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Report OtherWise 2017-2018


OtherWise stimulates critical engagement by questioning the status quo and exploring alternative pathways towards a more environmentally and socially just world.’’

Contents Annual report





Chapter 1 - OtherWise in 2017-2018


Chapter 2 - OtherWays program


Chapter 3 - iWEEK 2018


Chapter 4 - Main Activities


Chapter 5 - Research Mediation Program


Chapter 6 - Global Guest Program


Chapter 7 - Partners and Community


Chapter 8 - Finances




Foreword This is the year report of OtherWise Foundation for the academic year of 2017-2018. This report is written to give interested readers an opportunity to keep track of the developments of the foundation. Next to this, it is also a way for us to document our endeavors over the year. With a vibrant 20 year history of student engagements, this will be an important future reference of people engaging in Otherwise Foundation as participants and/or generally interested people. Our last year report documented the activities of the first half of the year 2017. This is our first year to write a report that it is published at the beginning of the academic year rather than around New Years Eve as was the case up until 2016. We look back to an active year, a year in which OtherWise Foundation was blessed with a stable team of incredibly inspired people with a common understanding of what the direction of OtherWise Foundation is. It shows in the slightly bigger size of uear report. In this document you will find an opening chapter looking back at the past year touching upon such as over the team that made up OtherWise over the past year, as well a discussion of how the execution of the year plan took place. Chapter 2 and 3 are dedicated to bigger programs and in Chapter 4 you will find an overview of the events OtherWise Foundations held during the past year. The proceeding chapter deals with the Research Mediation program. This is followed by a chapter thanking our partners and volunteers of the past year and finally we have a chapter discussing the finances of Otherwise in the past year. We could not have executed our activities and without the valuable partnerships OtherWise holds with Boerengroep and RUW, and with many (grassroots) organisations in our network. Also we could not have done the work we do without the funding and facilitation from Wageningen University. We would like to thank our partners and main sponsor for their vital contributions. I am very proud to offer you this report and reflect on the past year. Hopefully Otherwise Foundation can continue our enthusiasm and organize events and creating a space for debate, connection and action for the coming years! I myself will witness the future of Otherwise Foundation from a distance since I will not continue my work as a coordinator. Having been part of Otherwise Foundation for 3 years I am glad I can depart this organisation while it is doing better than it has ever since I joined as a board member in early 2016. This organisation that at first gave me so much inspiration as a student and through which I could share so much of my inspiration as a coordinator later. Jurre Zwart Senior Coordinator of OtherWise Foundation


Chapter 1 OtherWise in 2017-2018

Many events that have been organized during this year’s 100 year Wageningen University & Research (WUR) celebration have pointed out the importance of student’s initiatives that have made the university an inspiring, challenging and fruitful environment. The last eighteen years, OtherWise has played an important role in providing WUR students to explore their own potential to bring positive change into this world. This year report is an example of such a contribution and a good moment to reflect on students’ role and abilities to support critical engagement and positive change at the WUR. Therefore, we am very proud and happy to present OtherWise’s year report 2017-2018.

1.1 Looking back at 2017 - 2018 Many events that have been organized during this year's celebrations of 100 years of WUR have pointed out the importance of students’ initiatives that have made the university an inspiring, intellectually challenging and fruitful environment. The last eighteen years, OtherWise has played an important role in empowering students to explore their own potential to bring positive change into this world. This year’s report is an example of such a contribution and a good moment to reflect on students’ role and abilities to support critical engagement and positive change at the WUR. Therefore, we are very proud and happy to present OtherWise’s year report 2017-2018. This year, OtherWise has finalized the internal reorganization that started in 2017. In this year we successfully adopted our new vision and mission into full realization by covering the diversity, and yet also interconnectedness of social and environmental issues that OtherWise cares about. We organized a multitude of events that not only included ‘regular’ events such as movie nights, workshops and lectures, but also more activating and inspiring working methods. We have tried to offer a broad spectrum of activities that aim to fullfill OtherWise’s objective to provide a space where socially and politically engaged students and recent graduates can learn, experiment and explore the issues of social and environmental justice. We focused on main themes to achieve this have been “Gender, Diversity & Inclusivity” and “Critical Development”. Moreover, OtherWise continued to provide students the opportunity to organize events that deal with topics of their own interests through the OtherWays program. Besides that, a number of other activities arose when the opportunity arose. A more detailed description of these activities can be found in this report.


The OtherWise team 2017-2018

The Team from left to right: Mali Boomkens (coordinator) - Louise van der Stok (Board) - Jurre Zwart (coordinator) - Lian Kaspers (coordinator iWeek) - Inez Dekker (Chair) - Hanna Spanier (Treasurer) - Sacha Steinmetz (Board) - Suzanna van der Meer (Global Guest Coordinator) - Kris Deveria (Secretary)


1.2 Main changes Compared to the year of 2016-2017 Otherwise Foundation has experienced a year of stability. It was a year in which the organization managed to strengthen its foundation and to grow. This is reflected in how events were organized as well as the extent to which Otherwise Foundation was present as a student platform in Wageningen. The academic year of 2017-2018 saw a further fortification of the social and environmental justice focus of Otherwise Foundation. This focus came into being over the course of the later part of the academic year of 2016-2017 as the current board was forming itself. With it came a plan to create a series of working groups as a way to generate capacity to organize around the many themes that we wanted to cover. This strategy resulted for example in the successful working group behind The Social Movements & People Power program led by the Chair Inez Dekker. Other working groups for themes like The Critical Development program or the Food and Society program did not come into being for various reasons. One of the great lessons of the last year is that there are only so many programs that an organisation like ours can actually manage to set up within a year. In the past year a number of themes that were initially planned to become full programs came back as single events. The take home message has been, put bluntly, that “less can be more” - in terms of the quality of the events, the manageability within our limited time and the clarity of what Otherwise Foundation is about.

1.3 The Program of 2017-2018 The academic year of 2017-2018 was a busy one for Otherwise with an ambitious year plan to follow. A total of 40 events were organized during this academic year. Along the way some plans slightly altered and materialized differently when moving from the idea in our minds to the actual execution phase of the program at stake. The program overview of past year will be discussed below. The Otherways Program and the iWeek will be discussed in separate consecutive chapters. Main Themes The Social Movements & People Power program In the year plan of 2017? one can find the Diversity, Gender & Inclusivity program described as follows: ‘OtherWise aspires to contribute to a deeper dialogue among the Wageningen student community about diversity, gender & inclusivity. OtherWise wants to contribute to a student community where understanding and acceptance of diversity of various kinds are celebrated.’ The working group behind this project shifted its focus to a more social movements-based approach. The program has been among the most successful ones of the past year with a series of four events being organized in the restaurant Vreemde Streken. The new focus of the program became as follows: ‘The goal of this lecture series is to ‘move’ students and make them familiar to the visible (activist) organisations today, particularly in feminism, environmentalism and post-colonialism. By doing this science and activism come close together by both supporting the education of academic schooled activists as well as by raising awareness’.


The Critical Development program Much like the Diversity, Gender and Inclusivity program the Critical Development program was to be coordinated by one of our board members. Due to the fact that she spent most of her year outside of Wageningen she was not in the position to carry the full program. As a result this program did not develop into a complete working group like it was initially planned to. Our involvement in the Modern Slavery series of events in collaboration with the Green office and the Facilities Department came closest to the sort of themes that would be explored under the Critical Development program. Other Programs The other programs are side programs. They concern topics that Otherwise Foundation found important and relevant to touch upon, yet they do not constitute the core of the program for the year 2017-2018. Focus @ WUR For the Focus @ WUR program we came up with a concept to organize interactive discussions with students about a selection of topics we considered to be of interest to talk about with regards to Wageningen University. We wanted to experiment with interactive discussion methods to achieve exchange of opinions in a creative and novel sense. We organized these events under the name of Tickley Talks. Rationality Under Scrutiny The Rationality Under Scrutiny program came to fruition later in the year and became closely entwined with the iWeek, which will be discussed later. In the event that went by the name ‘What is Life? A new Paradigm revealed’ Otherwise Foundation gave the stage to Marja de Vries to share her ideas on possibilities for reality to go beyond the material and thereby to question the materialistic paradigm by which the scientific community tends to conduct its research. Farmers Markets The Farmers markets were a consistent part of the activities of Otherwise Foundation of the past year. We did this in close collaboration with Boerengroep whom we considered natural allies in the cause of bringing students and local farmers in contact with each other. Over the year we organized 4 events of this kind, with a special Christmas edition in December where we had a few more civic organisations to fill in for the lack of farmers who had produce to sell. Things that did not happen One thing that we hoped to initiate in the year of 2017-2018, was a follow-up on the Monsanto Tribunal that took place in October 2016. In the end, this event did not take place anymore because wefel that the public discussion had shifted and therefore we gave preference to more timely events. Another program that did not come off the ground is the Food & Society program. The Food & Society was integrated into the year program when the year plan was almost finished and it was done so with a sudden burst of enthusiasm. We hoped that this program would be carried out by a separate working group, similar to the other themes" However, in the end there was no capacity to organize around this theme and so most of our efforts went into the organisation of the Farmers Market instead.


1.4 Team The year started with a switch in coordinators as Annet Moerman made space for Mali Boomkens to take over. Mali Boomkens was quickly engaged as coordinator and able to continue the projects as indicated in the year plan. Moreover, Mali creates a vibrant, creative and thoughtful contribution to OtherWise where the annual iWeek will be an excellent example of! We are happy Mali will continue her activities in OtherWise for one more year. Next to this, this year was Jurre Zwart’s final year as coordinator of OtherWise. Jurre’s enthusiasm and network skills were beneficial to the working atmosphere at Otherwise Foundation and contributed greatly to the network of Otherwise Foundation. Next to this, Jurre's skill to question and address certain topics and practices within and outside the organisation, kept OtherWise vital and critical We will definitely miss Jurre as an official tower of strength in the organisation but we hope he will fulfill another position within OtherWise. Moreover, this year OtherWise employed three other coordinators. Suzanna van der Meer continued her work as coordinator of the GlobalGuest program, Lian Kasper got on board as a project coordinator for OtherWise’s iWeek summer school 2018, and Lucie Sovová started as coordinator of the Research Meditation Program. At this moment, the board consist of four people, including Louise van der Stok as general board member, Hanna Spanier as treasurer, Kris Deveria as secretary and Inez Dekker as chairperson. Gerard Okonkwo has left the board of Otherwise for his thesis and internship finalization. Also Sacha Steinmetz joined the board shortly, but he left as he decided to abort his studies. There has been a dynamic and energetic collaboration within the team.Even though there will be some changes in the team of next year, we hopefully can continue the positive and active spirit found in the OtherWise team today!

Working with Inez on the activism lecture series was really a pleasure. At times it was challenging to find the right subject at the right time, because activism can be quite a sensitive subject. But considering that at all the lectures many people showed up, we might assume we did reasonably well. Inez created a nice team vibe, while still being professional and keeping everyone on track. She was very motivating and fun to work with! By Rolinde de Haan, volunteer for the on the Social Movements & People Power Program


Farmers Market September 24th


Chapter 2 OtherWays program

2.1 What is OtherWays?

The OtherWays program is developed to give students the opportunity to organize events that deal with topics of their own interests. OtherWays invites students do work together with Otherwise to organize activities around social and environmental justice agendas. Last year the otherways program has been a less prominent port of the focus of the organization, partially because many other events drew the focus away. Otherwise Foundation will continue to offer the Otherways program as a way to help students to organize events around critical debate. One single event has been organized according to the OtherWays program definition. Otherwise organized it together with the Italian Msc. Forest and Nature Conservation student Marco Daldo Pirri. We were very glad that Marco came to us, because he had a great affinity with the plans we had to dive into the subject of nature’s rights.His ideas were very good to illustrate the larger context in which this theme is to be understood.

Cultural Diversity: A Challenge to the single Thought Marco was looking for a partner to co-host an event with a focus on the nature of the Neoliberal paradigm as an influential ideology that does not recognize another way-of-being as valid. The purpose of the event was to illustrate what neoliberalism is and to contrast it with indigenous and indigenous-inspired ways of being and understandings of the world. To offer more depth to the topic in this event, we hosted PhD. Bas Verschuuren and co-author of the ‘Sacred Natural Sites; Conserving nature and culture’ as a contributor with his story of how the cosmological diversity approach helps indigenous cultures around the world to preserve their culture and environment. We also invited Henk and Monica Petter of Gaia NL to represent stories of Dutch citizens who have a wish to live according to an alternative cosmology than the one presented by conventional neoliberal paradigms. “My collaboration with Otherwise has been a spontaneous process, that was born from a friendly talk with one of the Coordinators, Mali. This shows how close to students the management of the Otherwise’s activities can be and how everybody, if really motivated, can have a chance to present an alternative voice on social, environmental, cultural, political and economical visions, while being supported by the know-how, contacts, access and resources of the Foundation Otherwise Wageningen. Together with Jurre and Mali, after several meetings of preparation in which the original idea was changed several times, we organised a mini-conference on Cultural diversity. We always had very interesting talks, during which we put on the table our respective ideas to merge them, in order to enrich the message that we wanted to share with the broader public. I am grateful of this opportunity for my personal growth and for the friendships developed. Overall, I am happy that there is an organisation such as Otherwise, that promotes, together with students and world’s experts, important messages of change for our society. Well done to all the team !!!” By Marco Daldo Pirri


Chapter 3

iWeek - 2018

It has been a while since the iWeek has been organized in a recognizable form. In the year of 2016-2017 The iWeek was not organized at all. This year the iWeek was back with renewed enthusiasm.

3.1 iWEEK 2018 The iWEEK is an experimental playground for innovation, interaction and intuition. During this week, students and recent graduates are introduced to various alternative theories and practices which can shape new ways of relating to ourselves and the world around us. With a team of three; Mali Boomkens (coordinator), Lian Kasper (project coordinator) and Louise van der Stok (board member), we organised the 2018 edition of the iWeek, themed “Wild Wisdom - A Journey into (re) Connection”, from 8 - 14th of July. For the organisation of the iWeek we took on Lian Kasper, who has close affinity with the themes. She was part of the Otherwise team from April until the end of July and her warm and attentive character made her a wonderful partner to work with. This training week was meant for students and recent graduates who are looking for an opportunity to balance the predominantly rational and individualistic (university) life with a more embodied, empathic and communal way of knowing and being. And to help them explore their potential role in these transformative times towards an emerging culture of social and ecological consciousness. In this week the topic of connection was explored. During this week students were exposed to tools and exercises from various old and new nature-based traditions. Besides workshops that we facilitated ourselves, four external professional trainers were invited to guide the group in workshops. This greatly benefited the overall quality of the program. (see picture of the whole week’s program). Themes and methods that were incorporated in the program were the following: - The Work that Reconnects - Personal Leadership exercises - Shadow and Embodiment work - Nonviolent Communication - Theater of the Oppressed - Community building - Dragon Dreaming - Deep Nature Connection / the Art of Mentoring All in all, our approach and theme came out as a great success; the 16 participants felt this training to be very meaningful to their development in many ways (read the reviews below) and they grew strong bonds between


“The iWeek 2018 was a wonderful, healing, joyful, meaningful and fun experience. The content was varied and provided insight into your own triggers, patterns, thoughts and feelings as well as focussing on your relation with nature, the environment and your (local) community. Mali, Louise and Lian (as well as the external trainers) provided a safe atmosphere due to which the group was very close, warm and loving very early on in the week. Being able to be so fully myself, loved by the group and loving each and every participant brought so much happiness and joy..! The solo nature quest at the end of the week was very special - the program was very well built up and allowed for a very deep and profound experience. This week and it's beautiful people will be with me, in my heart and mind, for a long time.� Kawire Gosselink, participant of iWEEK 2018

iWeek: Wild Wisdom a journey in (re)connection


All in all, our approach and theme came out as a great success; the 16 participants felt this training to be very meaningful to their development in many ways (read the reviews below) and they grew strong bonds between each other. week. As it was the first time for OtherWise to organise the iWEEK in such a way, if often felt like we had to reinvent the wheel, meaning that we spent quite some extra (voluntary) hours in making this training happen. Many lessons were learnt, in terms of logistics, communication, funding and facilitation, we strongly believe that next edition can be organised much more efficiently! That said, we have agreed with the whole OtherWise team to organise the iWEEK in a similar way in 2019, with the same team consisting of Mali, Lian and Louise.

“The iWeek - actually the iWeek of wild wisdom. A week of self discovery, facilitating a connection to nature in a most sustainable way. The program was constructed wisely and implemented with endless love, passion and care by the strong and wonderful women of Ppauw and around. In this week I found myself, love, compassion and everything I needed to go forward in my life and to look to the future of our planet with hope. Supported by a sequence of workshops, exercises and the general frame of the week. An experience that will stay in my heart forever.� Leona Puhony, participant of iWEEK 2018



Chapter 4 Main Activities

In this chapter you will find a complete overview of the activities that Otherwise Foundation has organized over the past year. You will find a timetable at first followed by a list of all the events with basic descriptions of the form and content of each organisation.

4.1 Timeline

On the following page you will see a timeline of all the activities. After this, the summary report of each individual event will continue




4.2 Activities of the past year Summer AID InfoMarke Date: August 23rd Location: Arboretum Participants:hundreds of first year students This year too Otherwise Foundation was present at the Summer AID information Market. This market has been and will remain an important moment for this organization and many others to present themselves to the new students that arrive in Wageningen at the beginning of the academic year. This year, Otherwise Foundation distributed seedbags with bee friendly flowers to communicate to fresh students what Otherwise is about: a healthy environment and the belief that everyone can take initiative in an inspiring way. --------------------------------------------------------------------------AgroBiodiversity party Date: August 26th Location: Vreemde Streken Participants: 70 Partners: Boerengroep By virtue of experiment, Otherwise organized a themed party at the beginning of the year to make its name known among students. The theme was Agrobiodiversity, or genetic diversity in agrological produce, which is vital for a healthy agriculture for many reasons. The theme was illustrated with the local and organic food cooked by the crew of Vreemde Streken and a variety of holiday pictures gathered by Jurre Zwart on several organic farms in Germany and Spain over the course of the Summer --------------------------------------------------------------------------Regreening: Film evening in Movie-W “Wisdom of the Mountains" Date: August 28th Location: Movie W Participants: 80 As a part of the Regreening, Otherwise Foundation organized a movie screening about agrobiodiversity in a remote region encompassing border regions between Pakistan and Afghanistan where people live off a rich diet of locally grown grains. The documentary offered a peek into a distant and self-contained world that is very unfamiliar to those who are used to the modern and globally connected lifestyle that is associated with 21st century urban life. The event was organized by volunteer Lilly Zeitler. The narration was very special and the event was well visited. As a cherry of the cake we had a lively and inspiring Q&A session with the documentary maker Frederik van Oudenhoven. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


Capita Selecta “A Moral Compass� Date: September 8th - September 22nd Location: Campus and excursion to Conference in Arnhem Participants: 14 This Capita Selecta offered students the possibility to explore issues dealing with the question of the place of a moral compass in complex conflict-ridden situations in the world today. Students had to partake in two lectures and visited the Bridge to the Future conference in Arnhem. In the end they wrote an essay on the central theme. The capita selecta was a resultant from a collaboration between OtherWise and War Requiem Foundation, and the Applied Philosophy and Sociology of Development and Change chairgroups.The group was smaller than we had hoped, but very enthusiastic about a course like this to be offered. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Secret Gardening day #1 Date: September 24th Location: Thuis Participants: 4 This was the first gardening session that Otherwise organized in the backyard of Thuis as an experiment in the sharing economy. In exchange for hours of garden maintenance, Otherwise could organize events in Thuis. Since Otherwise still had a few hours of service to catch up on from events organized in the year before, we took off. During this session we focused on cleaning up all the trash from the garden and we planted a few herbs and berry bushes in the garden. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Farmers Market 1# Date: September 27th Location: Forum Participants: 120 Partners: Boerengroep The first Farmers market of the year was a great success. It was a quick collaboration between Otherwise and Boerengroep with a focus on bringing the local organic farmers to the students of Wageningen, so especially the new students could get to know what farmers are around and what they produce. The event was organized with the enthusiastic Alberto Serra, who also cooked some fresh delights on the spot. The beautiful flowers from Banni Moore will be remembered! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


Otherwise Year Plan Presentation & Celebration Date: September 28th Location: Forum Participants: 20 During lunch time we invited anyone interested in OtherWise to hear about our upcoming events and, especially, to present our Year Plan. It was a nice opportunity to introduce the whole team to the people who came and to make them enthusiastic to become involved in the organisation. Two people in the audience actually became board members later in the year. All in all, it was a good decision to celebrate the finalized year plan so openly. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Social Diversity, Inclusivity and Gender session 1# led by Inez Dekker Date: October 4th Location: Impulse Participants: 120 Partners: Green office, Facilities Department The first Social Diversity, Inclusivity and Gender session was organized in Forum during lunch time on September 29. Together with twelve attendees we talked and shared stories about diversity and gender issues at the WUR. It became clear that such issues are not much discussed, nor among students, nor in courses. This meeting was a good start to continue such discussions with students and to create a platform to develop this further through organizing events. Moreover, a collaboration with the Amnesty International Wageningen Student Group was initiated. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Open Your Eyes Lunch meeting: Combat Modern Slavery Date: August 23rd Location: Arboretum Participants:hundreds of first year students During this event, the audience was quizzed about Modern Slavery after which a rich discussion followed about the nature of modern slavery as well as its wicked problems. The event ended with the showing of a TED Talk by Kevin Bales, who later came to Wageningen for a Studium Generale session. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Modern Slavery & The End of Poverty Film evening Date: October 5th Location: Building with the Clock Participants: 7 Partners: Green office, Facilities Department During this evening the End of Poverty movie was screened. This documentary links current regions in poverty to previous histories of colonial domination. In the discussion issues of personal responsibility as well as the relevance of this perspective in which the West is losing its position of dominance came up. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


Diversity Meeting in the Pub Date: October 8th Location: ‘t Rad van Wageningen Participants: 6 A more casual, meeting was organized in the evening of November 8 in cafe Rad van Wageningen. Again, the idea was to share ideas and concerns. Although the attendees were acquaintances, we were able to have a brainstorm session how to move on with the theme Gender, Diversity & Inclusivity. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Social Diversity, Inclusivity and Gender Session 2# Date: October 10th Location: Building with the Clock Participants: 7 The idea of this session was to focus on information, news, inspiration, memes and ideas that participants would like to share, worry about or appreciate. We aimed to map the issues that concern students and do a brainstorm session on events that could be organized in the future. Unfortunately there was a very low attendance and it was not possible to have a brainstorm session. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Alternative Thesis Fair Date: October 8th Location: ‘t Rad van Wageningen Participants: 6 The Alternative Thesis Fair was a very successful event that attracted quite some students during their lunch break. We had 8 different organisations besides ourselves, the organisers, joining to present their alternative thesis or internship options. We also mediated for a few thesis options from grassroots initiatives that had contacted us from our OtherWise stand. We felt a strong need to organise such a market again in the new academic year, as students really seemed to be engaged and interested in exploring alternative thesis and internships options, with which they could really have an environmental or social impact or contribution. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Herenboeren excursion Date: October 20th Location: Herenboeren farm, Boxtel Participants: 13

On October 20th we visited the first Herenboeren farm in Boxtel. The Herenboeren concept is an innovative approach to community supported agriculture. We were guided by the initiator Geert van der Veer who enthusiastically explained how his vision has the promise to connect the sustainable use of the land, food production, short supply chains and financial independence for the farmer. The farm itself encompassed animal husbandry, fruit production and vegetable production. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


People Power: Zwarte Piet & Questions that should not be raised Date: December 5th Location: Leeuwenborch Participants: 15 Our first event in the People Power series was a discussion session during lunch time on December 5th in the Leeuwenborch. About fifteen students attended and together we discussed about Zwarte Piet as a tradition for children that should not be messed with or as a racist caricature that is up for reinterpretation. Questions asked were: what does this subject reveal about the relations between the right to freedom of expression, current public opinion and the state? What about the power of the people? Next to clarifying the questions on this issue from mostly international students, there was a vibrant and interesting discussion. --------------------------------------------------------------------------A Local Christmas Fair Date: December 7th Location: Forum Participants: 50 Partners: Boerengroep This market turned into a very cozy and warm winter event. We put a lot of effort in decorations and inspiring/critical quotes and posters to attract students to this market square. We had created various corners, besides the farmers’ stands themselves; including a corner where students could sit and discuss certain topics related to agroecology, CSA, etc., stimulated by questions we had put onto the table. There was another corner where we served non-alcoholic gluhwein, which was clearly a successful attraction. Since the winter months are the least busy for farmers, we were able to attract more farmers than the other Fairs we organised this year. Good to keep in mind for upcoming editions! --------------------------------------------------------------------------Special Docu Night @MovieW: Back to Basics & Harvesting Happiness Date: December 13th Location: Movie W Participants: 50 Partners: Boerengroep This event was well visited, thanks to preparations together with Boerengroe and a varied program that not only offered the screening of these two documentaries, but also incorporated a lively discussion and Q&A with the film-makers and other key guest speakers. The discussion took almost longer than the screening of the documentaries and a lot of interest was shown especially about? the concept of Heerenboeren. We were very happy that the man behind this concept, Geert van der Veer was able to join this evening, enabling us to really dive deeper into this innovative project. Other guest speakers, like Elske Hageraats, were a strong support in contributing to the discussion with interesting thoughts and reflections. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


Environmental activism: Stories from India, Bolivia & The NL Date: January 25th Location: Vreemde Streken Participants: 65 We organized an evening lecture focused on environmental activism worldwide. OtherWise had invited Esha Shah, assistant professor at the Water Resources Management group of the WUR, who shared first-person memoires on environmental activism in India, more precisely, on the movement against a large dam on river Narmada. Second, Chihiro Geuzenbroek talked about her experiences as an activist and filmmaker, focusing on her journey to Bolivia and learning about the Bolivian narrative of Mother Earth. Finally, Talissa Soto presented her journey as an activist-scholar, talking about her experiences as an intersectional feminist within academia and later 'activist' collectives such as Code Rood, a Dutch direct action group that fights against the fossil fuel industry. All speakers focused on the intersection of environmentalism and inequality issues. This event was a huge success to which more than sixty people attended, with many positive responses afterwards --------------------------------------------------------------------------Tickly Talks Fishbowl: 100 years of activism Date: February 18th Location: Impulse Participants: 20 By virtue of experiment, we embarked on a journey to organize events around idea of creating spaces for dynamic discussions, with Wageningen University as a focus. We employed the Fishbowl discussion method as a way to keep discussions dynamic as well as self-monitored. For the first event we put forward the role of activism in Wageningen University. Many people active in movements such as the Critical Student group, Fossil Free Wageningen and De Nieuwe Universiteit came forward and so it became a unique gathering of students activist from different movements from the past years. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Cultural Diversity: A Challenge to the Single Thought Date: February 25th Location: Forum Participants: 30 For this event - where anthropology met philosophy - Otherwise worked together with Msc Student Marco Daldo Pirri in an attempt to dissect the nature of neoliberalism as a dominant paradigm in modern day society and what other ways of looking at the world (or at the nature of reality) are out there. "Bas Verschuuren, a PhD candidate at the Sociology of Development and Change chair group at the WUR, explained the relevance of other ways of looking at realities through his academic work in which he enables indigenous people trapped in post-colonial conditions to explain why their territories are of importance to them not only because they live their, but also because of how their territory connects to their past and to the way they view the world . Furthermore, Gaia NL came to represent the wish for another way of looking at the world within a Western world. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


Animal Rights: What's all the fuss about? Date: March 7th Location: Vreemde Streken Participants: 65 This challenged students to think about animal rights.OtherWise invited Hanneke Nijland, who is an independent researcher and part-time lecturer at the Strategic Communication group of the WUR, and has performed extensive research on human-animal relations. Furthermore, animal rights activist Shivonne Engen explained her motivations for doing direct action and why disruption is effective for the animal rights movement. Together the two speakers captured the broad spectrum of Animal Rights activism from the more professional group focused on media strategy focused such as “Wakker Dier� to the more grassroots movements of people who are in favor of direct action. The event created a lot of enthusiasm and interest among the attendees, which resulted in a lot of questions from the audience and some ongoing debates afterwards. --------------------------------------------------------------------------NL Doet: Secret Gardening Day #2 Date: March 7th Location: Vreemde Streken Participants: 65 During this event, we focused on planting new plants as well as on weeding. We also got rid of a lot of organic waste that was deemed unfit for composting (such as brambles). It was the busiest gardening session of them all and that made it a merry experience with a well filled lunch table (with lunch provided by Thuis - thank you!) --------------------------------------------------------------------------One world week Tickly Talks: The WUR & the World Date: April 11th Location: Impulse Participants: 9 Partners: S&I, One World Week For the One World week Otherwise organized another Tickly Talks session with the same concept as the time before. This time, the interactive discussion focused on what it is like to be an international student. Unfortunately the turnout was quite low. The speech of S&I council member Amit Choudhary was very interesting with regards to what chances he saw that the Wageningen adventure gave him for his further career. We would like to thank S&I and the organizers of the One World Week for the collaboration. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


The rise of Community Supported Agriculture in China Date: April 16th Location: Forum Participants: 30 Partners: Cultivate, RUW Foundations Upon request from Janneke Bruil from Cultivate, the new European focused restart of Ileia, Otherwise co-hosted an event to bring Community Supported Agriculture pioneer and PhD candidate Shi Yan from China. During the day she visited CSA projects and farm shop initiatives in Wageningen and Veenendaal and at night she spoke in the Forum Building about agroecology and local food chains in China. A full room of students and researchers of various disciplines listened with great attention?and a lively discussion evolved after the presentation. Shi Yan stated that the Wageningen day was the most interesting part of her Dutch programme. --------------------------------------------------------------------------The WURst living room Date: April 17th Location: Forum Participants: 14 Partners: RUW Foundation In an attempt to find out more about how students perceive the Wageningen University, Otherwise Foundation organized a research setting on site together with RUW Foundation. We constructed an open air living room where we interviewed students about their perceptions of Wageningen University over a range of different topics during the lunch break. This activity was a part of the Focus at WUR program. In total we collected 14 interviews, which are currently being kept for further dissection. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Climate Change Teach-In Date: April 18th Location: Forum Participants: 45 Partners: Milieudefensie, Fossil Free Wageningen This event was truly unique in its kind. In a matter of weeks a selection of students from various countries from all over the world was prepared to share stories on the impact of climate change in their home countries as well as stories about the presence of Shell in their countries, thus illustrating how both climate change is a phenomenon with an impact of global proportions as well as that Shell is a company of global proportions. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Launch! Ecosystem restoration community RENEW Date: April 19th Location: Thuis Participants: 12 During this event, we focused on planting new plants as well as on weeding. We also got rid of a lot of organic waste that was deemed unfit for composting (such as brambles). It was the busiest gardening session of them all and that made it a merry experience with a well filled lunch table (with lunch provided by Thuis - thank you!) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


Secret Gardening Day #3 Date: April 22nd Location: Thuis Participants 5 This was the third gardening session and one of the first warm days of the year. We had a hard time in the garden, but luckily fresh water spiced with lemon and mint was a great refresher. We planted a few more flowers and we did some more weeding. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Climate Change Teach-In Date: April 18th Location: Forum Participants: 45 Partners: Milieudefensie, Fossil Free Wageningen This event was truly unique in its kind. In a matter of weeks a selection of students from various countries from all over the world was prepared to share stories on the impact of climate change in their home countries as well as stories about the presence of Shell in their countries, thus illustrating how both climate change is a phenomenon with an impact of global proportions as well as that Shell is a company of global proportions. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Save Henk's Tiny House Challenge Date: April 27th - April 29th Location: Ecovillage Ppauw Participants: 23 Our event was the main attraction of Ppauw’s three-day Permaculture Gathering this year. On Friday, Kris, Jurre and Matthijs Kool gave a lecture on erosion, along with a simple yet effective experiment in erosion control on site. On Saturday, we guided the participants in an observation exercise before moving on to a workshop where we engaged the participants to implement actual erosion control measures, which continued until Sunday. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Contemporary activism: A colonial past? A feminist future? Date: May 15th Location: VreemdeStreken Participants 45 The final session in the activism series took place in again Vreemde Streken on May 15. On this evening we invited decolonial feminist scholar Rosalba Icaza from Institute for Social Studies (ISS), Erasmus University Rotterdam and anti-racism activist Inez Blanca from the Amsterdam-based anti-racist collective ‘The University of Colour’ to discuss forms of contemporary activism that not only challenges our ways of thinking but also disrupts society and university. Together with around fortyfive people, the history and/or present of colonization and feminism were discussed. Again, we have received many positive comments and new impulses for the future, for instance starting a reading circle on (de)colonialism. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


Erosion Control Follow-up - with John D. Liu! Date: May 19th Location: Ecovillage ppauw Participants: 15 Partners: Ecosystem Restoration Camps This was the follow-up event to the erosion control workshop during the Permaculture Gathering, where we were able to get Ichsani Wheeler of the UNCCD & Creative Garden to lead a short class and explain the consequences of our previous actions. Through her we were also able to invite John D. Liu, the author of the documentary Green Gold and the ambassador for Commonland and the Ecosystem Restoration Camps who brought with him three others involved directly or indirectly with ecosystem restoration. Thanks - in part - to his presence, there was no shortage of conversation and participants stayed far past the intended end time. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Voedsel Anders Farmer’s Market: Agroecoloy Date: May 24th Location: Forum Participants: 40 Partners: Boerengroep, VoedselAnders This farmer’s market was again a nice event that facilitated a connection between students and local farmers. However, not as many students visited this time.. This might be related to many courses organizing fieldtrips and outings in this time of the academic year. Also regarding the farmers, end of May is a busy time for them, so not as many as we had hoped could join. It made for a small and cozy event. It was the first farmer’s market in which we were affiliated with Voedsel Anders, a cooperation that eventually would lead to a big event in September 2018. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Milieudefensie explains: Sueing Shell & Pub Quiz Date: May 30th Location: Vreemde Streken Participants: 40 Partners: Milieudefensie, Fossil Free Wageningen This was the closing event for the collaboration between Milieudefensie, Fossil Free Wageningen and Otherwise Foundation. The event was a lot of fun. It started out with a talk by Freek Bersch - head campaigner of the Shell court case for Milieudefensie - to explain why Milieudefensie made the choice to sue Shell. He cited an intergenerational responsibility for Shell to recognize its complicity in climate change and the fact that the company has , according to Milieudefensie, thus far not yet altered its course enough to address climate change. We ended with a pub quiz to test the audience on their knowledge of a number of facts and news items relating to multinationals and climate change. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


What is Life? A new paradigm revealed Date: May 31st Location: Forum Participants: 65 This event was organised with the aim to question the current paradigm on life and to open up discussion about of other viewpoints. In the scientific community it is generally agreed that the spiritual does not exist and that life functions mechanically. Discussion about this is sometimes not very welcome. However, new research results in the fields of quantum physics and consciousness studies are shedding new light on the question ‘what is life?’. For this event, we invited Marja de Vries to speak about her bestselling book in which she explored a new paradigm on life, that brings together viewpoints from science and spiritual traditions around the world. The event was received with great interest. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Meeting the Green Silk Road Date: June 14th Location: Common Barrack Droevendaal Participants: 7 Gijs Spoor, a Dutch Auroville resident and former Otherwise Foundation acquintance, is an enthusiastic world traveler that aims to inspire people to quit the airplane and to travel the world overland instead. He advocates that travelling should be a method of intercultural exchange. On this day we accommodated him him to speak in Wageningen where he shared many travel stories, explained his philosophy and presented us his own project of exchanging knowledge about medicinal plants and dyes from plants as he travelled across India, Iran, Turkey and Eastern Europe. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Farmers Excursion & Pizza Party Date: June 16th Location: Ekoboerderij de Lingehof & the Creative Garden Participants 6 Partners: ISOW A friendly excursion to the Ekoboerderij de Lingehof and the Creative Garden. At Ekoboerderij de Lingehof the participants had a tour with enthusiastic explanations from André Jurrius about what it takes to tend a 100 ha organic farm. We also did some weeding in a field of spelt grain. At the Creative Garden we did another tour where we learned about the success and the beauty of the community garden on the location and we enjoyed freshly made pizza. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


Kawsak Sacha - Canoe of Life: A message from the Amazon Date: June 27th Location: Forum Participants: 15 A movie screening with a documentary produced at the initiative of the Kichwa people of Sarayaku in Ecuador. The movie ‘Kawsak Sacha: A message from the Amazon’ presents the proposal for the recognition of their territory according their own view, which connects biodiversity, spirituality and history in order to protect it against oil extractivism and other threats. With that, the movie also intends to inspire indigenous people around the world to reproduce similar proposals. Besides watching this inspiring documentary we also had a direct phone connection with the coordinator of the campaign from Ecuador. --------------------------------------------------------------------------VoedselAnders Farmer’s Market Date: June 28th Location: Forum Participants: 45 Partners: Boerengroep Blessed with beautiful weather we organised the final Farmers market for this year. It was a small market with delicious drinks offered on a donation basis. --------------------------------------------------------------------------iWEEK Summer Training -“Wild Wisdom: a journey in (re)connection” Date: July 8 -14 Location: Ppauw, ecovillage Wageningen Participants: 16 During this year’s iWEEK we organised an intensive, full-residential training for a smaller group of people. The aim was to explore what connection means for sustainability, connection to the self, the other, and the environment. Because in the way we connect on all these levels we create the social-environmental interconnections that make our societies. The iWEEK turned into a successful and inspiring learning-experience for both participants as well as the organisers themselves. In Chapter 3, more can be read about the summer school. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Chapter 5 Research Mediation Program 4.1 What is RMP?

OtherWise’s Research Mediation Program (RMP) functions as a democratic knowledge exchange platform. Otherwise connects students of Wageningen University with grassroots organisations, both in the Netherlands and abroad. The aim of the RMP is to increase access of academic knowledge to grassroots organisations, whilst providing exciting research opportunities for Wageningen students. OtherWise mediates thesis assignments, research projects and internships. In most cases, OtherWise acts as the broker between the grassroots organisation proposing a research initiative and the student participant. This provides the opportunity for students to engage in research projects connected with ground level realities, whilst grassroots organisations obtain access to research and information that would otherwise remain inaccessible.

4.2 Looking back at the year 2017-2018 In the past year the Research Mediation Program continued to experience innovations while maintaining a low key status. In the meantime the RMP program slowly continued to develop into a new form as the Alternative Thesis Fair proved to be a great success. Furthermore, the longstanding wish of Otherwise Foundation to acquire a person to work specifically work on the RMP program finally materialized. Alternative Thesis Fair In an attempt to truly bridge the gap between students seeking internship and thesis opportunities and organisations and businesses who are looking for ways to address their questions Otherwise teamed up with the Green Office and Boerengroep to organize the Alternative Thesis Fair. It was a great success and the event was attended by many students. Together with the Green Office and the Boerengroep we managed to pull together a wide array of choices. Each of the organizing parties had its own focus in approaching parties that could provide internship and thesis opportunities. Otherwise Foundation focused on food forests & ecovillages and through the contacts we have with Thuis, they also became involved as well as the municipality which was interested to find students who could do research on the implementation of the municipality’s climate change policy. Ecosystem Restoration Research Mediation In the year plan a Research Mediation Program focused around ecosystem restoration is announced. Even though the theme of Ecosystem Restoration ahs been of great interest to Otherwise Foundation over the past year it did not become part of the activities for the Research Mediation Program. This project finally materialized in a project named RENEW, or Restoration Network Wageningen. The aim of this program is to empower youth by connecting them to courses and locations where they can develop the skills and knowledge of ecosystem restoration.


So far three different events have been organized under this side project. These area:

• A lecture by Roeland Lelieveld about agroforestry in Kenia

• A workshop on erosion control in Ppauw, including a review with John D. Liu • An ecosystem restoration summer course in collaboration with Sunseed Desert Technology in Spain

This project will continue to become an independent organisation with an intention to continue to work together with Otherwise Foundation. The current secretary of Otherwise Foundation Kris Deveria and departing coordinator for Otherwise Jurre Zwart will continue this organisation

4.3 New Coordinator As of June 2018 Otherwise has a new coordinator working specifically on the RMP project again. The new RMP coordinator position, filled by Lucie Sovová since June 2018, was a good opportunity to rethink the aim of the program as well as the most efficient way to accomplish it. Lucie started setting out the new direction of the Research Mediation program based upon the recommendations produced by Lilly Zeitler, her own insights as well as the wishes of the board. During the summer of 2018, we reviewed the state of the RMP. The ideals of the democratization of knowledge and knowledge brokerage between Wageningen University and grassroots organizations worldwide is still relevant to Otherwise, especially from the perspective of the student. We will therefore continue to seek partnerships with relevant organizations and advertise thesis and internship opportunities to students and relevant chairgroups. However, we shall dedicate less capacity to this task, for two main reasons. Firstly, we reflect upon the fact that there are other bodies involved in research mediation, even within the university (e.g. Onderwijsloket, Science Shop). These organizations have both more experience and capacity to facilitate theses, internships and other links between the university and ground level realities. However, both these organisations are more focussed on the parties with a research demand instead of the students of Wageningen who are looking for topic. Oftentimes students simply a pick a research topic that is offered by the chairgroups. The added value of the RMP program is mainly to open the scope of possibilities and bring students more in contact with research opportunities that they would not easily find by themselves. Secondly, throughout its history Otherwise has overcome the development perspective it has emerged from, acquiring a more critical angle on the risks of Euro- and West- centric worldviews and neo-colonial tendencies. This brings serious implications for the RMP. Otherwise needs to be aware of its potential involvement in a unidirectional export of Western knowledge which is at risk of perpetuating the inequalities it tries to reduce. This shall be an important consideration in the selection of partner organizations. Furthermore, the competences of critical reflection and intercultural sensitivity shall be emphasized in the services Otherwise provides to students. With that in mind, the RMP shall shift its focus, dedicating slightly less capacities on research mediation as we know it and instead becoming more of a critical platform on issues of research and knowledge creation, providing e.g. training and other types of support for both students and grassroots initiatives. You will be able to read more in the upcoming year plan.


Chapter 6 Global Guest Program

The Global Guest project

enables international students from all over the world -who study in Wageningen- to meet-up with high-school pupils in the Netherlands. Together with the Global Guests team they get prepared to give interactive lectures and workshops at secondary-schools in the region. we aim to broaden the opportunities for international students to do something besides their studies and get a more familiar with The Netherlands. Students from all over the world who come to study in Wageningen, should not be only considered customers of the University, but as being part of it. Experiences so far proof that this increases their sense of belonging in The Netherlands and sometimes revived their enthusiasm about their own study or PHD, thanks to the interaction with the teenagers at the schools "Today was the highlight of my November. I had the chance to share my experiences and thoughts on sovereignty, globalization and many other things with the students in Pantarijn. I started with introducing myself and trying to trigger some trivial questions about Indonesia. It was exciting to see the pupils responding to my questions. The pupils were responsive, critical, smart and active. I felt appreciated as they engaged to my presentation. I continued my presentation until the end. I was really happy to see them look at many different perspectives. They were very critical as they asked about positive sides of globalization, we came up with several." Kanya from Indonesia date




04-10 ‘17


Native French. Chats with pupils in groups

75 pupils (3 classes)

Global Guests involved

04-12 ‘17


Brazil. Importance of Savanna as a Biotope

22 pupils

31-11 ‘17


Sustainable textile industry / labor India

23 pupils

5: Olivier, Sophie, Stanislas, Noé, Thomas(FR) 1: Maìra de Jong van Lier (Brasil)

18-04 ‘18

Multiple. NVON Teachers’ workshop conference. Biodiversity & Sustainability

3 teachers

1: Amit Choudhary (India)

26-04 ‘18


14 pupils

2: Ambar (Mexico) & Maìra (Brasil) 2: Yodit (Ethiopia) & Fautina (Ghana)

Academic week. Agriculture in Africa & farmers context





Lupine from Ekoboerderij de Lingehof 35

Chapter 7 Partners & Community

We could not have executed our activities and our plans without the valuable partnerships OtherWise holds. Also we could not have done the work we do without the funding and facilitation from Wageningen University. Besides this, the help of our volunteers, interns and program assistance was invaluable. We would like to thank our partners, main sponsor and community for their vital contributions to OtherWise. In this chapter we would like to give special attention to our new partnership with THUIS and our efforts in community building this year. In this chapter we will describe the partnerships we engaged in during the academic year of 2017/2018. We will also list the locations which we used as well as the volunteers that joined us.

7.1 Partners

Boerengoep: Boerengroep has been a long-term partner of Otherwise Foundation and this year too the collaboration with them did not disappoint. We worked together on a number of occasions, specifically on issues where our mutual interest in inspiring Wageningen students with Agroecology came together. We worked together on the following events: •Agroecology Party •Farmers Market series •Special Docu Night @MovieW: Back to Basics & Harvesting Happiness •Focus@WUR RUW Foundation So too has RUW foundation been a steady partner for Otherwise Foundation last years again. This past academic year our common interest was on the university. We organized one mutual event together which highly experimental and very fun to do. One can read more about it under ‘The Wurst living Room’ event that took place on April 17th. Finally we would like to thank David de Winter, one of Ruw’s coordinators, especially for helping out with the CSA’s in China event. Due to unforeseen circumstances Otherwise was unable to provide a person with an Emergency Response Training certificate. David was so kind to help out so the event could proceed. Green Office With the Green Office we found a mutual interest in the Modern Slavery Series and the Alternative Thesis Fair. We are very glad that we could be part of the Modern Slavery events that were a unique approach of bringing awareness around pressing issues in Wageningen. The Alternative Thesis fair was deemed a great success and we will continue to organise this event as a way to enrich the availability of thesis and internship opportunities for the student community of Wageningen. Facilities Department For the Modern Slavery series we collaborated with the Facilities Department and the Green Office. The Facilities Department took a leading role in the campaign to raise awareness about slavery in contemporary times and what can be done by the community of the Wageningen University community to address this issue. We gladly thank them for their openness and support of our involvement in this campaign.


Milieudefensie & Fossil Free Wageningen We are honored that we could be part of the campaign by Milieudefensie and Fossil Free to raise awareness of the impact of climate change and Shell around the world. The event where a students from all around the world were given an opportunity to speak about the impact of climate change around the world was one of a kind that we would love to see emulated since the international character of the Wageningen student community offers unique possibilities to exchange comparative information about the world we live in. S&I (Sustainability & Internationalisation student party) For the One World Week we collaborated with S&I to set up a discussion with the international student community about which you can read more on the specific event in Chapter 4. We greatly enjoyed working together with S&I thereby getting to know better the board of the past year. We appreciate the level of cooperation and professionalism they brought into the collaboration very much.

7.2 Locations

We are very glad to be granted the possibility to organize events at Wageningen University as a means to reach our main target group, the Wageningen Student Community. We also notice that the students sometimes appreciate it to go someplace else for extracurricular activities, even if these are content driven like many of our events. Therefore we sometimes organize events in other locations in Wageningen too. We also notice that opening the doors to an audience that goes beyond the student community by itself can greatly enrich debate at our events. Therefore we would like to thank our partner locations in Wageningen for their hospitality in receiving us on multiple occasions over the past year. •Wageningen University •Thuis •Vreemde Streken •Movie-W •Impulse

7.3 Volunteers

We would like to thank the following people who helped us out over the past year: Alberto Serra, Rolinde de Haan, Rianne Mensink, Marco Pirri, Lorena Romera Leal, Ute Beckmann, Ayro Feldman, Sara, David & Mimi

On April 2018, Shi Yan, pioneer of community supported agriculture and PhD in China, came to Wageningen after speaking at FAO's II Agroecology Symposium in Rome. The trip to Wageningen was part of a 10-day visitors' programme the Dutch ministry of foregn affairs organised for her. During the day she visited CSA projects and farm shop initiatives in Wageningen and Veenendaal and at night she spoke in the Forum Building about agroecology and local food chains in China. A full room of students and researchers of various disciplines listened with great care and a lively discussion evolved after the presentation. Shi Yan

stated that the Wageningen day was the most

interesting part of her Dutch programme. Janneke Bruil on Shi Yan and the CSA's in China evening


Chapter 8 Finances

This year our revenue has been €46.172,33. We have spent €44.910,65 in total and thus a surplus of €1.261,68. We would like to thank Wageningen University for their generous contribution to OtherWise. Besides this stable source of income we received some sponsoring and CAS subsidy. The CAS for the activities in 2018 will be received in 2019.

In addition to the two Coordinators Jurre Zwart and Mali Boomkens, we hired Suzanna van der Meer as our Global Guests Coordinator. Moreover, Lian Kasper has worked with us for four months to help coordinate the iWeek and Lucie Sovova is our new RMP Coordinator since June. In our 2017-2018 year plan we reserved €8500,- for the RMP Coordinator. However we hired a new RMP coordinator in June, which explains that money could be spent on an iWeek assistant, a Global Guests Coordinator, volunteers and activities. The salary of the coordinators amounts to €21.759,51. The Global Guests Coordinator’s and RMP Coordinator’s salary is €2.107,32 and €1.928,38. The salary of the iWeek Coordinator is €1600,-. The tax and administration costs are in total €9.765,51. Overall, we spend €4.472,37 on activities, namely the total expenses €6249,69 minus the income €1.777,32. Besides the workshops, excursions and markets that have been organised as single events, most of the activity budget has been spent on the iWeek, the theme activism and RENEW. In regard to the iWeek, volunteers have received compensation for their effort. €500,- in total has been spent with a maximum of €150,- per volunteer per month. The promotion and training expenses of €863,56 have mostly been used to create a single poster format that can be easily used by the Coordinators, who have been trained to work with this tool, for every event. By using a single format, it makes OtherWise more visible as our posters are more recognisable and it takes less time to promote an event. The Global Guests project has gotten €725,- in donations from schools and spent €524,58 on student fees and travel costs. The community costs includes a training with the board and the coordinators about managing short and long term planning. Additionally, there has been a dreaming and planning day, where themes and ideas for the next year have been discussed. These costs amount to €112,10



Stichting OtherWise Generaal Foulkesweg 37 6703 BL Wageningen Tel: 0317 48 31 48 Email: Website:

Annual report OtherWise 2017-2018  
Annual report OtherWise 2017-2018