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In the current music industry where radios, TV and streaming are the big players deciding to spread the word about an artist (or not), it becomes more and more difficult for a lambda artist to get his music heard if he doesn’t fit some kind of criterias. It takes time, it takes patience, talent but above all it takes a lot of hard work. At On The Move Magazine, we give a particular attention to talent no matter where you come from, your musical genre, the amount of followers/views/fans you have got. We don’t talk quantity, we talk quality. We talk quality because we love music with the big M. We carefully choose the artists you’ll discover in this magazine to introduce you to «la crème de la crème». You’ll find big names, you’ll find unknown names. You’ll love what you’ll listen to, maybe you will hate it but at least, you’ll give our artists a chance. Because at the end of the day, every success story began with a chance given. ‘‘

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Camila Cabello Havana In her new music video, Camila Cabello amps it up by playing the lead actress of a telenovela, the star of an old-school movie and a regular shy girl. Staying true to herself, the song paid tribute to her cuban roots with this mini film and we love it!

Do you know a better way to end the year than seeing some of our musical artists’ comebacks? From Taylor Swift to Thirty Seconds To Mars and not forgetting Avicii and the irish band The Script, to only name a few, some of the greatest artists are back in the game. Read all about it in OTMMag #8.

SAVE THE DATE Sam smith the thrill of it all Tour Along with P!nk, The Script and others acts, Sam Smith is one of those artists who made an impressive return to music this year. Following the release of his new album, the singer will also head to arenas across the globe in 2018 and you sure don’t want to miss it out!

it happened 10 years ago Ok, now we feel old ! It seems like yesterday when we first heard «Apologize», the haunting ballad that brought OneRepublic to light. Since then, it has just been a brilliant and successfull journey for the Colorado band. Ryan Tedder, Zach Filkins, Drew Brown, Brent Kutzle and Eddie Fisher released their debut album 10 years ago, this month. Holding sweet and timeless pop gems, «Dreaming Out Loud» is one of those records you’ll always go back to with nostalgia but unalteread pleasure.

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JUSTIN NOZUKA With 3 albums in the last 10 years, Justin Nozuka has built one solid career in folk music, without surrendering to a consensual sound. If his debut album « Holly » released in 2007, followed by « You I Wind Land and Sea » in 2010, was popular success, his third opus « Ulysees » was the result of a much more experimental phase. His astonishing and fast success with « After Tonight » pushed Justin Nozuka to later question himself and his music. He took a step back, took some risks and came back stronger. His new EP « High Tide » is the first part of an album that will be released gradually. While on the road, Justin Nozuka talked to us about his complex yet formative last years, and those future, full of promises.


n The Move Mag: Hi Justin! Your last album « Ulysees » came out in 2014. Now, you’re finally back, three years later. Can you tell us a bit about what happened during these three years? Justin Nozuka: So, I did a little bit of touring after I put out that record. And then, I pretty much started working on the album right away, in 2015. It was a pretty long process, it took about two and a half years to make the record.And basically, I wrote 15 to 20 songs and I thought I had an album. I was really precious about all the songs but I just realized it wasn’t strong enough. So, I had to start from scratch again  ! I just took the necessary time to write the songs. It was a mountain to climb for sure. And then, I teamed up with Chris Bond, out of England. I was really lucky to team up with him and we worked together. He produced the record and played a lot of the instruments on it. And that was a really amazing process. Chris came to Toronto for two weeks and we did some recording there. And then, I flew out to the countryside in England, and we recorded there as well. On The Move Mag: « Ulysees » was a very singular album. You experimented a lot in it, in terms of formats but also melodies. You proposed a cappella or instrumental tracks. With your new release «  High Tide  », you’re back to something much more rhythmic. What did « Ulysees » change in the way you’re approaching or creating music? Justin Nozuka    : That album was a huge learning experience for me. Because, I pretty much produced it and so, I used my ears in ways that I hadn’t used it before. It was a lot of big pictures stuff, or little picture stuff and kind of going between the two. So, it was a big one for me in terms of learning what it is that I wanted to hear. Now, I’m able to express a little bit more properly and maybe a little bit more concisely, less abstractly in terms of what I’d like to hear. I have a little bit more of an understanding. And also because it was such an experimental record, I really just went to the deep end for it. It was pretty risky, for sure. You know, to me, at that time, it was like « If this is the last record I make, so be it». I was already tired at that point from touring. I had been on the road for 5 years. So yeah, I went to the deep end for that record, for sure. Even emotionally, it felt kinda eerie at that time, vulnerable, a risky kind of place. And I also took a lot of time and a lot of space. I wasn’t touring as much so now I feel like my energy is rejuvenated. I am ready for a sprint again,to go for a long marathon !

On The Move Mag: Last September, you released « High Tide ». You annonced it as more than just an EP but an actual part of your next album. Why did you choose to release it by parts ? Is the record done yet or is it still in the making? Justin Nozuka : It is finished. The album is done. But because I have been away for such a long time, it just makes sense for me to put it out bit by bit. It also means that I can tour more. As opposed to releasing the album and touring for a year and then it’s over, potentially. I told myself : « Let’s get engaged on a life run again ! ». You know, three tracks out, doing some touring, and then put three more tracks out, and some more touring, put out the record and then again.

« the intention was for my next album to feel warm and comforting » On The Move Mag : Can you describe what we can expect from this upcoming album, in terms of sound ? Justin Nozuka  : There is definitely a consistency on the production side and in the general feel. It is pretty rythmic, it is pretty lively. I think the intention was for it to feel warm and comforting. So, a lot of the sounds are pretty warm. We recorded it in this old barn in England. Chris Bond has a very warm sound. He’s got a really energetic warm sound. But yeah, generally speaking, I think I really wanted to emulate the feeling that I get when I’m in nature, when I’m out by a lake or in the woods, that kind of serenity. That kind of peace. And also that kind of depth too, when you swim in a lake for ten minutes, you’re just like « haa », you feel so connected. So, I’m trying to recreate that feeling through the music. On The Move Mag : You were talking about nature. It seems like with time you use less of your own image in your artworks or music videos to replace it with more organic visuals, like landscapes. Which connexion do you have to your own image, in an industry where it has become so important for people to control and use it ? Justin Nozuka  : I think a big thing for me for «  Ulysees  » was «  I don’t want to be associated as this face or whatever  ». I was kind of tired of that.


I was very intentional about not being in the videos and the artwork and stuff. For this record, and for the music video of « All I Need », it was a different story. But I definitely wanted to make the video a proper reflection of what I think is a good music video. I was lucky enough to team up with my brother who directed it, and a good friend of mine, as well. They teamed up together. So, we had time and we made sure that we checked all the right boxes in terms of what’s gonna make this video happen properly. Because a lot of the time, when you work with a director, you meet once and then you shoot it and then you’re like « Okay, I guess we gotta put this out ! It’s done. We spent all this money on it. » I gotta put this out but shit, it’s not truly expressing what I wanna express ! So, for this case, we really spent a lot of time and we teamed up with some professional friends. And we spent four days shooting it. It was a good experience ! And with this music video now, I am a little bit more comfortable again, being in the video and stuff. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind being on the cover of this album if we had the right picture. But, we just didn’t have the right picture. One of my friends took a great shot in the Netherlands which will be the cover of the album when it comes out !

« NOw, I am a little bit more comfortable again WITH MY OWN IMAGE » On The Move Mag : We saw you play in Paris, on the stage of Les Etoiles. Your setlist was a great balance between older and newer stuff. How do you build it ? Justin Nozuka : We definitely had the opportunity to revisit some songs that have been neglected for a long time. There was a period in time when I was like « I’m not gonna play any of the old songs » from « Holly », except for « After Tonight » which is the song that kinda started it all so it is important for me and the public to play it. I have been a lot more open to playing some of the songs like « Be Back Soon » or « Down In a Cold Dirty Well » which I haven’t play in years. It feels really nice to play them again. It’s kinda cool because I put out already three records and it’s nice to just pick the songs out, the ones that feel right. It just feels good to create a little bit of a journey for the public, because there is definitely different vibes from the different albums.

On The Move Mag : You rearrange a lot of your tracks, in more energetic or strip down versions. How do you process it ? Justin Nozuka : Me and my musicians, we kind of evolve. It changes. Even in our show in Paris, which was the last show of the tour, we were still making little adjustments. But also something happened that night that we didn’t plan for. We just kind of had to feel each other and make it work. For the lives, it is its own thing. We just took some liberty to make some instrumental journeys with « Swan In The Water » and « Gray ». When I’m going to see live shows, I don’t like it when they just play the album exactly how it is. And all the musicians seem just kinda bored. It’s fun to take the liberty to just go with it. On The Move Mag : You seem to have such a strong connection with your public. Which relation do you think you have with them, in a time when social media makes everything possible ? Justin Nozuka  : Honestly, since I put out that record in 2014, and since I’ve been doing music, the whole landscape of the industry has changed dramatically. Just has I’m getting back into it now, I’m like « Wow, it’s a whole different thing! » The connection on Instagram and stuff like that... It’s pretty big, that kind of presence you can have on the Internet. And it’s a powerful tool to make great things and also, not so great things. So it’s about finding the right way to connect. But it’s exciting, for sure. It’s cool ! On The Move Mag : You did a small tour in Europe where you were playing in houses or stuff. How was it ? Can you tell us a bit more about that ? Justin Nozuka  : We did this thing called «  The Night Toit  ». It was an acoustic tour like, me and my buddy Tommy, we played Les Etoiles also, last time. Just two guitars. And in pretty much every city we were in, we did a home concert. We asked people on Facebook « Hi, is there anyone interested in hosting a concert at their house ? » We got some submissions and chose the one that was the best. And then we asked « Hey, if anyone in this area would like to come to a concert, let us know! » We chose, whatever the capacity of the place was. It was really cool ! I think for sure in the future, when I do a tour, we’ll do one or two of the house concerts. We’ll try to keep doing them. They’re nice and intimate. On The Move  Mag : During your show, you also performed « Hollow Men » which you wrote a really long time ago, at a much different age and situation. Which relationship do you have with that song ?


Justin Nozuka : It’s just nice. But it depends of the times. Sometime you just go through the motions, and you’re just singing it. But sometimes you really listen to the lyrics again. That’s what happened in Paris. You remember where the lyrics came from. For that song, particularly in the second verse, I was remembering the place where I wrote it and it just brings you right back to the feeling of that day. Sometimes, I just kinda need those old songs to have those feelings again from when you were younger... It’s like when you smell something that you used to smell when you were a kid, you know that feeling, it’s kinda similar to that. I think that this is the same for some of the people in the audience, maybe they were in high school when they heard « Hollow Men » or « Be Back Soon » and were in a relationship or something. They hear it again and it kind of brings up those feelings. On The Move Mag : Is there any song from another artist that you feel is timeless and will follow through your whole life ? Justin Nozuka  : Yeah, there is this one song. This is a classical piece. And I rediscovered last month, I think. I was with my friend. We did a night when we did a vinyl listening session. We turn off our phones, we put on a record. First, we bought this album out of a record store and I think it’s called « The  Seven Planets  » or « The Solar System  » or something, music representing all the different planets. We put it on and it was absolute garbage. It was terrible. Just ridiculously bad classical music. This was crap. So we took it off and were kind of disappointed. But then I had this record I used to listen to when I was making « Ulysees ». A good friend of mine who I name the album after, « Ulysees » this is his name, he introduced me to a lot of great classical music. He was into classical music. And I played this record again, from Wagner. It’s called «  Siegfried Idyll  » and man, I was blown away ! I remembered again how dynamic classical music is. If Art is to emulate nature, classical music truly does a really good job of that. You get the feeling of the ocean, you can really feel it, and all of a sudden, you get the feeling of the land, the feeling of the sun. You get these elements that come through. And it is just really powerful. It is a really good piece. Very heavy, just massive ! On The Move Mag : On a more contemporanean side, is there any actual artist that inspires you ? Justin Nozuka : Simon & Garfunkel, for sure. I’m really inspired by Dave Matthews Band. I really like how much they tour, their live shows, their energy. Ben Howard was a big influence for this album. Chris Bond produced some of his older stuffs. And there are so many great artists, you know. Arcade Fire is great also, I really like them!

On The Move Mag : Is there any inspirations you draw from other arts ? Justin Nozuka  : Yeah, cinema. «  The Tree Of Life  ». Have you seen that movie from Terrence Malik ? It came out a while ago but that has always been an inspiration to me, so good, an amazing feeling. And also there is another one, « My Girl », this is a movie that came out I guess in early 90’s. American classic  ! I also love the feelings of « Forrest Gump ». And then, I’m a big fan of Studio Ghibli.

« In the future, I hope to just be more consistent with music and touring » On The Move Mag : These past weeks, you were a part of a non-profit organization called « Side Door » to help young people in Yellow Knife (Canada). How was it ? Justin Nozuka : « Side Door » is kind of a community where troubled youth or anybody whose young and needs a place to hang out, can go and get some food and just do some activities, socialize. We did a writing session, we wrote a song together. That have been really nice! I have been in touch with some of the kids out there. Some of the kids are going through serious stuff, for sure. But, it was the first time I had ever done something like that. It would be nice to do some more. One song writing session is cool but it would be nice to be more involved. I would like to record that song with them at some point. I have been thinking about it and I have to make it happen! On The Move Mag : Our last question is : what is the best lesson learnt of all these years in music ? Justin Nozuka : I think for me now is you gotta stay in the groove! But it’s not easy because there are times when you just fall out of the groove. Then, it’s better not to do anything because you end up building something that you are not happy with. Then it’s just crap. So it’s better to take a break. Get your energy back and then coming with a clearer perspective. I think that’s a really important thing that I have learnt. The other thing is also, maybe, not to take too long of a break (laughs). I have had a good experience and going forward, I hope to just be more consistent with music and touring. But I’m sure I’ll take breaks again. It’s definitely the best for self-development and morals nourishing. Maybe it’s not the business or whatever but it’s the best for your health, and long-term career !



ZOOM ON... With the power of the internet and social medias, aspiring musicians have now a powerful platform between their hands to create music and make themselves heard. And, the public, on the other side, is one click away from discovering an infinity of talented young artists... Each month, the team of On The Move chooses some of them to showcase and bet on their careers, bound to take off in the near future !



dreamy and sensible music

You know her voice, and you probably already know her name, but if it’s not the case, now is your chance to get to know the R&B-rising star before her career completely blows up. Born in St Louis and raised in New Jersey, SZA dropped her debut album CTRL and it’s actually pure fire. Could we ask for more? Dive into her universe before it’s too late! Young and fierce, SZA is basically everything we could look for in a female pop R&B singer. True to herself, she sings about being young, being a woman, being in love, falling for the wrong boy, embracing your sexuality and body, and the list could go on forever. You may as well recognize her voice from Rihanna’s «Consideration» -yes, Rihanna, or even her first EP «Z» released in 2014. No matter when you found out about SZA, you’re in for a treat! Even if the 26-year-old singer has only been making music for a few years, thanks to only two EPs, she managed to get to the ears of TDE -Top Dawg Entertainment, and signed to them along with Kendrick Lamar, scHoolboy Q and Isaiah Rashad. “What caught my attention was her approach to how she writes songs,” Henderson said. “She’s a lyricist. How she puts words and metaphors together. But then there’s her voice, it’s so distinctive and beautiful” Raised in a Muslim family, her strict upbringing truly influenced her music. When she was younger, SZA -whose real name is Solána Imani Rowe, listened to classic jazz like John Coltrane and Miles Davis and never really connected to anything else until later. Eventually, her older sister introduced her to contemporary music like Aaliyah, and Cash Money. Those childhood memories are now some major inspiration for the young singer, as well as Björk, Jamiroquai and Common. Her debut album, «CTRL» is truly filled with those inspirations. The long awaited album is a raw and powerful record that constantly tests the border of the genre. If you’re a fan of romantic and personal songs, you found your new favorite artist. Originally titled «A», it was supposed to conclude a trilogy made of «S» and «Z».

Boys and feelings are obviously the central elements of this record. As a whole, CTRL is about freedom and embracing yourself and staying true to your personality. SZA also has the grits to speak her mind when it’s necessary and understand the need to talk about fragility and it’s probably what makes the record so beautiful. Since the release of «CTRL», for SZA, it’s been a hell of a year. After working with Lorde and Maroon 5 on the hit «What Lovers Do»,the singer is getting ready to write and record her second album and definitely doesn’t want to label her music. “I listen to Stevie Nicks. I love classical jazz. I love folk. I love rap. I love Modest Mouse. I’m making an album with Tame Impala and Mark Ronson. When you try to label it, you remove the option for it to be limitless. It diminishes the music.” As the perfectionist she is, SZA will take the time it needs to make this new record as perfect as the first one. We are willing to wait for it!

Listen if you are a fan ofVersatile music, filled with a million of emotions and inspirations. Going from one song to another, SZA’s sound is never really the same and is so personal that it will make your heart melt and pump at the same time.

One song to listen to«Drew Barrymore», the first ever single released from CTRL. Dreamy and sensible, the song is about dealing with insecurity and question relationship along with selfworth and self-esteem.




A mysterious image with alt pop-rock undertones If you already know who Bohnes is, you’ve been waiting for his solo project for a very long time. Alexander DeLeon, former singer of the ​A​merican pop-rock band The Cab decided to follow his own musical path by releasing his long awaited single «Six Feet Under». The story really began in 2008 when the American rock band The Cab coming from Las Vegas released their debut album «Whisper War». Often described as «The New Band You Should Know About», the Cab got their ways into the fans’ hearts by showcasing great guitar riffs, diverse lyrics and catchy melodies. After a highly appreciated sophomore album named «Symphony Soldier» that was self-released by the band itself in 2011, they​unveiled the EP «Lock Me Up» in 2014 before diving into silence​for three years​. If we didn’t have any new music since 2014, we’ve been waiting for former leader Alexander DeLeon’s solo project for quite a while. He has been teasing the fans about «Bohnes», constantly posting pictures and lyrics saying that something will be coming up our way soon. He was right. Something arrived this September​and we are not disappointed​! (patience is a virtue, kids!) A brand new single named «Six Feet Under» with a brand new image and identity​have been unveiled​. Wearing a mask throughout the entire video, Alexander managed to take some of The Cab’s influence​s​and bring them into this new addictive project​he’s been working on for a while​.​ If the music video has been shot in an abandoned theme park which could be a little scary​at the beginning​, the song definitely talks about love with dark references such as cemetery, zombies and resurrection. ​ However, if you search deeper into the Internet you’ll discover that «Six Feet Under» is not the first track to be released under the name of Bohnes. Alexander DeLeon has indeed unveiled two previous tracks and music videos named «Middle Finder» and «Guns and Roses» published on his personal Youtube channel.

Bold and straightforward, the two songs were a good sneak peek of the type of music the artist wanted to make. Although «Guns and Roses» contains EDM undertones, you still can find the Pop-Rock influences that guided his art from the beginning. Bohnes also allowed his fans to go deeper into his world by unveiling ​his new website which reflects his ​strong​ brand new image. He definitely chose a darker path and i​s appearing as an intriguing and mysterious artist that people should keep their eyes peeled for. ​ e fans can definitely expect more from Bohnes in the​ Th near ​future and while you are waiting for new material to be released, you still can go to watch the «Six Feet Under» music video as many times as you want.

Listen if you are a fan ofThe Cab obviously. We definitely can find similarities between The Cab’s discography and Bohnes’ debut single but both are kind of the same person so why are we surprised?​Otherwise, if you love Chase Atlantic, you’ll definitely fall in love with Bohnes’ type of music.​

One song to listen toLet’s turn back time and listen to the masterpiece that is «Lovesick Fool» from The Cab’s «Symphony Soldier»​ but if you prefer Bohnes’ solo material, y​ ou can bless your ears with «Middle Finger». Addiction guaranteed!





Sometimes, there’s this person who comes into your life and blows everything away as they seem to be amazingly good at everything they attempt to do; and with Soft Glas -aka Joao Gonzales, it’s actually the case. His ability to fuse different genres is pretty astonishing, and it seems to be just the beginning for this young man. Joao Gonzalez, better known as Soft Glas, is a Brooklyn-based singer, multi-instrumentalist, who dares to explore music as something rare. According to the young artist, Joao also sees music-making as an emotional and spiritual therapy. Taking elements from Jazz music, 90’s RnB and some kind of neo-soul, Soft Glas was mainly inspired by his family and particularly his father. Growing up in a musical environment, Joao picked up the battery at the age of 9 and since then, never stopped making music. From a very young age, the singer felt a strong connection between his musical roots and what he wanted to do.

Earlier this year, the singer released his second album «Orange Earth». Incredibly personal yet relatable, there’s always a track that’ll talk to you and change something in yourself. As he said, «Orange Earth» is like an open-letter -and a love letter to his hometown through the lens of nostalgia. Listening to the album kinda feels like opening a door to a happier, simpler and less serious time. «Music can be a refuge. For this album, my vision was rooted in that intimacy. I wanted to be honest with myself while reflecting on my teenage years – and as a result, hopefully convey my truest self.»

«I’ve always been connected to Jazz through my family. I love the emotions those genres can evoke. They are complex emotions; stuff in between simply being happy or sad. I know a lot of different genres can do that, I’ve just always connected with the sound palette of those specific genres.»

Playing with both dreamy melodies and electro-pop, layered with synths and jazz elements vibes, Soft Glas is one of a kind, and we are loving it!

Inspired by his roots but also some classic artists like Pharrell Williams, Radiohead but also Claude Debussy and Flying Lotus, Joao’s biggest challenge was to find and believe in his talent, his voice and his identity. Without being over influenced by the current sound and vibes, the singer took time to test out different things and figure out what he wanted to produce and what he wanted his musical signature to sounds like.

Songs that sound like a dream, and are influenced and inspired by a beautiful and special moment.With Soft Glas, memories and nostalgia are put upfront and the sensibility is really impressive. Don’t be afraid to show a little bit of your feelings, it can be worth it!

In 2016, Soft Glas released a first 12-track album «Late Bloom». The record features a mix of his inspirations, and blends a million of rhythms that work together to create a soothing and actually nice sound. Joao also allows his voice to take the center stage and gently let if flows over the instruments and arrangement. Whether you like it or not, there’s something really soft and delicate in his work, and as a whole, the production kinda speaks for itself.

Listen if you are a fan of-

One song to listen to« Perks of being a Sunflower » : funny, sweet, simple yet beautiful track. According to the singer, the lyrics were 100% instinctual and there were absolutely no particular thoughts in them. Not really about someone, the interpretation of those random lines is completely up to you, listener.



THE SCRIPT After two years out of the spotlight, The Script is finally back with a brand new album named « Freedom Child ». Danny O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan and Glen Power sold 10 million albums worldwide and are still going strong 10 years after their first self-titled album released in 2008. They are back this year with an EDM-infused and politically committed record that could have been surprising at the beginning but still remains delicious. On The Move had a talk with the Irish threesome to dig into this new album.



n The Move Mag: You took a different musical path with your new album «Freedom Child», were you anxious of what your fans would think about this new direction? Mark Sheehan : Not really because the whole point of the Script is really to talk about the stories that are going on in our lives. Almost like a diary. So those words, the lyrics, the stories and the content are still the same, that doesn’t change. The one thing you can change is the vehicle that carries those stories which is the production and the sound. I think that’s like fashion at the end of the day, you are not gonna wear the same clothes for the rest of your life. We wanted to move on a little bit. You know we are very interested in production, in mixing. And the world is changing so you’ve got to move with the time. I think a lot of traditional bands are in danger of not being heard because they are not advancing. The sound can be detrimental to a band if you don’t advance it. There’s not a lot of places to get played anymore, not real TV shows out there that play music anymore. So it’s quite difficult to get played when you have Justin Bieber, Drake and Beyonce. Yeah it’s quite difficult as a traditional band. So we just wanted to try to make our words, our stories, our melodies more palatable I suppose. So that’s why we moved on. So I think The Script fanbase likes that we enjoy evolving.

« we are open to work with different people and open to evolvE » On The Move Mag: Is it why you are trying to get more into EDM? Mark Sheehan : Yes also ! Everybody for a long time was thinking that EDM was just a phase, but actually it’s stronger than ever and still doing really well. I am gonna say it’s because of streaming, because it’s reaching places that have wider audience. And it’s an easier music, I suppose, to get into at first. It’s not really deep, that’s something you could have fun, escape from. So it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and as a band we like to have fun with all genres. so yeah we have a few songs out there, and as a band we ask ourselves how do we take those live instruments to make them all feel a little bit EDM. But it’s not really a dance song, you know.

On The Move Mag: You have a bit of EDM in kind of every genre now. We were used to drums and real guitars but now we’ve got computers and plug-ins to remplace this and make music. Do you think it changes the way you produce music? Danny O’Donoghue : It is kind of different really if you are in the producing game. If you’re just a band, you are always going to play like a band and the producer will be like «we need to put keyboards in» or whatever.But if you already have your mind on that stuff, then you’re creating your music with that in mind. So you know, okay I’m lying the guitar part down and the keyboards next... So you kinda keep it all in mind. But again there are just tools at the end of the day, to frame your song : what’s the song, what’s the concept, what’s the idea. It is amazing how it is crafted in different styles. Mark Sheehan : I think that’s because I remember years ago when in order to make guitars really popular, Gibson and Peavey who actually were the leaders at that time, brought the price down on guitars so it cost nothing to buy one. It was really cheap to buy it. So guitars became really accessible and the sound of a Peavey guitar in particular became really popular because the mass was using it more. Nowadays, it’s cheaper to make music in your bedroom and download keyboard sounds and make electronic music. It’s cheaper to make than it is to record a live band so it becomes more and more popular. It’s more accessible, more affordable. So that’s why bedroom producers and artists do dictate the overall scene. So bands like us have to listen to that, look at that and go «how the hell do we sort to make it work to our genre» (laugh) On The Move Mag: Kind of like Coldplay collaborating with The Chainsmokers. Is it something that you want to do, collaborate with electro producers ? Mark Sheehan : Yeah I mean, we are open to work with different people and open to evolve. We worked with David Guetta in the past, we worked with different DJs. We are really into music, we are fans of music so why not, you know.


On The Move Mag: Your single «Rain» has been remixed a couple of times by artists like Nick Talos. One remix even included Nicky Jam. It’s surprising to see people remixing The Script and we didn’t expect this. Is it a part of your «sound evolution» process? what was the strategy behind it? Danny O’Donoghue : I mean there’s not really an idea behind it. It’s more about being reactive. You know Spotify has a lot of different playlists. We love making music and we want people to hear our music. But with like Spotify, if you’re gonna get into that hiphop lane then you’re probably not gonna look at any other lane. Maybe, I don’t know. Because there are so many choices in Hip-Hop, so you’ve got your playlist in hip-hop this time, then you’ve got your pop and rock or whatever. So I guess in a way, if it’s a great song, we believe it works in all of those formats. So have an acoustic version, have a reggaeton version, have a dance version of it. If it’s on the radio and being on it for a long time, I think it’s good to have other remixes so people don’t get bored. But we are not the first band to do it and I guarantee we will not be the last. (laughs)

« Social awareness and what is going on about the human condition is important to us » On The Move Mag: Hip-Hop recently became the most popular musical genre. Can we expect you to rap in the future, just like you did in the past in a couple of songs? Mark Sheehan : When we did our first album, nine or ten years ago, we always loved Hip-Hop from the early conception of it. Hip-Hop happened to infiltrate Ireland in a big way, just like it did in French culture you know. It’s massive here, it’s probably bigger here than anywhere in Europe. But I think that if you look at artists like Post Malone for example, who is the number four most streamed artist in the world right now, he’s not necessarily rapping but it sounds like rap music. He’s singing on the top of it but it’s really hiphop. So now Hip-Hop is spawning to genres of singing or rapping, it’s a strange thing. They are also coming to our lane as much as we are going to their lane. The whole ethos of Hip-Hop was always about borrowing from every style. I think it’s a living kick and it’s really exciting to hear. Again these guys make music in their bedrooms and have massive hits around the world. It’s

like proper succes stories coming from absolutely rags to riches. On The Move Mag: In your previous album «No Sound Without Silence» you said that the music video for your song «Superheroes» has been shot in a Johannesburg township because you wanted to send out a strong anti-racism message. Now you have this song «Divided State Of America» which speaks out about all the social issues happening in the US since Trump got elected. Is it important for you to talk about those issues ? Danny O’Donoghue : It’s definitely important. Social awareness and what is going on about the human condition, politics and all of this are really important to us. I think being on the right side of history is important and point out things that you agree with or you don’t agree with is crucial. It’s part of the way we have written some songs which are socially conscious, really. We live in a political time right now which is why the songs are seen as political. When we released “We Cry” on our first album, things weren’t really political so it was just social conscience. Now because everything is political, songs are easily political because of the climate we live in. I think it’s important for everybody to talk about every aspects and particularly being an artist, you should talk about everything. The stories that people don’t particularly want are the awkward conversations in a room, how we really feel on the inside and what do you really think about what’s going on right now. We all know how everybody’s Facebook pages are: «oh look! My whole world is amazing! I’m on Instagram, I’m a photographer or whatever», but an artist is the one who flips the deal anywhere around, who shows you the inside first. I think if you don’t do that you’re gonna loose what it is originally to be a recording artist: someone who gets his feeling out in a form of music, or some people do it in a form of art, or in a football team or wherever they want to play. But you know we are not really political, we just like to comment our lives, that is Art. Mark Sheehan : It’s like going out to the pub and hanging out with your friends. I think when you sit down with your friends you see all the time, you talk about all of those subjects. You start off probably saying “how is your love life”, “how’s it going” and then somebody goes “You see that fucking thing in the news today?”. That’s all we are doing. Glen Power : Yeah, not taking sides. It’s just observing.


the wrong road. There’s a lot of hate in the world that’s getting popularized, being put in the front page of the newspapers. Even when we are talking about negative stories, we are making them more popular. So the problem is that we are only seeing the negative side of it. Young people may think it’s cool to join these things and be a part of them. Unfortunately it’s an option for them and it was not an option before. Every artist is supposed to speak their mind and use their voice, and then another needs to agree but they have to show that there are other options out there. We just want to speak from our hearts and just be honest. Honesty is the key here I think. If I met you and have a drink with you at the bar I would be as honest as I would be in my songs.

On The Move Mag: Do you think it’s important for artists to use their platforms and / or their music to speak out about social issues? Mark Sheehan : Yes and more people should do it. Danny O’Donoghue : Personally I was really happy when, a few days ago, Eminem put that Trump take down. I thought that was great, you know, that wasn’t life changing but it was like okay there is a start. All the people that you look up to or you kinda think that are incredible. Now we see that actors are doing it too. Actors kinda did this whole thing, with Robert De Niro, they all got together the night before Trump was elected, to put a video to say collectively here’s all our power. What it did show it that they didn’t really have that much power. But Eminem is fierce, he’s intelligent, he’s a fucking very talented guy and has a massive following. He doesn’t need the money, the social status for what he did. He just wanted to do it because it was right and it felt like that’s why he was doing it. It felt right. I showed it to a few people and I am sure a few million people showed it to another few million people, because it’s the truth. And yeah I think a lot more people should do it. On The Move Mag: To what extend do you think that music can help in those situations? Mark Sheehan : There’s no art form that’s gonna cure any problem. It’s never gonna happened, but it can create awareness and it can make young people think. Because young people, unfortunately, are naturally guided. They can be guided by the right things, but they can be guided by the wrong things as well. It’s easy to walk into a group of young people and to lead them on

On The Move Mag: On this album you collaborated with some writers and producers from Max Martin’s Hit Factory while you usually write your songs by yourselves. Wasn’t it too hard to sit down and write with other writers? Danny O’Donoghue : For those who don’t know The Script, we write and produce anyway and working with other people comes really naturally, very easy. There are really great guys in this camp. They are like the top 40 American writers. They did a load of stuff, really cool, edgy EDM kinda pop. So we thought it was a great mix.

« We just want to speak from our hearts and be honest » On The Move Mag: You will celebrate your 10th year as a band next year. You have many #1 albums and #1 hit singles. According to you, what is the formula for a band to last? Glen Power : Tolerance ! (laughs) Danny O’Donoghue : We don’t know yet ! (laughs) It is the exact same way as you tolerate your family members. That’s life, you know. Nobody’s perfect. Mark Sheehan : I just think being fearless and make the kind of art that you really believe in for better or for worse. And if people are coming to the door because they love what you do, keep doing that. And don’t be afraid to be yourself ! Because after what happens when you become a popular artist, you start to listen to critics and the haters out there, and you start thinking « maybe I should change what I do». If you’re a painter or a poet or if you are a writer, when you start to read

the negative comments, that starts to affect your heart. And I think you fucked yourself. (laughs) You shouldn’t give a shit, you do what you gonna do. It’s also about compromises you know. You can go buy a house and live in the countryside on your own, lock yourself away from all and not get involved in the community, but you’re not perfect so you have to make compromises to be happier. Even if someone dislikes what you say, you have to work with each other. Glen Power: I think what keeps the magic is when you perform together and that feels like it covers all of the other stuffs. That’s what carries you through everything.

Mark Sheehan: We toured in England and in Ireland and just toured America so far, it was great! Danny O’Donoghue : I think the special thing is that we are still happy to play music and the fact that we are still around nine years later is amazing. I think what we’ve been through the past two years... It feels like we are a new band in some way, with a new skin. Even the old songs that we are playing on stage feel new for us again because we haven’t played them for two years. It’s really exciting to get on stage, we try our best not to take it for granted, and we are surprised every night when we go on stage and people still love our music. They still love our band.

On The Move Mag: How’s the tour going so far? Glen Power: We are about to tour in our house next month. (laughs) Back home, we are super excited to walk around in the room. But we really start our tour next year and it will be amazing.



ARIAS Having caught the attention of Pete Tong, Axwell, and Eric Prydz with previous single ‘Magenta’, DJ Arias is promised to a bright future. Latest serving ‘Elephant’ is set to propel the beatmaker into the next chapter in his music career. The french DJ and his progressive house are set to invade your EDM playlists in no time, you’ve been warned. On The Move sat with the DJ to talk about aspirations, previous experiences and upcoming projects.


ÂŤ I started my own label because of the freedom it gives you as an artist Âť


n The Move Mag: Hi Arias ! You’ve just released a track called ‘Elephant’ on Size Records, but you’ve been playing it since 2015. Why did you take all this time to release it as proper single? Can you tell us more about the process of its making ? Arias : Because it took time for Size to get a schedule on this one, but to be honest with you I don’t blame them ! I really love their musical universe ! I almost love everything in this track, from the chords, to the kind of « Elephant » sound. And everything started with this sound, and I got inspired and then I built everything around it. On The Move Mag: How did you start in music and what brought you to House music? Arias : I started with the one and only one Music 2000 on Playstation 1… yes time flies right ? I started to be a big fan of Hip-Hop and then I started to love the French House scene with the Daft Punk, Bob Sinclar etc. and everything has started for me when I produced Magenta with Arno Cost.. and it was in 2005. (OMG) On The Move Mag: In 2006, you’ve reached a great success with this ‘Magenta’ on Serial Records with Arno Cost. How do you see this time of your career today? Arias : Sometimes I miss these times, where music was the most important thing, and Instagram, Facebook, etc didn’t have any impact on your career. But being honest these social networks allowed a lot of amazing artists to emerge. On The Move Mag: You’ve worked with Arno Cost, on ‘Magenta’ but also on ‘Days to come’ and ‘At Night’. Did these collaborations influence your solo work? Arias : Not at all. When I work with Arno, the music we make together is way different from what we do on our own. But it goes the same for every collab I do. On The Move Mag: After ‘Days to come’, in 2011, you decided to take a break on your career as Arias but you kept on producing. What did this break bring you? Arias : Inner Peace. Back in 2011 it started being a mess in my head. I was lost between the music I wanted to do and the music I had to produce in order to keep touring… and when you are as passionate as I am it’s a really hard choice. So instead of seeing my career going


down or make music I didn’t like, I decided to stop it. And when I think about it I think it was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. On The Move Mag: Right after it, you were back with ‘Andromeda’ on Olympia Records: a label you created yourself with the people of Serial. Why did you choose to build your own label at some point? Arias : I started my own label because of the freedom it gives you as an artist. You release the music whenever you want. And seriously it changes everything. On The Move Mag: You’re credited on Lady Gaga’s track ‘Applause’. How was it different from your other experiences? Was it a singular thing or did it impact the whole Arias adventure in some way? Arias : To be honest it was a great adventure. But as soon a you step into this « superstars » world things go crazy but I would be able to do it again. And thanks God friends don’t change. Working for a major artist was my first dream when I’ve started making music. My first goal wasn’t to become a DJ. I started touring because of Magenta with Arno Cost, but it was not my first dream. So when I came back to my roots I was like a duck to water. On The Move Mag: Recently, you promoted the Cleek app on your social media. You are personally involved in it. Can you tell us more about that? Arias : Can’t speak for now, but I will make a big announcement (really) soon on my socials ! So the only thing that I can share with you is to stay tuned on my Facebook account. On The Move Mag: Which artists influence you the most today? What are your dream collaborations? Arias : Since 2006, the one and only one artist that influences me is ERIC PRYDZ. This guy, seriously…. I can’t say anything else. But I would love collaborating with Eric Prydz, Bruno Mars, Daft Punk… well unknown artists you know… On The Move Mag: Which are your latest favourite discoveries? Arias : Gin Tonic (laughs) And musically speaking, Mokoa, Pyramid, Boston Bun Silly Nova, Neon Tiger, Teagre !!!! We have a lot of amazing upcoming talented producers in France and I am glad we keep representing France at an international level.



OF OCTOBER Every week of the year, a bunch of records are thrown into the world, portraying the singular influences, universe and sound of artists. Do you get lost in the numerous releases ? On The Move Mag is here to help. This month, as always, we opened our ears and dived into what matters most : music ! Whatever genre suits you, you’ll find something new to discover... Here are our favourite albums released at the end of the summer.


It’s been a long time coming, but Niall Horan’s debut album is finally here! Following the step of his fellow bandmate Harry Styles, the irish singer took his time to produce his very own solo album «Flicker». Simple, joyful and sometimes vulnerable, Niall’s sound stands out as a breath of fresh air in today’s music industry. Slowly drifting away from One Direction’s pop sound, the singer managed to reinvent himself by borrowing sound from funk, soul and even country music on his duet with Maren Morris «Seeing Blind». Eventually, Niall will either makes your heart melt on «Paper Houses» or your hips shake with «On My Own», inspired by his Irish roots. With 13 simple tracks, the singer charms us. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this young man!

Top 3 tracks: Mirrors, On The Loose, Flicker

Niall Horan - Flicker

We admit it, we’ve been obsessed with his vocals, persona and universe for months. Until now, the British soul man Rationale charmed us with a collection of brilliant singles and we expected a lot from his debut album. Truth is : we’re not disappointed ! Even if globally, his early productions like «Fast Lane» or «Fuel To The Fire» turn out to be the strongest and boldest tracks of the record, the charismatic artist lead us through a roller-coaster of emotions and sonorities. A lot of soul and vulnerability on «Prodigal Son», a storm of subtle electro on «Loving Life», a warm touch of R’n’B on «Oil And Water», some oriental echoes on «Into The Blue» : he’s got it all, with a constant elegance on the production. An unforgettable voice on an intelligent sound... You won’t want to miss this, and we’ll die to see him live after throwing an ear to his selftitled album !

Top 3 tracks : Oil And Water, Prodigal Son, Deliverance


He was more destined to sports than music in his early years but thanks God, life lead him this way! London-born Zak Abel is a true breath of fresh air on pop music. Going for not-so-happy themes on lyrics, his debut album is full of solar melodies, getting stronger thanks to his natural groove and a personal taste for soul music. Listening to the 10 tracks of «Only When We’re Naked», we end up being even more hooked by his previously released singles «Unstable» and «All I Ever Do (Is Say Goodbye)». «Still Want UU» carries some tropical vibes that also makes the track incredibly heady. But we’re glad to hear Zak Abel going for rougher propositions on the jazzy «Deserve To Be Loved» or the hiphop infused «The River» and «Rock Bottom» featuring Wrench 32. Zak Abel definitely shows himself as a hard-worker, as creative as he is rigorous and deeply honest. And to us, this is the triangle of qualities that make a great artist !

Top 3 tracks : Unstable, All I Ever Do, Deserve to Be Loved


The OVO R&B duo is back with a sophomore album made of smooth, electro-infused songs that we learned to love in their previous album «Sept 5th». «Morning After» is however a way darker, heartbreak being the main subject of the record. It depicts an on-again/off-again relationship made of hookups and breakups. dvsn consisting of singer Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85 analyzes the ups and downs of this intense romance in this 13-track record containing a unique R&B lane that has been defining the duet since their beginnings. The band keeps their low-profile approach and the first track named «Run Away» set the mood for what the listener is about to experience in the album : the struggles of love. With Morning After, dvsn managed to create the soundtrack of a conflicted love and there’s nothing that we don’t love about this.

Top 3 tracks: Think About Me, Morning After, Claim


Singing about love, lust, relationships and commitment, Jessie Ware’s third album sounds a lot like the most mature work of her career. Over the past seven years, the singer has built up a stellar reputation by working with another beloved British artists and producing hits like «Tough Love» and «Say You Love Me». With «Glasshouse», She talks about her family and pregnancy on «Sam», her newborn on «Thinking About You» and articulated a mix of joy, anxiety and gratitude. From start to finish, the singer co-wrote all the songs and added a nice personal touch to her creation. As a whole, «Glasshouse» makes us feel like the best is yet to come for the artist!

Top 3 tracks: Midnight, Sam, Selfish Love.

Jessie Ware - Glasshouse It took two years but she’s finally back ! After «The Truth About Love», Pink’s new album is called «Beautiful Trauma». You’ve probably already heard everywhere the powerful song that is «What About Us». This song gave us a foretaste of a strong, magical and beautiful album. Starting from the lyrics to the music, Pink shares as usual an important part of her life and beliefs with us. «Beautiful Trauma» is indeed different from her last album. With Pink, each album is a different world. But at the same time we still feel her beauty, strength and emotions. The successful Pink’s touch as we would call it. How does she do then ? The answer may rely in her song «Secrets» : « everybody’s got a secret ». And when we thought it couldn’t get better, the Queen co-wrote and shared a song with the King Eminem on the song «Revenge». Pink’s world combined to Eminem’s : no need to say that the song is a huge success. Other very talented people wrote on this album so you will have some surprises !

Top 3 tracks : What About Us, Revenge, Secrets

Pink - Beautiful Trauma Remember the talented JP Cooper we introduced you to a couple of months ago? You’ll be delighted to hear that he finally released his long-awaited album named «Raised Under The Grey Skies»! From fresh and catchy songs like the hit-charted «September Song» or «She’s On My Mind» to more sombre tracks like «Good Friend» which portrays the emotional roller-coaster of friendship, JP Cooper managed to showcase his incredible vocals in a quite wide range of music without being put in a specific box. With «All This Love», «We Were Raised Under Grey Skies» and «In The Silence» JP is showing off his incredible songwriting skills and this album could be described as the soundtrack of life, with songs depicting the rises and falls of some of the most intense experiences in life.

Top 3 tracks : We Were Raised..., September Song, The Only Reason


Marc E. Bassy’s first album is out ! It is called Gossip Columns and you don’t want to miss it ! One year after his EP Groovy People, Marc E. Bassy is back. You may know him as the singer of 2AM Club or know him as a songwriter for several artists such as Wiz Khalifa for instance. His talent has been appreciated from the greatest. You’ve also probably already heard one of the songs of the album called «You and Me». There’s actually a featuring with G-Eazy that was released last year. A huge success... And surprise : they did it again ! You will find another featuring with G-Easy on this new album called «So Simple». Many other surprises featuring Kyle, Kehlani, Bobby Brackins, YG and Hailee Steinfeld. The featuring with Kyle is called «Plot Twist» and it’s very hard not to listen to it on repeat, trust us! This album is overall a huge success and words fail to express how each song of this record is brilliant.

Top 3 tracks : You and me, Plot Twist, Till I Get Found


ANNE-MARIE She made her debut as a vocalist for Rudimental and was revealed to the whole world by singing along with Sean Paul on the Clean Bandit’s hit song “Rockabye”. Two years after the release of her first EP “Karate” and following a ton of excellent tracks including “Ciao Adios”, Anne-Marie has just unveiled her latest single “Heavy”. The 26 year-old british singer is currently working on her debut album. Passing through Paris for the Fashion Week, On The Move went to meet her to learn more about her solo career, already punctuated by beautiful experiences and still full of promises.



n The Move Mag: Hello Anne-Marie, we are very happy to meet you. It’s the Fashion Week here in Paris, and you were performing for Etam last night. How was it? Anne-Marie: Hi On The Move! Thanks for receiving me. Singing for the Etam show was cool! I love to play in all this different places that are not the norm so it was good. We were located really high so we could see every model doing the catwalk. I don’t know how they do that stuff, walking in high heels and still looking very good. I don’t do like that when I am in high heels (laughs). So yeah it was fun! And we did the afterparty and Charli XCX was there so it was really cool. And it’s always nice to be in Paris. I love Paris so much, I’ve come here on holidays and I’ve come here to write music. When I get here it just feels good.

« It was always the plan to be on my own BUT IT IS still as scary as it was at the start » On The Move Mag: You kinda started your career on a world tour with Rudimental. What did you learn from that experience? Anne-Marie: Well I thought that performing would be easy; if I can sing, I can just naturally perform but I was wrong! (laughs) When I first joined them, I remember just standing still on stage and not really doing much. I just had to learn a lot of things. Whenever it’s how to move and sing at the same time, whenever it’s how to even just feel confident with all those people looking at you, you still got to pretend like you don’t care and that you’re totally confident with all those people looking at you, you still got to pretend like that you don’t care and you’re totally confident. So that was a big part! Also I had to learn how to interact with the crowd because you have to speak to a lot of people at the same time and you kinda have to put it in a way that everyone would understand and feel good about. So Rudimental told me a lot about that. I have to learn a lot still, but they gave me that solid base of what I needed. On The Move Mag: You did quite a lot of festivals this summer. Do you feel a difference between touring as a solo artist and being on tour with a band like Rudimental?

Anne-Marie: Yeah it’s very different. More to the point where obviously when I am with them, I am singing their music. So it’s a very different experience when I write my own stuff. These are all true stories and it kinda feels like I am telling people my life and diary. So It’s always a different feeling when I am on my own. It’s always scary and quite nerve-wracking. It’s just a lot going on through the brain and I’m just hoping that people are liking the music. On The Move Mag: Is it different when you’re on tour in countries that don’t speak your language? Can you interact the same way? Anne-Marie: Yes, it’s quite hard. I try to learn a little bit of the language everywhere I go. Because one I love to learn languages and two I feel like a bit rude if I was just talking in english and expect them to know what I am talking about. So yeah I mean, it’s hard. I feel like that’s why I try to like kinda act through the song so if they don’t understand what I am saying, they could understand how I’m feeling. On The Move Mag: You work as a solo artist now. Was it scary at the beginning or was it something you were and maybe still are looking forward? Anne-Marie: It was always the plan to be on my own. I still think it as scary now as it was at the start. And I think that’s because you’re always performing to new people. So it’s like you’re at the beginning again, but that’s also the beauty of it. I love that feeling so if that went away I’ll be like what is going on. But yeah it’s always scary! On The Move Mag: Your songs are all about your personal experiences. Is writing an important part of your work? Anne-Marie: Totally. I don’t feel like I’ll be doing it if I didn’t write my own stuff, because I just see artists as people who write and I don’t know why that is and I could be wrong I think, it’s just a personal opinion, I feel like this journey, this whole experience and career would be totally different if I didn’t have that emotional connection with the music. When I’m performing live, I want to feel it, I want to show people that and I want them to feel what I’m feeling. On The Move Mag: Last week, you released your new single “Heavy”. What is the story behind it? Anne-Marie: This one is more just explaining a feeling that you get in a relationship when it goes a bit different, it changes. I feel like we all have a honeymoon period


where all is basically perfect and nothing could be wrong. And then, you move deeper into the relationship and things change and it gets a bit different. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just the next stage of the relationship. I feel like we all feel that so I just wanted to put songs like that. Songs that explain those feelings that everyone gets. Also it’s different for me because I am normally talking about bad ex-boyfriends and bad experiences with exes. This one is not like that! I was a bit more nervous about this one but I love it. That’s the main thing I think, first, I have to love it myself and then put it out. Because whatever happens now, I know that I love it so nothing can really happen. On The Move Mag: Is this idea of more universal themes something you want to pursue in your forthcoming album? Anne-Marie: I try, even when I am talking about my experiences, to put it out in a way people can understand it. And I feel like in my album I’ll be talking about more things than that. Not just about boyfriends and relationships. I’ll have songs that are about stuff that’s going on in the world right now, I’ll have songs about body-confidence and self-love and growing up as a female. I just need to speak about other things. I feel like if you’ve got a platform to talk about issues and stuff, this is the best way to do it. And if it’s not through music I don’t know how you’re supposed to do it. On The Move Mag: Two years ago, you released your first EP “Karate”. Do you look at it in a different way now? Anne-Marie: I still love it which is a good thing. I feel like I’ve grown in music. My music changed but that’s the beauty of it. I always love that style of music but even the things I am writing to be released later next year are different from what I’m putting out now. It’s always me but it’s constantly changing, because I’m changing. I feel like my music is never going to sound the same, which is a bit weird and freaky for some people, but it’s always gonna be changing. On The Move Mag: So you were touring with Ed Sheeran recently and you made a song together that will be featured on your next album. How did this happen and what were those experiences like? Anne-Marie: We’ve been friends for a while now. I think it was one of the first people I met when I got in this industry. He was such a lovely person that we were friends and that was just away from music. Just two humans. We’ve always wanted to write together and have that connection with each other and obviously we

were just busy. We found a time where we were in the same country at the same time and we did a song which is gonna be on the album. It will probably be a single. I love it so much! Ed Sheeran is such a great writer! I just think he’s a great person to look at when you’re getting in the music industry and become an artist. He stayed the same, like he is still very humble. It’s nice to know you don’t have to change to become an artist, you can be yourself. I very much believe that and I always wanna show me and myself to everyone. I don’t wanna hide or cover all of the bits about me and I don’t want to show people the good part. I wanna show them when I am tired, when I am feeling upset. It’s important to me.

« I WOULDN’T BE doing music if I didn’t write my own sONGS » On The Move Mag: Rita Ora said that her collaboration with Ed Sheeran was easy, that it was like making music with a friend and that it should always be like that. What do you think? Anne-Marie: I always want music to be naturally made. I want it to be organic, to just feel right. I don’t want to be in a situation where I am like, you need to write pop songs. That needs to be a top ten hits. I never go in the studio with that in mind. I just go in the studio and create something with whatever I’m feeling that day and if it ends up being a good song then great but if it ends up being bad then with we don’t tell anyone about that. But yes, that’s the way the best stuff come from anyway. It’s just natural and free! On The Move Mag: I saw that you would like to have a song with Eminem. Can you explain why? Is rap music something that you want to explore? Anne-Marie: Yeah, I do. I love rap music. I feel like rap artists talk a lot about stuff and a lot of different issues that they experienced or people are experiencing. So for me, rap music is very great to listen to because they’re not scared to talk about stuff that isn’t normal in the “normal” songs. When I grew up I was listening to a lot of Eminem and love that he wasn’t scared to talk about issues like race or being a single parent. Just stuff that is hard for some people to talk about here but that you can do through music. So yeah I’d love to work with him. Same as Lauryn Hill, Alanis Morissette and Erykah Badu. Just people that really wanted to change things with their music.





JAMES TW If you don’t know James TW yet, here is the new pop rising star made in the UK. At 19 years old, he has already been writing songs for a few years and puts his inspired words on sweet melodies played from his inseparable acoustic guitar. And don’t expect a formatted product from the pop industry... He already has built a sincere and personal musical identity through his singer and songwriter skills. After supporting Shawn Mendes on tour, he can now hit the road as a headliner defending his debut EP « First Impressions » released in 2016 on Island Records. As a multi-instrumentalist, his talent radiates through many forms : a demonstration he has made in front of the French public on October 6th at la Boule Noire ! In front of an already charmed audience, James TW starts his set with the dynamic and catchy « Naked ». A bright choice considering how the track sets the crowd on fire within a second. James TW is accompanied by two musicians, one on the keys, the other on the guitar. They keep on with the sensual atmosphere with « Sanctuary », which seems to converse with the previous track : one talking about that intimate space shared with a loved one, the second about the disillusions happening in it. « Please Keep Loving Me » calms down the atmosphere with a guitar-voice proposition. Then, James TW proposes two brand new tracks named « Two People » and « Suitcase ». For the first time of the night, he really talks to his public, confessing about love and reminiscing a potential moment when he met someone that seemed to perfectly match him. On those two tracks, the silence is religious. But not for long... He goes back to an energetic proposition with « Black and Blue ». The crowd knows it by heart and sings back to James TW as loud as possible. Apparently, James TW won’t stop this roller-coaster anytime soon. Without a


word, he goes down in the middle of the crowd to interprete a powerful cover of « Torn » from Nathalie Imbruglia. What a privileged and precious moment... Probably one of the highs of the night ! Back on stage, the young British artist has some other surprises to give away : another two previously unheard tracks, the soft « The Best I Can » and the retro « Money ». He continues with two tracks from his EP « 10K Hours » and « Different ». James TW invites his fans to clap their hands… It is imperfect, a bit out of tune but it comes from the heart ! Right after a little piano demonstration on « Ex », he comes back to his guitar to end the show with « When You Love Someone ». The crowd is hard to contain but once again, he asks for silence to talk about the story behind the track : While he taught the guitar to a little boy, James TW was told that the kid’s parents were about to get divorced. The child didn’t seem to know about it yet and the artist tried to imagine how the parents would explain it to the boy. « When You Love Someone » was born. After taking a pic with his excited French public, James TW plays one last song : « For You », that he had just released the same day, but the crowd already knows all the lyrics! For his first ever performance in Paris, James TW delivers a perfectly orchestrated show, brilliantly juggling between his most successful tracks and some we never heard before. And even if we felt a bit of redundancy between the songs, the young artist dared to rearrange his studio versions to propose something different on stage. And most of all, he exactly knows how to please his audience, resulting in a feeling of intimacy. He treats us as confidants, giving us the impression to witness a unique and very personal performance. Nice move James TW!

JUSTIN NOZUKA It’s been 10 years since you were humming the charming and terribly catchy ballad « After Tonight »… Since then, Justin Nozuka has come a long way ! After the success of his first two albums « Holly » in 2007 and «You I Wind Land And Sea» in 2010 , Justin Nozuka never ceased to compose, experiment, even take risks, like in his third album «Ulysees» in 2014, to come back even wiser. After a period of silence and maturing of his music, Justin Nozuka progressively comes back on the front stage. With the EP « High Tide » , he reconciles with his first sound : a solar and uplifting folk. An opportunity for Justin Nozuka to somehow meet his public again... and it was as if he never left ! With his three musicians, Justin Nozuka opens the night as he opened his debut album, on a rejuvenated live version of « Down In A Cold Dirty Well ». A lot of his tracks have been reworked with bolder arrangements for the stage... A first broken string on his guitars testifies for it ! On the westernish « Be Back Soon », the effect is immediate. His loyal fans happily sing back the words. Taking songs from all of his albums to build the setlist, Justin Nozuka won’t stop jumping in time. Now let’s go to the future! « All I Need » is the first single from an album Nozuka will gradually unveil in forms of different EPs in the next couple of months. The light melody brings with it images from foreign landscapes. A bit of fresh air and wide spaces in this parisian density. « No Place In Mind » is also taken from his latest EP « High Tide » : a nice anthem about letting go and hitting the road with no plans and no turning back ! We wish we could ! Justin Nozuka adds some warm words between songs to introduce each track. He carries on with the « Ulysees » days, singing « Right By You ». Justin Nozuka offers a longer version of this lingering and haunted track, as if it


was the most charming complaint. Guitars and basses don’t have time to cool down but burst into an angry instrumental bridge. With the same power, « Swan In The Water » subtly grows stronger before exploding ! During the whole night, Justin Nozuka alternates vigorous performances and softer propositions like on « Gray », although one of the most graceful moments of the night probably was on « Hollow Men ». The artist explains he wrote it when he was 15, inspired by the words of soldiers coming back from the front. He is now 29 but the performance he gives away is still almost painfully moving. He lowers the mic towards his guitar to let his voice resonate through the room. The silence is gold. The following two songs are some nice reminiscence of younger times. On « Golden Train », a delicate choir echoes spontaneously from the crowd. The people there that night seemed to adress a «Thank you» to Nozuka, for everything he has achieved so far and everything they got to live on his music. And we gladly welcome this soft moment of nostalgia ! If some were still impassive, « After Tonight » brings everyone back to their teenage days. And we didn’t forget a word about it ! The canadian quickly goes from this track to the impetuous « Woman Put Your Weapon Down », as if he didn’t want to spend too much time on his earliest success. And already, the show comes to an end. Justin Nozuka throws a « Paris, je t’aime ! A bientôt ! ». Obviously, he will come back way sooner, for an encore. The artist offers a delicious a cappella interpretation of « Sail Away Mama » and closes the night on « Heartless ». The music vanishes on the repetition of that same line : « One million miles away, I’ll still find you » to which Paris answers with one voice. Promises made. Even from the other side of the world, we will always find and be touched by Justin Nozuka’s music!


LEROY SANCHEZ When Spanish pop sensation Leroy Sanchez hit the parisian stage of Les Etoiles on that October night, the venue isn’t full unfortunately. But, we will soon realize that you don’t need a large public to make a night successful ! Leroy Sanchez started his generous and boiling set with some tracks taken from his latest EP « Elevated ». « Be Alright » is already on everyone’s lips and the show already feels very energetic, both on stage and in the crowd. Quickly, the young artist, coming from the Youtube scene, punctuates the show with what brought him to the light in the first place : covers. Leroy Sanchez knows how to make any song his with disconcerting ability. He first pays tribute to the late Amy Winehouse with the irresistible -and not easy- «  Valerie » bringing a remarkable groove to it. Through the night, Leroy Sanchez delivers a beautiful soul interpretation on Corinne Bailey Rae’s « Put Your Records On », shows flawless vocal skills on Adele’s « Set Fire To The Rain », proves he can be as powerful as Cee Lo Green on « Crazy » or evens sings some Ed Sheeran’s tracks aas if they were their own. Definitely, we cannot reduce him to «a cover artist». Especially because he really brings something different to each song he decides to manipulate, in particular with his use of Spanish. Imagine Shawn Mendes’s « There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back » or Ed Sheeran’s « Shape Of You » in Cervantes’ language ! It brings a seductive and terribly refreshing vibe to tracks we hear way too many times a day on the radio. And obviously, bringing his native language to the scene, Leroy Sanchez can not avoid the spanish speaking success of this year : «Despacito». The public sings it back, quite approximately but with a feverish enthusiasm. In the end, the best exchange between the artist and his fans are on Leroy Sanchez’s personal tracks. On « I’ll Leave It To

You », time feels suspended and Leroy Sanchez sits in the middle of the crowd to sing the delicate words. « Let You Go » opens a debate on relationships, the singer inviting his fans to answer his question :« Who has ever been in a really really bad relationship ? ». On the catchy « Don’t Let Me Down », the crowd goes crazy. Leroy Sanchez then offers an exclusive gift to the fans with « Stay For A While ». What shines through Leroy Sanchez’s singing and personality, is his honesty. It wasn’t an easy journey for the artist and between songs, he goes back to his experience, the american dream he almost achieved by signing to big record labels, that later broke his contracts. He is now an independent artist, with all the freedom and challenges that go with it, and knows who he has to be thankful for, adressing to his public : « You’re the only reason why I am still that excited about music. If it was only for the industry, I would have dropped it all a long time ago.» As some kind of «Thank You», he gave the choice to his fans on the last track of the night. They chose « Words Unspoken », a track Leroy Sanchez wrote with his fans a couple of years ago during a UStream session. Quite a sign! Finally, Leroy Sanchez juggles with his best covers on a Youtube Medley : from Adele’s « All I Ask » to Beyonce’s « Love On Top », there is no note Leroy Sanchez can’t reach! The night is closed by his best personal success so far : the upbeat and federative « Man Of The Year ». At 26 years old, Leroy Sanchez has got everything to be a star : the voice, a natural charm, an ease on stage, a boldness and authenticity we wouldn’t want him to loose. He only needs to take some distance from covers and build a stronger singular universe of his own. Then, Is Leroy Sanchez the man of the year? We’re not sure yet, but the man of the night? Definitely !



Nick MURPHY Missing Link Tour Europe : from November 23rd (Koln, Germany) to November 29th (Paris, France)

RAG’N’BONE MAN Europe : from November 1st (Zürich, Switzerland) to November 28th (Brighton, UK)

PHOEBE RYAN America : from November 1st (Brooklyn, NY) to November 14th (Los Angeles, CA)

SOHN Europe : from November 1st (Linz, Austria) to November 18th (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

LANY America : from November 1st (Las Vegas, NV) to November 12st (Calgary, Canada) + Europe : from November 27st (Warsaw, Poland) to December 20th (Berlin, Germany)

ROYAL BLOOD Europe : from November 2nd (Milan, IT) to November 29th (Brighton, UK)

GORILLAZ HUMANZ TOUR Europe : from November 1st (Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg) to December 5th (London, UK)

HARRY STYLES LIVE ON TOUR Europe : from November 1st (Manchester, UK) to April 16th 2018 (Dublin, Ireland) + April 21st (Perth, Australia) to June 2nd (Mexico) + America : from June 5th (Dallas, TX) to July 14th 2018 (Los Angeles, CA)

SAM SMITH THE THRILL OF IT ALL Europe : from March 20th (Sheffield, UK) to May 18th 2018 (Lisbon, Portugal) + America : from June 18th (Toronto, Canada) to September 19th 2018 (Calgary, Canada)

DON BROCO Europe: from November 4th (Aarschot, Belgium) to February 21st 2018 (Glasgow, UK) + Australia : from December 7th (Fortitude Valley) to December 10th (Darlinghurst)

AMY SHARK Europe : from November 2nd (Paris, France) to November 5th (Berlin, Germany) + America : from November 10th (Milwaukee, WI) to November 21st (Brooklyn, NY) + Australia : November 30st (Melbourne)


Europe : from November 2nd (Munich, Germany) to November 30th (London, UK)

Europe : from November 1st (London, UK) to December 16th (Thessaloniki, Greece) + South America : from March 16th (Buenos Aires, Argentina) to March 25th (Sao Paulo, Brazil)




Europe : from November 1st (Madrid, Spain) to November 23th (Edinburgh, UK) + Australia : from November 30st (Fremantle) to December 9th (Surry Hills)

New Zealand/Australia : from November 7th (Dunedin, NZ) to November 26th (Melbourne, AUS) + America : from March 1st, 2018 (Milwaukee, WI) to April 15th, 2018 (Nashville TN)




Europe : from November 5th (Newcastle, UK) to March 4th 2018 (Bologna, Italy) + Australia : from December 13th (Brisbane) to December 18th (Melbourne) + Asia : from January 16th (Kita-Ku, Japan) to January 21st 2018 (Manila, Philippines)

Europe : from November 7th (Paris, France) to December 12th (London, UK)

Europe : from November 15th (London, UK) toDecember 1st (Berlin, Germany)


OFENBACH Since the beginning of the year, the french duo made up of César Laurent de Rummel and Dorian Lauduique has made one success after another. After the hit “Be Mine”, they return with a new song “Katchi”, already number one on iTunes France. As they are working on their album, On The Move went to meet them. We talked about their successes, their style, their influences and their forthcoming debut album.



n The Move Mag: Hi Ofenbach, we are very happy to meet you! You are nominated for the NRJ Music Awards as the best French-speaking group / duo of the year, congratulations! Is it important for you to be nominated in this category?

is our life now! We left everything behind! (laughs) Well it was a year before «Be Mine» that we ditched everything. And it strengthened our choices. We have always lived for music but now we can make a living from our music.

Dorian Lauduique: Hello On The Move! Yes, we are very happy. Especially since we have been watching this ceremony for a very long time and it’s a bit of a dream to know that we will be there for real. (laughs) We’re very happy to be in this group / duo category rather than in our DJ category. Because, above all, we are musicians! We started by playing in a lot of rock bands with César, so being in this category makes us very proud.

On The Move Mag: On this track you have added «real» instruments like an electric guitar and a piano / organ. Does it influence the way you make music now?

On The Move Mag: Besides, your name Ofenbach comes from the classical composer Jacques Offenbach. You said it was a way to show that you like all sorts of music and not just EDM. Why is it important for you not to be associated with one style? César Laurent de Rummel: We were looking for a name when we started to mix in small bars in Paris. We found Jacques Offenbach’s score on the piano, it sounded good so we kept it and we removed a «f». But it also shows our attachment to music and not just to electro music. We don’t want to confine ourselves to one style. We were part of a lot of rock bands, we were influenced by this music. We really wanted to show our love for rock in our music with songs like «Be Mine» or «Katchi». We think that mixing styles of music really brings something new. A mix of styles creates a new style. It’s something we believe in and it motivates us a lot. Because it allows us to keep doing rock music in a different way. On The Move Mag: «Be Mine» was your first big hit. What was the impact for you? César Laurent de Rummel: A lot of things has changed! We tour a lot now and, most importantly, it enables us to believe in our music. It gave us more selfconfidence and brought us great opportunities. Today, we work, we are happy with the festivals in which we play. Dorian Lauduique: We’re happy with everyone except our manager! (laughs, the manager is sitting next to them) César Laurent de Rummel: No, but really, music

Dorian Lauduique: For the moment, we mainly play DJ sets on live. We love it! But on TV shows or when asked on the radio, we can play with other instruments. We may develop it in the future, but for now we really want to stay on the DJ part. César Laurent de Rummel: On the other hand, electro music has changed radically our way of playing live. Before that, we were playing on stage with a band: with a drummer, a bass player, a guitarist... That gave us a headache! (Laughs)

« We don’t want to confine ourselves to one style » On The Move Mag: Your new single «Katchi» was at first a title by Nick Waterhouse. How did this collaboration happen? César Laurent de Rummel: Actually, after «Be Mine», we were looking for a second single in the same vibe, but not an exact copy. We wanted to do something different but keep the same rock spirit. We discovered this title of Nick Waterhouse, we thought we knew this music from the sixties, with that gimmick «Doo-wopa-doo-wop». But in fact, this title was released in early 2016. It’s really incredible, it was recorded on tapes with techniques of the 60’s. So, we contacted Nick Waterhouse, we asked to make our electro version of it and he liked it. He re-recorded all the voices, we were able to have the stems and we reworked the song. Then we met him, it was super nice. And we played with him on the french show «Quotidien». But, he lives in Los Angeles so it’s complicated to have him all the time with us. On The Move Mag: What is your work process? Dorian Lauduique: It is like puzzles. One of us starts


on a part and then we send it to eachother on the internet. Each of us progresses on his side and then we meet to finalize the tracks. César Laurent de Rummel: We live 300ft apart but we still use the internet! It goes faster ! (Laughs) Dorian Lauduique: We set the beats, the chord grid and the melodies first. César Laurent de Rummel: On «Be Mine», it started from the bass line and Dorian was singing gibberish on it. Everything was developed around that. We added keyboards, guitars... Generally, we sing melodies without real words and we write after that. On The Move Mag: Why is writing secondary for you? Dorian Lauduique: Because we’re really inspired by rock, it’s often about girls and parties. There will probably be some deeper songs in the album about what we feel right now. But, we’ve always been happy people so maybe that’s why! (Laughs) On The Move Mag: Dorian, you sing on «Be Mine». Do you want to sing more on your songs? Dorian Lauduique: It’s not a wish because we want the album to be diversified. Also, we want to be able to explore different types of voice. For instance, there’s a big difference between Nick Waterhouse and me. And the singer of the third single will have a different grain too. However, I will probably sing on another song on the album. César Laurent de Rummel: Then, making electro enables us to vary! It’s not like before, where you were always listening to the same voice in a band. It is really something that brings freshness to that project. If we want a girl’s voice, we can have a girl’s voice. And for the audience, it is interesting to go to a concert and see a lot of singers take turns. We first want to find our consistency in the sound! On The Move Mag: For now, you’ve always called on male singers for your music. Was it intended? Dorian Lauduique: It’s funny but even for the album, there will not necessarily be a female singer. Maybe for a title and it’s a singer who has a very special voice, very rock. Possibly because the rock bands that we are listening to often have male singers, and it probably has influenced us. So instinctively, we go for this type of voice.

On The Move Mag: Can you tell us a bit more about your first album? César Laurent de Rummel: The album will follow the same deep house - rock sound that we have developed since «Be Mine». We try to find originality in every track we make. We want this album to be varied and not only to make «boom-boom» titles. (laughs) We’re also going to make more calm songs. It will be a 50/50 mix between reworks like «Katchi» and original creations like «Be Mine». Dorian Lauduique: It will be like a real rock album with dance songs and some sad or slow songs. Our goal would be to release it before the summer but you never know, it can always be late . As long as the date is not set, we can not say anything specific.

« We try to find originality in every track we make » On The Move Mag: You do a lot of remixes. Is this an important part of your work? Dorian Lauduique: When you make a remix, as it’s not your own song, it allows you to appreciate it even more when you are listening to it. When it’s your own melody, you have a little less objectivity than when you work on the songs made by others. César Laurent de Rummel: But, these are two very good exercises! On The Move Mag: In the same way, you have released EPs of your tracks remixed by other artists. Are you going to make one for “Katchi”? César Laurent de Rummel: It’s almost ready, of course we will release a new EP! Most of the time, the songs are remixed by people we know. It is always interesting to have the point of view of other producers. It shows that, in fact, there are billion possibilities to make a song. That way, depending on the parties, the clubs, it allows our friends to play their version of our music. On The Move Mag: Do you have an artist or a song that you want to remix? Dorian Lauduique: We like Patrick Sébastien! (Laughs)


César Laurent de Rummel: It would be cool to have a collab’ or even a remix with a true rock voice like Jack White. We also remixed for a group called Portugal. The Man, an American alt-rock band who has huge success with this title. It was a very interesting exercise and it is completely in our style too: alternative music with a bit of western sound. On The Move Mag: Whether in your music or in your music videos, you have a very american style. In the music video of «Katchi», it looks like we are in a Californian desert. Is it a country that inspires you? Dorian Lauduique: Actually, «Katchi» was shot in Spain. César Laurent de Rummel: A lot of spaghetti westerns or those made by Clint Eastwood were shot there. Maybe because it was easier or for budget issues. There are a lot of music videos that are shot there as well, the landscapes are incredible! Dorian Lauduique: Besides, the United States is a country with a real rock culture so we feel close to it. And we love going there, we feel good over there. On The Move Mag: So, in December, you will do your first tour in the United States. Are you looking forward to it? César Laurent de Rummel: Yes, in December, we have eleven dates in two weeks. It’s going to be great, we’re going to have a huge journey. We will go to New York, Washington, Los Angeles. We will also travel to Canada : Montreal and Vancouver. We will really travel there! Dorian Lauduique: But it’s a little problematical because people will understand the lyrics. So it may not be that good! (Laughs) On The Move Mag: Indeed, you list as influences famous rock bands like Rolling Stones or Supertramp among others. Are you inspired by some new one? Dorian Lauduique and César Laurent de Rummel: Portugal. The Man! César Laurent de Rummel: There is also a great band called The War On Drugs. It looks like psychedelic rock but really modern.

Dorian Lauduique: We like, in the french electro scene, Feder, Kungs... There is a new electro scene that is really interesting! On The Move Mag: Do you collaborate with them? César Laurent de Rummel: We know them because we made many dates or radio sets with them. We have already met all of them, but each one has his own style, his originality. There is no special collab planned, everyone develops his style. Dorian Lauduique: There was a collaboration between Petit Biscuit and Møme but they really come from the same scene. But one day maybe, you never know... César Laurent de Rummel: But we are in a perpetual collaboration since we are already two! (Laughs)

« We’d love to collaborate with someone who is miles away from electro » On The Move Mag: Which collaborations do you dream of? Portugal. The Man? César Laurent de Rummel: We would love to collaborate with someone who is miles away from electro. This is what happened with Nick Waterhouse and what we could do with Jack White or with Portugal. The Man. Dorian Lauduique: We did make a remix of Portugal. The Man so we did not think of it. But make a song with them is not a bad idea. In addition, we are in the same label! On The Move Mag: Finally, do you want to mix EDM with other styles than rock? Dorian Lauduique: So in the album, we’ll maybe put some rap music. Do you know the song «Walk This Way» from Aerosmith and RUN-DMC? It’s a mix of styles and it was really good! We would like to do that for the album, a song between rap and rock. César Laurent de Rummel: But it will be vintage rap!



WHAT’S UP VOYOV, the strange and peculiar artist


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If you’re a fan of Elephanz or Pegase, chances are you’ve heard of this young man. For quite a while now, Thibaud Vanhooland has been hiding behind his bass and played with some of the greatest rock bands like Rhum for Pauline. Eventually, the young artist decided to go solo and took the pen to write his very own songs. As a solo artist, VOYOV reinvented the french electro pop world and wrote down his deepest thoughts, as well as his feelings. Sometimes cheeky and wild, sometimes simple and sensible, Thibaud is one of a kind and a multifaceted artist. His first EP «On S’emmène Avec Toi» features 3 songs written exclusively in french and if we had to pick one word to describe them, we would say : daring. Because, in a short amount of time, the singer manages to express a million of feelings, tells us different stories and finds his inspiration basically everywhere. With his trumpet and guitar, Thibaud experiments and finds the perfect combination between french variety and electropop, dreamy songs.

The story of HAUTE and how they rose to recognition isn’t exactly usual. Anna Madison and Blasé are both born French but raised in opposite sides of the United States. They first (virtually) crossed paths during their study years in Montreal but really met and started working together back in Paris. In 2015, they release their first EP «Reciprocity», followed by «Nuit» in 2016. But this is really thanks to one track named «Rêverie» that they caught the attention of, not a producer not a record label, but a hotel chain that started playing the song in all of their buildings. Since then, they have more and more media talking about them and more people throwing an ear to their upbeat and hazy work. Their latest release is called «Shut Me Down» and is a clever and sensual mix of electro, funk and hip-hop. Last October, their «A Colors Show»’s session of this song on Youtube gathered a lot of attention and allowed us to have a taste on the duo’s charisma and talent live. Blasé coming from the urban scene and Anna Madison from more jazz and soul territories, their sound ends up being nurtured by their diverse influences and their mixed cultures, built across oceans. Still, their writing, composing and recording process is always involving them two... and they sound like one!

Whether you like french music or not, his dreamy songs and soft electro-pop, you’ll want to dive into VoyoV’s universe!

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«I had a really hard time figuring out what my sound was really like. I tried different things and, at times, I really tried everything. Those 3 songs are the last 3 tracks i saved from this period, that’s why they’re so different. I didn’t really care what the people thought because that’s just what I wanted to do.»


When you know the siblings of Hollysiz, you can tell that her multi-sided talents don’t come from nowhere. She is the daughter of French actor and dancer Jean-Pierre Cassel and also half-sister of Vincent -actor, director and producer- and Mathieu Cassel, a.k.a Rockin’ Squat, French rapper and fonder of the Assassin’s HipHop crew. For that matter, you might know her under her real name -Cécile Cassel- for her numerous roles on cinema. But since 2013, she built herself a wild musical alter-ego named Hollysiz. And even if jumping from acting to singing isn’t always a success (or a blessing to our ears), it turned out Hollysiz was the musical storm we’ve always been waiting for ! Blond hair, a burning red and white visual identity and some dance moves to die for... Hollysiz threw an energetic kick to pop music with her debut album «My Name Is» in 2013. With Hollysiz, just expect to dance away your darker days! The singer-songwriter channeled some addictive 80’s vibes on «Come Back To Me» or crazy guitar riffs on «Better Than Yesterday» while tackling themes such as the loss of a loved one or a difficult past. With its jazzy intro turning into the perfect soundtrack for a western or an action movie, «What A Man Hides» is an epic gem. «A Shot» is a stripped back ballad on a toxic relationship, written with quite a sharp pen. All in all, there’s a bit of Blondie, a bit of Nancy Sinatra or even a bit of Gossip’s sound in Hollysiz. And for our greatest pleasure, she’s finally back with some new materials ! Her latest single «Fox» tells the somehow nasty story of a disillusioned american dream : the one of a dancer selling her body and living on the road, singing « I dance to pay my bills and I fall down the hills / Sad eyes and lace bra, come Fox in California». Stuck between past and present, this electric pop anthem with rock glows carries a kind of urgency. A feeling also emanating from the music video Hollysiz directed herself. A nocturnal encounter on an unknown parking lot, a wild choreography (imagined by the talented Marion Motin) under flashing lights....The second album of Hollysiz, out in January 2018, promises some serious fireworks!

The party may be over, but Orelsan isn’t! Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane : in 2011, the french rapper OrelSan rose to fame with «La Terre est Ronde», the first single from his sophomore album «Le Chant des Sirènes». The song flooded the french radio stations and quickly became the anthem of a whole generation. But then, after the release of his album, the rapper slowly disappeared from the musical scene and chose silence over music. But here we are, six years later, OrelSan - whose real name is Aurelien Cotentin, is ready to bounce back and delivers yet another brilliant album. With «La Fête est finie», OrelSan especially sought to diversify his sound and collaborate with very diverse artists like Stromae, Nekfeu, Benjamin Biolay or even his partner Gringe from «Casseurs Flowters» and British artist Dizzee Rascal. OrelSan’s strenght is definitely his lyrics : sharp, mature, his pessimistic and cynical rap echoes the melancholy of a part of youth when they become adults. Often compared to Eminem for his sarcastic tone, OrelSan breaks the rules and creates his very own rap. At 35, this album definitely sounds mature and fits perfectly in today’s musical industry.

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ORELSAN, The comeback of the french rap superstar




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