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Ottawa Jewish Bulletin – June 16, 2008 – Page 15

Gentle Yoga helps former mayor recover use of hand By Pamela Rosenberg for Soloway JCC In March of 2007, Marion Dewar, a former Ottawa mayor and member of Parliament, slipped on a patch of ice on her driveway

and broke her hand. Although her doctor said she might never have full use of the hand again, she’s well on the way to a recovery she attributes to the Gentle Yoga classes at the Soloway Jewish

Community Centre (JCC). Following surgery, which inserted two plates in her hand, and months of physiotherapy, Dewar regained some hand movement. But she still had no feeling in two

Na’amat Mother’s Day Tea raises $9,000 for shelter By Sharon Reichstein Na’amat Ottawa Mother’s Day Tea event chair Na’amat Ottawa’s fourth annual Mother’s Day Tea, featuring Norene Gilletz demonstrating several berry recipes from her new cookbook, Norene’s Healthy Kitchen, was an unprecedented success raising $9,000 for the world-renowned Na’amat Canada Glickman Centre for Family Violence Protection in Tel Aviv. The Glickman Centre opened its doors in 1996. At that time, Na’amat Israel’s counselling facilities were fielding more than 5,000 enquiries per year from abused women; 2,000 of them from the Tel Aviv region alone. Until the Glickman Centre was constructed, there was no formal shelter in Israel’s largest city. The centre in Tel Aviv combines two buildings on one site. The first is a high-security shelter for women and their children; the second, a domestic violence counselling and treatment centre. While each building is autonomous, they work in co-operation with each other. The Glickman Centre Shelter can accommodate 14 women and 16 children at a time. The women and children housed in the shelter have been sharing living quarters: two families to each room. These are very difficult conditions and often cause tension, due to a lack of privacy. The women and children being sheltered may have emotional issues and need their own space. This has been recognized by

of her fingers. “My little finger and my ring finger were dead, I was always dropping things,” she says. “I play bridge and I could not bring the cards in when I had a trick. And it was awkward for me to deal.” As a gift, Dewar’s daughters gave her a membership at the Soloway JCC and registered her for Gentle Yoga. One day, while working on the mats with her arms stretched out, she suddenly felt a tingle in her fingers. “After a year of no feeling, I had accepted the fact that it would never come back. So I was quite excited,” she says. Doing Gentle Yoga for one hour every week at the Soloway JCC became a priority. Dewar had tried yoga before, but never had the positive experience she found

at the Soloway JCC. She is now confident that she’ll regain total use of her hand and attributes her success to the guidance of yoga instructor, Katherine Shapiro Moss. Shapiro Moss says she has developed a unique and eclectic style of yoga that draws from many disciplines and incorporates many modalities including meditation, energy psychology, craniosacral therapy and emotional freedom technique. “We will never understand how the body works. It is a miracle possessing an unlimited ability to heal and reconfigure itself. Our bodies are self-healing once we remove the barriers to health.” says Shapiro Moss. “We operate through energy flow. When that flow is interrupted by emotional stress or physical trauma, dis-

Cookbook author Norene Gilletz demonstrates a berry recipe at Na’amat Ottawa’s Mother’s Day Tea.

Israel’s Ministry of Welfare which has introduced new regulations requiring that each sheltered family must have its own room and bathroom. As a result, Na’amat Canada has taken on the tasks of building four new rooms and en suites, and of converting eight shared bedrooms into 12 private rooms and has launched the Glickman Centre Bedroom Campaign to finance the project. To make a donation to the Glickman Centre, or for further information about Na’amat, please call me at 613-226-1989 or email

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ease can result.” Shapiro Moss gives personalized attention to each student and it is her sensitivity to their needs that opens a channel for energy flow. With Dewar, Shapiro Moss used her own fine-tuned energy to resonate with Dewar‘s, activating a healing response. Both say they experienced joy and release. “My classes are a way to teach, not just yoga, but an approach to well-being that goes beyond the classroom and endures beyond the course,” says Shapiro Moss. In addition to Gentle Yoga once a week, Dewar has also been taking advantage of the Soloway JCC’s saltwater pool and says she loves the warm and friendly environment of the centre. “We are blessed to have such a jewel in our neighbourhood,” says Dewar.

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