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I’ve always wanted to write. I’ve scribbled so many things, did so many interviews of course that were never published. I’ve done so many things and I know I’m not alone in this—I believe so many writers have gone through this stage and some are still going through this stage. We all have a voice in us that we want to express—we want to be listened to, we want people to read us.But most of the time these desires never come to be because all of our desires are selfish. You want people to hear you, you want people to read you—until I realized this I didn’t have the true freedom to write as I please. My writing was for me and me alone. When I realized this through an advice by a teacher, I changed my motive—I will start helping people to write, I decided. Since then I’ve had the joy of completing many works that will soon be published. I’ve had the joy of developing ideas on ways I can help young people develop their creative skills. This is what gave birth to this memoirs. My success will be determined by how many people I have made successful. This is the ultimate purpose of being creative. The Bigger picture. When we do things because we want to satisfy our ego, we will miss much out of the reward due to us. The best way to develop is to seek for opportunities to impact your environment positively. Whatever business you may be involved in if only you can look for ways to please your customers, complaint of low patronage will be no more. People have constantly asked the question how can I be more creative? My simple answer is look out for people’s problem and solve them. Look at likely problems people are going to face in the future and develop ways to combat them. In the next edition of this memoirs we will profile some great

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inventors and look at how their focus on helping others led them to great discoveries. We will also look at practical ways you can develop your creative abilities. The thought for this edition is: “How are you living your life? For the bigger picture of impacting peoples lives or for satisfying your ego? “

OTM's Creative Memoirs  

Developing Creativity

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