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is exactly what comes in handy during the latter stages of a marathon. Get going!

SOME COLD WEATHER TIPS: • Adjust the intensity of your workout. It doesn’t matter whether you cover the same distance you might on a summer day. You are out running. Decide on a time rather than the number of kilometres. • Warm up properly and start at a comfortable pace before easing up into a tempo that is slower than your normal training pace. • Shorten your stride to improve your footing on icy roads. Many runners insert a handful of small drywall screws on the outsides of their soles to give them greater traction. • Carry coins or a cellphone so you can get help in an emergency. Perhaps carry the cab fare home. • Run into the wind and coast home with it at your back. • Run with a group if possible. • If you are going out by yourself, tell someone your route and estimate how long you will be out. Find a route that allows you to cut your run short and get help if you need it. • Remember up to 50 per cent of the

body’s heat is lost through the head. Wear a balaclava or tuque to keep you warm. • In extreme temperatures, cover all exposed skin with clothing or petroleum jelly. If you are running with a partner, check each other’s face regularly for the white patches that mean frostbite. • Run facing the traffic and wear reflective gear. • Chapstick your lips, nose and ears. • Many a gentleman has found the hard way that it is best to protect future generations with a wind brief. • Keep your speed work for dry, indoor surfaces. • Seek a warm, dry place and medical attention if you suspect hypothermia. It’s caused by a drop in the body’s core temperature and it’s dangerous. Signs are incoherent, slurred speech, clumsy fingers and other signs of poor coordination. • We know of no runner who has frozen lungs in subzero weather, and we know some people who run outside when it is –40ºC. The air is warmed by the body before it enters the lungs. If you find breathing cold air uncomfortable, wear a face mask to help warm it. • Change into dry clothes as soon as you can after your run. 


Winter Adventure D E S T I N AT I O N


The Barry’s Bay Railway Station www.madawaskavalley.ca www.southof60.com 613-756-5885

MEC Ottawa RaCE SERiES Seven races in 2015 with low entry fees, marked routes, timed results, and finish-line bananas. Great for newbies and families, athletes with training schedules, or any runner who values the basics. $15 $20 $25

5K, 10K or 15K Gatineau Park half marathon Gatineau Park marathon

Series kick off Race One: January 31, 2015 5K, 10K at Rideau Carleton Raceway Register at events.mec.ca

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