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American International Tractor Trailer

American Tractor Maxxforce Hoang Huy International is imported complete units, complete belts, components (not disassembled) directly from the United States by Hoang Huy Financial Group (the exclusive distributor of International products in Vietnam). ).

Although the product is a used car, has been manufactured since 2013 (Model 2014) but American tractors are used for less than 5 years and are regularly maintained according to International policies. The amount of car is always guaranteed, you are completely assured.

Maxxforce Prostar Eagle high-end tractors currently distributed by Hoang Long Automobile is really a product suitable for all businesses and individuals owned by the advanced technology applied on vehicles to help the car achieve High performance, fuel efficient, outstanding durability over time.

You can choose Maxxforce tractors in 3 basic colors: blue, red and white and according to the type of bed: bedless car, 1-bed car and 2-bed American tractors .

International Tractor Truck: https://otohoanglong.vn/xe-dau-keo-my-maxxforce/

Where to Buy American Tractors Best? The answer is definitely at Hoang Long Auto, dear customer!

Come to Hoang Long Auto, what do you get? Check out the following 10 awesome criteria:


1. Hoang Long Auto- the largest distributor of My Hoang Huy tractors in the South, and is trusted by Hoang Huy as the Service - Warranty - Repair center in the South. (We specialize in maintenance and repair of fine scissors ) 2. Customers are supported to cut / off genuine emissions for free and permanent warranty. 3. Promotions to upgrade and install free fuel-saving software (only genuine).

4. Promotion free replacement of motor oil - viscous bridge - viscous gear. 5. Replace 3 filter set: Viscous filter, crude oil filter and refined oil filter. 6. Buy a truck with tractors with 0 beds and get 100% genuine new tires right away.

7. Car cleaning package up to 50 million only in Hoang Long auto.

8. Especially when buying a car at Oto Hoang long you will be given a warranty package of up to 06 months. 9. Fine-drawn parts , genuine parts, good prices are listed, not like floating goods.

Halogen headlights cluster combined turn signals designed beautiful leaf shape, the vehicle is installed on both sides of the tank to increase the aesthetics and safety of the vehicle.

The rearview mirror is big and shiny chrome with integrated turn signals to increase the visibility of the driver, minimize dangerous blind spots.

Photos of American tractors Maxxforce InternationalMaxxforce Hoang Huy International 2 bedsMaxxforce US tractors without bedsMaxxforce blue tractor

American Maxxforce tractors at Hoang Long automobile are still many Tractor interior of Maxxforce International Hoang Huy Maxxforce American tractors cabin is designed with the criteria to create the most comfortable for drivers and passengers with ample space and modern equipment on the vehicle.

Beautifully designed 4-spoke steering wheel integrated with convenient control buttons, power steering help drivers control the car gently and flexibly.

Luxury wood taplo incorporates system control buttons, air-conditioners suitable for easy adjustment.

Large capacity air conditioner, quick cooling help drivers and passengers most comfortable in long roads, suitable to Vietnam's weather conditions.