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The Prowler Feb. 29, 2012

Volume 41 Issue 6

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February Frolics Pop Act: Best Act:“Shine” Best Remembering Goodbye Freshman Diana Risse, belted out her original composition, “Shine”. Risse played the song on the piano and was not unaccompanied by any other music. Her original song won more than 90% of the votes. (Tyler Klaus/The Prowler)

Biggest Shock: “The Best of Me”

Seniors Hunter Peebles and Jordan Baum performed the a country number that left many who knew the two singers amazed. (Tyler Klaus/The Prowler)

Seniors Mackenzie McIntyre and Erin Cain, juniors Sarah Kovich, Martha Terhaar, Brittany Wood, nad Natalie Krivokuca performed an Adele mash-up. They sang “Rumour Has It”, “Rolling in the Deep” and “Set Fire to the Rain”. Terhaar and Wood sang along as outstanding applause from the audience roared. (Tyler Klaus/ The Prowler)

Tear- jerker: Yellow Bird Senior Emma Speight recited an emotional piece that struck a cord of truth with the crowd. The somewhat sad but truthful piece won more than half of the votes. (Photographique/ for The Prowler)

Best Emcee Skit

Most Unique

The emcee acts this year were undoubtably some of the funniest yet, but the Emcee’s portrayal of the hit reality show, “Toddler’s and Tiara’s” left the crowd in stitches. (Tyler Klaus/ The Prowler)

Want to see more Frolics? Check out

Sophmore Alex Halverson mixed a beat to the wild applause from the crowd. His performance was different from all of the other acts which earned him more than 75% of the votes. (TJ Price/The Panther)



FEB. 29, 2012

Relax, it’s only high school Technology: a social killer Emily Love “We have our entire lives to find true love. Why stress over it now?”

“I love you.” Those three words are simple, yet complicated at the same time. They make things even more confusing when teenagers in high school say it to each other. Think about it! Have you ever said it to someone? Did you really mean it when you said it? Chances are, you have said it but didn’t mean it. Love is a strong emotion that, in my opinion, many teenagers think they are in, but don’t really know for sure. Yes, there are those select few that do meet their significant other in high school, but in most cases, it’s just a fling. I speak from experience. I had a boyfriend for two years, and I thought we were going to last forever. I had a crush on him for months before we started dating. He was a really good person and had a heart of gold. We said we loved each other only two months into our relationship. We were not only boyfriend and girlfriend, but we were best friends. We both had our own problems outside of our relationship that we helped each other through. Because of this, I think we became too serious too fast. I stopped hanging out with my friends; I barely talked to my parents; and I practically shunned my little sister out of my life. I only wanted to be with him. I made my happiness depend on him, and when I didn’t see him, I would get depressed. We started fighting over stupid things that didn’t matter. The arguing started getting worse to the point that we fought almost every night. One night, only a week before our one year anniversary, he lashed out at me because he had a bad day. In ten minutes, the phone conversation went from “I love you; always know that” to “I think it would be best for us to just break up.” I was so confused and hurt at the same time, and I didn’t know what to do with myself. The next morning, he called me and wanted to get back together, and I automatically agreed and things went back to the way they used to be. Then, the fighting started again. While this went on for another year, I realized I didn’t really want to be with him, but I was afraid of sleepless nights like I had when we

broke up the first time. Finally, I just let go. I couldn’t take the tension anymore, so I broke up with him and made a pact to myself that I wouldn’t go back to him. For the first time in two years, I felt relieved. I looked at myself in the mirror and just smiled saying to myself, “You did it girl, and you are going to be just fine.” Don’t get me wrong, I cried every night for two weeks because I lost one of the most important people in my life. I wanted to still be friends with him, but that quickly fell through because in order for that to happen, both people needed to make an effort. He backed out. I don’t really blame him, though, because after all, we did date for two years and being friends right after would probably be super awkward. But who knows? Maybe we could still be friends in the future. I see so many people in the hallways that are going through the same exact thing I went through. They stand at each other’s lockers one day smiling and laughing with each other, and the next arguing about something stupid like why he didn’t call her back last night. Yes, high school is a time to experiment and practice so to speak for when we are older and are searching for “the one.” I’m not saying that dating in high school is completely destructive because it’s not. Some things that happen in the relationship might be destructive, but dating in high school isn’t. While we are in high school, we start to figure out who we are and where we belong. Through all of our experiences, we form character and learn from our mistakes. I don’t regret anything because it was a learning experience for me and I know what to do and what not to do in the future when it really matters. It also gave me an opportunity to do some soul searching and learn more about myself. With all of my spare time, I started volunteering at a hospice house and a senior living community. I found joy and happiness through the simple task of helping others. Although high school relationships are sometimes overrated and taken too seriously, they provide great learning experiences for both people involved. It’s not the end of the world if you break up; it only makes you stronger. I know many people think that whoever they are dating now is going to be the person they marry, but chances are, you won’t even talk to that person ten years from now. High school is a great time to just have fun with your friends. Being in a serious relationship in high school just consumes so much energy and time that isn’t necessary. We have our entire lives to find true love. Why stress over it now?

other relationships and how I deal with issues. As much as I hate it, when I have an issue, the only way I can get my point across thoroughly is through writing. I still struggle to build up my confidence and speak my mind. “It’s time to relearn effective However, technology does not only attribute communication without the use of tweets, status updates, and to a lack of effective face-to-face communication. texts.” Social networks and relationships fuel another deadly emotion -- jealousy. Think back to any relationship that went south. Did it have something to do with your boyfriend We’re all guilty of it -- when you meet a new liking the wrong person’s profile picture? Has an person, especially someone you want to get to incident that was totally innocent ended up lookknow better, you log into your computer, search ing suspicious from a picture being uploaded on their name, and memorize every little detail you Facebook? Or has your girlfriend ever questioned can find about that person from the Internet. your trust by asking for passwords of social webIt’s exciting and fun at first. You learn things sites? These are just a few examples of Facebook like their favorite food, music, and hobbies. You or Twitter negatively impacting relationships. get a feel for their humor based on statuses or A huge factor in this deals with your decision tweets they post. Pictures show them and their whether or not to share your relationship online. group of friends. You learn about them before It’s true; most students like sharing their new even talking face to face. relationship with their peers. All it takes is a few simple But what about the teens who clicks. want to keep their lives private? Then, once you stalk Those teens somehow come through enough informaoff as two-faced or uncaring tion to start a conversation because they don’t want their and build up the courage to entire relationship publicized. ask for their number, texting Hopefully, I’m not the only becomes nonstop. one who feels this way. What’s Our generation always going to happen to our generahas information at our fintion if we continue to clutch gertips. While this is good onto technology instead of when it comes to school facing problems head on and work, having the urge to in person? How can we form be in constant contact with strong relationships and maryour boyfriend/girlfriend riages if we cannot speak up and wanting to know every instead of typing? When will (Tom Fox/Dallas Morning News/MCT) last detail about him or her we learn to trust one another is seriously unhealthy. without giving up simple rights Technology in relationships is a crutch. So of privacy like passwords or text messages? many forms of communication can be useful, but Technology definitely keeps teenagers more when it comes to building a healthy relationship, connected, but where is the line crossed and it usually turns disastrous. It gives people a false when does it become suffocating? sense of confidence, and in return, a false sense So the next time your girlfriend doesn’t text of hope. you back right away, or you see your boyfriend My first real relationship is an example of this. tweeting a friend you may not be comfortable Texting was the main form of communication with, take a step back from calling her or him out for us. The texting was non-stop; from waking on it. There might come a time where you would up in the morning to falling asleep mid-text mes- like your boyfriend or girlfriend to trust you and sage, my phone was always in hand’s reach. respect your privacy too. It’s time to relearn efWhen we fought, it was always through mesfective communication without the use of tweets, saging. What could have taken 15 minutes over status updates and texts--the quality of future the phone or in person, ended up being an hour’s relationships depend on it! worth of texts, most averaging three to five pages. While typing out my life story, I’ve realized that my first relationship directly correlates to my

Megan Ivey

Shiloh kids can read too!

Students still need to have the access to books throughout the summer, if nothing else, to learn to read for fun and to enhance their reading ability. Also found on, research has “I don’t understand how our tax dollars can be used towards proven that there is a link between time spent the high school but not towards reading for enjoyment and student reading other amenities like the public levels. library.” This puts the old saying “practice makes perfect” to great use. The more often you read, A couple years ago, I went to the library to particularly for enjoyment, the less likely you are check out a book, but after I picked out the to have a negative connotation of reading. This book that I wanted and went up to check it out, ties back to being able to have full access to the I was refused. library and all of its Apparently, the O’Fallon amenities. Without Public Library only allows having full access to O’Fallon residents to check the public library, out books for free, not students who cannot Shiloh residents. Shiloh afford to buy books residents must purchase are at a disadvana library card by paying a tage. fee that is equivalent to the Research has also amount of taxes that they shown that students would have to pay to supwho read frequently port the library. are typically higher As a Shiloh native, I don’t achievers than understand how our tax dolthose who read less lars can be used towards the frequently. Increashigh school, but not towards ing the availability other public amenities like of resources could the public library. Having have a direct link free access to a service, such to the success of a as a library, should be an student and that essential tool in the success student’s motivation. of a student. Without accessibilAccording to Scholastic. ity to the materials com, roughly one-third of needed, succeeding all students who are entering in the academic high school are apt readers. world may prove Because of this problem, our to be more difficult (Jason Nelson/The Prowler) school promotes summer than necessary, reading programs. It would ultimately affecting only make sense for all one’s confidence in O’Fallon students to be able to take advantage of scholastic subjects. all the perks that a library provides. Even though Reading is a necessity in life, and if our govthe school library is open until July 1 during ernment is serious about improving test scores the summer, what happens after the doors close and graduation percentages, they’ll start with the and don’t open back up until school starts again? bare essentials -- like full access to our libraries.

Madeline Crowe

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FEB. 29, 2012

Equality in relationships Kateaila Lilly “It doesn’t matter what your gender is. A boy-girl relationship, a girl-girl relationship or a boy-boy relationship. In a relationship, you should share the burden.”

You need to be a gentleman. You have to be a lady. These are common beliefs that have been pressed onto us starting at a young age. But what does it mean to be a lady or a gentleman? A gentleman needs to hold the door open and pay for dinner. A lady will sit there, accept these offerings with a curtsy and a smile. These gender roles for relationships are outdated and unfair. Communication and equality is what keeps a relationship alive, and those standards don’t fit into the equation. (Emma Gatewood/The Prowler) Women fought for a very long time to obtain the rights they have now, and they need to use them. In high school relationships, equality is especially important. Getting a job at 16 isn’t the easiest thing, and expecting the gentleman to pay for dinner and a movie when tickets are close to ten bucks each is absurd. This will only result in a very disappointed



girlfriend and many nights at home watching Redbox movies and eating Little Caesar’s pizza. It’s okay to split the cost or take turns treating. If the lady has the job, let her spoil the gentleman, and he can make it up to her later. No one in a relationship should have to miss out on what they love just because the other person is supposed to pay. There’s also the awkward situation a man has to face when he doesn’t have a car and his girlfriend is driving him places. So what? As long as you get from point A to point B, does it matter who’s driving? You’re in high school. You shouldn’t even be ashamed if you have to hitch a ride with your parents. Don’t worry; you have a lifetime of gas paying ahead of you. Some girls also prefer to open their own doors and pull out their own chairs. A guy may prefer for a girl to open his door once in a while and pull his chair out. It doesn’t matter what your gender is. A boygirl relationship, a girl-girl relationship or a boy-boy relationship. In a relationship, you should share the burden. No one wants to feel like they have to depend on someone else. Relationships teach us valuable lessons and independence should be one of them. Be who you are in a relationship, and the person you’re with should respect that. Don’t be a “lady” and don’t be a “gentleman”. Be you. Be everything you stand for.


Hey! My eyes are up here! Madeline Crowe “There have been plenty of times where I have walked down the hallway and seen girls who just take it, afraid of creating a scene. ”

So I’m just sitting there, trying to hold an intellectual conversation with a guy, when I notice that he’s no longer making eye contact with me. I think to myself, “What could he be looking at?...” And then it clicks, “...oh, you have got to be kidding me. Come on, dude! What the heck!? I DO have eyes ya know!” (This is the point where I stand up, knock over my hot tea into his lap, say it was an accident and make my escape.) As I make my getaway, I can’t help but ask myself some questions: “Was I too boring? Did I creep him out with too much eye contact? Did I have something in my teeth, and he just didn’t want to tell me? Ugh! What did I do, and why can’t I get a guy to take me seriously?” Many times I have found myself thinking this and wishing that judgments would be based on my personality not my physical attributes. It’s not just the wandering eyes that disturb me, but the cat-calling as well. Ladies, I know I’m not alone in this either. In Cosmopolitan Magazine, there have been multiple articles about this issue: sexual harassment. Here’s an excerpt from the article, “How to Stand Up to Creepy Men - Telling Off Creepy Men”, written by Bethany Heitman. “Every morning on my way to work I walk

by a construction site. The guys who work there always whistle and make annoying comments about what I’m wearing or how I look. For weeks, I tried to just ignore them. But one day I’d had enough. As I passed, they whistled and yelled ‘Hey, baby!’ I turned to face them and started doing it right back, shouting things like, “Yeah macho man, show me your hot plumber’s crack!’ They were so shocked that they just sat there in silence. Ever since, they’ve let me be.” —Angelina, 26 Even though this woman had the courage to stand up for herself, many women don’t. There have been plenty of times where I have walked down the hallway and seen girls who just take it, afraid of creating a scene. In order for this to come to a stop though, there needs to be an effort on both sides. Not only do women deserve respect, we demand it. So listen up guys--if you’re interested in a girl, don’t comment on her body; that is such a huge turn off. If you want to impress a woman worth having, then you need to be more interested about her personality, her political and religious views and her aspects on life. Also, if you want to really impress her, then take her out for a cup of coffee just to talk before asking her out on an official date. This will give you the opportunity to learn important facts about her without all the pressure of a date. First impressions can be detrimental to a future relationship, and they could make or break any chances you may have with that special somebody you’ve dreamt about being with. So make sure to treat everybody with the respect that they deserve, and stay classy O’Fallon.

Fighting like a girl

confront someone makes the situation ten times worse, because the girl you are confronting will be angry that you’ve tried backing her into a corner. So just discuss the situation privately. Which leads me to my next point: What to “Arguing is not a team sport.” say, and what not to say during the confrontation. When you decide to girl-up and discuss an issue with another girl, the conversation should not be one-sided because, most likely, the issue Today, my lovely readers, I’m going to give you isn’t. In most fights, both sides made a mistake. a lesson on how to fight like a girl. On many occasions, problems arise over weeks, (Boys, I encourage you to stick around for my months, and even years, but nobody finds the lesson, because it may help you out when you problem bad or serious enough to bring up. and a lady friend get in a fight later on in life.) Instead, the hatred sits and is fed over time until I’d like to start off by saying that on several ocit is all filled up and explodes. casions I have been in nasty girl fights. Surprise, Once a person does explode, they tend to surprise. address the issue with the other girl by giving I find myself in them quite often, and not by all their examples on why she is evil, which they choice. My anger, like many (but not all) girls, can stem anywhere from an offhand comment by may have organized into a note on their phone entitled, “Things Suzie did that Hitler would someone to a post on Twitter. probably do.” Getting angry takes up a lot of time and But saying to Suzie, “You are a terrible person. energy. Girls tend to hold on to grudges for a Look at all my neatly orgalong time, even after supposnized examples on why you are edly making up with someone terrible. Even my dog thinks they’ve gotten into a fight with. you’re terrible, and that you Most girls won’t share how they always have been terrible.” truly feel in a situation because By listing of all a girl’s faults they fear they will come off as and telling her how terrible she mean or rude. is, and always has been, you are Instead of directly addressing inclining that the girl has no a situation, girls use a different room to grow, and cannot learn form of fighting known as from her mistakes. relational aggression. Summed Instead, address the issue in up, relational aggression means a less hostile manner, and state that girls will use friendships to (Kirk Lyttle/ St. Paul Pioneer Press/ that you are at fault as well. bully people when in a fight. MCT) “I’m really upset about that Instead of addressing something you did last week, and I one to their face about an issue, understand that what I did was girls will go behind a friend’s wrong and that’s probably why you did what you back and talk about them in effort to be nicer. did. I’m sorry.” I didn’t do any formal research, but I’m almost Acknowledging your faults makes it easier positive that talking about someone behind their for the other person to acknowledge theirs. By back is way worse than just simply telling them, showing them that you are ready and willing to “That thing you did was messed up!” apologize and forgive helps to set an example for It’s better to tell someone upfront that there the girl you are in a fight with. is a problem at hand; otherwise, it will never be But you also need to be prepared for the fact solved. You have to communicate in order to that not everyone wants to make up. solve issues. Every time you are in a conflict, you could While communicating is a good thing when possibly end up losing a friend. When confrontyou are in a fight with someone, it is not okay to ing someone about an issue, they may choose communicate with seven friends behind you to not to listen to you and could end up using back up what you are saying. relational aggression tactics against you for standArguing is not a team sport. It’s understanding up to them. able that when you get mad at someone your But instead of despairing over the fact that you first instinct is to find someone else to back you lost a friend, think, “Through this experience I up and tell you you’re right. Girls need reassurfound out so-and-so wasn’t my true friend after ance about their views, and it’s comforting to all.” And now you can focus on all your real know that someone else agrees the person you’re friends who truly care about you. mad at is the most terrible person on the planet. Yay, positive thinking! You can tell people about your problems and And now that I’ve shared with you all how to your anger. However, you cannot tell someone and not to fight, I want you to all go off into that they should be on your side and that they the world and spread the girl love. By setting an shouldn’t talk to the girl you’re mad at. You have no right to decide who can be friends example for other girls on how to handle situations, slowly but surely the world will change, with who. You are not the friend police. And and in place of girl hate and malice, will be girl you definitely don’t need someone to hold your love and friendship. hand while telling a friend why you’re upset with And remember that the next time you get into them. a fight and you handle it maturely, reflect on It is also unacceptable to bring up a private what I’ve taught you, and you will proudly be issue with someone in front of all your friends. able to stand up and say, “Today, I fought like a This is not the, and you don’t need an girl.” audience watching your confrontation go down. If anything, having people with you when you

Andrea Vernier




FEB. 29, 2012

Flames engulf Honduras prison killing hundreds Kaley Johnson

Tuesday, February 14, a large prison situated in central Honduras was engulfed in flames, killing over 300 inmates. The blaze was visible throughout the night, and the terrified cries of the hundreds of trapped prisoners echoed throughout the area. The following day, hundreds of distraught relatives, friends, and loved ones gathered outside of the gates to identify victims and pray for their survival.

While Honduras mourns its loss, many around the world are now turning to an issue that has flared up, so to speak, due to the disaster: prison conditions. The U.S. State Department responded to the fire by releasing a statement that condemned Honduras’ prison conditions as suffering from “overcrowding, malnutrition, and lack of adequate sanitation”. Outcries have also been made against prison guards, who prisoners claim were slow to actually unlock the cell doors to allow the men to escape during the fire. Many relatives are furious at this injustice and claim that the guards are the cause of the high death toll in the disaster. Mourners line up outside of the prison gates the morning after the fire, searching desperately for loved ones among the charred ruins. (Gustavo Amador/EFE/Zuma Press/MCT)

Western world condemns Syrian violence after two more journalists are killed Kaley Johnson

On Feb. 22, Syria experienced yet another intense mortar attack that, in addition to an untold number of civilians, western journalists Marie Colvin (United States) and Remi Ochlik (France) were also killed. Their deaths spurred a public outcry against the ongoing violence in Syria. In addition, to causing the deaths of Colvin and Ochlik, the shelling injured three other journalists, who were attempting (AP/CNN) to document the attacks in Syria. Colvin was a well-known foreign correspondent for London’s Sunday Times, and her unjust death has made her into a martyr for not only war-journalism, but also for all the violence going on in Syria. Ochlik studied photography in Paris and became an award-winning war photographer before

he was killed on Wednesday. While the Syrian Foreign Ministry offered condolences to the families of the journalists, they refuse to accept responsibility for the deaths, putting the blame on Colvin and Ochlik for “infiltrat[ing] its territory on their own”. While Syria’s President al-Assad refuses to admit to intentionally killing civilians, the evidence of police brutality and federal crackdowns can be traced across social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. These sites display as many as 9,000 people dead due to the rebellion. As well as the widespread upheaval from various human rights groups, the U.N. Security Council has also stepped up to survey the situation in Syria. They plan to meet on Friday to discuss their plan of action in Syria and possible resolutions. Russia and China will not be attending the conference in Tunisia.

Monumental problems in Olympus; Grecian artifacts stolen Kaley Johnson

On Friday, February 17, a prominent Grecian museum in Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympics, was robbed of numerous artifacts.

in Greece.

Not only are these robberies concerning because they threaten the retained culture in these Grecian museums, but they also highlight the coming Olympic Games. The Olympic flame is due to be lit on May 10th at the site where the

At around 7:30 a.m., two robbers broke into the Archeological Museum of Olympia, where they swiftly tied and gagged the female guard and proceeded to smash several glass casings and snatch about 65 small statues and a gold ring. This is the second time this year that a Grecian museum has been robbed of its artifacts, and Dimitra Koutsoumba, the president of the Greek Archaeologist’s Association, says this is due to “the cuts the Culture Ministry has made since the crisis hit in 2009”. Earlier this year, The National Gallery in Athens was robbed of a three extremely valuable works of art, including one by Pablo Picasso. Culture Minister Pavlos Geroulanos offered to step down soon after the robbery, but his resgination has not yet been accepted.

These ancient Greek helmets are on display at the Olympic Museum, which was recently robbed of 65 to 68 clay and brass statuettes and a gold ring. (Toni Salama/Chicago Tribune/MCT)

The robberies have gained alot of publicity due to the significance of the Olympic Museum, which is considered one of the most important

museum is located.

Devastating train wreck Americans robbed on in Buenos Aires Mexican vacation Kaley Johnson

In Argentina, Wednesday morning, started as a normal day of work for hundreds

Presidential candidates review

Emma Gatewood

Rick Santorum

on fire.

On Sunday, fire officials said the body count was tolled at a stunning 358, including five people who died at a hospital due to their injuries. Although authorities cannot pinpoint a definite cause of the fire, the city of Comayagua’s governor claimed she did receive a phone call from an inmate at the time of the blaze that placed the blame on someone setting a mattress


FEB. 29, 2012

Overall, an estimated 676 people were injured in the crash. The deadliest point of impact occurred between the first and second car, where the second plunged six meters into the first and instantly jarred the commuters packed within. of commuters in a People were Buenos Aires train instantly thrown on station that ended top of one another, as a nightmare that and one passenger left 50 dead and said, “(I) had more hundreds injured. than 10 people At approximately above me.” 8:30 a.m., a train The cause of the running at around crash is not entirely 16 mph entered a known, although station and failed authorities say to stop, resulting in they have reason to a devastating crash believe something which passengers went wrong with said sounded like a Rescuers take wounded persons out of a carriage at the site of the the train’s brakes, bomb exploding. train derailment. The derailment of an inter-city train has resulted causing it to fail Rescuers quickly in the death of at least 50 people and the injury of at least 550 to stop before it arrived and citizens people. (Telenoticiosa Americana/Xinhua/Zuma Press/MCT) crashed into the scrambled to help barrier at the stathe trapped victims tion. in the train cars, prying open doors and breaking Buenos Aires Trains, the corporation in charge through windows to reach the injured pasof running the rail service, said in a statement sengers. Helicopters air lifted victims to nearby that it “sends its condolences to the family memhospitals. bers of the deceased passengers and remains very

Emma Gatewood

Saturday Feb. avoid all but essential travel to all or parts of the 25, twenty two 14 Mexican states, including the state of Jalisco. Carnival Cruise Puerto Vallarta is the sixth-largest city in Jalisco. Line passengers As a result of the warning Carnival may have were robbed of altered their itinerary for the seven day cruise. their valuables and passports in Puerto Vallarta, Despite the many travel warning, Puerto ValMexico. According to a larta remains a tourist Carnival Cruise reprehotspot for many sentative, the robbery college students on happened Thursday spring break and during a short trail other such tourists. excursion. The violence in The cruise line also Mexico has resulted stated that there were in 47,500 people no injuries and that all killed in drug-related further trail excursions violence between are canceled. December 2006 and “Carnival is working September 2011 the with guests to reimburse State Department them for lost valuables reports. and assist with lost ( passports or other forms of identification,” the statement said. Carnival Cruise Line has suspended all other similar excurThe incident came sions. (Paul Rodriguez/Orange County Register/MCT) only two weeks after the U.S. State Department issued a statement saying that Americans should

Mitt Romney

- Former Governor of Massachusetts - Balanced a budget which had a $3 billion deficient when he was elected - Introduced health care laws that makes all citizens of Mass. have health care or face serious tax (Andre J. Jackson/MCT) hikes - Reluctantly supported a bill that allowed same-sex couples to have civil unions - Sought to reinstate the death penalty - Ran in the 2008 Presidential election but lost the nomination to Sen. - Pro- Life - Pro Death Penalty - Supports the right to bear arms - Opposes the closure of Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba

Newt Gingrich

- In Congress from 1979-1999 - Former Speaker of the House - Helped to reform the welfare program - With Democrats helped to balance the budget - Had around 80 ethics charges brought against him, almost all (Eric Paul Zamora/The were dropped Fresno Bee) - Resigned in 1999 - Co-founded the Congressional Military Reform Caucus - Vied for the IMF to refuse loans to Communist countries - Endorsed a bill to make MLK’s birthday a national holiday

(Ed Suba Jr./MCT)

- Pro- life

Ron Paul

(Darin Oswald/MCT)

President Obama

- US Representative for Pennsylvania from 1991-94 - Senator from 1995 to 2007 - Supported War on Terrorism - Proponent of teaching intelligent design in relation to evolution in public schools - Against same sex marriage

- Registered doctor - Spent 22 years in Congress - Advocates withdrawing from the UN and NAFTA - Strongly endorses Constitutional rights such as the right to bear arms and habeaus corps

- Former Senator from Illinois - Repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell - Appointed two women to the Supreme Court - Stimulus money, $787 billion to help stimulate the economy (Tom Lynn/MCT) - Passed health care reform bill that expands Medicare and lowers the price of insurance for people making less than minimum wage - Withdrew troops from Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan - Osama Bin Laden killed on Presidential order - Helped to pass U.N. Security Council resolution to help with the conflict in Libya



Breaking down the wall of fear

Kailey Jaster

As fear over5,400 during the current protests. whelms many Plastered on a pack of Marlboro cigarettes, countries of Asia there is a picture of Assad’s face with a caption and Africa, the reading, “the Syrian regime is a main source of people of these cancer and heart and lung disease.” countries are constantly faced with the question, Ibrahim Qashoush, a Syrian firefighter who “How am I suppose to get through another day wrote the “Come on, Leave, Bashar” song, was alive?” murdered in July, his vocal chords cut out and With all of the violent his body dumped in the river clashes constantly taking in the city of Hama. place, blood, has become “I saw really horrible things almost as common as I’ve never seen in my life,” water. he said. “Kids in the hospiIn Egypt, protesters tal, a kid with his whole jaw are demanding a swift gone. A little girl, a kid, she’s presidential election and 4-years-old; she’s dead. Her an early handover of sister’s 6-years-old; she lost her power by the army. The left eye and her mother is in soccer violence restated intensive care.” demands for the Egyptian “Children have not been military-led government to spared the horror of Syria’s make reforms and improve crackdown. Syrian security security. The protests forces have killed, arrested, began February 3, in anger and tortured children in their Continued protests in Egypt have sparked at the police for lacking homes, their schools, or on more violence throughout the country. to prevent a post-match the streets,” said Lois Whit(Ahmad Sidique/MCT) brawl between rival soccer man, children’s rights director fans. As the protests conat Human Rights Watch. tinued on day two, the original riot had become Who are we not to be thankful for the unspoan excuse for the failure of the government to ken freedom we as Americans’ have; on the other resolve the complaints that set off the recurring side of the world the very thought of speaking street violence. out against government, or protesting is followed “The people demand the downfall of the field by treacherous consequences. When someone is marshal,” chanted the protesters, who waved fatally injured during a protest here, it is a big flags from the popular soccer team Al-Ahly. deal, while in places such as Egypt, and Syria, “You don’t know if the rocket is going to come death is the most common result. in your living room or in your kitchen,” said an “We are discovering ourselves for the first activist who is being identified only as Danny for time,” said a 28-year-old Syrian who goes by his safety. “Everyone’s becoming used to death the name of Samer Lathkani, from the coastal here.” town of Lattakia. “The uprising has awakened Syrian Baathism, the Arab socialist party, runs patriotic sentiments among young people, now a inhumane police state that once killed 20,000 every protest is a thrill.” in the city, Hama, and has now killed more than

Memorial Hospital to build new medical center for O’Fallon/Shiloh area Andrea Vernier

Expected to open in 2016, Memorial Hospital East will help to bring new life to Shiloh, at the price of 118 million dollars. The new hospital is to be built on a 94 acre site near the intersection of Frank Scott Parkway East and Cross Street. The hospital is to have 94 beds, private patient rooms, surgical suites, a cardiac catherization lab,

an intensive care unit and an obstetrics unit. When the new hospital opens, the main campus in Belleville is expected to decrease in capacity and convert all patient rooms to single occupancy. Shiloh mayor, Jim Vernier, is quite enthusiastic about the new project, saying, “The hospital will bring acute care to within ten minutes of arrival for the fastest growing area in the county.”

Campaign fire: the heat of the debate

Jason Nelson

The 2012 PresiLikewise, Rick Santorum quickly gained the dential Campaigns attention of the country when his candidacy are fully underway, surged, now topping the nation wide polls. and the competitorum’s campaign appealed greatly to many of tion thus far has the conservatives in this month’s primaries where been tense. Mitt Romney currently leads the he lead in Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado. GOP with a total This lead of 127 delegates. caused many Having achieved of the other a stunning victory candidates, at Florida’s and including Nevada’s caucuses Presdident at the end of JanuObama, to ary, Romney holds aim their a strong lead. attacks at SanThe other three torum. candidates, Paul, With just Gingrich and Sanmonths until troum, run close the Republitogether. cans choose February yielded a nominee, more debates and America can chances to prove expect more to the people that political chaos numbers aren’t as the race everything. for President However, makcontinues. ing an impact is easier said than done. Gingrich, having just won big in South Carolina Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich at the faded when faced Candidates Arizona primary debate on Feb. 22. (Janet Morgan / MCT) with turmoil in the polls, even failing to get himself on the ballot for Missouri.




FEB. 29, 2012

Exceptional students honored Racial stereotypes: do they at NHS induction define you? Mycal Hurley

On Thursday February 23, 2012 in the Milburn ditorium, families and friends came to applaud the 175 new National Honor Society members inducted into OTHS’s prestigious organization, adding to the 150 currently active members. In order to gain entrance into the organization, members are required to have and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher through their fifth semester of high school. (Mycal Hurley/The Prowler) Seniors must serve ten hours of community service to participate in National Honor Society, in addition to keeping their grades high. With their necessary service hours, NHS students must also give their time to a service project that the group must complete. Last semester, NHS donated hats to the Matt’s Hats organization, who collects hats to give to children at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital that have (Mycal Hurley/The Prowler) various forms of cancer and lose their hair from chemotherapy treatments. In addition to this service project, the new members next year will participate in their annual food drive for the Food Pantry in O’Fallon.

The female members will also play hostess to the Cavins Center American Girl Doll Show on March 31. Senior and NHS President Jenna Hoots welcomed the inductees and their family members and proceeded to introduce OTHS Superintendent Dr. Darcy Benway, who gave her remarks. NHS project coordinator, senior Taylor Arndt, then introduced keynote speaker, Mr. Keith Albers, to provide advice to NHS’s newest members by telling them that to find their passion and goals in life, they must maintain the four pillars NHS is based around: leadership, scholarship, character and service. After congratulating them on their success, Arndt and senior Kaitly Slaby, called up the new members to light the candle, signifying their official induction into the organization. The inductees then recited the NHS oath to those in the audience, followed by intense cheering to end the ceremony, solidifying the newest members’ roles to their community.

Changes in lunch menu provides students with healthier options Sarah Hesse

Everybody is aware that exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but what many people seem to forget is that eating right is just as important. However, Sodexo and the cafeteria ladies at school never lose sight of the importance of eating right. The best meal that is available to purchase at lunch would be one from the main line located in the cafeteria, not the MPR. This option is best because it provides a wellrounded meal full of the nutrients that each of our bodies requires. With the meal plan, you receive an entree and a minimum of three sides, which include fruit, vegetables and breadsticks. Also included in the meal is a carton of milk, which is fat-free due to the recent innovations to the health consciousness of our school menu. This healthy meal only costs $2.25. If you don’t like the hot food that the school provides, then another healthy option would be the deli line. At the deli line, each student is allowed to create their sandwich in the same manner as one would at a nearby Subway. If none of these are for you, stop by the Panther Den and pick up a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which is made fresh daily. Our cafeteria is full of healthy foods, it’s just up to individuals to make the correct decisions on what to eat and what not to. A few of the least healthy items on the menu are located in the MPR. Bosco sticks and spicy chicken poppers are not healthy. They are high in caloric value, so if you wish to keep it healthy, stick to your other options. Over the past couple of years, our school has worked hard improving the quality of the food. Some of these improvements are that the pasta noodles, pizza crust and taco shells are now made

with whole grains. Whole grains provide many health benefits to individuals. According to the Whole Grains Council, consuming whole grains on a daily basis can lower the risk of developing Type II diabetes by 30 percent, and they can assist in maintaining a healthier weight. Turkey meat has replaced ground beef in the taco meat, which is naturally low in fat as opposed to ground beef which contains a substantial amount of fat.This simple switch has improved the health standards of the tacos and taco salads. Another improvement that has been taking place lately is that we are now given the option to purchase more fresh fruit and produce. This allows us to choose fruit or vegetables over a bag of chips or a cookie. But, once again, the school cannot force us to pick the healthier option. It’s up to us to make this choice for ourselves. Sodexo, as well as the cafeteria workers here at OTHS, have one thing in mind. They all want every student to be healthy. They provide a wide variety of health options, but it is up to us to choose the correct ones. Of course a cookie tastes better than green beans, but in order to remain healthy, decisions must be made. Rather than loading up every day, make some things you love treats for every once and awhile. Next time you’re purchasing lunch, stop and think to yourself, “Did I make a health conscious decision?” -Check out the list on the right to see the nutritional information of some popular lunch items.

Dianiche Baxtron

Something that bothers me here at OTHS is how some students view other people because of their race or the group of people they associate with. There is some diversity here, but I don’t see many races intermingling. I think this is because we feel more comfortable with our own race and it’s easier to connect. With each race there are things that other races assume or think about concerning a certain group of people. I think that because I’m black, people expect me to act a certain way and assume I only hang out with other black people. This is something that’s not true. I don’t base my friends on the color (Connor Holzinger/The Prowler) of their skin. In the beginning though, I would approach a black person before a white or any other race because we already have something in common. But if I see that this black person isn’t someone I want to associate with, then I’ll make friends based on personality and character. Race is the first thing that I notice, and I’m sure most others notice it first too. This isn’t a bad thing, but just because someone is black or white doesn’t mean that you should view him or her by stereotypes or categorize an individual a certain way. Someone once told me that I was ghetto because I said something a certain way, and that I shouldn’t “try” to act black. I was told this by a white guy. To him, I wasn’t like the other black

students at O’Fallon. But how could I be “trying to act black” when I was? He was only used to seeing me in school and in class not around other people of my race. Another person once told me that if we didn’t have a mutual friend, she would have never talked to me because I seem white. And for the same reason she was used to seeing me in school around white peers. I do understand how she could have thought that I “acted” white. A lot of my classes are harder, and sadly, in the challenging ones I take there aren’t many black students. I don’t have classes with my black friends, so I have to socialize with my white peers. Just because I spend a lot of my time at school with white students doesn’t mean that I’m less black. Honestly, I do act different in classes when I’m the only black person. I feel like I have to prove that I should be in that class and go the extra mile to stand out. Some of us are putting too much thought into race. It’s simple. It’s the color of someone’s skin and his or her background, and until you sit down and hear what he or she has to say and learn who they are, you should not judge. It’s about time we all begin to analyze why we really form the relationships we do. Race usually doesn’t contribute to a person’s personality, so we can’t categorize each other on the color of skin alone. What’s important is one’s sense of character and integrity, not just the color or one’s skin.

OTHS Food Favs Garden Salad w/ Light Italian Dressing 200 calories | 13g fat | 15g carbs | 6g protein Chicken Noodle Soup 198 calories | 6.3g fat | 18.8g carbs | 17g protein French Fries 280 calories | 18g fat | 22g carbs | 3g protein Cheeseburger 430 calories | 25g fat | 28g carbs | 22g protein Chicken Salad Sandwhich 350 calories | 10g fat | 44g carbs | 20g protein Chicken Caesar Salad w/ Light Italian Dressing 720 calories | 50g fat | 30g carbs | 36g protein Ham, Turkey, and American Cheese Sandwhich on white 480 calories | 15.5g fat | 32.5g carbs | 34.5g protein Interested in the nutritional information of other items? Visit Documents/USA/PDF/Nutritional_Info.pdf


FEB. 29, 2012

National Merit Scholar finalists:Wolter, Schad, and Cain

Jason Nelson

O’Fallon seniors Sloane Wolter, Alexis Schad, and Erin Cain achieved finalist recognition in the National Merit Scholarship program earlier this month.

“I am very happy to have been selected as a finalist. It makes me feel great to know that Erin, Alexis and I are representing our high school and community,” says Sloane. 50,000 high school students nationwide are selected (Jason Nelson/ for The Prowler) to compete in the program based on their high PSAT scores. Last September, several O’Fallon students were chosen as semifinalists, beating out another 36,000 around the country. Months later, an approximate 15,000 competitors remain after

each contestant submitted information such as their SAT scores, applications, essays, and recommendations. “Now we get to be finalists because we took the SAT to prove it wasn’t a fluke,” Erin says jokingly. In March, some 8,300 students will be selected from the finalist group as winners based on their abilities, skills, and accomplishments. “It would be nice to be selected as a winner,” Sloane says, “but I am thankful simply to have gotten this far. Anything else would be icing on the cake.”

History of O’Fallon

Kaley Johnson

President Abe Lincoln: According to local legend, the “Great Emancipator” may have spent one of his long nights during the war within our city limits. Several accounts provide evidence that Abe may have stayed at a local tavern near Belleville, which is now Dandy Inn. A more obscure legend claims that Lincoln slept at the locally owned restaurant of Paulo’s, an old Italianate building turned restaurant located in downtown O’Fallon.

John O’Fallon:

National Archives/ MCT)

John O’Fallon, the founder of our dear ol’ town, was the nephew of William Clark, as in, Lewis and Clark. John was actually mostly raised by his uncle Clark after his father died when he was very young. He grew to invest in railroads, supplies for the army and land. Most notably, he purchased a large sum of land and transformed it into the first depot in the Ohio/Mississippi state area. This depot was originally called O’Fallon Depot, and it grew until it was declared a village on May 18, 1854. And the rest is history.

William Holden:

William Holden, born in 1918, was one of the most prominent actors of all time, debuting in 1939 as Hollywood’s “Golden Boy”. He starred or co-starred in sixty-eight movies, including critically acclaimed films “Sunset Boulevard”, “The Towering Inferno” and “Network”, which received three Academy Awards and one Emmy and was named one of the “Top 10 Stars of the Year” six times. Holden, the dreamboy of the 1950’s, happened to be born in our very own O’Town. William Holden’s baby bed, in fact, can still be seen today at the O’Fallon Historical Society on Main Street. According to local memory, the young actor is said to have visited his hometown quite often, and was seen on multiple occasions eating at the restaurant downtown, which, as it happens, is now Gia’s; the popular pizza joint, formerly known as Papa Vito’s.

Ronald Reagan:

(Alexa Drouin/ for The Prowler)

(Alexa Drouin/ for The Prowler)

Although he wasn’t born here, Ronald Reagan also visited O’Fallon quite a bit throughout his lifetime due to the fact that his mother’s sister Emily Rush and her husband Steven Rush lived here throughout their entire lives. According to witnesses, Reagan brought his first wife Jane Wyman with him on one of these visits, and the two were seen standing on the corner of State Street near the restaurant located there. It being the small world it is, William Holden and Reagan actually became such close friends through their acting careers that Holden was Reagan’s best man in his second wedding. While visiting O’Fallon, Reagan also reportedly dined at the restaurant on the corner of Main Street. Therefore, whenever you’re chowing down on Gia’s famous pizza, you can accurately say that you’re eating at the same spot that Ronald Reagan and William Holden did.

Milburn Archeological Findings:

(Luna/ The Chicago Tribune)

The freshman campus, as it turns out, is built on top of what may be 1100 year old ruins. Deposits of an ancient structure were uncovered in March of 2008 during the construction of Milburn. Although they weren’t sure, experts say that the strange structures that were examined could have been an ordinary house and a religious temple, of sorts. They also tentatively related these archaeological findings with the nearby site of Cahokia mounds.

(Madeline Crowe/ for The Prowler)



Advice Column: RockaBye Baby

Dear Zula,

your parents. When an argument springs, go out for a walk. During that time, things should calm down you can comfortably return “My parents are at war. Every where to home. Also, your parents should day I come home to arguing, begin to catch a trend in your brief and I’m beginning absences and to become fed up realize that with it all. My their arguing parents are petty to affects not each other, insultonly them, but you as ing each other well. every moment they If you do get. It’s starting to not feel distract me from comfortable school. I never go just leaving, it out with friends; I would help to just sit in my room discuss your and listen to chaos emotions downstairs. What with someshould I do to feel one close to more comfortable?” you. Anyone who has dealt with divorce Sincerely, as a child can help sort (Katy Maness/ for The Prowler) through your A Lonely Kid emotions. Anger, depression, and Constant confrontation is a very guilt are the first feelings teens feel. troubling process to deal with for Know it is not your fault. Yes, it people our age. To see our parents will hurt at first, but in the end, on the verge of divorce, eats away at everything will work itself out. us slowly but surely. In order to cope with your parents’ problems, you can do one of two things. First, separate yourself from the tension created by both of



FEB. 29, 2012

Blankenship and Brown named February SOTM Every month, worthly nominated seniors patiently wait for the Student of the Month announcement to be made. O’Fallon has many people deserving of this title, so expectations and standards are set high for each month. The two students of February’s SOTM title are Erika Brown and Connor Blankenship. Brown is a musical, active, and dedicated young woman. Throughout her high school career, she’s enjoyed Art Club, Gay Straight Alliance, Delta Epsilon Phi (German Honor Society), National Honors Society, as well as captain of Speech Team and president of Otaku Club and German Club. As if keeping herself busy throughout the hallways is not enough for her, she participates in saber and foil fencing, volunteers at the O’Fallon Library, and plays in a variety of musical activities regarding Faith Lutheran Church, which she attends regularly. Within her church, she is a member of three different choirs while playing both the piano and the organ. She is a high school leader for Be Like Jesus each year and acts as assistant director for her church Christmas musical, and of course, is a vital part of her church’s worship and music committee. In addition to her musical talents, Brown is just as much scientific. She plans on studying forensic chemistry at Augustana College in Rock Island, IL. While she is a perfectionist and stresses easily, she believes her best quality

Catherine Maness

includes her ability to keep her composure. “As a speech team competitor and musician, I

“My classmates are awesome, I love what we do in class, German club’s fun activities and

(Mycal Hurley/The Prowler)

need that for my performance,” says Brown. Brown has many good qualities and aspects, many of them which she attributes to the good examples in her life. One mentor in her life is Frau Ashby, who she believes to be her most influential teacher thus far because of her ability to lead a great class.

spectacular members,” says Brown. While this month’s two students contrast in many ways, they are both quite musical and agree that the best thing about their achieved nomination is “the awesome parking spot.” Connor Blankenship is also involved in a variety of musical activities. Many of which are

jazz ensemble, jazz combo, musical pit, Frolics, woodwind quintet, brass quintet, National Honors Society, brass choir, jazz band, and madrigal brass. To sum up Connor Blankenship, his sense of music is exceptional. He plays French horn in the OTHS wind ensemble and plays piano for several places within and outside of OTHS. As if this resume’ is not impressive enough, Blankenship has composed his own music for the wind ensemble including “Symphony No. 1”, “Op. 2” and “Sojourner”, “Op. 2”, along with several piano solos including “Nocture”, “Op. 1” and “Song for a Friend”, “Op. 2”. Blankenship has always known his love for music, but before taking Music Theory with Dr. Gustafson-Hinds, he was not sure what direction he would take with it. “In Music Theory, Dr. G encouraged me and my compositions, resulting in my declaration of music composition as my choice of major,” says Blankenship. Although music encompasses a great deal of his life, it is not all that Blankenship is involved in. He’s also involved in KidsLife (FBCO Sunday School) technical coordinator, Cross Teens, Audio/Visual technician for FBCO, and VBS technical coordinator. This month’s seniors are dedicated, deserving, and musical. Because OTHS has such a wide variety of deserving seniors, Student of the Month is well-respected title to everyone who claims it.

Teachers of the Month: Mr. Denny and Mr. Henry Megan Ivey

When you walk science section of the ACT. into Mr. Denny’s When he was a teenager, Mr. Denny wanted to room, you are be a doctor. He studied at Greenville College for greeted by a friendly two years and then transferred, graduating from looking skeleton and surrounded by rock Lee University in Tennessee. diagrams. More often than not, various music is He has been teaching for twelve years, playing before the bell beginning his career in rings, jump-starting Atlanta. However, after students’ urges to learn. seven years, he decided A student’s talent is to move back to the showcased on one of the O’Fallon area to be bulletin boards, where closer to his family. he or she achieved “Star Because he raises three Student” status. Room children, Mr. Denny 906 gives off a fun, jokes about losing sleep. relaxing atmosphere, Even so, he finds time much like our Teacher of to sponsor the Scholar the Month Mr. Denny. Bowl team here at Mr. Denny, who OTHS. teaches anatomy and Interestingly, Mr. physical earth science, Denny has a Master’s grew up in New Baden. degree in religion. Today, He attended high he and his wife lead a school there, and from Bible study group for a list of his accomplish- (Connor Holzinger/The Prowler) college students. Somements and activities, he day he wishes to be part definitely made a name of a ministry. for himself. Mr. Denny likes to engage with his students, At Wesclin High School, Mr. Denny ran track, often making jokes and relating to students. played the trumpet for the school band and sang Because of this, students enjoy learning and exin the school’s musicals. celling in the different areas of science. He is an He also showed off his academic talents. Mr. excellent teacher and part of the OTHS faculty. Denny was a part of National Honor Society and was the captain of his Scholar Bowl team, leading his team to state for the first time. From his hard work, he earned the title Salutatorian of his class. He also scored a perfect score on the

Dianiche Baxtron

For the month of February, The Prowler came together and chose two outstanding teachers who are very much well known and include ones who stand out to the students. Norm Henry was chosen as one of the February Teachers of the Month. He was born on January 10 in Theriot, Louisiana. He grew up with one sister and one brother. Mr. Henry graduated from South Putnam High School in Greencastle, Indianna. While in high school, he played football and was a member of the National Honor Society. Following graduation, (Tyler Klaus/The Prowler) Mr. Henry attended Earlham College in Indianna. In undergraduate school, he studied Spanish and received a Master’s in Education. When he was asked why he became a teacher he said, “I always wanted to be a teacher... After getting over all of the childish professions.” However, growing up, Mr. Henry did not always want to be a teacher. He started out like most little kids wanting to be a superhero. Then, he matured into wanting to be a firefighter, cop, astronaut and a comic book artist.

“I love the language,” he said regarding teaching Spanish, “and how flexible I can be when teaching it.” Mr. Henry chose to teach at OTHS because he thought it was an excellent school, especially in the language department. When asked what was his favorite teaching moment he said, “The first time a student told me that I was the reason they wanted to become a Spanish teacher.” Outside of school, Mr. Henry enjoys hanging out with his family, reading, watching really bad movies and collecting old comic books. While trying to avoid running at all costs, he also does some outside activities including ultimate frisbee, hiking, camping and fishing. “I try to be invested in their lives,” he said. “I also try to create a variety of experiences through intramurals, Lifesavers and ultimate frisbee.” Mr. Henry also mentioned that he has a disturbing fascination with zombies and is apparently a huge Drew Brees fan. Fun quirks like this help him relate to his students and make them dedicated to learn in his class.

“I’d love to, but I’m broke.” It’s a common phrase that high school students hear. One person wants to go out and do something, like grab lunch or see a movie. The other interested parties, however, don’t have any money. Here’s a thought: get a job. Now, I don’t feel that every single teenager should have a job; some just aren’t in a good position to do so. If you’re deeply involved in sports or other extracurricular activities, you probably don’t have time for a job. A teenager who cannot drive would also have trouble holding a job. Many teens, however, simply complain about not having money when they have plenty of free time to go out and seek employment. Working isn’t the most enjoyable thing on Earth, but it’s nice to know that you’re earning your own money. In any case, it’s the logical thing to do when you have the free time and want some extra cash. While it can be hard to find a job, the main key is to be persistent. You need to apply at many places if you want to get a shot at employment. The usual places like restaurants and retail shops are all right, but if you want a better chance at a job (as well as a job that holds more

value) you should look for specialty jobs that aren’t available to everyone. Are you good around the gym and weight room? Maybe you can see if the YMCA or Gold’s Gym is hiring. Some gyms even allow teens to train members and demonstrate how the equipment works. Lifeguarding is another great job, especially during the summer time. You do (Zbigniew Bzdak/MCT Campus) have to take a certification course, but working long days during the summer can easily pay for the certification. Plus, few jobs allow you to spend your day outside while getting a tan as you work. The advantage of having a job like this is that

you will be less disposable; there isn’t a shortage of people who will work at the drive-thru at McDonald’s, but not every teen has the knowledge or training to work as a lifeguard at a pool that’s full of patrons on a daily basis. The best thing to do first is to decide where you want to work. While you may want a job, don’t settle for employment at a place that will make you miserable. Spend a few hours driving around and picking up job applications. It helps if you introduce yourself to the manager so that you create a good first impression. Fill out the applications promptly and return them to the businesses as soon as you can.

Welcome to O’Fallon’s first ever SUPERHERO SHOWDOWN! Today’s contestants include: O’Fallon’s very own Brenden “Wild Boy” Wright (whose powers include charming the ladies and having beautiful hair) and coming all the way from Freeburg (who is considered a theatrical director rivaling Stephen Spielberg), Mr. “Super” Sahr! Both contestants came prepared and confident for battle. Let’s see who will emerge as O’Fallon’s one and only Master of Superhero trivia. Round 1: What superhero’s sidekick’s real name was Dick Greyson? Brenden: Uhh.. I have no clue. Iron Man?

SUPERHERO Showdown Brenden’s Kryptonite.

Round 3: What is Wonder Woman’s go-to weapon? Your hint is “Rope of Honesty.” Brenden: Is it the Rope of Honesty? (…..He really seems to be on fire at this point.) Sahr: Is it called the..It’s...her lasso. Is it the Golden Lasso? As it turns out, neither of them think Wonder Woman is so wonderfull, because both of them got it wrong. The correct answer is the Lasso of Truth.

The score is “Super” Sahr-1 Brenden “Wild Boy Wright”-0

Round 2: Superman was born with his powers, but what helps him recharge them? Brenden: Well its not Kryptonite... Sahr: The sun! They call me “Super” Sahr for a reason. Mr. Sahr strengthens his lead to 2-0, making me think that superhero trivia might just be

Well, Mr. Sahr is a pretty good guesser, because despite what Brenden says, all of Nick Fury’s limbs are completely intact. He just has some trouble with butterfly kisses, seeing that he is missing his left eye.

We’re halfway through this week’s Superhero Showdown, so at this point, I’m going to make the switch from DC comic book heroes to Marvel comic book heroes. Round 6: Thor is the god of what in Norse mythology? Brenden: I’m pretty sure he’s the God of Thunder right?

Round 4: What city is Bruce Wayne sworn to protect?

They were both right again. In Norse mythology, Thor is the God of Thunder. That question is keeping this race neck and neck.

The score is “Super” Sahr-3, Brenden “Wild Boy” Wright-1

he’s missing an eye I guess?

That makes the score “Super” Sahr-3, Brenden “Wild Boy” Wright-2.

Sahr: Brenden’s right on this one. He’s the God of Thunder.

FINALLY! A glimpse of hope for the student body. Brenden “Wild Boy” Wright has finally scored a point! But not to be out done, “Super” Sahr did too. They both knew that Bruce Wayne is Batman, and he protects the City of Gotham. (Kailey Jaster/ The Prowler)

have raced several times in comic book history, The Flash always emerges victorious.

The score is still “Super” Sahr-2, Brenden “Wild Boy Wright”-0

Brenden: It’s gotta be Gotham. Sahr: Gotham.

Sahr: Robin!


The score is “Super” Sahr-4, Brenden “Wild Boy” Wright-3. Round 7: What is Iron Man’s real name? Brenden: (After minutes of silence and countless “umms” and “uhhhs”) Donald Eckerman? Sahr: Haha! Tony Stark!

(Kailey Jaster/The Prowler)


Final Round: How many different members have there been in The Avengers? Brenden: I dont know, 7?

Sahr: Hmm...was it a tie?

As much as I may have personally wished for Brenden’s answer to be true, it was incorrect. Mr. Sahr strengthens his lead with his correct answer. Iron Man’s not-so-secret identity is Tony Stark. Making the score “Super” Sahr-5, Brenden “Wild Boy” Wright-3.

Brenden: (flips hair and smiles triumphantly) The Flash.

Round 8: What handicap does Nick Fury, the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., have?

Call it a comeback, ladies and gentlemen! Brenden “Wild Boy” Wright has, for the second round in a row, answered the question correctly. Although Superman and The Flash

Brenden: He’s probably a paraplegic or something right?

Mr. Sahr ended the battle with the final, epic comment, “And good triumphs over evil aga in!”

Round 5: When Superman raced The Flash, who won?

If you were a teacher, what would you teach? Senior Ali Vance “Geology because I think it is really fascinating,and I would love others to see how beautiful the world is."

Sahr: I’ll say 20. The correct answer is 98, so “Super” Sahr gets the last point. That makes the final score “Super” Sahr-7, Brenden “Wild Boy” Wright-3.

Sahr: Well, he has that shield over his eye, so

OTHS News feed

Junior Hannah Wavering

If the employer is interested, make sure you get a clear description of the job you are applying for. Ask about things such as hourly wage, sick days, scheduling, hours, etc. It’s important to consider the schedule of where you want to work; you don’t want to be working until 10 or 11 o’clock at night when you have school the next morning. Inquire about things like this to make sure that the employer will be able to accommodate your individual needs. The importance of persistence comes after the interview. Even if the employer doesn’t call you back for a few weeks, check in every now and then. Not only does this give you an update on where your possible employment stands, but it also shows your potential boss that you’re serious about getting a job. Just stay on top of potential employers and make sure that you apply to a wide variety of places. If you keep at it and truly dedicate yourself to finding a job, you’ll be able to find employment in no time at all.

The current score is “Super” Sahr-6, Brenden “Wild Boy”

In the final round, the contestants will be asked to give a number. Here on the Superhero Showdown, we use “Price is Right” rules. Whoever is closest without going over receives the point.

“Spanish because you get to teach by having fun and playing games rather than always lecture.”

Teen jobs: no work, no play Connor Holzinger

Donald Eckerman

Well as much as I respect Brenden’s answer, it’s wrong. Dick Greyson is Robin, sidekick to Batman, the caped crusader himself.



FEB. 29, 2012

Senior Leah Haskett "English because that is the subject I am best at, and I love reading all types of literature.”

Junior Sarah Kovich "Music because I feel like it's the best thing I can offer to a kid's education. It is a great stress relief, teaches good social skills, and gives them a break from standard academics.”

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FEB. 29, 2012

Whitney Houston

y l l Ne



November 2, 1974 the life of a star, Cornell Iral Haynes, more commonly known as Nelly, began. Having grown up in St. Louis, he was surrounded by fights, and was constantly getting into trouble. Once he reached high school, he changed his focus to playing baseball, storytelling and writing rhymes that helped keep him out of trouble. At this time, Nelly showed great promise of becoming a professional baseball player; but at the same time, he wished he could become a rap star. He continued working towards a baseball career, and received plenty of offers to play professionally. He also formed a group with five of his friends, calling themselves St. Lunatics. Two years later, they released the self-produced single “Gimme What Ya Got.” With 10,000 copies sold, it became a regional hit. Later on, the group decided to take a break, and supported Nelly as a solo artist. In 1993, he left his rundown neighborhood and headed to University City where his music career really started to take on.

FEB. 29, 2012

“Pop music’s queen” was born on Aug. 9 1963 in Newark, New Jersey. From a young age, Whitney Houston was destined to make it in the music world. Her mother, Cissy Houston, was a famous gospel singer. When Houston was only 15 years old, she was the first African American female to appear on the cover of “Seventeen Magazine”. By the time she was 19, she was being discovered in the music world. Whitney Houston’s talent was discovered by Clive Davis of Arista Records in a night club.The two of them worked close with one another for a few years.They went on to produce her first album in 1985. Whitney Houston remained on the top of the charts for 14 weeks. In 1986 Houston won a Grammy

He continued to to bring hip-hop to St. Louis. He stated, “I’ve got a style that’s all my own. I’m rappin’ the blues. I like to think of my music as a jazz form of hip-hop. I don’t really even know what I’m going to sound like until I hear the beat.” He immediately signed with Universal Records, probably due to his “rapid-fire cadence, soulfound sound and energetic stage presence.” “I don’t necessarily feel like a solo artist,” he explains. “I’m just the key in the door for the rest of the St. Lunatics. I’m the first to release an album. But we’re all family. We came up together from nothing. So it’s St. Lunatics for life.” An exceptional artist, Nelly was a rapper with truly universal appeal. He wasn’t from the east or west coast, and wasn’t from the “dirty south” either. Rather, Nelly was from St. Louis; a midwestern city.

award for her song “Saving All My Love for You”. A year later, in 1987, Houston released her second album “Whitney”, which resulted in her winning even more Grammies. During these years she founded the Whitney Houston Foundation for Children, which was a nonprofit organization that helped needy children worldwide. In 1992, she married Bobby Brown, a well known R&B singer. At first, the marriage was full of love, but as it continued it took a turn for the worse.The two of them battled substance abuse and unacceptable behavior. Within the same year, Houston starred in the move “The Bodyguard”. She also released her famous song “I Will Always Love You” allowing

Scott Joplin 1867-1917

Scott Joplin was born in somewhere in the large state of Texas. Exact information is not known due to absence of documents; however, his birthday is believed to lie somewhere between June 1867 and January 1868. As a young kid, Joplin grew up in Texarkana; however, he did not live there long. He first had access to a piano at the white person’s home his mother was employed at. By the 1880s, Scott Joplin was a teenage boy attending Lincoln High School in Sedalia. The school was an all-black school. Sedalia became the place that Joplin referred to as his hometown. For many years, Scott Joplin traveled as the pianist in many bands. While traveling, he learned how to compose music. His first two publications were “Please Say You Will” and “A Picture of Her Face”. As years went on, Joplin’s ability to perform and compose rag songs increased dramatically. In 1899 he published one of the most famous piano rags ever known, “The Maple Leaf Rag”. It took awhile for this particular piece to gain fame ,but by 1909 ,nearly half a million copies had been sold. This rate of sales continued for the next two decades. Soon after “The Maple Leaf Rag” became well known, Joplin and his wife Belle moved to St. Louis, Miss. At this point in American History, St. Louis was the center of ragtime music.

While in St. Louis, he performed very little and directed most of his work towards composition and teaching. A few of Joplin’s significant publications in St. Louis were “Peacherine Rag”, “The Easy Winners”, “Sunflower Slow Drag” and “A Breeze From Alabama”. In 1904 Joplin attended the opening of the World’s Fair. Much of his music was played there including the songs “The Sycamore” and “The Favorite”. After the event, however, things went downhill for Joplin. In June of 1904 his marriage with Belle had ended. He ended up marrying Freddie Alexander. She soon feel ill and passed away only ten weeks after they wed. The next few years, Joplin struggled. He moved to Chicago and New York. He continued to compose ragtime songs, but never hit fame again. In 1916 he fell ill, physically and mentally, by effects of tertiary syphilis. By 1917, he was hospitalized and transferred to a mental institution. He passed away on April 1, 1917. Over the course of his life, he composed and played over a hundred ragtime songs. He gained the nickname of “King of Ragtime Writers”. Source: Scott Joplin Biography

her to win three more Grammy awards. In the early 2000’s, Whitney Houston hit troubled times. Her marriage was on the verge of collapsing and her career was not far behind. Bobby Brown staretd a TV show known as “Being Bobby Brown” which was similar to the reality shows playing now. He showed the couple in bad lights, taking part in activites such as fights and illegal fun. With the showing of this program, Houston’s reputation took a spiral for the worst. In 2007, she divorced Bobby Brown and took full custody of their daughter. With change came a glance of hope for the pop star. In early 2009, Houston released

another album titled “I Look to You”. She had high hopes for this album, but it did not hit fame the way her previous albums had. Between 2009 and her death in 2012, Whitney Houston was not making any more outstanding albums. Sadly, she never made her comeback. She passed away on February 11, 2012 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in LA. The reason behind her sudden death is still unknown. Although her life was cut short, she accomplished many achievements. Whitney Houston was a phenomenal singer. She is a voice that never will be forgotten.

s u i l e n r Don Co 2 1 0 2 6 3 19

Don Cornelius, founder of “Soul Train”, died this month at the age of 75. Born in Chicago, Don is best known for Soul Train, a music show especially for Africa Americans. He started out working for an insurance company in the 50’s, and attended broadcasting school in 1966. He often worked as a fill in DJ, or in the news department for WVON radio. Later, he switched to television, where he worked as a sports anchor as well as the host of “A Black’s View of the News”. He got to know the owners of the station, in which his suggestion for a music television program came to life. Using $400 of his own money, he created the plot for “Soul Train”. His show featured teenagers dancing to the latest R&B and soul music. “Soul Train” first premiered August 17,

Maya Angel 1928 ou Dr. Maya Angelou was born on April 4th, 1928 in St. Louis Missouri. During her early childhood she moved to Stamps, Arkansas. In the south, she experienced some of the horrible acts of racial discrimination that were taking place at this point in American

history. During her early teenage years, she attended a high school in San Fransisco. Sadly, at the age of 14, she dropped out and began working. She eventually went back to school and graduated.Soon after her graduation, Maya Angelou, gave birth to her son. As a single mother, she worked long and hard hours to support her son. Throughout this entire time, Angelou’s love for music and dance never left her side. Over the course of her lifetime, she did many different things that most people only wish they could have done. She toured Europe as part of the opera production “Porgy and Bess”, studied modern dance with the famous Martha Graham and was able to dance with Alvin Ailey. Her first album, “Calypso Lady”, was recorded in 1957. She moved to New York in 1958. There, she devoted her time and effort towards writing and performing the “Cabaret for Freedom”. Also while in New York, Angelou joined the Writers Guild and performed in a few off Broadway 1970, and instantly became popular. Because of his “deep voice, and distinguished good looks” , Cornelius was the ideal host. He introduced many unfamiliar artists to a larger audience who went on and became even more successful; a few examples are Gladys Knight (his first guest), Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Barry White, Melba Moore, Al Green, Donna Summer and Mariah Carey. In 1993, Cornelius gave up his position as host, and brought in guest stars hosts. He commented, “It’s always a pleasure to find something that matters.”

“I’ll Always Love You”

Death: February 1,2012



productions. After New York, she moved away from the United States. For a year, Maya Angelou lived in Cairo, Egypt and the next year she moved to Ghana. While living abroad she focused her attention towards helping children learn to read. Working with other cultures allowed Angelou to learn and master five other languages. Upon her arrival back into the states, many civil rights movements were occurring. Malcom X was assassinated and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had asked her to take part in his organization known as the SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference). King was assassinated in 1968, which crushed her spirits. Two years later, in 1970, Maya Angelou published “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”. Fame didn’t stop here. In 1972, Angelou wrote the screenplay for the film “Georgia, Georgia”. This resulted in Angelou being the first African American woman to ever be nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. As the years went by, she continued to add more to the world around her. By the end of her many careers, she had accomplished several wonderful goals and ambitions. Dr. Angelou is known as a poet, memoirist, novelist, educator, dramatist, producer, actress, historian, filmmaker and civil rights activist. Source: Maya Angelou Biography




O -Tunes


All of Me



On February 28, Estelle released her third album an astonishing three years after her second album, “Shine”. Although this is quite a long wait for her faithful fans, this album definitely delivers the powerful and emotional voice of this British artist. Within the album’s ten song track list, Estelle conveys the time she’s spent away from the studio in order to re-imagine herself and her emotions associated with this time. Overall, this album holds up to the standards she set back in 2008, and even featured big hit artists like Rick Ross to appeal to a larger crowd.


A Different Kind of Truth Artist Van Halen

Releasing a 12 track album, Van Halen keeps the oldschool genre alive with their new album, “A Different Kind of Truth”. February 7, the album’s release date, marked a huge occasion for hard rock enthusiasts around the globe, dispelling The Van Halen “drought” which dated back to 1998 when the group recorded their last full album, “Van Halen III”. David Lee Roth, the main vocals for Van Halen, has shown some obvious wear due to age. Nonetheless, Roth still maintains that youthful spirit and “rock-y” voice that every hard rock band wishes they had. Focusing on the instruments, the band displays some of the hardest, heaviest playing ever seen from Van Halen, thus making this an automatic pick-up for hard rock fans.


Scars and Stories


The Fray

The Fray’s third album debuted February 7 with a 12 song track list and a new producer, Brendan O’Brien. O’Brien has helped other popular bands create albums, such as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam, in hopes of getting a more “live performance” feeling to their songs. This album is more serious and personal than their last two albums, talking about experiences that the band members have endured throughout the album’s creation. Starting off with their single, “Heartbeat,” and throughout the rest of the album, the somber mood stays constant, making it feel a little repetitive over time.

FEB. 29, 2012

h, t n o m s Thi ght i l t o p s we in w e n s ’ t wha of m l a e r the ! music!! CONCERT REVIEWS:

Parachute ignites The Firebird Katealia Lilly

February 9th at The Firebird in St. Louis, three bands put on a

top notch show. Easy Squeeze was the first opener band. They are a pop punk band from the Edwardsville area and just recently released their new EP “Tricks are for Squids”. Support local music and check them out! They are similar to bands like Mayday Parade and Cartel. They played an upbeat, quick set list with a very entertaining performance. The second opener, La Bella Charade, is another local band that is from St. Louis. Their performance was even (Adam Burch/for The Prowler) more upbeat and energetic. The lead singer even took initiative and jumped into the crowd to get everyone jumping and dancing right along with him. If you like old Fall Out Boy then you will love them! Lastly, the crowd was filled with so much anticipation as Parachute took 30 minutes to set up their equipment. When they finally appeared, the entire crowd transformed from a subtle sway to an all out dance party. William Anderson, the lead singer of Parachute, took the stage and said, “It’s good to be back in St. Louis. It’s been a hot sec.” The first song they played was the popular

hit, “What I Know”, and then they transitioned into another very popular song, “White Dress”. During the third song, things picked up even more and Anderson had the entire crowd singing the chorus with him. The band played ten more songs after that and there were many memorable moments. The song, “Under Control”, was a huge hit and the sound of the crowd was in harmony as they sung the heartful chorus together. Anderson, after the Tom Petty cover, said something St. Louis fans will never forget. “We love St. Louis, it’s one of my favorite cities. When we compare shows we always compare it to St. Louis.” The moment that almost amounts to that wonderful quote would be during the song, “Back Again”, where Anderson got in the crowd and began to rap. Not only that, but he made everyone chant each members name right before they broke into an outstanding solo of their instruments. The crowd favorite being the saxophone. Overall, Parachute put on a thrilling performance and really made all their fans feel loved.

(Adam Burch/ for The Prowler)


Amaryllis Artist Shinedown March 27


Trespassing Artist Adam Lambert March 20


Fortune Artist Chris Brown March 16


Underrated Artist Bow Wow March 13


Movie Reviews “The Woman in “The Secret “The Vow” World of Arrietty” Black” Kailey Jaster

Movie summary: As a young widowed lawyer, Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe) is sent to the village of Crythin Gifford to sort out the affairs of a “recently passed eccentric.” Upon his arrival, he discovers that the townspeople are hiding something from him -- a deadly secret. Although everyone attempts to keep Kipps from finding out about their tragic history, he soon learns that the Eel Marsh House, belonging to his client, is haunted by the ghost of a woman who is determined to get back something that she lost. No one, not even the children, are safe from her. Starring: Daniel Radcliffe as Arthur Kipps Janet McTeer as Mrs. Daily

Ciarán Hinds as Mr. Daily Sophie Stuckey as Stella Kipps and Liz White as the Woman in Black My opinion: The “Woman in Black” was overall a fantastic movie. For extreme dramatic effect, there were long stretches of silence, which kept the audience on the edge of their seats. With quite a few jumpy scenes, the theater was filled with spontaneous shouts and had the audience both dead silent and scared half to death. Grade: B- (Rated PG-13 for thematic material and violence/disturbing images.)

Andrea Vernier

In Studio Ghibli’s newest masterpiece, “The Secret World of Arrietty”, we follow the life of a young borrower (little people who borrow items humans won’t miss), Arrietty, as she befriends

the newest ‘human bean’ to move into the house she lives under. After being seen on her first night of borrowing, Arrietty tries her hardest to stay away from Shawn, the new human bean. But once her mother his stolen by Shawn’s family servant, Hana, Arrietty must team up to save her with the one person she swore herself to stay from.

Will Arnett as Pod Moises Arias as Spiller Amy Poehler as Homily and Bridgit Mendler as Arrietty “The Secret World of Arrietty” is filled with beautiful animation and a great plotline. The characters are unlike any you’ve seen

before, while still being relatable to audience members. Young and old can watch the movie and take great lessons away from it. “The Secret World of Arrietty” will take audience members’ breaths away. Grade: A+

Starring: David Henrie as Shawn

Megan Ivey


memory loss, forgetting any time spent with her husband.

popular romance film this month, especially during the Valentine’s Day season, was Rachel McAdams and Channing

Throughout the movie, Leo tries with everything in his power to spark Paige’s memory and reignite the love they share for one another. Paige’s family often gets in the way, which makes the

Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams in “The Vow.” (Courtesy of Kerry Hayes SMPSP/MCT)

Tatums’ new drama “The Vow”. The movie doesn’t take a long time for the plot to unfold. Within the first scene, viewers see the married couple Paige (McAdams) and Leo (Tatum) get into a terrible car accident. Both live; however, Paige suffers severe

ordeal that much harder for Leo. “The Vow” is definitely a tearjerker, and can stand with other previous works from the actors such as “The Notebook” and “Dear John”. Grade: A

Poet’s corner: Whitman, Henley and Stevens William Ernest Henley was born in Gloucester, England to a bookseller and stationer. His mother was a descendant from the poet and critic, Joseph Warton. Henley attended the Crypt Grammar School from 1861-1867, where he was introduced to the distinguished T. E. Brown, who was headmaster during that time. Brown introduced Henley to the world of poetry and also remained his friend for life. Since he was young, Henley suffered from tuberculosis of the bone, and ended up having his left leg amputated below the knee. Author of “Treasure Island”, and based the character

Andrea Vernier

Andrea Vernier

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FEB. 29, 2012

Wallace Stevens was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, and studied at Harvard University. He planned to travel abroad as a writer, but after working as a reporter for the New York Herald Times decided to study law. He graduated from New York Law School and practiced law in New York until 1916. Although he was serious about being a lawyer, Stevens had several friends who were writers and painters in Greenwich Village, including E. E. Cummings and Marianne Moore. In 1914, and under the false name Peter Parasol, Stevens sent a group of poems to Harriet Monroe for a competition for Poetry magazine. Although he did not win, Monroe published his poems in November of that year.

William Ernest Henley

of Long John Silver off Robert Stevenson, his friend. In 1867, Henley passed the Oxford Local Schools examination and soon moved to London to try to establish himself as a journalist. After moving to London, Henley’s work was frequently interrupted by hospital visits. He learned that his right foot was also diseased, and it eventually was amputated too. During his time in the hospital, Henley wrote a collection of poems which he then had published in a book called “In Hospital.” Near the end of life, Henley

Wallace Stevens

Moving to Connecticut in 1916, Stevens began establishing a name for himself in the writing world. His first book of poems, “Harmonium”, was published in 1923 and announced to the world Stevens’ whim-

sical style of writing. While leading his business life, Stevens wrote on the side and continued publishing his writing, living a quiet life.

Stevens didn’t gain major popularity until after the publication of his “Collected Poems” a year before his death, which was in 1955.

Excerpts from the poem Thirteen Ways of Looking

at a Blackbird, first published in “Harmonium”, 1917 “I Among twenty snowy mountains,

turned his career from journalism to publishing, married, had children, and continued to write and edit for the “Scott’s Observer”, an Edinburgh journal. Henley died at the age of 53 at his home in Woking, England. Henley’s best remembered poem, Invictus, was written as a declaration of his spirit throughout the hardships he faced. Here it is shown in full.

“Out of the night that covers me, Black as the pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable soul.

The only moving thing Was the eye of the blackbird.

In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed. Beyond this place of wrath and tears Looms but the Horror of the shade, And yet the menace of the years Finds and shall find me unafraid. It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.”

Walt Whitman

Andrea Vernier

Born to a house holder in May of 1819, Walt Whitman lived in

II I was of three minds, Like a tree In which there are three Brooklyn and Long Island blackbirds. during the 1820s and … 1830s. At age twelve he IX began to learn the printWhen the blackbird flewing trade and soon fell out of sight, in love with the writing It marked the edge world. Of one of many circles. Whitman worked as a … printer in New York City XI until a fire destroyed the He rode over Conprinting district, ruining necticut the business. So, at age In a glass coach. seventeen, he began teachOnce, a fear pierced ing in Long Island until him, 1841. When he made In that he mistook journalism is full career. The shadow of his His first major work, equipage “Leaves of Grass”, was published in 1855 For blackbirds. and consisted of twelve poems. He released a ... second edition in 1856, containing thirtyXIII three poems and continued to publish more It was evening all editions of the book throughout the rest of afternoon. his life. It was snowing Whitman had a hard time supporting himAnd it was going to self during his life, often receiving purses of snow. money from fellow poets and friends to help The blackbird sat him stay afloat. In the cedar-limbs.” In the early 1870s, Whitman left New York

to go to Camden, New Jersey, to stay with his dying mother at his brother’s home. He stayed until his final publication of “Leaves of Grass”, which gave him enough money to buy his own home. Whitman continued to write until his death in 1892. Here’s an excerpt from the poem “Pioneers! O Pioneers!”, first published in “Drum Taps”, 1865 “COME my tan-faced children, Follow well in order, get your weapons ready, Have you your pistols? have you your sharp-edged axes? Pioneers! O pioneers! For we cannot tarry here, We must march my darlings, we must bear the brunt of danger, We the youthful sinewy races, all the rest on us depend, Pioneers! O pioneers! O you youths, Western youths, So impatient, full of action, full of manly pride and friendship, Plain I see you Western youths, see you tramping with the foremost, Pioneers! O pioneers!”



FEB. 29, 2012

The 54th Annual Grammy Awards: a night of celebration and remembrance Gerian Summers

On February 12th, the 54th Annual Grammy Awards were held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Many were nominated to win the prestigious awards, but only the best came out on top. From the well dressed celebrities to the great performances, the Grammy’s continued to hold up their name for the best awards show on television. The Grammy Awards pulled in big numbers for CBS. The broadcast delivered 39 million

Adele performs at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, on Sunday, February 12, 2012. (Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

viewers, making it the second largest Grammy audience in history.

The ceremony started off with a prayer for one of the industry’s biggest influences, Ms. Whitney Houston, who died unexpectedly the Saturday afternoon before the Grammy’s at the Beverly Hilton just hours before her mentor Clive Davis’ annual pre-awards show bash. The prayer was led by the night’s host, LLCoolJ. Many stars showed tribute to her as the night went on, including Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder and Jennifer Hudson. The biggest tribute came from Jennifer Hudson, who sang Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”. Jennifer Hudson’s tribute to Whitney Houston was very touching, heartfelt and well performed. Bruce Springsteen, who surprisingly opened the show, gave a blast-from-the-past performance. Soon after, Bruno Mars came out and set the stage on fire, performing his hit “Runaway Baby” while dancing along with his band. The night went on to recognize several great artists and kept the stage filled with great performances. Everyone looked forward to Adele’s first performance on stage after her vocal chord surgery, and she shocked us all and left the crowd on their feet. Needless to say, it was superb as always. “It was everything we could have hoped for. Well, that’s not exactly true. A second song would have been nice,” says Adele fan and OTHS studen, Sharelle Williams. Adele left with 6 awards for her album, “21”, and hit songs from the album. Rihanna performed a different take on her

guy?’ is the question many viewers were left asking. Toward the end of the show, Glen Campbell performed his famous song “Rhinestone Cowboy” along with Blake Shelton and The Band Perry. It was a touching performance because Campbell was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease last year. One of the most talked about things of the night was the fact that Chris Brown gave two performances-his first Grammy performance since the Rihanna incident. Overall, the 2012 Grammy’s was a show to go down in the record books. Many show-stopping performances took place.

Skrillex accepts his award at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, on Sunday, February 12, 2012. (Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

song, “We Found Love” by doing a dubstep version. The Beach Boys hit the stage singing “Good Vibrations, ” featuring the bands Foster the People and Maroon 5. Katy Perry, donning gorgeous blue hair, turned the stage into outer space by performing her song, E.T. Kanye West took home the most awards with seven, although he was not in attendance. Nicki Minaj shocked the audience with her closing performance by reenacting an exorcism and acting as a Catholic. Many were upset with this. In what has to be considered a mild upset, Bon Iver beat Nicki Minaj, the Band Perry, Skrillex and J. Cole for Best New Artist. ‘Who is this this

•Best Pop Solo Performance: 21 - Adele •Best Dance Recording: Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites Skrillex •Best Rock Recording: Walk - Foo Fighters •Best Rap Recording: All of the Lights - Kanye West

LL Cool J at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, on Sunday, February 12, 2012. (Kirk McKoy/Los Angeles Times/ MCT)

•Best Pop Vocal Album: 21 - Adele •Best Dance/Electronica Album: Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites - Skrillex •Best Rock Albun: Wasting Light - Foo Fighters Chris Brown accepts his award at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards at •Best Alternative Album: Bon Iver - Bon Iver the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, on Sunday, February 12, 2012. (Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

Paul McCartney performs at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, on Sunday, February 12, 2012. (Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

Blackwell Genre: Alternative/ Progressive

Rock History: The band came to be when the guitarist/singer Nick Vogel and drummer Jesse Kieffer met, sharing a common music interest. They decided to get together and just jam for fun. Bassist Alex Sandoval was introduced to the band after his talents were recognized while playing with Kieffer once before. After first getting together, they were just a jam band and eventually songs began to be created. They have since put together about a dozen songs and are now playing at local venues. Method: In order to get their shows together, Blackwell went the simple route and searched for “St. Louis Music Venues” on google, and emailed the first few pages worth of venues. In said emails, the band would include a link to their website ( and tell them that the band was interested in playing at their venue. With a few messages, the band arranged their first five shows.

Dress ideas to compliment every girl’s figure



Wear a form-fitting gown that flows out after the knee to show off your long and lean figure.

Wear a long, skinny dress with a slit to create the allusion that you are taller.

Boyish Figure

Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters accept their awards at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, on Sunday, February 12, 2012. (Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

Deadmau5 performs during the 54th Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, on Sunday, February 12, 2012. (Kirk McKoy/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

•Best Country Solo Performance: Mean - Taylor Swift •Best Country Album: Own The Night - Lady Antebellum •Best Country Song: Mean - Taylor Swift •Best Country Duo Performance: Barton Hallow The Civil Wars

Wear a dress that defines your curves like a gown with an empire waist.

Bon Iver with his awards at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, on Sunday, February 12, 2012. (Allen J. Schaben/ Los Angeles Times/MCT)

Dscography: Their discography at this point is still just their demo, which is available to listen to on their website. They have eight songs completed and are currently working on three more. As it lies now, Blackwell doesn’t have any actual albums; they’re hoping to begin working in a studio to get an album started. Call Me Grizzly. Genre: Hardcore Alternative Metal History: Brett Love, drummer, and Jonathan Gaxiola, guitarist, founded the group in April of last year. Since then, Jake Decker, vocals, Blake Beardsley, guitar, and Mark Schorfheide, bass, have been added through mutual friendships. “We started it just to hang out and have fun. That’s what we’re all in it for.” said Beardsley. Method: CMG spends most of their time practicing and hanging out. They’re “DIY“ and record through friends and local producers. Discography: So far the band is recording and hopes to release their first EP soon. They play various shows. See their facebook page for more details and dates.

Prom Fashion


Tunes from the Metro-East Jacob Cook



Lady Antebellum at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, on Sunday, February 12, 2012. (Kirk McKoy/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

Awards taken home from every genre of music •Song of the Year: Rolling in the Deep - Adele •Album of the Year: 21 - Adele •Record of the Year: Rolling in the Deep - Adele •Best New Artist: Bon Iver


FEB. 29, 2012

Small Frame

New Vera Bradley pattern-Ellie Blue. Shades of blues and golds, perfect OTHS colors. Come in and select your favorite piece to support your school.

Wear a v-cut dress with a jewled belt or sash to accentuate your figure.

Wear a ball gown to make it look like you have curves.

Large Frame

Wear a halter or one shoulder style dress to draw attention to the neckline.


FEB. 29, 2012

!O ETC. O!

The Mood

What zodiac sign are you interested in? START


Easy going or Strong Willed?



Idealstic or Realistic?

Somone who will stay close to home or travel the world? ay








Student Artwork

Brittany Tuchten


Eas y





Cancer Taurus Pices Leo

Someone with class and high standards or spontaneous?




ck laid ba





seize the moments



Capricorn Saggitarius Virgo Gemini Libra Scorpio Aquarius Aries

y Ar ts Practical

Unpredictable or Consistent?



Laid back or someone who will seize the moments?

Fun loving and social or better one on one?








Practical or Compassionate?

A Leader or someone who goes with the Flow?


Intellectually Creative or Artistcally Creative?

Courtney Buck

ive at gin






Highly Intelligent or Imaginative?

What mood are you?


(Charles Osgood/MCT)

The stone in a mood ring is a hollow glass shell filled with thermotropic liquid crystals, or a clear glass stone sitting on top of a thin sheet of liquid crystals. These liquid crystal molecules are very sensitive. They change position, or twist according to changes in temperature. This change affects the wavelengths of light that are absorbed or reflected by the liquid crystals. This results in a change in the color of the stone. The inside of the ring conducts heat from your finger to the liquid crystals in the “stone.”

Colors: Dark blue: Happy, romantic

or passionate Blue: Calm or relaxed Blue-green: Somewhat relaxed Green: Normal or average Amber: A little nervous or anxious Gray: Very nervous or anxious Black: Stressed, tense or feeling harried

Emily Lecours



FEB. 29, 2012




OTHS goes down in record book Dylan Highley

This year in OTHS sports, we have seen a lot of old records broken. These records have stood their ground until this year where history was made.

In football, O’Fallon running back Ejay Johnson has broken the single season touchdown record as well as the single season rushing yards record. Both of these records O’Fallon player and Arkansas Tech recruit. were set by Antoine (T.J. Price/ The Esters (1989). Panther ) There are some changes that have been made between now and then though that we must keep in mind. One thing that has changed is the pads the players wear. Back in Esters’ day, there was not nearly as much padding on a player as there is today. Ka’ra Stewart tied the record for most fumble recoveries in a single season this year. Stewart joins defensive back Larry Gilliam (1979) with four fumble recoveries. The soccer team, under Coach Turkington, has had an amazing last few seasons. This year, Ryan Lawhead broke the record for the most career games played in with 85 games. Not missing much Tyler Collico playing time, Lawhead has blocks a pass from been on the varsity team since an opposing 2008 and passes up Blue player. Reno (1988-1991). (T.J. Price/ The Also in 2011, a new record Panther) was set by Tyler Collico with the most game winning goals in a season. All the big records such as most goals in

a season, points in a game and points in a career all these go to one man: Craig Nickerson (1979-1981). This man is arguably the best player to ever join the O’Fallon soccer program. In each record that Nickerson set, however, Collico follows easily behind. Later on down the road, future O’Fallon soccer players will back on players like Collico the way we look at Nickerson. The boys’ bowling team have won the boys’ sectional and finished fourth in state. This is huge feat that no previous bowling team has accomplished.

Boys bowler Brenden Picou sets up a shot. (T.J. Price/ The Panther)

Sydney Neal ran the fastest three mile time in school history for Cross Country with a time of 17 minutes and 56 seconds at the state meet. The previous holder of O’Fallon track star this record was Chelsea Sydney Neal runs to the finish line. (T.J. Hendrix. Price/ The Panther) Hendrix set this record with a time of 18 minutes and one second at the Normal Sectional in 2008. Kaylee Schmitz set a record on the 800 with a time of two minutes, and 16 seconds. The old record stood at two minutes and 18 seconds set by Lindsay Speer. Senior, Ashley Sullivan broke the old shot put distance record set by Shannon Steinke in 1995. Ashley holds the record now with a distance of 37 feet, and two inches. This year in O’Fallon volleyball junior Katie Roustio has broken the record for most

aces in a match, season and her career. The record for most career aces was set by Sami Mueller (2005) with 60 and now the new record is 132 by Roustio. Roustio leads in the most points scored in a career with 409 points the old record was 392 points set by Megan Murray (2006). The records do not stop there as Katie Roustio makes Roustio shattered the career a jump serve. (Matt attempts in attacks, the kills Myers/The Panther) with 970 points and has the best average attacks per game with 4.53. All of these career records were broken just this last fall by Roustio. The old leader in career kills was Emma Goldschmidt (2009). Many of the offensive records were set by Goldschmidt, but now have been taken down by Roustio. A record in digs was also broken this year by senior Macy Oswald, who holds the most completed digs, 36, in one game. Oswald broke this record against Belleville West, which was formerly set by panther Aubrey Harris (2008) with 31. The girls’ golf team had a great year, especially in the Alton Invitational, with the team scoring 334 points.

O’Fallon golfer Alexa

Junior Alexa Boatman Boatman swings to broke the front nine hole success. ( T.J. Price/ The score record at Tamarack Panther) with a score of 40. Kendall Butler also broke the record for the lowest 18 hole score in competition record with 76.

The boys’ cross country team had a great season this last fall. They made second place at state, which is the highest the boys have reached. Junior Alex Riba set the record for the highCross Counest individual place at state O’Fallon try runner Alex Riba with a second place finish. beats out the competiThe cross country team had tion. (Jon Burnett/ for The Prowler) the most all state athletes representing O’Fallon, with Riba, and sophmore Patrick Perrier. The team set a record for the most consecutive St. Clair County title victories with ten, and the lowest team score in a regional meet with 21 points. This past season the O’Fallon softball team was crowned conference and the regional champions. Records in pitching last year were broken as Kelsie Stoszkus (2011) broke the record for the most careers wins with 56, as well as the most career shut outs with 21. Stoszkus also holds Macy Oswald sets up the record for the most for a pitch. (T.J. Price/ The complete games with 54, Prowler) and strike outs with 473. Records were crushed in the hitting category this past season and most of those records were broken courtesy of Lauren Smith (2011). Smith broke the record for the most career runs batted in with 192, passing up Dagmar Ralphs (2010) with 68. Smith has broken the record for the most career home runs with 45, and the best career batting average with .559. Another offensive record broken was the single season record for the most times touching home plate and that record was broken by now senior, Macy Oswald.

Giants win Super Bowl, is Eli a hallof famer? Giants’ offense throughout the game. On Sunday FebThe Giants received a spark from young ruary 5, the ultiplayers like defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, mate rematch took who made the top five in sacks in the National place between the Football League. Another quick rising star, New York Giants and the New England Patriots. slot receiver Victor Cruz, made the top three in This was just as close as the first one, as a last receiving yards this year with 1,536 yards. minute drive from Eli Manning made the Giants This team was considered dead in the water at Super six wins Bowl and six champilosses afons. ter week This is 12 and the secmade the ond time playthe two offs by teams winning have met three out in the of the Super final four Bowl. games. Both In Sutimes the per Bowl Giants XLVI, were the Patriots underquarTwo-time super bowl winning Quarterback Eli Manning (left) and head coach Tom dogs, terback and both Coughlin (Lionel Hahn/ Abaca Press/ MCT) Tom times Brady they came out champions. Going into the playplayed a great game with 276 passing yards. The offs, the Giants had nine wins and seven losses, Patriots were on a roll throughout the first half while the Patriots had 13 wins and three losses. and took a one point lead into halftime. The Giants were in dead last in rushing yards When the second half got underway,it was throughout the regular season, with only 89.2 all Patriots in the passing game, scoring a quick rushing yards per game. However, in the Super touchdown, while the Giants had to settle for a Bowl game, just like in 2008, the offense was led field goal twice in the third quarter. by Brandon Jacobs. Jacobs paved the way for Both teams were head to head until Brady

Dylan Highley

threw the deep ball to tight end Rob Gronkowski, only to be intercepted by line backer Chase Blackburn. The momentum was on the Giants side and the clock was racing, courtesy of running backs Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs. The Giants were down 15 to 17 with time winding down. Running back Ahmad Bradshaw punched it into the endzone for a touchdown. However, he did not fall down like he was told

ceiver Wes Welker both dropping the ball. After failing on the first three downs, Brady threw the ball deep to Aaron Hernandez. The ball was deflected, and the Giants’ defense came through, allowing them to win the game. The passing game could not have been better for the Giants. Quarterback Eli Manning completed 30 out of 40 of his passes and put up 296 yards passing. Grown into an excellent leader and quaterback, Manning was named Super

New York’s Joe Jerevicius (#84) and Baltimore’s Duane Starks (#22) and Chris McAllister (#21) all watch a ball intended for the Giant’s receiver. The Ravens beat the Giants 34-7 to win Super Bowl XXXV. (Tom O’Neill/Bradenton Herald)

to do so there was a minute left for quarterback Tom Brady. The Patriots could not seem to get anything going, with tight end Aaron Hernandez and re-

Bowl XLVI’s MVP. This underdog story makes it really interesting going into the 2012-2013 season.

Girls’ basketball concludes great season Kameron Johnson

The OTHS Lady Panthers have really shown progress and are beginning to mprint their mark amongst the top teams in Illinois. Following a close 53-47 loss against East. St. Louis, the girls rallied together, winning their next four games in a row. The most impressive victory came against the Ironmen of Normal IL. Winning 68-45, the team as a whole had a superb night, shooting 51 percent on the floor.

Sophomore Ciara Jones put in work against the Ironmen, dominating every aspect of the game. Jones racked up 13 points, seven rebounds, three steals and four assists. Normal had no answer for her on either side of the court. Having a variety of talent plays a key role in the success this year for the Lady Panthers. Evey asset of the the game is dominated by a certain player, who naturally displays a knack at one specific attribute. Senior Kaitlin Kendall shows a lot of talent on offense, scoring 220 points leading up to the Panthers match up against Hazelwood Central.

Kendall averages 11 points a game. Creating most of her own shots, Kendall is not afraid to drive to the paint or step back behind the perimeter for a quick jumper. Kendal leads the team with 34 three pointers made. Senior Victoria Ham plays the enforcer in the paint offensively. Shooting 70 percent on the floor, Ham specializes in mid-range shots. If the Panthers did not keep position of the ball and prevent others teams from second chance shot opportunities, the Lady Panthers would have a very difficult time maintaining their winning record. Junior Katie Rustio has

established herself as the “big man” , or “ big woman” of this team. She has racked a grand total of 129 rebounds, 35 on offence and 94 on defence, this season. Rustio also leads the team in blocks, accounting for 35 of the teams 98 blocked shots.

Feb. 14 the Lady Panthers ended their season in the first round of the IHSA State Tournament against the Bellevile West Maroons. The girls ended their season with a winning record of 14-12 overall it was full of teamwork and exciting times.




FEB. 29, 2012

Memorable night for seniors and their families Donald Eckerman

Coming off of their recent loss to the East. St. Louis Flyers, the Panthers are now 16-11 and are now ranked No.6 in the Southwestern Conference with an in-conference record of 5-8. Being one of the top teams in conference isn’t a new experience for this veteran team, because for the past two years, they have claimed the conference title as their own and hope to continue the streak this season. This year will be no different, as every Michael Jackson player (TJ Price/The Panther)

on the team strives to bring the state trophy home to

Roy Bullock (TJ Price/The Panther)

O’Fallon. senior Isaac Boquet said, “We know the season is almost over, so we play every minute like it’s our last.” When asked about the seniors on the team, Bouquet replied, “We know what it takes to get there, so we’re determined to do whatever it takes to get there.” Friday, February 23rd the Panthers hosted the East St. Louis Flyers on senior night. Seniors Roy Bullock III, Elijah Kinmon, Michael Jackson,

Michael Jackson: Forward ~Makes 53% of shots ~30 steals this season

Roy Bullock III: Guard ~542 total points this season ~20 point average per game

(TJ Price/The Panther)

(TJ Price/The Panther)

and Isaac Bouquet met center court with their parents to be acknowledge their appreciation and love for theirs sons’ OTHS basketball careers. The Panthers held their own through out the first half. Only trailing 20-19 in the first quarter of regulation, O’Fallon front runners Roy Bullock and Michael Jackson combined for 49 points. Though things seemed to be headed south in the second half, the Panthers refused to go down without a fight. Toward the end of the fourth quarter, Coach Gibson began to pull his seniors from the court for a welldeserved rest. Eliajah Kinnmon Bullock (TJ Price/The Panther) was last to

see the bench completing his night with a season high of 32 points and a standing ovation from his teammates, coaches, and from both home and away fans. Isaac Bouquet All in all, (TJ Price/The Panther) Coach Gibson had a great season and now prepares to head north to Peoria in hopes to be crowned champions. This year, the team is looking forward to making a run for the state title once again. O’Fallon basketball is widely known throughout the state as a Southwestern force to be reckoned with, having gone to the state tournament three times (two of them placing) in the last five years.

Elijah Kinmon: Foward ~227 total points this season ~116 defensive rebounds

Isaac Bouquet: Foward ~131 rebounds ~25 steals this season

(TJ Price/The Panther)

(TJ Price/The Panther)

Panthers break the Lancers and end the Crusaders

Another lap of success: O’Fallon swim team dominates pools all over Illinois

Jacob Cook

Tyler Klaus

O’Fallon Hockey takes over as a dominant force east of

Capatins Mithcell Barnhill #91 Sr. and Aaron York #14 Jr. face off against Althoffs Erin Effnger (Dawn Wilson/For The Prowler) Juiors Rubin Cahvarria and Henry Hunsaker glide across the ice against Althoff in the second round of the MVSHA 2A South Playoffs (Dawn Wilson/For The Prowler)

the river. Despite losses to school rival Althoff Catholic High School, O’Fallon’s hockey team continued to stay on top of the competition as the season ended. Juniors Rubin Chavarria, Henry Hunsaker and Austin Graf emerged as the team’s top scorers, with 22, 19, and 16 points respectively. Junior Seth Riggan followed in a close fourth place, with nine goals and eleven points total. Senior goalie Justin Lewis had a tremendous season this year. Lewis took 417 shots on goal and managed to save 370 of those -- a shocking 88.7% save percentage. He also managed three shutouts this year, two of which were against

Belleville West. The hockey team’s regular season ended with the team finishing second in the 2A South Division. Several of the players made it to the MVCHA All-Star game, including seniors Mitch Barnhill, Nick Ramage and Justin Lewis, juniors Chavarria and Hunsaker and freshman Nick Krivokuca. The O’Fallon Hockey team swept through the first round of the MVCHA 2A South Division against Belleville East, winning the first game 8-7 after an overtime shootout, and the second game was 7-5. Congratulations to the OTHS hockey team for an successful season.

Our boys’ swim and hot, which causes cramps and dehydration. team is excelling The boys have already had their home meet beyond their this year, and fared well against Althoff Catholic expectations. High School and Marion High School. With only one The team brought home a 3rd place finish at loss of the season, the boys have broken three resectionals. At sectionals, the team also broke 3 cords; the medley records. Breakrelay, the 100 fly ing the old record, and the record by five 100 freestyle. seconds, the With seniors 200 Free relay Mark William, team of, Mark Sean O’Connell Williams, and Mike Cotton Mike Slaughleading the team, ter, Luke the boys have Chapman, excelled to great and Patrick heights this year. Hesse, they “The team has a took second great ability to overall. In work and grow as the 400 free a team,” Coach relay team Buehler said. of, Patrick Junior David Almodovar swims to success. (Mason Lampe/ The Panter) Hesse, Mike The boys are expected to swim Slaughter, Sean great lengths this Workman, and season. They have Mark Williams proven themselves set a new and are ready for the post season. school record by 7 seconds. Mike Slaughter also Four nights a week, the boys endure long latebroke his own 100 fly record for the second time night practices at the YMCA. With non-stop this season. The boys had a great season and look swimming, the team practices their technique, to improve even more next year. time and other factors. The boys do not swim in an easy environment either; most of their meets are away. On top of being away, many of the pools are very humid


FEB. 29, 2012

O’Fallon sets up the pins, knocks them down Kameron Johnson

After placing At the end of the two days, Kasza second in the Tayfinished up with an impressive 2,607 points finishing 12th overall. lorville Sectional, the Pan An 8th place thers rolled their way to the IHSA finish was the State Tournament in Rockford, work of a complete Illinois. team--O’Fallon Placing 8th overall with a totaled for 11,817 final pin score of 11,981, O’Fallon knocked down was one of three schools from the pins. Individual Southwestern Illinois Conference to scores are as follows: place in the top ten in Rockford. sophomore Lind Senior Erin Michelfelder say Kasza (2,065); bowled for 731 points on the openJordan Schotlomann ing day of completion and finished (2,055); sophomore as the eighth best bowler in the Raven Leflore (920); competition. senior Abby Solomon Michelfelder entered the (711); freshman state tournament as the Panthers Alexis Toohey (545); front runner tallying for over 1,000 and sophomore KrisGirls’ bowling team is doing what they do pins this season. tina Greynolds (286). Sophomore Jordan Kasza best and that is dominating the bowling Girls’ bowling alleys. Sophomore Katie Pendegraft focuses had a spectacular showed her stuff at state. At such a on her form and technique. (Emily Canton/ young age, she displayed skill and season and ended as The Panther) precision, some assets that her senior one of the top teams competitors lacked. in the state.

O’Fallon cheerleading finishes 8th at sectionals; look towards nationals finals was great, but to have another opportunity to go back on the mats was even better. That had to be the best three minutes of my life. It was the best feeling ever.” The girls hit the mats for competing in sectionals on the last time during finals. January 24, the girls advanced Showing of their incredible to state, along with 25 other talents, the squad made a teams in their co-ed division. great effort to impress the On February 4, OTHS varsity roaring fans and, more cheerleaders set off to Bloomimportantly, the judges. ington, Ill. to compete in the Stepping off the mats, cheerleading state competition. the girls waited to hear the The girls on the OTHS results. At the end of the cheerleading squad worked finals, the team came home hard all season for the opporwith an eighth place title. tunity to come out onto the Junior Kim Klopeinstein mats and take first place. said, “ Getting eighth place With very big shoes to fill, was perfect. We truly have the girls went out and hoped come a long way since the for the best. beginning of the year and Sure enough, at the end of I’m so proud of everyone. Senior CarolAnn Mitchell and junior Jenna the prelims, the girls’ work Our goal was to make it Dillard at a home football game. (TJ Price/ paid off; they were one step into finals and we did. With The Panther) closer to the title of state nationals coming, we’re gochampions. They ended the ing to give it our all. It’ll be preliminaries with a ten place rank, enabling our last and best time.” them to advance to finals. The girls will be heading for nationals in Junior Ashley Olinde commented on the March. exciting moment of making finals saying, “‘One We’re sure they’ll do exceptional. Do not team, one family’ is the motto we live by. Acforget to congratulate and encourage our varsity complishing one of our goals and making it into cheerleaders!

Gerian Summers

The road to state was not easy for OTHS cheerleaders. After



Breaking it down in O’Town Emily Love

How many of the infamous Sun Drop commercials. you miss seeing a To make the performance more interesting, hip-hop dance act at the performers will also be dressing up to match the pep rally? the dances. For many years, the Bleachermaniac Because it is considered an intramural dance team entertained students with their talent sport, there were no try-outs, so anyone could and humor. At the first pep rally this year everyjoin. This gives a great chance for everyone to one was left wondering where did the bleacherbe able to show off their moves in front of the maniac dance team go? whole school. Wait no more Senior because at the next member Kalyn pep rally a new hipJackson said, hop dance routine “I’m glad Ms. will be performed. Miller started Different from the intramural previous years, the dance team. It team now consists gives students of not only students, the chance but teachers as well. to come up On top of that, with a creative the routine they will show for the perform at the pep end of the pep rally features many rally to the different genres of music we like. music and dance. It has been a One moment hard couple of they break it down weeks, but evto hip-hop music eryone is comand the next they ing together jam out to country Last year’s Bleachermaniac dance featured sophomore Reed Krueger and working music. Ms. Miller, hard to put on acting as Justin Bieber. The music included the Jersey Shore theme a teacher in the song and “Massive Attack” by Nicki Minaj. (Tyler Klaus/The Prowler) a good show science department, for the last now leads the team. pep rally of Ms. Miller commented on the activity the year. saying, “I did this for the kids who needed an The intramural dance team is also a great avenue to express their creativity, talents and opportunity for students to meet new people and school spirit…We are all super excited to bring learn how to be a team. back something that meant so much to so many The team is the closing act for the upcomstudents here at OTHS and hope that we flood ing spring pep rally on March 16, so prepare to the Dome with supporters awaiting our perforbe amazed. It takes a lot of courage to get up mance!” and dance for everyone, so come and show your Along with many other songs, the routine support. will feature the song “Drop it Like it’s Hot” from

Tigers have their eyes on the prize Ivan Leonard

O’Fallon to a Prius,” said Tim Hyder former Mizzou Township High alumni. School and the After leading Mizzou to its highest ranking whole metro-east since 1989, possible coach of the year Frank area is littered Haith’s cinderella season has been seen as a with passionate Mizzou fans all around, but great story of redemption that has the state of not even the most optimistic Tigers fans would Missouri and the metroeast area beaming at a have expected this. possible final four run. After starting the season on a 14 game “Frank was ridiculed, heard all the critiwinning streak, a school primarily known for cism surrounding his hiring, and the pendits football, the Show-Me State university is ing NCAA investigation in Miami. He had showing everyone it came to play. something to prove,” said ESPN analyst Fran So far they’ve gained national attention with Fraschilla. impressive wins over the In what was possibly likes of Baylor twice, the game of the year, Cal Berekely, Iowa State, Mizzou defeated then Notre Dame, and the 8th ranked Kansas on basketball powerhouse what could possibly Kansas. be their last meeting. They capped off the Marcus Denmore led month of January with a the team with 29 points thrilling 67-66 win over including six threes, a Texas highlighted by 6th couple of them in the last man Michael Dixon’s 21 two minutes of the game, points and game winning sparking an 11-0 run and lay-up after almost costa 74-71 win. ing Mizzou the match Denmore’s perforwith a foul. mance has put him on Head Coach Frank the Oscar Robertson Haith credits his quick watchlist and Wooden success to the system and award watchlist and also good players who are also earned him Big 12 player good students. of the week recognition. “Those two things go With that win, and together,” Haith said. “I with another victory of think that when you have Missouri’s Steve Moore (32) dunks against Bay- nationally ranked BayAnthony Jones during the second half at that as part of your ingre- lor’s lor, Mizzou improved Mizzou Arena in Columbia, Missouri, Saturday, dient, you have a chance Feb. 11. Missouri defeated Baylor, 72-57. to 14-0 at home and for success.” 65-3 over the past four (Rich Sugg/Kansas City Star/MCT) He was able seasons, and while it may to connect with players not be as well-known as personally through texts, one-on-one meetings some of the most celebrated arenas in college with players and watching tape after practice. hoops, Mizzou’s student section or “ZouCrew” He also believes the leadership of seniors Marhas been a great advantage for the Tigers at cus Denmon, and Kim English were extremely home and can really ruin the flow of the opimportant to helping the team change from position. the style of play from old coach Mike AnderWith ESPN’s College Gameday in Columson to Haith’s style which is “togetherness, bia for the big match, students camped out trust and selflessness.” as early as Wednesday for favorable tickets. Examples of them putting aside inThe aftermath of the game was so wild that dividual goals for team success is how English coach Haith had to give his players a curfew put aside his dream of becoming an NBA and even made them stay in a hotel so they small forward to play power forward and how wouldn’t join in the craziness. junior Michael Dixon, a player who started As great as they have been this year, they last year, instead gives the Tigers a solid option still know that the Big 12 championship still off the bench. goes through Allen Fieldhouse, and that the With all this success, it is hard to re- Kansas Jayhawks who are currently on a 7 year member how many Mizzou fans and students conference championship run still lead them. rejected the decision to have him as coach, This year, the Tigers hope to make it to the and some even called for a protest. It’s hard to Final Four for the first time in the school’s blame them for paying a coach $1.5 million history. They are currently 2nd all time with who had led the Miami Hurricanes to only 24 trips to the big dance without a Final Four one tournament in seven seasons. trip. “It was like going from a Mercedes




Arianna De La Serna

Lanie Gravlin

The Teachers Mr. Brooks What he teaches: Ceramics I-III

Kelsey S



FEB. 29, 2012

Pottery I-III (previously taught Art I )

How long he’s been at OTHS:

12 Years

His favorite type of art:

emp Ryan K

Brad Yahl

Working with clay/ pottery. (He says it’s less functional and more abstract)


Mrs. Raboin Art 1 (@ Millburn & Smiley)

o Blair

What she teaches:

(previously taught AP Ceramics)

h Sara

ey radl


Angel o Riley

Mike Slaughter

How long she’s been at OTHS:

12 Years Her favorite type Painting with watercolors, of art: portraits Especially sailboats, flowers and plants!

Student talent: Porkorny swings to new heights with exciting hobby Katealia Lilly

Mrs. Currier

What she teaches: Art I - IV Honors Art II Ceramics I

Her favorite type of art: Oil paintings (But she thinks any sort of art medium is fun!)

Alex Porlorny shows off her Aerial Silks skills. ( Erin Crosby / for The Prowler)

How long she’s been at OTHS:

18 Years

March Issue of the Prowler  

March issue of the Prowler.

March Issue of the Prowler  

March issue of the Prowler.