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ursd ay, June 12, 2014

V ol . 23 #12

Greek Revival Wedding Incorporates Family Traditions— and Fun, Too

Outdoor Extravaganza: Rick and Bubba will have anniversary expo

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Wedding special section page 23

The Nolin family on a recent trip to Disney World.

Photo special to the Journal

Night of Candlelight: Ballet Guild hosts 45th Ball of Roses

‘You Can Help One’ Family Wanted to Make a Difference—and Gained a New Daughter By Keysha Drexel Journal editor

For several years, Denver Nolin

would struggle with how he could make a real difference in the lives of the

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thousands of children he encountered around the world in need of stable, loving homes. In his jobs as a pilot with the U.S. Air Force, the Air Force Reserves and FedEx, Denver said he always wanted to bring the children trapped in poverty and abuse back home to Inverness with him. “I saw a lot of pain and suffering brought on children by the bad decisions of adults and I wanted to do something, I

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Shaking Up Cocktails Journal photos from left by Lee Walls Jr,, Emil Wald and Lee Walls Jr.

Dad’s Favorite Drinks Get Contemporary Twists

Phillips named next Vestavia Hills Superintendent

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Gift Guide

By Donna Cornelius

Journal features writer

Is your favorite dad still wedded to the same drink he loved at frat parties? Does his neighborhood bartender plop down the usual concoction every time he sees dad walk through the A new regular door? section devoted to If so, maybe it’s time food, drink and to shake things up this the people who


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love both! P.29

Meal on a Grill: The Art of Backyard Barbecuing P. 29

Tea Party: Milo’s Introduces New Products P. 29

Father’s Day is Sunday. Need some ideas? Page 12

dynamic dads p. 4 • vestavia schools announce drug testing plan p. 10 • a dad’s day to remember 12 • 2014 all-otm baseball, softball p. 36

June 12, 2014  
June 12, 2014