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Media kit 2012

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he concept of Over The CoutnerCulture Magazine was based around the idea that there are artists out there who are not being represented by mainstream outlets, so we are here to be that outlet. We recieve submissions of poetry, prose, photography and artwork of a countercultural nature. With subject matters ranging from politics to religion to experiemental fiction. The idea is that this is a place to be “weird” and original - to be honest. coun • ter • cul • ture n, the culture and lifestyle of those people, esp. among the young, who reject or oppose the dominant values and behavior of society.



with over the counterculture?


ur target audience is the younger, less convential demographic, people with a strong sense of imagination and individuality. Your ad will be handled with the greatest of care by our professional art staff. Our readership has doubled since our initial publication, so get on board with the fastest growing art magazine in Columbus. Our prices are fair and the exposure your business will recieve is invaluable. The content in our magazine is always buzz-worthy and entertaining.

Best Price in town


owhere else in Columbus will you find prices this low for advertising space in a magazine. Don’t forget that we will also design your ads free of charge. The art department at OTCC is directed by Doug Sprowls, who graduated top of his class from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Your ad will shine in our magazine. Cost Per Issue Quarter Page Half Page Full Page Full Spread


Inside in Black & White $60.00 $100.00 $180.00 $250.00

Inside Covers in Color $100.00 $180.00 $250.00 N/A

Full-color back cover advertisement: $600 All images must be at least 300dpi and all logos should be vector images. Contact James Garcia at for additional information.

OTCC Media Kit  
OTCC Media Kit  

This is the media kit for Over The CounterCuluture Magazine for advertising purposes.