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DJ Sense OTR: So are you ready? DJ Sense: Yep. Let’s go OTR: My first question to you is, how did you get started as a DJ? Who or what inspired you to do it? DJ Sense: I got inspired probably when I was 16. I realized I wasn’t going to the NFL or play football so my true passion was music. A friend of mine was a DJ in high school. I remember Gang Starr and Nas had this record when Nas first came out. I just felt the energy and I was like you know what, I think I can do this. Then, I used to listen to the radio all the time to this show called “Radioactive” with my man Colby Cole on WUSL Power 99 and they had this exclusive radio show. The show was hot and I just felt like this is what I needed to do. From that point I got into Djing and never looked back. OTR: What skills are really necessary to be a DJ? I mean, it’s something that a lot of people want to do. They just figure, “hey, I’ll turn on my iPod and be good to go”, but what do you need to know in order to be a successful DJ? DJ Sense: It depends on what Kind of DJ you want to be. There are different elements for different things you do as a DJ. If you want to rock a party, you got to be able to feel the crowd and now what they like. You have to be able to keep the energy up when you’re rocking a party, knowing the right records to play; making sure you bring them in the right way and you’re not train wreckin’. When I say train wreckin’, I mean your transitions just sound terrible. For the radio, you can kinda follow the same rules. Radio is about popular music and programming. Your programming skills have to be on point. By programming I mean, you have to now your demographics. You have to play the right music for that demographic and keep it hot; that’s the key element of radio. A lot of DJ’s think they can just get on and DJ. They don’t think of all the elements outside of that, like it’s a mental thing. That’s just as important, if not more important, than being able to scratch good or blend good. I take pride in my programming, especially when it comes to radio. Radio is female driven so you have to make sure you’re playing what the females like, mix in R&B, Beyonce’, Alicia Keys; you just have to mix that up. Mixtapes are a skill that you need good energy, your mic skills have to be tight. Mixtapes are about ground-breaking music so it rests on your credibility. Its different angles of being a DJ and having the skills to be a DJ. OTR: Well thank you for that very extensive answer. I just learned a lot right now. DJ Sense: When I talk about Djing and music and stuff I’m on a whole different level when it comes to this. It’s such a big range of how you can do what you wanna do in this game, so my approach to it is just a little bit different. It might be a little different than others. OTR: Well I definitely feel you on that! Tell me about the Aphilliates and how that group formed. DJ Sense: When we were in school (myself, DJ Drama, Don Cannon and my other partner Ace McCloud) we were just Djing together and doing our thing. Where the name comes from is, we’re all from Philly but we rep the A (Atlanta) so I added the “A” to the “ph” to make Aphilliates because its supposed to be spelled affiliates. So it represented what we’re all about. It has a couple of meanings because we’re affiliated with what’s hot, we’re affiliated with eachother and affiliated with Philly and the A for Atlanta. We really started doing it as just a fun thing, then it turned into a business. Now it’s a brand so, you know, I still rock with it today and do what I gotta do.


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OTR: So how does a DJ become an Aphilliate DJ? What’s the process like? DJ Sense: It’s just basically about building your rep up and being somebody credible to the game. When it becomes a situation that’s beneficial to both parties they get the access that the Aphilliates have, we get a new member that has good, high energy. We approach the DJs that deserve that opportunity. OTR: Okay, sounds easy enough. I want to go back to something you said earlier. You said that you approach music a little differently than most people. When you hear new music, how do you know when you have a hit on your hands or can you tell what the next big record is going to be? DJ Sense: By being well in-tune to the game and knowing your network, like relationships with other DJs. No one can do it by themselves. You gotta have relationships with your club DJs, radio DJs, strip club DJs, your mixtape DJs, etc. It’s called being in the game. It’s just a culture and you gotta be a part of it. The blogs, websites, just being a part of the culture and being in-tune. When you’re in-tune it’s like second nature. It’s not hard to find out what’s the next thing because you’re plugged into the game. OTR: Well with that said, who are some of your favorites in the game right now? DJ Sense: Oh without a doubt definitely Willie the Kid, L.A.D., you know, as far as artists that are new and groundbreaking. Um, artists that are making noise out of the A, I definitely gotta give credit to Waka Flocka; he’s doing his thing as bringing good energy out the hood...Gucci, they do their thing. Coming from which region, I mean it’s so many artists. I give Drake credit, he’s doing his thing, he just did 400,000. He ground-broke the whole mixtape thing. I don’t really have that one or two. If you give me two, I say Willie the Kid and L.A.D.; brand new artists coming up in the game. They’re not brand new but they’re up and coming in the game right now. OTR: What advice would you give an up and coming DJ? DJ Sense: The advice I would give is, you don’t wanna get ahead of yourself. You want to stay passionate to what you wanna do. Stay faithful. Keep your grind going and don’t be discouraged by anything around you. Stay on your grind and follow certain rules, your opportunity will come. You just gotta be prepared for it. OTR: Well, that was some good advice. So let’s go ahead and let people know how they can get in touch with you. DJ Sense: You can catch me on: ● or @DJSense ● Check the websites and ● You can catch me on the radio at 107.9 Thursday, Saturdays and Sundays ●I’m on Sirius Satellite Shade 45 XM Fridays 8-10 ET, Power 105 in NY Saturdays 12-2. ET

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DJ Booth Etiquette

Top 10 Things You DON’T Do In the DJ Booth DJ Jelly 1) I’m not ya bitch...Waving $20 in my face will NOT make 1) Don’t try to yell or signal me, especially if you’re not... A) Security B) The Promoter C) The Owner or D) A Fine Woman

2) Don’t bang on the door or barge in to the dj booth to dap me up. Let’s chop it up early, like an hour before I go on, or after I’m done spinning - I’ll be able to show you respect and pay attention. 3) Don’t hand me music. PERIOD. Refer back to #2. 4) Don’t bring in another artist while spinning. Refer back to #2. 5) Don’t tell me what to play. 6) Don’t request songs unless you fall under #1, especially “D)”. 7) Don’t hang around the booth - I love my space! 8) Don’t ask me for my business card. Refer back to #2. 9) Don’t ask to put your belongings in the booth while you party.That’s why they have a coat check. 10) Don’t show me tattoos or any other other body parts unless you’re a woman and you’re exceptionally beautiful! South’s #1 DJ - DJ Jelly ● ● ● (MP3s ONLY PLEASE!!!) and tune into

me play your request, I’ll play it when I g******n feel like it- if I feel like it. 2) I don’t care how hot you are in a 2 block radius, I’m not playing ya CD. Especially at 12:00 when the floor is packed... Get away you local rapper.

3) No...I know everyone with a laptop assumes they’re a DJ today, but ya punk ass CANNOT get on the 1200s - no guest spots tonight. 4) Fellas...This is not the area to sneak & roll ya blunts up, then when the club finds all of the tobacco in the trash (or floor) they blame me. 5) No bitch...This is not a closet, take your coat to coat check and pay the extra $2.00. 6) Do not spit a verse to me while I’m spinning- I don’t care and I can’t hear you. 7) Do not talk to me while holding a drink over the turntables, most likely you’re drunk. 8) Do not interrupt me if you see a female mysteriously lower herself in the booth.


9) It’s cool to ask for a shout-out, but don’t keep walking past the booth like I’m gonna keep doing it.

10) Don’t assume that cuz we know each other and after we dap each other up you can hang in the booth- get ya ass out.

DJ HELLA YELLA 1) After you give me your song, don’t ask me “You got me?” after every song I play.

7) Don’t leave your baby.

2) Don’t try to hold a conversation for longer than 1 minute.

9) Don’t put your drink down on my equipment.

3) Don’t fight. 4) Don’t tell extra ppl to come in without askin the DJ. 5) Don’t leave your jackets, keys, purses etc. The DJ booth is not a locker. 6) Don’t touch anything.

8) Don’t fart.

10) Don’t freestyle or rap to me. -DJ Hella Yella, Austin, TX ● ● ● ● All booking/info 6

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Exclusive Interview

Mama Wes talks with OTR about Pimp C and UGK

On Tha Real Magazine has done it once again. We managed to get an exclusive interview from Mama Wes, the mother of the late, great Pimp C. This is unprecedented - rarely in hip hop do you ever get to hear the side of a mother and hear about the love she has for the Underground Kings. Let’s take a trip down memory lane as Mama Wes discusses UGK from the beginning to the present. Mama Wes also discusses her ambition to live out her son’s dream of continuing to run the label UGK Records which was Pimp C’s imprint. Can you give us a some background on the first time you heard your son rapping? Well, to be completely honest, he and Bun would be in the room rapping all the time and his room was next to mine so I would always hear him. It really did not impress me until the first time I saw him on stage. I remember it was October of 1993, his father had passed and I was in a car accident that year. C had a road manager that had disappeared on him and so my son asked me if I could come out there on the road and help out with things. I said yes I will go this one time and I was scared to death. I had never been to a young peoples’ club. I could not understand why they were so excited and screaming for my Lil’ C and my Lil’ Bun. After I saw that first show I knew that they had something special because they were so young in the game and the people loved them. How excited was UGK when they found out that Jay-Z was wanting to record music with them? I am glad you ask that question because me and Jay always laugh about that when we speak; it was a fight from the jump. I remember it was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and Bun and C were in Houston and I was back home (PA) and I got a call from Jay-Z. I told Jay that I would get in touch with them and I will put us on a three-way call. I called the boys and they were rolling around Houston doing nothing and I told them that Jay-Z called, but they thought I was lying. It took about 15 minutes of convincing them it was real. So at first C wanted to do it and Bun didn’t, then Bun wanted to do it and C didn’t, and they went back and forth until they sent the music to us. C hated it and Bun dropped the verse on the track, but C still didn’t want to do it. C went out to Atlanta to chill, so I had to go to Atlanta and beg C to get on the song...and that’s how it happened. Why was Pimp C having a problem, or not wanting to do the song? I don’t really know, but to be honest maybe they were afraid. They knew how big this was and I told them this is the “big break” we have been waiting for. They would always disagree on songs to get on at first, but then they would always come together and do it. I wanna say that these kids are nothing alike; they are like night and day, but when they are together oooohhh man, I used to call it “the magic of UGK”. They didn’t like doing the same things for recreation, they didn’t have the same friends, they didn’t like the same women and I used to tell people all the time if something ever happened between C and Bun it wouldn’t be behind a woman. How was C in comparison to his father? I love to speak on this subject. First let me tell you, C got his personality and his mouth from his momma, and he has his musical connection from his father. His father was super-talented. His father was a music major and attended Grambling University, He played with Otis Redding and Etta James. Now the connection here is that C is a perfectionist, he would produce music and he would sit there and listen over and over and over to the same 8 to 16 bars all night ‘til he had it right. He was very determined. How was C as a father? He was a good father. He has three kids. He spent as much time as he could with his kids and he even did shows with his kids in his arms.


On tha Real Magazine

Was your son a real pimp? No, I don’t believe so. A lot of people assume that since he has the name “Pimp C” he is a pimp. The “Pimp” in Pimp C stands for “pimpin’ my pen”. What was the reasoning for Pimp C to be incarcerated? I remember it clearly. It was December 17th and he was by himself in Sharpstown Mall (Houston, TX) and he was approached by this woman, but it wasn’t just a woman, it was the woman and four niggaz. C felt intimidated by this group. First of all, he was by himself and I think he should have had security with him. Well, C had a weapon but they did not see the weapon. By the time that C had saw the group of people outside the mall, he was already at his truck and the weapon was on the passenger seat. So as far as them trying to say that my baby had a gun in the mall, that is not true. The police brought C back into the mall and they beat my baby damn near to death. They banged his head and he had a concussion. The police took him to the hospital because he kept blacking out from the concussion. When the doctor got to my baby he said “he has a concussion”, but the police covered that shit up and they gave him two Tylenol and took him to jail. From then on it was all downhill. We ended up getting a couple of court dates, but it kept getting worse, and finally he just ended up in jail. Did the police attempt to pursue the other people involved in this altercation? Well no because there was really no altercation. The only altercation was when the police beat my son. Now as far as the courts and the lawyers went, C had never been through anything like that before and we did not handle things the best way. I feel now, looking back on the situation, that we should have taken the case to trial. He was signed to Jive at the time. Did Jive reach out and try to do anything to help? Well this is just such a horrible memory, but now looking back on it, we didn’t go to Jive for help. Like I said, we didn’t handle things the best way that we could have. I am not blaming anyone for the way that it went down. Pimp C was obviously a victim of police brutality, do you think that the government has been watching this group for sometime now? Oh of course yes, and it has been like this since the beginning; since way back, not just when C got locked up. I mean these were two kids from PA and they blew up, so yes, the authorities were aware of them. They weren’t from NYC, they weren’t from H-Town, they weren’t from D- Town, they weren’t from L.A. I just have to know how you feel, do you think there was some foul play involved with your son’s passing on to the next life? (OTR STAFF) Mama Wes did not want to be quoted addressing this topic, I ( Jwood ) spent several hours speaking with Mama Wes and I can tell you that she does feel that there was some foul play. Here at On Tha Real Magazine we are responsible for getting the real story, but also respecting family and legal issues. Thanks and keep supporting On Tha Real. (continuation of interview) Do you feel that the government’s surveillance has subsided or is it still very much an ongoing thing? Yes, I feel that alot. Well that first year after C’s death I was not very visible. I didn’t go anywhere hardly except to church or a show that Bun was having. I could not handle being around people. Now I am better, I can think, I can work, but I can’t get his passing out of my mind - I think about it everyday. What makes it so hard is of course the Mother and Son relationship, but C was also my best friend. Words By Jwood On tha Real Magazine 9

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i e l h s A Model’s Name: Ashlei “Va’s Best Kept” City & State: Richmond, VA Personal Website or MySpace URL: Ethnicity: African American Age: 24 Height: 5’0” Weight: 124 Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Brown

Favorite Entertainer: Prince Favorite Clothing: Anything that looks good, Favorite Website: Favorite Movie: Purple Rain, School Daze, Under the Cherry Moon What is your favorite food and drink? My favorite food, I love anything with bread or pasta. Favorite nonalcoholic drink, water or Sweet Tea and alcoholic drink would be wine, Moscato.

Hobbies: Traveling, spending time with my family, reading, connecting with those who support me! What are your turn-on’s and off’s? Turn-on’s are men that are goal-oriented, hardworking, and have a great smile. Turn-off’s are negativity and having no goals. What person do you find the most attractive? Hmmm, if I had to choose one person...I’d have to say Jay-Z. What music do you like to listen to? (Specific artists and/or songs) I listen to a little bit of everything, but I like a lot of 90’s music; that’s when it was real. Right now I listen to everything from Jay-Z to Ghostface Killah to Sade to Donny Hathaway. What do you love about On Tha Real Magazine? I like reading the interviews because y’all interview some really good people that not many would be checking for right now! Any last words and shoutouts? Thanks go up and out to all that supports me! Words By Karl Orts Magazine 11 On tha Real Magazine 11

People Behind the Scenes

Christa Pierce

What is your Education/Experience Level? I have an associates degree in fashion marketing and event planning from Bauder College and a Bachelors of arts & science in Communications from Georgia state. I majored in Public Relations with a minor in Sociology. I'm currently enrolled at GSU getting my Masters in Marketing. Job Title: I'm currently a Publicist and Owner of The Clique Agency. I specialize in Corporate, celebrity, lifestyle & non-profit PR and marketing. Company Name: The Clique Agency Industry: Public Relations & Marketing Location: Atlanta, GA Job Description: Essentially, the job of a publicist is to increase public interest in his client my branding them and garnering awareness about them Length of time at job ? I've been doing PR for almost three years How did you get into this position? I was initially in the accounting field but hated what I did. I had a degree in fashion, but Atlanta isn't a fashion town. I knew there was something more out there that I'd enjoy doing and could make a career out of it instead of a job. I loved writing and talking and discovered that Public Relations involved both. Hence I went back to school for PR. I couldn't get an internship so I started my own company and started doing work for friends. From there I started getting more business and growing and never looked back. Explain the hardest aspect of your job? The hardest aspect of the job is pitching your client or product. Everyone has something to sell so you have to come up with different angles and strategies to garner that interview or attention for your client or product. Also letting your client know that its not going to happen over night. Clients think they have a publicist today so by tomorrow they should be a star. it just doesn't work like that. What do you love the most? The freedom that my job gives me and the ability I have to build someone up out of nothing.I love when I get "Google Alerts" about one of my clients and see an interview has been posted. It lets me know I'm doing something right. What is your greatest accomplishment? My greatest accomplishment is starting my business from nothing and steady growing my business in these hard economic times. Where do you plan to go in your career from here? Only up from here. I'm getting more into marketing and expanding my company size. I just bought on a new employee and am looking for another one. A personal quote/tool: From success to failure is one step; from failure to success is a long road. How can they find you ( social network , email , phone number) ? I can be found on social networks: my website is and I can be reached by email at or by phone at 678.531.6418. By Karl Orts


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OTR: Who are some of your influences? Yukmouth: I look up to people like Russell Simmons, J. PRINCE and JAY Z. Those three black men out hustled the industry, and made empires with their record labels. I get my hustle from them. As far as makin’ music, I always looked up to my father because he was a BASS GUITAR PLAYER, and kept me into music. He made me want to become a musician because he was, and being a junior I always copied my DAD.

OTR: Based on your experience, what advice would you give an upcoming artist? Yukmouth: My advice is get ya team right, know the business and have good trustworthy people in your corner; mainly a LAWYER/ACCOUNTANT, MANAGEMENT and a loyal squad. You can’t do it by yourself -- TEAMWORK make the DREAM WORK! OTR: A lot of people would call you a controversial rapper based on the conflict you’ve had with other rappers. How do you respond to that? Yukmouth: Most of my BEEF has been either in DEFENSE, or in being LOYAL to my label and crew. I’m not a bully, I don’t go around dissin’ mofos for a living. I never start it, but I make sure I finish the BEEF. I’m str8 now! All my BEEFS are squashed, from THE GAME to MASTER P -- We all good. OTR: You have a history with Rap-A-Lot Records. Recently J. Prince was honored at the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors, did you get a chance to check it out? Yukmouth: Hell, yeah, I peeped dat thang out! It’s about time they gave J. PRINCE his props! He was the first big independent south label, and still droppin’ albums to this day. He put a lot of artists in the game, and made a lot of legends like SCARFACE and THE GETO BOYS -- So, it was due. OTR: What lessons did you learn from that label and how did it help you create your own? Yukmouth: Well, like I said on the first question, I got my independent game from the Bay Area, and being on RAP-A-LOT RECORDS. J. PRINCE showed me the ins and outs of the music industry, and gave me my first joint venture deal. So, I signed my label deal, and started puttin’ out projects. I was a big ass sponge, soakin’ up game while I was at RAP-A-LOT. OTR: Tell me about your new album and how it is different from previous projects. Yukmouth: Well, the title came from me really being FREE AT LAST; free from RAP-A-LOT, and VIRGIN RECORDS. Free from jail, because I was locked up on WEST COAST DON ALBUM. So, just being FREE! That’s why I named the album that...FREE AT LAST. The album is different because I was able to network on this album, and get features from artists I’ve never worked with and up ‘n’ comin’ producers with hot ass beats! I should have called this album...NETWORK! LOL!


OTR: What’s next for Yukmouth? Yukmouth: Well, next is the radio show, every Monday nite, SMOKE-A-LOT RADIO, on www.blogtalkradio. com. Also, got the movie FIVE-K-ONE, starring CLIFTON POWELL and MELVIN JACKSON, JR., hittin’ BET in September. So, be on the look-out for that! And, most (of all), albums droppin’ (from)...THUGLORDZ/THE REGIME/THE TONITE SHOW/U.G.A. DVD, etc. -- SMOKE-A-LOT and ya DON’T STOP! On tha Real Magazine 13

Waka Flocka Flame OTR: When did you start to rap? Waka: I have been rapping since I was 21, so that would make it about 3 years rapping now? OTR: There has been a buzz around you due to tha big single “O Let’s Do it” ....How did that single come about and how did the remix happen? Waka: Well I really fucked some money up so I was like fuck this, I need a check, so I was like Oh let’s do it and that’s how that happened. As far as the remix, Diddy and Ross came and we just made one of the biggest records of the decade. OTR: There has been alot of talk about your new album. The new album is called “Flockaveli” which is highly reminiscent of the Tupac’s late great “Makaveli” album. What’s the purpose behind the naming of the album? Waka: I really don’t have a reason but I know ni**as will talk sh*t about the album and just to get a buzz going. I already know people are gonna say “he’s disrespecting Tupac” and it ain’t even like that. Tupac, that’s my guy and I love the character of Makaveli . OTR: So you mean to tell me that the reason you named your album Flockaveli is because Tupac is your guy and you like the character of Makaveli and that’s it, nothing else behind that? Waka: Nah, it’s not just that, its’ a personal matter, it’s something that makes me feel good and want to succeed in life. I will release why I really named it that as time goes by. OTR: What is the relationship with you and Gucci Mane? Waka: That’s big dog right there. I just talked to him a couple of hours ago OTR: So there was no break up in communication between you two? Waka: Well it’s kinda like when brothers argue, it was that type of thing. OTR: So whats the biggest misconception about Waka Flocka? Waka: They think I am trying to act hard or I am dumb or wild. OTR: How is it having your mom in the entertainment business? WaKa: I love it because I have someone that I trust. There are not alot of people out here that are trustworthy, so having my mom there is a win/win situation. OTR: You made an appearance on “Monique” and you made a comment to Monique that stuck out to me. She asked you where did all this Waka mania start up and you responded by saying “I don’t know, this is just Gods doing”...So what do you think you are here to do with all this that you have been given? Waka: I think my purpose is to give people opportunities...I got my own branch of Brick Squad now called Brick Squad Monopoly so it’s going crazy right now for me and my guys...Also look out for Brick Squad west. OTR: So who do you have on the album ? Waka: I really just have the Brick Squad on there and I also have Pastor Troy on the album. OTR: How do you plan on changing the game once you drop your album? Waka: I am not trying to change the game I am just trying to get a piece of the game Words by Jwood 14

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Model's Name: Aaliyah Maria Email Address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it City & State: Toronto, Canada Personal Website or MySpace URL: Ethnicity: Hungarian & Guyanese Age: 23 Height: 5 feet Weight: 135 Hair Color: Platinum Blonde Eye Color: Hazel What are your turn-on's and turn-off's? turn ons - a man with lots of motivation and goals; turn offs - cocky men, lazy men.

What person do you find the most attractive? Coco, Ice T's wife Favorite Entertainer: Young Jeezy Favorite Clothing: mmm...Dont really have one Favorite Website: Twitter & YouTube Favorite Movie: Romeo and Juliet What is the craziest place you have ever been? Most crazy? Definitely Miami or New York; if not the same! What is your favorite food and drink? I love west indian food and Redbull vodka all day! What music do you like to listen too? I listen to everything mostly (except country and opera LOL) What do you love about OnThaReal Magazine? It stays true to it's title "ON THE REAL". Trying to expand their operation by having new and up-and-coming artists & models featured. Any last words and shoutouts? You can check me out on YouTube/AALIYAHMARIATV or hit me up on twitter/AALIYAH_MARIA Any Additional Information/Comments: For all bookings:

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People might not know who Ms. Yiyanna M is, can you tell us a little bit? I’m a journalist for Blackmens Magazine, as well as an urban glamour model. I’ve been featured on many urban sites such as,, & more! I’ve also been published in Blackmens Magazine and Dimepeice Magazine. Measurements 5’5, 36B, 25, 40 So school the men on what you feel is a “romantic” night? Nice Italian food with nice red wine and a great conversation. Then a nice massage to end the night. Ms. Yiyanna M’s Words Of Wisdom A loving heart is the truest wisdom. Ms. Yiyanna M’s Secrets Of Success If I tell you it wouldn’t be a secret now would it? Ms. Yiyanna M’s Three Favorite Movies Baby Boy, Wanted & Friday Three Leaders That Most Inspire Ms. Yiyanna M Jay Z, Oprah & Diddy

Ms. Yiyanna M’s Favorite Musicians/Entertainers Biggie, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Marlon Wayans, Chris Tucker, Mike Epps and so much more.

So what is your Website or Social Network ? I’m addicted to Facebook. You can search me by “Yiyanna Moreland”. I also love Twitter; my name is @MsYiyannaM. What are you working on right now? I’m actually working on more fashion blogs for my new blogsite and I also just did a spread for Blackmens Magazine. Any Last Words? I would like to thank everyone who’s supported me from day one of my career. I really appreciate the loyalty. Words By Karl Orts

Photography courtesy of Kevin Lawson On tha Real Magazine 17 On tha Real Magazine 17

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Introduce yourself & how you feelin’? What’s goin’ down...this Fade Dogg aka Cap’n Slap-A-Hoe aka Mr. F*%# Errbody. I’m good mayne, stayin’ busy workin on project after project. How long have you been rapping? I’ve been rappin’ for 15 yrs. What first got you interested? What first got me interested in music was the first time I heard Cypress Hill. They showed me that Latinos can do whateva. Where does the name “Fade Dogg” come from? Growin up, I was always get’n faded up and boys started calling me Fade just stuck wit me eva since. What’s your inspiration? Honestly, the freedom of speech. I say what I feel and what goes on around me. People always hide behind what they say...I tell it like it is. When did you decide you wanted to take your music seriously? In 1998 I hooked up with Brown Tribe and other artists out here. We were doin our thang and then we started get’n paid for raps and our cds. It got me hooked on music when people really started feelin’ it. So because you’re coming out of San Antonio, Tx, who would be the 5 artists to look out for in S.A. besides yourself? Question, Big Roddy, Big Rob, SO.S.A. and Famous. A lot more but you asked for What are some accomplishments that you have achieved and are most proud of? Out of everythang I’ve done, I would say get’n a Gold Plaque for producing “On the Curb” off of Baby Bash’s “Smokin Nephew” album. That will put a smile on a “meskin’s” face! Also seeing the city come out for my B-Day bash in November of ‘09 showed me I’ve really put on fo’ my city! Do you feel like the internet is helping you as an artist? Hell ya!!!! The industry has gone digital now. A lot of people keep in contact with me thru the internet. It’s a good thing. You can make a lot of moves just by sittin at your computer or using your phone. Do you have any upcoming projects, events or anything? I’m working on droppin’ a new compilation called “San Antonio Thugs 3” which features me and Big Roddy. I’m also workin on a new album coming this summer. You are about to see a lot of me all over, so you might wanna get used to it. 10 years from now where do you want to be? I’m definitely gonna still be in music, but I’m lookin’ into the business side - breakin’ out artists in my city and throughout Texas. Any shout-outs you want to give? Shout-out to all my Tone City Family, Mike Duece, Mr. Boozer and Travis at Supafly, DJ Felon, 98.5 The Beat and Hammburger for recognizing game of a Mex, Mr. Rogers and DSF, Baby Bash and the Stooie Bros, Chingo Bling and Big Chile, JKapone and da Top Dollar Family, the whole city of San Antonio. It’s finna go doowwnn!

Firstly, give us some background info as it relates to you. What type of equipment do you use in the production process? MPC 5000 & OPEN LABS NEKO What style of music do you focus on? All styles of music. I don’t focus on just one style, I feel that would be putting myself in a box. I’m versatile. What sets you apart from other aspiring producers? My sound definitely sets me apart. I have a more soulful sound to my production, with live instrumentation. Off the dome, who would you say are your top 5 producers of all time? Dr. Dre, Timbaland, The Neptunes, DarkChild, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis What artists are you working with? What artist/producer would you like to collaborate with in the future? Right now I’m working with J. Futuristic (Universal) on his upcoming album, as well as Roscoe Dash, Rocko, Fabo and many more. You can check out my mixtape displaying my work with a lot of major artists on at the following link As for artists I would like to work with in the future, I would say Lil Wayne, Drake, Snoop, and too many more to name. What is your approach to working with artists? My approach is really just grinding and being out in the streets gettin at these artists, as well as just working relationships I have already built. You would be suprised how much is just results of this person saying something to that person and the rest is history. Do you have a publishing deal or are you self-published? No, I am self-published. Who do you think will be primarily responsible for finding and breaking new artists in the future? I think it will be by the hands of producers. What are your goals? My goals are to promote my brand and eventually become an international household brand. Who or what are your influences? My influences are anywhere from my Dad and Mom, who both were in bands for 15+ years during my childhood, as well as everyone I listened to coming up. What direction do you see Rap or R&B music taking in the future? I see it only becoming bigger and better in the future - it’s a lifestyle. If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be and why? I would change alot of the shady shit that goes on, real talk. How can an artist get in contact with you? ● ● or call 678-650-6846, ask for D.

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Bun B of UGK at The Loft (Atlanta, Ga)

Jadakiss at Obsession (Atlanta, Ga)

Paul Wall at The Loft (Atlanta, Ga)

Webbie (Dallas, Tx)

Sammie (Atlanta, Ga)

at Atl Record Pool (Atlanta, Ga)

one mic One Stage

Marvin Sapp

at Stonecrest Mall (Atlanta, Ga)


at Atrium (Stone Mountain, Ga)

Leaf at 595 (Atlanta, Ga)

Redman at The Loft (Atlanta, Ga)


Alicia Keys at Nokia Theatre (Grand Prairie, TX)

Vistoso Bosses at Apache (Atlanta, Ga) 22

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