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Ottawa Jewish Bulletin – June 16, 2008 – Page 11

Rabbi Karmi Ingber delivers a lecture during JET’s Yarchei Kallah in 2007.

JET’s Yarchei Kallah: a week of Torah study for adults By Rachel Sheffrin for JET The kids are in bed, the dishes are cleared and my husband and I sit down with our evening cup of tea to discuss the day’s events. Tonight’s agenda: the upcoming Yarchei Kallah, a week of adult Torah study, July 6 to 12, sponsored by JET (Jewish Education through Torah). We look forward to this week-long learning-fest as it approaches each year. Who will speak? What classes will be offered? How much time will we be able to take off? We pour over the enticing program guide that has arrived in the mail. We talk about juggling of work schedules, about day camps and babysitters, about cars and bedtimes. Our goal, though, is clear: to attend as many of the classes and events as possible. And catch up on the rest via the recorded CDs.

Among the scholars-inresidence at Yarchei Kallah this year are Rabbi Label Lam, who is known throughout the Jewish world for his witty, inspiring and informative lectures and essays, and Chani Juravel, a teacher and social worker with vast experience working with children and adolescents and with their families and teachers. Rabbi Yitzchak Feigenbaum, founding principal of Tiferes Bais Yaakov High School in Toronto, who has been a popular guest lecturer for JET for many years, returns this year. I put a big red circle around his morning Chumash class for Women on my program guide. I can tell you, from my own experience, that Rabbi Feigenbaum’s Chumash for Women class is one that’s not to be missed. Unless you are attending Rabbi Lam’s introduction to Musar, the Torah approach to develop-

Partners in Research honours Norman Barwin At a gala evening held May 7, Partners in Research, a national charity dedicated to educating the public about health research, honoured Dr. Norman Barwin, CM, with the Biomedical Science Ambassador Award (lay category) in recognition of his major contributions to research, teaching and promotion of biomedical science and volunteerism.

ing healthy attitudes towards life, at the same time. If so, you can take Rabbi Feigenbaum’s evening Chumash class for both men and women, instead. In addition to a full schedule of classes in the mornings and evenings, there is daily lunch and learn, given by a different rabbi each day. Topics include, Bible Codes: proving that Bozo the Clown Wrote the Bible and Tzedakah: Can You Ever Give Enough? For young adults, the JETSetters evening includes a Death by Chocolate dinner and a lecture by Rabbi Lam on the male/female dynamic. Yarchei Kallah kicks off on July 6 at 6:00 pm with an opening dinner at the Soloway Jewish Community Centre honouring Rabbi Micah and Shani Shotkin. It will feature a lecture by Rabbi Lam called The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Reconciling the Inner and Outer Persona. The grand finale to the week is a Shabbaton, July 11 and 12, at Beth Shalom West. This is a full Shabbat experience where you can get to know the guest lecturers, hear more great lectures, eat more great food, meet more great people and come away with more great insights about life and about being Jewish. For information, contact JET at or 613-798-9818, ext. 247.

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