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OTEKsys M434 helps Granmercato supermarket chains in Italy a more reliable checkout process

Location: Italy Industry: Supermarket Customer: Granmercato Supermarket Product: M434

Customer’s Profile Owns 8 chain stores, the Granmercato supermarket founded in 1979, and now is a first tier supermarket chain in Italy. With the spirit of “square of fresh”, Granmercato supermarket chains are more and more popular and expanding fast in Italy.

Solution Wrong labeling and incorrect price are the most serious problems in retail industry especially for supermarkets. The sales clerks in supermarkets have to face many consumers everyday, how to improve the check out process and reduce the waiting queue became the first priority issue to solve. However, the wrong labeling and price are the most common problems to protract the paying. For speeding up the checkout process and make sure that every item and price is correct, Granmercato chooses OTEKsys’ M434 LCD display to help the onsite sales clerks verify the paying products easier. Further, the restrained space is another issue why Granmercato supermarket decided to use M434. For allowing more space to put paying products, Granmercato has to reduce the space of POS system. The M434’s “Innovative Multiple Wall Mountable Base” design helps itself to be mounted wherever, and greatly improve the available space for the shoppers in Granmercato. OTEK System Co., Ltd. 6F., No.30, Xingzhong Rd. Neihu District, Taipei, Taiwan,

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OTEKsys Success Story - Super Market  

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