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Newsletter May 2011 ISSUE 16

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May 2011 Newsletter

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Increasingly more people are discovering an intolerance to gluten. We here at Ottavio are on the pulse and have sourced some incredible gluten free options! From Rustichella d’Abruzzo are 2 sizes of Gnocchi di Patate available in our cheese cooler. We also offer high quality farro (spelt) and kamut pasta from Rustichella. Dried pasta options include: Italian produced Fiorentini Rice Penne & Spaghetti, Corn Spaghetti & Rigatoni & Corn Fusilli by Rustichella. Polenta, a long time Italian staple, has always enjoyed its gluten free status and once fueled the Roman army! Look at this month’s recipe for a simple preparation.


Our shelves are stocked but we always seem to find more great stuff for our food savvy customers! Here’s a look at what’s fresh at Ottavio:

Cowichan Bay Pasta Co. Hand made using all local ingredients, look in our freezer! Kusmi Tea Co. Limited edition release of Smoky Earl Grey and Ceylon OP and herbal Four Red Fruits Beaufor Walnut Mustard It’s back! One of our all time favourites Degusto Organic Olive Oil Wicked value from Spain using only Spanish olives. Ronnie & Denzel’s BBQ Sauce ‘Kansas City’ or ‘Southwestern Red’ from the Okanagan, fire up the grill! Spinnaker’s Brewery Vinegars Local & delicious, ‘Scottish Ale Malt’ & ‘Belgian Abbey Ale’

New Cocktail Supply Section

We are proud to introduce our line of mixology wares designed for the home bartender. Check out our extensive line of bitters & infusions by Fee Brothers:

West Indian Orange • Old Fashioned • Grapefruit • Rhubarb • Aztec Chocolate • Cherry • Peach • Hibiscus Water • American Beauty Grenadine

Locavore? Got it…Twisted Orange Bitters by Victoria Gin Distillery available here! Have you tried Fentiman’s Natural Sodas? Try Curiosity Cola or Dandelion & Burdock Root in your next mixed drink, available by single bottle or 4 packs. From the fantastic Fevertree Co. we carry 3 kinds of naturally produced Tonic & Soda Waters. Garnish needed for that Caesar or Martini? Look for Fire Breathin’ Pickled Green Beans, Opies Maraschino & Curacao Cocktail Cherries. Also, check out “Cote d’Azur” Margarita Lime Salt or Celery Salt for all your rimmed drink creations and Crodino Italian bitters for the perfect refreshing spritzer or aperitivo.

May 2011 Newsletter

250-592-4080 2272 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria, B.C. Polenta 101- A Beginner’s Guide perfect gluten free starch, economical & healthy! Yield: 4-6 dinner sized portions 4 cups Hot water, chicken stock or vegetable stock 1 cup Fine Cornmeal 1 Tsp Salt 3 Tbsp EX Virgin Olive oil/Unsalted butter 1/2 cup Grated Cheese (optional)-i.e.Parmigiano, Pecorino, Fontina (Ottavio sells all of these) Dry White Wine (e.g. Pinot Grigio) Grated Hard Aged Cheese (e.g. Parmigiano, Pecorino Cacio di Fossa)

No longer can Canada be identified as just a great producer of Cheddar and Oka. All styles of cheese are now being made and many of which are located right here in our backyard!


Heat water or stock to boil, add salt, whisk in fine cornmeal, reduce heat to simmer. Stir in one direction with a wooden spoon or rubber spatula, being careful not to burn yourself with bubbling hot polenta. Cover tightly with a lid and set a timer for 15 minutes. Remove lid, fold in any liquid that has surfaced, replace lid and repeat twice for a total of 45 minutes of cooking. Remove from heat and stir in oil/butter and cheese if using. Rest 5 minutes prior to serving. The polenta is ready to eat! Tip out any remaining polenta into ceramic bowl or loaf pan to chill. Leftover hard polenta can be reheated in your favourite pasta sauce, also works great when lightly oiled and grilled! *Variations: add 1 cup freshly shelled fava beans or sautéed fresh corn kernels. Add a heaping dollop of our housemade basil pesto, sundried tomato or olive tapenade!

BC Cheese Course Support your local cheesemakers!

Hilary’s Cheese – located in Cobble Hill, one of the first on the island to produce old world styles: ‘Belle Ann’, ‘Waxed Goat Cheddar’, ‘Sacre Bleu’, ‘You Boo Blue’.

Salt Spring Island Cheese – David Woods goat milk creamery is now a fixture on the local cheese scene featuring: ‘Chevre Frais’ in a number flavours, ‘Juliette’ a goat camembert and its blue veined cousin ‘Blue Juliette’. Kootenay Cheese – using only raw, organic milk Wayne & Denise Harris operate out of Creston, BC and produce old world Alpine style cheese: ‘Alpindon’ and ‘Nostrala’ are found in our Canadian cheese case. Little Qualicum Cheeseworks – Clarke & Nancy Gourlay have been producing cheese reflecting their Swiss heritage and operate the first ever SPCA certified farm: ‘Bleu Clair’, ‘Island Brie’ and you’d swear it was from Switzerland, ‘Raclette’. Poplar Grove Winery – known throughout the province for their now cult status Cabernet Franc wine, they also produce one of most popular blue cheeses in the shop with a feisty number they call ‘Tiger Blue’.

Come visit Ottavio at our new website & follow us on Twitter ( for upcoming events, new products, exciting arrivals & more.

Newsletter May / 2011  

Gluten free products, Cocktail supplies, cheese course and recipes plus more...

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