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P.E: 1st bilingüal Physical education (P.E.): VOCABULARY: Bones,muscles and joints. Body parts: leg (thigh, calf), arm( upper arm, forearm), trunk, back, chest, head. Joints: ankle, knee, hip, waist, shoulder, elbow, wrist, neck.


To warm up. Who leads the warm up today? Let´s warm up our joints. To take the pulse. What is your heart rate? To stretch. Let´s stretch our muscles. This is the boys´ (girls´) changing room (or locker room). Can I go to the toilet/ locker room, please? The court/ the gym. Can I have a drink? Get into groups of four/six…. Make a line / Get in line.


P.E.1st bilingüal. BASIC VOCABULARY.  

Basic vocabulary.