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OTTAWA THIS WEEK - CENTRAL - November 18, 2010


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Many people still think Bruyère is only a place where people come to die. More often we know it’s also where improving care for struggling seniors across our community is a daily focus. Bruyère Continuing Care is the champion of our aging population and those requiring continuing care.

Bruyère Continuing Care Is — Saint-Vincent Hospital – Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital – Élisabeth Bruyère Research Institute – Saint-Louis Residence – Élisabeth Bruyère Residence – Bruyère Family Medicine Centre – Primrose Family Medicine Centre – Bruyère Foundation.

Bruyère Is Continuing Care.


Bruyère Continuing Care is focused on delivering health care system solutions that will address the rapid growth of our aging population. Every day Bruyère provides innovative health care programs for seniors, conducts research to improve care of the elderly and, collaborates with health care partners across the region.

Ottawa This Week - Central  
Ottawa This Week - Central  

November 18, 2010