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The Prowler Oct. 21, 2011

Homecoming Royalty crowned

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Elizabeth Edwards

Tuesday, Oct. 11th, started the best week of the school yearhomecoming week. Dress up days, the Homecoming bash, the Homecoming parade, and the pep rally all led up to the Homecoming Dance on Saturday, Oct. 15th. Students entered the dome that night and were surrounded by decorations reflecting the Amazon Jungle. Student council members spent Friday afternoon setting up for the dance, putting in place decorations ranging from vines and flowers to cardboard animals. During the dance, students enjoyed a variety of music and were served punch and desserts by StuCo members. At 10:00 p.m. coronation started. Senior emcees Ally Griggs and Jay Stallons welcomed everyone to the dance and introduced the 2011 Homecoming court. Freshman Sophie Jenkins and Logan Whorton, sophomores Dirk

Husemann and Jourdan Phillips, and juniors Justin Olds and Kylee Farber were all announced. The seniors on court were Rachel Federhofer, Mitch Gibbs, Alyssa Soehkle, Dave Browers, Megan Carr, TJ Price, Lizzie Wisdom, and Brady Page. Federhofer said, “Being on court was really nerve racking, but definitely fun. It was the best homecoming out of all four years.” Finally, the king and queen were announced. Stallons revealed Browers as king and Griggs announced Soehlke as queen. “My first thoughts were don’t cry Alyssa, and I also kept thinking about Dave and how happy I was for him. I was just happy to be with him,” Soehlke said. Browers reflected on the moment by saying, “My first thoughts were probably did I hear him right? Then all I could really think about was that I wanted Alyssa to be up there with me so my attention went straight to that.” After the crowning of the king and queen, students danced the night away.


Homecoming Court 2011

Pop culture showdown is back

with Halloween themed questions

Old School O-Tunes

Freshmen: Sophia Jenkins, Logan Whorton Sophomores: Dirk Husemann, Jourdan Phillips Juniors: Justin Olds, Kylie Farber Seniors: Lizzy Wisdom, Brady Page, Megan Carr, T.J. Price, Rachal Federhofer, Mitch Gibbs King and Queen: Dave Browers and Alyssa Soehlke

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Are ghosts real? Halloween stories, crafts and more

(Photo Credit: Tyler Klaus, Robert Lahser/, http://



Trick or treating: more treats than tricks Megan Ivey “Sure, trick-or-treating may be too immature for some teenagers, but why do we not have the right to decide that for ourselves?”

It’s that time of year again- leaves are falling and Jack-O-Lanterns are piling up on porches. Halloween is a time for fun. It’s a time to dress up and be someone else for a night. As kids, this meant running home from school to put on a costume and waiting for dusk to approach so you could go on a candy quest. Sadly, year after year, teenagers are not allowed to dress up and collect candy. In many southern Illinois cities, the age limit for trickor-treating is 13. So unless you have a younger sibling, filling up pillowcases of candy is out of reach. Many teenagers disregard this age limit. While I do not advise you to neglect the law, I see why we as kids have trouble wrapping our brains around the concept. What is so bad about going door to door in search of a sugar rush? What does the three or four year difference make? I do not believe that the experience is any more dangerous as a teen-

ager. I understand that a concern for adults is that teenagers will cause trouble for younger kids. But I disagree with that statement. Just because we are older does not make us more likely to cause trouble. A 7-year-old kid can cause just as much mischief. The only difference is afterwards they are not as responsible for their actions. I would also like to point out that if they allowed teenagers to trick-or-treat, more teenagers would be in local neighborhoods unwrapping candy instead of being exposed to drugs or alcohol at parties. Sure, trick-or-treating may be too immature for some teenagers, but why do we not have the right to decide that for ourselves? Trick-or-treating is carefree fun, with more treats than tricks. Teenagers deserve some harmless fun too. Sometimes it’s good to feel like a kid again. (Photo Credit: Tyler Klaus, Emma Gatewood)

OCT. 21, 2011

Save it for the younger kids Tyler Klaus “Going out on Halloween,showing off your costume, and getting candy was always fun, but let’s face it,it was meant for younger kids.”

A favorite past time for everyone is dressing up and going trick or treating. But, when should you stop trick or treating? In my opinion, when you enter high school you should be done. Going out on Halloween, showing off your costume and getting candy was always fun, but let’s face it, it was meant for younger kids. Over my grade school years, I was always filled with Halloween spirit, anxiously waiting for the holiday to arrive. Year after year, I was shocked when it occurred. But, when I hit high school, I just did not feel the need to go door to door and get free candy from strangers I did not know. I still love Halloween; I just do different things to celebrate it, like roasting marshmallows at my friends’ house, giving out candy to all the ghosts, goblins, and princesses. There are also different debates whether or not cities should put ordinances in effect that prohibit teenagers to trick-or-treat. The main reason behind these

is the small percentage of teenagers who destruct property, and take the “trick” part of “trick-ortreat to the extreme. These teenagers give all of us a bad name. The way I see it, if I do not trickor-treat, people will not categorize me as a classic “bad” teenager. Also, put yourself in the shoes of a nice old grandma. How scared would you be if a six foot 18-year-old walked up to your house late at night? Or put yourself in the shoes of a mother, whose little kids help her hand out candy, only to open the door and see a high school girl wearing a skirt the length of a Snickers bar. If I were a parent, I would be disgusted if my kids saw that. If it were up to me I would much rather hang out with all my friends, enjoying the laughter and music, while unwinding from a long day of school. Who would want to walk two miles from house to house getting candy that will be forgotten two months later, when you can be with friends actually having a good time? Whatever the reason you choose, I think teenagers trick-or-treating is just plain stupid, and can give all of us a bad name. Let’s face it, teenagers already have a bad name with the vandalism, drugs, and other disturbances that many choose to take part in. If you’re still trickor-treating, you’re basically stealing candy from little kids. (Photo Credit: Emily Love, Tyler Klaus)

OCT. 21, 2011

Connor Holzinger

“I believe that class rings are a waste of money.” While getting class rings is definitely a highlight of a junior year, it can be hard to argue “ I would not order a class ring because I would rather spend my money on hockey gear.” Junior, Ryan Collins

the reasons behind making such an expensive investment. If I were a parent, buying my child an expensive piece of jewelry in honor of their high school years would not be a top priority of mine. Yes, some students will wear their ring regularly, even after high school, but most students will rarely wear their ring once they get it and

School, sports and work, is it too much?

“Students should not work during the school year.”

“Teenagers have the right to have fun. We should be able to trickor-treat; we’re still kids.” -Andrea Vernier, junior

“There are better things to do other than trick-or-treating on Halloween.” -Erin Cain, senior

“You can dress up and trick-or-treat to your friends’ houses or have a Halloween party, but you should leave the candy for the elementary schoolers. It’s their night.” -Sarah Russel, senior

Being involved in school can benefit you and the community Kameron Johnson “By joining extracurricular activities, there will be more positive outcomes.”

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Extracurricular activities are a resource that every school provides its students to find a sense of belonging or purpose on campus. Though we come to school every morning for eight hours solving equations, reading countless articles, and filling in scantrons, there has to be something more to school than homework at the end of the day. To make the grade in all courses should be main “Doing this in school one’s focus when helps me balance my stepping life; it excites me to be through the doors of involved.” yet -Amani Perry, senior OTHS, one should also develop a certain set of social skills in order to learn how to work with others in a real world atmosphere. Joining clubs and sports teams are the best options to harness the skills that are extremely vital in today’s work force. Students who simply go to school are not receiving the full benefits of high school. Simply going to school is not enough to succeed in life, you have to really be here soaking up as much information as possible. Not only referring to class work, but how to approach certain people in certain situations and reading body language

will play a key role in achieving individual success. One reason students do not join clubs is the lack of interest. This excuse will not fly here at O’Fallon Township H.S. for we have over 40 different clubs and intramural groups. There is a group for nearly everything a teenager could

“Joining clubs and teams was the best advice I got as a freshman, plus I met a lot of great people along the way.” -Kayln Jackson, senior possibly be interested in. From drawing Animé cartoons in Otaku Club to joining the bowling team there are countless opportunities to raise interest in school activities that may make life a bit more interesting. For a more immediate impact, join many social clubs, becoming involved in your school and community heightens your chances to become accepted into the college of your choice. Schools love to see a resumé that depicts the applicant as a social person who has experience with pressure and balancing life. It’s simply expected for all students to know how to “If I didn’t play sports, I keep would basically go home their and be bored all day.” own -Antuan Mclentan, senior lives centered in their new hectic lives. By joining extracurricular activities, there will be more positive outcomes.

will probably not wear it after high school. Some families will be hard pressed to justify spending a sizable sum of money on a ring that will only be worn for another year and a half or so. Then there is the question of necessity; are there better things that can be purchased with the cost of a class ring? I recently ordered my own class ring, simply because I thought it would be novel to have, especially after looking at my parents’ rings. My parents, however, said that they did not want to spend that much and that whatever I wanted above their budget could just be my birthday gift. As nice as a flashy class ring is, I can think of many other things I’d rather spend (at least) a couple of hundred dollars on. Yes, if you were part of something you enjoyed in high school, getting that activity forever etched onto a ring would be a great way of remembering your high school legacy. If, however, you do not feel that there is anything that worthy of being noted about your high school career, it may just be better to spend the money on something you will enjoy and appreciate more.

BEEP BEEP! You roll over and the clock reads 6:30 a.m. It’s time to get up and start your day. If you’re lucky, all your homework is done and the only thing you need to do is eat breakfast and make it to class before the tardy bell rings at 8. You already feel stressed, not enough sleep? Too much on your mind? Over crammed schedule? Chances are all three of these are symptoms of yours. School, after-school activities, homework, and work combined tend to leave students feeling stressed out. School is a must, after-school activities are rewarding, homework is a necessity...the only thing we do not need on top of the “have to’s” is a job. I don’t see a problem with students wanting to make extra money on the side but when it starts to affect your performance in the classroom it becomes a problem.

In order to get everything out of a class, you must be focused during the 55 minutes in which your teacher is teaching. When stressed, human brains tend to wander and you begin to go through the motions rather than giving everything your all. School should be a student’s first priority. Without good academics, maintaining money in the future could be a challenge. Actually, without education everything in the future will be challenging. That is why it is critical to focus on school now. Another reason I believe that students shouldn't stress themselves out with working during the school year is because we are still young! As young adolescents we are under no obligation to work all the time. Now is the time to hang with friends, go to school functions, and enjoy life. You’re only young once so live it up while you can. My parents always tell my brothers and me that we have our whole lives to work. There is no need to cram it into an already busy schedule. If you choose to work that is your own choice. As for me, I am content with maintaining a summer job. I earn all the money I can within those three months. When fall comes around, I direct my focus to school work. For me, school is my job right now.

Dianiche Baxton

“I believe that class rings are a good investment”

What does a class ring represent? Where you went to school, your graduation year, the activities you participated in, and sometimes even who you hung out with. Juniors, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to express yourself and show people where you’re from. When you grow old and that question comes up “What kind of person where you in high school?” You can just have them take a look at your ring and they’ll know your story. A class ring is a reflection of you and what is said to be the best four years of your life.



Class rings, worth it or just a waste?

Sarah Hesse

“Trick or treating was always one of my favorite Halloween activities. I love candy, what’s the harm in getting candy?” -Martha Terhaar, junior


And yes, class rings are a bit pricey and some students find it a waste, but you have the complete choice on how your ring will look and cost. Stay in your our own price range and get what you or your parents can afford. You don’t have to get the biggest ring with all the diamonds and white gold trim that’s going to end up costing big money. Then some people will say that they’re not even going to wear it. To me, it doesn’t matter if you wear it once, every day, or never. It’s the fact that you have one and support your class. We’re never going to get these four years back, and a ring is the perfect way to represent what we did. Try to get a class ring just to show who you are and represent OTHS. I’m sure in the future you’ll wish you had a ring to show to your colleagues or even children. (Photo Credit: Buddy Norris/MCTcampus)

Underage drinking costs more than you think Emily Love

“I am not saying that alcohol is the worst thing in the world and if you touch it you die. Just stay away from it until you turn 21.”

As a teenager, have you ever taken a drink of alcohol? Even worse, have you ever lost complete control to the point where you don’t even know what is going on around you? Be honest with yourself when asking these questions in your mind. Yes, you may think that it is harmless to you and the people around you, but drinking alcohol while under the age of 21, much less 18, is a serious problem. Not only is it a problem, but it is a crime. Our media tries so hard to appeal to younger kids in the alcohol industry because they need the money. Fight against that and don’t drink. If you drink on the weekends, do you ever think to yourself that what you are doing is totally illegal and you could get arrested for it? Do you ever think about others you are harming like your family? Do you ever even think about how bad it is for your body? I know most of you probably think that all teenagers drink and that drinking isn’t all that bad. Let’s face it, we are teenagers in high school trying to have a good time on the weekends and alcohol makes it all better, right? No! I don’t know about you, but I can have a perfectly great time without drinking alcohol, and a perk to staying away from alcohol is that I will actually remember what happened the night before. Plus, I won’t have a hangover the next morning. When a person drinks alcohol, they don’t have complete control over their body. When you are drinking, your thinking isn’t straight and you may tend to do things that you will regret. You might see a cute boy upstairs at a party, but because your decision making is not at its best, he could take advantage of you. That right there can potentially lead to unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. Aside from that, you might be given drugs, fall down and get hurt, or even worse, get in a car and drive. All these things could happen to you, but you might not even remember it the next morning. As teenagers, we aren’t fully grown yet. Our

brains aren’t even fully developed until the age of 21, hence why the drinking age is 21. Drinking can cause stomach ulcers, problems with the liver and kidneys, and even problems in the brain. On top of that, many teenagers tend to binge drink because it is the “cool” thing to do. Don’t do that. When a person binge drinks, not only is his decision making fogged, but he could get alcohol poisoning. If you get alcohol poisoning, you most likely are unconscious, then have to go to the hospital. While at the hospital, they stick a tube filled with a charcoal substance down your throat and into your stomach to pump out the alcohol. Aside from stomach pumping, many times a person with alcohol poisoning has major damage to the liver and may need a liver transplant. Another problem with our generation is that many of our parents and grandparents suffered/suffer from alcoholism, a damaging disease from an addiction to alcohol. I come from a family with alcoholics on both my mom and dad’s sides of the family. Not only have I seen how it can completely mess up a family, but I have an alcoholic gene in my DNA. I am definitely not the only one. I know many of you deal with the same thing. That is why it is important to stay away from alcohol until you are 21. I am not saying that it is okay to get completely inebriated when you turn 21, just drink responsibly. It is perfectly fine when you are of age to have a drink here and there, but always have a designated driver. A big thing in today’s world is obviously technology. These days, almost everyone has a Facebook and wants to post pictures of what they did on the weekend. Beware, though, that many employers and colleges look at those things. One picture of you drinking or doing something illegal that is posted on the internet could cost you your future. I am not saying that alcohol is the worst thing in the world and if you touch it you die. Just stay away from it until you turn 21. It is not worth it to throw your life away on alcohol while in high school. You have your entire life ahead of you to think about. Is drinking really worth all of its negative effects? Is waiting a few more years really going to kill you? I don’t think so. We are old enough now to make our own decisions, so make the right one.





Top News

MLK memorial dedication draws large crowds and influential speakers Emma Gatewood

The Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial dedication on Sunday attracted huge crowds and influential speakers such as President Barack Obama, MLK’s children, Jesse Jackson and performers Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder. Speakers spoke about continuing to follow King’s values and ideals as well as addressing the many issues including bullying and social justice for all Americans. The memorial site which lies between the Lincoln Memorial and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial on the National Mall boasts a 30 foot tall statue of King that overlooks the Tidal Basin. The statue, which represents a “Stone of Hope,” is set forward from a “Mountain of Despair.” Visitors pass through the mountain before reaching the statue. “The very first time that I came to the site, I was almost overwhelmed,” Martin Luther King III said. “I really was impressed by this artist. He was able to capture the essence of my dad.” “Nearly 50 years after the March on Wash-

Attendees of the ceremony hold a picture of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. during the speeches.

ington, our work -- Dr. King’s work -- is not yet complete,” President Barack Obama said at the dedication ceremony. “We should never adjust to 1 percent of the people controlling 40 percent of the wealth,” said Bernice King. “I hear my father say, ‘We must have a radical revolution of val- The memorial of Rev. Martin ues and reordering Luther King Jr. lies between of priorities of this the Lincoln Memorial and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial nation.” King went on to on the National Mall that overlooks the Tidal Basin. say how homage should be paid to her mother Coretta Scott King, who despite being a widow and raising four children, continued to further her husband’s values and ideals. Former CBS Evening news anchor Dan Rather said that while King’s main battle was racial injustice, today’s fight is against greed and for economic justice. “This time we judge people, not on the content of their character, but the color of their money,” he said. “Once again, we have Americans on the outside looking in.” Other speakers included Rev. Al Sharpton; the Rev. Joseph Lowery; actresses Cicely Tyson, Diahann Carroll and 12-year-old Amandla Stenberg; and Marian Wright Edelman, founder and president of the Children’s Defense Fund. After the speeches Franklin sang, “Take My Hand, Precious Lord,” to loud applause., New York Times (Photo Credit: Peter Douliery/

The 2012 Presidential race heats up Emma Gatewood

As the 2012 Presidential election approaches the debate among Republicans hopefuls intensifies. The candidates for the 2012 election are President Barack Obama (D-IL), Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX), Hermann Cain, former

Republican candidates have found fault with the plan. “As people look at ‘9-9-9’ and disaggregate it, it gets to be a lot harder to sell,” Gringrich said

President Obama the Democrat incumbent in a meeting on economic policy.

on CNN’s State of the Union, Sunday morning.

2012 Republican Presidential candidate Governor Rick Perry (R-Texas) addresses the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA), former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA), Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) , former Gov. Jon Huntsman (R-UT), former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) and Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX). The front runner in the polls has been former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney, with almost all the other candidates trailing far behind. For a while Texas Gov. Rick Perry seemed to be Romney’s top competition. Recent polls, though, have shown that Cain is quickly gaining support amongst Republicans with some polls even showing that he has surpassed Romney. The main reason for this rising through the polls has been blamed on Cain’s economic plan called 9-9-9. This plan proposes to make a universal sales tax of nine percent, an income tax of nine percent and a nine percent corporate tax rate. While most voters support this plan fellow

His rise, though, has also been blamed on Perry’s poor showing at the most recent Presidential debate as well as the recent attacks on

2012 Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain addresses the Republican Party of Florida Presidency 5 Convention and Straw Poll in Orlando, Florida. Cain won the straw poll.

Perry concerning his views on Social Security, illegal immigrants and border security., Photo Credit: (Joe Burbank/

OCT. 21, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street movement started last month as a backlash against the economy and the corporate, financial and political elite. The Occupy Wall Street protests have raged

Police keep protestors behind barricades in New York City’s Times Square Saturday.

on for almost 30 days, and have spread through cities both domestically and internationally. In New York City, where the movement began, the protesters moved from downtown on Wall Street to uptown in more residential areas. Moving uptown has caused many of the protesters to camp out in nearby parks or gardens. Police began to warn protesters that breaking the curfew of the parks would result in arrests.

Saturday night thousands of protesters marched on Times Square carrying signs boasting anti-Wall Street slogans and chanting. In Washington Square Park, police blocked the entrance of the park which caused the protesters to spill into the nearby streets. 14 people were arrested as a result. In New York City alone there were 78 arrests. In Chicago, there were multiple aron horseback try to keep protestors in rests Police line, in New York City on Saturday. In total after 78 people were arrested. protesters broke curfew for disorderly conduct and in Minneapolis a woman was arrested for trespassing and around 150 protesters camped out under a canopy near city hall because police had confiscated their tents. Washington D.C. also experienced protests which ended in 19 arrests. In addition to domestic protests, many protests have started internationally which has sparked global days of protests., (Photo Credit: Craig Ruttle)

‘Happy flight’ to the World Series Dylan Highley

On August 25, were all taken care of when the Cardinals picked 2011, the St. Louis up the stand out short stop Rafael Furcal from Cardinals were 5 the LA Dodgers. As well as his defense, he has games out in the made a huge impact on the Cardinal offense, and Central Division Tony LaRussa uses him as the lead off hitter. and they were 10 and 1/2 games out of winning The Cardinals were great all year long at hitthe Wild Card. In just one month the Cardinals ting the ball with the big three: Pujols, Holiday, came back from trailing 10 and 1/2 games out to Berkman. winning the Wild Card race and going on to the The Cardinals’ major problem this year was 2011 postseason. their bullpin and long search for The Cardinals defeated a closing pitcher. They started the Philadelphia Phillies the year off with Ryan Franklin in the first round of the who was the closer last year playoffs. The Phillies had for the Cardinals, and when the best record in MLB he started going downhill they going into the postseason. looked for someone new. For a But the Cardinals took it while that new closer was Ferone step farther and they nando Salas who did a great job out pitched and out hit the as a closer when Tony LaRussa Milwaukee Brewers to win needed him because he was there the NLCS and represent to deliver. After some time, he the National League in the David Freese is congratulated by Matt also started to slip and go downWorld Series. hill. So Tony’s final pick for Holliday after a three-run homer in the first inning against the Milwaukee Brew- closer was Jason Motte and that’s Throughout the season the Cardinals faced many ers. who is still closing games now huge obstacles in their for the Cardinals. Motte has not path. A major challenge was injuries. At one blown a save all throughout the playoffs this year. point this season we had lost players like Albert For those who like a good Cinderella story, then Pujols, David Freese, Matt Holiday, and Allen look no further than the Cardinals 2011 season. Craig some of these injuries were just a week or Making the World Series was a huge shock to a two long and some were months. lot of fans so that will raise next year’s expectaThese injuries took their toll on the team and tions for the Cardinals a lot higher. without these players there were problems with (Photo Credit: Robert Cohen/MCTcampus. the Cardinal defense. These defensive problems com)

Megan Ivey

Do you wish to average person could tackle without issues. be like BradWhen a person without ADHD uses the drug, ley Cooper in their brain goes into overdrive. People who have “Limitless”, having taken the drug say that their mind clears all their super-human abili- other worries and zones in on one focus. Projties like out-smarting the stock market thanks ects such as finishing a 500 page book and then to a drug? Or have you ever wished there was a writing a 20 page paper overnight is do-able after “smart pill” that could magically help you out taking the drug. with your school work? College students are abusing this drug and takWell, there might not be a magical solution, ing it to extremes. Because they get more energy but there is a new drug fad in colleges that is and do better in school, students do not see the supposedly aiding students in school. wrong in taking Adderall. Students compare it to Adderall, commonly nicknamed as “the acacaffeine and energy drinks. demic steroid,” is a drug prescribed for ADHD Although many think it is safe, Adderall, symptoms. Students without ADHD are abusing like any prescribed drug, has side effects. These the drug daily by taking it in order to perform include dizziness, dry mouth, headache, loss of better in school. appetite, nausea, nervousness, restlessness, stomEvery day, the strive for perfection in school ach pain, raised blood pressure and trouble sleepsurrounds us. Most high school students are ing. There have also been severe cases involving feeling this allergic reactions, which now. We try makes the use of taking our hardest it without a prescription to make hazardous. the marks Regardless of the conallowing us sequences, students are to attend a taking this drug because prestigious they want to be a stepcollege. After ahead. the accepFrom today.msnbc. tance letter,, an anonymous you feel the student commented, ease kicking “It’s given me the boost in, imaginto work non-stop for ing the new 10 hours a day,” he exfriends and plained. “Baseball players parties that take steroids to be the await. best and students take Most of Adderall to be the best. us, however, It’s steroids for school.” forget that Other students feel the pressure that they have to take Adderalll, a drug that helps people to focus better, is popular on does not stop college and high school campuses because it allows students to Adderall as well just to once you keep up with the rest of focus and absorb information better, are college the class. It is no wonder bound. that this abuse is being In fact, compared to the illegal being at a school that only accepts students as use of steroids; the only difference lies in the fact hardworking as you during their high school that students are not tested for Adderall. years makes the competition much harder. It all comes back to the pressure society puts College students still feel the pressures of on students to excel. When will we realize how perfection. Some deal with the stress by illegally much students are risking, health included, to using prescribed drugs. The newest one that has meet the standard? raised concern is Adderall. Photo Credit: (Keri Wigington/MCT) Adderall is a drug prescribed to people with ADHD. It keeps them focused on tasks that the

Emily Love



Adderall, the academic steroid

Wall Street protests continue: head uptown Emma Gatewood

OCT. 21, 2011


Obesity: a growing problem with children Obesity is defined as the condition of being very fat or overweight. Many Americans associate the word obesity with older people, not children. However, obesity is becoming very prominent in younger generations. Here’s a scary statistic for you, between 16 and 33 percent of children and teenagers in the United States are said to be obese. Studies show that children who become obese at a young age have an even greater risk at becoming obese adolescents. Not only is this bad for the individual, but it is also bad for the American economy. For the individual, obesity can cause many health risks. Some of these being high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and Type II diabetes. Obesity also puts a major stress on the American economy. It is estimated that each year obesity costs the United States nearly $100 billion. Obesity is commonly caused by lack of exercise and poor eating habits. This disease is easy to detect but difficult to treat. The treatment is more like a call to action, which means that the obese individual needs to want to better themselves. For children, the answer is not so simple. To put an end to the increase in childhood obesity, parents and school teachers need to promote healthy lifestyles. At home, parents should encourage their kids to get out and do something. Over the years free

Sarah Hesse

time has been altered from being social and playing out door pick up games to sitting in front of a television. This needs to end. The days of outdoor play must return so that children have a fair chance towards a healthy lifestyle. As far as meals go, running through a McDonald’s drive thru three days a week must stop. Home cooked meals are much healthier and provide nutrients for young bodies that a Happy Meal cannot. At school, physical education needs to be enforced. Exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Exercising at a young age could create a habit that can stay with children for the rest of their lives. Also, schools provide meals that are not entirely healthy. Instead of eating the school lunches everyday, students should consider bringing their own lunch from home. On average, children should exercise 30 minutes three to five days a week and consume 2500 calories a day in order to maintain their appropriate body weight. America losses approximately 300,000 lives to obesity a year due obesity and it has many negative side effects. We need to better our country. A healthy lifestyle needs to be started at a young age. With healthy living, eventually obesity will no longer be a major problem. It’s up to citizens to make health conscious decisions. America needs to save its children from health problems down the road. The answer to this growing problem is exercise and healthy diets.

Rachel’s Challenge Emily Love

For the past two years, Freshmen students at O’Fallon have participated in a presentation called Rachel’s Challenge. The presentation is based off of the life of Rachel Scott, the first victim of the Columbine High School shootings on April 20, 1999. She believed that one random act of kindness can start a chain reaction. In an essay on ethics, Rachel explained how she has a theory stating that if you show one act of compassion, a chain reaction of the same will spread. Rachel’s Challenge is a presentation aimed against bullying, given by trained speakers. The presentation starts off with video footage of the Columbine High School shootings and Rachel Scott’s life that motivates students to make positive changes in their community. After the video, there is a 90 minute interactive session with everyone in attendance at the presentation. That evening, parents of the participating

students and community leaders were invited to attend that same presentation. This past September, freshmen students at O’Fallon attended this presentation. Gabrielle Quinones quoted on the event saying, “It was really great to hear about the story. So many people were moved to stop bullying and be nice to people that are a little different.” Students that participated in Rachel’s Challenge are urged to become members of the FOR (Friends of Rachel) club to promote kindness in the school and the community. Quinones said, “There were so many ideas to raise money like a dance, sporting event, and a car wash. I know so many people who are still talking about it and our FOR club is growing.” If you would like to join the FOR club, talk to one of the social workers, and remember one random act of kindness starts a chain reaction. So get out there O’Fallon and spread the love!

Heroin affects more than just you

An increasing problem in many teens’ lives in St. Clair County is heroin. More teenagers in our area die from heroin overdoses than from car accidents. Many people may not want to admit it, but heroin has increasingly become a problem in the O’Fallon/ Belleville area. With over 1.2 million users in the United States alone, heroin is an extremely addictive drug. In fact, the first time you use heroin, you are automatically addicted and physically dependent on it. But what exactly is heroin? What does it do to the body? What are the warning signs of people using it, or the signs of an overdose? How can a heroin addict get help? What are the treatments for heroin? The textbook definition of heroin is “a narcotic drug that was originally produced from the poppy flower.” It later became a semi-synthetic form of morphine. The drug first came out as a safer replacement of morphine for pain, but at the time, society was clueless to all the horrible things it does to a person. Heroin has gradually become more and more of a problem, but today it is worse than ever before. It is the leading drug problem in treatment centers all over America and the amount of new users is escalating, especially in teenagers. Michael’s House, an anti-drug organization, stated that 3.8 million people say they have tried heroin at least once in their lifetimes. So, what exactly does heroin do to the body? First, one using the drug has to get it into the body. Heroin can be injected with a needle, snorted or sniffed as a powder, smoked, or even taken in a pill form. When heroin enters the bloodstream, it goes straight to the brain. Once it is in the brain system, it is converted to morphine then binds to opioid receptors, which are involved with the processes of breathing, blood pressure, and pain. After taking heroin, users have reported feelings of euphoria, dry mouth, a warm flushing of the skin, heaviness of the extremities, and clouded

mental functioning. After these symptoms, the user normally gets extremely drowsy. Because heroin is an opiate, a person is automatically addicted to it after the first use. In fact, 23% of individuals who use heroin depend on it to live. With regular use, tolerance develops, and the response to the drug decreases, requiring more of the drug to be taken. While the average heroin addict ingests 150-250 milligrams per day, the amount they take increases with each dose. Chronic use of heroin leads to physical dependence, and withdrawal symptoms if stopped. Some withdrawal symptoms include restlessness, muscle and bone pain, insomnia, diarrhea and vomiting, cold flashes with goose bumps, and kicking movements. These symptoms peak between 48 and 72 hours after last dose of drug. Depending on how much the addict normally uses, symptoms can last from a week to months, though, cravings for the drug can last forever. Heroin can also cause many negative effects and health problems. It causes slowed breathing, dramatically lowered blood pressure, infections like HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis C from dirty needles. Other health problems heroin causes include collapsed veins, infection of heart lining and valves, abscesses, liver or kidney disease, pulmonary complications, pneumonia, pregnancy problems, and even spontaneous abortion (particularly in injection). Because heroin is illegal, many drug dealers make their own to sell. Although it is a fairly cheap drug, street heroin often contains toxic contaminants or additives that can clog blood vessels leading to lungs, liver, kidneys, or brain,

causing permanent damage to vital organs. Many people using Heroin overdose without knowing it. Signs of overdose include shallow breathing, very small pupils, discolored tongue, dry mouth, weakened pulse, low blood pressure, lips and fingernails tinged blue, stomach spasms, constipation, muscle spasms in various parts of the body, disorientation, and possibly a coma. Are you worried that someone you know may be using heroin? If so, look for these signs in that person. Their performance in work or school drops, they do not take very good personal hygiene measures, they have a tendency toward recklessness like stealing, they withdrawal from family, friends, and activities, they want to be alone, they have a runny nose, constant sniffing, needle marks on arms or legs, slurred speech, little motivation or desire for plans, they display hostility toward others, or they have possession of drug paraphernalia. If you think that you may need help with a heroin problem, ask yourself these questions: Do you feel that you need the drug regularly (many times a day)? Are you unable to feel confident if you don’t maintain a supply of heroin? Do you attempt to quit using on your own, but you fail? Do you commit crimes to finance your heroin addiction?

Do you feel afraid of not having heroin? Did you lose your job or important relationships due to heroin? Do you destroy your finances to pay for your heroin? Do you have health problems because of heroin, but still won’t stop? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is vital for you to get help. There are many ways for a victim of heroin to get help. These include medications, twelve step programs, rehabilitation facilities, or behavioral treatment. The first step an addict can take to get clean is talking to a therapist or social worker. Addiction is extremely hard to overcome, so the victim may be prescribed medicine to treat addiction. There are three types of medication that an addict may be prescribed. The first is methadone. Like heroin, it is a synthetic opiate, but it blocks heroin effects for 24 hours. In order for this to work, it has to be prescribed at high dosages. Although it can be somewhat addictive, if it is used the right way, it is effective in treating a heroin addiction. The second medication used to treat heroin addicts is buprenorphine. It is used to treat addiction for opiates. In many cases, a heroin addict is put on methadone, then weened off of it with buprenorphine. The third drug used to treat addicts is naltrexone, but it is not widely used because of poor patient consent. It blocks opioids from binding to receptors, thus preventing an addict from feeling the effects of the drug. It is usually prescribed in outpatient medical settings. Because of the recent deaths due to heroin in our area, many people are rallying against the “heroin epidemic.” If you would like to join the fight against heroin, visit mZFLWI. If you, or someone you know is using heroin, get help. The life you save could be your own. For more information, visit michaelshouse. org. (Photo Credit: Tyson Trish/MCT)




OCT. 21, 2011

Mood swings, break outs, and unpleasant bouts of depression are all part of being

a teenager. Teenage bodies are raging with hormones that produce many emotions, a major one being depression. Believe it or not 20% of teenagers will experience serious depression before they graduate high school. When depressed, many people feel unwelcome and alone, a feeling nobody should ever have to go through. Depression leaves one feeling useless, when in reality nobody is ever useless. As a student of OTHS, we should take part in making sure nobody ever feels this way. Life is all about the ride; sometimes it may go your way while other times it will beat you down, but regardless life is beautiful. It is worth hanging in there through the rough times. I ask all of you to be aware of others’ feelings. If you see somebody having a rough day, shoot them a smile. If you see a friend who is crying out for help, listen to them.

If you ever feel as if life couldn’t possibly get worse, keep your head up. There will always be good and bad days. Sometimes it may feel like the bad days out way the good but your wrong. Happiness is a state of mind. If you tell yourself that you are happy, eventually you will be. One cannot be happy without a good self image. In high school we often times compare ourselves to others. This is a crucial mistake. It’s an inaccurate measurement. It’s inaccuracy comes from the fact that nobody is alike, not looks or personality. Every individual is unique in his or her own

special way. Now is the time to realize that.

Love yourself, respect yourself, and above all, care for yourself. A good self image is more important than most people believe. Don’t let depression get the best of you. You are stronger than that. Believe in yourself. Tell yourself, “I can do this, I am smart, I am beautiful, etc.” If depression is too much to handle alone seek, help from a

friend or school social worker. This is not a sign of weakness but rather a sign of strength. You would be amazed at how much talking

about problems helps. Teenage depression is an occurrence world wide. It is one that has many explanations as to why it occurs. We can help control some teenage depression that occurs among OTHS students by simply being kind to others. A smile can make somebody’s day. You never know who may need one. Be aware of your feelings as well as others. The kindergarten rule still applies, “treat people the way you wish to be treated.” Through simple little steps, we can make OTHS a safe haven for all. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline For free confidential help 24/7 you can call the crisis center at 1-800273-TALK (8255)

(Photo Credit:

Mueller and Wolter named SOTM Kameron Johnson

Joseph Muller Math Team all-star, Science Olympian, youth leader of the St. Nicholas Church youth group, senior member of the pep band, can now add October Student of the Month to his resumé. Mueller grew up here in O’Fallon attending St. Clare Catholic School from kindergarten to eighth grade. After graduating from St. Clare, Mueller moved onto OTHS full of enthusiasm. Hitting the books as well as the school clubs, he has left his mark on our campus. Many may not know, but Mueller has a passion for music and plays the baritone, a difficult percussion that takes time and patience to master. A member of Marching Band, Jazz Ensemble, and Jazz Combo he entertains his listeners through the soft sound of his tuba. Though Mueller has a knack for music he does not plan to pursue a career in it, instead he wants to attend University Of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and become an aerospace engineer. What makes Mueller such an amazing guy is that he is someone who can take an assignment and surpass the expectations of his work. His ability to pay attention to detail is uncanny, and his modesty keeps him grounded. “Not to brag, but I’m probably the most

est person in the world,” Mueller said of himself. Dr. Gustafson-Hinds in particular, is a favorite of Mueller’s. Gustafson-Hinds showed Mueller how to work hard and love what he does at the same time. Mueller said, “Dr. G has taught me to be

motivated, energetic, and, dedicated in everything to do.”

By harnessing these skills, Mueller has developed into a prestigious student earning him the Student of the Month title. Much can also be said about Sloane Wolter. Ranked no. 1 in the Class of 2012 there is very doubt that she will have any trouble being ac-

cepted into Washington University in St. Louis where she will possibly major in neuroscience.

Wolter is no stranger to hard work, is a member of countless clubs and teams including Robotics, Lifesavers, and she takes on the responsibility of Chief Editor for Endeavours. Wolter somehow finds time to volunteer at the St. Louis crisis nursery. She is so involved in school that she spends much of her time here. When asked what she would change at OTHS she eagerly replied, “The Gold Walk--all students should receive jet backpacks to get here from the parking lot.” Though Wolter had to endure blazing heat and bone chilling winds from her car to the school, she still loves her school and the teachers that have challenged her. Most challenging were Honors Physics I and II and Honors U. S. History. “I’ve had to work the hardest in these classes, so I feel I’ve learned the most and have gained a great appreciation for both subjects.” Because of her difficult course load she has been able to show perseverance. One of Wolter’s goals was to earn the title Student of the Month. “All the previous Students of the Month have been an inspiration to me during my four years at OTHS, and I am honored to have the opportunity to join them.”

Halloween Style

Tyler Klaus

This month on Pop Culture Showdown, Ohio State fanatic senior Jacob Warren takes on Illini fan Ms. Barker. Starting off simple, the first question was, where did Halloween originate? Jacob answered first with, “The Celtic Holiday,” followed by Ms. Barker with, “Ireland, and the Celtic Holiday.” Both are right, the score is tied, 1-1. Today in North America, how much is spent every year on Halloween costumes? Ms. Barker was first with a guess of $1 billion, and Jacob answered $2 billion. Neither where correct. It is actually $3 billion, Jacob gets a half point for being closer bringing the score to 1.51. The die-hard Ohio State fan takes the first lead of the showdown. Now for the third question. What is the average candy sales for Halloween each year? The answer was 2 billion dollars, but Jacob guessed way off with 4.5 trillion dollars. Knowing that Snickers satisfies, Ms. Barker is still in a crunch with a half point lead, making the score 2-1.5.

Fourth question, the race is close. What do Mexicans celebrate instead of Halloween? Ms. Barker had a little problem with this question. She started to write All Saints Day, but quickly changed it to the to correct answer, Day of the Dead. Jacob tried to get the sole point out of the

Jacob Warren and Ms. Barker face off for the first time.

question, by saying he couldn’t read Ms. Barker’s answer. This bring the score for Ohio State to 3.5 and the Fighting Illini, 4. On to the next question. What percent of Americans decorate their house for Halloween? Ms. Barker exclaims, “Those Weirdos!” as she writes down 30 percent. Jacob’s answer is closer though with 64.25 percent, very specific. The correct answer is an astonishing 86% of “weird” people decorate their house. Jacob gets a half point for being closer. Both seemed to be more

OTHS Newsfeed

energetic then a kid on Halloween with the score popular chocolate tied. bar with Reeses. Ms. It is time for a question related to Jacob’s faBarker snickers, as she vorite food. How many million pounds of candy pulls ahead by a half a corn will be produced this year? Although both point. 6 to 5.5. were off, with Ms. Barker guessing 300 million, Both got this next Jacob was closer with 214 million. The correct question right. What answer: 35 is the oldest friendly ghost cartoon? million. Jacob, It is, as you guessed it, Casper. Ms. satisfied with Barker is ahead by a half point, gohis candy corn ing into the last question, another question gains a number question. Who will win, slight advantage The Ohio State fan or the Fighting over Ms. Barker Illini fan? 4.5 to 4. What era was Halloween brought Time for an to America? The answer is the easy question, 1800’s. that everyone Jacob is right on with this one, should know. but Ms. Barker answered the 19th Ms. Barker wins Halloween Pop Culture Showdown Century, which is also know as the What where Jack O Lanterns with a prize of bragging rights to win Halloween 1800’s. Both get a point, and Ms. originally sup- Pop Culture. Barker wins Halloween Pop Culposed to do? ture Showdown by a half a point! Both answered correctly with, to scare ghosts The Illini team wins over Ohio State! away. Jacob still leads 5.5-5, as he thinks about With smack talk going on throughout the what is pumpkin should look like this year. showdown, Both contestants had a fun time, but Everyone loves chocolate, so what is the most Ms. Barker wins bragging rights for her team, popular candy bar on Halloween? and claims the title of Pop Culture Showdown Ms. Barker’s research skill pulled through winner for October. Check out the Pop Culture because she was right with Snickers. According showdown video on, to see to Ms. Barker, Jacob answers the second most their wild expressions, and smack talk.

Question of the Month What is your biggest fear?

*“Probably snakes, they are creepy.”~Teacher

Mrs. Knutson

*“Letting people down.”~Yearbook Advisor Ms. Kusmierczak

(Photo Credit: Tyler Klaus, Emma Gatewood)

*“Killing something. I would feel so

Great Expectations: show choir looks forward to great success

bad and probably never talk to anyone again.”~Senior Erin Cain

*“Grasshoppers.”~Senior Mackenzie McIntyre

Mycal Hurley

With their passionate singing says Kapp. and dancing, and themes we Great Expectations captains are seniors Morgan Cooper, Jacan all relate to, what is there son Rambo and Leah Wells, juniors Meadow Nguy and Nate not to love about OTHS’ Bittner, and sophomores Della Almind and Miles Tillman. own Great Expectations? In addition to the traditional Great “Being a captain is rewarding and difficult but I don’t mind Expectations, there’s an all new, all much because they’re like women’s ensemble, called Innovafamily to me,” says Rambo. tions. Last year, Great ExpectaThe recent addition of Innovations ranked 1st runner-up tions, by show choir director Ms. at the Quincy Showcase Jamie Marble was to allow OTHS of Excellence and has students to compete in various gained critical acclaim from show choir competitions and earn the show choir commumore recognition for other shows. nity thanks to their unique Some songs you can expect “musical” themes and from Innovations are The Pussycat diverse dancing and singing Dolls’ “When I Grow Up” and techniques. Travie McCoy’s “Billionaire,” that “The groups this year look compliment their theme of “rags to great! These are neat shows riches” perfectly. with cool music and fun Great Expectations also has a choreography and costumes fantastic song list, consisting of Evwhich add to the dynamanescence’s “Bring Me to Life,” The ics of the show,” said Ms. Used’s “The Bird and the Worm” Marble. and Avenged Sevenfold’s “AfterAlong with their sneak The entire cast of Great Expectations pose for a group picture. life,” all of which appeal to their new peek Spaghetti Dinner perfortheme of “good versus evil.” mance that was on Oct. 1 at The captains for the newly created Innovations are senior Milburn, Innovations and Great Expectations first competiKatlyn Kapp, junior Sarah Bradley and sophomore Adrienne tion is on Jan. 15 at Crete Monee High School. DeGonia. “Even though I feel pressured with the new group, I’m (Photo Credit: Jamie Marble) excited to set the bar for future Innovations leaders to come,”



Pop Culture Showdown

Happiness: the state of mind Sarah Hesse


OCT. 21, 2011

*“Drowning, that would stink.”~Junior Kristin Doerfler

*“Tasers. I would rather be shot in the

leg than be shocked by a taser.”~Senior

~See any funny Facebook or Twitter posts, want to see them on Newsfeed. Submit them to newsfeed@

Mitch Gibbs

*“Spiders. For real.”~Senior Isaac Bouquet




In The Wild Mismatched Clothing

OCT. 21, 2011

OCT. 21, 2011



A review of Homecoming Week’s Dress Up Days


Lumber Jack


CLASS DISTINCTION Freshman: Snaking Around the Jungle (snake skin) Sophomores: Fur-Ocious Jungle Animals (fur) Juniors: Jungle Cats (Cheetah, Tiger, Zebra) Seniors: So Fly (Tropical Birds)

A day full of crazy, mismatched patterns, clashing colors, and tons and tons of laughs! Background Image: Brittany Mater



Friday BLUE and GOLD

With so much blue, gold, and panther pride, we proved our school has O-Town spirit!

The hallways were filled with suspenders, overalls, boots, and way too much plaid for one school to handle. Photos: Emily Love and Tyler Klaus




OCT. 21, 2011





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MLB post season

a plum pkin



Why did the zombie stay in his coffin? He felt rotten.

Who did Frankenstien take to Prom?

his ghoul friend

Why don’t skeletons like parties?

They have no to dance with.

Some Halloween jokes that Laffy Taffy wrappers would be jealous of.


corny jokes 9





Master of Puppets

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Want part of to be a as to our ide . y it m b u y ETC.? S ey@othstoda iv n a g me com

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Released on November 30, 1982 is one of the best-selling album of all-time: Michael Jackson’s Thriller. This album sold over 100 million albums worldwide with seven of his singles on the top 10 on Billboards Hot 100 and went platinum an astonishing 29 times in U.S. With Quincy Jones collaborating to make album, it created a new way of displaying music to a wider audience by showing music videos on television. “Thriller,” “Billie Jean,” and “Beat It” were the first music videos made, and eventually set up a guide for future pop and R&B artists.

Released on March 3, 1986, and the definition of classic thrash metal, was Metallica’s Master of Puppets album. It is considered one the of greatest metal albums ever released, and went platinum six times, while receiving no radio play or music videos to promote album. “Master of Puppets,” “Battery,” and “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” were the albums singles, and each are highly regarded among metal community and paved way for future artists.


Pink Floyd Album

Dark Side of the Moon



Released March 23, 1980 was Journey’s sixth studio album, Departure. Featuring their hit single, “Any Way You Want It,” this album was Journey’s most successful album of their career, with it reaching top eight on Billboard’s Top 10 singles. This would also be the last appearance of one of Journey’s original creators, Gregg Rolie. Although it strayed off course from the bands progressive rock roots, this album still managed to catch the attention of rock and pop music lovers everywhere, making it a fan-favorite for more than 30 years.

Released on March 1, 1973, with over 45 million copies sold worldwide, Pink Floyd’s album Dark Side of the Moon, which stayed on the No. 1 spot in the U.S. for its first week, and held its spot on Billboard album chart for more than 740 weeks afterward. This album also managed to go platinum 15 times in the U.S., and was a precursor to future progressive rock bands. Also, it is considered by MTV and many music enthusiasts around the globe to be the greatest rock albums of all time.


Dolly Parton Album

9 to 5 and Odd Jobs






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Michael Jackson





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yummy scented candles

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crunching leaves apple cider


haunted houses

4. turtlenecks

Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks




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3. bonfires



Six Flags fright night


l o o h c S d l OTHS Tunes



Scary Movie MArAthons with friends


20 things to love about Autumn



OCT. 21, 2011


Daryl Hall & John Oates Album

Daryl Hall & John Oates

Released December 2, 1980, Dolly Parton’s album, 9 to 5 and Odd Jobs, focused on working and the American tradition of the “working man.” In its first week alone, it sold over 90,000 albums and held its No. 1 position for 10 weeks straight on Billboard’s Top Country Albums. On this album is Parton’s famous single, “9 to 5,” that topped the charts for both country and pop music during that time, with two more singles from that album eventually reaching No. 1 as well, giving her the reputation as one of the best country singers in history. Released August 1975, was Daryl Hall and John Oates fourth self-titled album, Daryl Hall & John Oates. Although little recognition was shown to the band in its earlier years, they eventually released many re-issues of their albums and has gained many references in popular culture with their famous single, Sara Smile, being used in many television shows. Their pop/ R&B style was something unique for the day, and has many ties to R&B and pop artists now.



OCT. 21, 2011

OCT. 21, 2011

Spooks and frights for a scary Halloween Interested in Halloween spooks? Here are a few places you must visit this October!

Elizabeth Edwards & Sarah Hesse

1. The ness, located next to the Soulard Market in downtown St. Louis, is a night full of fun. Admissions are $20 for adults and $15 for children.

A zombie at Lemp Brewery awaits its next victim.

2. The Annual Haunted House, which takes place in the eerie dungeon basement of Centralia’s Historical

Museum offers a fright for the night. Admission is $5 and is located on 240 S. Locust in Centralia. For more information call (618) 545-0657. Other Places of interest this Halloween season:

out more information at

4 . Alton’s Haunted Tours! Did you know that a town only 30 minutes away from O’Fallon is one of the most haunted small towns in America? Well, if you didnt, now you do! Get involved in the Halloween spooks this year by touring the haunted city of Alton. For more information, A zombie at The Darkness attraction scares unsuspecting attendees. visit

3. The Lemp Mansion located in Soulard is a haunted mansion. It is home to a family of seven ghosts, one whom died under a mysterious circumstance, four who committed suicide, and two of natural causes. The Lemp Mansion offers a Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre, a Sunday Style Dining, Paranormal Tours, and a seasonal Halloween party! If you’re up for a night of scares, find

5. Creepyworld, which is in Fenton off of highway 121 is a night full of spooks! Admission is $23 for adults and $ 17 for children. 6. Laclede’s Landing Wax Museum is

located in downtown St. Louis at 720 N. Second Street. The museum is filled with 200+ life size figures! For more information contact (314) 241-1155.

A masked man wields a firearm at Fenton’s Creepyworld haunted house.

(Photo Credit:

OR Modern Scary

Which are better

Old Scary Movies

Connor Holzinger

Everyone enjoys out why they are chained to the walls and, more a good scare, importantly, what they share in common that especially around brought them together to their grim fate. Halloween. The first film had a decent plot that at least Horror movies have always been an excellent prompted the audience to think for themselves source of both entertainment about what might and fear. come next. As the years have gone on, Unfortunately, as the however, it seems that most series has progressed, horror films have become the inventive plots have cliché, lacking true fear and fallen away, with just suspense and compensating a show of mutilations instead with copious amounts and blood to capture of blood and gore. the attention of viewOne such example is the ers. prominent Saw series, consistThere are other ing of, as I’m sure you know, movies like The Texas a group of people playing Chainsaw Massacre, Laurie Strode faces her nightmare Michael Myers Dawn of the Dead, a so-called “game” for their survival, while trying to figure 20 years later after he tracks her down in her and Halloween, that hidden life in a small California town. out why they were picked to do strike fear into partake in this twisted compean audience without tition of death. unnecessary amounts The first film was largely about two men in of gore. a decrepit bathroom, frantically trying to find I am not, however, referring to the remakes of


these films that came out in the 21st century. simply viewing a video tape is enough to cause The original versions of these films came anyone to go slightly insane while looking for a out in a time where special effects were not so way to survive. developed and directors had to be creative when When judging old and new horror movies, trying to scare the audience. it comes down to what you Aliens is another notable expect in a film; if all you classic; while not as visuwant is a quick scare and ally astounding as modern massive amounts of bodily horror films, the sheer fluids splattered onto walls terror of being on a ship while the ominous sound of a with an alien who could be chain saw serves as the sound waiting around the corner track, then you are sure to is enough to make this film find quite a few modern films suspenseful and scary, even that will provide your fix just twenty-five years after it’s fine. release. If, however, you are lookThat is not to say that ing to walk away after watchmodern day horror films ing a film with a feeling of During her investigation Rachel watches the are a lost cause. dread that keeps you thinkThere are relatively mod- video that is causing people to mysteriously ing about what you saw, die within a week of seeing it. ern movies, such as The even long after the credits Ring, which causes more have ended, one of the more psychological fear than any classic or psychological horblood and gore could. ror films may be what you seek. Knowing one’s death is looming 7 days after (Photo Credit:, Dimensionfilms/

a guide to all of the best Halloween movies on tv

Emma Gatewood

Friday, Oct. 28 ABC Family:

• The Addams Family @ 6 p.m.

AMC • Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane @ 5 p.m. • Survival of the Dead @ 7 p.m. • The Walking Dead • Bloodletting @ 9 p.m. • Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday @ 10:30 p.m.

Sci-f i

• SAW IV @ 6 p.m.

Saturday Oct. 29 ABC Family

Hocus Pocus @ 7 p.m.

AMC • • • • • • • •

Halloween @ 1 p.m. Halloween III: Season of the Witch @ 3 p.m. Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers @ 5 p.m. Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers @ 7 p.m. Halloween H2O: 20 Years Later @ 9:15 p.m. Halloween @ 11:15 p.m.

Sci-Fi • • • • • •

Death Valley: The Revenge Of Bloody Bill @ 12:30 p.m. Saw IV @ 2:30 p.m. Dawn Of The Dead @ 4:30 p.m. Resident Evil: Apocalypse @ 7 p.m. Zombie Apocalypse @ 9 p.m. Halloween (2007) @ 11 p.m.

Sunday Oct. 30 ABC Family •

Van Helsing @ 7 p.m.

AMC • • • • • •

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers @ 1 p.m. Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers @ 3 p.m. Halloween H2O: 20 Years Later @ 5 p.m. The Walking Dead: Bloodletting @ 7 p.m. The Walking Dead: Save the Last One @ 8 p.m. The Walking Dead: Save the Last One @ 9 p.m.

SCI-FI • • • • • •

Resident Evil: Apocalypse @ 3p.m. Underworld: Evolution @ 5 p.m. Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans @ 7 p.m. Halloween (2007) @ 9 p.m. 31 Days Of Halloween Movie Underworld: Evolution @ 11:30 p.m.

Monday Oct. 31 ABC Family

• Casper @ 6 p.m.


• Halloween H2O: 20 Years Later @ 5 p.m. • Halloween @ 7 p.m. • Halloween III: Season of the Witch @ 9 p.m. • Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers @ 11:15 p.m.,, (Photo Credit: Michael Hogue/ MCTcampus)







Photos taken by: Tyler Klaus


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2011 MLB World Series

OCT. 21, 2011

Rams: NFC West Champions?

Dylan In the 2011 season, One reason the Rams haven’t finished drives Albert Pujols, Matt Holiday, Lance Berkman, a lot of Rams fans for touchdowns is because most of the playHighley and David Freese. On the pitching side of thought that the ers on offense are so young, especially the wide things, the Cardinals have their ace starter Chris team was going to receivers. Carpenter. With Wainwright out ,Carpenter have a breakout season, especially with the help The second reason the Rams offense has has taken that ace roll during the postseason of Sam Bradford. So far with the challenging had problems putting the ball in the in-zone for the Cardinals. The Cardinals’ strong point season they have yet to live up to the hype. is because of injuries. Wide receiver Danny during the postseason has been the bullpen but This talent on defense is not enough to win Amendola was injured in the first game against more specifically it has been the closer Jason the Eagles as well Motte. Motte has pitched in 7 games during the games for the Rams who lost their first 3 as running back postseason and games of the season. Steven Jackson. has not given On a positive up a single run. They can’t seem to win mainly because note the defense Tony LaRussa of their schedule has been stephas not had a this year. In the ping up on sacks problem with first 7 games, they and stopping putting the are playing some runs by using ball in Motte’s of the toughest weapons like hands win the teams in the NFL. defensive end game is on the These teams include Chris Long and line. the Philadelphia linebacker James For the Eagles, New York Laurinaitis. They Cardinals to Giants, Baltimore have a combined win they have Ravens, Washington total of 30 tackto get more les in the first innings out of there starting pitching and cannot Redskins, Green 3 games. With afford to go to the bullpen as early as they had to Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys, and New veterans in the against the Brewers. But when the Cardinals do Orleans Saints. back field like have to use the bullpen it’s not a bad thing. The There are a lot of Quintin Mikel Cardinal bullpen has been on fire with a 4.18 great qualities to this and Al Harris, ERA. If this bullpen can stay on fire throughout team like the way the Rams should the World Series then this game will be more they have moved have a lot more competitive than people think. the ball on offense. success than they (Photo Credit: Robert Lahser) Quarterback Sam are having curRams quarterback Sam Bradford looks to fling a pass. Bradford has thrown rently. the ball well with The team in over 650 yards in his first 3 games, but one man the NFC West that the Rams should look out should not make up the whole team. When you for is the San Fransisco 49ers who started off watch the Rams play, you see open wide receivers 2-1. If the Rams can escape the first 7 weeks dropping passes and fumbling the ball. A team of the season, then the are looking at some very can’t turn the ball over that many times and hope competitive games against division rivals. By the to still be in the game. time they play teams in the division, the rookie In the game against the Giants we saw the wide receivers will have a feel for the NFL and Mycal On October 14, scored again with a two-point conversion, putRams move the ball well and obtain the ball. But those players that were injured will be back to our boys’ football ting OTHS in the lead, 20-7. they have a problem with finishing drives. We full health. So, as of right now, the way the rest Hurley team pulled off a Towards the end of the third quarter, have seen this same problem for many years, and of the division is playing, it’s not too crazy to 26-7 win against quarterback Todd Porter walked off the field due with this team they march the ball all the way think the St. Louis Rams have a shot at being our conference rival the Edwardsville Tigers for to an injury. This season Porter injured his ACL, down the field and then have to settle for a field NFC West Champions. the Homecoming game. putting him out of commission for the game goal while the other team is scoring consecutive This year, the boys are looking great with a against Collinsville October 7. touchdowns. (Photo credit Chris Lee/MCT Campus) 7-1 record after In the fourth a devastating loss quarter Ka’Ra against East St. Stewart scored an Louis. Despite astonishing 92 this loss, however, yard run from a the boys managed kick-off, placing to compose themthe Panthers in selves and pull off the lead for the another win. rest of the game. athlete, playing football, baseball, In the first With another Kameron and basketball; he joined Rotary, quarter of the amazing win Johnson Student Council, FCA, Student game, Edwardsunder their belt, kameronjohnson@othstoday. Ambassadors, Big Brothers, Senior ville took the lead the Panthers plan Choir, and the Yearbook. It was You may 7-6 after a touchto participate in his main goal in life to attend college and graduhave seen down from WR the IHSA play-offs O’Fallon faces off against Edwardsville in the homecoming game. ate with a degree, a goal established in him by him in Darius Mosley, but and feel confident his grandmother who raised him. Eventually he front of O’Fallon quickly closed the gap in the second in their ability to win. decided to attend McKendree in Lebanon after his door quarter after another touchdown from an injured Be sure to watch them at Belleville East being recruited by other schools. To no surprise, between Mosley leading 12-7. tonight. Dent looked at his choices due to academics each At the start of the third quarter, O’Fallon (Photo Credit: TJ Price) rather than athletics. “In the process of being passing recruited, McKendree was the only school to period. sell academics over athletics,” said Dent. An scowlathlete’s grades are just as important to Dent as ing the their performance on the field. He preaches this 400 hall to his student athletes to help them realize that observing “student” comes first in the title. After graduatOTHS ing, Dent moved on and persuaded a career in students the arena football league where he played for the under his Coach Dent focuses intently as he talks Springfield Stallions. piercabout the game plan to defeat Edwards- ing eyes. Leaving the field for the classroom, Dent felt ville his presence was needed more to help mold Maybe young high school student athletes. His eyes you With a record of had a very solid season, according to Coach Elizabeth spotted O’Fallon, where he always anticipated have seen him on Friday night coaching up the 17-3-1, the boys’ Turkington. spending his career as an educator. Edwards soccer team has He says, “This group is big, strong and very fit, Panther receiving core and handing out water to “Working at OTHS was a goal of mine since his parched players. Who is this man we know had a very sucgood keys for staying healthy, but most importhe 11th grade. I wanted to bring diversity, as Coach Dent? To find out one has to peel cessful season, and tantly, they work hard.” youth, and value to the faculty and the coaching away layers of his tough exterior. JaRon Dent, head coach Jason Turkington is very pleased with Overall, Coach Turkington thinks this season, staff,” Coach Dent said. Coach Dent has done a county local, was born onNov. 11th 1984 in the teams’ performance. like most good things, has gone by way too fast. exactly that, inspiring the lives of many of our East St. Louis, IL. He is one of eight siblings Many of the team members this year are He hopes that the boys keep doing the right graduates to move on to bigger and better things, and attended Althoff high school graduating in returning players, such as seniors Tyler Collico, things all the time and looks for a great end to awarding him this spotlight in the Coach’s 2003 . While in high school, Dent was an active Evan Figueroa, Ryan Lawhead, Alex Reifschthe season. student, playing wide receiver as well as safety for Corner. neider, Nick Cherry, and Joey Thouvenot. “In my 11 years of being the head coach, (Photo Credit: TJ Price) the football team. Not only was Dent a superb Coach Turkington has enjoyed spending the this has been a great year. Not only because of past 2-3 years with his team. “Seeing them grow the record, but because of the players and their and mature has been a blast,” he says. personalities.” Despite a few nagging injuries, the team has Dylan Highley

The postseason wrapped up in a very unexpected way for most baseball fans. In the 2011 World Series, it’s the St. Louis Cardinals versus the Texas Rangers. The Cardinals are clearly the Cinderella story of baseball barely making the playoffs and now they are World Series contenders. A huge part of the success has been the bat of David Freese who has hit 4 home runs in the Postseason thus far. He was also named the NLCS Most Valuable Player. Matching up against the Rangers, will be the Cardinals’ biggest challenge yet especially with the power in the Rangers’ lineup. The Texas Rangers are full of big bats. The one that stands out is Nelson Cruz who has hit 6 home runs in the post-season. Other big bats include Josh Hamilton, Mike Napoli, Michael Young, and Adrian Beltre. This team has the pitching to win the World Series with CJ Wilson as their starter. Wilson has gone 16-7 with a 2.94 ERA in the 2011 regular Season. He will have to continue that in order to shut down the Cardinals’ big bats in the heart of the order. The Cardinals’ bats in the middle of the lineup are a huge part of their success. This includes

Panthers dominate conference rivals

Coach’s Corner: Meet the real Coach Dent

The Boys varsity soccer team continues their dominance

Volley for the cure On October 11th, the Lady Panthers hosted their third annual “Volley for the Cure” game in the Panther Dome against the Alton Red Birds. Through T-shirt sales, tickets and a basket raffle the girls raised $4,000 for the Susan G. Koman for the Cure Foundation. They’re ranked 87th in the state and moved up eight spots nationally; and to top things off they are 3-3 in the conference. The girls finally ended a three game losing streak to Collinsville, Quincy, and rival Edwarsville. The Lady Pink Panthers had a 2- 1 set victory against the Red Birds. Senior Lauren McCulley played a big role in the win as her consistency throughout the game for her teammates made her a big

Kameron Johnson

contributor to the team. On offense, McCulley led the team in kills punishing the Alton girls. She also helped out on the other side of the net with a couple digs that kept them in the lead during the third game. After a 1-1 tie the Panthers ran away in the third game with a 25-15 win to seal the deal and end their losing streak. The next day, O’Fallon traveled to Althoff Catholic High School and dominated them on their own senior night as Althoff had done to us last year. The season is coming to an end very soon and they look forward to the playoffs next week. Though the thought of winning conference is out of the picture, the girls look forward to the post season and going all the way to state.

OCT. 21, 2011

MIZZOU tigers and the fighting ILLINI ‘arch’ rivals Dylan Highley

In 2011, Mizzou fans have something to cheer about with a winning team led by head coach Gary Pinkle. With this talent, how far will they go in the BCS standings? When putting together a powerful team, you need someone who can take a just below average team, and turn it in to a winning team. The Tigers had that in quarterback Blaine Gabert in the 2010 season. Blaine Gabert was drafted into the NFL, so the Tigers were forced to find leadership in someone else and that man is sophomore quarterback, James Franklin. James Franklin has been on fire and has led the team with his sensational passing ability; throwing 694 yards in just 3 games. The chemistry Franklin has with his wide receivers is a huge factor in the success this team has had. In most cases a quarterback just has one “go to guy” that carries the team and scores most of the touchdowns. With the Tigers, they have 4 wide receivers with over 100 yards in the first 3 games. The four wide receivers are T.J Moe (172

yards), Wes Kemp(114 yards), Marcus Lucas (121 yards), and L’D Washington (104 yards). The Tigers have picked up their running game in a huge way over the off season with running back Josey Henry who had 400 yards and three touchdowns in his first 3 games. If Henry can keep running the ball like he’s been doing, then the Tigers are likely to be a top 10 team this year. The schedule for the Tigers is difficult this year, and it is crucial to take advantage and beat ranked teams they are up against. This team is playing Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Baylor, and Texas at some point this season. Playing these kinds of teams is an opportunity to be in a big bowl game this year if the Tigers can win. The potential for this team is very high so let’s see if they can get back to the dominant team they used to be. Watch the Tigers closely and see if we have found a “Chase Daniels” in this young quarterback James Franklin. (Photo Credit: mutigervolleyball.blogspot. com)




Kameron Johnson

What a season it has been for Illini fans. Head coach Ron Zook has had a divine intervention from the football gods. After being pink slipped by the Florida Gators, coach Zook accepted the job in Champagin. Since Zook took the position in 2005 he has 34 of 79 games, keeping Illinois under the radar in the Big Ten, and has yet been able to defeat border rival Missouri. This year the fighting Illini has blown up with a 6-0 start and two conference wins.( Illinois v. Ohio State). This being Zook’s best looking season in sixty years may be due to returning veterans. A.J Jenkins leads the nation with 815 receiving yards and eight touchdowns contributing to their single loss season. That one lost came to Big Ten power house Ohio State lead by new coach Luke Fickell this Saturday. Illinois defense showed up big holding the Buckeyes to a single field goal

going into the second half. In the beginning of the third quarter Dan Heron extended the Buckeye lead with a twelve yard rushing touchdown making the score 10-0 going into the fourth. The Fighting Illini completely shut out quarterback Braxton Miller and his receiving core by giving up a mere 17 yards passing. In the stat books Illinois should have won the game. Excluding rushing yards the orange out did Ohio State in every as aspect of the game. If it had not been for the three turnovers Illinois gave up two interceptions thrown by sophomore quarterback Nathan Scheelhaase and one lost fumble, the outcome may have been different. Though the team has suffered this one tough loss, hopes are still high for fans. Still within the top 25 there are aspirations of a return to the Rose Bowl and possibly a Big Ten Conference championship. (Photo Credit:

Quidditch sweeps its Cross Country team races into the 2011 season way into O-town Emma Gatewood

Quidditch has landed in O’Fallon. The sport, made famous by the Harry Potter saga, is typically played on broomsticks while flying through the air. The game is traditionally played with seven players, who try to score on three hoops located on each end of the Quidditch pitch. There are two beaters, who protect the rest of the players from bludgers using a short bat, three chasers, whom pass the quaffle, a spherical ball about the weight of a soccer ball, amongst themselves while trying to score on the hoops, a keeper, whom protects the three hoops, and finally the seeker, who has to catch the “golden snitch”. When the seeker catches the snitch, the game is over and the team who caught the snitch gets 150 points. If a chaser scores on one of the hoops, that team gets ten points. The game will only end though when the Snitch has been caught. In the movies, the Gryffindor seeker is traditionally played by Harry Potter, with the two beaters as the Weasley twins, Fred and George. Other players include the keeper and captain, Oliver Wood and the three chasers Alicia Spinnet, Katie Bell and Angelina Johnson. At O’Fallon, the game is slightly altered so that it can be played on the ground. There are many differences between the two

sports, one of which is that there are no beaters bats. Pool noodles are used in place of brooms, and dodge balls are used for the bludgers and the quaffle. The main difference though is the fact that a student plays the snitch. There are eight Quidditch teams at O’Fallon some of them include ‘Weasley Warriors’ ,‘Deadly Hollows’, ‘Whomping Willows’ and the ‘House of Swag’. Weasley Warriors player senior Madelyn Nowak-Roddy said of the game, “It’s the best thing ever. So fun, people think it’s nerdy but its rigorous.” When questioned about Quidditch Mr. Henry, the faculty advisor, said, “There was a good amount of interest this year and hopefully there will be enough interest to continue this next year.” Practices were Mondays through Wednesdays, 3:30 at Milburn. The last game of the regular season was Wednesday September 28. The playoffs start on October 3. The Weasley Warriors played the Chosen Ones while the House of Swag played Fumblemore’s Army. In addition Mugglets played the Whomping Willows while Stepmurt played the Deadly Hollows. The semi- finals on October 5 had the Weasly Warriors playing Stepmurt while the House of Swag played the Mugglets. The championship was played between the Weasly Warriors and the Mugglets. In the end the Mugglets beat the Weasly Warriors by 1 point and won the championship.

Boys’ golf finishes on the fairway Connor Holzinger

The boys’ golf team recently finished a strong season. Led by what Coach Kellermann called a “senior oriented group”, the boys ended their season with a record of 8-5 and finished fourth in the conference. They finished in the top half or better of every tournament they competed in.

at the St. Clair Invitational, fourth out of eight teams in the SWC Tournament, and third out of 12 teams in the Edwardsville Invitational, putting them at fifth place out of 10 teams in the region. The three top averages on the team belonged to Kenny Conrad, 38, Jon Hackmann, 40.1, and Luke Gray, 41.2. (Photo Credit: TJ Price/ Yearbook)

Seniors Kenny Conrad, Jon Hackmann, and Luke Gray were the top three players of the season. Seniors Adam Trelow, Kyle Wilson, and Paxton Bione are also on the team. The team also consists of junior golfers Brett Maggio, Nolan Frisch, Evan Meder, Spencer Summerlin, and Kevin Wolf. The team lost 3 conference matches by a total of just seven strokes. Gray, Frisch, and Maggio all qualified for sectionals in Joliet,but were unable to advance to the state tournament. The boys had an impressive record as far as tournaments were concerned. They finished seventh out of 22 teams in the Alton Invitational, fourth out of seven teams in the Goalby/ Hass Invitational, fourth out of 24 teams in the Quincy Invitational, third out of eight teams

OTHS boys’ varsity golf players line up their putts on the green at Tamarack Golf Course.

Dylan Highley

This year’s boys’ cross country team is dominating and proving it in their

competitions. At the Richard Spring Invitational, the team played their biggest regular season game yet. In this invitational O’Fallon placed fourth out of 64 teams. In that same race O’Fallon beat 10 teams ranked in the top 25 of the state. The top five runners fo the team are Alex Riba, Patrick Perrier, Nicholai Sarpy, Jacob Becker, and Kevin Lapp. Statistically, Alex Riba was the top runner in the Richard Springs Invitational with a time of 14 minutes and 41 seconds which is a total of seven points. “The guys have set goals of winning the South-

western Conference this year and the regional, and sectional titles. They also have a goal of winning a trophy at the state meet for the first time in history,” Head Coach Jon Burnett says, This team is expected to get better as the season continues and the head coaches all believe their players will continue to improve. “Workouts have been tremendous and look for our team to peak at the sectional meet and the state meet because there is so much potential in this team,” Burnett says. Currently, the team is ranked in the top 10 of the state. “If we qualify for the state meet, that will be the biggest meet of the season,” Burnett says. Come out and support this team as they could have their biggest season yet.




OCT. 21, 2011

Hauntings Close to home The real stories behind the 7 gates of hell Gate #1- In 1965, two lovers hopped into their parent’s 1961 Cadillac Deville in order to get away and spend some alone time together. They had been driving around for awhile when they finally arrived at an abandoned bridge, which we now know as the first gate to the 7 gates of hell. The driver put the car in park when all of a sudden something began pounding the windows. The window next to the boy busted and within seconds he was drug out of the vehicle by something massive. The girl tried to escape but her seat belt locked up. Now, if you go to the first gate at exactly 1:21 a.m. you will hear the screams of the young girl.

Gate#2- Years ago a young boy had affection towards a beautiful young girl. Sadly, this girl had a boyfriend. The young lady’s boyfriend was not fond of this young man constantly hitting on his girlfriend. So, he took matters into his own hands one night at the 2nd gate. A fight broke out, and the boy lost his life at the hands of the boyfriend. The boyfriend knocked him out, then hung him from the gate. If you pass under this bridge at moonlight, you will see the young man swaying back and forth. Normally, he will wave.

Gates 3 and 4-As you exit the 3rd gate and approach the 4th gate, you will see a quaint house. During the Great Depression, this house used to be home to a family of five, a father, a mother, a daughter, and two sons. One evening the father went mad. The reason behind this is unknown but people say that it was from stress from the depression, his nagging wife, and the satanic rituals he performed. No matter the reason, the man took an axe and be headed his entire family and proceeded to hang himself in the foyer. The souls of the family haunt the house to this day in order to seek revenge... pass these gates with caution.

Gate #5- In the early 70s, frequent gatherings took place at gate five around Halloween. These gatherings included less than holy people performing unimaginable sacrifices such as butchering cats, forced prostitution’s, and burnings of the cross. When passing through you will feel watched, and if you stop your car and turn it off, an eerie silence will occur. Seconds later dark hooded figures will begin approaching you from all sides.

Gate #6- Gate six, also known as acid bridge, is home to the place where three fun seeking teenagers lost their young lives. What happened was they took to tight of a turn and ran into the bridge, leaving the car incinerated. The bodies have never been recovered. The ghosts of these unfortunate souls chase cars as they pass over the bridge. Once a year, on Halloween night, a ghostly reenactment of the crash occurs. Gate #7- If you have made it this far, I suggest you turn around NOW. The 7th gate will lead you to a place of no return. No one has any specific story of this because those who have passed through the gate are permanently scarred from their experiences and others have never been heard from again.

Most popular Halloween candies of 2010: 1. Snickers 2. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups 3. M&Ms To vote in this years poll, search Candy Smackdown 2011

Gummy Worm Punch

Ingredients: lemon-lime soda, gummy worms, water, lemonade concentrate, orange juice, apple juice Nutrition per cup: 140 calories, 0g fat, 35g carbs, 1g protein.

These cupcakes are perfect for any Halloween party you are throwing! Bake time: 10 minutes for mini cupcakes and 20-24 minutes for regular size. Cool time: 20 minutes for mini cupcakes and 30 minutes for regular size. Ingredients: -Cake mix (yellow or chocolate) and the ingredients on box -Icing (chocolate or vanilla) -Sprinkles -1 bag Marshmallow candies (like candy corn) Directions: Bake mini or regular size cupcakes as directed on box. Let cool. Put icing in Ziploc bag and cut tip of back off. Squeeze icing onto cupcakes. Decorate with sprinkles and marshmallow candies! Enjoy!

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