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Page 18 – Ottawa Jewish Bulletin – June 16, 2008

Deborah Zuker to lead Adath Shalom’s High Holy Days services By Ruth Kahane Goldberg for Adath Shalom Congregation Ottawa native Deborah Zuker, a rabbinical student at the Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS) in New York, will return to provide spiritual leadership at Adath Shalom Congregation’s 2008 High Holy Days services. “We are pleased that Deborah Zuker will return to Ottawa to conduct Adath Shalom’s High Holy Days services. The leadership she provided last year was inspirational, both at a Shabbaton and during the High Holy Days. We look forward to her thoughtful, meaningful approach and the way she connects with congregants of all ages,” said Paul Adler, Adath Shalom co-president. Named in May by the Jewish Theological Seminary as an inaugural recipient of the Schusterman Rabbinical Fellowship Program, Zuker will be one of “eight outstanding rabbinical students from the Conservative

Rabbinical student Deborah Zuker returns to her hometown to lead Adath Shalom’s High Holy Days services.

and Reform Movements” selected to undertake three years of formal study, designed to create a cadre of rabbis who will provide leadership and collaboration on issues such as interfaith families and unaffiliated Jews in Israel and North America. Zuker will lead services at Adath Shalom after spending the summer volunteering in an underprivileged neigh-

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bourhood in south Tel Aviv and beginning the third year of her JTS rabbinical studies, which she will continue

throughout the year in Israel. She said she’s looking forward to being in Jerusalem to do her spiritual preparation for the High Holy Days and to then share her experiences with Adath Shalom. In the past year, Zuker participated in a special week-long conference with the rabbinical school on the topic of prayer leadership and spiritual development through prayer. The High Holy Days, she said, have many teaching opportunities. “I hope to create points of contact with the liturgy for daveners to connect with the spiritual content of the services,” she said. These opportunities will be found throughout the

prayer services and in study sessions each day before the Mincha service. She will also lead two sessions for youth to deepen their experience during services. “My goal for the Yamim Nora’im is to work with the Adath Shalom community to create meaningful and spiritually vibrant High Holy Day services and learning opportunities,” Zuker said. “The most important thing to me is that every congregant feels comfortable and able to find their own personal expression of prayer through our traditional High Holy Day davening. I hope that each participant will feel moved and impacted at some point during the services.” Adath Shalom, a Conser-

vative egalitarian congregation, will conduct its High Holy Days services at the Soloway Jewish Community Centre in the Joseph and Rose Ages Family Building, 21 Nadolny Sachs Private. High Holy Days memberships are available for the month of Tishrei, from Rosh Hashanah, beginning on the evening of September 29 until the end of Simchat Torah on October 22. The community is also invited to attend regular Shabbat morning and chaggim services held at the Jewish Community Campus chapel, 31 Nadolny Sachs Private. For further information, visit or call 613-240-4564.

High school students can make a difference by volunteering with JFS this summer By Geremy Miller Jewish Family Services of Ottawa Are you a high school student with some time to spare this summer? Then consider volunteering through the Today’s Youth Tomorrow’s Leaders (TYTL) program of Jewish Family Services (JFS) and give something back to your community. The TYTL program offers you training and the opportunity to help others. It will also help you make the kind of connections in the community that can change lives. “Volunteering is something to take pride in,” says

Lisa Bogdonov, JFS volunteer co-ordinator. “There are lots of things to do that will make a difference in people’s lives.” JFS receives hundreds of requests per month looking for people to help out. Whether it is taking a senior to the museum for the afternoon, helping someone shop for the week or simply making a daily reassurance call, the opportunities to do something meaningful are endless. Volunteer opportunities are not limited to only what JFS can offer, either. There are more than 15 organizations city-wide that would greatly benefit from volun-

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teer youth involvement in their youth programs. “The real world skills that you gain from volunteering – connecting with people from different backgrounds, teamwork, leadership, and so on – are an investment in yourself that you can draw on again and again for the rest of your life. You also gain a sense of accomplishment and selfreliance. And, of course, it is a great way to meet new people and make a difference,” says Roshan Musa, JFS youth volunteer coordinator. With TYTL, Musa has established a leadership and cultural sensitivity training

workshop to help young volunteers be better prepared for, and get the most out of, their volunteer experience. The TYTL program is open to youth who are currently volunteering with an organization and to those who are looking for volunteer opportunities. JFS will find the right volunteer opportunity for you. To volunteer, for the summer and beyond, call Lisa Bogdonov at 613-7222225, ext. 327.

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