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OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021


September 2021

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OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021


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September 2021

c ont en t s


Knowledge to Know This or That?

By Briana Lockman


It’s no secret that we take haircare very seriously.

However, let’s have a little fun! We’re coming

Wake up, coffee, shower, office, meeting,

the “hair fitness” edition, covering five areas

home, dinner, walk, work, bed, repeat. Busy,

call, meeting, call, work, work, call, store, gas, exhausted, and less satisfying than the last – If

of concern: Definition, Detangling, Moisture,

that describes your day, you may be dangerously

Breakage, and Scalp Care. Play along and pick

close to big-time burnout. How did you end up in

which contenders suit

this seemingly endless cycle? More than likely, a

your customers’ needs best.

Hollywood Beauty®’s Aloe with Vitamin E, Positioned To Drive Traffic In Your Store By Morgan Angelique Owens

little at a time. So how do you stop the churn? The same way it started – one step at a time.


Did you know that “aloe” has 220 million Google

searches and “aloe oil” has about 50% of those

When people are doing what you want them to

No. 1 leader in multi-use beauty products and is

do, and your plans are working out the way you

one of the first to introduce an Aloe with Vitamin E

hoped, life is easy. But, how do you react when

Premium Oil to mass retail.

people aren’t doing what you want them to do, and your plans aren’t unfolding the way you had

hoped? That’s the true test. The good news

‘Fall in Love’ with This Season’s Hair Trends

is that emotional intelligence is a skill that can

be developed over time. Just follow these five

Like leaves on a tree, your hair changes from

communication habits of emotionally intelligent

season to season. Stay up-to-date with these Fall


hairstyles trends for men, women and children that are sure to turn heads thanks to ApHogee hair care.


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

Don’t be the “Hot Mess” Boss | 5 Communication Habits of the Emotionally-Intelligent Leader By Liz Uram

searches? Hollywood Beauty® Products is the


Stop the Wheel; I Want to Get Off! | Five Steps for Beating Burnout By Katie Zabriskie

through with a special game of “This or That,”


Business Tips


Product Spotlight

Kaleidoscope Miracle Edges

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021



Ann Jhin


Jessica De Vault Hale

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Sam Choi

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Candace Smith

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Dr. Shanessa Fenner Sara Rueda Mary Bandy Briana Lockman Liz Uram Katie Zabriskie Morgan Angelique Owens


Lafayette Jones Elayne McClaine

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OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021


LIFE IS TOO SHORT FOR BORING HAIR! /shinenjam OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021


Shine ‘n Jam® is a registered trademark of Ampro Industries, Inc.


Lending an Ear When business owners think of charity, I notice that many focus too much on the financial aspect. It doesn’t matter if you’re an OTC retailer or a manufacturer; the most charitable thing you can do for your customers is to listen to them first. Too often, we tell customers what they should want and buy; we bombard them with our brand messaging in person and online. Yet, we don’t take the time to hear about their actual pain points and delve deeper into how our business can serve their needs. By listening first, you can then learn how to serve your customer better. That may result in a new product collection, new sales in-store or, in some cases, providing sponsorship or volunteer efforts for an organization that benefits the community you serve. That is the essence of this month’s Beauty of Charity edition - the act of serving. But how does serving benefit you? It helps you connect further with your shoppers and demonstrate your genuine concern for their well-being. Companies like Procter & Gamble nailed this when they conducted a study on the effects of stress and scalp health. They discovered a deeper issue that needed to be addressed for its consumers and developed new products to solve those issues. Learn more about this unique study in the Scalp Stress story on page 16. Other brands chose the traditional charitable route through sponsorships, sample programs and other community support efforts. We featured these companies in our feature story on page 52. If you always considered the act of charity to be a simplified version of giving away Jessica De Vault Hale EDITOR


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

money or free merchandise, reconsider your position. Remember, one of the best things you can do for your business is to think of your customers first.

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021



OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021



SmoothMoisture® Silkening System The Key to Longer Lasting, Reversion-Resistant Hairstyles Today, men and women alike are looking for effective, easy-to-use

In addition to wanting quality products at an affordable price point,

products to condition and moisturize their hair, protecting it from dryness,

consumers want to avoid the dangers of harsh chemicals, dyes, and

frizziness and breakage. Our intuitive four-step SmoothMoisture® system

additives in their beauty care products. SmoothMoisture® is enriched with

is for anyone needing intense hydration for their hair, whether they need protection from their thermal styling techniques or extra moisturization for their natural hair. This versatile

natural ingredients such as vitamin E, argan oil, and marula, which will leave your hair feeling soft, strong, and healthy. Our products give you the peace of mind that you’re

product works on all hair types—kinky, coily, relaxed

treating your hair with high-quality natural

or straight.

ingredients, and you don’t have to worry about breakage, damage, or long-term negative effects

For those who blow out their hair, use a silk

from chemicals.

press or other thermal styling techniques, extra moisture is needed to protect and nourish

Style-savvy customers also need a product

the hair after being exposed to high heat and

that will not only smooth and moisturize

temperatures. SmoothMoisture®’s revolutionary

their hair but also help them keep their style

formula wraps each strand of hair with intense

as long as possible! No one wants their new

moisture, giving you ultimate protection from

look frizzing up right after going through the

puffiness, frizz, and humidity and allowing silk

time, effort, and money to get it looking sleek

presses and blowouts to be done at home with

and gorgeous. SmoothMoisture®’s specially

salon-quality results that last far beyond normal routines.

formulated Reversion Resistant technology locks down your straight hair and preserves the fresh-from-the-salon look long beyond expectations and far past what other brands can offer.


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021


Four-Step System to Straight, Beautiful Hair The SmoothMoisture® product line is a simple yet all-inclusive system that delivers top-quality results from start to finish.

Step 1: To begin, VANITY Shampoo gently cleanses your hair and prepares it for the next steps in the routine. The formula is sulfate-free, so it doesn’t strip your hair and instead lets it retain its natural oils, leaving your locks soft and smooth. Nourishing ingredients like marula seed and argan oil provide soothing moisture for gorgeous hair.

Step 2: Next comes the LUXURY Smoothing & Strengthening Crème. This leave-in hair conditioner wraps moisture inside hair fibers and forms a protective barrier around each strand to guard against heat generated from blow dryers. Enriched with avocado and meadowfoam seed oils, the hydrating crème provides protection against breakage and brittleness caused by heat damage.

Step 3: HUSH is a finishing serum made to seal in hydration and form a heat barrier for thermal straightening and flat iron temperatures up to 450°F. It’s specially formulated with argan oil and vitamin E and covers each strand in healthy nutrients to keep your hair sleek and strong. The argan oil helps lock in moisture, giving your hair a glossy shine and incredible humidity protection, so your straight styles stay put, whatever the weather.

Step 4: To round it off, MIC DROP is a finishing spray that adds gloss and shine to hair and ultimate humidity protection. Made with a moisturizing blend of grapeseed and vitamin E oils, this spray locks down your style and fights frizz. Spray all over hair as needed for intense hydration and a glass-like shine.

Customers can use each product separately for its individual benefits or all together as a full system. 14

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

For visibly healthier hair, start at your roots with the Royal Oils collection.

Achieve a healthier scalp and healthier hair in just 3 weeks*.


©2021 P&G


*with regular use of anti-dandruff products OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021




By Dr. Shanessa Fenner

Scalp Stress Fatigue and stress are the two leading causes of hair damage and breakage

“We also saw language like depression,” Wilkerson said. “Some of them

for Black men and women, according to a recent study conducted by

thought of it as a disease, and they were always feeling not confident about

Procter & Gamble.

how they are showing up. For us, it told us that it is more than just flakes that people can see. It is a feeling that goes along with it, and for many

High levels of stress can cause hair follicles to initiate their resting phase,

people, if they don’t care for it regularly, that feeling actually follows them

which can cause the hair to fall out or weaken. The in-depth study examined

throughout their life.”

the effects of anxiety and dandruff how these issues can influence our lives and confidence. It turned out that having a dry scalp was more damaging

These pain point discoveries were opportunities for P&G’s Royal Oils

from a mental perspective, as well. Dr. Rolanda Wilkerson, P&G’s principal

and Pantene Gold Series brands to provide solutions. Wilkerson chatted

beauty scientist, said study participants felt more “tense, reckless, wound

with OTC Beauty Magazine to discuss the study’s findings and the brands’

up” and that the embarrassment of this common issue made many self-

efforts to relieve the anxiety associated with dandruff.



OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

Royal Oils Refreshing Root Rinse

When wash day isn’t an immediate option, care for

the scalp with the Royal Oils Refreshing Root Rinse.

This aloe water and hemp oil-infused rinse removes buildup and refreshes the roots while locking in

long-lasting scalp moisture to extend the life of the hairstyle for an additional week.

OTC BEAUTY MAGAZINE: Can you share a bit about the study? ROLANDA WILKERSON:

We did the study across the United

States and started work in China and also in the UK. I will focus a lot more on what we found here in the United States, more specifically with Black people. The scalp can actually be a source of stress. If people know that they have a flaky scalp, it stresses them out. Stress can make the scalp unhealthy, as well. It is kind of like a circle of cascading interactions that can happen with people that are prone to flaky scalp. . . We see it happening first and foremost when they are teenagers, which is also a bigger concern. Teenagers are experiencing other things that they may worry about or may become self-conscious about. Their scalp is no different at all. We know that we can help make a difference if we elevate the need for and the attention to the scalp. We know that oftentimes for Black women and men, we focus more on our hair and then our scalp, and as a result, (we) can suffer (for that). That is the high-level view of the study. Many of them, because they feel tense, wound up, or reckless is because of their scalp, is primarily due to genetics and stress. For those of us who are, the

Pantene Gold Series Hair Repair Anti-Breakage Combing Crème

Detangling can be painful for your scalp and tresses

deciding factor is whether or not it is in your genes. It is in your genes whether or not you will respond to the presence of a fungus on the scalp.

when the hair is weak or dry. With the Gold Series Hair Repair Anti-Breakage Combing Crème, detangling

breakage is a thing of the past. The Biotin and Kuki

Nut-infused crème will provide deep moisture for easy combing and detangling for 69% less breakage.

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021


We all have the fungus, and stress can exacerbate the problem. That can

to resolve those symptoms. We share this with dermatologists, and

also show up on the hair, making the hair unhealthy even before it emerges

they asked how they can share this data more to address their patients

from the scalp. We have a goal as a company and brand to make sure that

holistically and not just with a one-size-fits-all approach. We work

we are elevating the need to care for the scalp.

with psychodermatologists, those who specialize in psychology and dermatology, to help drive that messaging. It is becoming more important for dermatologists to also build that into how they speak to their patients.

OTC: Why should OTC retailers be aware of the study’s findings? WILKERSON: This study is important because we did not take a oneroute approach to understanding what consumers are feeling. . .We also are

This is why your OTC retailers need to understand that there is a balance in how we speak to them and reach them. That is so very important to the consumer that you are serving and the consumer that we serve, too.

digging deeply into understand how that makes them feel. If we relate to how they are feeling and understand how their stress can exacerbate the issue, then they won’t get into this recurring cycle of ‘I’m stressed because of my dandruff,’ or ‘I’m stressed because I think I will have flaking, dryness, or itching, and as a result, I am worried about how my hair looks.’

OTC: What can be done to prevent these scalp issues? WILKERSON:

We all naturally have a fungus that is a unique

microbiome on our scalp. Part of that unique biome is a fungus that is very There are solutions for you to care for your scalp and hair in a very

prevalent for 50% of the population and 77% for Black men and women

effective way that is not only effective on the scalp and feels good. As a

who have dandruff and flaking issues. We respond to the presence of that

result, we will make you feel better about what you are doing and help

fungus. The skin response essentially says, ‘wait a minute, something is


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021


going on with my scalp, and I don’t like it.’ The skin tries to defend itself,

benefits, but for Black women and men who have coily hair.

and the defense mechanism is hyper-proliferation or the acceleration of the production of skin cells. We know that to be flaking or the buildup of

Coily hair craves moisture, and it thrives when it has moisturization, and

skin cells on our scalp. We also see that as itch and dryness. Many Black

that’s because, at every twist and turn of the hair fiber, there’s the uplifting

women and men will say they have a dry scalp, and as a result, we will begin

of the cuticles that makes the hair more coarse. We needed Royal Oils to

to scratch and itch, causing damage to the hair fiber. It is deeply embedded

be able not just to address the long-lasting moisturization that the scalp



needs but also the long-lasting moisturization that the hair needs too. In


addition to the in-shower





and a to




presence of that fungus,

conditioner, and cowash,

but with a prolonged

we also have full leave

wash frequency, which

on treatments that allow

is not washing the hair

the consumer to care for


their scalp in between



those washes.

women and men, it tends to be once a week. When

It is especially important

you go beyond that, oil

when we are wearing

buildup on top of the

these protective styles.

fungus can make it worse.

We want to make sure

We focus on educating


around what happens on




protecting the hair with

the scalp.

protective styles, we are protecting the scalp with products that address exactly what the scalp needs, especially for those of us who are prone to having dandruff flakes,

OTC: What are P&G’s brands doing to tackle these issues? WILKERSON: Royal Oils and Pantene Gold Series definitively speak

dryness and itching. It is also important to add additional moisturization to build into the hair’s resilience with ingredients that penetrate the hair strands.

to what is happening on the scalp with scalp ingredients that address the

That is the differentiation that we are bringing with Royal Oils because

root cause of many scalp concerns that we face, like flaking, dryness, and

we are able to provide that high level of moisturization, protection, and

itching. The ingredients in our products address the fungus that I spoke

penetration of those active ingredients to help protect the hair from the

about earlier. It helps to rebalance the scalp and provides moisturization

inside out.

benefits not only for the scalp but also for the hair. We have in our lineup several different products. This is so important for us as we introduce this

To learn more about Royals Oils, visit

lineup because we have good equity for Head & Shoulders providing scalp

royal-oils-collection. You can also learn more about Pantene Gold Series at

Meet Dr. Shanessa Fenner

Dr. Shanessa Fenner is an elementary school principal, TV show host, former radio personality, writer and model.


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

Get Silky, Shiny, Luxurious Hair with Natural Ingredients! Plant-based ingredients for natural hair repair and that silky shine you’ve been looking for!

AVOCADO Prevents Hair Loss Moisturizes Strengthens Hair Root Adds Shine

Fantasia Industries Corporation • • Made In USA

Avocado Cilantro product range: Shampoo, Conditioner, Serum, Hydrating Butter, Leave-in & Styling Mousse


CILANTRO Promotes New Hair Growth Essential Vitamins & Proteins Hydrates & PH Balances Hair & Scalp



OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021



OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021



@UrbanBeautyHair | | 678-805-3000

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021



By Briana Lockman

THIS or THAT? It’s no secret that we take haircare very seriously. However, let’s have a little fun! Every head of hair is unique, some requiring more TLC in particular areas than others, but we all tend to measure our “hair fitness” according to a few general concerns. We’re coming through with a special game of “This or That,” the “hair fitness” edition, covering 5 areas of concern: Definition, Detangling, Moisture, Breakage, and Scalp Care. Play along and pick which contenders suit you best!



Minty and refreshing, this rinse-out conditioner provides quality slip to varying hair textures. It’s creamy, but not super thick, so it spreads through curls with ease, providing a tingling sensation that’s therapeutic to the scalp. It’s built to fortify and soften the hair, especially following a clarifying shampoo. Peppermint Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil and Carrot Seed Oil are just a few of its knockout ingredients.

Round One: Products




An OG fan-favorite, this thick, humidity-resistant styling cream is known for providing medium hold, helping to make even the coiliest of curls pop! It’s specially designed for high density hair and delivers moisture along with the definition. Stand out ingredients: Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Avocado Oil, Rice Extract, and Jojoba Oil. It’s ideal for wash ‘n gos or stretched styles like twist-outs or braid-outs. or

This hidden gem can serve as a rinse-out or leave-in conditioner. Soft and sweet-smelling, its lightweight consistency provides major slip to curls while also penetrating them with hydration. Key ingredients: Hibiscus Flower Extract, Honey, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Aloe Vera.‘n go styles + slicking back updos!


Round Two: Tools

Nicknamed “Liquid Gold” by customers, this jellylike serum slips and slides through all textures of hair, providing unmatched shine and definition with soft-medium hold. Its lightweight formula smooths down the hair shaft to combat frizz and frayed ends. It hydrates and protects hair against daily pollutants. Reputable ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Marshmallow Root Extract, and Aloe Vera. Great for wash ‘n go styles + slicking back updos! Round Two: Methods

RAKING The raking method refers to applying product to wet curls by using your hand as a comb and “raking” it through the hair, from root to tip, section by section. This takes a moderate amount of time, depending on hair length and density. It leaves behind defined “day one” hair, with moderate volume prior to fluffing or picking. or

SHINGLING During the shingling method, product is applied to the hair overall (wet), then each curl is individually coated, clumped and twirled, one by one. This tends to take a considerable amount of time, leaving behind highly defined “day one” hair, with minimal volume prior to fluffing or picking.


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

BRUSH WITH THE BEST, FELICIA LEATHERWOOD BRUSH Made with incredible flexibility, this brush is only bonded on three sides, unlike most brushes, which are bonded on all four sides. These “flexi-bristles” provide fluidity, allowing them to move with the hair, which prevents pulling and breakage from occurring. It was crafted by professional stylist and Hollywood’s Natural Hair Guru, Felicia Leatherwood (@ lovingyourhair). or

WIDE TOOTH COMB Simple, yet effective, this OG tool gets the job done. It’s a comb with teeth set spaciously apart from one another, to prevent breakage to curls.

MOISTURE Round One: Products HIBISCUS HONEY HYDRATION CUSTARD Thick and ready to hydrate, this custard moisturizes while it styles. It helps smooth and strengthen the hair + define curls with a soft-medium hold that’s perfect for twist-outs, braid-outs and other stretched styles. It works particularly well on high density curls and coils. Made with Hibiscus Flower Extract, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Rice Extract and Aloe Vera, it’s sure to fight off dryness! or

CITRUS FUSION HAIR + BODY BUTTER Don’t let this product’s dual purpose fool you, it delivers when it comes to moisture – whether it’s used on the hair or skin. Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, this butter provides intense hydration, leaving behind moisturized tresses (and skin) that’s soft to the touch. Castor Oil, Acai Fruit Extract, Aloe Vera, Honey, Grape Seed Oil, and Avocado Oil are just a few of its impactful ingredients. Round Two: Practices

HAIR MASQUE TREATMENTS This type of treatment involves thoroughly applying a designated hair masque or deep conditioner to the hair, especially focusing on the ends, which tend to be the oldest and driest part of the strand. Cover the hair with a plastic cap, and let the product work its magic for a minimum of 15 minutes before rinsing it out. Those with low porosity hair (when moisture doesn’t easily absorb into the strand) may also want to sit under a hooded dryer or heat cap to ensure the product penetrates. The frequency of these treatments depends on the individual; they can be done as often as every wash day, or as seldom as once per month. or

HOT OIL TREATMENTS An age-old practice, hot oil treatments are an effective way to saturate the hair with moisturizing nutrients. A number of different oils can be used or even mixed together to perform the treatment; some of the most commonly used are Olive Oil, JojOba Oil, and Coconut Oil. One of the most effective ways to carry out a treatment is to thoroughly apply the oil from root to tip, then cover the hair with a plastic cap. Sit under a hooded dryer or heat cap for 15-30 minutes, then rinse. Heat opens up the hair cuticle, allowing the benefits of the oil(s) to penetrate.

SCALP CARE Round One: Products

PEPPERMINT TEA TREE HAIR OIL Scalp therapy in a bottle! This Hair Oil contains a unique blend that quickly absorbs and penetrates into the hair and scalp. It leaves behind a tingling sensation that helps stimulate blood circulation + relieve itching. The essential oils within its mix also work to treat dandruff without leaving behind buildup. What does it consist of? Sweet Almond Oil, Peppermint Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil and more! or

PAPAYA CASTOR SCALP MASSAGING SERUM This daily scalp treatment was formulated to provide hydration and nourishment at the root. It’s a lightweight serum that readily absorbs into

the scalp. It soothes and cools, promoting a healthy environment for hair growth – great to use while protective styling! Ingredient highlight: Papaya Fruit Extract, Castor Oil, Mango Seed Butter, and Aloe Vera.

BREAKAGE Round One: Products

JOJOBA MONOI STRENGTHENING DEEP CONDITIONER Another OG customer fave, this deep conditioner is thick and packed with nutrients. It treats hair that’s damaged from daily manipulation, heat styling, coloring or over-processing. It penetrates strands with moisture, locks it in, and smoothes out the cuticle, boosting the hair’s overall strength and integrity. It’s key ingredients are Jojoba Oil, Tiare Flower, Coconut Oil, Chamomile, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, and Tea Tree Oil. or

ALMOND MARSHMALLOW SPLIT END REPAIR MASQUE This masque has incredible slip! It melts right into the hair and smoothes out frayed ends. It infuses restorative ingredients into each strand, protecting the hair from snagging or becoming rough and brittle. Sweet Almond Oil, Marshmallow Root Extract, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil are its top performing ingredients. Round Two: Protective Styles

MINI BRAIDS Shelter-in-place has inspired many to try out DIY protective styles like this one. Mini braids are a series of small braids installed on natural hair, no extensions added. It’s super cute, and the style can last for weeks if the hair and scalp are regularly moisturized and cared for. or

KNOTLESS BRAIDS Trending right now, this style is very similar to traditional box braids, except the braiding hair isn’t added at the root. Instead, the extensions are gradually added to a person’s natural hair in small portions as the braid continues down, feed-in style. The result is: more “natural” looking roots, with less weight, tension and pulling. Knotless braids can last for many weeks, if the hair and scalp are properly cared for on a regular basis. Round Two: Practices

SCALP OILING Oiling the scalp is self-explanatory. It’s a way to alleviate itching, prevent dandruff and promote growth. While a number of different oils can be used, it’s important to opt for those that easily absorb into the skin to assure the scalp is actually reaping benefits. Some examples: Peppermint oil, Tea Tree Oil, Coconut Oil and Jojoba Oil. Many routinely treat their scalp with oil on a daily or every other day basis. or

COWASHING Co-washing is a practice intended to remove buildup between regular shampoos. Essentially, it means using a conditioner to wash the hair. Cowashes are conditioners containing very gentle cleansing agents that can break down product build-up on the scalp and hair while also infusing moisture back into them. Co-washing does not replace regular shampoo sessions, but it can be especially beneficial to those prone to buildup. As an example, if a person normally shampoos every 10 days, on day 5, they would co-wash.

Meet Briana

Hailing from Sewell, New Jersey, Briana Lockman is a graduate of Rutgers University, where she received a B.A. in English and Entrepreneurship. With a passion for clean beauty and natural hair care, Lockman is the Assistant Marketing Manager for the much-loved brand EDEN BodyWorks. She is fueled by female empowerment and hopes to inspire women in the workforce. In her free time, Briana finds joy in her faith, family, and outdoor activities.

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021


Streamline Your Ordering jinnyvideos AVAILABLE ON ANDROID & IOS DEVICES







OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021


By Morgan Angelique Owens

Hollywood Beauty®’s Aloe with Vitamin E, Positioned To Drive Traffic In Your Store Did you know that “aloe” has 220 million Google searches and “aloe oil”

Beauty® combines Aloe with Vitamin E and natural ingredients in a

has about 50% of those searches?

premium quality oil to offer those with textured hair and skin concerns an option to help calm their topical skin condition as needed. This is a natural

Hollywood Beauty® Products is the No. 1 leader in multi-use beauty products and is one of the first to introduce an Aloe with Vitamin E Premium Oil to mass retail. High Category Performers are multi-use

way to soothe skin, scalp and relieve dry skin. Aloe, as an ingredient, is often known to make other products work more effectively, too. This helps moisturize and condition all hair textures and skin types.

natural oils for ingredient-conscious consumers. Consumer reviews show they

are seeking oils that soothe, condition

E and natural carrier oils.

and moisturize. Hollywood Beauty®’s

Aloe with Vitamin E Premium Oil

Ready to use: Vitamin A, C and Jojoba,



Safflower oils mix with Vitamin E:

does this with a very pleasant botanical

gives benefits to hair, skin, and scalp for

fragrance. If you are a major account

lasting moisturization and hydration.

for Hollywood Beauty® Products, get in touch via the Contact Us tab on the website for the chance to be featured on the Where to Buy section at www.

Morgan Angelique Owens

As a beauty influencer and enthusiast, I have shared that I love using Aloe with Vitamin E in my hair and skin routine.

Introducing Hollywood Beauty®’s 2oz. Aloe with Vitamin E Multiuse Beauty Oil Aloe is a favorite to keep the skin clearer, scalp calmer and hair and skin hydrated. Until now, one could rarely find this in an oil format for ease of

To help keep my hair healthy and moisturized while wearing my natural curls or protective styles, I am always looking for a natural oil that soothes and conditions. Plus, Hollywood Beauty®’s Aloe has a fresh botanical fragrance I love to smell!

use. Aloe plants store water to thrive in dry, unstable climates Hollywood OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021


Rely on products from Hollywood Beauty® to help you, your family and

to meet all needs and various additional oils, from Tea Tree, Vitamin E,

your customers maintain healthier hair and beautiful skin. No matter what

NEW Aloe with Vitamin E and Hemp oils to Jamaican Black Castor,

the need, Hollywood Beauty® has got you covered.

Avocado oils, and NEW Flaxseed Organic Oil. These multi-use oils can

help promote hair growth and retention, provide moisture and reduce frizz.

Retailer Results: A Few Highlights Hollywood Beauty ® Multioutlet (MULO, IRI) dollar share results through

Hollywood Beauty® Effective Blends: 2 ounces, 8 ounces and newly

May 2021, 52 weeks YOY% change

launched 16-ounces. Hollywood Pure® Tea Tree 1 ounce Tea Tree 2 oz

Coconut 2 oz

Vitamin E 2 oz

Jojoba 2 oz

Tea Tree 8 oz

Org Hemp Oil 1 oz

Org Tea Tree 1 oz

Org Castor Oil 1 oz









and 30-plus varieties are now available. Soybean Oil is also included, and it is an unsung hero for moisture retention. Naturally Curly shared in April 2018 that soybean oil’s

Spontaneous consumer spending increases when an assortment of items is offered. Because of various users and needs, multiple sizes and offerings meet consumer needs at

main asset to hair is moisture retention because it is full of good fatty acids, manganese, and vitamins rich in Vitamin E.

shelf and online. Beauty supply stores can continue

to take the lead in offering both



education. Education will help direct consumers to the oils, creams, and regimens to




benefits to meet their real

Hollywood Pure® Certified Organics, 1 ounce, 10-plus varieties

Hollywood Beauty® Jamaican Black Castor Oil, 3-ounces, seven varieties

Perfect Results® from Hollywood Beauty®, six Pre-Mixed Pure Oil Cocktails with a touch of fragrance.

problem-solving needs for hair, skin, scalp, and body.



results show this.

Hollywood Beauty® has learned that adding education via display, at shelf and online opportunities will only increase these outcomes even more.

Hollywood Beauty®’s website focuses on “Celebrating and Caring for

You”™, and there is something to be found to help all hair types, all hair

Available at Your Local Beauty Supply and Worldwide.

To learn more, visit

PLEASE FOLLOW Hollywood Beauty Products® to learn about the latest innovation, education tips, and giveaways! Instagram (IG) @hollywoodbeauty_products #hbsolutions



textures and even dryer skin and scalp needs. Hollywood Beauty®, the

No. 1 beauty and hair oil brand (based on IRI), includes a “hero oil”

Meet Morgan

Beauty expert, author, brand ambassador and entrepreneur powerhouse Morgan Angelique Owens uses her vision and voice to coach and uplift women and young girls by sharing the knowledge and expertise she’s honed in the areas of physical and mental health, beauty, personal empowerment and lifestyle content.


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021



‘Fall in Love’ With This Season’s Hair Trends Like leaves on a tree, your hair changes from season to season. Stay up-to-

and don’t forget to use ApHogee’s Gloss Therapy and Polisher Spray

date with these Fall hairstyles trends for men, women and children that are

to provide lasting shine and stop the frizz from taking over this detailed

sure to turn heads thanks to ApHogee hair care.


1. Wolf Cut

3. Long Layers




Long hair never goes out of style, especially when layers are involved in

amazing with coily hair

keeping those kinky curls weighed down. Let those long curls’ fall’ this

as it creates the perfect

season with ApHogee’s Curlific! Texture Treatment to improve

face frame out of curls.

elasticity and repair existing damage. Short hair has dominated the curl

This edgy cut combines

community for quite some time now, but the long coils will begin to take

a shag and mullet with its

the lead this upcoming season.

length, volume and choppy layers. The wolf cut is terrific

To learn more about ApHoGee products,

for hair that needs rebuilding due


to damage and can be paired with

ApHogee’s Two-Step Protein Treatment




Duo Packette. This treatment will help stop breakage and infuse moisture as hair grows through its transformative stage disguised as the wolf cut.

2. The ‘90s Inspired Zig-Zag Pattern As ‘90s fashion is already making a comeback, that decade’s hair trends were sure to follow, and this pattern style of hair is kicking it off this Fall. Fine lines and smooth edges are what make this look seem so eye-catching. Adding clips and other hair accessories brings personality to this style as it can match any day’s outfit. Give this style a try,


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

Photos courtesy of ApHogee Hair Care

© 2019 KAB Brands LLC

Embrace what comes naturally, Nurture your Curls!


© 2020 KAB Brands LL

© 2019 KAB Brands LLC


Manage your Curls, Swirls, Waves & Coils

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021


“ Tell your story, or someone else will tell it for you.


The Gold Series Hair Repair Collection, developed by Black PhD scientists, reduces breakage by 50% for 2x stronger hair. So no matter how you work your hair, Gold Series works hard while you work wonders.

© 2021 P&G


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021



REPAIR & STRENGTHEN Make this the year your customers fall in love with their hair. Encourage them to start with the Gold Series Hair Repair Collection from Pantene to repair damage, eliminate breakage and reduce shedding. This line-up was created by the same team of Black scientists, stylists and dermatologists who made Gold Series after conducting years of research on curly, coily and textured hair. These four products are infused with biotin and kukui nut oil and are proven to reduce breakage by 50% for 2X stronger hair that’s healthy and shiny.

ANTI-BREAKAGE COMBING CRÈME Provides deep moisture for easy combing and detangling for 69% less breakage.

OVERNIGHT REPAIR MELTING SERUM Hydrates tresses to help repair and renew hair overnight.

RECONSTRUCTING MASK Penetrates dry, damaged hair to help reconstruct hair shaft flexibility in one treatment.

CLEANSING CONDITIONER Gently removes build up and conditions for 86% stronger* hair, allowing customers to skip regular shampoo and conditioning. *Strength against breakage.

The Gold Series Hair Repair Collection works better because it’s made better, check it out for yourself at © 2021 P&G

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021



yl e


s Di

tr e


erf t t u

t s se d S

@UrbanBeautyHair | | 678-805-3000

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

The Best

Give your skin

of what it needs.

Okay Pure Naturals® Balm Butters are made with 100% natural oils for moisture, hydration and healthy looking skin.

Available with your local distributor. Email or call us direct for more information. 35 OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021


By Liz Uram

5 Communication Habits of the Emotionally Intelligent Leader We’ve all seen it. The leader who receives bad news in a meeting and, with

minute they are in a rage because traffic was a nightmare, and they are

a loud outburst of disgust, slams their fist on the table. Or the leader who

running late. They are an emotional hot mess.

becomes overcome by their emotions and breaks down in tears. From one emotional extreme to the other, neither of

You clearly do not want to create either

these leaders instill confidence or trust in

of those cultures and in almost all cases,

their team. Working for an emotionally

they are created unintentionally. That’s

unstable boss results in Groupthink or

the scary part. The leaders don’t realize

Eggshell cultures.

the impact they have. They lack emotional intelligence.

A Groupthink culture is formed when the group realizes that the only acceptable

Simply put, emotional intelligence is your

response to the boss’s latest and greatest

ability to cope with adversity. When people

idea is agreement. Have you ever sat in a meeting where the whole group just did the ‘smile and nod’? If so, you have experienced groupthink. Leaders who are prone to impulsive outbursts when they feel like they are being questioned create a culture where people are afraid to do anything but go along.

An Eggshell Culture is when everyone is ‘walking on Eggshells,’ and that is no fun either. This is created when you have a leader who goes from one extreme to the other. You never know what you’re going to get. It all depends on their mood that day. One minute everything is fine. The next 36

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

are doing what you want them to do, and your plans are working out the way you hoped, life is easy. But, how do you react when people aren’t doing what you want them to do, and your plans aren’t unfolding the way you had hoped? That’s the true test.

The good news is that emotional intelligence is a skill that can be developed over time. Just follow these five communication habits of emotionally intelligent leaders:

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021



Self-awareness. Most leaders are not intentionally creating negative

share the success stories that show the mission in action and help

workplace cultures. They just aren’t aware of how their reactions can

their team see the “why” behind the “what” in everything they do.

impact other people and create a sense of uneasiness. The emotionally


Resilience. Stress and setbacks are a part of life. How you bounce

intelligent leader is not only aware of the impact of their words; they

back from a setback sets the tone for the rest of the team. The

are also aware of what message they are communicating through

emotionally intelligent leader is aware of their stressors and their

their facial expressions and body language. They understand that the

natural reaction. Do they go into fight mode or flight mode? They take

perceptions others have of them, real or imagined, impact how their

steps to proactively counteract the negative impacts of stress on their

message is received. They strive to develop a heightened level of self-

life. They understand the serious health effects of long-term stress.

awareness through feedback, self-reflection, and assessments that can

One study revealed that 60% of all basic health issues are caused by

help them understand their natural personality style.

chronic stress. By controlling their own stress levels, they are better

Positivity. The emotionally intelligent leader pays close attention

able to help their team walk through stressful situations.

to their thoughts and takes swift action to shift to a positive outlook




Conflict management. The emotionally intelligent leader doesn’t

when they catch themselves getting sucked into negativity. You can

accept every invitation to engage in conflict that they get invited

train yourself to have more positivity simply by paying more attention.

to. They understand that conflict is a natural outcome of a group

What do you think of first

of people working together.

thing in the morning? Do

Every individual on a team

you think about your

is bringing their own set of

day ahead and say things

beliefs, values, perceptions, and

to yourself like, “This is

personality to the workplace.

going to be a hard day”?


If so, guess what kind of

that when a particular person

day you’re going to get? A

seems “difficult,” it’s usually

hard day. It’s simple; just

just that they are “different.”

changing your thought

They can see and appreciate

to “Today is going to be

the strengths that different

a great day” can make all

personalities and backgrounds



the difference.

contribute to the greater whole. They accept individual differences

Mission-minded. The emotionally intelligent leader looks ahead to

rather than insisting that everyone see things their way.

where they’re going. They know that their reactions can either help them or hurt them as they work to achieve their professional and personal goals. They talk about the mission of the company with their team. They know that having a shared sense of purpose will motivate and energize a team in ways that an angry outburst never can. They

Meet Liz

There you have it. Five communication habits that can increase your ability to handle any situation in stride. Not only will you feel better, but you will also enjoy the results that come from a team of people who respect and trust you as a leader.

Liz Uram is a nationally recognized speaker, trainer, consultant, and author. She equips leaders with the tools they need to communicate like a boss so they can make a bigger impact, get better results, and motivate others to do their best. With 20 years of experience, she’s developed systems that work. Uram’s written four books packed full of strategies leaders can implement to get real results real fast. For more information, please visit www.


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

BEAUTIFUL COLOR, ZERo DAMAGE! JUST ADD WATER! • Ammonia-free powder, permanent hair color • 100% gray coverage FREE FROM: Ammonia Formaldehyde MEA Silicone Paraben Paraffin Phosphate Petroleum Fragrance

• No lift • No developer needed • Single application color



OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021




By Kate Zabriskie

Stop the Wheel; I Want to Get Off! 5 Steps for Beating Burnout Wake up, coffee, shower, office, meeting, call, meeting, call, work, work, call,

If you could wave a magic wand paired with a dose of reality, what would

store, gas, home, dinner, walk, work, bed, repeat. Busy, exhausted, and less

your day look like? Fewer meetings? Less travel? More interesting people?

satisfying than the last – If that describes your day, you may be dangerously

Less chaos? Whatever it is, get a clear vision in your mind about what

close to big-time burnout. How did you end up in this seemingly endless

energized looks like. Once you do, you’ll have a destination toward which

cycle? More than likely, a little at a time. In other words, the problem

you can strive.

gradually evolved. We said “yes” when we shouldn’t have, we took on projects that added little value, we made choices that were pennywise and pound foolish, and the list goes on.

Step Two: Look for root causes. Once you know where you want to go, think about what got you to where you are and if it’s happened before. People who find themselves

So how do you stop the churn? The same way it started – one step at a time.

overwhelmed and overworked often arrive at their destinations more than once. They take on too much, frantically shed activities, and then again find

Step One: Imagine a better future. The first step in addressing burnout is picturing the ideal versus the reality.


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

themselves in the same position. How does it happen? More easily than you might think. Despite dealing with the activities their choices created, repeat offenders often fail to address the root cause of their predicaments.

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021


If you’ve been on the wheel more than a time or two, look for patterns. Do you take on activities before thinking through the costs versus benefits? Do you make decisions that don’t factor in the long-term implications in addition to the short-term rewards? Do you take joy in being busy, and then it becomes overwhelming, and you just shut down?

Step Four: Block time for battery recharging. Even if you participate only in activities that add value, you can still find yourself on the hamster wheel, albeit a very robust one. Value add, after value add, after value add with no break can still lead to burnout. For that reason, it makes sense to block time for thinking, walking, reading, or whatever other activities help you renew and recharge. A meeting-free day,

The faster you recognize the source (or sources) of your unpleasant

for example, can yield great dividends. Can’t get a full day? How about a

busyness, the quicker you can start

morning off to work in solitude, if silence and quiet time are important

to do something to avoid getting

to you? The point is calendars

back on the wheel.

fill. If you don’t claim space, something or somebody may usurp your time, and you will

Step Three: Ask yourself what

only have yourself to blame.

activities add some sort of value for you or those you care

Step Five: Reflect and


ask if what used to be

Deliberate decision-making can

important still is.

reduce burnout. In other words, when taking on a new task, clearly

Sometimes what used to be

identify the value it delivers for

a fruitful activity no longer

you or someone who matters in

is. For example, if you once

your life. Working extra hours on a

got a lot out of networking

project that interests you and could

with a group and now seeing

open doors in the future might be a fine investment. On the other hand,

those same people doesn’t have the same return on investment, it could

flying halfway across the country to meet with a client you could connect

be time to redirect your energy to something more fulfilling. Do you

with via video conference is something on which the deliberate decision-

participate in activities that used to excite but no longer interest you? Are

maker would probably take a pass.

you maintaining friendships or relationships you find draining? Are you holding onto projects you should delegate? If so, it may be time to refine and refocus your calendar instead of just going through motions that

But what if your boss insists you meet with the client in person despite your

ultimately drain you.

reservations? From time to time, what you think is important and what others identify as critical activities will differ. That’s normal, and you might find yourself on an airplane regardless of your reservations. It happens, so

Endless spin and burnout are real. With a little work and time, you can get

get over it. Focus on what you can control, and don’t let the things you can’t

off the wheel. So what will you do today to stop the spin?

become the excuse for not managing the decisions you do have.

Meet Kate

Kate Zabriskie is the president of Business Training Works, Inc., a Maryland-based talent development firm. She and her team help businesses establish customer service strategies and train their people to live up to what’s promised. For more information, visit


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021



Typical Card Transaction Customer Merchant’s Business

Merchant Received Approval or Decline Notice


Merchant Processor

Credit Card Network

Merchant Processor

Credit Card Network Credit Holder’s Issuing Bank

This is just a fraction of the names of fees that can be charged at the processor level. Interchange Fee Assessment Fee Processor’s Markup Merchant Account Provider Fee Customer Service Fee File Fee Terminal Lease Fee Rental Fee 44

Withdrawl Fee Gateway Fee Statement Fee Account Fee 3D Secure Account Set Up Fee Non Compliance Fee

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

starts with:

ONE FLAT RATE Dash-Pay is the Original Flat Rate Credit Card Processing company. We offer a transparent Flat Rate, regardless of the type of card or the way you process it. End the ridiculous fees.

No Hidden Fees!

Eddie Jhin President of Jinny United proudly endorses Dash-Pay credit card merchant over many others in the market place. Eddie Jhin states, “I firmly believe the honesty and capability of the people running this company and this is why all my companies will be using their service”.

DASH-PAY.COM POSPAY Payment Solutions, Inc (POSPAY) based in Boston is a registered Member Service Provider (MSP) of WorldPay, and a registered Independent Sales Organization (ISO) with Visa & MasterCard.

If it makes you feel

BEAUTIFUL then do it...

...with products that embrace the

NATURAL YOU OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021



OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

By Lafayette Jones

Brandi Taylor

Beauty Business Coach & Podcaster

Brendnetta Ashley

Award-Winning Hairstylist

Brandi Taylor Beauty Business Coach and Podcaster

Brandi Taylor is an accomplished beauty expert with 14 years of experience in makeup artistry, including fashion, video, and print. She is also the owner


Jalia Pettis

Film, Television & Set Hair & Makeup Artist

which turn into Masterclasses. Black beauty bosses share their stories and wisdom on various topics to enrich and enhance the Black beauty industry.

As an entrepreneur and business coach, Taylor is committed to supporting ‘beautypreneurs’ and helping them amplify their business. She was featured on the ‘Your Online Success’ series and shared her “D.O.P.E.” strategy to help hairstylists take the overwhelm out of social media content creation.

of Xquisitelooks, LLC. Her diverse background and experience create an exceptional style accredited only to her and her creativity. Her innate

You can learn more by following Taylor on social media at @ iambranditaylor or visiting

ability to bring out the best in others is unmatched. Because of this, Brandi is now a highly sought-after speaker and coach. Her workshops are a must for those serious about a career in the beauty industry.

In 2017, she founded the Detroit Business & Beauty Expo. She created

Brendnetta Ashley Award-Winning Hairstylist

the annual event to empower, connect and impact the beauty industry by providing exposure, networking, and premier education for beauty professionals and entrepreneurs. Through the expo’s success, the Business Beauty Podcast was formed in 2019 to expand the scope of the event from the borders of Michigan to a national stage by interviewing fellow experts from across the world.

Coming from a family of hairstylists, it was no surprise when Brendnetta Ashley decided to become a hairstylist, too. Born and raised in Northern California, Ashley grew up in the salon watching her grandmother create and

Beauty SuperStars Talk is more than a podcast; it’s a movement to give

transform her clients.

voice to the best and brightest Black Beauty Bosses in the Beauty Industry, to encourage Black excellence and entrepreneurship, to preserve our history and bring healing to our industry! Founded and hosted by Beauty Industry Leader and Coach Miki Wright, it features weekly interviews,

Ashley decided to start cosmetology school during her senior year of high school, where her passion for the industry began. Once completing cosmetology school, she embarked on her college career at San Francisco

The preceding article is the property of SMSi – Urban Call Marketing, Inc. - and may not be reproduced without written permission from the author. OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021



By Lafayette Jones

Jalia Pettis

State University, studying business communication. She assisted her cousin in the salon in between classes. Soon, she was ready to grow and build

Film, Television & Set Hair & Makeup

her clientele. In 2003, she began her career at JCPenney Salons, where she


established a salon home. Over the years, she developed her clientele and became a master hairstylist.

Jalia Pettis is a visionary and a woman

After graduating college in 2010 with a bachelor’s in business

who wears many hats - having a

communication, she wanted to be more than just a stylist behind the chair.

business background comprised of

So, she auditioned to become a part of the JCPenney Salon education team

over 20 years in human resource

in 2012. Ashley always wanted to help other stylists starting in the business as she had learned it was challenging to find great support. Once she joined the education team, her career began to excel. During this time, her interest in editorial hairstyling increased.

She asked for opportunities, took additional education, and was soon able to assist artists such as Michelle O’Connor and Dilek Onur-Taylor. Ashley became a sponge of their knowledge and, in 2017, became a member of the Salon by InStyle inside JCPenney Artistic Education Team. She became the leader of the educators in her region, assisted with photoshoots, showcased her talent on stage at the Orlando Premiere show and shot a North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) collection. The collection won Team of the Year in 2020.

Ashley enjoys vivid coloring, braiding of all textures and styling. She keeps herself inspired by creating magic in the salon, exploring all opportunities, and learning from other stylists. Her dreams are to style for a magazine cover shoot and become an educator for a vendor. She knows she will get there because her motto in life is, “dream big and enjoy the process of accomplishing those dreams!”

She is currently a finalist in several national and international competitions, including the Texture Style Awards, Wella Trendvision in three different categories and Behind the Chair’s BTC Top 100 #One Shot Hair Awards in two different categories. Ashley’s star is definitely on the rise! The accomplished stylist was featured on Beauty SuperStars Talk during the ‘4 Under 40’ series as an up-and-coming hairstylist to watch in the future. Watch her full interview and prepare to be inspired and boost your confidence at

To learn more about Ashley, follow her on social media at @edgybgirl.

management coupled with training and marketing experience. She started her company, 3Jay Productions, in 2006. The multi-faceted firm of professionals caters to those in the beauty, fashion, and entertainment industries, offering a broad range of services, including business development, brand management, imaging, art direction, event planning, and writing services.

In 2008, she launched her freelance makeup artistry career. After a solid year of trial and error coupled with frustration, she began seeking out mentors and took the initiative to study the craft of makeup artistry. She discovered that she had complete joy in this area of creativity and began booking fashion events, photoshoots, and travel throughout the Southeast. To take her career full-time, she knew she would need to relocate. So she moved from South Carolina to Arizona in late 2012. In 2014, she returned to school to study esthetics and graduated from Penrose Academy at the top of her class.

In July 2015, she became a Beacon Award Winner and, in May 2017, was named NAHA Finalist for Makeup Artist of the Year, both accomplishments through the Professional Beauty Association. In 2020, she was named an International Award-Winning Artist through IBI; in 2021, she concluded her studies, adding yet another licensure to her hairstyling skillset.

As a platform educator, Pettis travels to offer other professionals training in business and beauty. She has also developed a curriculum for aspiring Makeup Artists, which is currently undergoing copyright and will be available as training this year. She also has an educational platform entitled the Style Exhibition, which provides continuing education for those in the beauty industry and behind-the-chair services to agencies, business owners, commercial campaigns, and an array of talents.

As a licensed esthetician and professional makeup artist and hairstylist, she educates her clients on healthy skin, which lives under the glitz and


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

glamour. She writes as a guest contributor for various blogs and print

were committing to becoming more inclusive. The bold moves she’s taken

publications. As a proud mother of three, her life philosophy is based on

in her own life and career, as well as her role as a single mother, made

faith and perseverance.

her interview a ‘must-see.’ You can watch it on mikiwright.

In addition to being a highly sought-after session stylist, Pettis is an advocate for inclusion, diversity and equity in the beauty industry. She was


a part of the ‘Revisiting Diversity’ series. She shared alarming behind-the- or follow her on social media at @jaliadp.









scenes incidences in 2020 and 2021 as beauty brands and manufacturers

Each month, Urban Call Briefs covers subjects that provide readers of OTC Beauty Magazine with information on multicultural consumers, Hispanics and African Americans, who are the fastest growing consumer segments in the U.S. The mission of this column is to build a bridge of communications and information between manufacturers and retailers and the ethnic consumers they wish to serve better. The column offers resources covering marketing, retail merchandising, consumer research, purchase behavior, fashion and beauty trends, industry events and people, trade association news, new product launches and a potpourri of information designed to help the readers make intelligent decisions about the customers they serve. Urban Call is a registered trademark of Segmented Marketing Services, Inc. (SMSi). For more information, call 336-759-7477 or visit The preceding article is the property of SMSi – Urban Call Marketing, Inc. and may not be reproduced without written permission from the author.

LET YOUR BEAUTY SHINE • Restore Shine • Replenish Moisture • Regain Manageability


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021


RELIEVE YOUR SCALP, CARE FOR YOUR HAIR Royal Oils by Head & Shoulders is specifically designed to relieve your dry scalp while restoring moisture. So you can prevent flakes without stripping your hair.


© 2021 P&G


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

PROTECT THE CROWN Help your customers reign supreme this season with the Royal Oils by Head & Shoulders Protective Styles Collection. Infused with aloe water and hemp oil, this collection was developed specically for textured hair by a team of Black scientists to soothe, remove buildup and deliver deep moisture. It is designed to keep your customer’s scalp and hair healthy, so they can get an extra week out of their look, whether they’re wearing braids, twists, locs, wigs or weaves.

REFRESH The scented formula of the Freshening Mist continuously releases a light oral fragrance all day to take away any odors while refreshening and conditioning your customer’s hair.

EXTEND Easily removes buildup and refreshes roots to keep your customer’s style in longer. The Refreshing Root Rinse is made with aloe water and hemp oil.

NOURISH Your customers can soothe itch* and nourish their scalp with the no-rinse, overnight moisturizing formula in the Nighttime Scalp Tonic Lotion for healthy hair while they sleep. *Associated with dandruff.

SMOOTH Encourage your customers to tame new hair growth frizz from under their protective style with the Frizz Tamer, a smooth, buildup free formula that they can easily apply to their new growth. © 2021 P&G

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021



By Dr. Shanessa Fenner

Beauty of Charity The past 12 months have been no cakewalk for anyone. Business owners are still rebounding from being closed for months on end. Stylists struggled to stay afloat, as well. But manufacturers are demonstrating that we can find beauty in anything, but most especially in charity. From scholarship awards for students and professionals to product sample initiatives to help the less fortunate, beauty brands stepped up and proved that the beauty industry knows how to support its own and give back for the greater good. An incredible number of companies took the initiative to help those in need both in the industry and beyond to benefit various charitable causes. For the 11th annual Beauty of Charity edition, we’re shedding light on just a few of your favorite brands’ most recent charitable acts.

American International Industries Center Its Focus on Philanthropy

financial assistance to children with life-threatening and lifelong illnesses and their families. One such program is “Bike4Chai” – a premier cycling event for cyclists

Philanthropy is embedded in the foundation of Ardell, China Glaze, GiGi, Punky Colour, and the other American International Industries (Aii) family of brands. Since its inception, Aii’s brands have been involved in any number of charities that benefit many segments of society. From medical

of varying skill levels. This annual event has become a major fundraising affair for Chai Lifeline. By contributing to and sponsoring a number of cyclists, Chai Lifeline can continue its incredible work on behalf of these children.

care to educational endeavors to providing funds for food and shelter, Aii’s brands have quietly afforded charitable institutions of all types to thrive and accomplish the loftiest of objectives. The giving varies between supporting the companies own chosen charities and supporting choice charities of its customers and distributors. This diversity in giving allows the charitable dollars to benefit different people in different cities containing different needs.

Giovanni Makes a Splash in Pet Care Industry Giovanni has been the No. 1 selling hair care brand in the United States Natural Products Industry for over 10 consecutive years (according to

Being headquartered in the greater Los Angeles, California area, the Aii

SPINs) and is now expanding their vegan-friendly and cruelty-free product

brands have partnered, over the years, with organizations such as L.A.

offerings to our Furry friends with five new Professional Pet Care items this

Shares and Helping Hands Society of Los Angeles. Making product and

spring. The Collection is inspired by their own Ellie Mae and highlights 16

material donations available to the wide array of non-profit agencies,

Benefits for a happier pet.

shelters and schools throughout Los Angeles has provided countless opportunities for said recipients to utilize the merchandise for a variety of purposes.

Giovanni is also making a splash by partnering with Welsh Terrier Cares to support the rescue and re-homing of Welsh Terriers. Not only is Giovanni supporting pet adoptive mums and dads with a care package of goodies

Moreover, Aii gladly supports the choice charities of a number of its

when heading home with a new pup, but they have also committed 10% of

customers and distributors. One such example is Chai Lifeline. Chai

Giovanni’s website sales of their New Professional Pet Care Line for all of

Lifeline, through a myriad of programs, provides social, emotional, and

2021 ( ).


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

Join Giovanni and Welsh Terrier Cares by rescuing a Welsh Terrier today or by donating at Welsh Terrier Cares was established in 1980 with a mission to rescue Welsh terriers in need. Today they successfully rescue over 20 pups a month and place them with loving families. Anyone who has had the pleasure of visiting the Giovanni campus knows

Murray’s Partners with Nonprofit to Benefit Students Murray’s Worldwide and Junior Attorneys of America, Inc. collaborated to donate and pack over 110 backpacks filled with hair care products, notebooks, pens, pencils, markers and other school supplies to public schools in metro Atlanta.

that a dog or cat can routinely be found snuggled up in an office or on

Murrays’ Director of Sales

a lap. “We have always had a heart for bringing the same level of salon

and Merchandising Deborah

sophistication to our furry friends” (shares Miss Clardy Giovanni’s General

Brannon and Sales Manager

Manager while holding her dog Billy who was rescued through the Welsh

Frank Conwell were excited

Terrier Cares).

to partner with Jina Haynes, president of Junior Attorneys

Giovanni’s 5 Professional Pet Care Products To keep your dog looking

of America, to support local


• Professional Pet Care Shampoo - Oatmeal & Coconut16oz / Gallon

• Professional Pet Care 2-IN-1 Shampoo & Conditioner Oatmeal & Coconut - 16oz / Gallon

• Professional Pet Care Waterless Foaming Shampoo Oatmeal & Coconut - 8oz

• Professional Pet Care Deodorizing and Finishing Spray - Oatmeal & Coconut - 10oz

schools. Deborah Brannon

Junior Attorneys of America, Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit

organization that empowers young people from underrepresented communities to become the next generation of lawyers and




offer personal and life skills development


mentoring and tutoring. The

• Professional Pet Care Multipurpose Wipes - Oatmeal &

School Supplies

Coconut – 75 count

Giovanni has been bridging the gap between Natural and Salon-Quality, since 1979. They were the first full-range, salon-inspired hair care brand in natural product stores, and today Giovanni is recognized as a natural products industry leader. Pioneer Arthur Guidotti began developing his passion as a hairstylist in

Junior Attorney Event

Hollywood and Beverly Hills. By the 1960s, he opened his first salon - On

programs are currently for metro Atlanta students in 6th to 8th grade.

Sunset. With time, Arthur’s hands started to react to the products used in his salons, and he tried product after product in search of a haircare line that would not cause a reaction on his skin. When none could be found, Giovanni was birthed. Giovanni remains a USA-based, family-owned and veteran-owned company with a commitment to meeting the needs of consumers with Eco Chic Technology™.



them visit


at website

at To donate to the mission of Junior Attorneys or know a child that will benefit from the backpack program, please go to www.

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021


Murray’s Promotes ‘Self-Care’ with Sorority Workshop Murray’s Worldwide donated hair care products and Isoplus-branded

Palmer’s Announces the Palmer’s Stylist Scholarship & Gabrielle Corney Mentorship Program

Conference of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

The scholarship will provide career advancing opportunities to future Black hair stylists

Deborah Brannon, director of sales and

Palmer’s® Cocoa Butter Formula®, America’s No. 1 Cocoa Butter brand,

merchandising for Murray’s, provided a product

has announced the Palmer’s Stylist Scholarship and Gabrielle Corney

education “Self-Care Workshop” to teach the

Mentorship Program. Two Black recipients will be awarded full tuition to

young ladies about healthy hair and protective

the Brittany Beauty Academy in New York, plus mentorship and a salon

styles. About 70 women attended and were

internship with renowned hair stylist and Palmer’s Ambassador, Gabrielle

given samples of Murray’s Style & Curl Milk,

Corney. Recipients will also be provided social media and business

Isoplus Hair Fresheners and Honey Whip Curl

training by Sabrina Boissiere, founder of Natural Partners in Crime and

Enhancer. Gift Cards were awarded to the young

NPIC Management.

aprons to support The Rhoer Club during the 80th Southwestern Regional

ladies during the contest session.

Palmer’s launched this program

The Rhoer Club is a nonprofit club, an affiliate

Deborah Brannon

to help advance diversity and inclusion







of Sigma Gamma Rho

multicultural women to take the

Sorority, Inc. Sigma

next step in their professional

Gamma Rho Sorority,

careers. The program reinforces

Inc. (www.sgrho1922.

Palmer’s unwavering commitment

org/) is a nonprofit





aim is to enhance the quality of life of women



families within the





The application process reviewed the candidate’s work experience, education, desire to go to Cosmetology school, and goals upon graduation.

U.S. and globally. Its

The first recipient, Onica Alexander, 24, was initially unable to pursue her

Rhoer Club consists

cosmetology education due to COVID-19. Her mother, an Army sergeant

of a diverse group of

from Trinidad, West Indies, raised Alexander in Queens, New York as a

young ladies between

first generation American. Alexander’s application stood out because of

the ages of 12 and 18

her desire to make people look and feel good, coupled with her dream of

who demonstrate a

starting an organization in local schools to mentor young beauty enthusiasts

high scholastic standard. Kimberly Mosley

to follow their passion, provide them with the insight to build a successful

is the Regional Rhoer Coordinator for the

brand, and help set them up for success upon high school graduation.

Rhoer Club in the Southwestern region.

“Our brand has always been committed to supporting and advancing the Black and LatinX communities,” said Rebecca Brown, VP of Marketing. “We are honored to be sponsoring this life changing opportunity to guide

The program provides training and

these future hair stylists through their journey and introduction into the

guidance in education, community

natural hair community through every touchpoint including education,

service, vocation, fine arts and social

business acumen, and social media skills.”

affairs. It also provides members with mentorship, support, commitment and

The selection process remains ongoing, and applications are currently

encouragement from members of Sigma

being reviewed for a second candidate.

Gamma Sorority, Inc. Kimberly Mosely


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

• Permanent Hair Color

• Colors Hair & Beard

• Easy Comb-In Application

• No Messy Drips

• Won’t Stain Skin

• Multiple Applications

From A Multi-Cultural Leader in Hair Color For decades, men and women consumers in over 70 Countries worldwide have trusted Bigen to provide them quality, affordable hair color. Diversify your customers choices, with Bigen.

NEW! M5 Medium Brown



Innovation, Experience & Tradition OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021


Urban Hydration Provides Clean Water with WATERisLIFE

Clubs of Collin County, National Breast Cancer Foundation, Becky’s Hope

Purposeful by nature, Urban Hydration aims to be a force for global good

Championship, BSBC School of Chamber and Business Management, 50+

and has been committed to community and giving back since the start. In



Horse Rescue, Watoto, Minnie’s Food Pantry, Foundation for CHOICE, Hope’s Door, Plan Empower Grow, Steve Harvey TV, PGA Senior Women to Work Conference, Walker’s Legacy Power Brunch 50 and more.


committed to providing clean drinking water for communities in need through a keystone partnership with WATERisLIFE. Through this partnership, with each purchase of an Urban Hydration product, one gallon of water is donated to a community

Creme of Nature Announces Inaugural Winners of Their $100,000 Legacy to Leadership HBCU Scholarship Fund 20 HBCU Students Slated To Receive a $5,000 Scholarship As They Continue Their Journey Towards Becoming the Next Generation of Black Leaders and Entrepreneurs

without the ease of access to

Creme of Nature today announced the inaugural recipients of their first

clean drinking water. Due to

“Legacy to Leadership” HBCU Scholarship program after carefully vetting

the outpouring of consumer

through a number of highly qualified applicants. Twenty HBCU students

support for this initiative, Urban

from across the U.S. are now slated to receive a $5,000 scholarship from the

Hydration raised enough money

company, which represents $100,000 in overall funding from the Creme of

to contribute to the construction

Nature brand.

of two clean drinking water wells in communities in Kenya, which were completed from 2018 – 2019. As a continuation of this meaningful partnership, in July 2021, Urban Hydration founders Psyche and Vontoba Terry donated $19,000 for the construction of a third water well, which will serve over 10,000 people living across several communities in Kenya.

Furthermore, the winners will not only receive $5,000 in funding support, but they will also receive Creme of Nature products, along with being honored as part of the company’s Legacy To Leadership Virtual Celebration. The Legacy to Leadership program was originated to assist black students with the critical funding support they need to nurture and develop their personal legacy brands, as well as to support the company’s ongoing commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion that’s specific to HBCUs. With college-wide statistics showing that Caucasian students get more than 75% of all institutional merit-based scholarship and grant funding, despite the fact that they represent less than 3/4 of student population, Creme of Nature felt it was important to bring its financial support directly to the student bodies of historically black colleges as a way to help even the playing field. “The dynamic network of HBCU institutions have instilled confidence and created a space for dreams to be obtained for Black Students for generations,” said Jolorie Williams, General Manager, Revlon Multicultural and Contract Services and alum of Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (FAMU). “Creme of Nature shares the values of excellence that are prominent in

Additionally, in late July, Psyche and Vontoba donated $15,000 to complete their $50,000 pledge to support scholarships through the Urban Hydration Scholarship Fund, with Western Michigan University as the beneficiary. Through this fund, over 25 students have been awarded scholarships to finish their year of college, and $52,000 has been donated to Western Michigan University to date, exceeding the brand’s original pledge. Throughout the years, Urban Hydration has made charitable contributions across a multitude of deserving organizations, including the Boys & Girls 56

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

the HBCU network and we are proud to assist the current generation of students with educational funding as they carry these superlative traditions onto the next generation,” said Williams. Miles Armstrong, a 2021 Legacy to Leadership Scholarship winner went on to share, “I am a walking legacy. Attending an HBCU, specifically FAMU, is a legacy that I embody and will pass on to my grandchildren. Thanks so much to Creme of Nature for supporting my dreams.”



Supercharged Hair Hydration with Maximum Moisture Retention Hair needing a supercharged HIIT of moisture? Introducing the new Max Moisture Range from ORS Olive Oil, the ultimate collection for supercharged hair hydration. The electrolyte-infused formulas, is the HIIT of hydration for your hair and scalp— instantly replenishing and recharging for super hydrated and resilient hair

@ORSHAIRCARE #ORSMAXMOISTURE OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021


(Creme of Nature continued) You are now invited to join Creme of Nature in congratulating all 20 honorees representing a variety of HBCUs across the U.S. including:

SPLAT Donates a Portion of Sales in Support of Nonprofit for Mental Health Awareness Month In support of Mental Health Awareness Month, Splat Hair Color announces their support of To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA), a non-profit



Alana Smith

Howard University

struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA

Alyssa Cabezas

Spelman College

exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and invest directly into treatment and

Ariana Holloway

Tuskegee University

Nia Hammett

North Carolina A&T State University

Jonathan Rhone

Howard University

Miles Armstrong

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Xavier Hammond

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Mariah Pearson

North Carolina A&T State University

Said Mohamed

Howard University

who otherwise could not afford professional help.

Jheannelle Johnson

Howard University

“We can’t stress enough the importance of mental health. Splat is honored

Jahia Collier

Hampton University

to support such an amazing non-profit organization as To Write Love On

Kenthia Roberts

Howard University

Christine Stoll

Howard University

Shaneer Heath

Bennett College

Madison Mobley

Central State University

Brie Turner

Howard University

Morgan Kelley

Spelman College

Shaunyce Lee

Morgan State University

addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform,

Lavelle DeHughes

Tuskegee University

inspire, and also invest directly into treatment and recovery. Since its

Amirah Turner

Grambling State University

movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people

recovery. For the month of May (1st to 31st), 15% of all purchases made on will support TWLOHA. Through social media, TWLOHA reaches more than 10 million people each month with a message of hope and help. Through their FIND HELP Tool, TWLOHA connects people to free and reduced-cost mental health services in every zip code in the U.S. TWLOHA offers scholarships for treatment and recovery to individuals

Her Arms and promote their message of hope and help,” noted Jenniffer Paulson, Developlus VP of Marketing. Both Splat and the To Write Love on Her Arms non-profit organization are excited to be partnering together and continuing to spread awareness of the importance of mental health. To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression,

start in 2006, TWLOHA has donated $2.7 million directly into treatment and recovery and has reached people one-on-one by responding to over 222,000 messages from individuals across 105 countries.

For more than 100 years, HBCU institutions have served as cultural and

Splat is a Developlus brand. All Splat formulas are Cruelty-Free, Vegan,

business incubators for thousands of Black students to cultivate their

Non-GMO, and Gluten Free. Splat is a women and family-owned business,

legacy brands. Creme of Nature is deeply familiar with the notion of

and our products are made in Southern California. Splat offers a variety

legacy as one of the first mainstream haircare lines dedicated to creating

of semi-permanent, permanent, wash-out, temporary hair color and

products for Black hair. That was 40 years ago. Since then, Creme of Nature

conditioning masque options for all users. Visit

has become a staple for generations of families as grandmothers, mothers,

to purchase any of the Splat products ranging in price from $6.99-$14.99.

daughters and aunties have used the brand consistently to ensure healthy and beautiful hair.

Developlus is a third-generation family-owned hair care products

Fans are encouraged to follow Creme of Nature on social media @

Agrey. Leaders in color and formula development, we manufacture onsite

CremeOfNature on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Or for more

to ensure each and every product lives up to their exacting standards.

information about the Legacy to Leadership Scholarship program please

The vast majority of Developlus’ products are Vegan Certified, while all


products are made in the USA and are Cruelty-Free. All new products and

company based in Southern California, founded in 1991 by Ann & Dave

reformulations are made for Vegan Certification as they strive to make the best products for consumers and the planet, with a focus on environmental sustainability.


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021


Cantu Beauty Nurtures the Next Generation of Female Leaders, Partnering with Gyrl Wonder to Support Young Black and Latina Girls

set the tone early that emotional wellness and work-life balance is also a

Multicultural hair care brand, Cantu Beauty, announces investment to support nonprofit through multifaceted programming addressing self-care and holistic wellness

specifically for Gyrl Wonder mentees. In August, Cantu will host a series of

key ingredient to success.” The Instagram conversation is the first of a series of programming designed virtual workshops for National Wellness Month to promote positive energy for the mind, body and soul. Then, Cantu and Gyrl Wonder will convene more than 100 girls for an Emotional Wellness Summit in October. Cantu Beauty has committed an initial investment in Gyrl Wonder programs

Cantu Beauty, an award-winning multicultural hair care brand, is teaming up with nonprofit Gyrl Wonder, to support Black and Latina communities by nurturing the next generation of female leaders from curl to toe. Together, the partnership will provide bespoke events, resources and programs designed for ambitious

through the remainder of the year, with support from an in-store pointof-purchase display at select Walmart stores nationwide with a portion of proceeds benefitting Gyrl Wonder. “Gyrl Wonder thrives because we lean on our community of generous leaders like the women at Cantu

young women of color to help build resilience,


Beauty who want to make a


difference in our girls’ lives,” says

mental wellness as they embark on

Tola Lawal, Gyrl Wonder’s founder.

the next phase of their personal and

“We are ecstatic to bring on a

professional journeys.

partner like Cantu this year that can help bridge the gap between

“Women of color deserve to be championed,”


the hard skills our girls learn ahead


of entering the workforce, but also

Mustin, Vice President of Global

reinforce those intangibles they

Marketing at Cantu Beauty. Naturally,


need to practice, like self-care, in


order to flourish in their careers.”

kicks off this Saturday, July 24 on

The Gyrl Wonder partnership

International Self-Care Day with

is one of Cantu Beauty’s recent

a conversation between Cantu

commitments to elevate Black and

Beauty’s Melissa Carnegie, Head

Latina women in their community.

of Global Communications and

Last fall, Cantu Beauty launched

Community, and Gyrl Wonder

Cantu Elevate: a program in

founder Tola Lawal. The duo


will host an Instagram Live on

future of beauty. The inaugural

the #CantuCrew community to

program awarded three Black

participate in a discussion on all

female entrepreneurs a Cantu-

things self-care.



Mustin, Vice President of Global

Multicultural hair care brand, Cantu Beauty, announces investment to support nonprofit Gyrl Wonder through multifaceted programming addressing self-care and holistic wellness.

Marketing at Cantu Beauty. “Cantu Beauty is excited to work with Gyrl Wonder to empower young women’s self-esteem, confidence and equip them with skills to not only navigate the competitive workforce, but also



female entrepreneurs to shape the

inviting Gyrl Wonder mentees and



Women in Beauty to lift up Black

@CantuBeauty at 3:00pm EST

“Women of color deserve to be


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

sponsored advertising campaign valued at approximately $160,000 with campaigns set to launch this year. To learn more, follow Gyrl Wonder

on Instagram or Facebook or visit them at Additionally, stay connected with Cantu Beauty on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter or visit them at


Styling Products Can Be Healthy for the Hair with Apple & Aloe

MADE WITH Natural Ingredients •Green Apple Nutrients •Aloe Nutrients •Coconut Nutrients •Avocado Oil


Parabens, PEGS, Phthalates, Sulphates, Mineral Oil, DEA or TEA

Taliah Waajid Green Apple & Aloe Miracle Hold is the ultimate styler that provides strong hold for edges, braids, locs, pony puffs, twists and ponytails without flaking and adds natural shine. Nutrient rich with vitamins (A, B, C , E) fiber, protein and antioxidants to help achieve the strongest, healthiest hair.





TOP-SELLING Straightening Products It can be tricky to straighten your hair - whether it is extensions, a wig unit or natural or relaxed tresses. But with the right products, your hair can be smooth, silky and straight - without the damage? That’s why heat protectants continue to be a hot commodity. Stock up on what flies off the warehouse shelves at Jinny Beauty Supply to ensure you carry product options your shoppers will love!


Smooth ‘n Shine Bodifying Mousse AA91664

When smoothing hair is the goal, but limp, lifeless tresses are not, customers reach

for the Smooth ‘n Shine Bodifying Mousse.

Formulated with Black Seed Oil and Coconut Oil, this product works to keep strands smooth and straight.


African Pride Olive® Miracle Heat Protection & Shine Mist AP68300

Shield against heat, humidity and frizz with the African Pride Olive

Miracle® Heat Protection & Shine

Mist. This weightless formula has


olive and tea tree oils to leave hair nourished with a healthy-looking

Provides extra hold

shine. Ideal for straight styling

Imparts moisture

with blow dryers, flat irons, curling

wands and other silkening tools; or

Sets and nourishes hair

as a finisher for weightless, frizzfree shine.







Cantu Thermal Shield Heat Protectant

Pantene Gold Series Thermal Heat Protector

A fan favorite, this

This high-shine

Protect and condition

heat up to 425° F and

protection with its

popular termal heat

protectant can take be used as a pre-

treatment to prevent damage caused

by heated styling

tools while adding

moisture to strands

for smoother, frizz-free results. 62

ORS Olive Oil Heat Protection Serum

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

serum provides heat blend of silicon and

natural oils. It shields hair from damage

caused by heat styling tools while adding

shine and moisture -

the result: smooth and silky tresses.

your hair with this

protector. Infused

with argan oil to help

prevent heat damage before it occurs,

this product makes

hair resilient against

breakage for a smooth, beautiful style.

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021



By Sara Rueda

The Go-To Tool for Smooth Strands? Hint: It’s A Keeper We all know a hair-lover or two. And when that person loves a product

control, and it makes sure the heat stays where it’s needed. The comb gets

or tool, we take their word for it, especially when we’re looking to do

hot while the handle stays cool and is easy to handle.

something particular with our hair. In this case, we’re talking about smoothing the hair and one of our favorite techniques to achieve this.

This hot comb wouldn’t be complete without the Gold’ N Hot touch, 24K

In many ways, it’s a tradition that’s spoken for and experienced by many;

Gold technology that completely encases the comb surface. This works

perfect for the person who has a go-to look as it is for the individual

to ensure heat spreads evenly both on the tool and throughout your hair.

who prefers to experiment with their style. A tool you can count on, the

Even heating is key to bringing consistent, long-lasting results and shine

pressing comb.

to all hair types. Now, who’s ready to get to pressing? Explore all Gold’ N

Hot’s hot comb tools and get your style how you want it. Having been in the hair game for decades, no one does ‘tried and trusted’ better than Gold’ N Hot! If you’re looking to up your press game, grab the

Gold’ N Hot aims to support stylists and hair enthusiasts with professional

Gold’ N Hot Professional Stove Iron Pressing Comb. This hot comb has all

products for every step of their process. We provide a wide variety of

you need and then some to smooth from top to bottom. A fine-tooth comb

quality styling tools to help you achieve the most gorgeous results and

design that gently glides through strands while also letting you get close

ever-changing trends. Follow Gold’ N Hot on Facebook and Instagram @

to the root. The ergonomic handle is designed for comfort and styling


Meet Sara Rueda

Sara Rueda is a Gold ‘N Hot Team Member. Her career has been dedicated to helping empower individuals to be their authentic selves and define their own beautiful.


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

Perfect for Straightening 24K GOLD PRESSING & STYLING COMB / /goldnhotelite ph. 888.738.1212

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021



Live Your Life in Color with Crazy Color The ethos of Crazy Color is all about ‘living your life in color,’ and it urges

Crazy Color wanted to do everything it could to help keep that creative

colorists to let those words ring true. Live every day in color and unlock

spark alive. It showcased the incredible looks that were coming from all

the potential we have at our fingertips for our businesses and ourselves.

over the world via social media to maintain a constant source of inspiration to stylists. It also utilized its social media platforms to host live education

Let’s Turn Back Time…

events to show off the inspirational talents of its Color Squad and give

Crazy Color was founded by

colorists access to color education.

award-winning hairstylist Renato Brunas in the early ‘70s, in the

Brunas’ beliefs continues to be championed by global Crazy Color

midst of Britain’s punk rock

Ambassador Sophia Hilton and the incredibly talented Color

explosion. At the time, the anti-

Squad, who all embody his pioneering vision of ‘unapologetic

establishment movement was

expression.’ They truly carry his torch, ensuring that fire

forming along with a new wave

and passion for all things rebellion, color and creativity

of style and fashion. With that

continue to live on. Brunas’ principles remains at the core

came tons of exciting hairstyles

of Crazy Color to this day.

and trends! Brunas developed

Renato Brunas 1998

a reputation in our industry as

being a flamboyant, larger-than-life figure. He always made brave

Trend Setters & Innovators The initial 20 vibrant Crazy Color shades

choices and had an avant-garde approach to all things hair color.

quickly became a staple in every

He also encouraged younger hairdressers and his peers to make

colorist’s kit back in the ‘70s. Forty-

hair color as fashionable as haircuts. Brunas had the foresight

four years later, Crazy Color has

to fuel that style revolution, creating a product range that

grown to a range of 40 shades, as well as a care range, a temporary

went on to evolve into an internationally loved brand.

color range, bleaching kits and

Supporting the Community

accessories. The brand’s iconic The start of the pandemic was


the top colorists’ kits, lining

especially for those working

shelves of salons and being



pink bottles remain a staple in





rocked day to day by the


extension of our rebellious

their way through dark

tribe: the customers.

times and uncertainty the

Original Crazy Color Model - Hair By Tony and Guy.

best way they could.

The world is experiencing a burst of

For many, this meant

vibrancy, color, creativity and revolution,

pouring their creativity into



as we move forward into those brighter times we all hoped for. Much like its founders,

working tirelessly

the brand continues to encourage color innovation


through its inspiring platforms and products.



skillset to the next level and improving their services. The goal was to reopen salons with a bang!


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

To learn more about Crazy Color, visit www.

direct dye is here! Crazy Color semi-permanent hair color cream comes in a huge range of 40 vibrant shades and is a fantastic way to add an instant burst of color to your hair! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to live your life in color.

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021



THERAPY TRENDS The Beauty of Justice Through Charity By Elayne McClaine

Most multicultural communities have an ingrained tradition of charity as a part of their religious and spiritual beliefs and values. Many welcome the efforts of corporate entities and retail partners to get involved in charitable causes via their promotional campaigns and outreach. However, in today’s world, customers prefer brands that care - really care. Customers, especially your younger shoppers, want justice more than they want a glorified promotional event. Social justice is now a key charitable cause. Social justice can mean political justice, environmental awareness, economic equity or educational opportunities. More than 75% of young Americans expect brands to use their platforms to support social justice. It just so happens that multicultural shoppers feel more under fire today than ever before. That’s why the “cause” matters. A company’s selection of the most proper cause means that it chose a relevant issue to support, not just an opportunity to make a public, self-serving donation.


It’s time for OTC dealers to align the justice sought with the beauty items bought. Tactically, that means investing in charitable programs that strengthen the ability to learn, earn and grow equitably. Political correctness will be key. Traditional forms of charitable events are still welcomed. Point-of-sale instore campaigns give customers a chance to see that the retailer, in some way, is “woke” to their plight. These customers may also appreciate contributions to mission work or volunteerism efforts. Voting rights, immigration reform, Black Lives Matter, pandemic awareness and STEM and code learning for girls are among the most relevant causes for the multicultural community. Corporate giving is a beautiful reminder that a business appreciates its customers and their challenges. Link your OTC to issues that make your customers look and feel beautiful. Elayne McClaine has identified and developed emerging domestic and global trends in hair care, skincare and other consumer categories for such firms as Chesebrough-Pond’s, Revlon and Pharmacia (div. of Pfizer). Her expertise in therapeutic treatments for hair, skin and scalp led to the creation of the Women’s Institute for Fine and Thinning Hair, sponsored by Rogaine. McClaine has been acknowledged by the American Academy of Dermatologists for marketing and promotional excellence. ESME Market Specialists, LLC consults with firms that require expertise in strategy development, multicultural marketing and account planning. For more information, visit 68

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

JBS Beauty Club has all your accessory needs with

necklaces, earrings, scarves, sunglasses, etc. Stock your store with only the best from JBS. As part

of the largest beauty supply distributor, you can

always buy items by the piece and at great prices. For more information, call 800-361-0786 or visit

them at 4300 Northeast Expressway, Doraville, GA.


NATURAL Free of: Parabens, Silicones, Salts and Fragrance


#SplatSquad Educational videos can be found here. Splat® is a registered trademark of Developlus Inc. Made in USA. OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021







@UrbanBeautyHair | | 678-805-3000

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021


Lace Wig 13x7 Fine Lace













303 WW 50 QLL Q 5




@UrbanBeautyHair | | 678-805-3000




OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021




Murray’s Edgewax Caffeine Caffeine Growth Technology is the new science behind stimulating hair growth. As a natural ingredient, caffeine can stimulate hair growth in the follicles, ultimately helping to regenerate.

Murray’s Edgewax with caffeine is formulated in beeswax lanolin-enriched gel, coupled with almond oil

piercing through to the follicle to provide nutritional support for hair experiencing thinning and breakage. Murray’s Edgewax with caffeine comes in Regular and Extreme Hold.


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021



DISRUPTING THE ROAD: Wahl Professional’s Disruptour Reinvigorating the Industry Each stop features top educators, hands-on instruction and a newfound energy If you missed Wahl Professional’s first leg of the Disruptour, you’re

“There are new people that join at each location, so you won’t get

month with three more stops, beginning in Chicago. Attendees

says Finucane.

in luck. The nationwide educational experience is back at it this will learn two trendy haircuts, social media best practices,

photography tips and the latest product information from the nation’s top educators.

Last year’s ‘tour went on an



due to the pandemic. But the desire to serve communities



education-first mindset

about how to best use

tools behind the chair only



during the break.

“We sat and thought

about how we wanted Wahl US Director of Education Lisa Finucane and Byrd Mena on stage at Disruptour Trifecta

to relaunch in 2021. We

wanted to see how we could reach people in a

different way,” said Lisa Finucane(@lisafin1),

Wahl Pro US Director of Education. “People were looking for a connection, not just to a brand, but to each other.”

To that end, the 2021 Disruptour is demystifying clipper cutting education by breaking down the barrier between the company and communities with a shared experience.

ENERGIZING THE EDUCATION This year’s setup is different, but excitingly so. Every educator is

assigned a table with at most five attendees, allowing everyone

to feel a stronger, more intimate connection to the material being presented. And while the core group travels to every stop, each experience promises to be different. 74

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

the same experience twice if you decide to go to multiple shows,” For example, attendees will be able to earn Continuing Education credits in Chicago, purchase products in Atlanta, and party with a year-end celebration in Miami.

Attendees will feel at ease no matter which city they travel to.

“This is one of the least intimidating experiences anyone will get. You’ll learn something no matter your skill level,” says Finucane.

GETTING BETTER IN EVERY CITY The Disruptour has been to Austin, Boston and Nashville already, with noticeable progress at every stop.

“(Austin) was a little scary since we were still in the midst of

Covid, but once we got there, everyone felt a sense of relief and a lot of healing came from this show,” says Finucane. “The team

really started to gel in Boston and everything came together in Nashville. Communities were coming back into the light again after a dark time.”

MORE IS ON THE WAY Plans are already being made for an evolved 2022 Disruptour. In the meantime, barbers and stylists should be on the lookout

for popups that include information about different tools and the 1919 haircutting system, along with a full-force, one-stop-shop for cutting, styling and finishing.

HOW TO ATTEND Tickets for the Disruptour are available exclusively online. VIP

tickets can be purchased and come with a limited-edition Disruptour Clipper, two mannequin heads and hands-on instruction.


DESCRIPTION The first ever lash collection that you can use water to apply false lashes. Innovative new way to wear lashes that takes the stress out of mastering adhesive application. No adhesive needed for an uber user friendly lashes. Patent pending. Exclusive to Ardell brand.

Aqua Lashes 340

Aqua Lashes 341

Aqua Lashes 342

Aqua Lashes 343

Aqua Lashes 344

Aqua Lashes 345

POINT OF DIFFERENCE The art of lash application just got a little bit simpler! Aqua lashes are water activated lashes, an innovative new collection that allows you to apply false lashes with just a dip in water. Hassle and mess free.

MAIN POINTS Ardell provides another easy to use lash innovation! New and existing lash users will not have to fuss over and tackle applying adhesive to false lashes, we’ve done that work for you. As simple as dipping in water activates Aqua Lashes and all you have to do is apply it to you lash line. Beautiful lashes in 2 easy steps.


The lashes are lined with adhesive that is activated by water Application in 2 easy steps – 1. dip lash band in water 2. apply to lash line Beautiful, lush styles in natural to dramatic looks Lashes have tapered tips and a black band mimicking the look of eyeliner Available in 6 styles Lashes may be reused with traditional adhesive application network | #ArdellLashes | @ArdellBeauty OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021



Join our


The Makers of ‘Fantasia IC’ Launch ‘Leaf Legacy’ The innovators behind Fantasia Inter Cellular, known as Fantasia IC, are introducing a line that is sure to correct all hair worries: Leaf Legacy. A triple threat against all your hair woes, this unparalleled line is

of haircare benefits. The oils chosen for Leaf Legacy are 100%

composed of a unique infusion of Hemp Seed and Avocado Oils.

organic and amongst the best in beauty.

Hemp Seed Oil smoothes, moisturizes and de-frizzes hair follicles

Thus, a true miracle for hair. Each item within this five-piece line is

with a high composition of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. Avocado

competitively priced at $7.99, offering the most benefits the best

Oil nourishes hair to help prevent various forms of hair loss due to

prices around.

brittle, weak and premature hair fall.

Leaf Legacy sets out to include the “best of the best” in the most

Backed by the patented “FiberHance™” bond builder, salon-

cutting-edge line yet.

proven technology is finally available to the retail industry. This

In today’s high-stress society, this line is a must for everyone.

integral ingredient has been clinically proven to make hair three

times stronger by penetrating deep into the cortex of the hair

For a limited time only, the Leaf Legacy Hemp and Avocado bundle

The icing on this cake? The entire line is infused with a powerful

Head over to to purchase a bundle today.

is available for only $29.95.

fiber, strengthening and rebuilding strand structure.

blend of 10 essential oils, each purposefully chosen for their array

Ampro Industries Releases a Supreme Duo

Ampro Industries, Inc., Introduces Shine ‘n Jam® Supreme Conditioning Gel and Shine ‘n Jam® Supreme Foam Wrap Mousse: The Supremely New Duo to Add to Your Collection Ampro



Communications, “It’s the one-two

Ice®, Long Aid®, Ampro’s Beautiful

waiting for us to give them.” Known for

manufacturer of Shine ‘n Jam®, Clear

Child™, Ultra Glow®, and U R Curly® and America’s number-one selling protein





Styl®, is back again with a duo braid enthusiasts will love!

Supreme Conditioning Gel to lay the

style while adding that intense shine. Follow with Shine ‘n Jam® Foam Wrap

Mousse, the perfect finisher to tame frizz and set any style!

African extracts and olive oil that

Supreme Duo reduces frizz, defines

is packed with ingredients such as

Free of alcohol, paraben, and dyes, the



kinks, coils, waves and adds shine. So







Duo provides the strongest hold in the Shine ‘n Jam line,” explains

Camille Wright, SVP of Marketing & OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

its non-greasy hold, use Shine ‘n Jam®

The Shine ‘n Jam® Supreme Duo

tresses all while maintaining that


punch our loyal customers have been

why not stay supreme with a brand you can trust from start to finish?

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021



Organizers of in-Cosmetics Announced Event Postponements

in-cosmetics Global and Asia now scheduled for 2022, in-cosmetics Latin America moving to November 2021. RX (Reed Exhibitions), the organiser of the world leading events

the dark red zone of maximum restrictions to curb the spread of

today that in-cosmetics Global and in-cosmetics Asia are being

with widespread travel bans and further tightening of government

for the personal care ingredients industry, has announced postponed. The rescheduled dates for in-cosmetics Global will be

5-7 April 2022 in Paris, and in-cosmetics Asia will now take place on 1-3 November 2022 in Bangkok. in-cosmetics Latin America, which was planned to take place in São Paulo, Brazil from 22-23 September 2021, will now take place from 10-11 November.

The decision to reschedule the global and regional event is due to the ongoing travel restrictions due to the pandemic, and by making



infection. The new delta variant cases are increasing across Asia movement measures.

decision at this stage is to allow time for Thailand and the ASEAN region to recover, and when safe, re-unite the Asia cosmetics community in 2022.”

Daniel Zanetti, Exhibition Director at in-cosmetics Latin America, commented: “After monitoring the coronavirus situation in Brazil, we’ve decided to postpone our Latin America show to November, which will give the country’s

today we hope to allow time for


the situation to ease before we

decision to make as we’re aware of the event’s importance to the


region’s personal care industry

announcement, Roziani Zulkifli, Exhibition



and the demand for face-to-


face networking. However, we

cosmetics Global, said: “Despite

live events now taking place, we have to consider the international nature of in-cosmetics Global. We have seen positive signs over

the last few months with successes in the vaccination programme


immunity. It was a difficult




further seven weeks to boost

can unite and meet together in-


We believe that the most responsible

believe it is the best course of

action for all involved to ensure we can deliver a valuable business event to our exhibitors and attendees”.

rollout, but new variants have created increased uncertainties and steady progress is not the case everywhere. We have been in continuous contact with both exhibitors and visitors, and it is

clear the level of confidence to travel and attend large-scale

international B2B exhibitions in the cosmetics industry is not there yet. Our primary aim is to meet the expectations of our exhibitors and visitors, and this we believe will happen in 2022.”

Also speaking about the announcement, Sarah Gibson, Exhibition

Director of in-cosmetics Asia, said: “Thailand’s COVID cases are

on the rise with Bangkok and neighbouring provinces placed in


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

The in-cosmetics team will remain in close communication with its customers and partners over the coming weeks and months.

We would like to thank all our exhibitors, partners, suppliers and visitors for their continued support and patience during this challenging time

For updates, upcoming events, digital content on-demand and

further information, please visit the in-cosmetics website: www.








*US women of African Descent haircolor category Latest 52 weeks ending 3.20.21 OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021



New Dark & Lovely Blowout Collection Brings a Next Level “Life-Proof” Blowout That Won’t Frizz Dark & Lovely Blowout Gives You 7 Days of Smooth, Soft, Shiny Hair Love your blowout but hate the frizz, enduring dryness and

damage for a style that won’t last? The New Dark & Lovely Blowout Collection has a solution for that. Rain or shine, from work to

working out, Dark & Lovely Blowout gives you a dynamic blowout that won’t frizz out!

Experience THE ULTIMATE, life-proof blowout with the Dark & Lovely Blowout collection.

Introducing Dark & Lovely’s newest collection designed to help

prevent damage and stop reversion in its tracks with the hair defense you need for 7 days of smooth, soft, and shiny hair.

The all-new, Dark & Lovely Blowout haircare and styling range

features exclusive Poof-Proof™ technology that strengthens

hair with less breakage when styling, provides heat defense up

to 450 degrees, controls frizz in up to 97% humidity and helps to shield against 1 year of surface damage.



Moisture Treat Deep Conditioner This conditioning treatment intensely moisturizes and provides

the care of a mask with the convenience of a quick rinse-off conditioner. The Moisture Treat Deep Conditioner provides soft,

nourished and healthier feeling hair without weigh down after just one use!! (12 Fl Oz)

Silky Slip Blow-Dry Cream This lightweight styling hair cream coats hair with slip to easily detangle all curl types for less breakage. The Silky Slip Blow-Dry

Cream provides heat protection up to 450 degrees to prevent heat damage during your styling routine. Great to keep the frizz away!! (5.1 Fl Oz)

Heat Shield Hair Primer Mist This


no dyes, no petrolatum, no



for styling with less damage. The Heat

parabens and no sulfates!

Shield Hair Primer protects from heat up

to 450 degrees and prevents frizz even

“With Dark & Lovely Blowout

in 97% humidity. Apply to clean, damp or

I know that my client’s blow

lightly dried hair to restore much-needed

out is going to stand up to

moisture for 24-hour hydration, reduce

their intense work schedules

breakage by 60% and get hair that is 3x

and seasonal humidity while

stronger! (4.4 Fl Oz)

protecting the integrity of the

hair,” says celebrity hairstylist

Shine Gloss Serum Balm

Kendall Dorsey, whose clients

This high shine, balm-to-serum formula

include Solange, Yara Shahidi,

and Alicia Keys. “One of the


protectant mist preps and primes hair

provides 24 hours of smoothness

and controls frizz for all curl types and

best things about the Dark & Lovely Blowout collection is that the

textures. This serum delivers long-lasting all-day shine for a

having a smooth luxurious blowout that is fully heat protected and

every time! (3.38 Fl Oz)

system allows for curly to wavy textures and has the flexibility of humidity resistant.”

Dark & Lovely Blowout collection is available exclusively at Walmart and

Smoothing Weightless Wash This color-safe shampoo effortlessly cleanses and removes

buildup for smooth, healthy-looking hair that feels hydrated. The Smoothing Weightless Wash refreshes without stripping to prep for styling. (8.5 Fl Oz) 80

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

brilliant style and tames fly aways for a smooth blow-dry finish The Dark & Lovely Blowout collection is infused with hair-loving

ingredients like silk protein, shea butter, and castor oil to restore shine and elasticity, provide essential nutrients, and stimulate the scalp for long-lasting moisture, strength, and growth.

The Dark & Lovely Blowout System Collection is currently available for a suggested retail price of 7.99 each.

For more information about Dark & Lovely, visit DarkAndLovely. com or follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Healthy Hair Growth Longer Thicker Hair Soothes the Scalp Dry Itchy Scalp Fights Dandruff Eczema Psoriasis Aches & Pains Moisturizing Skin OUR STORY Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil seeds are grown and the oil extracted by Farmers in rural Jamaica making it possible for them to provide fortheir families. OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021



New Andis ® GTX-EXO™ Cordless Trimmer Improves Line of Sight & Detailing Performance for Professionals STURTEVANT, –












grooming tools, releases its new

GTX-EXO Trimmer featuring a sleek and unique design which provides professionals numerous advantages

when working on intricate styles, including crystal-clear slight lines while perfecting any fade or trim.

In addition to better visibility, the

GTX-EXO packs a new GTX-Z Blade for




deep tooth blade is pre-set with

an aggressive gap that eliminates the need for zero-gapping, a

practice popular among barbers that delivers ultra-close results.


corrosion-resistant finish.

industry leading power

The extremely powerful, high-speed rotary motor delivers 7,200

average 100 minutes

Plus, the new blade is coated in an eye-catching custom gold

strokes per minute with advanced Constant Speed Technology for ultimate blade performance through all hair

The long-life

lithium battery packs enabling



of run-time with every charge. “The




perfect solution for pros looking for

an unobstructed view of their cuts, all while providing the cordless

flexibility everyone already loves from their cordless Andis® tools,” said Angie Perino, Andis Education Manager. “No matter if you are cutting a simple fade or an intricate design,

the GTX-EXO will deliver the performance you need to bring your vision to life.”

For nearly 100 years, Andis® Company has been a

leader and innovator in the men’s grooming industry with its innovative technology and top-tier educational offerings. To learn how to maximize your Andis® tools, access free online educational resources at master-, designed to allow everyone from expert barbers to beginning at-home users to learn new tips and techniques.


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021




#MyLifeisKuul @zotosprofessional

Check Out Andrea’s How to Video




BITS GIVING BACK L’Oréal USA is one of the six inaugural donors involved in the launch of Ascend’s Impact Fund. As the largest,

non-profit PanAsian organization for business professionals in North America, the fund was created to focus on raising

awareness of the history and prevalence of anti-Asian racism through expanding advocacy, allyship, education and community engagement to generate meaningful and sustainable change.

The fund has received six-figure commitments from inaugural donors EY US, U.S. Bank, Electronic Arts, L’Oréal USA, Pfizer and

Verizon. This Fund will accelerate change by continuing Ascend’s 16-plus years of work building holistic Pan-Asian leaders and expanding the focus of its 5-Point Action Agenda, launched last year in partnership with over 150 organizations and

companies. “We believe that corporate leaders have a pivotal role to play right now to foster a workplace culture that actively

breaks down the ‘model minority myth,’ a term used to refer to a minority group perceived as particularly successful, and in a manner that contrasts with other minority groups, and stem the rising tide of anti-Asian sentiments,” says Anna W. Mok, president and executive board chairman of Ascend. “Companies and communities can only succeed over the long term if

they promote an environment of inclusivity and belonging, and act as champions for underrepresented members and those of diverse heritages. Along with our partners we have been doing the work, but we recognize we still have more to do.”

The Impact Fund encourages corporate members and peer allies to work together in creative ways to engage with local

communities and promote greater racial equity and harmony in the workforce. In addition to spreading awareness and

encouraging action, the Fund will support the Ascend Foundation’s data-driven research to measure the progress of PanAsians and other underrepresented groups in leadership roles and identify the factors that contribute to leadership, workforce and population gaps.

For more information, visit

REP RAP StyleCraft/Gamma+ of Pompano Beach, FL, the manufacturer and distributor of premium high-tech appliances, announces the appointment of Gerry Udell, Inc. as their northeast representative. According to

Austin Russo, co-founder, “The Udell Group, with its long successful history in the professional beauty business, has been

instrumental in helping appliance companies become leaders in the industry. Gerry Udell, Inc.’s expertise in selling clippers, trimmers, dryers, shavers, curling irons, flat irons and accessories will be invaluable in cementing our position in the professional beauty and barber field as leaders in technology, design, performance and innovation. Our company has been fortunate to have exponential growth over the past two years, enabling us to expand our footprint nationally and internationally.”

Industry icon and StyleCraft/Gamma+ co-founder Ken Russo told BIR that they will be moving to much larger facilities in the

fall to accommodate their explosive growth. “We feel very fortunate to represent StyleCraft/ Gamma+, as they have a wide selection of high-quality appliances that have been meticulously crafted to fit the needs of today’s barbers and hairstylists. Our group is amazed at what StyleCraft/Gamma+ has accomplished in such a short time.” Gerry told BIR, “An important factor

in StyleCraft/ Gamma+’s success is that they are an entrepreneurial company that is family owned—just like Gerry Udell, Inc.! Our group is very enthusiastic and highly motivated, as StyleCraft/Gamma+ is leading the field in producing new and innovative styling tools.”

Contact or for more information.


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021


Barton’s Spray ’n Go Epsom Salt Spray


provides the most innovative way to get on-the-spot relief for aching muscles and joints. This natural mineral spray is convenient and easy to use. No need to soak! Just spray on, rub in and go to help relieve muscle and joint pain while refreshing the skin and soothing the body anywhere anytime. Warning: For external use only. Keep away from children. Do not ingest. Keep out of eyes. Ingredients: Deionized Water, Ethyl Alcohol, Magnesium Sulfate, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel), Phenoxyethanol (and) Chlorphenesin,.

Spray Directly On Aches & Pains Rub-In & Go

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021








September 2-4

K-Beauty & Cosmetic Show

Incheon, Korea

September 3-4

Cosmetics and Hair Exhibition Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria

September 10


September 11-13

America’s Beauty Show

Rosemont, IL

September 11-13

Amer. Hair Loss Council Hair Now 21

San Diego, CA

September 15


September 15-17

InterCharm Korea

Seoul, Korea

September 16

WORLD BARBER DAY International

September 27-30

ECRM Latin America Health & Beauty



OCTOBER October 1


October 1-4

Nat’l-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology Annual Convention

Louisville, KY of

October 3

Barbercon powered by Barbershop Connect

New York, NY, lee@

October 3-4

Image Expo Houston

Houston, TX

October 5-7

BeautyWorld Middle East includes Battle of the Barbers,

Dubai, UAE

October 10


October 11-12

ECRM Self Care Program


October 11-14

ECRM Hemp/CBD Health & Beauty Care


October 11-29

In-Cosmetics Global

Virtual en-gb.html

October 15


October 16-17

The Makeup Show

Chicago, IL

October 17-18

Premiere Orlando

Orlando, FL

October 23-24

Tennessee Barber Expo

Knoxville, TN

October 26-27

Pers. Care Products Council Science Symp./Expo

Virtual meetings-and-events


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021



FEEDBACK Let your voice be heard!

In this segment, OTC Beauty Magazine wants to find out what is important to you, our loyal readers. Posing a handful of questions each month, our goal is to learn through feedback how to better serve you. We ask that you take a few minutes to share your thoughts; write responses on this sheet and mail it back to us, or send it via email.

여러분의 목소리를 내세요! 여러분의 목소리를 내세요! OTC 뷰티 매거진은 소중한 여러분의 의견을 수렴하려고 합니다. 매달 몇 가지의 질문을 통해 여러분의 의견을 듣고, 좀더 발전된 잡지를 만들고자 합니다. 약간의 시간을 내 주시어 여러분의 생각들을 전달해 주세요. 질문지에 답변을 하여 저희 사무실로 보내주시거나 이메일을 보내 주시면 됩니다. (연락처는 이 페이지 맨 밑에 있습니다)

How do you give back to your local community?

Have you donated to community charities and events?

Would you like more ideas on how you can give back?

When we receive your feedback we will choose a few answers to feature in the next month’s issue. You could be famous just by answering a few questions – simple as that! We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for supporting this publication. 보내주신 답변 중 몇몇을 뽑아 다음달에 기재하도록 하겠습니다. 몇 개의 질문에 답변을 함으로써, 여러분이 잡지에 실릴 수 있는 것입니다! 여러분의 성원에 감사 드리며, 많은 참여 부탁 드리겠습니다.

Name (성함) _________________________________________ Store Name (​상호명) __________________________________ State (주) ___________________________________________ 88

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

Mail this form to: (보내실곳: ) OTC Beauty Magazine, Attn: Editorial Dept. 3587 Oakcliff Rd. - Doraville, GA 30340 Email:

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021












OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021





$30 Rebate!


Coupon must be presented to Jinny Beauty Supply by the last day of the promotional month to qualify for rebates.





Coupon must be presented to Jinny Beauty Supply by the last day of the promotional month to qualify for rebates.

© Dream World Products. - All Rights Reserved

DREAMWORLDPRODUCTS.COM OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021


Store name



Jinny Invoice Number








I. 2. 3. 4. 5.






LOS ANGELES 1-877-644-0167





NEW JERSEY 1-844-358-8967

Purchase the required amount of the vendor’s products. Coupon good for ONE TIME PURCHASE ONLY. Fill out the coupon, supplying all necessary information. Return the refund coupon* along with a copy of your original Jinny invoice** per Manufacturer’s request. You’ll receive a credit from your Jinny Beauty Supply Accounting Department to be used on your next Jinny invoice. NO RETURNS will be accepted on coupon purchases.

*Original only, NO COPIES will be accepted. **Copy of invoice MUST ACCOMPANY refund for credit.

Store name



Jinny Invoice Number








I. 2. 3. 4. 5.






LOS ANGELES 1-877-644-0167





Purchase the required amount of the vendor’s products. Coupon good for ONE TIME PURCHASE ONLY. Fill out the coupon, supplying all necessary information. Return the refund coupon* along with a copy of your original Jinny invoice** per Manufacturer’s request. You’ll receive a credit from your Jinny Beauty Supply Accounting Department to be used on your next Jinny invoice. NO RETURNS will be accepted on coupon purchases.

*Original only, NO COPIES will be accepted. **Copy of invoice MUST ACCOMPANY refund for credit.


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

NEW JERSEY 1-844-358-8967










OFFER ENDS SEPTEMBER 30, 2021 OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021



INDEX AFAM Concept ........................................................................................ 9, 37

Inspired Beauty Brands. Brands................................................................................ 5

American International Industries........................................................ Industries........................................................ 75

JBS Hair .................................................................................... 23, 32, 70-71

Ampro................................................................................................................. 7 Ampro.

KAB Brands .................................................................................................. 31

B&C Products............................................................................................... Products............................................................................................... 85

Kaleidoscope Hair Products ................................... Inside Back Cover

Beauty Quest Group.................................................................................. Group.................................................................................. 39

Kendo, LLC ................................................................................................... 13

Cantu ............................................................................................ Back Cover www.cantubeauty,com

Luster’s..................................................................................................... 10-11 Luster’s.....................................................................................................

Crazy Color. Color.................................................................................................... 67

Murray’s Worldwide. Worldwide............................................................................. 41, 73

Curls ................................................................................................................ 43

Namaste Laboratories ............................................................................. 57

Developlus .................................................................................................... 69

Queen Helene .............................................................................................. 49

Ecoco Inc. ......................................................................................................... 3

Royal Oils by Head & Shoulders ............................................................ 15

Eden Bodyworks......................................................................................... Bodyworks......................................................................................... 19

SMSi - Urban call Marketing, Inc. Inc............................................................ 46

Fantasia ......................................................................................................... 21 Hair Queen ...................................................................................... Cover, 63 Helen of Troy. Troy................................................................................................. 65 Hicks Total Transformation. Transformation...................................................................... 87 Hollywood Beauty. Beauty....................................................................................... 29 HOYU America Co.. Co......................................................................... 55, 89, 95 Imperial Dax .................................................................................................. 59 Innovative Beauty....................................................................................... Beauty....................................................................................... 77


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

Softsheen Carson. Carson....................................................................................... 79 Straight Arrow ............................................................................................. 45 Sunny Isle ...................................................................................................... 81 Taliah Waajid ................................................................................................. 61 The Mane Choice Hair Solution ................................................ Gatefold Universal Beauty ......................................................... Inside Front Cover Xtreme Beauty International ........................................................... 22, 35 Zoto’s Professional. Professional.................................................................................... 83

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021




Miracle Edges for the Stylish & Healthy Edges are not to be played with. The hairline is the most fragile part of the hair and once it’s damaged recovery can be a challenge. Here are a few tips on recovering from damaged edges and for healthy edge maintenance:

Tips for Damaged Edges Scalp Massage

Avoid Tension and Heat

Use the balls of your fingertips to massage the scalp, paying

When your edges are in recovery, it is best to leave them alone.

applying Kaleidoscope Miracle Drops each week. Be sure to use

manipulation are always risks when it comes to the edges, but it’s

special attention to the hairline during wash day and when Miracle Drops in the morning.

Using them at bedtime will result in the product transferring onto your pillowcase or headscarf instead of on your scalp.

For sensitive scalps, use Coconut Miracle Drops; for normal

scalps, use Original Miracle Drops and for those who have

suffered extreme damage or have previously used Miracle Drops, try Extra Strength Miracle Drops

The potential tension and damage caused by tight styles and heat even more dangerous when the hairline is already compromised. If you need to lay down your edges, use Kaleidoscope Miracle Edges. This edge gel is infused with the Miracle Drops to help

protect your strands and stimulate growth while gently smoothing the hairline - without causing damage.

After applying Kaleidoscope Miracle Edges, tie the hair down with an edge scarf for 10-15 minutes for a longer-lasting hold.

Right now, customers are having fun experimenting with their edges to create swoops and swirls - otherwise known as “baby hair.” Kaleidoscope gives them an edge gel formulated with the power of its growth-stimulating Miracle Drops to achieve the look they want while maintaining or restoring their hair health.

Order Kaleidoscope Miracle Edges today! 96

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021


NEW! FROM CANTU CARE FOR KIDS Curl Class is in Session

Dry Shampoo Foam

This NEW kids foam gently cleanses and moisturizes the hair without adding water, extending the life of any hairstyle. * Formulated with apple cider vinegar, which is known to help eliminate odors and absorb excess oil and sweat.

Hair & Scalp Oil

Control & Go Styling Gel

Long-lasting, moisturizing styling gel gently provides all day hold for smooth edges, slicked-back styles, flat twists, and perfect up-do’s without breakage, flakes, itch, or crunch.

Seal in the moisture with the new kids oil made with tea tree and peppermint oils to help nourish and condition both scalp and hair strands. Free from Petrolatum!

#MYCANTU | @cantubeauty learn @ 98 more OTC Beauty Magazine September 2021

Profile for OTC Beauty Magazine

OTC - September, 2021  

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