nursery & Sunday School Classes tonne, ice-strengthened vessel outThursday Eucharist 10am fitted for supply and oceanograph8 Withrow Avenue 613-224-7178 ic research. They will be joined by students and staff from elsewhere “WORSHIP THE LORD IN THE BEAUTY OF HIS HOLINESS...� in Canada, the United States, Aus413587 tralia, New Zealand, India, Kuwait, United Kingdom, Spain, Norway, Sweden, France and Argentina. Nepean resident and earth sci205 Greenbank Rd., Ottawa, 613-829-2362 ences undergrad student Jeremy Sunday services at 9 or 11 AM Powell said packing may be tough Rev. Mark Scarr for the trip, but he can’t wait. Children’s ministries available during both services. “We will be going onto the contiFor information on other activities and events nents with zodiacs,� he said. “What please call or visit us on-line. better way to learn about things

St. Patrick’s FallowďŹ eld Roman Catholic Church

Saturday 5:00pm Sunday 9:00am & 11:00am Mon,Wed,Thurs,Fri 8:30am Tuesday 6:45pm 15 Steeple Hill Cres., Nepean, ON 613-591-1135

Submitted photo

Jeremy Powell from Nepean is about to embark on the adventure of their lives thanks to a Students on Ice course at Carleton University that will take the pair to Antarctica. like climate change, then by actually being there and having front-row seats to some of the changes.�

Powell said the trip costs students about $9,600, but Students on Ice has been really great at helping them with fundraisers. So far, he said. He is halfway there. “It’s a really amazing learning opportunity,â€? Kemptville resident Travis Mitchell said. “We will get to learn about Glaciers while actuThat changed with the launch of a new www. ally standing on a Glacier.â€? The field work is part of the coursework for three courses at The site is built on 5 principles. It is inclusive, not Carleton that focus on the origin only of different professions, departments or pro- and evolution of Antarctica ecograms, but of our patients, visitors and commu- systems over time. Of the seven nity. It is bilingual, so that everything is available students taking the undergraduin English and French. It is accessible, whether ate and graduate courses, six are you are visually impaired or not. It is dynamic; earth sciences students while one inviting visitors to share feedback and patient is neuroscience. Three are undergraduates. The other four gradustories so we can always improve. ate students also conducted their Finally, it is patient and user-centered. For in- research in the Canadian Arctic, stance, visitors can use the Directions and Maps making them pole-to-pole advensection of the site to plan their itinerary from turers. home, to hospital, back home. They can search Mitchell is currently working on our physician directory alphabetically, by name or his Masters and said that his focus specialty. And they can search information about is paleontology. “There is such a wealth of inforprograms, departments or clinics by keyword. mation there,â€? he said. “And I can For the ďŹ rst time, users can also follow us on use my experience from past work Twitter, at OttawaHospital, and Facebook, on The in the Arctic.â€? Ottawa Hospital Facebook Group. We will use Students will return home on these tools to inform the community of important Feb. 28. news, as well as maintain an ongoing dialogue While on board, the student exabout how best to serve our patients. peditioners will conduct scientific Don’t just take our word for it. Visit www.ot- research such as taking ocean water and sediment samples, as well and tell us what you think. as attend lectures and workshops.

Weaving a Hospital Web 440450

Ottawa This Week - Nepean - FEBRUARY 03, 2011



Nicolas Ruszkowski Nicolas Ruszkowski VP, Communications Ottawa Hospital Professor Pierre BĂŠlanger taught New Media at the University of Ottawa, in 1994. The internet, web-sites and instant messaging was still considered novel. Perhaps even a little obscure. We actually devoted hours of class time to learn about search engines, web-sites and messaging. Today, four-year olds can do this with no instruction. But we were still asking: what is the art of the possible? What will communications look like thanks to the internet? They would be instant. They would force real-time dialogue. They would become brief, bite-sized, “user-friendlyâ€?. They would change people’s expectations of good communications. All of that, and more, has come true. People of all generations and service providers from all sectors have embraced the internet, social media, and social networking.


Until recently, however, The Ottawa Hospital had been slow to embrace these changes. Our web-site looked like it had been built not long after 1994. It was hard to update, and didn’t allow instant communications. It didn’t seek out patient and visitor advice, nor promote dialogue. It was not “user-friendly�. In short, it did not live up to expectations of good communications. 447625


 FQLEFD 447345

13 Ottawa This Week - Nepean - FEBRUARY 03, 2011

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The job requires: • Superior layout skills; • Ability to produce superior work under deadline pressures; • Ability to take direction from supervising editors and to work independently; • Good communication and grammar skills; • ProďŹ ciency in pagination programs, including InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator; • A good understanding of the principles of community journalism.

Please contact Lori Sommerdyk for further information about routes available in your area

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The successful candidate will be a graduate of a graphic design program and/or have two years layout experience. The position requires an enthusiastic, creative self-starter who enjoys working with others to produce work that meets and exceeds quality and deadline standards.

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Interested applicants should forward resumes by 5 p.m. Friday February 25, 2011 to:



Patricia Lonergan- Managing Editor Email:

613-221-6246 or

For more information Visit:

OR Call:



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ADULT CARRIERS NEEDED Looking for adult newspaper carriers to deliver local community newspapers. Door to door delivery once a week. Must have vehicle.

Accounting and Payroll Administration (CPA Certification)

Areas of delivery are - Ottawa East, - Ottawa Central - Ottawa South - Ottawa West - Vanier - Orleans areas

Business Management Police Foundations

(Recognized by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.)

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Ottawa This Week - Nepean - FEBRUARY 03, 2011


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Ottawa This Week - Nepean - FEBRUARY 03, 2011

Th e

Ottawa This Week - Nepean - FEBRUARY 03, 2011



Deadline for events is Mondays at 9 a.m. Send events to events@, or call 613-221-6235.

• FEB. 8 The beginning of a New Year is a time to reflect on the changes we want or need to make and resolve to follow through on those changes. From personal growth to improving relationships, better health and greater accomplishments, there are changes that we want to see in every facet of life for 2011. As the new year begins, a new course entitled Toward a Meaningful Life: A Soul-Searching Journey will be offered in Ottawa this winter, starting Feb. 8. Rabbi Menachem M. Blum of the Ottawa Torah Centre will conduct the six course sessions at 8 p.m. at Soloway JCC 21 Nadolny Sachs Private, Ottawa. For information, call (613) 8437770 or visit for registration and other course-related information.

a panel of chefs who will discuss the trials and tribulations of gluten-free cooking in restaurants. All are welcome, 7:30 p.m. Riverside Churches of Ottawa, 3191 Riverside Drive (just south of Walkley). #87 bus. More info: celiac@

• FEB. 10 The Ottawa Humane Society Auxiliary meets at 1:30 pm on the second Thursday of each month at the Parkdale United Church, 429 Parkdale Avenue (between Wellington Street and Gladstone Avenue). Please call Jan Stark at 613-7486583 for more information. New members are welcome. The Auxiliary raises money to help the animals at the Ottawa Humane shelter and has a very active craft group.

• FEB. 8

• FEB. 12

Love is in the Air on February 8th featuring Louise’s Belgian Chocolates; exceptional singer and speaker Corie Lanctin-Iles is not to be missed. 9:15 a.m. Arlington Woods Hall, 225 McClellan Rd, Nepean. $4.00 p/person $1.00 first time - includes light breakfast and free childcare. RSVP 613-721-1257 or 613-829-2063. Presented by Bells Corners Christian Women’s Club.

Valentine’s Charity Ball with Mick Armitage Band, Adrienne Taylor; deluxe dinner, dance and silent auction. Centurion Hall, 170 Colonnade, Nepean. For information, call 613-7296111, email: or visit www.

• FEB. 9 The Canadian Celiac Association - Ottawa Chapter will host a General Meeting featuring

ONGOING ASP gallery@ Stafford Studios, Nepean Creative Arts Centre, Unit 1, 35 Stafford Rd, Elizabeth Arbuckle, Jan. 31 to Feb.11. The gallery is open to the public by appointment only. Information: 613-596-5783 or

Hockey Day comes to Knoxdale-Merivale Registration deadline extended JENNIFER MCINTOSH

entertainment by the Shriner Clowns, music, special guests, a BBQ and refreshments. A sign up sheet is available at www. Hockey Day is coming to the west end. The event is the second function put on Thanks to the Trend-Arlington and by the newly-formed Knoxdale-Merivale Manordale-Woodvale Community AssoCommunity Associations (KMCA) — a ciations, hockey aficionados from Knoxgroup made up of the ward’s community dale-Merivale will have a chance to hit associations — that organized an all-canthe ice on Feb. 12. didates debate during the election camThe event will take place at the Manorpaign. dale Rink from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. “A number of community came togethTrend-Arlington Community Assoer to share information, ciation vice-president knowledge and experiJames O’Grady said the ences, seeking, through goal was to get eight cooperation, to strengthteams to sign up for the en the communities of old event. ...make this firstNepean in an amalgamat“Between games, ened Ottawa and to improve tertainment, special time event a great quality of life of their guests and food and experience for every- the residents. Running wardbeverages will make wide events is one way in this first-time event a one. which the KMCA is workgreat experience for all ing together,” O’Grady participants and specsaid. tators alike. Everyone In Barrhaven, the Hais welcome,” O’Grady • James O’Grady venlea-Chapman Mills said. Community Association Organizers are look(HCMCA) will be hosting ing for teams of four the 4th Annual Winter players — comprised Family Fun Day, in concert with Hockey of two players, 14 years or older and two Day, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Cresthaven players, 13 years or younger — to take Park. Bring your skates for shinny hockpart in the Hockey Day in Ward 9 Shinny ey, family skating and to test your skills Hockey Tournament. on the ice. There will be off-ice games The deadline for registration is Feb. 7. and activities including bouncy castles O’Grady did say that singles could sign and sleigh rides. There also will be a speup and would be kept on a list. cial hockey game at 12:30 p.m. with some “We will do what we can to get everyof Ottawa’s finest. Parents are free; kids one on a team,” he said. $2. The tournament will also feature live



Week three in our Volunteering in Ottawa series explores how newcomers to Canada benefit from volunteerism.


When Ouafaa Bouzid moved her family from Morocco to Ottawa in June 2009 so her daughter could attend university, she wasn’t expecting to get a job right away. Few new Canadians do, for a number of reasons, most due to a lack of English skills and Canadian work experience. Bouzid, who was an executive assistant for 20 years in her home country, was lacking both. “When we came and we settled, my most important thing of all was to go back to school to improve my English. I speak French, but it wasn’t enough. To find a job, you need your English,” Bouzid said. This was an obvious first step in her journey to settling into her new country. Her next step was less obvious, however, but is quickly becoming a popular one among new immigrants: she became a volunteer. When Bouzid took a volunteer receptionist position at OCISO, the Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization in Hintonburg, the effect was nearly instantaneous. Not only did Bouzid get offered a job at the same centre four months later, she also became fluent in the English language. “I was around my colleagues who were

Photo by Emma Jackson

As a newcomer to Canada from her native Morocco, Ouafaa Bouzid learned to speak English fluently when she volunteered as a receptionist at the Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization. speaking and talking English the whole day, so it helped me to improve my English,” she said. “I was stuttering, I didn’t know how to answer, I was afraid. So now it’s getting much better.” Bouzid’s experience is becoming increasingly common in Ottawa’s volunteer sector, and is one of the biggest trends in volunteering according to Volunteer Ottawa’s Jeff Bond. “Ottawa is one of the top four Canadian cities that’s a destination point for newcomers, so our landscape is changing. We’ve taken more of a role in help-

ing people to engage this demographic,” he said, adding that newcomers are often looking for personal benefit while at the same time a chance to help the community. “A lot of these individuals who want to engage their community, there may be a real purpose and goal behind it. They’re looking to gain Canadian experience, develop skills, or develop a Canadian network. This is a great way to achieve those goals.” Omaima Faris, volunteer co-ordinator at OCISO, said about 30 per cent of the organization’s volunteers are newcomers looking for experience – sometimes more than an agency is able to offer. “The newcomers that are coming now are highly skilled, internationally trained professionals, and they’ve got a lot to offer, a lot more than your regular volunteer job is even looking for. So stuffing envelopes, dropping off meals to homes, they can do all that and they’re happy to do that, but their skill set is at a different level,” she said. “The challenge for volunteer co-ordinators is looking at the talents and skills that they bring and seeing where they can invest those skills in their agency.” Even in a low-skills volunteer position, however, a new Canadian has a lot to gain. “There are a lot of challenges and barriers that newcomers face. Isolation, the change of weather, the employment challenges. They come highly skilled and they’re not quite sure where they

fit,” Faris said, adding that the immigration process can sometimes lead to false hopes about how quickly an immigrant will find a good job. “They come here and they’re all excited about being in Canada, and then as the struggles start to arise, especially not finding employment, someone’s confidence in themselves, their capacities and their abilities can slowly deteriorate. “With volunteering, that can assist. It doesn’t give them a job, but it gives them a sense that their skills are valued. That really helps boosts them up so at their next interview, they walk in a very different person than a person who hasn’t volunteered.” There are also cultural barriers to volunteering. Some immigrants come from countries where the police cannot be trusted, so getting a routine police records check in order to volunteer can be a huge challenge, Faris explained. The other barrier is that some cultures don’t embrace volunteers in the way Canada does, and highly-skilled immigrants may not recognize that working for free is the path to a Canadian job in their field. “Sometimes people are graduated, and they say ‘ok, we have our degrees but we can’t find a job,’ ” said Bouzid. “But you need Canadian experience to get a job, and from the volunteer job you can get a Canadian job. It’s a path to follow, so I’m telling them as a newcomer, don’t give up.”

Ottawa This Week - Nepean - FEBRUARY 03, 2011

New Canadians making most of volunteer opportunities

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Ottawa This Week - Nepean - FEBRUARY 03, 2011


Ottawa This Week - Nepean  

February 3, 2011