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No exit a piece

for three


on the





No exit

Artistic Direction /Choreography Christine Bonansea

PERFORMERS/DANCERS Marina Fukushima, Jorge Rodolfo De Hoyos,

Rosemary Hannon, Sebastian Grubb

sound design Shane Myrbeck, Emily Shisko

Hair Sculpture design Lauren Klein

Media Design & Video Editing Olivia Ting

Videography David Rozelle, Olivia Ting

Lighting Andrew Packard

Photography Lydia Daniller

This work was developed through the support of theater Bay Area Cash Grant 2011, Raw (resident artist workshop program) of the Garage, the ODC/ Rainin Scholarship Fund, Kunst Stoff Arts residency program, The Werk Collective, and The Zellerbach Family Foundation. Copyright Š 2011 by Christine Bonansea. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the written permission of the author.

Christine Bonansea has been performing internationally over the last 15 years. She has been commissioned and invited to residencies for variety of choreographic and multimedia live performances in the USA and in Europe.


“Being is. Being is in-itself. Being is what it is.” — Jean-Paul Sartre

No Exit explores the struggle we face

reminiscent of Jean-Paul Sartre’s play of

in the physical and temporal limitations

the same name — where three individuals

that mark the human condition. The

test the limits of their own bodies and of

choreographer offers a study of a

time as they torment and abuse each other.

codependent triangular relationship —



“No Exit is an absorbing anti-narrative inhabited by anti-characters, exploring transience and stasis while confronting irresolvable tensions in the human condition.” — Robert Avila, San Francisco Guardian



artist statement &BIO 8

I am a French multi-disciplinary performer, artist and choreographer based in San Francisco. I have been challenging the dynamics of live performance throughout diverse environments which I have experienced internationally over the last 15 years as an interpreter and choreographer.

My work covers a broad artistic field, featuring an integrated and participatory process carried out in collaboration with other artists. I am interested in developing new physical material, concepts, and structure as vectors to communicate the ambivalences of the body and mind in movement. Inspired by philosophical current such as existentialism and structuralism, my dance questions the struggles of human nature, revealing a complex series of intense images and environment that create tension, visceral states and movement. Initiated by a specific concept, each of my pieces explores a new system of creation, or composition process rich in a dizzying variety of material.

No Exit has been inspired by my previous piece, Soloil, in which I explored a metaphorical transformative body. The

continued next 9


from previous

work reveals the relative perception of the body in its own density, in its architecture as a container within space to emphasize its corporeal possibilities and raison d’être.

With No Exit, I transposed the same principle of research toward the mind and its relationship to the body. Influenced by the Jean Paul Sartre’s philosophy, the piece exposes three characters, suffocating in a contained room, which is a metaphor of the walls of their minds.

The visuals and hair sculptures define a surrealistic and unstable world that is the source of the alienation; the characters unload their embodied burdens on each other, and thereby escape the containers of their own bodies in time and space. These three individuals are bound to suffer more as they find themselves surrounded by glaring, unforgiving reflections of their own cruelty.

The dynamic of the relationships unceasingly evolves and the discontinuity of the structure challenges identities, notions of cause, effect, progress, or destiny. They are no longer individuals; they only exist through a mutual addiction mired in an immutable state. 11

“...a central idea of No Exit: the illusory nature of self measured against certain physical and temporal absolutes” — Robert Avila, San Francisco Guardian


“Hell is other people.” —Jean-Paul Sartre





“The soul is the effect and instrument of a political anatomy; the soul is the prison of the body.” —Michel Foucault




DANCERs/PERFORMERS Marina Fukushima A native of Tokyo, Japan, is a dancer, teacher and choreographer based in San Francisco. She has danced with the Bay Area dance companies as Anne Bluethenthal and Dancers, Mark Foehringer Dance Project, ODC and project agora and worked with Catherine Galasso, Lenora Lee and Christine Bonansea. Jorge Rodolfo De Hoyos From Mexican Folklórico Jorge got into dance-theater & contemporary art. He’s absorbed much from working with artists Keith Hennessy, Meg Stuart, Sara Shelton Mann and Christine Bonansea. Jorge was born in Los Angeles, studied Cultural Anthropology at UC Santa Cruz and is currently co-developing a community art space as part of TheOffCenter at 848 Divisadero St in San Francisco ( Rosemary Hannon Performs with Alma Esperanza Cunningham Movement, Andrew Wass, Scott Wells and Dancers, Body Cartography Project, NoNo Dance, Katarina Eriksson, Vitali Kononov, Nita Little and all the members of Divisidero Research Company, Avy K Productions, Kristen Greco, Christine Bonansea, Hillary Bryant, Karen Schaffman, Brenton Cheng, Ray Chung and many other beauties in a variety of improvisations, compositions and places. Sebastian Grubb is a movement artist based in San Francisco. He performs, choreographs and teaches dance from the perspectives of artistry and health. He has  toured nationally with AXIS Dance Company since 2009, and has performed in Scott Wells & Dancers since 2008. His choreographic work has been both commissioned and self-produced, and has been shown extensively in the SF Bay Area and also in Florida, Washington State, and Washington, DC. Sebastian is a participating member of Choreographers in Mentorship Exchange (CHIME), a project of the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company. sound DESIGN Shane Myrbeck and Emily Shisko are San Francisco-based composers with a history of collaboration in multisensory works. Shane is a sound experimentalist who operates in a variety of sonic contexts, including installation conception + design, composition, architectural acoustics consulting, music performance and spatial audio production. Emily Shisko is an award-winning composer, collaborative pianist, and dedicated music educator. In addition to their work with other artists, Shane and Emily perform electroacoustic music together as Cellar Ensemble.  

VISUALS/VIDEO DESIGN Olivia Ting is interested in the role of digital technology in the fabric of contemporary lives and how our perception of recorded media (film, photography, audio) as “reality” has shifted as technology becomes more sophisticated. Olivia has done design work for San Francisco Dance Center, San Francisco Performances, and the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. She is currently commissioned to design a video projection for part of Oakland Museum of California’s Natural History Gallery, now under remodeling and slated to re-open October 2012.

HAIR SCULPTURE DESIGN Lauren Klein Artist rooted in conceptual, experience based sculpture, highly motivated by movement, gesture and process. Over the last year she has used her experience as a stylist at diPietro Todd Salons and Academy as a place to begin: working with hair as an expressive, representational medium that translates the internal (self) world to the external (world) self. The pieces for No Exit are hand sewn; The “Big Wig” is 54’ long. Also collaborate with composer Dominique Leone at the Switchboard Music Festival this spring. Lighting Design

Darl Andrew Packard

Photography Lydia Daniller

PRESENTERS ODC theater: Exists to empower and develop innovative artists.

It participates in the creation of new works through commissioning, presenting, mentorship and space access; it develops informed, engaged and committed audiences; and advocates for the performing arts as an essential component to the economic and cultural development of our community. The Theater is the site of over 150 performances a year involving nearly 1,000 local, regional, national and international artists.

COLLABORATIVE PARTNERS The Garage: Home of SAFEhouse for the Arts (Saving Art

From Extinction), a non-profit arts presenting organization that specializes in incubating new performing art through residencies, workshops and performance. The Garage is the home of the raw & uncut performance showcase, RAW (resident artists’ workshop), SPF (summer performance festival) and AIRspace (queer performing artists residency program). or (415) 518 1517. Directed by Joe Landini. The Kunst Stoff Arts : Programming is directed by Yannis Adoniou and Kathleen Hermesdorf, incorporating a fusion of ideas found in Kusnt Stoff’s educational offerings and La ALTERNATIVA’s Alternative Conservatory. Our faculty represents the best of San Francisco and the National and International scenes. With dedication to focus and quality, the program reaches out a broad spectrums of interests, experiences and abilities The WERK Collective: A group of mid-career choreographers who have joined together in order to receive mentorships, share resources, and perpetuate artistic growth. WERK is an experiment in finding a sustainable model for extending the lifespan of work by presenting it in venues beyond The Garage upon completion of its RAW & Uncut residency program. Christy Bolingbroke and Joe Landini have volunteered their time to meet with WERK once a month to help mentor the collective through the multi-layered process of expanding from a 60 seat theater (The Garage) to ODC’s 171 seat theater.  Theater Bay Area: Theatre Bay Area’s mission is to unite, strengthen, promote and advance the theatre community in the San Francisco Bay Area, working on behalf of our conviction that the performing arts are an essential public good, critical to a healthy and truly democratic society, and invaluable as a source of personal enrichment and growth.


zellerbach family foundation: The Mission of

the Zellerbach Family Foundation is to be a catalyst for constructive social change by initiating and investing in efforts that strengthen families and communities. Originally named the Zellerbach Family Fund, The Zellerbach Family Foundation was established in 1956 by Mrs. Jennie B. Zellerbach. From its inception, the Foundation has focused on the San Francisco Bay Area where the Zellerbach family has deep roots. In 1968 the Zellerbach Family Foundation had begun to move away from the pattern of a family foundation with the principal purpose of supporting those things in which the donor was interested and toward the work of a more general purpose foundation.

The San Francisco Bay Area is the third largest theatre center in the country, with more than 400 companies in 11 counties. The region boasts more theatre companies per capita than almost any other metropolitan area in the U.S. and is home to the third largest community of Equity (union) actors, following New York City and Chicago. Some 200 new plays are premiered here each year, many going on to wider success. Theatre Bay Area was founded in 1976 to serve this vital artistic community, and is today the largest regional theatre service organization in North America, serving as a model for other service organizations around the country.

No Exit was developed through the support of Theater Bay Area Cash Grant 2011, Raw (resident artist workshop program) of the Garage, the ODC/ Rainin Scholarship Fund, Kunst Stoff Arts residency program, The Werk Collective.

For more information and to support our ongoing programming, visit


and already what one is going to become. One

One is still what

one is going to cease to be

dies one’s life. — Jean-Paul Sartre

lives one’s death, one



Press book for No Exit multi-media performance  

No Exit is a piece for 3 dancers/ performers and premiered at the ODC Theater in July 2012. This work questions the human condition and its...

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