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Spring continues to bring great weather making our outdoor patio the perfect place for a cappuccino or perhaps a scoop of one of our organic milk gelati.

With Spring comes a desire to eat fresh cheeses so check out our article on sheep cheeses inside!


June 2010 Newsletter

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Spring has sprung so try something new! If you haven’t tried any of our Oyama products yet then you’re in for a real treat. Oyama Sausage Company is a family run, 5th generation business based out of Granville Island that uses B.C. - raised, hormonefree meat to produce high quality, natural products with passion and care. There are no fillers and all of their products are wheat-free, so these babies are nothing but the good stuff! Come on in and sample a few meats from our large, ever-changing selection.


Macedonian Feta ‘Tis the season for salads and fresh vegetables and there’s no other better feta to use than the Macedonian. Macedonian feta has a creamy, slightly tangy consistency, kind of like a laid- back chèvre frais. Want to try something different on your Greek salad? Macedonian feta will give your salad a whole new level of richness and flavour. Or try topping it with fresh chopped herbs, chili pepper, citrus zest and olive oil for a great appetizer

Rustichella d’Abruzzo Spelt Kernels

For something hearty to liven up your plate this summer try some spelt kernels. Spelt is an ancient grain from Europe which has been cultivated for over 9,000 years. Spelt is not wheat; it contains more protein, fats, and fiber and is easier to digest than wheat. For this reason it is generally tolerated by people with gluten allergies. Cooked spelt has a nutty, earthy flavour. To prepare: rinse and soak spelt in water for eight hours or overnight. Drain, rinse and then add three parts water to one part spelt kernels. Bring to a boil, then turn down the heat and simmer for about one hour. Try it in place of barley in soups, have it hot or cold in a salad, or by itself next to some freshly grilled fish and you just might discover this ancient grain has more character than most ancient things.

You scream, I scream, we all scream for…Gelato? It’s no ice cream, and it doesn’t want to be either! Gelato, literally meaning “frozen” in Italian, is creamier, richer and denser than regular ice cream because it contains 55% less air, and it uses milk with lower butterfat content, so it actually contains about 1/3 of the fat of ice cream! Several times a week Cam’s downstairs working his magic with our Italian gelato machine turning out batch after batch of homemade goodness. We use whole organic milk and local, seasonal fruit whenever we can get our hands on it. All of our fruit flavours are dairy free (& only 1% fat) and all of our flavours are wheat and gluten free. Pretty soon you’ll be spreading this stuff on your toast!

June 2010 Newsletter

250-592-4080 2272 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria, B.C.

This month we’ve decided to introduce you to some cheeses that don’t hail from the mighty cow; we’re talking all about sheep’s milk cheeses! All of the cheeses we’ve chosen are beautifully


From the Cheese Counter

crafted classics which are as unique and

delicious as any cow’s creation and none too tangy. As a bonus they’re easier to

digest than cow’s milk cheese for some people so they can be suitable

for those who are lactose intolerant. So let’s raise a piece of crusty bread to the “black sheep” of the cheese family and celebrate the other guy.


This creamy, tangy, soft cheese could well be

the result of a brie-envious pack of sheep, or more likely some devoted farmers. Firm on the outside, and velvety rich on the inside ,Brebiou has the perfect amount of sharpness. Looking for a creamy cheese with a

“A meal without some cheese is like a beautiful woman with only one eye”, Brillat Savarin

little something extra? Try this cheese and discover a softer side of sheep you never knew existed!

Bleu de Basque

Fairly new to the game, this modern, French blue was created in 2001 in the Pyrenees where

the hills are full of wild flowers and fresh grass. This blue is semi-firm with a little crumble and a little creaminess. Its flavour is beautifully complex with an earthiness that’s herby with a little bit of spice. It is full flavoured without overpowering the palate. Give Roquefort a break and try this other sheep’s blue for a change of pace.

Ossau Iraty

This is Comte’s high alpine style cousin and competition for sure. Ossau Iraty is one of the

world’s oldest and most revered cheeses. Using unpasteurized milk from the high Pyrenees in France bordering Spain, this cheese reflects all of the character and variety of the high pastures that the sheep graze on. A washed rind cheese, Ossau has a fruity, nutty flavour with hints of olive. Creamy, complex and simply divine, it’s a staff favourite, and you’ll never even know it’s made from sheep’s milk… just don’t tell the sheep that.

Upcoming events

Don’t miss out on our flashiest event of the year. Come visit our Italian tasting on the piazza in front of Ottavio with illy coffee demonstration, Italian wines by Penny Farthing Wine & Spirits, grilled lamb sandwiches by Johan of Galloping Goose Sausages, Italian cheese tasting, Italian opera & folk music & don’t forget the annual line-up of fast cars, motorcycles & scooters as Victoria’s Italian aficionados show up to show off their beautiful vehicles.

Festa Italiana Saturday June 19 11am to 3pm

Newsletter June 2010  
Newsletter June 2010  

Organic milk gelato, sheep's cheeses and upcoming events.