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You can’t be an ethical and sustainable brand without talking about racism.


Introduction to the Vendor Audit and White Saviorism


The Scoring


Brands and Their Scores


So, What’s Next? A Statement From the Others Team

Introduction to the Vendor Audit and White Saviorism


The Black Lives Matter

movement and revolution happening in

In order to understand the importance

other side of the world but not speaking

meaning at our core we are committed

of this audit further, let’s first define

up and holding accountable the state

the United States is a long overdue de-

to helping people. We specifically focus

and describe “White Savior Complex.”

sanctioned violence against BIPOC peo-

mand for justice and equality for Black

on areas of job creation and security,

ple in their own country.”

lives, who have been too often taken

education, and poverty. A good percent-

refers to a white or Western person who

senselessly at the hands of police. They

age of the products we carry are made

provides help to non-white people in

have suffered centuries of racism and

by BIPOC artisans or workers, so we

a self-serving manner, or tries to “fix”

oppression, something we as white peo-

felt it was imperative to check in with

the problems of Global South countries,

ple could never understand.

our vendors to see what work they are

typically comprised of people of col-

(or are not) doing in response to BLM.

or. White Saviors usually act without

has invested time in listening to the

understanding the history, culture, or

Black community, checking our own

Brown bodies for labor but failing to

current needs of said countries.

privilege and biases, educating our-

advocate for their workers or make

selves, having hard conversations, and

changes as a company when injustice is

White Saviors,” states, “there is some-

reflecting on what we’re doing as a

happening in their own country may be

thing disingenuous about doing mission

business in regards to diversity.

exhibiting the White Savior Complex.

work with communities of color on the

In response, our team at Others

Others is a social enterprise,

We feel a brand using Black and

By definition, a White Savior

As the Instagram account, “No



The Scoring


We have conducted a

comprehensive audit of the 63 brands we carry based on their social media

Here are the results...


Brands and their scores

# of brands we’re currently working with

presence and website, as well as any emails sent to subscribers. After this research, we gave them each a score be-


# of brands who scored


# of brands who scored between a 1-2.9


# of brands who scored between a 0-0.9

tween 0 and 5 — 0 meaning the brand

between 3-5

has been completely silent about BLM, and 5 meaning they have sincerely addressed the issue, advocated for their employees, shared resources and donated, and committed to change within their company if needed.

Scores between 3-5 were consid-

ered passing, while scores between 0-2.9 necessitated a follow-up conversation with the brand. Others remains dedicated to promoting only truly ethical, sustainable, and woke brands.

*This research was conducted between June 15th and June 20th of 2020, any posts brands have made after this time are not included in these statistics.

Vendor Diversity Audit Scores


27% 43%




30 25 20 15 10 5 0

MLK Quote Black Square



Did Nothing

*This research was conducted between June 15th and June 20th, any posts brands have made after this time are not included in these statistics.

Kazi - 5

Imani Collective - 1

Known Supply - 5

Korissa - 1

ABLE - 5

Pacha Soap - 1

Bandits Bandanas - 4

River Organics - 1

Curio Spice Company - 4

Deux Mains - 0.5 *

Hand in Hand - 4

Good Paper - 0.5

Mata Traders - 4

Purpose Jewelry - 0.5

Meow Meow Tweet - 4

SOKO - 0.5

BogoBrush - 3.8

Swahili Modern - 0.5

Back Beat Co - 3

Yobel - 0.5

Conscious Coconut - 3

Rover & Kin - 0.2

Dazey LA - 3

Sewing New Futures - 0.2

Dear Survivor - 3

SOLO - 0.2

Malia Designs - 3

Badala - 0

Mini + Meep - 3

Bambu - 0

MudLOVE - 3


Tote Project - 3

Bloom + Give - 0

Global Goods - 2.8

Cafe Femenino Coffee - 0

Bohemia Design - 2.5 *

Canvas Home - 0

Bright Endeavors - 2.5

Causegear - 0

Machete - 2.5

Fair + Simple - 0

Matr Boomie - 2.5

Incausa - 0

Raven + Lily - 2.5

Kester Black - 0 *

Acacia Creations - 2

Mission Hammocks - 0

Haiti Design Co - 2 *

Roma Boots - 0

Pebble - 2

Silk Road Bazaar - 0

Theo Chocolate - 2

Sobremesa Greenheart - 0

FEED - 1.5

Tegu Toys - 0

31 Bits - 1

Thistle Farms - 0

Denik - 1

Thought Clothing - 0 *

Frey - 1

Zero Waste MVMT - 0 *

Hozen - 1

* denotes international company

So, what’s Next? A Statement From the Others Team


On Saturday, June 27th and Sunday, June 28th, Others will be donating 100% of all SALES to The Black Feminist Project.

shelves. Currently, the primary quali-

“The Black Feminist Project enriches the lives of,

out a survey to all of our vendors to fa-

fications involve fair trade/ethical pro-

restores agency, justice, joy and health to Black wom-

cilitate a follow-up conversation, focus-

duction certifications and a give back

en, girls and non-men, often referred to as marginalized

ing primarily on brands which scored

model, but 2020 is showing us that is

genders, or ‘MaGes,’ and the children they care for -

between 0-2.9. Based on their answers

not enough. We need true transparency

and our research, we can evaluate

about the company’s sourcing, employee

which vendors we want to continue to

working conditions, and where dona-


tions are directed.

Next, we plan to send

We will continue to do research

We vow to have 15% of our in-

with an emphasis on mother-led families. Using dynamic and engaging food and reproductive justice programming that explores not only the intersections of race, class, gender and respectability politics but

and keep tabs on our current vendors,

ventory come from BIPOC owned and

also empowers them to tap into their inherent leader-

as well as find new brands to bring in

operated brands. Additionally, we vow

ship abilities and dare to put themselves at the center of

to the shop, and give updates on our

to direct the remainder of our dona-

social media when we can.

tions for the year of 2020 towards Black

owned and operated organizations. This

Our team is also working on a

list of pre-requisites for furture vendors in order to be considered for our

is just the beginning.

their own universes.”

“Good for you, for the planet, for others.�

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