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February 2012


15th Year Anniversary A look ahead to what is coming up..

Nut Oils

& Verjus from France

February Farmhouse Cheddar Old School & Delicious!

San Valentino at Ottavio

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February 2012


This September marks our 15th year anniversary and to celebrate we are planning key events for each season. In spring we will be rolling out the big wheels with our annual ‘Big Cheese Cut’. More cheesy goodness will follow with week long promotions on both Quebec and Swiss products. Back by popular demand is ‘Festa Italiana’ to kick off the summer. In August, along with our friends at Zambri’s ,we’ll host the 2nd Family Dinner to benefit the Single Parent Resource Centre. Other happenings are in the works so keep up to date by following us on Twitter, through our monthly newsletter, and on our website

Vive la France! It seems the food world of late has fallen in love again with all things French. The resurgence of charcuterie, cheese plates and artisan breads here is nothing new to a Parisian. When it comes to oils, many think of Italy as second to none for olive oil but nut oils are king in France. Featured here are some of the best we can source:

French Nut Oils & Verjus

‘Huilerie Beaujolaise’-hand pressed, stone ground and a favourite amongst top chefs like Eric Ripert at ‘Le Bernadin’ in NYC. Varieties include Peanut, Pinenut, Almond and Pistachio and are all packaged in small 100ml bottles. ‘Vilux’- another company that presses only with stone mills using solely the best quality nuts. Walnut and Hazelnut oils are packaged in 250ml bottles. Also originating from French soil and gaining popularity here is a condiment known as Verjus or literally translated ‘green juice’. Made from unripe wine grapes with more acidity than sweetness, it can be used like citrus in all applications where a touch of brightness is needed. Think ceviche, vinaigrettes and sauces for fish. ‘L’esprit d’epicure’ is from the Perigord region of France and sold aptly in a standard 750ml wine bottle. Locally, ‘Venturi-Schulze’ produces a version in a smaller 375ml bottle using 100% Vancouver Island Estate grown grapes.

San Valentino at Ottavio Needing to woo or impress that special someone? This year will see the return of our Chocolate Covered Marzipan Hearts, Heart Shaped Jam Tart cookies and Cinnamon Heart Gelato. Melanie will be building Chocolate Mocha Lover’s Cake for Two. Feel free to contact us if you need help putting together a sharing platter of cheese and/or charcuterie to enjoy by the candlelight! Also, we will be hosting our illy coffee Espresso Appreciation Day to “express” our love for you!

February 2012

250-592-4080 2272 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria, B.C.


Farmhouse Cheddar

Considered the largest family of cheese, cheddar gets it’s name from Cheddar County in southwestern England. The original drums were made from excess raw cow’s milk that a family could not consume or sell. Traditionally these drums were wrapped in cloth and stored on wood shelving in the family barn and aged to various degrees of sharpness. Prior to the First World War there were literally hundreds of family farms producing their own unpasteurized versions. Over time, improved transportation methods found many farms selling their excess dairy to industrial producers in the city (London) and the onset of pasteurized cheddars was born. Nowadays, with less than a dozen family farms left, the craft is practically extinct. However, with renewed interest in all things old or artisanal, a renaissance of sorts is happening and cheese makers across the globe are reviving this great cheese! Our cheese case features these beauties: Montgomery’s Family Clothbound (UK) - unpasteurized and one of the originals, producing what many consider to be the very best. Complex and a finish that keeps on truckin’! A standard against which all farmhouse cheddars are measured. Ford Farm West Country Farmhouse (UK) - pasteurized and recipient of a gold medal at the prestigious 2011 Nantwich Cheese awards. Black Waxed Tuxford & Tebbutt (UK) - pasteurized and producing since 1780, this one gets a black wax coating ensuring a safe journey overseas. A commercially produced farmhouse cheddar as well as a longtime customer favourite. Avonlea Clothbound (P.E.I.) - unpasteurized from the east coast of Canada, representing us well with a beauty that shines with a salt air and barnyard finish that would make Anne proud! Delicious! Next time you are in, ask us for a taste of them all & you decide which is your favourite. Our cheese case features these beauties:

Did you know?

A new year and new lights in our bakery & kitchen add to our existing environmental efforts....have we mentioned our massive recycling program & our backyard chicken composting?! Perhaps you’ve noticed the T-8 low energy fluorescents that are brighter indeed! Also, Andrew has been busy outfitting our taps with low flow faucets and more green initiatives are in the works.

Upcoming Events Feb 14th - OTTAVIO LOVES YOU!

illy Espresso Appreciation Day

Visit Ottavio Online & follow us on Twitter ( for upcoming events, new products, exciting arrivals & more.

Feb 23rd - Phillips Beer & Cheese Tasting - this is now an annual winter event at the Phillips Brewery - $45 gives you a great night of at least a dozen artisan cheeses, specifically paired with fantastic Phillips 7-9pm

brews (usually some special features in the mix!) and a good feeding of charcuterie to polish the night off. This is one of the most educational, social & fun nights in the city this winter, not to mention great value. 40 tickets available at Ottavio & Phillips Brewery.

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Our 15th Anniversary Year and a look ahead… Nut Oils & Verjus from France Farmhouse Cheddar: old school and delicious San Valentino @ Ottav...