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July 2010 Western Trucking News, Ontario Trucking News & Eastern Trucking News are published monthly by Woodward Publishing Inc. Head Office: 259 Salmon Point Road, R.R. #1, Cherry Valley, Ontario, Canada K0K 1P0, 877.225.2232 Head Office: (Sales) Barb Woodward, Administration: Halina Mikicki, Sales: (Ontario) Carl McBride, Art Director/MIS: Chris Charles, Distribution: Rick Woodward Photojournalists: Peter Dudley, Marek Krasuski, Kay Redhead & Barb & Rick Woodward Visit us on the web at: Copyright© 2009 Woodward Publishing Inc. All rights reserved. Publication Agreement: No. #40806005

July 2010    3

Spotlight on… Aarden Industries, Manwin Enterprises & Wilson Instruments

New Battery Powered Air Conditioning System

By Bonnie Wilson


hether you believe in offshore drilling or not, there is no disputing the fact that the recent oil spill in the Gulf is probably the world’s largest environmental disaster to date. The impact on the environment won’t even be known for years to come. I am suspecting long lasting disastrous effects on anything that lived within the Gulf, or flew to it and used it as a food source. Do we really need this oil source, or have we become abusive in our oil usage in North America? Federal and provincial regulations are sweeping North America. Diesel fuel prices continue to increase; therefore the need to reduce idling is more important than ever. Maintenance costs continue to rise annually as

4    July 2010

well. Toronto is just the latest city introducing its antiidling bylaw with a one minute enforcement policy, with more to follow as other places watch to see how Toronto cleans up its environmental carbon footprint. Canadian drivers idle their engines for ten minutes on an average day. In the peak of winter, Canadians let their vehicles idle for a combined total of more than 75 million minutes a day equivalent to one vehicle idling for 144 years! If all Canadian car or van drivers avoided idling for just five minutes a day, they would stop more than 3,800 tonnes of carbon dioxide (and other waste gases) from being added to the atmosphere.

That much carbon dioxide weighs as much as 633 African elephants, the heaviest land animals on earth. Turning off all idling Canadian car or van engines for just five minutes a day would save 1.6 million litres of fuel, worth more than 1.2

though, and we have the technology to assist in the campaign against idling. Indel B’s Sleeping Well, is the first worldwide battery powered electric airconditioning system that independently functions with the eng i n e

million dollars. Air pollution is more harmful to children because they breathe faster than adults and inhale more air (including polluted air) per pound of body weight. There are solutions

turned off. It is a true antiidling solution that quietly cools and dehumidifies the sleeper cabs of commercial vehicles during warm and muggy evening stopovers. Once the truck arrives

at its stopover, the driver turns off the O.E. truck air conditioning system and turns on the Sleeping Well unit. Sleeping Well gives excellent performance during night/day stopovers keeping the driver cool and comfortable while extending the cooling effect for several hours. Research carried out in close collaboration with Danfoss has led to the development of the innovative Sleeping Well Danfoss BD350GH compressor specifically designed to ensure that Sleeping Well operates with maximum efficiency at minimum levels of energy consumption. The system functions with ecological R134A gas. The direct current Danfoss

compressor grants a much higher degree of both safety and quietness when compared with an alternate current compressor with an inverter (115 or 230 volt). With the relatively high cost of Auxiliary Power Units (APU’s) and other factory installed No-Idle systems, fleets and owner operators are turning to 12 volt electric No-Idle solutions that offer lower cost, no fuel, no emissions, minimal maintenance downtime and quiet operation. “Advances in battery technology have made 12 volt No-Idle systems both efficient and cost effective”. The Sleeping Well is currently available in several models to satisfy virtually any truck application; the Sleeping Well 950, Sleeping Well 1000 Top (for trucks with headache racks), Sleeping Well OBLO

for day cabs, Sleeping Well Arctic 2000 for large sleepers and the NEW Sleeping Well Arctic 1000 for midsize sleepers. The new Sleeping Well Arctic 1000 is a highly efficient, compact and lightweight three component system producing up to 3,250 BTU per hour output using only two 12 volt deep cycle batteries that converts the hottest sleeper air into cold air while providing exceptional dehumidification

resulting in a cooler and drier environment. The Sleeping Well Arctic 2000 delivers up to 6,150 BTU per hour and is the first “true” 12 volt air conditioning system specifically designed to handle virtually any trucking environment, even the largest sleeper bunks travelling into the hottest southern regions of North America. The system utilizes auxiliary AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries, which are

isolated from the trucks main starting batteries. While driving, the batteries are recharged which

a diesel fuel-fired bunk heater (such as the Webasto Air Top 2000 ST), the Sleeping Well becomes

is more cost effective for the user. When combined with

the most efficient and cost effective all-season 12 volt No-Idle system on the market today, saving owners thousands of dollars over conventional APU’s. Indel B and Webasto, both provide the perfect solution in helping to achieve your truck’s fuel savings goal in that they will both save you the much needed money you need in today’s harsh economy. No more needless idling and wasting precious fuel means more money in your pocket as well as keeping up with the latest environmental regulations.

Indel B offers a wide distribution network throughout Canada and the USA. If this latest oil spill in the Gulf doesn’t give us a reality check on our over dependency on oil and our need to cut back, surely the taxes, the cost of this clean up and the cost to the environment should be the wake-up call that makes us all accountable to do our part in reducing our consumption. Indel B has the technology – now it’s up to us to use it and start saving, not only the environment, but money in our own pock-

ets too. STOP IDLING START SAVING For more information contact one of the following dealers: Aarden Industries, Utopia, Ontario, 705.797.0041 or email aardenindustries Manwin Enterprises, Ayr, Ontario, 888.823.7611, 519.624.4003 or email Wi l s o n I n s t r u m e n t s , Campbellford, Ontario, 877.467.4440, 705.653.2403 or email


July 2010    5

This Month’s Theme: Air Conditioning Systems

Anti-Idling A/C Systems Conform to Environmental Standards While Meeting Customer Demand

dling gets you nowhere is a common refrain. Yet drivers of heavyduty diesel vehicles typically rely on idling their engines to keep the engine and fuel warm, mask out noises and smells, ensure safety, and keep the cab warm or cool during rest periods. The consequences of this practice are staggering; they paint a disturbing picture of the total output of ener-

tion. The Sleeping Well series is one AC brand described as extremely efficient with a 12 volt air conditioning no-idle system that burns no fuel, discharges no emissions, runs quietly, requires little maintenance, and offers fast payback. The Campellford, Ontario-based Wilson Instruments is one supplier of the Sleeping Well. The company was instrumental in establishing a distribution network for the Italian made product which was popular in Europe and later modified to meet the demands of the North American market. “We needed something that was more component-oriented that could

gy, financial costs and environmental damage. Studies indicate that in a single year idling trucks consume in excess of 1 billion gallons of diesel fuel. The fuel cost savings alone amount to more than $2,000 per truck per year. In the wake of widespread anti-idling legislation, spearheaded as usual in California, heating and air conditioning systems are undergoing sweeping changes. New technologies enable drivers to shut off the main engine while parked, relying on onboard battery storage or auxiliary power units (APU) which, in some cases, are powered by a “shore power” connec-

be easily installed and taken out,” says company president, Gary Wilson. Sleeping Well systems rely on battery powered auxiliary power units (APU) that are capable of providing 10 hours of power before recharge. They are a three-component system consisting of an evaporator which is mounted high in the cab where the highest concentration of heat is located, compressors are placed in the kick box below, and a condenser mounted to the outside of the cab. This system is available in two sizes - 3200 and 6000 BTUs. Measured against larger air conditioners that run as high as 10,000 BTUs, Sleeping Wells’ units are

By Marek Krasuski


6    July 2010

relatively small. Wilson cautions against subscribing to the assumption that bigger is better. “These units are strategically located in order to maximize the conversion of warm air and humidity into cold.” “We are able to use a smaller BTU unit because our evaporator is up high in the vehicle where it works most efficiently. Our systems work in the heat where they are most needed.” Wilson explains that many competitor units are located at the bottom of the cab where cold air is pushed upward. Sleeping Well, conversely, extracts the heat and humidity from the upper part of the unit, leaving only cool air behind. The key to successful air conditioning is the power source. “It’s all about the batteries,” continues Wilson. “As batteries get better, they provide a longer running time.” Wilson Instruments matches AC units to the individual demands of drivers. Truckers with more frequent runs to hot and humid regions like Texas or New Mexico require larger units and longer running batteries to counteract extreme climactic conditions. Innovative Transportation Solutions (ITS) Distributing, another supplier of the Sleeping Well series, recently announced its units will come equipped with 48530 Battery Isolators which promise a more flexible solution than traditional isolators. The battery is smaller, lighter, and generates less heat than its competitors. The battery reduces the charging system workload by not connecting to the auxiliary battery unit, the primary battery is charged to 13.2 V, resulting in lower strain on expensive charging components and extending product life, according to informa-

tion posted on the ITS website. Auxiliary power units that support air conditioners, heaters, and other devices are known to extend engine life, save fuel, reduce air and noise pollution and fall under the radar of highly punitive engine idling regulations. Some industry watchers, however, deride the APU system for its overall inefficiency. “There is not one APU out there which is not a problem,” says one representative. APUs can run as high as $12,000 and require additional maintenance that results in higher costs for oil and filter changes and more vehicle downtime. Among the best claims of high efficiency units is the Bergstrom NITE system provided by Espar Heating Systems. This latest version of the NoIdle Thermal Environment, known as NITE Plus, boasts a 30 percent higher cooling capacity that is generated with less battery power, promising a longer running cycle and cooler environment. It features new heat exchangers and redesigned airflow, making for efficient cooling with a capacity of 4,680 BTU/hour. Another AC brand which does not rely on auxiliary power units is the Arctic Breeze Truck AC by Hammond Air Conditioning.

This 12V/DC air cooling system is quiet, vibration free, and uses sustainable energy resources. With a potential payback cycle of just 12 months, the Arctic Breeze draws 45 amps

Dynamic and Compact models can be easily mounted on the cab wall or roof. The evaporative cooling systems are comprised of the unit itself and a water tank. A control

and provides a significant 8000 BTUs of cooling. “Based on a duty cycle of 50 to 60%, the system consumes only 350 watts per hour on average,” says the company website. The Arctic Breeze is powered by 6 truck batteries that maintain an optimum level of comfort from 12 to 16 hours, depending on time of day, colour of truck and the number of operating accessories. Cool Moves, a Concord, Ontario-based company, offers a series of ecofriendly cooling solutions. Both its Bycool and Minicool products are lightweight, low power systems that meet all environmental standards. The Mochila, Revolution,

panel allows the driver to moderate the rate of water delivery, fan speed, and shut off times. The pump mounted on the tank, which controls water flow, runs silently and in accordance with the panel setting. The process eliminates heat, leaving only slightly moisturized cool air. Tanks only need to be refilled with tap water every few days. Demonstrations at trade shows confirm that the units are energy efficient; each unit ran for three days on one Group 31 battery each. No-Idling air conditioning systems, once again, demonstrate industry flexibility in meeting the challenges of stricter environmental standards.


July 2010    7


2010 Engines: Time to Clear the Air Full-Service Leasing Offers Answers to Fleets Facing Two Engine Emission Control Choices


n response to new federal emission standards that went into effect Jan. 1, 2010, in the United States and Canada, engine manufacturers selected one of two choices to achieve a reduction in emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx). They either provide an in-cylinder approach through increased exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), or an engine aftertreatment approach using selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology, in combination with exhaust gas recirculation. “The choices in engine technology available to truck and private fleet operators have never been so different,” said Olen Hunter, Director of Sales for PACCAR Leasing, (PacLease). “Making the right choice has never been so important for companies to control their fleet operating costs, get more mileage out of the engines and gain a competitive edge.” Full-Service Leasing Makes Choice Easier New engine emission control standards offer one reason why companies should consider full-service leasing from a company that understands the new 2010 engines, Hunter said. PacLease, which has a strong relationship with engine manufacturers and close ties to truck manufacturers Kenworth and Peterbilt, can help companies make informed choices about trucks with 2010 engines. “Leasing can help take the guesswork out of specifying and servicing 2010 engines,” Hunter said. “Plus, the leasing company can handle any warranty issues and take over any risk associated with truck resale values.” Either Way. Expect a Price Increase 8    July 2010

“Regardless which 2010 engine operators choose, they will see a price increase in the engine. By leasing their trucks, companies can spread that cost over time,” Hunter said. “Over a typical 6 1/2-year lease term, a $9,000 price increase for the engine will increase the monthly lease payment by about $120.” By choosing the right 2010 engine emissions reduction technology, companies can realize some reductions in operating expenses over the life of the truck, he said. Namely, the 2010 engine in a Class 8 truck using SCR technology can offer a net 3 to 5 percent improvement in fuel economy when compared to 2007 engines, and even greater improvement when compared to a 2010 non-SCR engine. Over 50 Million Miles of Real World Testing Proves SCR Alan Treasure, Director of Marketing for PACCAR Engines, said PACCAR conducted more than 50 million miles of testing using customers in real world applications across North America when it developed its 2010 PACCAR MX engine. The tests compared, among other things, the fuel economy of trucks equipped with PACCAR MX engines against the fuel economy of trucks equipped with increased EGR engines. PACCAR also conducted an additional 300,000 hours of lab and track testing. “Those test results, coupled with our customers’ experience with MX engines installed in DAF trucks across the globe, consistently showed a net 3 to 5 percent improvement, minus the cost of diesel emission fluid,” Treasure added. Hunter said even extrapolating a conservative

estimate of a 3 percent net improvement; a fleet can expect big savings over time. “In reality, the fuel economy improvement could pay a fleet’s additional cost to lease the new engine technology.” Fuel Economy Improvement Can Offset Costs “Consider a fleet running a Class 8 truck with a 2010 SCR engine 125,000 miles per year and getting 6.5 mph fuel economy,” Hunter said. “With diesel at $3.25 per gallon, when you factor in the 3 percent net fuel economy savings over a typical 6 ½-year lease term, the company can expect to save $11,830, or $151 per month. This more than offsets the increased cost of the SCR technology.” But how does SCR technology deliver this net 3 percent improvement in fuel economy? To fully understand, truck operators should become more familiar with SCR technology and the increased EGR approaches to emission reduction, Hunter said. SCR versus EGR Treasure said both the SCR technology and the increased EGR approaches use EGR to circulate a portion of an engine’s exhaust gas back to the engine cylinders to achieve a reduction in emissions. Also, both methods use a diesel particulate filter to remove particulate matter from the engine exhaust. The SCR technology approach uses a reactant and a catalytic converter to achieve the NOx emission reduction now required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Environment Canada, he added. The increased EGR approach recirculates a significantly larger portion of the engine’s exhaust gas back to the engine,

where the NOx emission reduction occurs. The increased EGR approach is often referred to as an “incylinder” approach. SCR accomplishes NOx emission reduction by mixing the nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gases with a reactant, most commonly a solution of urea and deionized water also known as diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). The exhaust then passes through a decomposition reactor, where the DEF is introduced through a dosing valve and breaks down, producing oxidizing ammonia. The oxidizing ammonia chemically reacts with the NOx, converting the pollutants into nitrogen, water and tiny amounts of carbon dioxide. The exhaust then passes through a cylindrical chamber, also known as the SCR catalyst. The SCR catalyst contains a honeycomb-like substrate, further breaking down the DEF into oxidizing ammonia, which reacts with the remaining pollutant, converting it into nitrogen and water. Increased EGR accomplishes NOx emission reduction by increasing the amount of engine exhaust gases into the engine cylinder, slowing and cooling the combustion process and burning off pollutants. Increased EGR doesn’t require introducing DEF into the exhaust stream to reduce NOx, but it does require more fuel to be injected into the diesel particulate filter for active regenerations. The increased heat created with the enhanced EGR approach also requires greater cooling capacity at the engine. SCR Allows Manufacturers to Build Better Performing Engines “Although it’s new to North America, SCR tech-

nology is currently used in more than 600,000 trucks around the world, including 125,000 DAF trucks,” Treasure said. “SCR has been proven its ability to meet European Union emission reduction requirements for many years.” Likewise, Cummins has longstanding experience with SCR technology, said Lou Wenzler, On-highway Communications Director for Cummins. Cummins has built and shipped more than 74,000 engines with SCR aftertreatment systems. Cummins Emissions Solutions, a division of Cummins components business, has built and shipped more than 300,000 SCR aftertreatment systems. From an engine performance standpoint, because the SCR aftertreatment system handles the NOx reduction downstream from the engine, Treasure said SCR allows manufacturers to develop engines that last longer and work more efficiently. Treasure said PACCAR developed a 12.9-liter engine with a block and cylinder head manufactured with high-strength compacted graphite iron, (CGI), a premium material that’s 75 percent stronger and 20 percent lighter than conventional grey iron. The high-strength crankshaft with no counterweights also reduces the weight of the MX engine by 25 pounds and increases power for quicker acceleration and smoother overall operation, he added. The MX engine uses fractured cap technology for connecting rods and main bearing caps. This produces rough, irregular mating surfaces that form when the cap is physically fractured from the rod. The result is the elimination of cap shift, more efficient

power transfer, and torque curves across a wide range of engine speeds. Like PACCAR, Cummins also found SCR gave its engineers opportunities to improve the engine in many new ways, Wenzler said. The SCR aftertreatment system allowed engineers to make modifications that improved driveability, offered more responsive torque and created a quieter operation. EGR: The Road Not Taken Cummins initially developed an EGR-only approach to attain emission reductions for on-highway, heavy-duty engines. Its engineers accomplished the reduction, but at a significant cost to the engine’s performance. The reductions in emissions narrowed the engine’s maximum speed range for optimum efficiency, or its “sweet spot,” he added. “We found that matching the drivetrain to an enhanced EGR engine is much more critical, which also means that any variation in driver skill would translate into widely varying fuel economy results across a company’s fleet,” Wenzler said. “This narrowing of the engine’s sweet spot also means that when a driver encounters heavier traffic and slows down, the fuel economy goes down.” SCR: Better Results Wenzler said Cummins decided in August of 2008 to abandon plans to use the EGR-only approach in heavy-duty engines in favor of SCR aftertreatment technology. Cummins ISX 15 and ISX 11.9 heavy-duty engines will incorporate SCR technology into the Cummins Aftertreatment System. This technology choice, coupled with the new XPI fuel system and cont’d on page 9 >>

ATSSA Toronto

Glasvan Great Dane Showcases New Hybrid Shunt Truck By Barb Woodward


he June meeting was sponsored by Glasvan Great Dane Sales Inc. George Cobham Jr. was on hand to talk about Capacity’s PHETT™ shunt truck which is a charge sustaining hybrid vehicle with a 225 HR, AC electric motor that is fully rechargeable utilizing 220V, 40 amp on-board charging

technology. An electrical outlet is all that is needed to take advantage of Capacity’s PHETT™ technology. Glasvan has been in business for 30 years with locations in Mississauga, Putnam, Alliston and Whitby. They have a total of 35 service bays with a combined staff of 40 mechanics and technicians. In addition to

repairs they also provide sandblasting and painting services and are equipped with a 24 hour mobile service. They sell a variety of products for load securement, tail gates, trailer skirts and fuel savings devices. Glasvan is proud to represent companies such as Glasvan Great Dane Trailers, Capacity, Landoll, Chaparral and Etnyre. To find out more about

the benefitsof switching to the PHETT™ or any other products, call 1-888-GLASVAN (4527826), send an email to info@glasvangreatdane. com or visit their website at The annual Golf Tournament is being held at the Nobleton Lakes Golf Course on September 2nd. Tickets are $140 each

which are on sale right now. Companies are encouraged to sponsor a hole to help this worthwhile event. Call Brian Sibbald at 905.564.7278 for more information or to purchase tickets. A small meeting will be held at the Golf Tournament in lieu of a regular September meeting. To become an ATS member, contact Guido Grop-

pini, Membership Chairman at 905-564-5404. Sponsors for monthly meetings are always welcome. This is your company’s opportunity for a captive audience to present your products! If you would like to sponsor a meeting or if you have any suggestions for the Entertainment Committee, contact Brian Sibbald at 905-564-7278.


ATSSA Belleville

DPF Cleaning Specialists & Fuel Lock Sponsor June Meeting By Barb Woodward


he June meeting was sponsored by Norm West of DPF Cleaning Specialists and Harold Adolph from The Fuel Lock. Norm spoke about the proper care of DPF’s and why you should make it part of your regular maintenance schedule. See Norm’s article in this month’s issue for more information or contact him at 877-3732580, by email at info@ dpfcleaningspecialists. << cont’d from page 8

VGT Turbocharger, will provide customers up to 5 percent improved fuel economy over the 2007 ISX and up to 10 percent improvement as compared to an EGR-only solution, he added. “By operating trucks with 2010 engines using SCR technology, fleets can still maintain fuel economy at lower or higher engine speeds,” Wenzler said. “Plus, there’s no increase in EGR rates, which can cause excessive water condensation in the engine and sulfuric and nitric acid formation in the intake.” SCR engine manufacturers don’t have to install larger radiators and two turbochargers to get additional airflow to cool the engine, he added. Nor do they have to equip the engine with a large intercooling chamber, which

com or visit his website at Harold Adolph gave an informative presentation about a new revolutionary lock system that his son developed which is the only totally secure way of preventing fuel theft and/ or sabotage. Doug Adolph, Harold’s son, designed the Fuel Lock after being victimized himself. Through careful design and precise manufacturing practi-

ces, premium grade steel is used with the latest in computerized laser cutting, robotic welding, together with their own powder coating process which exceeds industry standards and provides the consumer with the highest quality in the industry. The Fuel Lock comes in a variety of sizes fitting filter necks with a diameter of 2-1/2 inches, 3 inches, 3-1/2 inches, 4 inches and 4-1/2 inches and includes a high secur-

ity cylinder lock complete with a protective weather cap and lanyard that holds 600 lbs. pressure and is made of UV resistant polyethylene. For more information call 1-866-990-3835 or visit their website at www. TheFuel Being a member of the A.T.S.S.A. is a great way to learn more about the trucking industry. This very valuable organization is made up of diesel mechanics, fleet managers

as well as members of the manufacturing sector, repair shops and media. Members come together to enjoy a nice meal and discuss common issues in the industry. I strongly urge everyone to become a member and attend as many meetings as possible. The time you spend and the people you meet, is well worth becoming a member! Each year the A.T.S.S.A. looks to the trucking community for sponsors for

their monthly meetings. This is an excellent opportunity to have a captive audience to demonstrate your products as well as make some great friends. Anyone wishing to become a sponsor please contact Ray Wellman at rwellm2007@sympatico. ca. The next meeting will be on September 2nd, so bring a friend or colleague to enjoy a tasty meal, good company and informative presentations.

adds additional hardware to the top of the engine, making it more difficult to service. This all leads to greater reliability. “There’s no diminished life-to-overhaul,” Wenzler said. “Service intervals remain the same on 2010 engines as they were before the new regulation took effect. The only change is the addition of a new, but simple DEF filter service intervals, usually about 200,000 miles depending on the engine manufacturer’s recommendations.” Not all SCRs Built the Same Operators looking at different SCR engine choices should also consider that even among the different SCR engines, two major choices emerged, Treasure said. One common SCR engine platform uses iron zeolite in the aftertreatment system catalyst while the other uses cop-

per zeolite. Cummins and PACCAR Engines both use copper zeolite as the aftertreatment catalyst. “Copper zeolite is much more efficient at reducing nitrogen oxides at normal engine operating temperatures than iron zeolite,” he said, “This means that engines using copper zeolite as the aftertreatment catalyst are expected to enjoy up to an additional 2 percent fuel economy improvement over engines that use iron zeolite. That’s because the SCR catalyst is doing the work and not the engine to get nitrogen oxide levels down below the EPA threshold. “We believe that trucks with engines that are less complex and offer longer life, better fuel economy, greater reliability, improved driveability, and higher power density for better throttle performance, will retain higher resale values,” Treasure

added. “While full-service leasing offers benefits, including the ability to preserve their lines of credit for core business projects or other revenue-generating endeavors, it can also help make choosing a truck with 2010 engine technology easier and more affordable,” Hunter said. “If you’re considering acquiring trucks with 2010 engines for your fleet operation, consider your two choices in emission control, and know full-service leasing may offer the best way to go about it.” Diesel Exhaust Fluid is Safe and Widely Available Diesel exhaust fluid is a non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-flammable solution made with urea and de-ionized water. Since it has a pH level of 9, which is equivalent to baking soda, it’s safe to handle and store, said Olen Hunt-

er, PacLease Director of Sales. If kept at a constant temperature around 68 degrees, it has a shelf life of more than 59 months. Even if the ambient temp er a ture reaches 104 degrees, its quality will still remain within specification for two months, Hunter added. At a dose rate of about 2 to 3 percent of diesel fuel burned, a company with an over-the-road truck averaging 120,000 miles annually and 6 mpg fuel economy, for example, can expect to fill up the DEF tank 20 times and go through about 400 gallons. DEF has become widely available at dealerships, fuel stations, and truck stops across North America, he said. While DEF’s retail cost can vary, it’s generally equivalent to the cost of diesel fuel. Vehicles equipped with SCR systems have a gauge

on the dashboard that informs drivers of fluid levels in the DEF tank and a warning system that offers them graduated alerts as the tank reaches certain levels. If the tank runs out of DEF or if the DEF becomes contaminated, the truck’s engine will derate, but still run at reduced speeds. The SCR systems also employ a heating system in the DEF reservoir and lines to keep the fluid from freezing. They’re also designed to automatically purge the lines before the engine shuts down. Still, should it freeze in extreme cold conditions, quality DEF, such as TRP CleanBlue, is specifically formulated not to become diluted with water or concentrated with urea as it thaws, Hunter said. CleanBlue is available at hundreds of Kenworth and Peterbilt dealerships across North America.



July 2010    9

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1994 International walk-in step-van, 1652S chassis, 18ft., aluminum body, 7.3 diesel eng., rear roll up doors; Allison auto, 10R22.5 tires & rims, asking $2,400. Phone Mike at 7am to 5pm at 416.615.3071.

2 x 2 e .95 l mp $74 Sa


x 2 5 e l .9 mp $74 Sa


10    July 2010



1996 Chevy Hd Walk-In Step-Van, 366 V8 gas engine, Allison auto trans.18 ft aluminum box, 10R 22.5 tires, rear barn doors. $1,700. Phone Mike at 7am to 5pm at 416.615.3071.


x 2 5 le 4.9 p m $7 Sa


x 2 5 e l .9 mp $74 Sa






or email:

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Ontario Trucking News • Ea

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Single Axle Day Cab Tractor. Cat C7 330 HP, Eaton 9 -speed manual, 12/23 Axles, Exceptional condition. 102 km’s for only $29,900. Stock #167808.

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Volvo VED12 465hp., 13-speed, 2x150 tanks, 61” double sleeper, dual air-ride seats, air-slide 5th wheel, tank fairings. Fully reconditioned & serviced with 6 mo. warranty, 660 km’s, Fleet Code VOL269.

Rob Nusca Assist Branch Mgr

2005 kenwOrth t300

low Kms

Cat C15 435HP, 10-speed manual, Brand new virgin drives, Freshly painted frames, Ultra Clean US trucks. Safetied w/powertrain warranty. 810842 km’s. Fleet code STV006. $41,900/each

Mack AC 380 hp., 10-speed manual, 12/40 axles, 163” WB, 360 km’s. Stock #164726.

2007 emmissioNs

$63,900 & UP

2006 kenwOrth t2000

to choose

2005 mACk CX613

BacK By PoPular DemaND

Cummins ISX or Volvo D13, 13-speed manual. Fully reconditioned with powertrain warranty. From 500 km’s. Fleet Code VLV071

$46,900 - $49,900

Volvo VED12, 13-speed., Eaton-Fuller auto & manual, 12.5/40 axles, 2x150 tanks, freshly painted & sandblasted frame, fully reconditioned, serviced & powertrain warranty. Fleet code VLV062. from $49,900

low Kms

2009 VOlVO Vnl670

VED12, 465hp., 13-spd., manual or 10-spd auto, 77” double. bunk, factory inverter, workstation & fridge. Fully reconditioned & safetied with 6 mo. engine, turbo injector & EGR warranty. Fleet codes VOL252 / VOL197.

Jim Mallory 647.220.6830

Pav Thandi



Adam Davy Branch manager

trust thE bEst 59 Year experience 18 Locations over 2,000 power Units phone:




or email: July 2010    11



ews • Ontario Trucking News • Eastern Trucking News • Western Trucking News • Ontario Trucking News • Eastern Trucking News

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or email:



x 2 5 le 4.9 p m $7 Sa


July 2010    13

The Safety Tip Adviser

There Are Air Conditioning Health Hazards

By Alvis Violo


ost of us could not live without air conditioning. In hot, humid climates, it is more than a modern comfort. Air conditioning is an essential element in getting through hot, sweltering, sticky days. But, like most modern conveniences, air conditioning has its down-sides. Are they sufficient to make you think twice about

having an air conditioner in your home, office or vehicle? Many researchers believe they are. Let’s find out why. A building’s air-conditioning system can be described as the lungs of the building. The airconditioning system draws in outside air, filters it, heats, cools or humidifies it, circulates it around the building, then expels a portion of it to the outside environment. The quality of the air many people breathe at work or at home is totally dependent on the operation of the building’s airconditioning system. Substandard air-conditioning will lead to poor indoor air quality, which leads to

irritable and potentially very sick people. The cost of poor airconditioning at work is enormous. Studies show that increased sick leave and lower productivity relate to poor air-conditioning, and costs many millions of dollars each year. The human cost of poor air-conditioning includes viral illness, respiratory problems, and deadly Legionnaires Disease (or Legionella). What are the health effects of poor air conditioning systems? Often the causes of respiratory and nasal symptoms are not properly diagnosed and therefore the work related nature is

not recognized. There are three major categories of health problems. First and foremost, lung and respiratory tract problems such as runny nose, blocked nose, coughing, sore throat, and sneezing. The second category is virus and bacteria reactions such as fever, chills, headaches, muscular ache, nausea and vomiting. Diseases include influenza, bronchitis and Legionnaire’s Disease The third category consists of allergic reactions namely itchy nose, watering eyes, shortness of breath, wheezing and coughs as well as illnesses such as sinusitis, asthma and humidifier fever. It has also been proven that the body undergoes

a certain amount of stress when it is forced to go from a boiling hot environment into an air conditioned one. Going from an outside temperature of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit to an inside temperature of less than 78 degrees is, for example, bound to play havoc with one’s health. Who is at risk? A large number of people are at risk. People who spend a great deal of time in their homes such as the elderly, workers in airconditioned buildings, including office staff, cleaning staff and security staff. Staff in air-conditioned venues such as hotels, museums, aquariums, gaming venues, building maintenance workers (such as

mechanics, electricians, etc.), air-conditioning company workers and people who are in their air-conditioned vehicles for long periods of time such as truck drivers. Air conditioners in cars or trucks also have their problems. Micro-organisms have been found within air conditioning units that may cause breathing problems. Researchers at Louisiana State Medical Center identified eight different types of mould living inside of 22 out of 25 cars tested. Vehicle air conditioning units can also circulate airborne diseases, most famously Legionnaire’s Disease. If the unit has cheap filters or is not properly maintained, it will simply re-circulate pollutants. Of course, there are also positives to air conditioning. It creates a pleasant atmosphere inside, regardless of what is going on outside. It may eliminate heat rash and help hay fever sufferers by removing pollens from the air. The removal of dirty and dry air is also accomplished by air conditioning. The decision to use air conditioning is, of course, yours. Having weighed the pros and cons, you may decide that the best option is to use it, but do so sparingly, not going below 78 degrees, and not becoming reliant on it. Then hopefully, we can all enjoy the benefits of air conditioning and avoid the detriments at the same time. Drive safe, think positive and be prosperous. Alvis Violo is the C.E.O. of Emergency Road Services Of Canada Inc., a coast to coast national roadside assistance company dedicated to the trucking industry in Canada and the U.S. For more information visit www.ersofcanada. com or call 1-877-3772262. Please send your questions, feedback or comments about this column to


14    July 2010

July 2010    15

Legal Matters

Attitude Charges

By Mark Reynolds


hen a driver is stopped by an officer for an alleged offence, very often the driver will receive a ticket or sometimes a number of tickets. When I see multiple tickets written to the same driver for the same traffic stop, I can usually tell if there has been some kind of heated dispute between the driver and the officer. This is not the conclusion that I jump to every time a driver receives multiple tickets. When I see for example, one ticket issued

16    July 2010

for a safety violation and another six for things like not having the registration signed in ink, or no name on a commercial vehicle, I can generally assume that the driver and officer have had words, or at least the driver had some choice words for the officer. Back when I was an MTO Officer, there used to be a saying that went “you keep talking and I’ll keep writing”. What that means is that the officer has the entire Highway Traffic Act listing a multitude of offences, both minor and major, and there is a pretty good chance that most drivers have not complied with these requirements 100%. As a result, there is any number of charges that the officer can lay, when dealing with a driver. It may feel good at the time of the traffic stop to unload on the officer, and heap whatever verbal

abuse or education that the driver feels is appropriate at the time. The officer on the other hand, often sees fit to “educate” the driver in regard to just how many violations the driver has committed, by showing the driver these violations in writing on a multitude of traffic tickets. In the end, the officer will recover from the verbal education provided by the driver (usually in a matter of minutes) and the driver will remember the encounter for some time thanks to the many reminders issued by the officer. (I have had clients come to my office with as many as 15 traffic tickets from the same stop). When you are stopped by an officer for an offence, or even for a random stop at the Inspection Station, it is in your best interest to remain calm and in most cases say as little as possible. If you feel that

the officer has identified an offence for which you do not believe you are guilty, there is nothing wrong with explaining your position to the officer, although many times the officer will simply tell you to dispute your charge in court. This may not sound reasonable at the time, but if you decide to give the officer a piece of your mind, try to remember that instead of disputing one charge in court, you could be disputing a number of them. Officers deal with many

drivers every day, and tend to develop a fairly thick skin when it comes to criticism of their work. Often they will respond to this criticism as indicated above. Given that even minor tickets usually carry a fine of over $100.00 each, the luxury of telling off an officer is something most of us can ill afford. There is nothing to say that you cannot dispute the officer’s actions, but during the traffic stop when tempers may be elevated is probably not the time to “educate” the officer.

Mark Reynolds is a licenced paralegal, a former truck driver, MTO Enforcement Officer, Provincial Trainer and Enforcement Coordinator and can be reached at 416-2216888 or MarkReynolds@


Flo-Components Ltd.

8 Reasons for Using an Autogreaser


hether you know it as an Automatic Lubrication System (ALS), an autogreaser or a centralized grease lubrication system, an ALS automatically lubricates multiple points on a truck from a centralized pump/control unit which is mounted in an easily accessible location. A system dispenses small measured amounts of lubricant at frequent intervals, while your equipment is operating, maintaining the correct amount of grease in the bearing at all

times and a consistent lubricant seal to prevent dirt and contaminants from migrating into bearings. FLO Components Ltd. of Mississauga, Ontario has been supplying Automatic Lubrication Systems using components from Lincoln Industrial for over 30 years. FLO’s Marketing Specialist, Gabriel Lopez says; “In talking with people who don’t currently use Automatic Lubrication Systems, we often hear statements like ‘Even if I use an Autogreaser, I still

have to do a walk-around to inspect the system’. This is absolutely correct. An Automatic Lubrication System (ALS) will not replace your regular truck maintenance inspection. You still have to check for loose or damaged lines and make sure that everything is operating smoothly. What an ALS does is take the grease gun out of your hand and replace it with a wrench. Then, you can use the grease lines as a guide and have the opportunity to focus on making any necessary

adjustments or repairs as you conduct your regular inspection.” So you might be asking yourself; “What’s the point of using an ALS?” According to FLO Components, there are 8 reasons why you would use an Automatic Lubrication System: 1) Safety An ALS helps to reduce or eliminate climbing over and under machinery or into difficult-to-reach areas. Whether you’re an owner/operator of a single piece of equipment, or the fleet manager for a large operator, personnel safety in today’s workplace is a key consideration. 2) Efficient Lubrication An ALS applies grease while the truck is running so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing or set aside time to lubricate it - in other words, less downtime. Furthermore, because the bearing is turning when it receives the grease, you get much better grease coverage on the bearing. 3) Better Lubrication Applying grease is often most effective when it is dispensed in small, measured amounts over short, frequent time intervals. Unfortunately, tight deadlines and manpower constraints or in some cases the location of a truck often make this method of lubrication impossible. Equipment gets greased when it’s available and when we have time and

somebody available to do it. Clearly, this approach is not optimal for the point requiring lubrication. An ALS makes this problem go away. 4) Better Housekeeping How much grease is too much? According to Lopez; “If you’re old-school, you keep pumping it in until you see it oozing out of the bearing. This is what we at FLO like to call ‘over lubrication’.” As previously stated, frequent and small, measured amounts will give your bearings the best protection. In addition to no over/under lubrication, this also means that you get less spillage and leakage. The end results are less grease wastage and less mess on your truck, parking lot, loading docks, etc. Appearance aside, safety (danger of slipping) and environmental issues are even more important. 5) Less Downtime, Reduced Maintenance Costs, & Reduced Bearing Replacement Time and manpower constraints often make it nearly impossible to keep up with the greasing requirements of equipment, especially in the harsh Canadian climate. The “preventative maintenance” provided by an ALS is absolutely key to reducing maintenance costs and minimizing downtime by extending the life of the many pivots, bushings and components on the equipment. There are also fewer replacement parts

to stock. 6) Increased Overall Productivity Resulting from an increase in truck availability and reduction in downtime due to breakdowns or general maintenance. 7) Longer Truck Life and Higher Resale Value Due to the fact that bearing areas are consistently protected and your truck in general is better maintained. 8) Helps the Environment For the environment, less premature wear of bearings and other components means less landfill. Also, since you’re not over greasing (see Better Housekeeping above), you’re depleting fewer resources from the environment and you’re not contaminating the environment with dripping grease. FLO will be exhibiting its Automatic Lubrication Systems at the 2010 Fergus Truck show in booth L26. Lopez says; “We will be showcasing one of our client’s trucks in our booth, so people will get to see an actual installed system in addition to several different working demos. We will also be featuring one of our industry exclusive, fully equipped Mobile Workshops.” For Total Lube Solutions, Go With The FLO! Call us: 1-800-668-5458, e-mail us:, visit our web site: www.flocomponents. com.


July 2010    17

Speed Limiters & Professional Driver Risks

By Robert D. Scheper


rior to 30 years ago trucking companies paid drivers for meal expenses. They got a daily rate of anywhere from $15-$25+ per day. It was a logical and reasonable response to a valued team member. Many industries still respect their employees enough to pay for job related costs. Even seasoned old timers remember the days when this practice stopped. Companies gave an extra penny or two and said “this includes the cost of meals”. Slowly over a number of years drivers stopped asking. Their meal expenses were delegated to the government’s TL2 simplified method. The TL2 returned $11.63 in 2009 and will return $12.47 in 2010. How times have changed! Instead of compensating employee job related costs, delays and risks, companies and trucking associations have rigorously and consistently

18    July 2010

offloaded as much of the industry related costs as possible. Professional drivers and operators must now manage more risk and costs that ever before. A fundamental business principle is “for every increase in risk there MUST be an increase in return”. It’s one thing to be paid for risk and then be able to manage it. But what’s happened is operators are forced to absorb risks with no return and less and less ability to manage it. Drivers used to be able to accommodate dispatch – shipper – customs – traffic – receiver – parking - idling costs by adjusting their speed or moderately compacting their logs. But now if you are two hours from the fenced compound, and only have an hour left on your log, you have to weigh the risks of parking - idling fines with DOT log book violations. Do trucking companies care? How much more per mile is the operator getting paid to cover the risk of a $200-300+ fine? Or how about a 1-4 hour delay at the shipper (considered “standard delays” in some circles)? Isn’t an operator’s earnings reduced by 1-4 hours?

What about equipment and idling costs? Are all these offloaded costs now considered “industry standard”? And analysts wonder why there’s so much complaining and a shortage of quality drivers? Thirty years ago trucking companies began the now rampant practice of abandoning the driver as a valued business asset. By offloading their fixed (daily) costs it provided companies with a means to quote on contracts more accurately. But it was a universally flawed formula. They didn’t just reduce industry risks they transferred their own risk onto the driver. They began viewing their drivers as a number rather than a partner, a number that could simply be manipulated, squeezed, abandoned and replaced. They viewed drivers like cattle, some for breeding and some for slaughter. The speed limiters and accelerated EOBR position of the OTA and CTA further magnifies this abusive tendency. Where is the added return? There is none! Operators must blindly trust companies to share the earnings with the herd. Robert D. Scheper oper-

ates an accounting and consulting firm in Steinbach, Manitoba. He has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and

is the author of the Book “Making Your Miles Count: taxes, taxes, taxes” (now available on CD). You can find him at www.thrcon- and or at 1-877-987-9787. You can e-mail him at robert@


Cross Border Services


By Dawn Truell


would like to dedicate this article to my sister, Tammy Hoddy.

To all of the hard working people out there who report every day to their jobs, who do terrific jobs, at the end of the day they go home to their respective families for whom they work so hard for to provide them with the necessities that we all need in order to survive day by day. Each day we

go on, we push ourselves no matter how wonderful we feel or how awful we might feel from one day to the next, we persevere, we struggle, and when we come home we know that it was all worth it. We love and cherish our families and will do absolutely everything that we can to provide for them. When

one day one of us becomes ill, we all band together to help, because we care and because we love our families. This philosophy can be brought into our current economic situation as well. We are all struggling to survive and to provide for our families, we must all gather together to gain the strength we need to rebuild our economy; our families are counting on us. Have you ever taken a moment to just sit back and breathe, to smell the flowers, to look around at the beauty of our world around us, the trees, the water, the birds, the fish, our dogs and cats, horses and people, the miracles of life that we often seem to just take for granted. Imagine if one day that were to be taken away from us, in one breath it was all gone, remember this when next time you feel stressed, some-

thing makes you angry or makes you cry, take that moment, step back, take a deep breath and look around you. Remember everything in life that is good, think of your family, your children, your parents, brothers and sisters, pets, and take check of what is really important in life. Life is important; remember to live everyday without regret, with strength and conviction, with honesty and integrity in everything we do from our family lives to our jobs. We go to work to our jobs; we go home for our families. This year, Canada will be hosting both the Muskoka 2010 G-8 Summit from June 25 to 26 and the Toronto 2010 G-20 Summit from June 26 to 27. The Canada Border Services Agency’s (CBSA) role focuses on managing the entry of all accredited G-8 and G-20 participants

and ensuring that these individuals are in possession of the required travel documentation. The public should expect closures and restrictions on the highways in and around Toronto on Thursday June 24th to Sunday June 27th due to G20 security operations. These measures will have a significant impact on traffic flow on the Gardiner Expressway, QEW, Highway 427 and Highway 401, the DVP and connecting arterial roads. Hwy 11 will have closures during the summit as well from just north of Barrie to North Bay. For a complete list of traffic restrictions and maps, visit the G8G20 ISU website. D a w n Tr u e l l i s t h e President of Cross Border Services. For further information please contact crossborderservices@, or call 905.973.9136.


July 2010    19

Ask the Fuel Expert

Major Fuel Spill: Could It Happen to You? By Jack Lee


nless you’ve been living on an island with Gilligan and the Skipper, you’ve probably heard about the devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. An explosion of the oil rig Deepwater Horizon on April 20, 2010 killed eleven workers and is currently spewing about more than 18,000 barrels of oil per day into gulf waters. The full extent of the damage won’t be known for a long time and the repercussions will be enormous. But what can businesses like ours learn from this? Okay, maybe you don’t have an oil rig drilling in your yard, but if you store fuel in a tank or fuel trucks and equipment on your site, aren’t you introducing hazards to your workers, the environment and your bottom line? Every time your people stop at the tanks you are subject to the damages. Sure, this isn’t life and death and you’re unlikely to pollute hundreds of miles of shoreline, but the risks are still high. Damages from a spill can include lost productivity, toxic seepage, higher insurance rates and cleanups that run in the tens of thousands of dollars. But you can protect your company from spills by reviewing which of the three common methods of fuelling you use and deciding on the best option for your business. The first is commercial card-locks, a relatively safe method as long as the drivers pay attention. When there’s a small spill at card-locks, the station typically absorbs the cost. However, if it’s a large spill it’s on your tab and the clean-up is to the station’s standards. Even if there is no spill, card-locks present the unavoidable and unhealthy exposure of your employees to diesel fuel on their hands, clothes and equipment. Another common method of refuelling is fuel 20    July 2010

storage tanks. Essentially operating your own cardlock, onsite tanks and dispensing can reduce the typically 45 minute spent travelling to and fuelling at card-locks; however, most tank owners are chiefly concerned with keeping the tank from running dry, not minimizing exposure to risk. If your equipment, tank or pumps are old and if you don’t follow a stringent best practices policy, leaks, spills and accidents will happen. You may not get Green Peace on your doorstep, but when a spill occurs, government agencies are involved, you are subject to costly clean-up, heavy fines and endless visits by government inspectors, who wants that? Direct to equipment fuelling: wheel-to-wheel The third solution is professional wheel-towheel fuel delivery and professional fuel handling. When you use onsite fuel delivery, refuelling time is eliminated and productivity rises by 40 to 45 minutes per unit, per day. You also minimize risk to people, environment and community. One company specializes in professional logistics and automated collection of fuel transaction data. 4Refuel specializes in fuel management and guarantees safety by ensuring each of its operators is certified as a refuelling professional. In fact, 4Refuel manages fuel for all industries and equipment from trucks and trains to ships and cranes. And every employee is trained in the safety procedure and environmental protocol specific to each industry. Fuel management is a growing area of resource management and business planning. Reducing risk from spills is as important a part of managing fuel investments as maximizing productivity and minimizing cost and waste. 4Refuel manages these aspects by using an automated data collection system

to store each transaction online where clients can view dockets, review costs and manage budgets. This complete concept is called Total Fuel Management (TFM) and is the system of choice among many Fortune 500® companies. In fact, 4Refuel’s customizable TFM system works with wheel-to-wheel fuelling, tank and bulk service

and can also be layered onto company fuel tanks or fuel trucks. For all you bottom-liners out there, TFM saves you money too. Your insurance costs will be lower since you no longer carry the liability of fuel storage tanks on your property. Plus your workers aren’t wasting time fiddling around with refuelling, which takes

them away from what they get paid for...working for you. No one needs any extra risk or headache in their lives. When it comes to fuel – and more specifically fuel spills – it’s always best to hand the responsibility to the professionals. Choose the right supplier to manage the risks and you’ll have more time to

put into your business. Jack Lee is CEO of 4Refuel – the largest onsite fuel management company in Canada and a global leader in technology designed to help businesses reduce their fuel expenses. Got a question about fuel? Ask the fuel expert by emailing Jack at Fuel Expert@4Refuel. com.


Diesel Particulate Filter Action or Reaction

By Norm West


he diesel particulate filter (DPF) has been with the trucking industry since the 2007 model year and continues to be a part of the emission control technology

with the 2011 models. Contrary to some articles written about this emission control device, it is not maintenance free. Not only is it not maintenance free but there is no quick fix when the filter

media is compacted with ash. Ash removal requires an off vehicle intervention to clear the exhaust path and open up the filter cells to breathe again. This cleaning allows the engine to perform as it was designed. Actions There are basic steps to follow that will prolong the life and the life cycle of the DPF: First of all refer to the owner’s manual section that discusses DPF cleaning intervals for your truck. Then schedule a chassis off cleaning as close to the manufacturer’s recommendation as possible. Combine this with other maintenance activity to

minimize truck downtime. After the initial cleaning, fit recommended subsequent DPF cleaning into your preventive maintenance schedule. Vocational truck applications should consider off chassis cleaning more frequently due to excessive soot and ash load at slow speeds, stop & go as well as idling. Reaction DPF’s that have been in service considerably longer than the recommended cleaning intervals, could be the reason for engine codes, component failure, performance issues with the engine and stack emissions. The DPF now becomes an expensive

truck repair. At a minimum the life and subsequent recommended cleaning intervals of the DPF are reduced due to hardened ash loading at the bottom and sides of the inlet cells (ash plugs). Ash contained in the filter media reduces the surface area the filter has to process exhaust gas. In most cases the DPF needs to be replaced due to cell breakdown, cracking or actually melting the core. Prices for the replacement vary from a cleaned filter core to the purchase of a new filter. There is another cost to the truck owner as a result of a partially plugged DPF and that is fuel expense over

time. Back pressure in the exhaust system causes reduced engine performance and therefore, reduced fuel economy. A clean DPF on a seasoned vehicle has been reported to provide additional fuel economy; your fuel mileage difference may vary according to application. Final Step Continue your preventive maintenance program that includes cleaning of your diesel particulate filter by a DPF cleaning facility. For more information contact me at 877.373.2580, by email at or visit


Million Mile Safety Consulting

Wide Range of Solutions from Compliance & HOS Experts By Andrew Stacey


ince the new millennium the trucking industry has undergone some of the largest changes in history. Not only has the trucking industry dealt with complete Hours of Service changes in both countries, now we have to adapt to a completely new safety rating system. Million Mile Safety Consulting has been on the leading edge of these changes, supporting and training our customers so they are confident and ready when the changes take effect. Our consultants have been there to walk our customers, their drivers and owner operators through the changes to obtain solutions for compliancy without reducing their bottom line. Our commitment to the industry is not to fill drivers and companies with misleading and useless information, but to keep them as up to date with the latest information as it becomes available. Why use a Consultant? As fleet consultants we bring a refreshing out-

side point of view to your company, which will pinpoint existing problems and reach faster solutions. As fleet consultants we have a vast array of resources not readily available to you. A good consultant will educate and inform you as they walk, hand in hand, with you until the task is completed. We can assist with strategic planning which will help reach company goals faster and easier. We offer innovative ideas by knowing the trends of your industry. Million Mile Safety’s CEO Andrew Stacey has more than 20 years of industry experience. He has been a certified instructor for the industry teaching thousands of hours over the years producing some great drivers. We use our combined expert knowledge along with state of the art software to allow us to not only audit your drivers, but to pinpoint the infractions which allows us to pinpoint strategic personalized training. Auditing has to have a purpose as well as safety. We can deliver

this purpose to both you and your driver. A confident well trained driver is a productive source of revenue for you and a safe professional for the general public. “We are not here to be your safety department. We are here to compliment them”. Stop the bottleneck of safety programs. We can streamline and train your drivers giving them and your operations team the tools they need to be pro-active and productive. We are here to assist your safety personnel and help shape your company into a compliant, safe and profitable corporation. With CSA 2010 you have everything to lose and a lot to gain, give us a call about our services. Let Million Mile Safety Consulting help keep you on the road and making money! For more information call 877.974.2349 or send an email to Andrew@ or or visit us on the web at


July 2010    21

NeW Products & Services

Alutrec Inc.

New Lighter CAPACITY Trailer Increases Fuel Economy


or over 15 years, Alutrec has been manufacturing aluminum trailers with the goal to develop new technologies that will meet their clients’ needs. Alutrec has chosen aluminum because of its elite properties that allows them to reduce the average trailer weight by 3,500 pounds, converting it into a significant payload that will result in profits. Their mission is to manufacture the highest performing semi trailer of the North American transportation industry. Four years ago, Alutrec was faced with new challenges. In collaboration with their research department, they looked for a

new revolutionary aerodynamic structural design that would meet manufacturing constraints, new transportation work methods, save fuel/energy, be environmentally friendly while reflecting on the world’s economic reality and forecast. It is with valued partners such as Alcoa Canada, Université Laval, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, le Centre de Technologies de L’Aluminium, et le Centre Québécois de Recherche et de Développement de L’Aluminium that they were able to launch this new project. Their goal was to manufacture a semi trailer that would surpass all expectations and generate better performance. For many years, they

have gathered their clients’ comments and suggestions to create a trailer that would meet their needs and requirements. Alutrec’s determination to “raise the bar” helped them reach their goals. I n t o d a y ’s i n d u s t r y, CAPACITY is the lightest trailer of its kind. At 6,950 pounds, it offers an additional 2,500 pounds of payload compared to the average aluminum trailer in its category. This important innovation led them to an International patent pending. With its aerodynamic design, tests have been performed by F.P. Innovations and confirmed results on fuel savings from 6 to 9%. After considering both factors of 2,500 pounds

increased payload and 6 to 9% of fuel savings, CAPACITY offers an exceptional financial gain and offers even more features such as lower deck height by 7.5 inches for additional volume which is over 100 inches in height, resulting in higher profit. CAPACITY is the lightest trailer of its kind. Due to its concept, the structural resistance has been increased by 900%. This is 9 times more than any other trailer being built today. This new concept will reduce rollover risks resulting in less incidents or damages to the equipment, the load and of course, to the driver. Also, the structural resistance and concentrated load rating has remained a

comfortable 60,000 pounds in 4 feet. On the rear of the trailer, Alutrec incorporated a drawer compartment for dunnage and accessories, taking away the space used by side boxes and racks. Inside the aerodynamic shaped hull, the air and electrical systems are secured resulting in considerable maintenance savings. CAPACITY has approximately 1,000 less parts than a traditional trailer. That’s 1,000 less parts to

worry about! The first 50 trailers that will be sold will have a follow up program that will collect the end user’s data to provide Alutrec with information that will be used to improve their trailer. Their objectives have been surpassed with the CAPACITY semi trailer and will surely stimulate a lot of interest. For more information please contact Jean Fournier at 877.631.2600 or by email at jfournier@alutrec. com.



Effective Protection for Temperature Sensitive Cargo


any kinds of cargo shipped by truck are temperature sensitive - especially to the cold! Avoid spoiled and damaged goods using the EnduraForm radiant heat system. Easily fitted to the decks of most semi-trailers or any other form of transportation, the tough interlocking panels carry heating lines which distribute the heat evenly from the bottom of the cargo - since heat rises, your cargo spaces are heated evenly and consistently. Heat can be supplied economically and effectively by heaters such as the ones supplied by Wilson Instruments or similar devices. Heating lines are placed 8” apart and are contained within the Endura-Form panel assembly. Endura-Form installations can also be used in cooling applications to keep cargo cold! Endura-Form panels are tough, easy to install, reusable and recyclable. Endura-Form panels will support up to 803 PSI. In conventional cargo

22    July 2010

carriers, the heater blows heat into the cargo space above the cargo. The warm air stays at the top of the space and often fails to radiate down. In the meantime cold air radiates from the floor and sides, presenting a serious risk to temperature sensitive cargo. With Endura-Form radiant heat panels installed in the floor of the cargo space, heat is radiated up through the cargo

and heats the entire cargo space evenly, perfect for temperature sensitive cargos! The heaters are compact and efficient. Endura-Form panel installations are tough, easy to install and remove and are reusable. The system can also be used for cooling trailers as well. ENDURA-FORM PANELS are a single form factor interlocking system. They can be used to

create decks of any size and are designed to take pipes and cables up to 1 1/8” in diameter. They’re perfect for flooring and heating buildings, loading docks, wash pits, walkways, drives, airfields and taxi aprons. In fact we’ve identified over thirty possible applications already with lots more to come! Check our web site to see what Endura-Form can do for you!

For more information call 604.792.0232, or send an email to info@endura- or visit our website at www.endura-form. com.


NeW Products & Services

New eManifest Solutions to Meet New ACI Regulations


oronto, Canada – CrimsonLogic (North America) Inc. is currently in development of adding a new eManifest solution to meet new Advance Commercial Information (ACI) Highway regulations. These new regulations requiring highway carriers to electronically submit a manifest an hour prior to arriving at the Canadian border place the similar time and cost constraints on carriers that the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) did when U.S. Customs introduced similar regulations four years ago. The ACI program requires electronic prearrival of cargo and conveyance information to identify threats related

to commercial cargo before arrival in Canada. ACI Highway eManifest is an extension of the ACI Ocean and Air Cargo initiatives previously implemented by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Transmission of highway cargo and conveyance data must be received and processed by CBSA a minimum of one hour before arrival of the conveyance at the First Point of Arrival in Canada. CBSA ACI Highway eManifest is the Canadian equivalent of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) ACE eManifest program. Eventually, ACI will eventually be required from freight forwarders and importers for all modes of transportation into Canada. CrimsonLogic was first to market with an online

ACE solution in 2004. Through that time, we developed significant expertise in cross border procedures, while building relationships with

highway carriers, and established a reputation with CBP Client Representative and Port Officers. Our efforts resulted in a fine tuned solution

for carrier enterprises of any size. The focus of ACI Highway for us will be to achieve the same goals, to build on our current WebCustoms

Suite. The ACI Highway system will go live September 2010. CrimsonLogic is holding webinars and can be contacted at 905.763.6887.


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NeW Products & Services

Clik Tech Corp.

Diesel Fuel Additive Facts By Terry Brand


he fact is that today’s fuels are not what they used to be and today’s engines demand more. The sulfur content is now very low in diesel fuels. “Since fuel companies were not mandated to replace the sulfur with another component, it is a good idea to add an aftermarket fuel additive to your diesel fuel to prevent premature pump and injector wear”, says Mark Rodon, A study by J.D. Power states, “As manufacturers of heavy-duty truck engines are implementing new emission technologies to meet diesel emission standards, customers have seen an increase in problems with their engines, worsened fuel economy and a shortened oil life.” Clik’s 4-in-1 diesel fuel treatment is a powerful

multi treatment product in one bottle. First of all, it replaces sulfur with an eco-friendly lubricant for the fire zone, protecting fuel system and injectors. Secondly it increases the cetane for better starts and performance while improving fuel consumption. Thirdly, it has an anti-gel for the winter to reduce wax formation and promotes water separation. It also has a non-alcoholic cleaner to maintain a clean fuel system and peaks injector performance. Having been in the additive business in Canada and around the world for over 20 years, Clik Tech Corp, a Canadian company based in Woodbridge, Ontario, has seen the positive results of quality fuel additives. Yes there are scammers for sure. Aren’t they in every aspect of our lives?

Clik’s PHD/Chemistry support of research and development also performs tests on competitors’ products. Unsurprisingly, many of them are useless. “Most are just a form of various cheap alcohols,” says Dr Sabatino Nacson, PHD/Chem. Clik strives to make the best product in every category. “Our products really work and we have performed many tests and received testimonials from managers and business owners about our products,” says Vraj Rach, General Manager of Clik Tech Corp. “Fabulous products. My trucks run smoother and quieter. I see less emissions and more power. Also, I haven’t had to boost one vehicle since using Clik,” says Asim, H e a d M e c h a n i c, K i n g York Paving. “Unbelievable! Even

though I was using a well known fuel additive, when I switched to Clik products I saw over 20% improvement in fuel economy,” says W. Smith, VIS Trucking, Pompano

Beach, FL. Clik is scheduled to be listed on NASDAQ (the largest trading volume stock exchange in the world) in April 2010. Terry Brand is the Gen-

eral Sales Manager for Clik Tech Corp. in Woodbridge, Ontario. He can be reached at 1-877-2752545 or you can visit their website at www.cliktech. com.


Eco-Friendly Oil Filter to Canadian Market


OMS Technologies LLC, a provider of engine oil filtration products, announced its microGreen™ Extended Performance Oil Filter is now available in Canada. The patented microGreen oil filter enables vehicles to operate up to 48,000 kilometers without an oil change. With its 2 filters in 1 standard spin- on canister, the microGreen oil filter ensures that the oil stays cleaner, far longer – reducing the use of motor oil by 70 percent and oil filters by 50 percent. After experiencing strong sales growth in the U.S., SOMS is expanding availability of the filter. Now, Canadian fleets and consumers can save money and protect the environment by significantly decreasing the potential for improper disposal of these hazard24    July 2010

ous wastes. There are over 150 million liters of motor oil and 30 million oil filters sold in Canada every year. A significant amount of motor oil and oil filters are not disposed of properly which can significantly pollute the environment. One liter of improperly disposed used oil can pollute one million liters of water, threatening drinking water and our environment. While traditional oil filters capture the larger contaminant particles in motor oil, down to 25 to 40 microns, the microGreen’s patented microfilter system captures particles down to 2 microns in size. This cleans the oil more effectively – improving the life of the engine and reducing vehicle maintenance

costs. Moreover, cleaner oil is better at reducing engine friction, which improves engine operating efficiency and therefore can increase fuel efficiency.

The microGreen filter has been

validated in extensive fleet and laboratory testing. Furthermore, the filter is the subject of two shared research agreements with the

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. “Our filter has been widely accepted in the U.S. market and demand continues to grow. We are currently working with 7 of the top 20 national U.S. fleets and numerous regional/ local fleets. Having seen such a large interest in the U.S., we have made the strategic decision to expand our availability into Canada,” said Steven Kirchner, COO of SOMS Technologies. “In today’s market, it is critical that companies are able to cut costs. But more than ever, individuals are looking to businesses for their demonstrated commitment to protecting the environment. We are excited to offer the Canadian market an innovative solution

which meets both needs – offering tremendous cost savings while making a significant positive impact on the environment.” SOMS Technologies has recently signed their first distributor in Canada, Resource Maintenance Group in Toronto. “After 20 years in the filtration business, we recognize the microGreen filter as the most innovative advancement in engine oil filtration for spin-on filters. By-Pass and full flow filtration in a single canister, we are very pleased to be a distributor of this unique advanced technology microGreen oil filter,” said Oscar Rank, VP of Sales. For more information contact David Murray at 800.668.8171 or by email at RMG.sales@gmail. com.


NeW Products & Services

AGI Envirotank

Leading Manufacturer of Environmental Fuel Storage Tanks


GI Envirotank out of Biggar, Saskatchewan is proud to have been a leading manufacturer of environmental fuel storage tanks for the past sixteen years. AGI was founded in 1994 by David Burton and a number of other shareholders. The business continues to be majority owned and operated by the Burton family and has continually expanded each year. Burton is happy to announce that even during the trying economic times of the past eighteen months he has never had a single job lost due to lack of work. Quality and employees continue to be the focus of this business. Approximately sixty percent of the AGI production is geared towards refined fuel storage, while the other forty percent is directed to upstream oil patch production. The refined fuel storage is divided into bulk farms,

fleet, retail service station and farm storage solutions that meet and exceed the requirements of ULC, TSSA, Fire and Building Codes across the country. While the company does produce the basic storage tank, they specialize in “turn-key” operations. Tanks are manufactured and factory equipped with pumps, dispensers, cardlocks, stair packages and catwalks, then wired and shipped complete as ready to use systems with very minimal on location set-up required. The “Ghost Station” especially tends to grab attention with entrepreneurs in rural and remote locations. This concept is unique to AGI in that the whole unit, which is an unattended complete fuel station that will accept credit and debit cards can be shipped complete on one truck load to location. Literally within the space of a couple of days the owner is able to

go from empty lot to a 24 hour service station, with remote control features. Trucking fleets also appreciate the fleet refuellers that are available as “turnkey” and can be custom configured to the specification of the owner, with pumps, metering equipment and fuel access control systems. “Turn-key” systems have

been produced for various industries, including trucking, rail, mining, airports, marinas, government and retail, delivered coast to coast across North America. Recently, in keeping with the emphasis on improved quality, an automated tank line was introduced at AGI. As a result AGI is able to offer unparalleled quality

automated welding that meets x-ray quality tests at a cost that is no more than competitor’s non-one hundred percent penetration welding procedures. Pressure vessel standards are applied to all welding processes at AGI, unlike others who separate the “pressure welders” from the welders building atmospheric tanks.

Those individuals or companies who are interested in superior quality fuel storage solutions are encouraged to contact Doug Snider, Territory Manager, AGI Envirotank 401 Highway #4 South, Biggar ,SK, S0K 0M0 or by phone at 1-800-746-6646, by email at or visit our website at www.


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Triple R Oil Cleaners

Why Engine Oils Fail & Additives Wear Out


he human body offers many parallels to engine oil maintenance. In fact, from good observation of advances in human medicine we can gain excellent insight to effective strategies in the maintenance of our engine oils. Engines are fluid dependent systems, just like the human body. Fluids such as engine oil bring contaminants into the system and transport the contaminants throughout the system. The abnormal presence of contamination in a system can be described as an incipient failure, meaning that, while the engine is not currently experiencing loss of performance or component degradation, the conditions that lead to failure and shortened life cycle are present and untenable. High contaminant levels of soot, diesel fuel or anti-freeze and water are similar to living with high cholesterol and high blood pressure: sooner than later you die. Similar to cholesterol and high blood pressure, high contamination in your engine oil is a correctable condition that is inexpensive to implement and cuts the cost to maintain your engine oil in half. Triple R America Co. Ltd guarantees clean oil. In some applications oil life can be extended to 150,000KM. Understanding Why Engine Oil Fails Liquid contaminants, including water, diesel fuel and glycol contaminate oil and cause acid to form, which increases oxidation, sludge build up and deterioration of additive chemicals. Water reacts with sulphur and nitrogen present in oil to form sulphuric and nitric acids, while also adding oxides to oil that corrode and rust engine parts Diesel fuel will decrease the oil’s viscosity as well as the film strength of the oil to properly bond with 26    July 2010

metal parts. It is this oil film that protects the engine from metal-to-metal wear. Once the film is compromised the wear levels increase rapidly. While glycol will not enter the oil during normal operation, it will be introduced to the oil if there is a defect in the coolant system. Unfortunately, with the introduction of EGR and oil coolers there has been an increase in glycol intrusion in engines. The glycol coagulates soot, creating oil balls that cause blockage in oil filters. These oil balls will also react with zinc, the anti-wear additives that bond to metals for the purpose of preventing metal-to-metal wear. The removal of zinc and oil balls will cause bearings and moving parts to deteriorate, causing engine failure if not discovered and corrected as soon as possible. Solid contaminants, soot, dirt and wear metals will eventually accumulate to such a high degree that they will affect the oil’s ability to properly flow and dissipate heat requiring more frequent oil change intervals. Soot, dirt, oil and water will create sludge that blocks galley ways

and filters. Wear metals will become trapped between tolerances and cause additional wear. The use of a high quality full-flow filter with a secondary Triple R bypass filter will help decrease the accumulation of harmful contaminants and allow for longer useful life of the oil and regular oil analysis will confirm your results. Why Oil Additives Wear Out The chemicals and metals added to oil are designed to improve the oil’s ability to protect the engine properly, by reducing acid formation that leads to corrosion, dispersing soot and other solid contaminants to prevent sludge build up, by bonding to metals to prevent metal-tometal wear and maintaining the recommended viscosity level at various temperatures.

The additives are affected by heat, shearing pressure, chemical reactions, oxidation, nitration and acid formation. Excessive heat will cook the chemicals that results in decreasing the effectiveness of the additive. Use of a Triple R bypass oil cleaner to keep solid particulates larger than 3 micron out of oil enables the oil to cool faster in the crankcase and retain less heat. Sludge is formed when oil, water and soot mix which will increase

heat retention as well. The Triple R bypass oil cleaner will help keep the water out of the oil enabling soot to remain in suspension and be filtered out dissipating heat properly. Viscosity improvers are molecules that expand and contract with temperature changes enabling the oil to flow at a constant rate. These molecules are affected by the shearing pressure that is created when the oil film is pressed between the moving parts. Use of a Triple R bypass oil cleaner removes solids that can get trapped between moving parts helping to maintain the proper tolerances reducing the shearing effects allowing the viscosity improvers to last longer. The base additives will react when any acid is formed from the water, sulphur/ nitrogen and heat present in all internal combustion engines during normal operation. Use of a Triple R bypass oil cleaner removes the water from the chemical equation and will virtually

eliminate the acid formation. The base additives will remain in suspension ready to react should any acid develop. Unchecked the acid formation will deplete the base additives’ effectiveness. Regular oil analysis will confirm your acid level. Use of the Triple R bypass oil cleaner will help oil additives maintain their integrity when both solid and liquid contaminants are eliminated from oil reducing the heat, shear pressure and chemical reactions. Oil contamination is responsible for 80% of equipment failure while the symptom is component failure and leaks, the catalyst is contaminated oil. It’s about eliminating failures, anticipating the needs of the equipment and extending the life of the oil and equipment while reducing the environmental impact. In short it’s about cutting the cost to maintain your oil in half. Cost Savings Are Easy To Realize If the average cost of an oil change is $250.00 and the cost of the Triple R AL100 is $595.00 complete, you only need to extend 3 oil changes to return what you spend on the AL-100, including, installation, oil analysis and replacement elements. On the plus side, you will have diverted up to 200L of oil from the waste stream, a win-win situation, saving money and the environment. For more information, contact David Murray at 800.668.8671, by email at or visit their website at www.


NeW Products & Services

Temper® Axle Products Corporation

“Doctor Preload® Delivers Correct Wheel End Bearing Settings Every Time”


ver the past several decades, the North American heavy duty trucking industry has settled for procedures that establish endplay in wheel end tapered roller bearings. The result has been continued “wheel off” incidents along with higher maintenance and operating costs due to bearing, seal and tire wear. A company in upstate New York is working to change all this. Temper® Axle Products Corporation, headquartered in Fonda, New York, is touting its Doctor Preload® bearing adjustment tool as a breakthrough in wheel end bearing adjustment. Designed to adjust tapered roller bearings to light preload position with a high degree of accuracy, the tool enables a technician to complete the bearing adjustment process in less than one minute. “Bearing companies

are on record that they prefer their wheel end bearings to be operated under a light preload, but only if that preload can be measured”, explains Ray Piascik, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for the company. “Temper ® developed a technology to directly preload the bearings rather than having to torque a locking nut. This allows us to “measure” preload during the adjustment process, and fine tune the bearing set to the optimal preload setting”. A single nut Temper®-Loc nut completes the bearing adjustment system and the procedure is straightforward. The wheel end is assembled in place on the spindle. The technician ensures that the assembly is up in the proper position on the spindle, and not sagging out of position. Next, the Temper-Loc Nut is hand tightened against the outer bearing. Doc-

tor Preload® is applied to the spindle end, adjusted to the Roll-In Zone and the wheel is turned three revolutions. Then, the tool is adjusted to the Set point for the axle (Drive/Trailer, or Front), and the nut is again hand tightened to secure the preload. The tool is removed, and the single nut Temper ®-Loc is locked in place with a fingertip controlled retaining key. John E. Rode, CEO of the Temper Companies, is the inventor of Doctor Preload ® . “We have over 40 years experience developing procedures to adjust bearings in industrial applications. I consider these inventions to be my most important breakthrough, solving this elusive and costly wheel end bearing adjustment problem”, states Rode. The Truck and Bus Wheel Subcommittee of the Society of Automotive Engin-

eers (SAE), comprised of representatives from bearing companies and axle/ chassis manufacturers among others, established target preload settings for key axle sizes in 2001. Entitled “Setting Preload in Heavy Duty Wheel Bearings”, SAE J2535 is the basis for the final setting preloads established using Doctor Preload®. SAE approved and published a paper written by Rode and Piascik in 2009, and presented by the company at the 2009 Commercial Vehicle Conference in Chicago. “Technology Breakthrough Achieves Objectives for SAE Preload Targets in Heavy Duty Wheel Ends”, paper number 2009-01-2887. Doctor Preload ® and Temper®-Loc nuts are receiving a warm reception in the US trucking industry. Fleet owners appreciate the operating benefits of having optimally ad-

justed wheel ends, and a growing number of fleets are adopting the products as their standard. A major food products importer and carrier is working to specify the Doctor Preload ® technology on their new equipment purchases. Heavy-duty truck and trailer service organizations like the time savings they get with Doctor Preload®, and the ability to deliver a consistently higher quality service to their important fleet customers. Owner-operators who do their own wheel end maintenance work point to the extended availability of their equipment and lower operating costs when they set their wheel ends with Doctor Preload®. Temper ® Technology Products Corporation, located in Niagara-on-theLake in Southern Ontario, is Temper’s Canadian distribution company hand-

ling the bearing adjustment tools in Canada. The company ships directly to the end user in order to ensure its customers receive consistent availability and service. Piascik expects Canada’s trucking industry to shift to Doctor Preload® bearing adjustment rapidly, “The industry doesn’t have to settle for endplay any longer, a sure fire way to reap the benefits of optimal, measured preload is here today”. John E. Rode is the CEO and President of Temper Companies, and inventor of Doctor Preload ® and Temper ®-Loc nuts. Raymond J. Piascik is Vice President, Marketing and Sales. Doctor Preload® and Temper ® are registered trademarks of Temper Corporation. We can be reached at 518.853.3467 or you can visit our website at www.bestwheellife. com.

add up to large savings. Revenue generation opportunities like detention billing make the tracking system virtually pay for itself. For example, Mesilla Valley Transportation averages $30,000 to $45,000 in detention billing per month. SkyBitz tracking technology is easy to use, easy to install, and easy to maintain. With its 5 year battery life, low maintenance cost, and an affordable price,

the SkyBitz technology offers excellent return on investment. There are already more than 700 companies with over 180,000 units in the field reaping the benefits of the SkyBitz asset tracking solution. Maybe it’s time to add trailer tracking to YOUR fleet management tools. For more information please visit www. or call 866.356.3684 ext. 225.


Elm Technologies

Protect Your Trailer & Freight


hatever you are hauling, shipment security is always a concern. One stolen trailer is one too many. Transportation companies today are adding SkyBitz technology to their arsenal of tools. Elm Technologies is the Canadian Distributor for SkyBitz, the leading provider of remote asset tracking solutions, specializing in tracking unpowered assets such as trailers and heavy equipment. Cargo theft in the US is estimated at $10 billion, and possibly as much as $30 billion, each year. Here in Canada the problem of cargo theft is as big an issue. A Fortune 500 shipper of consumer electronics and other big ticket items is prone to product theft. When the shipping

company found out that Mesilla Valley Transportation used SkyBitz trailer tracking technology, they were sold on this trucking company that is equipped to handle theft and facilitate recovery. DriveLine International has responded to their customers’ security concerns with improved trailer visibility, as well. Using SkyBitz trailer tracking they have recovered several misplaced trailers, normally written off as stolen. DriveLine also managed to direct law enforcement officials to the location of a stolen trailer. As soon as the company discovered a trailer missing, company executives remotely turned on SkyBitz’s “panic feature”. Immediately, the unit began tracking the trailer’s location every

three minutes, allowing the company to pinpoint the trailer’s exact location for law enforcement. As a result, officers raided the chop shop where the trailer was located and found not only the DriveLine trailer, but 12 other stolen trailers in the process of being stripped of all identifiable markings. SkyBitz’s patented technology has eliminated the need for lengthy and costly hardware installations. The uniquely low power consumption of the SkyBitz hardware allows the unit to run five years on the same set of eight AA lithium batteries, readily available at any grocery store. The battery life of this tracking system is the longest in the industry. No cables at all are involved in the installation of Sky-

Bitz hardware. It’s that simple. SkyBitz is fully compliant with the US government’s requirement of protective service for tracking of arms, ammunition and explosives. In 2009 SkyBitz received Defense Transportation Tracking System II (DTTS II) certification by The Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Commands (SDDC). This remote asset management tool provides its users with a wide variety of benefits, including improving trailer utilization and trailer to tractor ratios. The technology reduces the man hours spent on yard checks by replacing manual checks with remote trailer lookups from a desktop computer. Safety, security, insurance advantages, can


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Section Française

Theme du Mois: Les Camions et les Équipements

Un Coup d’Oeil sur les Innovations dans l’Industrie By Marek Krasuski Traduit Par Kay Redhead


aintenant que la très importante date-limite pour la réduction des particules de diesel (DPM) et d’oxide d’azote (Nox) est dépassée, qu’est-ce qu’on peut attendre comme nouveauté dans l’industrie? Probablement nous allons voir des développements qui visent plutôt à l’amélioration de la performance en la consommation des carburant, afin de diminuer la pression toujours constante sur l’attenuation des profits. Cela sera raisonnable de supposer que la majorité des manufacturiers des camions chercheront à produire des améliorations en technologie. Voici une entrevue de quelques développements récents. Navistar a commencé à attirer de l’attention par le lancement de son moteur diesel à grand foret, conçu pour fournir une puissance plus forte, une meilleure efficacité du carburant, moins de bruit, et une durabilité accrue. Un système de deux turbocompresseurs en séquence fournit la puissance et l’accélération rapide. Le plus petit turbo est conçu pour répondre rapidement avec un démarrage immédiat à des vitesses basses, alors que le plus grand turbo secondaire fournit une puissance optimale à des vitesses plus élevées et sur des pentes raides. La suffisance du carburant au moteur diesel à grand foret est garantie par un système de carburant à injection avec une pression 32,000 p-pocarrés le dosage, le rythme de l’injection et une combustion optimale. Au début de ce mois, Navistar a saisi l’occasion aussi d’ajouter de nouveaux caractéristiques à ses camions à déchets conventionnels à l’Exposition Déchets 2010 à Atlanta, Georgia. Un nouveaux système de cabine à suspension en air fournit une voie de sortie et de rentrée

28    July 2010

plus facile pour le conducteur qui est souvent obligé de faire des centaines d’arrêts par jour. Le modèle International Workstar de camion spécialisé offre un circuit de refroidissement qu’on a monté audessus du rail qui protège le radiateur sur les terrains accidentés tels les sites d’enfouissement par exemple. Plus proche à chez nous, on commence à faire des efforts à convertir des véhicules internationels de poids moyen en moteurs de gaz naturel (CNG). Kemptville Truck Centre est actuellement le seul concessionnaire au Canada dont les employés sont capables de faire des conversions. Ces conversions offrent des économies en carburant considérables et sont équipées de points de sécurité qui minimisent le risque. Si un conducteur oublie de débrayer la ligne de ravitaillement de carburant par exemple, le moteur ne démarrera pas. Une fois la porte du carburant ouverte, elle bloque le système électrique jusqu’au moment où il est remplacé correcte-

veaux essieux ont la réputation d’être plus forts, plus légers et plus rigides que leurs précédents et contribuent à réduire le bruit, la vibration et les harmoniques. Le transporteur a aussi introduit la transmission manuelle automatisée mDrive qui offre une efficacité de carburant amélioré de 1.5%, une meilleure manoevrabilité et une satisfaction accrue à cause d’un changement de vitesse automatisé et une sécurité améliorée. On dit qu’un aspect très important du mDrive est la sophistication de la programmation. Par exemple l’option Easy Shift fournit un changement de vitesse particulièrement facile pour les liquides, les animaux et d’autres applications où il faut infailliblement évitér des mouvements brusques. Ces nouvelles transmissions seront disponibles sur le marché plus tard cette année. On a fait preuve de beaucoup d’intêret au moment d’un tour récent pour introduire les moteurs T700 et PACCAR MX de Kenworth. Le T700 est le modèle

ment. Le processus de remplissage est aussi sans problèmes. On peut remplir un reservoir vide en à peu près 15 minutes. Pour les flottes, on peut remplir de multiples véhicules en utilisant un processus plus lent qui prend une nuit et qui extrait le CNG d’un reservoir. Récemment, Mack a introduit au marché un camion avec des essieux arrières améliorés pour les opérations routières et spécialisées. Ces nou-

le plus aérodynamique de Kenworth et il offre une bonne efficacité de carburant, une rentabilité appréciable, de la fiabilité et une conception légère. Le T700 sera disponible avec le PACCAR MX cet été et aura une gamme de puissance de 350-hp à 485-hp avec une force de torsion de jusqu’à 1,750 lb-ft. Le C500 de Kenworth a changé d’aspect en 2010 grâce à un nouveau module de refroidissement et une capote modifiée. La

taille aggrandie du module améliore sa capacité de refroidir le moteur dans des climats rigoureux. On s’attend à ce que Peterbilt commence à construire le nouveau modèle 382 BBC de sa cabine de jour en juin 2010. Ce véhicule relie les capacités conceptuelles de la compagnie avec son désir d’une meilleure efficacité de carburant. Voisinant le modèle 382 se trouve maintenant le nouveau modèle 587 une remorque tandem Classe 8 à long voyage qui a gagné la certification SmartWay de l‘Agence de Protection de l‘Environnement (EPA). Le modèle 587 promet d’améliorer l’efficacité de carburant de 1.25% sur son prédécesseur, le modèle 387. Ce désir d’améliorer la conception des véhicules va continuer pour pouvoir arriver à des efficacités toujours accrues. Une remorque moderne classe 8 peut peser jusqu’à 80,000 livres et a un coéfficient de traction qui exige 65% de dépense d’énergie par un camion lourd typique, disent les experts chez SAE International. Plus tôt cette année Daimler Trucks North America a annoncé que tous les camions 2011 Freightliner et Western Star, munis de Detroit Diesel Engines et Blue Tec Emissions Systems vont être munis aussi de systèmes de diagnostique télécommandé en temps réel. Le programme Virtual Technician (VT) offre

un système d’analyse de véhicule en temps réel par moyen d’un système de dépistage télémétrique télécommandé qui rassemble des informations importantes par certains codes de détecteurs et d’autres composants, qui sont ensuite mises ensemble et analysées. Des rapports qui contiennent des mesures de réparation basés sur ces informations sont produits. La liste d’avantages de Daimler mentionne: un temps mort réduit, une communication à la flotte en temps réel sur le statut du véhicule, le choix de l’installation de réparation, l’horaire de l’intervention, aussi bien que l’élimination des références d’un tiers. On prédit une croissance dans ce secteur de l’industrie d’$un milliard jusqu’à $8 milliards avant 2015. Les organismes de contrôle de l’industrie prêtent autant d’attention aux systèmes intégrés qui surveillent et améliorent la sécurité qu’ils prètaient auparavant à la réduction des émissions en 2007 et en 2010. Parmi les nouvelles qui dominent la technologie de l’hybride est l’introduction du nouveau camion commercial hybride électrique Fuso de Mitsubishi. Motivé par le désir de trouver encore plus d’économies de carburant et de baisser encore les émissions, le Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Eco Hybrid offre un système hybride parallèle qui lie un moteur conventionnel à combustion

interne avec un moteur électrique. La puissance des deux moteurs, diesel et électrique, passe par une transmission mécanique automatisée Fuso Inomat11 qu’on a déjà utilisée dans le modèle Fuso classe 8. Il en résulte un camion moyen qui est réputé gagner une économie de carburant jusqu’à 30% meilleure dans ses applications. Les pneus aussi ont vu leur part d’améliorations cette année. En mars 2010, Michelin a introduit le X One XDA Energy Tire, considéré par les experts de la compagnie comme le pneu de route le meilleur dans l’industrie en ce qui concerne l’économie du carburant. Les avantages de ce pneu résulte de la technologie Infini-Coil. Plus d’un mille de corde en acier est enroulé autour de la couronne du pneu, ce qui réduit l’usure de la chape, stabilise le contact, réduit l’usure irregulière et fournit une meilleure traction sur les surfaces sèches et glissantes. Le pneu X One XDA promet une amélioration de 7% sur la plupart des pneus économiques quand on les emploie en combinaison avec certaines marques spécifiques de pneus de direction et pneus de remorque Michelin. Au moment oû la concurrence s’intensifie, les gagnants à la pointe de l’industrie seront ceux qui sont prêts à profiter des nouvelles technologies qui offrent des économies.


Wheels & tires


Stay Up to Date on Safety Cage Regulations


ruck tire service, especially the inflation process, can be dangerous or even fatal if not performed according to proper procedures. Due to the number of accidents associated with tire inflation, OSHA now mandates that all truck tires be inflated in an acceptable restraining device. The safety requirements for such devices, commonly called tire inflation safety cages, are spelled out in OSHA standards that define “restraining device” as “an apparatus such as a cage, rack, assemblage of bars and other compon-

ents that will constrain all wheel components during an explosive separation of a multi-piece wheel, or during the sudden release of the contained air of a single piece wheel.” In addition to requiring proper training for technicians, the regulations specify requirements for medium, heavy-duty truck, OTR, tractor, and super wides. The devices usually take the form of a steel base to which heavy-gauge steel tubes are welded. The tubes are spaced to confine a tire and wheel and guard against blown lock rings

and rims. Typically, a steel strap encloses one end to prevent tire roll-through. Standard options include three to five steel tubes, and for oversized tires some manufacturers offer robust, fully enclosed cages with safety door interlock. Portable twotube designs that handle tire sizes up to 12.00-24 are offered for use on a tire service truck. A restraining device is mandatory for any shop working with tubeless and multi-piece wheels. It is up to the employer to furnish the device, make sure technicians are properly

trained and enforce use of the restraining devices. Some highlights of the OSHA rules for tire servicing equipment include the following. Each restraining device or barrier shall have the capacity to withstand the maximum force that would be transferred to it during a wheel separation occurring at 150% of the maximum tire specification pressure for the type of wheel being serviced. (A tire inflated to 100 psi with a wheel defect can blow the hub free with up to 50,000 pounds of force)! Restraining devices and

barriers shall be visually inspected prior to each day’s use and after any separation of the wheel components or sudden release of contained air. Any restraining device or barrier exhibiting damage such as cracks at welds; cracked or broken components; bent or sprung components caused by mishandling, abuse, tire explosion or wheel separation; pitting of components due to corrosion; or other structural damage which would decrease its effectiveness shall be immediately removed from service.

Restraining devices or barriers removed from service shall not be returned to service until they are repaired and reinspected. Restraining devices or barriers requiring structural repair such as component replacement or rewelding shall not be returned to service until they are certified by either the manufacturer or a registered professional engineer as meeting specified strength requirements. Remember also that tires must be completely deflated by removal of the valve core before demounting.



Greatec R125 Wide Base Trailer Radial


uscatine, Iowa (June 3, 2010) – Bridgestone Bandag Tire Solutions (BBTS), a division of Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, has introduced the new Bridgestone brand Greatec R125 wide base trailer radial for low rolling resistance and increased payload. The Greatec R125 is approved for use on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWaySM-certified equipment and is ideal for fleets running California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant vehicles. “Greatec R125 is an excellent choice for fleets

that prefer to use wide base single trailer tires to increase revenue-producing payload,” said Chris Hoffman, Manager, TBR & Retread Product Marketing, BBTS. “Its design also promotes superior rolling resistance, making it an excellent choice for those participating in the SmartWay transportation partnership. Greatec R125 uses several irregular-wear-fighting innovations for long, even tread life. Bridgestone’s patented Equalizer RibTM and Defense GrooveTM designs promote uniform rib wear for longer mileage. Stress-relief sipes absorb rib stresses for

even wear. Tough sidewall protector ribs on both sides fight curbing damage to protect the casing. Should the protector rib on one side wear away, the tire can be flipped over for continued protection. The Greatec R125 uses casing-saving stone rejector platforms in each tread groove to help prevent trapped stones from pushing deeper into the tread grooves and piercing the belt layer, damaging the belts, and exposing them to rust. The R125 benefits from Bridgestone’s patented Waved BeltTM design that balances stiffness and resiliency to provide a very

strong, stable casing that, in turn, produces a remarkably stable footprint shape throughout the life of the tire. The T.I.P.TM (Turn-In Ply) design increases bead durability by removing the ply end

from harm’s way, wrapping it around the bead bundle – an innovation that promotes a stronger, more resilient bead. For more information on Greatec R125 wide base trailer tires, ask

your BBTS sales representative, your dealer or truckstop operator or visit BridgestoneTrucktires. com. For information on becoming a SmartWay fleet, go to smartway.


Yokohama Tire Corporation

Two New OTR Tires


ullerton, CA (June 9, 2010) – Yokohama Tire Corporation’s new OTR tires – the RL42™ and RB42™ – are designed for dump trucks but have two different applications. According to Gary Nash, Yokohama Director, OTR Sales, the RL42 is for hardpacked surfaces and job sites where longer hauls are needed, while the RB42 is made for soft and/ or loose surfaces such as mud, sand, gravel and rocks. “The unique tread and sidewall designs help create specialized tires for specific applications,” said Nash. “Yokohama is the only OTR manufacturer that builds tires to handle specific jobs.” The RL42, which comes in sizes 1800R33 and

2400R35, feature the following: Circumferential grooves that dissipate heat to run cooler, enabling long-haul capabilities at job sites. A directional tread pattern that improves selfcleaning for increased traction. Deep, wide grooves that help expel mud and dirt for better traction. The RB42 comes in sizes 1800R33 and 2400R35 and features: A zig-zag groove pattern that provides better traction on muddy and rocky

surfaces. Large center blocks that increase resistance to cuts and enhance overall wear. Nash said both tires feature an extra-durable casing and a deep flush tread. The two tires also have steel cord belts to guard against tread punctures and buttress side protection that protects the sidewalls from snags and cuts. For more information on Yokohama’s extensive product line, visit www.


July 2010    29



RCB Truck & Trailer Ltd. 5600 Richmond Ave. E. Brandon, MB, R7A 7L5 Tel: 204.727.4850 Fax: 204.727.2068 Email: Contact: Rick Blaine







NAPA Auto Parts Box 1276 Brooks, AB T1R 1C1 Tel: 403.501.5551 Fax: 403.501.5665 Email: Contact: Brian Sieble



200 Oak Point Highway Winnipeg, MB, R2R 1V1 Tel: 204.956.9490 Fax: 204.949.9493 Email: Contact: Louise Ross

Unit #82-5329-72nd Ave. S.E. Calgary, AB, T2C 4X6 Tel: 403.279.2870 Fax: 403.279.4372 Email: Contact: Pat Joseph


Traction Head Office

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Unified Auto Parts Inc. 807-1st Avenue West Meadow Lake, SK, S9X 1N2 Tel: 306.764.4220 Fax: 306.236.3200 Email: Contact: Mark Krasicki

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Golden West Trailer & Equipment Ltd. 1802 Stadacona West Moose Jaw, SK, S6H 4N8 Tel: 306.692.7402 Fax: 306.694.0607 Email: timgoldenwesttrailer@ Contact: Tim Trafford

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Unified Auto Parts Inc. 365-36th Street West Prince Albert, SK S6V 7L4 Tel: 306.764.4220 Fax: 306.763.7988 Email: Contact: Mark Krasicki


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Traction #2, 2915 Faithfull Avenue Saskatoon, SK, S7K 8E8 Tel: 306.244.9877 Fax: 306.244.9878 Email: Contact: Jeff Stinson

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Brake & Drive Ltd. 1511 Cheadle St. W. Swift Current, SK S9H 5G4 Tel: 306.773.7293 Fax: 306.773.5511 Email: Contact: Bruce Borden 30    July 2010


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18051-111th Avenue Edmonton NW, AB T5S 2P2 Tel: 780.444.4334 Fax: 780.444.7204 Email: Contact: Rob Dodds

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3404-78th Avenue Edmonton South, AB, T6B 2X9 Tel: 780.465.8010 Fax: 780.466.4627


NAPA Auto Parts 4657A 4833-2nd Avenue Edson, AB, T7E 1T8 Tel: 780.712.4152 Fax: 780.712.4212 Email: Contact: Kris Pero

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Paramount Parts Inc. 10012 Centennial Drive Fort McMurray, AB T9H 4A2 Tel: 780.791.3000 Fax: 780.790.0365 Email: Contact: Brent Usick

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#4 16101-101 Street, Grande Prairie, AB T8V 0P2 Tel: 780.538.3038 Fax: 780.538.3398 Email: Contact: Harold Harmsen


NAPA Auto Parts 4236A 120 North Street Hinton, AB, T7V 1S8 Tel: 780.865.8800 Fax: 780.865.7628 Email: Contact: Gord Ireland

Truck Zone 5205-65th Street Lloydminster, AB, T9V 2E8 Tel: 780.875.7712 Fax: 780.875.4039 Email: Contact: Peter Parkinson

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Hydraco Industries Ltd. 2110-9th Avenue S.W. Medicine Hat, AB T1A 7G8 Tel: 403.526.2244 Fax: 403.526.1074 Email: Contact: John Karamanos

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Peace Truck & Trailer Ltd. 9103-75th Street Peace River, AB, T8S 1T2 Tel: 780.624.8566 Fax: 780.624.8592 Email: Contact: Rene Houle

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Traction 8045 Edgar Industrial Cr. Red Deer, AB, T4P 3R2 Tel: 403.342.7884 Fax: 403.342.7377 Email: Contact: Ron Cain

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NAPA #6260 4528F-47th Avenue Rocky Mtn House, AB, T4T 0A9 Tel: 403.845.2709 Fax: 403.845.2786 Email: Contact: Dave Auld British Columbia

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Polar Park Automotive 831 Hwy 16 West Burns Lake, BC, V0J 1E0 Tel: 250.692.7501 Fax: 250.692.7985 Email: Contact: Keith Brown

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Traction CHR-ACK Parts & Repairs 4704-48th Avenue, Fort Nelson, BC V0C 1R0 Tel: 250.774.3273 Fax: 250.774.3274 Email: Contact: John & Colleen Reynolds


Pineridge Trailer & Equipment Ltd. 1875 Kryczka Place, Kamloops, BC, V1S 1S4 Tel: 250.374.3100 Fax: 250.374.0631 Contact: Fred Daku

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JD Truck Parts

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114-314 Old Airport Road Yellowknife, NT, X1A 3T2 Tel: 867.669.6272 Fax: 867.669.6282 Email: Contact: Doug Moodie

790 – 10th Street, Hanover, ON N4N 1S2 Tel: 519.364.1848 Fax: 519.364.7738 Contact: Brad Wedow Email:

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D & S Auto

564-2nd Avenue Prince George, BC, V2L 2Z9 Tel: 250.563.7778 Fax: 250.563.4994 Email: Contact: Kevin Carter




G & N Holdings Ltd. 1185 Hwy 97 North Quesnel, BC, V2J 2Y3 Tel: 250.991.0650 Fax: 250.991.0620 Email: Contact: Nick Biller


Ridgeline HD Parts Ltd. 9880 McGrath Road Rosedale, BC V0X 1X0 Tel: 604.794.7078 Fax: 604.794.0099 Email: Contact: Joel Fast


Smithers Parts & Service 3465 Victoria Drive Smithers, BC V0J 2N0 Tel: 250.847.4287 Fax: 250.847.5038 Email: Contact: Dan Groot


Triton Auto & Ind. Ltd. 1003 Industrial Way Squamish, BC, V0N 3G0 Tel: 604.892.5951 Fax: 604.892.3986 Email: Contact: Mike Bothroyd


Trailine Trailer Parts Ltd. 10304A - 120th Street, Surrey, BC V3V 4G1 Tel: 604.582.4888 Fax: 604.582.4880 Email: Contact: Steve Knowlan


Bow Valley Machine 5107 Keith Avenue Terrace, BC, V8G 1K8 Tel: 250.641.8885 Email: Contact: Steve Leal

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WL Forestry Supplies Ltd. 675 McKenzie Avenue Williams Lake, BC, V2G 1N9 Tel: 250.392.6699 Fax: 250.392.6644 Email: Contact: Tom Good

Traction Ontario Head Office 6895 Menway Court, Mississauga, ON L5S 1W2 Tel: 905.612.0032 or 905.672.3288 Fax: 905.612.8572 Email: Web:


M&M Gas Diesel & Truck Parts 27523 Highway 62 South, Bancroft, ON K0L 1C0 Tel: 613.332.5474 Fax: 613.332.5998

barrie 255 Saunders Road, Barrie, ON L4N 9A3 Tel: 705.792.1371 Fax: 705.792.1591 Contact: Jason Nelson Email:


Quinte Truck & Trailer Parts 280 Jamison Bone Road, Belleville ON K8N 5B5 Tel: 613.966.6070 Fax: 613.966.0720


Visco Industrial 1 Simpson Road, Bolton, ON L7E 1E4 Tel: 905.857.2071 Fax: 905.857.2070

cambridge 1090 Fountain Street North, Units 12 & 13, Cambridge, ON N3E 1A3 Tel: 519.653.3427 Fax: 519.653.0608 Contact: Jim Curley Email:


D & S Auto 495 Government St. P.O. Box 697 Dryden, ON P8N 2Z3 Tel: 807.223.3227 Fax: 807.223.4245 Contact: Dale Green

hamilton 30 Bancroft Street Hamilton, ON L8E 2W5 Tel: 905.561.0932 Fax: 905.561.3280 Contact: Brian Kinzel Email:


1051 Railway Street, Kenora, ON P9N 3W8 Tel: 807.468.9894 Fax: 807.468.8436 Contact: Dale Green Email:


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mississauga 5915 Atlantic Drive, Units 6 & 7 Mississauga, ON L4W 1S4 Tel: 905.670.2868 Fax: 905.670.9757 Contact: Doug Paddock Email:

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Service 1 Mufflers & More 2621 Trout Lake Rd North Bay, ON P1B 7S8 Tel : (705) 497-0404 Fax: (705) 497-9543

sault ste. marie 380 Industrial Park Crescent, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6B 5Y8 Tel: 705.759.8042 Fax: 705.759.2962 Contact: Maurice Saindon Email:

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Nick’s Truck Parts 244 Dunkirk Road, St. Catharines, ON L2R 7K6 Tel: 905.687.7031 Fax: 905.687.7129


Sudbury Truck & Trailer Inc 510 Whissell Avenue, Sudbury, ON P3B 2Z3 Tel: 705.673.3613 Fax: 705.673.4411 Contact: Cheryl Schroeder

thunder bay 64 Water Street South Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6T3 Tel: 807.345.5882 Fax:807.345.1559 Contact: Felice Meo

whitby 1751 Wentworth St. W., Units 3-6, Whitby, ON L1N 8R9 Tel: 905.432.2785 Fax: 905.571.5436 Contact: Paul MacLean Email:



RCB Truck & Trailer Ltd. 5600 Richmond Ave. E. Brandon, MB, R7A 7L5 Tel: 204.727.9172 Fax: 204.725.4702 Email: Contact: Rick Blaine


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South Side Frame & Alignment Company Ltd. 433 – 58th Avenue SE, Calgary, AB T2H 0P5 Tel: 403.253.2337


McCoy Service Centre West 17303-114th Avenue Edmonton, AB T5S 2R9 Tel: 780.453.8706 Fax: 780.453.8758 Email: Contact: Darnell Jabs

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3904-78th Avenue Edmonton, AB T6B 2W4 Tel: 780.468.1471 Fax: 780-780.440.1394 Contact: Ken Mitchell


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Bradvin Trailer Sales Ltd. 10920-87th Avenue Grande Prairie, AB T8V 8K4 Tel: 780.539.6260 Fax: 780.539.4247 Email: Contact: Brad Willsey

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Partco Truck Parts & Service Box 1187 West Road Industrial Park Sundre, AB T0M 1X0 Tel: 403.638.3414 Fax: 403.638.4232 Email: Contact: Daryl Peters or Scott Lausen British Columbia

Box 1388, High Prairie, AB, T0G 1E0 Tel: 780.523.4777 Fax: 780.523.4773 Email: Contact: Crosby Rich



Truck Zone

5205-65th Street Lloydminster, AB, T9V 2E8 Tel: 780.875.7712 Fax: 780.875.4039 Email: Contact: Peter Parkinson

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Hydraco Industries Ltd. 2110-9th Avenue S.W. Medicine Hat, AB T1A 7G8 Tel: 403.526.2244 Fax: 403.526.1074 Email: Contact: John Karamanos


Peace Truck & Trailer 9103-75th Street Peace River, AB T8S 1T2 Tel: 780.624.8566 Fax: 780.624.8592 Email: Contact: Rene Houle

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McCoy Service Centre 4841-78th Street Red Deer, AB, T4P 1N5 Tel: 403.343.8771 Fax: 403.340.0888 Contact: Larry Ackerman

Contracts any times I have written articles focusing on the contract of insurance, contract of carriage, lease contracts and contracts entered into with shippers. I constantly find the need to communicate the importance of alerting other parties that one is entering into a contract. Our


High Prairie Truck & Trailer

Business Insurance Matters

By Linda Colgan


dear pal Webster refers to a contract as “A formal agreement between two or more parties, especially one that is legally binding.” Many reputable companies refer any and all contracts to their legal counsel and Insurer for recommendations and advice. A lawyer should be hired to review contracts to

Lickman Truck & Trailer 25, 43915 Industrial Way Chilliwack, BC V2R 3A9 Tel: 604.793.9660 Fax: 604.793.9620 Contact: Dave Easson or Wayne Cromarty

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CHR-ACK Parts & Repairs 4704-49th Avenue Fort Nelson, BC, V0C 1R0 Tel: 250.774.3273 Fax: 250.774.3274 Email: Contact:John & Colleen Reynolds

Prince George

Total Truck & Equipment Ltd. 9122 Rock Island Road, Prince George, BC V2N 5T4 Tel: 250.564.6763 Email: Contact: Mark Forbes

Simcoe Truck & Trailer Ltd 630 Welham Road, Barrie, ON L4N 8Z8 Tel: 705.728.8222 Fax: 705.728.9855


Bolton Truck & Trailer 1 Simpson Road , Bolton, ON L7E 1E4 Tel: 905.951.9111 Fax: 905.951.9113


Delta Spring & Chassis 232 Woolwich Street, Breslau, ON N0B 1M0 Tel: 519.648.2119

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Pyett Spring & Alignment 9381 Silver Street, R.R. 2, Caistor Center, ON L0R 1E0 Tel: 905.957.7033 Fax: 905.957.0808


Oneida Truck & Trailer 634 Fourth Line, Caledonia, ON N3W 2B3 Tel: 905.765.5011




Ken Lapain & Son Ltd 2119 County Road 15, Essex, ON N8M 2X6 Tel: 519.776.6473 Fax: 519.776.6475

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Goulais River Truck & Tractor 90 Highway 552 East, Goulais River ON P0S 1E0 Tel: 705.649.4788 Fax: 705.649.4754


Barton Truck Centre Ltd. 483-487 Rennie Street, Hamilton, ON L8H 3P6 Tel: 905.544.2626 Fax: 905.544.0747


Hwy #4 Truck Service R R #1, Hanover, ON N4N 3B8 Tel: 519.369.5052 Fax: 519.369.5961


Serge G & D Repair Inc. P O Box 1706, Hearst, ON P0L 1N0 Tel: 705.362.5633 Fax: 705.362.7960


Muskoka Truck Centre 88 Madill Church Road, Huntsville, ON P1H 2J2 Tel: 705.789.8600 Fax: 705.789.9584 Toll: 866.353.3009



B. Andrews Truck Service Centre Ltd. 6755 Columbus Road, Unit #2 Mississauga, ON L5T 2G9 Tel: 905.670.3384 Fax: 905.670.5794 Contact: Boyd Andrews Email:

new liskeard

Pioneer Spring & Alignment 260 Hawn Rd., P O Box 1088, New Liskeard, ON P0J 1P0 Tel: 705.647.8707 Fax: 705.647.9362


K.I.D. Truck & Trailer Service 1090 South Service Rd., Unit A, Oakville, ON L6J 2X8 Tel: 905.842.2942 Fax: 905.338.5600


Ottawa Trailer Repair Inc. 2020 Bantree Street, Ottawa, ON K1B 5A4 Tel: 613.741.0878 Fax: 613.741.0245


Wilson Truck & Trailer 401 Queensway West Simcoe, Ontario N3Y 5B3 Tel: 519.428.0501 Fax: 519.428.4631 Contact: Duane or Lisa Wilson


North Keele Auto, Truck & Trailer Repair

3465 Victoria Drive Smithers, BC V0J 2N0 Tel: 250.847.4287 Fax: 250.847.5038 Email: Contact: Dan Groot

3915 Keele Street, Downsview, ON M3J 1N6 Tel: 416.638.5963 Fax: 416.638.5964


Voth Sales & Service

19415-94th Avenue Surrey, BC V4N 4E6 Tel: 604.882.8627 Email: Contact: Brent Cross

10816 Plank Road 19, Eden, ON N0J 1H0 Tel: 519.866.3459 Fax: 519.866.3572 Contact: Frank Voth

Ray & Doris Truck Parts

Mobile Mechanical Services

106 Hamel Avenue, Longlac, ON P0T 2A0 Tel: 807.876.2687 Fax: 807.876.2570

11769 Hwy 364, P O Box 309, Verner, ON P0H 2M0 Tel: 705.594.1319 Fax: 705.594.1548

ensure your interest is protected in a legal capacity. A shipping contract certainly penetrates the legal arena when challenged so entertaining legal advice is an obvious action to exercise. However a review of a shipping contract should also be extended to your Insurer as the contract of insurance does not parallel the expectations of your shipping contract. Some demands are fairly basic and your contract of insurance may respond however every insurance

policy has exclusions. If these exclusions are triggered the acceptance of the financial implications are the burden of the Insured – not the Insurer. An Insurer underwrites a risk at renewal and many times it is reviewed during the course of the insurance term should circumstances change. Obviously your Broker and Insurer must be made aware of them. With shipping contracts this means that you alert the respective parties and if the policy needs to

be endorsed to accommodate terms, then your Insurer will do so if possible. Sometimes this may demand additional premiums if higher exposure exists that were not agreed to when the renewal term was negotiated. Many times a policy is endorsed to clearly define the expectations of the policies if a freight loss exists for that particular shipper. In doing so it eliminates red tape and animosity with a valuable contract. Sometimes your insur-

ance policy cannot commit to the expectations of your shipping contract, i.e. absorb any and all costs, loss of use, delay, etc. If so, the option then remains for you to negotiate extraction of these terms from the contract or accept the contract as written and self insure the exposure. Linda Colgan is a Transportation Insurance Advisor with JDIMI. Contact Linda at 416.809.3103 or email lindac@jdimi. com.

Smithers Parts & Service

A-1 Paul’s Trailer Repair




Sudbury Truck & Trailer

53 Brunell Road North, Kapuskasing, ON P5N 2M1 Tel: 705.335.3617 Fax: 705.337.6880

510 Whissell Avenue Sudbury, ON P3B 2Z3 Tel: 705.673.3613 Fax: 705.673.4411 Contact: Dennis Monticelli

Parent Mechanical Services




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It’s All About Numbers 1017 Jordan Road, Cardinal, ON K0E 1E0 Diagonally across from the 730 Truck Stop Tel: 613.340.8409 Fax: 888.818.4964 Summer hours by appointment only

SKF Lubrication Solutions Wilson Instruments Ltd. 43 Crowe Bay Heights, Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0 Tel: 705.653.2403 Fax: 705.653-5560 Toll Free: 877.467.4440 Email: automated Lubrication systems


2830 Argentia Road, Unit 9 Mississauga, ON L5N 8G4 Toll Free Tel: 888.862.7461 Tel: 905.821.1050 Fax: 905.858.0597 Email: Web: “Technology you can rely on.”

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••• S.E.T.I. Imports Inc. Freinmeister Group Inc. 6 Farnham Crescent, London, ON N6K 1K1 Tel: 519.641.6770 Fax: 519.641.6046 Email: Web: 32    July 2010

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E & B Safety Consulting Inc. Travel Centre of America, 535 Mill Street, Unit 104, Woodstock, ON N4S 7V6 Tel: 519.537.2002 Fax: 519.537.7499 Web: Taking the guesswork out of compliance Drug &&Alcohol Truck tRAILER Testing rEPAIRS

Liquid Capital 420 Bronte St. S., Ste. 211 Milton, ON L9T 0H9 Tel: Stan Peirson: 416.994.3389 Tel: Frank Galati: 416.970.7600 Fax: 905.878.6570 “Funding in 24 hours.” Fasteners

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1 Manley Street, Co. Ltd. Ayr, Ontario N0B 1E0 1100 Courtneypark Drive East, Tel: 519.632.9371 Unit 5, Toll Free Tel: 800.463.4310 Mississauga, ON L5T 1L7 Fax: 519.632.9534 Tel: 905.677.5088 Email: Fax: 905.677.4917 Web: Web: Worried about substance misuse & abuse in your workplace? Serving Fastener Needs for Industrial, Automotive & Maintenance Trades Emergency Road Services Filters

Integrated Training Resources Fil-Mor Automotive & Clutch Products Ltd.

Flo Components Ltd.

Travel Centre of America, 535 Mill Street, Unit 104, Woodstock, ON N4S 7V6 Tel: 519.537.2002 Fax: 519.537.7499 Email: Web: Taking the guesswork out of compliance

ICC The Compliance Center Inc.

••• 2 Cripple Creek Crescent, Stittsville, ON K2S 1T3 Tel: 613.831.1332 Email: Peter_Turner@ Web:

176 Seacliff Drive West, Leamington, ON N8H3Y5 Tel: 519. 419.5044 Toll Free Tel: 877.653.9426 Fax: 519.326.4047 “Large Account Service” to small fleet & start-up companies.


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Trucktax™ 4261-A14 Hwy 7 East. Suite 885 Markham, ON L3R 9W6 Toll Free: 888.456.6504 Tel: 905.477.7773 Fax: 866.323.8250 Web: “Bookkeeping, Tax Preparation and Tax Planning for Truckers”

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(A Division of SKF Canada Ltd.) 5777 Coopers Avenue Mississauga, ON L4Z 1R9 Tel: 905.631.1821 Fax; 905.631.1787 Toll Free: 800.207. 5823 (LUBE) Email: Web: “Greasing on the Go!”

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81 Northline Road, Toronto, ON M4B 3E9 Tel: 416.759.2245 Fax: 416.759-5890 Toll Free Tel: 1.800.677.9038 Fil-Mor Automotive is a proud Canadian remanufacturer of quality Heavy Duty & automotive clutches since 1980. Fil-Mor Automotive specialize in heavy duty & custom made clutches including our own

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P O Box 1299 Minneapolis, MN 55440-1299 USA Tel: 952.887.3699 Fax: 952.887.3716 Toll Free Tel: 800.374.1374 Email: engineserviceparts@ Web: Financial adviser

Stateside Transportation Consultants Inc. Resurfacing all types of flywheels and repairing lugs. A good line of clutch related components including clutch brakes, clutch forks, drive lugs, release bearings, pilot bushings/bearings, master/ slave cylinders, flywheels and alignment tools.

6705 Tomken Road, Suite 219, Bakkar Financial Limited Mississauga, ON L5T 2J6 J D Factors 132 Franciscus Street Toll Free Tel: 800.401.9138 Ext. 1 315 Matheson Blvd. East, R.R.#1 Waterloo,ON N2J 4G8 Toll Free Fax: 888.795.2258 Mississauga, ON L4Z 1X8 Tel: 519.885.1449 Tel: 905.501.5000 Cell: 519.497.8073 Toll Free Tel: 800.263.0664 Email: Fax: 905.501.0395 With over 30 years experience in the Transportation & Insurance Industry! Email: “The Financial Help for Truckers”

fleet management & litigation support

insurance brokers

insurance brokers

lifting equipment & jacks

lubricants (synthetic)

730 Permit Services

Dalton Timmis Insurance Group DWS Fleet Management Services 21 Lake Street, Ste. 2101 Wrentham, MA 02093-1214 Tel: 508.384.9021 Cell: 508.397.7169 Fax: 508.384.9010 Email: Web: Web:

Baird MacGregor Insurance Brokers LP 825 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON M4M 1H8 Tel: 416.778.8000 Toll Free Tel: 800.263.3030 Fax: 416.778.4492 Email: Web:

fuel additives & lubricants

Bennetts Power Service Products P.O. Box 51016, RPO Tyndall Park Winnipeg, MB R2X 3C6

14-600 Crowfoot Cres., NW Calgary, AB T3G 0B4 Tel: 403.241.2288 Tol Free Tel: 866.472.0721 Fax: 866.399.3177 Email Web: The Perfect Fit for your trucking insurance needs.

3833 Nashua Drive, Mississauga, ON L4V 1R3 Tel: 905.677.3522 Toll Free Tel: 800.268.4809 Fax: 905.677.4618 Email: Web:

5656 Bell Harbour Drive, Mississauga, ON L5M 5J3 Tel: 416.520.5527 Toll Free Tel: 866.326.7645 Fax: 905.814.1802 Email: Web:




Baizana Insurance Brokers 806 Greenbank Road Ottawa, ON K2J 1A2 Tel: 613.825.5575 Fax: 613.825.5624 Toll Free: 877.791.1682 Email: Web:


Tel: 204.694.1777

Erb & Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. 30 Queen Street North, Kitchener, ON N2H 6N2 Tel: 519.579.4270 Fax: 519.741.1977 Toll Free: 800.265.2634 Email: or Website: What you want to protect the most.. We protect the best!


Toll Free Tel: 877.778.4440 Fax: 204.633.0133 Email: Web: fuel improvement products

Green Titan Hydrogen H.O.D. 4 Trucking Inc. Toll Free Tel: 877.898.1733 Email: bskakie1661@rogerscom Web: “The Green Titan Generator” fuel solutions provider

Canada Powertrain

Sinwal Enterprises Inc


Fleet Management & Litigation Support for the Trucking Industry.

Wakefield Canada Inc. 3620 Lakeshore Blvd. West, Toronto, ON M8W 1P2 Tel: 416.252.5511 ext 4449 Toll Free Tel: 800.268.5339 Fax: 416 252.7315 Email: Web: Castrol HD creates products that deliver superior performance and greater reliability with the goal of reducing customer operating costs.


Bryson & Associates Insurance Brokers Ltd. Bryson Insurance & Financial Services Ltd. Tol Free: 800.661.5196 Fax: 905.426.4959 Email: “For All Your Trucking Insurance Needs” Transportation Insurance, Fleet Safety Management Services, Bonds, Health, Drug, Dental, Life & Disability Insurance. “Same Day Quotes up to 10 units”

HUB International Ontario Ltd 33 Princess Street, Suite 501 Leamington, ON N8H 5C5 Tel: 519.326.9339 Fax: 519.326.0128 Toll Free Tel: 800.463.4700 Email: dan.mcguire@ Web: Transportation Insurance

Permits & services

Hutchinson Fuels 8 Loyalist Drive, Unit 2, Brighton, ON K0K 1H0 Tel: 613 475 3334 Tol Free Tel: 800.465.0449 Fax: 613.475.4480 #


Checkerboard Consultants Inc. Brampton, ON L6R 2E8 Tel: 905.494.0255 Fax: 905.494.0655 “Driver’s Dream” Safety Convex Mirrors wipe out blind spots on vehicles & equipment.” Mortgages

The Mortgage Centre 9 Holland Street West, Bradford, ON L3Z 2B9 Tel: 905.669.9864 Fax: 905.669.0054 macintosh.k@ IDirect Mortgages Inc. Lic.#10584 An Independent Agent for The Mortgage Centre Network “The mortgage agent to the transportation industry.” oil furnace sales & Service

Box 755, 2085 Shanly Road, Cardinal, ON K0E 1E0 Tel: 613.657.1244 Toll Free Tel: 800.410.4754 Fax: 613.657.1453 Email: Web:


C.U.T.C. Inc. 1295 Carol Crescent, Laval, QC H7W 1G3 Tel: 450.687.8294 Toll Free Tel: 866.927.8294 Fax: 450.687.6963 Email: Preventative Maintenance Products 1

Pro-Ma Performance Products 6370 Concession #6 South Amherstburg, ON N9V 2Y8 Tel: 519.796.5919 Toll Free Tel: 866.284.7851 Fax: 519.736.9436 Email: Pressure Washers

Can-Clean Pressure Washers 6790 Davand Drive, Units 13 & 14 Mississauga, ON L5T 2G5 Tel: 905.568.4868 Fax: 905.565.8821 Toll free: 888.568.8001 Email: Website: RECOVERY SYSTEMS


••• 4Refuel Canada Ltd. 231 Oak Park Blvd., Oakville, ON L6H 7S8 Tel: 905.501.0922 Toll Free Tel: 888.473.3835 Fax: 905.257.2580 Web: insurance brokers

Cowan Insurance Group 705 Fountain St. N., P.O. Box 1510 Cambridge, ON N1R 5T2 Tel: 519.578.6030 Toll Free Tel: 877.578.6030 Ext. 41378 Email:

Rainbow Insurance Brokers Inc

Lucas Oil Products

958 Road 2 East Kingsville, ON N9Y 2E4 Tel: 519.733.3268 Fax: 519.733.3282 Email:

4060B Sladeview Crescent Mississauga, ON L5L 5Y5 Toll Free Tel: 888.878.6973 Fax: 905.814.9836 Email: Web: “Keep that Engine Alive!”

R.R. #1, 1595 Lobsinger Road St. Jacobs, ON N2J 4G8 Toll Free Tel: 800.824.4115 Toll Free Fax: 888.626.7843


ON-Board truck Scales

kingsway general insurance authorized brokers

De-On Supply Inc.


Boomerang Tracking/LoJack 8010 Chemin Devonshire Mont-Royal, QC H4P 2K3 Toll Free Tel: 877.777.8722 Toll Free Fax: 888.234.8641 “Global Leader in Vehicle Theft Recovery.” Rust Control Products

Dalton Timmis Insurance Group Allen Insurance Group P O Box 189, 45 Dominion Street, Warkworth, ON K0K 3K0 Toll Free Tel: 877.924.2632 Fax: 705.924.3385 Email: Web:

35 Stone Church Road, Ancaster, ON L9K 1S5 Tel: 905.648.3922 Tol Free Tel: 888.385.8466 Fax: 905.648.2640 Email Web: The Perfect Fit for your trucking insurance needs.

Canadian Insurance Brokers Inc.

RP Oil Limited

Vulcan On-Board Scales

1 Eglinton Ave. East, Suite 415, Toronto, ON M4P 3Z1 Tel: 416.486.0951 Fax: 416.489.5311 Email: Web:

1111 Burns Street East, Unit 3, Whitby, ON L1N 6A6 Tel: 905.666.2313 Toll Free Tel: 800.335.6623 Fax: 905.666.2761 Email:

#11-1642 Langan Ave. Port Coquitlam BC V3C 1K5 Ph: 604.944.1481 Fax: 604.944.1482 Toll Free Tel: 800.663.0854 Web:

Corrosion Control Coatings Ltd 106 Colborne Street, P.O. Box 1088, Waterloo, ON N0G 2V0 Toll Free Tel: 800.937.7771 Toll Free Fax: 800.563.8078 Email: Web: July 2010    33

Rust Control Products

tire balancing

towing services

Krown Corporate 245 Creditstone Road Concord, ON L4K 1N6 Tel: 905.738.6191 Fax: 905.738.6190 Toll Free Tel: 1.800.267.5744 Email: Web: STAFFING

Counteract Balancing Beads 13029 8th Line Georgetown, ON L7G 4S4 Tel: 905.873.3339 Fax: 905.873.3088 Toll Free Tel: 800.572.8952 Email:

Maizis & Miller

tarps & tarping systems

Duret et Landry Inc. 2250 boul, Industriel, Laval, QC H7S 1P9 Tel: 514.337.7777 Toll Free Tel: 800.663.0814 Fax: 450.663.2688 Email:

Ontario Office

Corghi, ON Tel: 416.902.4663 Contact: Thierry Lefebvre Web:


Aero-Kit Industries 5499 Harvester Road, Burlington, ON L7L 5V4 Tel: 905.335.2012 Toll Free Tel: 800.465.8277 Fax: 905.335.8499 Web: “Keeping You Covered”


Cramaro Tarpaulin Systems 206 Arvin Avenue, Stoney Creek, ON L8E 2L8 Tel: 905.662.2757 Toll Free Tel: 800.565.8277 Fax: 905.662.4811 Email: Web: Cramaro, for all your tarping needs.


Trison Tarps 130 Copernicus Blvd., Brantford, ON N3P 1L9 Tel: 519.720.9464 Toll Free Tel: 866.948.2777 Fax: 519.720.9468 Email: Web: test equipmentbrakes, abs, lights

Lite-Check, LLC 3102 East Trent Avenue Spokane, WA, 92202 Tel: 509.535.7512 Toll Free Tel: 800.343.8579 Fax: 509.535.7680 Email: 34    July 2010

trailer manufacturers [ tankers ]

Hofmann Balancing Techniques Ltd 6500 Millcreek Drive, Mississauga, ON L5N 2W6 Tel: 905.821.0799 Fax: 905.821.2073 Toll Free Tel: 800.267.2185 Email: or Web: towing services

Abram’s Towing “Service Across Ontario” Tel: 416.398.2500 Toll Free Tel: 888.667.5438 24 Hour Heavy Towing Web:


Action Automotive, Towing & Recovery P O Box 126, Trenton ON K8V 5R2 Tel: 613.394.4924 Toll Free Tel: 800.551.6151 Fax: 613.394.2428 Email: Web: “Meeting Your Service Needs in Eastern Ontario”

185 Bartley Drive Toronto, ON M4A 1E6 Service GTA, Ontario and USA Tel: 416.656.4000 Fax: 416.656.3065 Toll Free Tel: 800.773.7952 Email: Web: A TOWING SERVICE, TORONTO. A company you can count on!


ABC Towing & Storage



J P Towing Service & Storage Ltd 11 Glen Scarlett Road, Toronto, ON M6N 1P5 Tel: 416.203.9300 Toll Free Tel: 866.527.8225 Fax: 416.203.9303 Email: Web:


Pat Rogers Towing Kingston, Ontario 24 Hour Emergency Service Toll Free Tel: 888.221.3672 Tel: 613.384.2572 Web: trailer & Container Sales & service

C.A. Towing R.R. #2, 2485 Campbellville Road, Campbellville, ON L0P 1B0 Tel: 905.854.0169 Toll Free Tel: 800.363.2209 Fax: 905.854.1282 Email:


1485 Startop Road, Ottawa, ON K1B 3W5 Tel: 613.747.4666 Toll Free Tel: 888.689.2170 Fax: 613.747.8323 Email: Web:


Gobbo Towing & Recovery Ltd. 85 Pondhollow Drive, Sudbury, ON P3E 6C1


5238 Hwy. 69 South, Sudbury, ON P3E 4N1 Tel: 705.523.2341 Fax: 705.523.2817 Toll Free: 800.261.4252 Email:

4421 Harvester Road Burlington, ON L7L 4X1 ••• Hansen Towing & Recovery Tel: 905.631.8248 236 Rutherford Road South, Fax: 905.631.8175 Brampton, ON L6W 3J6 Toll Free: 866.337-0688 Tel: 905.459.1011 Fax: 905.451.1534 Web: Toll Free Tel: 800.876.7097 Heavy Towing, Recovery & Spill Clean-ups. Email: Web: Your Absolute Best Choice!

3700 Weston Road, Toronto, ON M9L 2Z4 Tel: 416.667.9700 Fax: 416.667.8272 Email: vince@ Web: www.


trailer Sales, leasing, rentals & service


Gervais Towing & Recovery A Towing Service Ltd.

1 Towns Road, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 1A1 Tremcar Inc. Tel: 416.255.4443 790 Montrichard Ave. Toll Free Tel: 866.616.6379 St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC J2X 5G4 Fax: 416.252.2558 Tel: 450.347.7822 Email: Fax: 450.347.8372 Flatbed Specialists, Heavy & Medium Toll Free Tel: 800.363.2158 Towing Email:

Active Heavy Towing & Recovery 1764 Victoria Street North, Kitchener, ON N2B 3E5 Tel: 519.742.8080 Toll Free Tel: 800.433.3858 Fax: 519.745.5512 Email: Web: Since 1967 24 Hour Service Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph

Transport Companies

Carmen Transportation Group

K.B.W. Towing

tire & wheel service & equipmenT 109-5405 Eglinton Ave. W. Etobicoke, ON M9C 5K6 Tel: 416.620.5111 Toll Free Tel: 888.620.5111 Fax: 416.620.5216 or “North America’s largest recruiter for the Heavy Truck & Equipment Industries”.

towing services

Storstac 90 North Queen Street, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 2C9 Tel: 416.231.9100 Fax: 416.231.7517 Web: trailer manufacturers

Titan Trailers 1129 Hwy #3, R R #3, Delhi, ON N4B 2W6 Tel: 519.688.4826 Fax: 519.688.6453 Email: Web: trailer manufacturers [ tankers ]

Bedard Tankers Inc. 5785 Place Turcot Montreal, QC H4C 1V9 Tel: 514.937.1670 Fax: 514.937.2190 Email: Web: Leader in Dry Bulk, Liquid, Liquified Compressed Gas & Cryogenic Road Tanker Trailers

Erb Group of Companies Fort Garry Industries Email: Web: Proud distributors for Lode-King, Midland Manufacturing, Arctic Manufacturing, Landoll, CMIC Container Chassis and more.


GTA Trailer Rentals Inc. Head Office – 36 Cardico Drive, Gormley, ON L0H 1G0 Toll Free Tel; 866.482.5311 Fax: 905.888.6061 Email: Web:

290 Hamilton Road, New Hamburg, ON N3A 1A2 Tel: 519.662.2710 Fax: 519.662.3316 Toll Free Tel: 800.665.2653 Email: Web:


Yanke Group Of Companies 27 Automatic Road, Brampton, ON L6S 5N8 Tel: 905.791.1369 ext 3747 Toll Free Tel: 800.373.6678 Fax: 905.791.1278 Email: Web: Transportation Training


Smartway Trailer Rentals 2891 Sideroad 10, Bradford, ON L3Z 2A4 Tel: 905.775.6700 Toll Free Tel: 888.747.7667 Fax: 905.775.7250 Email: Web:


Transit Trailer Ltd. 22217 Bloomfield Rd., R R #6, Chatham, ON N7M 5J6 Tel: 519.354.9944 Toll Free Tel: 877.995.5999 Fax: 519.354.9782 Email: Web:

Centennial College P.O. Box 631, Station A, Toronto, ON M1K 5E9 Tel: 416.289.5000 Ext 7606 Email: dormiston@ Web: Looking for a career? Apprenticeship Training: Truck,Coach & Heavy Equipment Technicians. Transportation Training

Transport Companies

Adanac Truck Driver Training

Brian Kurtz Trucking Ltd. R R #2 , Breslau, ON N0B 1M0 Tel: 519.836.5821 Fax: 519.836.9396

595 Middlefield Road, Unit 10, Scarborough, ON M1V 3S2 Tel: 416.754.2222 Toll Free Tel: 877.317.4222 Contact: Wayne Campbell Email:

Transportation Training

Transportation Training

Transportation Training

Transportation Training

Truck & Trailer Repairs

truck lighting & accessories

MTT Repair Services Inc.

Commercial Heavy Equipment Training 2421 Cawthra Road, Mississauga, ON L5A 2W7 Tel: 416.456.2438 Toll Free Tel: 800.297.4322 Fax: 905.281.9637 Contact: Gordon Brown Email: Web:

Crossroads Training Academy 49 Truman Road Barrie, ON L4N 8Y7 Tel: 705.719.2419 Toll Free Tel: 866.446.0057 Fax: 705.719.2438 Contact: Read Conley or Diane Austin or diane@ or

Crossroads Training Academy 888 Walbridge Loyalist Rd., C.R.S. Bldg, Belleville, ON K8N 4Z5 Tel: 613.389.6000 Toll Free Tel: 888.282.6605 Contact: Robert Barclay

Crossroads Training Academy 1525 Centennial Drive, Kingston, ON K7P 2Y7 Tel: 613.389.6000 Toll Free Tel: 888.282.6605 Contact: Robert Barclay

Crossroads Training Academy

Greater Ottawa Truck Training 5 Caesar Avenue, Ottawa, ON K2G 0A8 Tel: 613.727.4688 Fax: 613.727.5997 Contact: Shahram Dowlatshahi Email: gott@ Web: www.

Jay’s Professional Truck Training Centre

589 Middlefield Road, Unit 11, Scarborough, ON M1V 4Y6 Contact: Jay or Chandrika Tel: 416.299.9638 Fax: 416.609.9814 Email: Web:

Modern Training Ontario 308 Kenora Avenue, Hamilton, ON L8E 2W2 Contact: Nick Korakas Tel: 905.573.9675 Toll Free Tel: 866.443.7483 Fax: 905.573.6425 Email: Web:

Northern Academy of Transportation Training 25 Vagnini Court, Lively, ON P3Y 1K8 Contact: Kevin Pattison Tel: 705.692.9222 Toll Free Tel: 800.719.9334 Fax: 705.692.9256 Email: Web:

Ontario Truck Driving School (Niagara-on-the-Lake) 281 Queenston Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0 Contact: Bill Kent (Truck and Bus Course Info) Contact: Wayne Saunders (Heavy Equipment Info) Tel: 905.685.1117 Toll Free Tel: 800.263.4777 Fax: 905.641.0533 Email: Web:

Ontario Truck Driving School (Sarnia) 141 Mitton Street South, Sarnia, ON N7T 3C5 Contact: Bill Kent Tel: 519.332.8778 Toll Free Tel: 800.263.4777 Toll Free Fax: 866.800.6837 Email: Web:

Ontario Truck Driving School (Windsor) 1333 College Avenue, Windsor, ON N9B 1M8 Contact: Bill Kent Tel: 519.258.0333 Toll Free Tel: 866.410.0333 Fax: 519.258.9056 Email: Web: Forklift & Heavy Equipment Training Available

Shaun-David Truck Training School 111 Sherwood Drive, Unit 14, Brantford, ON N3S 6J9 Contact: David Nicholas Tel: 519.720.9349 Toll Free Tel: 866.550.5589 Fax: 519.720.9351 Email: Web:

Tri-County Truck Driver Training

480 Waydom Drive Ayr, ON N0B 1E0 Contact: Richard Wynia Tel: 519.653.1700 Toll Free Tel: 800.265.0400 Fax: 519.653.2442 Email: Web:


Orillia Premier Truck & Trailer Repair Inc. 300 Matchedash St. S. Orillia,ON L4V 4X3 Tel:705.327.9998 Fax: 705.327.9709 Email: “We specialize in all makes & models of trucks & trailers.” truck CUSTOMIZING

Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario

27 William Street St. Catharines, ON L2R 5H9 Toll Free: 866.475.9436 Fax: 905.704.1329 Web:

Valley Driver Training

99 Cote Blvd. Hammer, ON P3P 1L9 Contact: Jamie Fitchett Tel: 705.897.8849 Fax: 705.524.7067

Quality Custom 12 Clarke Blvd. Brampton, ON L6W 1X3 Tel: 905.451.8550 Fax: 905.451.7627 Email: Web: truck delivery

Truck & Trailer Repairs

Ontario Truck Training Academy (Oshawa)

199 Wentworth Street East, 2020 Bantree Street, Oshawa ON L1H 3V6 Ottawa, ON K1B 5A4 Contact: Dennis Lagrois Tel: 613.742.7499 Tel: 905.723.1237 Toll Free Tel: 866.529.1113 Northstar Truck Driving School Toll Free Tel: 800.753.2284 Contact: Brian Adams or Erica Kelly 1540 Matthew Brady Blvd., Fax: 905.723.1245 Email: Brian@ Windsor ON N8S 3K6 Email: Contact: Robert Labute Website: Tel: 519.967.0444 O ntario Truck Training Academy Crossroads Truck Training Fax: 519.967.0445 (Peterborough) Academy Email: 365 Lansdowne Street East, Unit 3, 10 Maple Street, Peterborough, ON K9L 2A3 Smiths Falls, ON K7A 1Z5 Ontario Truck Driving School Tel: 705.743.1888 Tel: 613.742.7499 (Chatham) Toll Free Tel: 800.939.1463 Fax: 613.742.7899 1005 Richmond Street, Fax: 705.743.1875 Toll Free Tel: 866-529-1113 Chatham, ON N7M 5J5 Email: Email: Website: Contact: Bill Kent Tel: 519.355.0077 Robar Training Specialists Danbro Truck Training 701 Powerline Road, Toll Free Tel: 800.263.4777 505 Kenora Ave., Bldg. #1, Unit #1, Brantford, ON N3R 7X3 Toll Free Fax: 866.800.6837 Hamilton, ON L8E 3P2 Contact: Don Ross Email: Contact: Brent Nantais Tel: 519.770.3576 Web: Tel: 905.575.7606 Toll Free Tel: 866.231.5885 Ontario Truck Driving School Toll Free Tel: 800.273.5867 Fax: 519.770 4559 (London) Fax: 905.388.6699 Email: 427 Exeter Road, Website: London, ON N6E 2Z3 Equitrain Systems Ltd. Safety Truck Training Contact: Bill Kent 714976 Oxford Road 4, Box 22082 School Ltd. Tel: 519.858.9338 Woodstock, ON N4S 8Y4 4 Wilkinson Road, 2nd Floor Toll Free Tel: 800.263.4777 Contact: Adrian Brampton, ON L6T 4M3 Fax: 519.858.0920 Tel: 519.537.3300 Contact: Yogan Sockalingam Email: Toll Free Tel: 866.718.3993 Tel: 905.793.9546 Web: Fax: 519.421.7135 Fax: 905.793.6426 Forklift & Heavy Equipment Email: Email: Web: Training Available Web:

1868 Drew Road, Mississauga, ON L5S 1J6 Tel: 905.677.2771 Fax: 905.677.2774 Email:

Fort Garry Industries Email: Web: Brake specialists, installations, safeties and a whole lot more.


G.Z.Easy Mobile Service Truck & Trailer Repairs 3170 Kirwin Avenue, Suite 1210, Mississauga ON L5A 3R1 Tel: 647-201-1526 Email: 24 hour Mobile Repair Service, Monday to Thursday, 5 ton full shop mobile unit, on-site all general repairs, battery chargers/boosts, mobile welding, service on scales, serving GTA area, fully licensed, professional mechanic.


2130062 Ontario Inc. o/a G9 Truck & Trailer Repair 492 Mountainash Road, Brampton, ON L6R 0K9 Tel: 416.454.5592 Fax: 905.216.1636

Acadian Driveaway 8131 Yonge Street, Ste 207, Thornhill, ON L3T 2C6 Tel: 905.709.8131 Toll Free Tel: 800.668.1879 Fax: 905.709.2527 Email: Web: truck equipment

Fort Garry Industries Email: Web: Sales and NSM certified installations of snow plows, sanders, mixers, dump bodies and more. truck lighting & accessories

230 Travail Road, Markham, ON L3S 3J1 Tel: 905.209.9744 Toll Free Tel: 800.268.5612 Fax: 905.209.9757 Toll Free Fax: 800.267.9024 Email: Web:


Techspan 3131Pepper Mill Court, Mississauga, ON L5L 4X6 Tel: 905.820.6150 Toll Free Tel: 800.363.1588 Fax: 905.820.6142 Email: or Web: truck parts & supplies



Fort Garry Industries 1440 Highland Avenue Brandon MB R7C 1A7 Tel: 204.571.5980 Toll Free: 866.883.6120 Fax: 204.571.5982 Email: Web:


Fort Garry Industries 2525 Inskster Blvd. R.R. #2 Stn Main Winnipeg MB R3C 2E6 Tel: 204.632.8261 Toll Free: 800.282.8044 Fax: 204.956.1786 Email: Web: Saskatchewan


Fort Garry Industries 1523 Ross Avenue East Regina, SK S4N 7E5 Tel: 306.757.5606 Toll Free: 800.552.8044 Fax: 306.781.7926 Email: Web:


Fort Garry Industries


Aldo’s Driveline

6749 Second Line, R.R. #4, Tottenham, ON L0G 1W0 Tel: 705.333.2411 Fax: 905.936.2411 “Your one stop mobile shop”

475 Admiral Blvd., Unit #1, Mississauga, ON L5T 2N1 Tel: 905.670.9105 Fax: 905.670.0618 Toll Free Tel: 800.899.0427 Email:

New Tech Mobile Services Inc.

Grote Industries Co.

3455 Miners Avenue P.O. Box 1848 Saskatoon, SK S7K 7K9 Tel: 306.242.3465 Toll Free: 800.772.4599 Fax: 306.933.4850 Web: July 2010    35

truck parts & supplies

truck parts & supplies

truck parts & supplies

truck sales, leasing, parts & service

truck transmissions, differentials & pto’s

truck transmissions, differentials & pto’s

Morgan’s Diesel Truck Parts Inc.




red deer

Fort Garry Industries 5350-72nd Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 4X5 Tel: 403.236.9712 Toll Free: 800.661.3126 Fax: 403.236.7249 Email: Web:

Fort Garry Industries 7947 Edgar Industrial Drive Red Deer, AB T4P 3R2 Tel: 403.343.1383 Toll Free: 866.297.0022 Fax: 403.347.8275 Email: Web:



Fort Garry Industries


16230-118th Avenue NW Edmonton AB T5V 1C6 Tel: 780.447.4422 Toll Free: 800.663.9366 Fax: 780.447.3289 Email: Web:

grande prairie

Fort Garry Industries 10610-82nd Avenue Clairmont AB T0H 0W0 Tel: 780.402.9864 Toll Free: 866.424.5479 Fax: 780.402.8659 Email: Web:


Fort Garry Industries 5701-63rd Avenue Lloydminster AB T9V 3B8 Tel: 780.875.9115 Toll Free: 800.661.9709 Fax:780.875.1403 Email: Web:

Shield Truck Accessories P.O. Box 281, Aylmer, ON N5H 2R9 Tel: 519.765.2828 Toll Free Tel: 866.617.0201 Fax: 519.765.2821

thunder bay

Fort Garry Industries 915 Walsh Street West Thunder Bay, ON P7E 4X5 Tel: 807.577.5724 Toll Free: 800.465.5044 Fax: 807.475.9033 Email: Web:


C&R Transmission Service Ltd. 13 Anderson Blvd. Stouffville, ON L4A 7X4 Tel: 905.642.4556 Fax: 905.642.2293 Toll Free: 888.297.0682 Email: We service clutches also.

••• Surgenor Truck Centre

Gerry’s Truck Centre 4049 Eastgate Cres., London, ON N6L 1B7 Tel: 519.652.2100 Toll Free Tel: 800.363.4380 Fax: 519.652.6593 Email: Web: “Your Complete Transportation Business Partner”

261 Binnington Court, Kingston, ON K7M 9H2 Tel: 613.548.1100 Toll Free Tel: 877.548.1101 Fax: 613.548.4990 Web: Truck tire sales & service


Mascot Truck Parts 475 Admiral Blvd., Unit #1 Mississauga, ON L5T 2N1 Tel: 905.670.9100 Fax: 905.670.0618 Toll Free Tel: 800.668.5560 Truck Wire, Cable & Electrical Accessories

Canada Powertrain 3833 Nashua Drive, Mississauga, ON L4V 1R3 Tel: 905.677.3522 Toll Free Tel: 800.268.4809 Fax: 905.677.4618 Email: Web:



3131Pepper Mill Court, Mississauga, ON L5L 4X6


Irvine Truck Centre

1409 Shawson Drive Mississauga, ON L4W 1C4 Tel: 905.564.1899 Fax: 905.564.1911 Toll Free: 800.565.5389 Web:

7537 Woodbine Avenue Markham, ON L3R 2W1 Tel: 905.513.1500 Toll Free Tel: 877.468.7897 Fax: 905.752.0967 Email: Web:

Levy Steering Centre Ltd.

1248 McAdoo’s Lane, R.R. #1 Glenburnie, ON K0H 1S0 Tel: 613.546.0431 Toll Free Tel: 800.267.0633 Fax: 613.546.4206 Web:

truck sales, leasing, parts & service

Fort Garry Industries 731 Gana Court Mississauga, ON L5S 1P2 Tel: 905.564.5404 Toll Free: 888.456.6567 Fax: 905.564.8455 Email: Web:

Morgan’s Diesel Truck Parts & Service Inc.

Ontario Regional Office 520 Abilene Drive, Mississauga, ON L5T 2H7 Toll Free Tel: 800.465.0618 Tel: 905.564.5171 Fax: 905.564.5175 Email: Web: Over 100 Truck Tire Service Centres Across Canada

Tel: 905.820.6150

Domar Transmission Ltd. 130 Skyway Avenue, Toronto, ON M9W 4Y9 Tel: 416.675.2268 Toll Free Tel: 800.387.4883 Email: When it comes to transmissions… think DOMAR

Toll Free Tel: 800.363.1588 Fax: 905.820.6142 Email: or Web:

Ministry of Transport & Infrastructure

New Measures Mean Improved Safety


ictoria, BC, June 14, 2010 – The Province is implementing all four recommendations from the Truck Compliance Advisory Panel Report that will improve safety on B.C.’s highways, Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Shirley Bond announced today. “We put this advisory panel in place to work with industry and labour in finding ways to improve commercial vehicle safety,” said Bond. “The result was a number of recommendations that ensure

36    July 2010

we can focus attention to where it is needed most and get unsafe vehicles of the road, and keep them off.” The recommendations being implemented are: The creation of a Premium Carrier program that recognizes safe carriers. Best practice development that integrates greater shipper responsibility. Greater authority over Designated Inspection Facilities and inspectors. Increased enforcement to ensure mechanically-unsound commercial vehicles are immediately

taken off the road. “The implementation of these recommendations validates the efforts of the advisory panel,” said Don McGill, Secretary/ Treasurer, International Brotherhood of Teamsters and Chair of the Truck Compliance Advisory Panel. “Long-term, these improvements will save lives and mean safer highways for all British Columbians.” “We’re proud of our association’s many fine drivers and well-run companies,” said BC Trucking Association President and

CEO Paul Landry. “We support these changes that will recognize excellent operators, while strengthening the rules that keep our highways safe.” T h e Tr u c k C o m p l i ance Advisory Panel was formed in 2008 by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to promote continuous improvement in the areas of compliance and safety. It was comprised of senior representatives from the British Columbia Trucking Association, the Teamsters Union and the ministry. The report was received

by government in 2009 and is available online at: truck_advisory_report. pdf. Bond attended the BCTA Annual General Meeting in Victoria June 12. At the luncheon, Bond presented the BCTA/Volvo Trucks

Professional Driver of the Year Award to John Beeler of Maple Ridge. Beeler has driven over 3.75 million kilometres with no accidents or preventable injuries, and exemplifies the many conscientious and professional drivers operating in B.C.


Presenting a Cool 1969 Plymouth Barracuda

By Rick Woodward


his cool looking ’69 Barracuda 440 notchback coupe is proudly owned by Ron Hill of Picton, Ontario.

Ron purchased the car in October of 2009 in Canada; however it originally came from South Carolina. Although the badges use the full name Barracuda, the Chrysler Corporation dubbed the ’69 “440” only with the name “Cuda” for the first time. They were short in numbers as only 340 were manufactured in 1969 with the 440 Super Commando Performance Engine Package. The base price new in 1969 was $3,900.00 U.S. From the factory they

had a horsepower rating of 375 at 4,600 rpm and a whopping 480 footpounds of torque at 3,200 rpm. The car was capable of 0-100 kms per hour in 5.6 seconds. Ron’s 440 engine has a mild cam which is fed by an 800 c.f.m. Holley double pumper carb sitting on top of an Edelbrock Performer intake manifold. The MagnaFlow 2-1/2” dual exhaust connects to a pair of Schumacher headers. Power is delivered to the 391 rear gears by a 727 transmission with a B&M ratchet shifter. A pair of air shocks keeps the rear tires firmly on the pavement during acceleration. The General XP2000 tires are

mounted on a beautiful set of classic Cragar 14 inch mag wheels. Although the “Cuda” has power steering, the Chrysler 440 engine didn’t leave enough room for a vacuum booster, so the brakes are not power assisted consequently requiring a lot more muscle to stop these road rockets. The original black vinyl interior is in flawless mint condition and sports a rally dashboard and a Grant GT steering wheel. Ron’s future plans include swapping the exhaust with a set of Flowmaster 3” exhaust from the headers back with a set of chrome tips.

The bumpers and rear trunk trim are going to be replaced with new “original equipment stock” units. He will be exchanging the Cragar rims in favour of Draglite rims. The rear rims will be 29 x 12 x 15’s with a pair of Mickey Thompson ET slicks. The front rims will be 27 x 3 x 15’s with a pair of Mickey Thompson street tires. Ron also plans to install a set of frame connectors

to tie the front and rear sub-frames into one unit to stiffen the body. Once all of this work is completed the body will get a complete “going over” including a whole new paint job with new water based automotive enamel in the same lime green color as it is now, making this exceptionally nice ride even more beautiful.


July 2010    37

Welcome to our NEW, complimentary Truck Stop Directory. We want to help truckers and travellers find the nearest truck stop on route to their destination. For details on how you can list your truck stop, call Barb Woodward at 877-225-2232 or email Barb at Manitoba




Petro Canada-Petro Pass Highway #7 & #68, Arborg, MB Tel: 204.376.5593 Fax: 204.376.5587 Open 24-7, drivers’ lounge & game room, convenience store & parking


Petro Canada-Petro Pass 400 Park Avenue, Beausejour, MB Tel: 204.268.2223 Fax: 204.268.4749 Open 24-7, convenience store & parking

Husky Bulk Sales 210 North McDonald Street, Regina, SK S4Z 1A5 Tel: 306.721.6880 1755 Prince of Wales Drive Regina, SK S4Z 1A5 Tel: 306.789.3477


Brandon Husky Travel Centre 1990-18th Street North, Brandon, MB R7C 1B3 Tel: 204.728.7387

402-51st Street East, Saskatoon, SK Tel: 306.934.6766 Fax: 306.668.6110 Email: Drivers’ lounge, convenience store, laundry facilities, ATM, showers, scale & parking


Petro Canada-Petro Pass 217 Main Street, Morris, MB Tel: 204.746.8967 Fax: 204.746.6008 Open 24-7, full service islands, drivers’ lounge & game room, convenience store, ATM & parking


Petro Canada-Petro Pass Highway #11 & #304 Pine Falls, MB Tel: 204.367.8800 Fax: 204.367.4037 Open 24-7, Parking


Petro Canada-Petro Pass Highway #7 & 5th Street, Teulon, MB Tel: 204.886.2732 Fax: 204.886.3612 Open 24-7, convenience store & parking


Petro Canada-Petro Pass 500 Oak Point Highway, Winnipeg, MB Tel: 204.949.7292 Fax: 204.949.7295 Open 24-7, drivers’ lounge & game room, convenience store, laundry facilities, ATM, showers & parking

Petro Canada-Petro Pass

928 Marion Street, Winnipeg, MB Tel: 204.949.7280 Fax: 204.949.7288 Open 24-7, drivers’ lounge & game room, convenience store, laundry facilities, showers & parking

swift current

Husky Travel Centre 1510 South Service Road West, (Trans Canada Hwy 1 West) Swift Current, SK S9H 3T1 Tel: 306.773.6444


Cougar Fuels Ltd. 5602-54th Avenue

Bonnyville, AB Tel: 780.826.3043 Fax: 780.826.6353 Email: bretnm@cougarfuelsltd. ca Convenience store, cardlock and showers.


Calgary Husky Travel Centre 2525-32nd Avenue N.E. Calgary, AB T1Y 6B7 Tel: 403.291.1233

RoadKing Travel Centre 4949 Barlow Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2B 3B5 Tel: 403.569.6251 Fax: 403.235.5095


RoadKing Travel Centre Strathcona Inc.

201- 4th Street, Estevan, SK S4A 0T5 Tel: 306.634.3109

26 Strathmoor Drive Sherwood Park, AB T8H 2B6 Tel 780-417-9400 Fax 780-417-9449

38    July 2010



Skyline Truck Stop

5904-44th Street, Lloydminster, AB T9V 1V6 Tel: 888.875.2495 Fax: 780.875.2095 Convenience Store, Showers & Laundry Facilities

5507 Trans Canada Hwy, Craigellachie, BC Tel: 250.836.4949 Fax: 250.836.4950 Email: Open 24-7, full service islands, driver’s lounge & game room, restaurant, convenience store, laundry facilities, ATM, showers & parking

Husky Travel Centre 5721-44th Street, Lloydminster, AB T9V 0B3 Tel: 780.872.7089


Husky Travel Centre 561-15 Street SW, Medicine Hat, AB T1A 4W2 Tel: 403.527.5561 th

Petro Canada Card Lock AgCom Petroleum Fuel Sales 1802-10 Avenue, S.W. Medicine Hat, AB Tel: 403.527.6411 Fax: 403.529.1660 Showers. British Columbia



Husky Travel Centre 10128 Nordel Court, Delta, BC V4G 1J7 Tel: 604.582.1433


Petro Canada Southcoast Petroleum Ltd. 10178 Nordel Court, Delta, BC Tel: 604.581.3835 Fax: 604.581.3850 Canopy, fax, photocopier, nearby Gov’t Scale, Restaurants & ATM


Jepson Petroleum Ltd.

7620A Vedder Road, Chilliwack, BC V2R 4E8 Tel: 604.858.5113

Box 1408 Golden, BC V0A 1H0 Tel: 250.344.6161 Fax: 250.344.2232 Email: Open 8am-5pm mon-fri, lubes & propane, 24hr Cardlock, regular, diesel & diesel mark.

45461 Yale Road West Chilliwack, BC Tel: 604.795.9421 Fax: 604.792.8931 Email: chilliwack@southcoastpetro. ca Commercial Cardlock Open 24 hrs, 7 days, Convenience Store open Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm (washrooms).

Western Ontario


fort erie

Husky Travel Centre 1340 Trans Canada Hwy., Sicamous, BC V0G 2V0 Tel: 250.836.4675 Fax: 280.836.2230 Contact: Shelley Arvandel Open 24-7, restaurant (6am-10pm), convenience store, showers, laundry facilities, parking, photocopier, oil products, ATM and fax machine. Western Ontario

Ultramar 1637 Pettit Road (Exit 5 off QEW) Fort Erie, ON L2A 5M4 Tel: 905.994.8293 Open 24 hrs, Restaurant, Toilet, Showers, Overnight Parking & Truckers’ Lounge


Fifth Wheel Truck Stop

Chilliwack Husky Travel Centre

Chilliwack Petro-Pass

British Columbia




Estevan Husky Travel Centre

British Columbia

Hancock Petroleum

Regina Husky Travel Centre

Petro Canada-Petro Pass brandon



Beamsville Relay Station 4673 Ontario Street, (Exit 64 off QEW) Beamsville, ON L0R 1B4 Tel: 905.563.8816 Fax: 905.563.4770 Email: Open 24-7, restaurant, convenience store, laundry facilities, ATM, showers & parking


Fifth Wheel Truck Stop

398 North Service Road, (Exit 74, off QEW, E. of Hamilton) (Casablanca Blvd. Exit) Grimsby, ON L3M 4E8 Tel: 905.945.0300 Fax: 905.945.1115 Open 24 hrs, diesel fuel, convenience store, CAT scale, blue beacon truck wash, ATM, drug testing centre, gasoline, Sunoco Cardlock, full service fuel islands, restaurant, private showers, laundry facilities, drivers’ lounge & arcade room,100+ parking capacity, chapel, motel (smoking & non- smoking) & Irving Cardlock.


2475 South Service Road, (Exit 431, Hwy 401, Waverly Road) Bowmanville, ON L1C 3L1 Tel: 905.623.3604 Marshall Truck & Trailer Fax: 905.623.7109 Repair & Truck Stop Open 24 hrs., Diesel fuel, 336 Kenora Avenue, convenience store, CAT scale, Hamilton, ON L8E 2W2 gasoline (self service), ATM, propane, Tel: 905.561.4712 convenience store at fuel bar, Sunoco Fax: 905.561.7757 fleetfuel Cardlock ,full service fuel Email: islands, restaurant, private showers, Web: laundry facilities, drivers’ lounge & Open 24-7 for Cardlock fuelling, arcade room, 100+ truck parking open 7am-12am mon-fri, 7am-5pm capacity, motel (smoking & nonSat, closed Sunday, full service smoking),Bell Canada Internet Kiosk, islands, drivers’ lounge, restaurant, Irving Cardlock. showers & parking



Fifth Wheel Truck Stop

3305 Dorchester Road, (Exit 199, Hwy 401, East of London) Petro-Pass Kitchener Dorchester, ON N0L 1G0 120 Conestoga College Blvd., Tel: 519.268.7319 Kitchener, ON N2P 2N6 Fax: 519.268.2967 Tel: 519.748.5550 Open 24 hrs, diesel fuel, convenience Dogwood Valley Fax: 519.748.9656 store, CAT scale, blue beacon truck Husky Travel Centre Drivers’ lounge & game room, wash, drug testing centre, gasoline 27052 Baker Road, convenience store, laundry facilities, (self serve), ATM, take-out food, Hope, BC V0X 1L3 showers & CAT scale. open roads chapel, Sunoco & Irving Tel: 604.869.9443 london Cardlock, full service fuel islands, restaurant, private showers, laundry facilities, drivers’ lounge, 150+ Flood Hope Husky Travel Centre parking capacity, motel (smoking 61850 Flood-Hope Road Flying M Truck Stop Cool Creek Agencies & non-smoking), arcade room, R.R. #2, Hope, BC V0X 1L2 7340 Colonel Talbot Road, convenience store. 7985 Lickman Road, London, ON Tel: 604.869.9214 Chilliwack, BC V2R 3Z9 drumbo Tel: 519.652.2728 Tel: 604.795.5335 Trucker’s Haven Fax: 519.652.6554 OSOYOOS Fax: 604.794.5080 Hwy 401, Exit 250, Email: H usky T ravel C entre 806607 Oxford Road, Open 24 hrs, 6 days, full service 9206-97th Street, Drumbo, ON N0J 1G0 Full service islands, driver’s lounge islands, drivers’ lounge, restaurant, # R.R. 2, Osoyoos, BC V0H 1V2 Tel: 519.463.5088 & game room, convenience store, convenience store, ATM, internet Tel: 250.495.6443 Fax: 519.463.5628 showers, laundry facilities, parking & services, showers, garage on premises & parking CAT scale Email:

Western Ontario


London Husky Travel Centre Hwy 401 & 74 (Exit 195 off 401) Belmont, ON Tel: 519.644.0200


Fifth Wheel Truck Stop 40 Chisolm Dr. (Hwy 401 Exit 320) Milton, ON L9T 3G9 Tel: 905.878.8441 Fax: 905.878.9376 Open 24 hrs, diesel fuel, convenience store, CAT scale, Blue Beacon truck wash, ATM, lube shop, Sunoco & Irving Cardlock, full service fuel islands, restaurant, showers, laundry facilities, drivers’ lounge & arcade room, 100+ parkin, chapel, motel (smoking & non- smoking), & lottery tickets.

Western Ontario

Eastern Ontario



Pilot Travel Centre

19325 County Road 42, Exit 56 off Hwy 401 Tilbury, Ontario Fifth Wheel Truck Stop Tel: 519.682.1140 1901 McConnell Avenue, Fax: 519.682.9221 (Exit 792 off Hwy 401) Email:TravelCenter.461@ Cornwall, ON K6H 5R6 Tel: 613.933.8363 Fax: 613.932.3952 Open 24-7, six pilot diesel lanes, six Open 24 hrs, diesel fuel, convenience gasoline lanes & six ESSO Cardlock store, CAT scale, blue beacon truck lanes, subway restaurant, large wash, barber shop, ATM, drug convenience store, drivers’ lounge & testing centre, gasoline (full service), game room, CAT scale, coin laundry, mechanic shop, propane, take-out ATM, six showers & 70+ parking food, Sunoco Cardlock, full service available. fuel islands, restaurant, private showers, laundry facilities, drivers’ lounge & arcade room, 200+ truck parking capacity, chapel, motel (smoking & non-smoking), tire shop, lube shop, Bell Canada Internet windsor Windsor Husky Travel Centre Kiosk, convenience store at fuel bar, Irving Cardlock. Tecumseh, ON (off Hwy 401 at Exit 14) Tel: 519.737.6401 Eastern Ontario



Antrim Truck Stop Husky Travel Centre 200 Clements Road, Pickering, ON Tel: 905.428.9700

port Hope

Ultramar 2211 County Road 28, (Hwy 401 Exit 464) Port Hope, ON L1A 3W4 Tel: 905.885.4600

stoney creek





Esso-Kingston Hwy 401 Exit 611, Kingston, ON Tel: 613.384.8888 Fax: 613.634.3162 Open 24-7

Open 24-7, full service islands, restaurant, convenience store, laundry facilities, ATM, showers & parking

2085 Shanly Road, Exit 730 off Hwy 401 Cardinal, ON K0C 1E0 Tel: 613.657.3019 Open 24 hrs, restaurant, convenience store, toilet, showers, overnight parking & truckers’ lounge



Ultramar 535 Mill Street, (Hwy 401 Exit 230 on TA site) Woodstock, ON N4S 7V6 Tel: 519.421.3144

Herb’s Travel Plaza 21160 Service Road, Exit 27 off Hwy 417 Vankleek Hill, Ontario Toll Free: 800.593.4372 Tel: 613.525.2120 Fax: 613.525.1595 Email: Open 24-7 drivers’ lounge, restaurant, convenience store, laundry facilities, ATM, internet services, showers & parking. Northern Ontario


Hwy 400 & 88, Bradford, ON Tel: 905.775.5794

hWY 144 @ 560a

Watershed Car & Truck Stop Hwy 144 & 560a, Tel: 705.655.4911 or 705.523.4917 Fax: 705.523.4160 Email:

new liskeard

Gilli’s Truck Stop Hwy #11 North, New Liskeard, ON Tel: 705.647.1919 Fax: 705.647.5610 Full service islands, restaurant, convenience store, showers & parking.

Quick Stop

Sudbury Petro Pass 3070 Regent Street Sudbury, ON Tel: 705.522.8701 Fax: 705.522.4280 Open Mon-Fri. 6am-11pm, Sat. 8am-8pm & sun. 10am-9pm, drivers’ lounge & game room, convenience store (hot food, pizza, chilli & soup), laundry facilities, showers & parking.


Esso Truck Stop 2154 Riverside Drive, Timmins, ON Tel: 705.268.3400 Fax: 705.267.7231 Open 24-7, restaurant, convenience store, ATM & showers.


Waubashene Truck Stop 21 Quarry Road, Box 419, Waubashene, ON L0K 2L0 Tel: 705.538.2400 Fax: 705.538.0452 Email: Québec


Irving 24

5918, Rue Notre Dame Est, Montreal, QC H1N 2C5 Tel: 514.257.8626 Fax: 514.259.0910 Open 24-7, restaurant, convenience store & laundry facilities. New Brunswick


Aulac Big Stop Circle K 170 Aulac Road, Aulac, NB E4L 2X2 Tel: 506.536.1339 Fax: 506.536.0579 Email: Open 24-7, full service islands, drivers’ lounge, restaurant, convenience store, showers, laundry facilities, parking & CAT scale.

four falls

Springwater Truck Stop


Stop 50 Truck Stop 1310 South Service Road, (Exit QEW at Fifty Road) Stoney Creek, ON L8E 5C5 Tel: 905.643.1151 Fax: 905.643.8068

vankleek hill

Bradford Husky Travel Centre 1515 County Road #20, (Hwy 417 Exit 51) Dunvegan, ON Tel: 613.527.1026 or 613.627.2100 Fax: 613.527.2726 Open 24-7, full service islands, restaurant (Tim Horton’s), convenience store, showers, parking & ATM.

Northern Ontario



580 White Lake Road, Arnprior, ON K7S 3G9 Tel: 613.623.3003 Fax: 613.623.1003 Toll Free: 866.334.4775 JOYCEVILLE Kingston Husky Truck Stop Open 24-7, full service islands, restaurant, convenience store, Joyceville Road, (Hwy 401 Exit 632) showers, overnight parking, truckers’ Joyceville, ON lounge, CAT scale, garage service Tel: 613.542.3468 facilities, tire service, western star truck dealer.

25 Bellevue Drive, (Hwy 401 Exit 538, rear of Ultramar Service Station) Belleville, ON K8N 4Z5 Tel: 613.771.1755 Open 24 hrs, lunch counter, Open 24 hrs, lunch counter, convenience store,toilet, showers, convenience store, toilets, showers, truckers’ lounge & short-time parking short-time parking & truckers’ lounge

Eastern Ontario


Ultramar 3199 Hawthorne Road, (Exit 110 off Hwy 417) Behind Ultramar Service Station Ottawa, ON K1G 3V8 Tel: 613.248.9319 Open 24 hrs, lunch counter, convenience store, toilet, Truckers’ lounge, showers

& short- ime parking sPENCERVILLE

Angelo’s Truck Stop

2025 County Road 44, 215 Hwy #49, Spencerville, ON K0E 1X0 Deseronto, ON K0K 1X0 Tel: 613.925.5158 Tel: 613.396.3043 Fax: 613.925.5158 Fax: 613.396.1449 Open 24 hrs, restaurant, convenience Open 6am-10pm, 7 days, full service Open 7 days, game room, restaurant, store, toilet, showers, truckers’ lounge islands, subway, convenience store, convenience store, showers, parking & overnight parking parking & coffee drive-thru. & CAT scale.

New Liskeard Husky Travel Centre Hwy 11 North, New Liskeard, ON Tel: 705.647.6300

2539 Route 130, Four Falls, NB E3Z 2H3 Tel: 506.273.3682 Open 12 hrs, 6 days, full service islands, restaurant, convenience store, laundry facilities, ATM, showers & parking.

north bay

BayTruck Stop 3060 Hwy 11 North, North Bay, ON Tel: 705.474.8410 Fax: 705.495.4076 Toll Free: 888.474.8410 Email: Web: Open 24-7, full service islands, restaurant, convenience store, showers, parking & truck repairs within 2 km.

grand falls

Petro Pass

New Brunswick


Petro-Canada Exit 450, 2600 Mountain Road, Moncton, NB E1G 3T6 Tel: 506.859.6000 Fax: 506.859.6005 Open 24-7, convenience store, fast food, ATM’s & restrooms


Tobique One Stop Exit 115, Perth-Anover, NB Tel: 506.273.9682 Fax: 506.273.9682 Open 24-7, full service islands, drivers’ lounge with large screen, satellite TV, convenience store, showers, laundry, parking & free high-speed internet.


Salisbury Big Stop 2986 Fredericton Road, Salisbury, NB E4J 2G1 Tel: 506.372.3333 Fax: 506.372.0083 Open 24-7, drivers’ lounge & game room, restaurant, convenience store, showers, laundry facilities, parking & CAT scale


Lincoln Big Stop (Irving) 415 Nevers Road, Waasis, NB E3B 9E1 Tel: 506.446.4444 Fax: 506.446.4440 Open 24-7, full service & self service islands, drivers’ lounge & game room, restaurant, convenience store, showers, laundry facilities, parking


Murray’s Truck Stop Exit 191, 198 Beardsley Road, Woodstock, NB Tel: 506.328.2994 Driver’s Fax: 506.325.2148 Open 24-7, full service islands, drivers’ lounge & game room, restaurant, convenience store, showers, laundry facilities, parking & CAT scale & tire sales & service. Nova Scotia


Enfield Big Stop (Circle K) 6757 Hwy #2, Enfield, NS S2T 1C8 Tel: 902.882.2522 Fax: 902.883.1769 Open 24-7, full service islands, drivers’ lounge, restaurant (6am11pm), convenience store, showers & parking.

315 Ouellette Street, truro heights Grand Falls, NB Truro Heights Circle K Tel: 506.473.5575 86 Connector Rd., Hwy 102 Exit 13, Fax: 506.475.9816 Truro Heights, NS B2N 5B6 Toll Free: 800.361.8322 Tel: 902.897.0333 Fax: 902.897.0499 Drivers’ lounge & game room, convenience store, showers, laundry Open 24-7, self service islands, facilities, internet services, showers, drivers’ lounge, restaurant, parking & CAT scale. convenience store, showers & parking. July 2010    39

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Transport for Christ

Foundation of Courage

By Chaplain Len Reimer


e live in a day of much stress. Much is happening around us, we are surrounded by much uncertainty. Wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, tornadoes in areas that have never experienced high winds let alone funnels that destroy country sides, buildings and kill people. Humans are asking, how much longer can this go on, what’s next? The word of God (Bible) tells us that all these things shall come to pass before Christ returns for the second time. Only, this

42    July 2010

time when He comes, He will come to judge and to rule, to separate the good and the bad. Yes, judgement day is coming, like a thief in the night. God has in His grace given mankind years to prepare for this unimaginable event. You see He left us verses of scripture that go like this in Hebrews 8:12, ”I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.”

We however must request His forgiveness and he will keep His promise. For the believer (born again Christian) we find a beautiful verse in Romans 8:1, “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.” He (God) justifies those who have faith in Christ Jesus. For those

in Christ these promises are a source of joy and the foundation of true courage. The Christian is guaranteed their sins will be filtered through, hid-

den in, and screened out by the sacrifice of Jesus. When God looks at you, He doesn’t see you, He sees the One who surrounds you. Your victory is se-

cure, when your trust and faith is grounded in Christ Jesus. We encourage you to choose the right road, the one that leads to an eternity with Christ.



It’s All About Numbers

How Will the HST Affect You?

By Kelly Liese Potvin


here has been so much hubbub regarding the new HST that many of us consumers are just plain confused as to what it is, why it is, and how much it’s going to cost us. WHAT: The HST [Harmonized Sales Tax] is now in Ontario [and BC] full speed. Up to now our taxes were charged separately on what we

purchased. Some we paid only the GST of 5% and some items had the additional PST of 8% added. The HST has now replaced the GST/PST. WHY: The new HST is expected to actually lower the prices consumers are charged for manufactured goods down the road. The PST was previously paid during every step of production, distribution and retail. It has been referred to as a Tax on a Tax on a Tax. Now the taxes will be returned to the business as input tax credits [previously t h e G S T R e b a t e, n o w called the HST Rebate]. This in turn is expected to decrease prices and lower the unemployment rate.

HOW MUCH: As an average consumer you can expect to pay the additional 8% tax on approximately 17% of your purchases. These purchases include: Dry Cleaning, Alcoholic Beverages, Electricity and Heating [gas/oil], Internet, Home Service Calls [electrician, plumber, carpenter], Landscaping and Snow Removal, Hotels, Taxis, Campsites, Domestic Air, Bus or Rail Travel, Magazines, Home Renovations, Gasoline/ Diesel, New Homes over $400,000, Real Estate Commissions, Massage Therapy, Vitamins, Green Fees for Golf, Gym Fees, Ballet or Hockey Lessons, Hair Stylist, Manicures, Funerals, Legal Fees and

Tobacco, Hunting and Fishing Licenses. Although the additional tax applies to only 17% of our purchases, those are the purchases we make more often such as electricity, heating and vehicle fuel. Will you receive a bigger refund or your business HST Rebate? Probably you will. However, if you are presently exempt from paying PST through your CAB CARD you will now be paying it up front, and having it returned when you file. If you already pay PST, chances are you could be getting up to double your usual GST refund. How nice is that? If you are a small business with under $30,000

gross income you still have the option of registering for the HST or not. That is a personal choice based on many factors. If you find yourself paying every quarter, you might want to consider closing your HST account. In the end, more money may be left in YOUR pocket. If you would like to find out more information on how the HST is going to affect you personally, please call me! Kelly Potvin is an ac-

credited Bookkeeper/Tax Preparer who has been in the accounting business for 20 years. Based out of Cardinal, ON she is located within a mile of the 730 Truck Stop. For more information, or to read her prior articles you can visit her website at, or call her at 613-340-8409. She looks forward to discussing your bookkeeping and/or tax options with you! Open Year Round.


Healthy Living

Vitamin D, The Sunshine Vitamin By Brenda Ricker


here has been so much talk lately about vitamin D and for good reason. Vitamin D, a fat-soluble vitamin, is required for the absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus by the intestinal tract. It is necessary for growth, and is especially important for the normal growth and development of bones and teeth in children. It protects against muscle weakness and is involved in regulation of the heartbeat. It is also important in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and hypocalcaemia, enhances immunity and is necessary for thyroid function and normal blood clotting. Intestinal disorders, liver and gallbladder malfunctions interfere with the

absorption of Vitamin D. Some drugs also interfere with absorption especially antacids, steroid hormones, diuretics and cholesterol lowering drugs. When the skin is exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, a cholesterol compound in the skin is transformed into a precursor of vitamin D. Exposing the face and arms to the sun for fifteen minutes three times a week is an effective way to ensure adequate amounts of vitamin D in the body. Vitamin D deficiency may be characterized by loss of appetite, a burning sensation in the mouth and throat, diarrhea, insomnia, visual problems, and weight loss. Sources are from fish liver oils, fatty saltwater fish, eggs, butter, oatmeal, sardines, sweet potatoes, and tuna. If you want to take a vitamin D supplement it should always be with calcium. A good multi vitamin/mineral/trace mineral supplement is wise to take today because of nutrients we are lacking in today’s diet. If you have a question please email me at:


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Health Insurance Matters

New Product! Assure-Debt

By Lina Demedeiros


ortgages, credit lines, leases, credit cards, business or investment loans in the event of accident or sickness were always secured by financial institutions, loss of income or business overhead expense reimbursement policies. Majority of these policies sold in the transportation market are subject to limited payment periods as a result of common claims such as a pulled muscle, sprained ankle, bruises or address business expenses with proof that a loss of profits exist within your business. We are pleased to an-

nounce a program now available in Ontario that will cover your mortgages, bank loans, credit card or credit lines without any limited payouts at time of claim due to sprains, strains or bruises as a result of an accident or sickness to address your personal or business financial obligations. Choose from 30, 60 or 90 day waiting period, a 2 year, 5 year or to age 65 benefit period. The plan is flexible, not based on income rather your financial obligation to a bank, trust or financing company. Like an income replacement policy it offers a short term benefit period of 24 months based on your regular occupation and then reverts to long term disability definition. Majority of all the provisions within the contract are those equal to any income replacement policy. The cost is based on age and smoking status. The policy can be used in conjunction to your income

replacement needs as a viable alternative to the workplace safety and insurance board effectively reducing the amount of loss of income coverage you need, since in trucking 55-75% of your revenue is based on your expenses and financial obligations. The company offers a full suite of replacement income products without any surprises at claim time. The replacement income programs are fully underwritten, offer the same flexibility found today in trucking with INJURY ONLY coverage, adding illness, accidental death & dismemberment coverage all in compliance with the most recent proposed changes in legislation. ASSURE-DEBT is simply addressing your most valuable assets that secure your family and/or your business. The program now available in Ontario comes at a great time, many business owners have been forced

to utilize secured lines of credit to address the financing of new equipment and cash flow. ASSUREDEBT is here to address this “new wave” of untraditional financing. Many insurers today understand that traditional financial planning models are not most effective; equally does LS Mutual with their suite of income replacement products. The initiative being delivered serves for the business community an opportunity to secure their financial future without the many constraints found in the traditional income replacement market for high risk occupations like trucking and construction. The program has taken Quebec by storm and replaced many commonly sold contracts in the transportation market as a result of cost of insurance, no limited payouts on common claims and is only being distributed through a few distribution

channels in Ontario. Some of the most unique features include return of premiums offered by ASSURE-DEBT, the refund of premium options of 75% of premiums paid after 15 consecutive years without any claim; providing a

From the

Driver’s Seat By: Carl McBride

How’s the Economy Doing?

44    July 2010


Carl Ziehlke Trucker Buddy of the Month for May. For more information visit them online at www.truckerbuddy. org.



anada has just seen the trucking industry go through one of the toughest recessions in a long time. Some industry experts even called it the culling of the herd. My question this month is very simple. Having just gone through a tough recession, how do you feel the economy is doing so far in 2010? Are things improving in the trucking industry or do we have a ways to grow yet? The drivers I spoke to were quite straight forward in answering this question. I took a road trip to 10 Acres Truck Stop in Belleville, Ontario for a real insight into what is going on regarding the economy.

safety net for both your investment while building for your retirement. For more information on ASSURE-DEBT please contact me, Lina Demedeiros at 800.236.5810 or send an email to lina.d@

••• Please submit your questions and feedback to I will be glad to ask the question, search for the answer and publish the results.


H u go P e re z , owner/ operator of California Sunshine of Belleville, Ontario, stated the business of aluminum polishing of trucks and trailers is based on the ups and downs of the economy. Last year at this time business was very slow, drivers were watching their expenses very carefully. So far this year business has been slowly picking up and is much better than last year.

A l L andriault , driver for Big Freight Systems of Steinbach, Manitoba. Al stated he drives the Ontario and Eastern runs and for him business is up. His company carries a lot of different types of freight and the companies are shipping as much as possible.

B i l l F o r d drives for MacLean’s Ready Mix Ltd of Victoria Cross, Prince Edward Island. Bill said he hauls potatoes from P.E.I to Toronto and is waiting less and less for return loads home. For him the economy is picking up quite nicely and hopes it gets better each month.


July 2010    45


Combating Driver Shortage from a Truck Training School Perspective By Yvette Lagrois


oday, we see the impact of the shortage of qualified drivers and the scramble to replace an aging workforce. As owners of Ontario Truck Training Academy, we train entry level drivers for the industry but we continue to respectfully redefine our role to be an integrated part of the industry. Our major focus is not to sell the students on truck training but to provide truck training for students to fulfill their employment goals. We conduct pre-screening of driving records, FAST status, education, previous job history, and lifestyle for every candidate which adds additional time to the enrolment process but fits

46    July 2010

with our overall mission to match students with potential job opportunities. The “fit” is paramount. We are foremost a training facility and do not guarantee employment, but potential candidates need to take the guesswork out of what their employment opportunities are after vocational training is completed. This is now a great opportunity to effectively utilize the Tractor Trailer Apprenticeship Program. Firstly, there is a $10,000 tax credit for a company and a $2,000 grant to the student upon completion of the competencies (about 1 year). Secondly, the apprenticeship program lends credit to the industry and recognition that Transport

Driving is a Profession and requires underlying vocational training programs such as ours to initiate the learning process. (Both Private Career Colleges and Apprenticeship Programs are under the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities). Trucking companies will want accountability at the entry level and accountability results in the trucking industry having a better base candidate to work with. Better base trained candidates will be needed to deal with the new technology and compliance regulation. As industry training requirements increase to create CSA 2010 compliant drivers that are vital to trade and commence with United States so will

the need for validation of the entry level training offered. All truck schools in Ontario, today, have 3 organizations that provide annual third party auditing and they are PTDI (Professional Truck Driving Institute, USA), TTSAO (Truck Training School Association of Ontario) or CTHRC (Canadian Trucking Human Resource Council). Third party auditing benefits the industry and can provide integrity for effective training programs. Quality training has to be imbedded into the fabric of the entry level training standards and requires a united industry approach. The Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities has set

the standards but they are not in effect yet. Over the last 12 years, Ontario Truck Training Academy continually sees the bar raised to meet new expectations of the industry while balancing limited student training dollars. We wisely grow our fleet, and maintain 2 simulators. We have learned an incredible amount about the process by following up with our students and seeing what worked and what did not. We take the time to ask the questions, and it has paid off

by the knowledge we have gained. I have learned in trucking to commit to the present, accept what tools you have right now and make it work while maintaining your integrity. The transportation industry is a great network. You now have the tools. Make the leap into investing in future drivers. For more information or comments please contact me at 800.753.2284 or by email at admin@otta. ca.


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