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Nizoral cream Nizoral shampoo Nizoral  tablets

Hair care products at OTCPharmacy Nizoral Cream

Use It is widely used to treat various kinds of fungal and  yeast infections. E.g. athlete feet, ringworm, etc. Thrush infection of skin and vigina. Cure Inflamed skin disease with  red, scaly and oily  areas.

Hair care products at OTCPharmacy Nizoral shampoo Use

It is used to remove dandruff. Cure fungal skin disease known as  pityriasis versicolor. Cure Inflamed skin disease with  red,  scaly and oily areas.

Hair care products at OTCPharmacy Nozoral tablets

These are used to treat fungal infections of the skin,  hair or mucous which can’t be treated with external  ketoconazole .These are: •Long lasting, repeated vaginal thrush  •Candida infections of the skin, hair, or throat . •Pityrosporum folliculitis. etc.

Precautions Nizoral shampoo is for external use only.Avoid  getting it in the eyes Nizoral cream is for external use only.Avoid getting  it in the eyes.  Nizoral tablets should be taken with meals. Children  under 15 kg should not take this. Avoid these medications during pregnancy.

Side effects Burning sensation. Irritation of the skin. Rash. Allergic skin reactions such as contact dermatitis. Dry  and Oily hair. Discoloration of hair  Nausea and vomiting. Diarrhea. Headache.

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