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Jolt jeans website

web branding strategy

Jolt is a jeans brand targeted toward young women of age bracket 16 – 25. I proposed a website for their brand as a lifestyle magazine, based on the focus study of their target market. The young women interviewed stated that their inspirations come from many of the glamour magazines and celebrity culture of television shows such as Gossip Girls. The website serves more as a community zine where users can learn more about the products and also download or share music, as well as sign up for sweepstakes for prizes.

alternate cover page

navigation: each of the “headlines” is actually a link that takes the user to the “page” within the zine

background changes at random intervals to suggest that life is always on the move, reflecting the spirit of the target market.

links to product lines

home navigation

product page (featuring JEANS)

simulation of pages turning after a selection is made.

promotional page (i.e. MUSIC we love — where users can download music and read about featured artists.)

Brooklyn children’s museum

exhibition graphics

instructional signage and infographics for “Collection Central” a permanent rotating exhition of 30,000 objects.

Brooklyn Children’s Museumin Crown Heights is a venerable institution dating back to 1899. Having just completed an extensive renovation featuring architecture by the team of Rafael Vinoly that began in 2004, the Museum has reopened in the fall of 2008.

Brooklyn Children’s Museum exterior photograph credit: Collection Central interior photograph credit: Jane Kung

major league soccer ad campaign: print/web capturing the soul of the spirit of the soccer sport There’s something about every sport that holds all involved in thrall – in this case, the passion of the players and their inspiration to the sport fans.

storyboards for web banner

print applications


interactive Frieze Wall graphics for interactive frieze panels in Sheraton Hotel, Toronto Sheraton Hotel in Toronto had invited Studio Red (Rockwellgroup) to update their lobby space. The objective was to create a more contemporary and welcoming space to encourage community gathering. The theme of butterflies and leaves is part of the “Park” concept as inspired by the Seurat painting, “La Grande Jatte, “ which captures the spirit of the leisurely Sunday afternoon stroll. The graphics is also applied to other elements updated such as lighting fixtures, carpets, wallpapers and furniture.

Frieze Wall’s color changes to show time of day — in this case, evening. The Frieze Wall creates a dynamic environmental experience in the lobby via large scale projects that react to the ebb and flow movements of visitors within the lobby. It is similar to watching natural environments in the sense that it is calming, but with elements of surprise.

Sheraton interactive Frieze Wall continued...

graphic illustration of interaction The transition of the shapes in the graphic elements is also a nod to Escher’s use of negative and positive space to create ambiguity between foreground and background.

earlier graphic language explorations These are previous explorations of graphic vocabulary as possible themes for the “Park” atmosphere of the frieze.

shaeffer residence customized wall graphics graphics for cabinet wall in private residence in Laurel Canyons, Los Angeles County, California (in conjunction with SchismDesign, an architectural firm)

explorations: the concept is allusion to the “outdoors� without being too literal. The house is surrounded by nature. Not only is the outdoors framed by the large windows, it is also reflected on the glass within the room. The key is to echo this presence.



reaching branches (implemented)

eucalyptus field



detail of graphic engraving technique

sumie grass

weeping willow

icons for MicroSoft “House of the Future” interface Worked with art director to develop system of icons for interface design proposal for MicroSoft’s “House of the Future,” a project envisioning a house where all aspects of living chores can be accessed through a network. The interface is on LCD monitors placed in each room of the house.

usage of icons in context of interface









Onna Ehrlich handbag lookbook

Lookbook for Spring 2007 The book is actually a sort of product line-up sheet for tradeshows so that buyers have access to the information for making their orders.Her pieces have a certain flirty Southern Californian vibe, and I wanted to keep it youthful but not too young, as her market is targeted toward a more sophisticated niche.

front cover

back cover

Bonds of Love

art catalogue book for John Connelly Presents Gallery, New York with Rafael Esquer, Alfafa Design As a response to the all-men’s show at this same gallery, this event explores the identities of the stereotypes imposed by the term “all-women” — in other words, “feminist.” The typography used for this book is both decorative and conceptual. The term “all-women’s show” brings to mind certain stereotypical themes (pink Barbie, femi-Nazi, hysteria), but these pieces ask that they be seen in their own right.


RECOGNITION RECEIVED: – Outstanding Design in 2005 for book design “Bonds of Love” 365: AIGA Annual Design Competition 27

– Certificate of Typographic Excellence, for book design “Bonds of Love” Type Directors Club Competition

– 100 Top Designs for book design “Bonds of Love” STEP Inside Design Magazine

Bonds of Love

continued... At first glance the typography seems like patterns, but upon closer observation, the patterns reveal that it is composed of the names (an identifying factor) reflected and reversed in a kaleidoscope of meanings that are imposed by external interpretations.

JDC annual report

(american jewish joint distribution committee)

annual report for non-profit global humanitarian group dedicated to Jewish in need of aid This project was a very challenging one in terms of photoediting. In other words, forming a cohesive and compelling story out of available (and unorganized) resources. The client had a huge archive of photographs from various photographers over the years of their operation. The photographers didn’t seem to have any cohesive visual art direction; they were all left to their own devices in terms of style and content. My challenge was to find series of strong images that could be woven into a philosophy. I worked with a copywriter to work out a story line that introduces JDC as a global identity in the opening spreads. On the image side, I was working with limited resources, so it took alot of improvisation in terms of seeing possibilities within the images in terms of editing, and a good deal of color correction. cover

180 Walls website

Website personality strategy and design for 180 Walls, a revolutionary product for parent company Milliken & Company, a world-wide textiles and chemicals corporation. The direction that the client chose focuses on the simplicity and potential lifestyle/design positioning of the product used in a room. The props suggest various settings and environments for which the product will be appropriate.

main menu

other chapters



brand video

Multimedia presentation educating buyers on the design process behind the colors and trends of Nokia’s 2005 line of products. The presentation is tailored for buyers such as AT&T, Sprint, etc. The personality focuses on Nokia’s tagline, “Connecting People”, so the various illustratory CLICK HERE to see Quicktime movie online sketches of the brand keywords are connected by an animated line. brand video (duration: 1 min)


color swatch cards

Collateral leave-behind for the Nokia’s 2005 trend presentation on the previous page. The color swatches of each line is presented as a pattern on the back.





dictionary series set of dictionaries for Penguin The simple beauty of a dictionary is that it reveals the meaning of a word that illuminates the picture in our respective minds.

cover details



personal explorations I am interested in examining the notion of multiple time frames and repetition of patterns. Piecing together the fragmentary “snapshots” of a larger panorama is like reconstructing a “deconstructed” memory. Sometimes I can’t really recall the literal details of the space, so then I have to draw on the feeling that I remember from being there to fill in the details. What emerges is a landscape that bleeds the line between the surreal (memories/emotion) and the documentary (photographs).

LAST SNOW, Brooklyn, New York

sakura_2, Brooklyn, New York

Untitled, Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo to see more photocollages, please click link:

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graphic design work for various media and disciplines

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