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Two New Construction Truck Tires


ort Mill, SC - During a special customer event at its Proving Grounds in Uvalde, Texas, Continental Tire the Americas, LLC (“Continental”) last week launched two new medium radial truck tires to complete its suite of products for construction and severe duty truck-

ing applications. The Continental HSC1 (Heavy Steer Construction) is a new steer tire design developed by Continental’s commercial vehicle tire research and development team for the Americas, and produced at its award-winning commercial truck tire plant in

Mt. Vernon, Illinois. The HSC1’s tread pattern and compound were chosen by Continental engineers for optimal original mileage with excellent selfcleaning properties, as well as a three groove design that performs well, even on loose surfaces. A wider tread and shoulder ribs improve wear and increase performance, while the patented tread pattern and contour provide reduced stone retention and improved

impact resistance. The HSC1 promises optimum casing value and long lifetimes, and is available in sizes 11R22.5 and 11R24.5 for load range H, with 12R sizes scheduled for introduction later this summer. An extra-deep drive tire for construction service, the new Continental HDC1 (Heavy Drive Construction) features a full 32/32” tread depth and a new selfcleaning tread pattern. A heavy duty compound and

aggressive open shoulder design were chosen to provide superior original mileage and traction, while the tire’s optimized contour ensures higher load capabilities with less deformation. Both the HSC1 and HDC1 use Continental’s new on/ off road compounding, which increases resistance to tread cuts, chips and chunks and reduces the depth of tread damage. Continental’s exclusive “Stable” bead construc-

tion was included in both new products for better structural durability and extended product life. Likewise, a premium fourply belt with reinforced second and third belt for both new tires prevents fatigue fractures and withstands highly concentrated pressure. The complete portfolio of Continental’s construction and severe service truck tires is available online at www.continental-truck. com.


Severe Duty Super Single Tire


kron, Ohio - Bigger, better and enhanced mileage is the mantra for Goodyear’s newest super single tire, designed for tough and severe-duty vocational

applications. The G278 MSD replaces Goodyear’s popular G178 Super Single and provides enhanced mileage, thanks to a one-inch larger footprint, deeper tread depth

and special compounding. Available in 385, 425, and 445/65R sizes in 22.5, the G278 MSD is a versatile, all position performer in on/ off highway applications, including construction,

concrete, oil service, and logging. The rugged criss-cross tread design helps provide exceptional off-road traction, while it helps to pump away water from the tread for enhanced grip. The tread design also offers a quiet ride, while the tire’s grooved angles with full-width interlocking groove protectors help keep stones from imbedding and drilling into the tread. Special compounding helps resist cuts, chips and tears, leading to increased time in service. To help keep tire costs lower for operators, the G278 MSD will come with matching retreads in three sizes, beginning in June. “Our precure retreads will feature the same tread design as well as tread depth as the G278 MSD,” said Kramer. “The one-two punch in our retreading program is the tread and casing of the G278 MSD. Since the tire is constructed with a high tensile steel radial casing, featuring steel belts, the G278 MSD offers customers the potential for multiple retreads and a way to help reduce tire cost through years of superior performance.” For more information on Goodyear’s commercial tires visit com/truck.


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Eastern Trucking News, Issue 37, June 2011

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Eastern Trucking News, Issue 37, June 2011