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Other Places Publishing Introducing a New Way to Travel

Our Titles Currently Available Antigua and Barbuda Benin Cape Verde Madagascar Micronesia and Palau Namibia Available Late 2010 Bulgaria Dominica Georgia Mongolia Tonga Paraguay Available Early 2011 Dominican Republic Ghana Kyrgyzstan Moldova Thailand Ukraine ...more to come!

Other Places Publishing is proud to announce a new series of travel guides that bring local insight, culture and adventure to the intrepid traveler. What makes our series of travel guides so unique is that each book is written and researched by long-time residents of each country. Not only do our writers live in-country, they are all former Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) having experienced a culture and people like few outsiders can. Peace Corps sends adventurous volunteers overseas for 27 months of service, including intensive cultural and language training. During their service, Peace Corps Volunteers live with local families, become intricate parts of their communities, and experience everything their countries have to offer. PCVs can hardly be considered as “expatriates,” but rather as locals. Living, working and playing all while making their host country a second home (in fact, many of our writers remained in-country after their service). PCVs are notorious for discovering hidden eateries fl ocked by working locals. They know those “most bang for your buck” guesthouses with million dollar views. And traveling across the country while making friends and discovering new spots is no problem. The perspectives and experiences of PCVs are truly unique. To fi nd out more about our titles and Other Places, log on to

Antigua and Barbuda: Island Guide

Christopher Beale

08/09/2008, $14.95, ISBN 9780615218373, 152pp • Best selling travel guide for Antigua and Barbuda on Amazon. • Escape the resorts to explore hidden beaches, Caribbean villages and local flare that only locals know about. • Get an insightful look at Antigua & Barbuda’s history, culture, environment, politics, and people. • An exhaustive dining guide highlights those hidden spots where locals flock and points out internationally acclaimed restaurants. • Dreaming about landing that big marlin? Or wanting to search for sunken treasure off Barbuda’s coast? How about chartering a private yacht for the day? It’s all here waiting for you.

Benin (Other Places Travel Guide)

Erika Kraus & Felicie Reid

01/26/2010, $18.95, ISBN 9780982261910, 208pp • Only English language guide in print dedicated to Benin. • Explore the rural settlements along the mighty Mono River to the west and hike in the picturesque granite hills of the central Collines region. • Lounge on the sunny, palm-fringed beaches of Grand Popo before exploring the historical cities of Ouidah and Abomey. • Embark on a veritable wildlife safari in the national parks of the north, and marvel at the vast plains of the Sahel in the upper Atakora and Alibori regions.

Cape Verde (Other Places Travel Guide)

Callie Flood (with Brittany Kuhn)

07/05/2010, $18.95, ISBN 9780982261927, 252pp • Explore active and dormant volcanoes and try manecon, a local wine made from unqiue grapes grown in the fertile, volcanic ground. • Relax at world class resorts that offer luxury and opulence. • Hike through valleys and over mountains while stopping to spend the night in small pensãos scattered throughout the island. • Escape to desolate beaches, far removed from the hussle and bussle of the modern world.

Micronesia and Palau (Other Places Travel Guide)

Ben Cook

08/15/2010, $18.95, ISBN 9780982261927, 234pp • Learn the history and culture of the islands from writers who have each spent years living with local residents. • Explore off-the-beaten-track locales relatively unknown to foreign visitors. • Dive, surf, snorkel, and swim in some of the most stunning marine environments in the world. • Choose the best places to eat, sleep, shop, and visit based on reviews of all the major islands.

Namibia (Other Places Travel Guide)

Jeremiah Allen

03/15/2010, $20.95, ISBN 9780982261965, 302pp • Sleep in a village campsite or splurge at one of Namibia’s worldclass game lodges. • Admire the wildlife at Etosha National Park, or explore the less visited parks in the northeast. • From short hikes around Sossusvlei to the daunting 8-day trek through Namib-Naukluft, Namibia is a hiker’s paradise. • Above all, rub elbows and share a laugh with the Namibian people in the many open markets, local eateries, small shebeens, or while travelling on a combie minibus.

Locally written, first-hand research, passionate writers Other Places Travel Guides “This could be the best thing to happen to travel guides, especially for off the beaten path.”

“Great guide for anyone looking to get off the beaten path.”

“Peace Corps Volunteers know these places better than anyone.”

“Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?!”

s! rie R Se OLO ew L C L


Sara LeHoullier


Madagascar (Travel Companion) 8/17/2010, $22.95, ISBN 9780982261958, 148pp

Why should you visit Madagascar? Sara LeHoullier is itching to tell you. Armed with a love of rice with ambiguous meat chunks, a stomach of steel, a firm grasp on multiple dialects of the Malagasy language, and lots of mosquito repellent, Sara explores both on and off the beaten path revealing a truly unique side on the world’s 4th largest island.

Americans Do Their Business Abroad: The Peace Corps Latrine Reader Edited by Jake Fawson & Steve McNutt

12/01/2008, $16.95, ISBN 9780982261903, 192pp

“These are the stories that got me uninvited from a few dinner parties.” Herein reside seventeen stories (and one poem) written by Peace Corps Volunteers from across the generations and across the planet. Such writing often brings expectations for a certain type of book (heartwarming, uplifting, nice). Many books give you that experience. And we like those books. They are good books. The world needs those books. This is not that book. Americans Do Their Business Abroad is a collection of stories a little too goofy, a little too personal (and maybe a little too gross) to belong anywhere else. Latrines. Goat eyeballs. Pickpockets. Whimsy. Wisdom. And arson in the name of hygiene. Enjoy.

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